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Beginner's Barge
« on: June 29, 2013, 04:19:50 PM »

Beginner's Barge

Lot Size: 12x17 (Barge, Medium - 15x10)
Lot Cost, Furnished: $33,065
EPS: Island Paradise

So, I suppose yer new to sailing the seas, are ye matey? Well, that's okay, lesson one: Don't talk like a pirate, unless you wish to tick off some real sailors. We don't talk like that. Usually.

So, this barge has a nice Brig, good for for cargo. (Or sims, if you'd like a haunted barge. I won't judge)

The cockpit/poopdeck is good for BBQ's, I didn't furnish most of it, because that'd be difficult with only IP and the base game, so you can decorate it depending on your taste and EP's.

And upstairs you'll find a hot tub, and a "bedroom". I like the all in one bathroom, because it is fairly accurate in comparison to my experience with boats.

And there is a nice balcony, that could also be a good observation deck.

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