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GoslettM's Studio
« on: July 01, 2013, 04:01:13 PM »
Feel free to download and install, and play to your heart's content.  If you use in stories credit would be nice.  ;)

Young Adult Females
Sue Thompson - Human
Krystal Quintana - Witch
Ginger Grant - Human - Gilligan's Island
Meg PlumbBob - Human - (Her Simself)

Rob-B - Plumbot

Create-A-Sim Contest 2013 - Create-a-Sim Contest Winners
Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley - 01 - The King of Rock and Roll - Poll
The Fame - Lady Gaga - 02 - The Mother Monster - Poll
I wear my heart on my sleeve - Princess Diana - 03 - The People's Princess - Poll
Voyage to Robben Island - 04 - Escape from Gilligan's Island - Poll
Cruise Collection - 05 - Resort Wear Collection - Clothing categories: Everyday - Poll
Tyrone Marcus - 06 - Slider Showcase - Poll
Derek Cowart - 07 - Neanderthal Sims - Poll
Play, Learn and Grow Together Collection - 08 - Back to School-Play! - Clothing categories: Everyday - Poll
Young Adult Male - Shax Zagan (Werewolf) - 09 - Recruitment Drive - Poll
Young Adult Male - Harry Potter (Witch) - 10 - Movie Night - Poll
Young Adult Female - Lisa del Giocondo (Mona Lisa) - 11 - Off the Wall - Poll
Adult Male Horse - Streak (Zebra) & Adult Female Horse - Belle (Zebra) - 12 - The New Breed - Poll

GoslettM's Patterns

General Content
Hex & RGB Codes for Favorite Colors
Store Content: Skills, Harvestables, Recipes, Upradeables, etc.

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Re: GoslettM's Studio
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2013, 07:42:03 PM »
    How to upload a Plumbot

    For some reason the Plumbot loses their appearances & trait chips if you upload them, I really think this is a bug, to correct this here are the following steps to do.

    • Create your Plumbot, make trait chips & leave trait chips in their personal inventory. I also bought a “Reventlov’s Bot Workshop” and placed it in the family inventory.
    • Upload/Share your Plumbot file.
    • Now choice your town to play.
    • Move in household, Select and choose an empty lot, Purchase, start the game.
    • When in game pause the game as soon as possible but make sure the Plumbot’s appearances are different.
    • Go to “Options Menu – F5, “Edit Town”, “Just Continue”
    • Select your new house you created & split up household.
    • Move the Plumbot to clipboard, give any name, and accept.
    • You’ll get message about “Wishes & Promises”, just accept.
    • Return to game Setup, Just continue.
    • Now you can start to move in your Plumbot original file again or merge with other families.
    • Ok now that the Plumbot is in your game, pause the game.
    • Select “Buy Mode – F2. Select “Family Inventory”.
    • Take out the “Reventlov’s Bot Workshop”& place.
    • Go back to Live Mode – F1.
    • Select “Reventlov’s Bot Workshop”& “Customize Self for $100.
    • Now save your appearances by selecting the head, body, arms & legs and save them all, do not save as “Pre-made Plumbots” you will lose any “Lifetime Happiness Points”
    • Here you can if you like change the Plumbot appearances to your own choice but save as separated parts and not as ‘Pre-made Plumbots”
    • When finish, “accept”
    • Put back the “Reventlov’s Bot Workshop” in family inventory, you're going to need it when you travel because the Plumbot appearances will change once again in the future but now you have it saved and can go and change it at any time.
    • At last now the trait chips can be put in – (Adjust Trait Chips)
    • You have to do all of these steps again if you choice to play a new game in a new town.  I hope all of these make sense if not you’re free to ask me at any time.
    • Good tip is to make a second set of trait chips and leave it in the present just in case you lose your chips.

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