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Seaside Hideaway
by ladybug53

Lot Size : 30x20
Cost Furnished : 64,628
Cost Unfurnished : 44,3 16

Expansions Used : Island Paradise - University Life - Seasons - Late Night - Generations .
Stuff Packs Used : 70s,80s,& 90s .

No CCs or Mods were used .

Seaside Hideaway was built in Isla Paradiso on Shark Bite Island . It was built for our mythical creature , the Mermaid . It consists of kitchen , living room with a television and stereo and powder room on the main floor . On the second floor , there is a large bedroom with a double bed , sitting area and an all-in-one shower . There's also a small balcony off the bedroom to watch the sunrise/sunset . Outside there's a swimming pool with a waterfall ,sitting areas and a small garden . The perfect place for a mermaid for when they need to come out of the water and spend some time on land . 

You're welcome to take a tour .                         Click to enlarge images , then use arrow to move forward .

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