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Building Contest 2013 #13 - Coral Bungalow
« on: July 11, 2013, 12:04:17 AM »
Building Contest 2013, #13
The Mermaid Cove
Coral Bungalow by Gogowars329


Bedrooms and Bathrooms: 1br and 1ba (All in One Bathroom)
Lot Size: 40 x 40
Price Furnished: $62,666
Price Unfurnished: $43,713
Suggested Placement: Palm Beach, Pirate Island (Isla Paradiso)
EP and SPs: Ambitions, (Windows, Plants) Late Night, (Counters, Fridge, Chairs, Couch, Mirror) Outdoor Living, (Fountain) Master Suite, (Décor) Supernatural, (Fence) Seasons, (Doors, Décor, Dresser, Coffee Table) University Life, (Door) Island Paradise (Plants, Décor, Bed, Window, Stairs, Bedside Tables)

Coral Bungalow is the perfect land hideaway for any single mermaid or a mermaid couple.  Coral and shells from the local oceans have been excavated and used as decorations both inside and outside the house as well as being used to support the building. This house also features great views of the Isla Paradiso waters, a small pond with fish and a small island out the back to swim onto after hours under the water, where else would you want to live?

Note: Sims will leave the lot on the small island at the back on a boat. Mermaids and other Sims can swim onto the patch of land.

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