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Lepidus Arx
Brave - Flirty - Genius - Commitment Issues - Snob

Numquam Prementibus






The Arx family is powerful, in multiple ways. A non-witch hasn't been born in generations.
Lepidus hid her disappointing lack of power until her 16th birthday. She was found out, but by that time the town was infatuated with her. They would lose face if they disowned her. They would also lose face if the townspeople realized her deficiency. Her father made up a lie, and her mother was soon pregnant, hopefully with a suitable heir.
She now moves from manor to manor, never able to form ties, nothing can keep her in one place. A cruel twist of fate, she has ambitions, unattainable without her family's power. She is left to dream like a little girl.

Name: Lepidus Arx
Age: YA
Gender: Female
Traits: Brave, Flirty, Genius, Commitment Issues, Snob
Lifetime Wish: Zombie Master
Life State: Human
Favorites: Classical, Fruit Parfait, Aqua
EPs: Showtime, Supernatural, University, Island Paradise
* Numquam Prementibus is Latin for Never Yielding. It is the Family Motto.

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