Author Topic: CAS Contest 2013:6 Slider Showcase - Tragic Clownette  (Read 916 times)

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CAS Contest 2013:6 Slider Showcase - Tragic Clownette
« on: July 18, 2013, 03:05:25 PM »
CAS Contest 2013:6 Slider Showcase

Name: Tragic Clownette
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Traits: Hydrophobic, Childish, Over-Emotional, Artistic & Insane
Favourites: Cookies, Kids, Lime
Lifetime Wish: Master of the Arts
Content: Island Paradise, Pets, Generations, Seasons

Tragic Clownette (or Sophie Green, as she used to be known) was never quite content in the busy city of Bridgeport. She never managed to, you know, fit in. Sad clowns weren't exactly the norm around there. The people mocked her and she hadn't a friend in the world.

She'd heard tales of another like her, in the distant land of Sunset Valley, so when she was old enough,  she put on her very best clown makeup and her wackiest clothes, changed her name and ran away from the place that had always ridiculed her for being herself.

But how will she cope in Sunset Valley when she discovers that her idol is dead? Is there are way they can be together?

Full-face (without makeup):

Full-face (with makeup but she blinked):


Everyday (R.I.P Tragic Clown):



Athletic wear:

Swimwear (as if she'll use it!):


What will Tragic Clownette do? Download and decide for yourself!
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