Author Topic: The Alorian Dynasty - Graveyard, please.  (Read 1327 times)

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The Alorian Dynasty - Graveyard, please.
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:23:34 PM »

The Alorian Dynasty

Based off of a friend’s character, which can be found here, I am once again attempting this challenge. My previous two attempts failed due to IRL issues and I am more than ready to start a new. I did, however, learn from those two failures and how to better organize my information. So, let me present to you, The Alorian Dynasty.
((I would also like to note that all artwork was created by said friend and I have permission to use it.))

Immortal Stats

Founder: Faewyn L’thandruil
Life State: Mortal Witch
Traits: Green Thumb, Gatherer, Loves the Outdoors, Eco Friendly, Hopeless Romantic
LTW: Mystic Healer
LTR: ---
SuperMax Skill: Gardening
Career: Gardener
Building: ---
Property: ---
Black Ops: ---
Best Friends: Gladsten Farmwell, Chester Swain, Bailey Swain,
Portraits: ---
Photos: ---
Sculptures: ---

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2013, 05:23:52 PM »

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2013, 05:24:10 PM »
A creature of the forest... a creature of magic. Birthed by a forest nymph, fathered by a mighty oak, a creature named Faewyn is what you see before you.

Life as a mute wasn't easy, but Faewyn wasn't alone, living with her tribe for years, until an unfortunate event forced her away... The death of her parents. Turning to the city and what knowledge it held, she searched far and wide for magical prowess. She met a man, no a Half-Elf, of untold powers and handsome features who was willing to teach. A relationship was formed, even with her disability, but a rift occurred when the Half-Elf kissed her, causing a strain on their relationship. However, a mutual friend of the two intervened allowing the two to become friends once more. Faewyn soon fell for this man who was capable of creating peace, or wars, with his words, which was a magic in itself.

One night on a beach, surrounded by friends, the man proposed to Faewyn, promising to fill her life with joy. Overjoyed, she nodded, allowing him to place the ring on one of her delicate fingers. Suddenly, a daughter of death, a ninja of the night, a vampire emerged from the darkness. Terrifying, yet mystifying, Faewyn approached this woman.

She delivered a message, a warning, stating that the Dark Banshee was trying to cross the Veil to ravage the lands.

An immortal, no, eight immortals, would be needed to stop her! These immortals would need to be foreigners of the land, possessing knowledge that none others did. All children of one...

The vampire was sympathetic to the women, wondering if she was willing to accept this responsibility.

The night lurker left, knowing she had delivered the message successfully. As she left, Faewyn’s lover came, to lay one last hand on his beauty of the forest.

And he whispered something in her ear.. letting her know that his love for her was immortal.

The only one left was the mage... her old friend. When he came to her, he did not speak, but began to draw power from within..

…Creating powerful wards, to protect her on her journey...

...Making the final arc, to enhance the magic...

...And sending Faewyn away.


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Re: The Alorian Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: July 19, 2013, 05:44:07 PM »
I really like the Artwork/ Drawings. Great start.  ;D

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: July 20, 2013, 12:53:54 AM »
I really like the Artwork/ Drawings. Great start.  ;D
Thank you, from both me and my friend! I'm glad you like the art and story!  :)

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: July 20, 2013, 03:17:21 AM »

Scratching at her wrist, trying to get the residue of the spell off her, Faewyn looked around, realizing she was alone.. in a new place. A new land. A new time. Unsure of how to begin her journey, she called for her wand to guide her.

With her wand by her side, she began casting a spell to show her the way.

The runes that appeared were amazing, it seemed as if.. As if they could speak to her!

?: "Faewyn.... go. Go to the library... You will find what you need..."

Confused and startled, she did as she was told and hopped onto her broom. When she got on it, she realized she had no idea where the library was! However, her broom started to hum with energy, and propelled her forward... presumably towards the library.

In awe, she entered the building that was filled to the brim with untold knowledge and secrets. She cracked open a book that would teach her of the flora that was in this land. Where to find the seeds of these plants, what kind of conditions they need, and how long they took to grow; in essence, a book on the basics of gardening.

Halfway into the book, Faewyn’s wand began to grow warm.. very warm.. in fact, it was hot! Pulling it out, hoping she did not burn herself, she flicked it...

...And was amazed by what she saw. Tiny plumbobs were floating in the air. Humming, as if they were trying to talk to her. Until they did, that is.

?: "A man approaches.. hesitant to enter. Go to him, Faewyn. Show him your love of the outdoors..."

Worried, she opened the door to find a man standing outside the library. She gasped. He looked so similar.. to.. she ignored the thought and waved at him, and was pleased when he smiled at her. Taking that as her cue, she approached him.

Man: "Nice to meet ‘cha, Miss....?"

Faewyn smiled and pulled out her wand. When the man jumped back, she made a face that most associate with giggling, and spelled her name out with the glowing trail that was left behind her wand.

Man: "Fae-win. Faewin. Faewyn? Faewyn! Well, "Faewyn", it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Gladsten. Gladsten Farmwell. What  a beautiful day.. almost comparable to you."

Giving Gladsten a nod, Faewyn picked a flower and smelled it, happy someone else shared her love for nature.

Night was quickly on them, and the stars shined bright like diamonds in the sky. Faewyn pointed to one and sighed, thinking her home might be out there.. Gladsten, on the other hand, took it to mean something else.

Gladsten: "Those stars sure are pretty, shining like that... sort of how you shine."

With a sad smile, she pushed him playfully and grabbed his hand to lead him to the library.  Hours passed while Gladsten talked and Faewyn listened, speaking of his hopes and fears, becoming closer to Faewyn, becoming more aware of her silent beauty.
Leaning on a bookcase she stared into his eyes, tempting him. Until neither of them could stand it! Their lips met and sparks flew.

They looked into one another’s eyes, frozen in that perfect moment.. until a grumblin’ of the tummin’ interrupted their romantic moment.

Gladsten: "Ha.. Ha.. I think that was me. Need to get me some food, ya’ know? We’ll talk soon."

Leaning on a bookshelf emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted, Faewyn knew she needed some rest. She found a map that showed a place with public toilets, showers, and beds. A “firehouse”... wary, she decided to head there. Once she arrived, she was relieved that the house was not on fire, but seemed to be a place where people fought fires. After a quick, and eco-friendly, shower she had some cereal and took care of her other needs before settling into bed.

Dreams of marriage... of her parents... of their death... She woke up with sweat covering her forehead and her blanket on the floor. Shaking, she got up and quickly made her way to the restroom.

After a quick meal of soup, she went out to a community garden she saw on the map to gather some vegetables for her soon to be garden.

While there, Faewyn received a text from Gladsten asking if she wanted to go to the Summer Festival. She quickly responded with a "YES!!!" and immediately left for the festival. When she got there, and saw him in his uniform, all she could think about was him.

With a kiss, or two, they became a couple.

Gladsten: “I'm.. I'm so happy I found you. You are better than any fairy that I might or might not have been with!”

Looking at him oddly, Faewyn quickly shook it off, and got down on one knee...

… And showed her love for him with a ring. They exchanged their rings and soon devoted their lives to one another...
Gladsten: "Until death do us part..."

Gladsten: "This is where you... Where we live?"
Faewyn: -jumping up and down with joy-

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: July 22, 2013, 05:53:29 PM »
Welcome Gladsten L'thandruil to the household!

After selling his car, Faewyn used the money to build a pathetic cabin. Looking at his newly wed wife, Gladsten was content with the ugly little hovel, because he knew his home would be anywhere she was.

When they awoke, Faewyn went down to work on her garden while Gladsten went to the gym to work out. While the two seemed happy with skilling, someone had other ideas..
Voice: "Faewyn..."
Faewyn: -drops her watering can-
Voice: "You need another..."
Faewyn: -pulls out her wand-
Voice: "Find the one named Swain..."

Having looked around for the one that was talking, and unable to find them, she decided to take the advice. A few hours of hanging around the Swain house, and Faewyn met the man she was supposed to get to assist her, Chester Swain. With a quick ride in his police car to her lot, Chester talked about a multitude of things. Faewyn even showed him a little cheer to get him to talk.

Such as ponds and where to catch the best fish..

When Chester asked about her parents, she quickly explained, with some colorful pictures made using her wand, how her father was a tree..

Faewyn was finally able to convince him to leave his nice house and move into a shed!

With the money that Chester and his daughter Bailey brought in, Faewyn was able to upgrade the shed into..

.. a shed on stilts! Faewyn ended the night with nightmares of a man lurking in the shadows. While the adults went to go skill, Bailey went to school and afterwards made a visit to a pale friend of hers...

Bailey: "Hey."
Tristan: "Hi."
Bailey: "So.. Um.. Are we going to do homework or..?"
Tristan: "Haha, why do homework when you can think about how your skin sparkles under the sunlight.."
Bailey: "My skin doesn't do that... it turns red and starts to hurt.. and peel."
Tristan: "Groooooooss! Dude, why'd you tell me that?!"
Bailey: "Oh.. sorry. I thought we were talking about our skin and stuff and I was justgointosa... -begins to mumble to herself-
Tristan: "Er.. Look deep, deep into my eyes.. Yes... And tell me your sign!
Bailey: -mesmerized by his beautiful brown eyes- "Whatever works with yours..."

Tristan: "Haha, awesome. Dad said this would work, but I didn't believe him.."
Bailey: "W.. What? Your eyes are so.. brown. -swoon-
Tristan: "Thanks, babe."
Bailey: "Are you.. um.. with someone right now?"

Tristan: -eyebrow raises- "At the moment, no. What about yourself? A pretty girl like you probably has guys begging at the doorstep."
Bailey: "Ha! If they can get up all the stairs.."
Tristan: "What?"
Bailey: "Oh, nothing. Anyway, I'm single t-" -phone starts ringing- "That's probably my dad.. I gotta go. Love your fangs though!"

And with that, she made her leave. When she got home her dad was making dinner, or at least trying to..
Chester: "Bailey, get back!"
Bailey: "Wha- FIRE!"

Chester was the hero of the night, and was able to put the fire out before firefighters got there.

The next morning was less eventful, seeing as Chester didn't set anything on fire when he made pancakes. Faewyn went back to gardening and Gladsten continued to fish. Bailey thought it'd be nice to see Tristan and invited him over. After an hour or two of talking about how shiny his fangs were, Bailey went in for the kill kiss.

Tristan: "That was.. amazing! I feel alive again!"
Bailey: -blushes- "Thanks.. you weren't too bad yourself."
Tristan: "Baby, you make my heart stop.. literally! Be mine?"
Bailey: "Of course!"

Tristan: "Hey babe.. I'm a little thirsty.."
And at that moment, Faewyn appeared with the fury of a thousand suns, and pointed to the door.
Tristan: "I.. uhh.. I think I'll get going."
With a quick peck on the cheek, he left the lot with his vampire speed.
Bailey: "Why?!"
Faewyn only tapped her foot and pointed to the cake. Bailey glared at Faewyn while she strode to her cake, happy she finally had the man of her dreams... even if Faewyn didn't approve. She blew out her candles and made a wish..

Bailey: "I change my mind! I take it back! I wish for better hair!"
She quickly made her way to the mirror and dresser and dressed herself in something she thought Tristan might like.

And with that, she went to bed. The next morning was her graduation and was voted "Most Likely to Never Leave the House". Faewyn gave her a sad smile when she heard that.

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty - Chapter 2: New Friends
« Reply #7 on: April 20, 2014, 10:26:14 PM »
 :-\ Unfortunately, the file became corrupted and I was forced to delete it. If this could be moved to the graveyard, I would be very thankful.

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Re: The Alorian Dynasty - Graveyard, please.
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Sorry to hear that. :(

I'm moving this to the Graveyard at the author's request. The author can revive this at any time by contacting a moderator.
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