Author Topic: Building Contest 2013-14 Craftsman Renovation: Family Craftsman  (Read 881 times)

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Family Craftsman
Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Value: 107,958
Content Used: All Expansions, possible accidental use of Stuff Packs
Number of Bed Spaces: 8 (2 single, 3 double)
Number of Bedrooms: 4 + 3 (4 bedrooms + 3 nurseries)
Number of Bathrooms: 4
Description:  This Craftsman style home has everything the single mothers want and then some! 
    • Fully stocked media room with TV, games system, stereo, instruments, arcade machine, and super comfy seating
    • Spacious fully equipped kitchen
    • Library/office space with easel and computer
    • Cozy fireplace and couches to curl up on with a good book
    • Aquarium and fish themed nursery
    • Main floor bedroom with ensuite and outdoor exit leading to the two-tiered deck with bar, grill, lounge chairs, fenced in garden, treehouse, and a variety of outdoor activities
    • Every master bedroom attaches through an ensuite bathroom to a nursery large enough to convert into a regular bedroom!
    • Third floor bedroom with ensuite bathroom perfect for a teenager
    • And so much more, including laundry facilities, everything needed for kid's camping trips (tent and sleeping bag), skilling objects for all ages, covered parking, and Craftsman details and styling throughout!