Author Topic: CAS Contest 2013-7 Neanderthal Sims: Ulduz Grazog  (Read 948 times)

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CAS Contest 2013-7 Neanderthal Sims: Ulduz Grazog
« on: August 01, 2013, 10:51:36 AM »
Sim Name:  Ulduz Grazog
Age/Gender:  Young Adult Female
Life State:  Human
Eyes:  Pale Violet
Hair: White
Traits:  Athletic, Loves to Swim, Loves the Outdoors, Perceptive, Technophobe
Lifetime Wish:  The Zoologist
Content:  All EPs
Favourites:  Roots, Frogs Legs, Grey
Biography:  Neanderthal Sims were long believed to be extinct, but they weren't dead - they were just hiding!  Deep underground where the sun doesn't reach Ulduz and her clan live, love, and thrive.  Recently an inventor delved too far and too deep with his miner, burrowing directly into Ulduz's home.  After that terrible first impression of modern technology Ulduz's curiosity got the best of her and she made her way to the surface.  Now that she's here she's trying to adapt to life amongst simkind, but it isn't always easy! 

Ulduz's strong features are typical of her clan.  After so many generations living without sunlight her people are very, very pale.  While Ulduz loves her new best friend, the sun, it doesn't always love her in return!

Her everyday, formal, and athletic wear are all the same outfit with minor variations.  Her foot coverings are only available for her everyday outfit.

Her ritual wear doubles as sleepwear.

Seashells function as swimwear and let her display her clan markings with pride.

Her home underground was always warm, so Ulduz isn't used to the cold.  She likes to bundle up in the palest furs and leathers before exploring the strange weather phenomenon known as snow.