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Winter Bloot - Female, Human, YA
« on: August 11, 2013, 04:59:53 AM »
Sim Name: Winter Bloot
Age: Young Adult
Occult: Human
Traits: Artistic, Animal Lover, Loves the Cold, Loves to Swim, Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wish: The Animal Rescuer
Favourites: Key Lime Pie, Island Life, Turqoise
EP and SP: Outdoor Living, (Everyday Dress, Everyday Heels) Pets, (Trait, Lifetime Wish, Formal Dress, Sleepwear, Athletic Top) Showtime, (Formal Hairstyle, Formal Heels) Seasons, (Trait, Hairstyle, Outerwear Jacket) Island Paradise (Trait, Hairstyle, Swimwear)

Winter Bloot is a strong girl with an even stronger heart. All she wants is for the world to be a better place, and for animals to be treated as well as humans. She refuses to wear make-up as just using them can be dangerous to the animals she so very loves but she is fine with having a chicken in her meals. Does this deluded animal lover really care for animals or would she prefer them to remain freezing in the cold? She does love that too.


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