Author Topic: CAS Contest 2013 : 8 - Back to School - Country Harvest Collection .  (Read 1513 times)

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Country Harvest Collection .
by ladybug53 .

Age : Teen .
Gender : Female .
Expansion : Base Game Only .
Patterns : EA patterns only .

After having a summertime school break it's time for going back to school . This Country Harvest Collection was created for female teen sims using fall colors . Our outfits will be modeled by Gigi . When the modeling is finished , feel free to put in your orders , the outfits come in all sizes .

Short Shirt Dress

Short Belted Dress

Mid length Dress

Plaid T-Shirt and Swirly Dot Mini Skirt

Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Striped Capri Pants

Short Formal Dress

Memories have no expiration date .
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