Author Topic: Create-a-Sim Contest 2013-09- Amy Perelle  (Read 1029 times)

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Create-a-Sim Contest 2013-09- Amy Perelle
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:55:01 PM »
Content: ShowTime, SuperNatural, University Life, Island Paradise
Age/Gender: YA Female
Life State: Human
Traits: Athletic, Evil, Party Animal, Neurotic, Mean-spirited
LTW:Emporer of Evil (Or is it?) (Don't worry it is.) (Or am I lying?) (For Watcher's sake I'm not!)

Amy Perelle

Well, I suppose you want to know my traits now, don't ya? Well, then. I'm athletic, I suppose. And also evil. Oh, yes, am I wicked. And I'm a party animal. Firm in the belief that if you dance well enough, you can convince anyone of anything. And, well, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. What? No bold? Okay, maybe neurotic is a bit more accurate. Hey, don't bold that! I'm not neurotic! Arrgh!
(Amy is also mean-spirited) Don't tell them that!

Wait, you want to know why I want the job? Hah! Nice try! If I learned anytrhing from being a spy, it is to never reveal your motives, your incentives, who is backing you up. But, ESCARGOT, I think you already know that. ;)
So, back to dancing. Here's the way it works, I'll lure the target in with my dashing good looks and astonishing dance moves, then beat the information out of him in my fancy interrogation room! No interrogation room? Can I at least have a closet and a desk lamp? Great! Being as athletic as I will help me run if the target proves too hard. I'm not expecting a car and a chauffeur, seeing as I can't even have a lie detector. I've also been described as stubborn. You can view my disguise in these images of me braving the infamous "Disco Room" Nearly as bad as a shoe, eh?

Stomp, stomp, stomp, a stompeeze!

Oooh, the robot. A classic!

Listen to me sing the chorus!

Of course! My signature roll.

That's me after hearing I beat the high-score.

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