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Only The Future Knows (Finished)
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Chapter 10 - The Final Decision

Aubrey stared at her mother, Kendra's loving face and sweet eyes that had seen horrible things. She was learning so much that hiding from her fears would do nothing. So what was Kendra going to do? What was her decision? She said she'd made it already, it frightened Aubrey to think of what could happen if she answered her mother. Aubrey had made her decision from the beginning, but never shared with anyone.

"I want you to be happy mother," Aubrey began as she stood up at the table, "I'm going to the future to stay, today."

Kendra's eyes filled with tears and she swallowed hard. "Very well," Kendra stated softly as she tried to hold herself together as her eldest child was ready to leave her forever. "You should know then, we will not be joining you. Gregory and I have chosen to stay here, in the present. I won't come with you to the future, as much as I love you Aubrey, I won't go back there."

"I thought you'd forgiven the future for what it did to you!" Aubrey asked, she felt fear in her heart as she stared at her mother for what could be the last time, even though she knew this day would come.

"I did, but now I can't forgive it for what it's doing right now."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's taking you away from me Aubrey! It's always been taking you away from me! That's why I turned the future into a Dystopian future, I didn't want you to like the place! I wanted to you to fear it so you would never return to it! But then it just made you more determined, I realized that it would just make you resent me if I left it like that. So I tried to make it better, even though I knew what it would do to us! It would succeed in taking you away from me! And it did! It's taking you now! You weren't happy with the fact that I made it better, you wanted it this way, not the way I made it for you!"

"Exactly! Because it wasn't normal! It was strange, people were dancing around the streets and hugging themselves. While you made people happier, it didn't make me happy, I know it seems awful, but the future you have brought back, that's the future I fell in love with! That's the future I wanted to keep! It means that we're all happy. You have Gregory here in the present with Digi, and I even made Bolt for you as my gift to you, a thank you for you even though you ruined the future due to bitterness! Bolt is my way of proving I don't resent you for what you did! And I upgraded his so he has a musical trait chip, as a wedding gift to you and Gregory! Mom! I'm not leaving because it's taking me away, I'm leaving because I don't belong here anymore. You have a family that doesn't need me, you have a bot to clean, cook, repair, and even take of any future children you have. I left you with things to help in your life. I even installed a holographic projector into his so we can keep in contact! I'm doing this as a final gift to you! I won't come back to the present, because isn't it obvious? I don't belong here. I'm more accepted in a future full of freaks than in the present full of family. Gregory isn't my father, Digi is yours and his child, and Bolt will take care of you, I'm bringing Biz with me to the future."

Kendra began to cry as Aubrey instructed Biz to wait by the portal and activate it. Once gone Aubrey looked at Kendra and sighed. "I'm sorry mother, but I can't stay here anymore. I did what I could to keep you happy with me, and have only left you disappointed in me. So I'll leave, and never make you miserable again."

Aubrey walked outside while Kendra began to sob. Aubrey went to the portal and looked at Biz who said, "Ready Creator?" in a digital voice. Aubrey sighed and nodded before they both looked at the portal. They stepped through, Aubrey after a very deep breath, and left the present behind them. For good.

This is the end, my dear readers, for this family. I honestly hope you enjoyed it, and will enjoy any other stories I post. This one was incredibly short. But it was intended to be. I hope you will leave me the notes for what you liked, what you didn't like, what I should improve in, etc. Just basic criticism. Love you all!

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Re: Only the Future Knows
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Oh, that was a sad ending. I am glad though that they were happy in their own decisions, I believe Aubrey was better off in the future and her mother is living a comfortable life with Digi and Gregory.
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Re: Only the Future Knows
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I'm moving this to the Completed Stories board.
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Re: Only the Future Knows
« Reply #18 on: December 16, 2013, 08:49:57 PM »
It may have been short, but I defenitly enjoyed it! Your story line drawled me in. I really liked it! The ending is bitter sweet, but still good.

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Re: Only the Future Knows
« Reply #19 on: March 21, 2014, 10:15:54 AM »
This is a very interesting story utilizing all the content of Into the Future, which is one of my favorite expansions. (Sadly, it has made skill opportunities bugged. :() *applauds*
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Re: Only the Future Knows
« Reply #20 on: December 13, 2014, 03:31:11 AM »
To those who enjoyed this story. I'm thinking of starting up a new file. Following Digi. Key me know what you think