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Mr Carson - Adult, Male
« on: September 04, 2013, 02:18:08 PM »
Charles Carson (better known as Mr Carson or Carson) (Jim Carter)

Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Traits: Nurturing, Perfectionist, Proper, Technophobe, Workaholic
Lifetime Wish: Renaissance Sim
Favourites: Stew Surprise, Classical, White
Expansions: Supernatural (Proper trait), Generations (Nurturing trait) (Seasons only for Outerwear)
Stuff Packs: None
Store Content: Barnacle Bay outfit and boots, Riverview Dungarees

Charles Carson, better known as Mr Carson or just Carson, is the butler at Downton Abbey and has worked for the family for most of his life, ever since he was a boy. He has watched the three Crawley sisters grow up and has a particular soft spot for Mary. He is very traditional, and can be uneasy about new ideas and technology. He likes to keep up Downton standards, even in war time.

Everyday, Formal and Outerwear (with only minor differences):

This is Carson's butler outfit that he generally wears when serving at formal dinners or important events. The footmen wear a similar outfit.


I can't recall seeing Carson in his night clothes, but I just imagine him in a dressing gown  ;D

Athletic wear:

This one was a major problem for me. I ended up with the dungarees because it was just about the only thing that would suit the time period.


Another problem outfit. I couldn't really imagine Carson swimming, so I put him in an outfit that he'd maybe serve the family in at the beach.
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Re: Mr Carson - Adult, Male
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2013, 10:09:58 PM »
You are really good at getting the facial features just right.  I agree, the athletic and swimwear would be tough to pick.  I giggled at the thought of him in a speedo!

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