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CAS Contest 2013: 10 - Marie Manson
« on: September 19, 2013, 03:04:50 PM »
Marie Manson

Age: YA
Life state: Human
Traits: Ambitious, Dramatic, Great Kisser, Irresistible, Star Quality
LTW: Superstar Actor
Favourites: Crepes, Classical, Red
Content: Late Night, Generations, Supernatural, University Life

Marie Manson is a vintage star of the Silver Screen. Her beauty is matched by her flawless display of emotion and character in every role she takes on. We interviewed him in the run-up to awards night.

Full face:



"So, Marie, what do you love about being an actress?"
"I suppose it's working with loads of amazing people everyday and getting to meet all my wonderful fans."

"Are you nervous?"
"Not really; I'm just excited! I love awards nights because it is a great gathering of the best in the business, from the superstar actors and actresses to the outstanding directors, producers and screenwriters, and everyone else that makes the films you see so fantastic."

"What is your favourite role you've played?"
"I have played many fantastic characters so it's hard to pick a favourite. I think I like the characters that are free-spirited and rebellious the most; the ones who don't stick to the rules."

"We're all excited about your new film that is released in a few months time. What is different about this film, compared with your others?"
"Well, it's showing a new side to women. In the film, I play a girl who has always wanted to be an athlete but her dreams have always been crushed by the people around her. But she's determined to make it, no matter who or what stands in her way."

"Now... how do you feel regarding love scenes in your films?"
" *smiles* They could be worse, I suppose. It can be awkward at times, but we're always pals off screen."

"Thank you for your time, Miss Manson."
"It's been a pleasure. Now, if you excuse me, I have to great ready!"

Note: I've edited the pictures with Schip's permission. All her clothes are in black and white and I hope they came across well enough  :)
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