Author Topic: Expansion packs aren't listed at all through the launcher  (Read 1798 times)

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Expansion packs aren't listed at all through the launcher
« on: May 07, 2016, 11:35:58 PM »
I wanted to post a follow-up to this thread to add a little more information after something similar happened to my game.

I'd been playing S3 for several years and suddenly, one day one of my expansions (World Adventures) decided it didn't want to be listed as one of the available expansions in my launcher.  While the Origin client had it listed as an active expansion, it wasn't listed at all through the launcher.

I tried Repair, which by the way appears to complete, but if you run it a second time...given that you just supposedly repaired it, it 'should' not need any repairing, but it seems to go through the same motions all over again regardless.  Ultimately, that didn't help me at all, and when loading a new game, the option to travel wasn't even available.

I did contact EA customer support and somehow my game (not the origin client) had deactivated my WA expansion, which EA corrected without me having to do a clean install of everything all over again.

The only thing I had done differently (and this may be purely coincidental) was to download and install a custom world, that wasn't essentially designed to work with all my expansions.