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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Broken [New Update: 9/10]
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Yay! Livvie's back!

Also, Ed is adorable. I bet you they met under one of the sun-bathing-street-lights-of-love!  ;D

Fingers crossed that we get a photo of the principal gone completely insane....

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Broken [New Update: 9/10]
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Majnum, you have gotten even more awesome!  He is definitely one of my favorites.  Poor Eveline.  I feel so bad for her.  Kids are very cruel at times especially to those who are different.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Several Years Ago...
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Several Years Ago...

Sunlit Tides
A woman's heels clicked against the dusty pavement; she exited the airport terminal and squinted her eyes into the bright sunshine. She paused as she stepped past a newspaper stand. The headlines were reading: Isla Paradiso shuts off Borders: Declaring active Martial Law. She shook her head sadly and sighed.

A voice somewhere in her head spoke up, "I told you you shouldn't have worn those stupid shoes, they aren't practical." Her high heels began to sink into the sand.
"But they were so cute..." She said quietly outloud, an older woman walking past looked at her as though she were deranged, so she quietly smiled awkwardly. "You're making me look insane! Can't you wait until I get to my new house before you start on this!" She whispered fiercely.
"Then we best get going, shall we?"
"Remind me of my story again, please?"
"I thought you didn't want me talking to you until we got to the house?"
"Ok, fine." The voice grumbled, "you're here to run a small spa and resort out of your home. It will be a little barren to start, but I think you'll do fine, you'll also double as the town's fortune teller, making use of your skills."
The woman's eyebrow scrunched in confusion. "I think you have me confused with someone else, my skills are in things a little more... personal." She smiled knowingly at the last word.
"I've included that too, I haven't forgotten, I just figured it would be easier to use fortune telling to cover up your other skills, lest they decide to hunt you down for it. Also, you'll likely want to find a husband and start working on children sooner rather than later."
The woman nodded briefly, "so long as you've got my special gift, then I should have no trouble procuring a man overnight."
"I was thinking you should try to find love, rather than... that..."
"Love comes and goes, it's fleeting. Maybe I'll grow to love the man I pick up, or maybe he'll give me the greatest love of all time - the love of a child." She said quietly.
The woman stopped in front of the big beach house and huffed, it had been a longer walk than she expected, she wiped the thin veil of sweat that covered her forehead and readjusted her bangs.

"That'll do." She remarked.
She moved towards the front door, "so where is it?"

"Right inside."
She opened the door and smiled widely, "hello my sweet, little friend; your new master has arrived."

Lucky Palms
Night had fallen over the desert town.

A screaming boy cried out for his mother, he was hungry and tired. The woman of the household sighed as she watched her lover - who was very much her elder - as he wrote on his computer. She didn't expect things to be this way. She had done everything she was told, why wasn't she able to bear anymore children? Why did none of her pregnancies stick anymore? She had been faithful to her lover, who had recently moved in despite his wife disapproving. His wife. That was another sickening feeling to her. She didn't understand how some people could love multiple people at a time in that manner; she swallowed and thought to herself: but did she really love him? She turned to go into the nursery, to quiet her son - her only son and the light of her life.

After he had been put to sleep, she entered the bathroom to examine herself: she looked exactly like her mother. And just like her mother, she was aging poorly and aging fast. Perhaps she had gone barren? But after only one son? She had been content with just one son, and he was everything to her; he was there long before her lover decided to move in and be a part of his child's life. Yet when he grew up without magical prowess, she knew she had to keep trying; yet unfortunately though, pregnancy has seemed to evade her.

She put her hands on the sink in frustration, tears welled up in her eyes. Her lover refused to take the potions she made, claiming he would only ever be satisfied with natural conception. She had taken offense. What about her gift wasn't natural? Her prowess for alchemy and minor spellcasting was a part of her, so she was easily defensive when it came to the subjects.
The voice who had directed her had gone eerily quiet these past weeks; she knew the deal though. She had to produce a child of magical abilities. Deep down she knew she would be ok if she didn't, yet her stubbornness consumed her. She refused to admit defeat.
So she picked up a few ingredients from where she kept them and started a special batch.

She had everything. A perfect house. Several perfect friends. A perfect son. A perfect lover - though she had to edit that one, he was adequate, and kind, but he definitely didn't cause stirrings of emotions from her, just a mutual companion who she was comfortable enough to woohoo with. But everything else...? And still no other children.
It was time to take matters into her own hands.

Sunlit Tides, Continued
Night had begun to fall and the blond woman had been bouncing from bars to clubs, all of which seemed deserted of anyone mildly fitting what she needed. Time was running out for her first night here, so her standards were sinking along with it. Finally though, she spotted a target.

"You'll do." She muttered.
"What was that?"
"Oh, look over there!" She pointed furiously.

The man never knew what hit him, but suddenly the woman in front of him was the creature of his every desire.
"Oh hi there." He whispered breathlessly.
The woman smirked, pleased with herself, "hi yourself, handsome." She winked. She pulled the doll up to her lips and gave it a sensuous kiss, causing the man to falter and fall to his knees. "So, how about you come home with me for a while, stud."
The man nodded obediently, "anything for you, beautiful."
"Maybe you could stay permanently?" She asked casually.
"Absolutely!" He agreed enthusiastically.
"Perfect." She purred.
Back at the empty beach house, the woman sent her new thrall back to cosy up in the hot tub, she had other matters to attend to.

She approached her garden of fortunes and looked around. The fortune telling itself was mostly bogus, but it would help her get to know the townspeople, the real fortunes though, came from her imbued trees, when all were aligned, she could have access to anything she dreamed... yet the trees were rarely ever aligned, and imbuing them all with pieces of herself would drain her powers significantly and potentially kill her. These trees were her babies, well, until the real babies arrived. She gingerly reached out to examine the beauty of the fruits of her years of labor.

The tree opened to her, recognizing it's mother. She spoke to it, "tell me my dearest, what gender child will bear my gifts?" She whispered as she plucked the sweet fruit which glowed in her hands. She ate it and in turn, offered herself up in exchange for the knowledge.
The tree sucked and pulled, glowing with lightening as it hummed an answer: A female from the fruit of your loins.

The woman smiled, though much weaker now. The information pleased her.
She shook herself off and straightened her dress before returning back to her thrall, who awaited her now in the sauna. She gave him a wide grin, hiding her truly weakened self. "Are you ready for some fun, my love?"

Lucky Palms, Continued
"Sweetheart?" The woman in green called out to her lover as she rushed to mix a few more things.

The color fumed bright red and she looked instantly over her shoulder to see if her lover had snuck up on her yet, she sighed with relief and poured the solvent in to take the color out.

"Did you hear me? I asked what?"
The woman spun around immediately, though careful not to spill a drop of the water in her glass. "Oh! I just... I got you your water, before bed." She said quietly and set the glass down on the counter. "Do you think we could try... one more time tonight?"
"You've really caught that baby fever, was it my wife that gave it to you? She's been glowing since she found out she was pregnant again." The comment soured in the woman's stomach, but she didn't let it show on her face.
"I guess that proves that even in your old age you can still provide for your wife, now what about me?" She said impatiently.
"It's not a race, you know. We have a beautiful son, isn't he enough?"
She swallowed hard. "Can't we just try?"
He shrugged, "fine. Let me drink my water first, and we can get started."

On opposite sides of the world, two women shared in a secret mission that didn't know of the other.
As dawn broke in Sunlit Tides, one woman stood on her balcony. She hadn't slept that night, but she didn't feel a need to. Her hand was placed firmly over her lower belly, feeling pleased with how her night had gone.

While night had fallen in Lucky Palms, another woman lay on her bed as her lover slept next to her, content in her eyes and present in her ever glowing smile. She had succeeded this time. She was sure of it.

Two women of the same mission. The same magical inheritance. The same bloodline.

The thrall surfaced from passing out on the ground from his encounter with his mistress. He grumbled, coming to his senses as the fog cleared - he had been released from his bind, but only for now. He poked his head up and stabilized himself on the railings. "Er... that was some night?" He had no memory of the night, the woman was sure of that.
"Yes, it was." The woman said wistfully.
"I'm afraid I don't even know your name..." The man said sheepishly.
"Does it matter?" She asked quietly.
"Uh... yeah? We kinda... well... don't you remember?"
She sighed. "Annie." She paused. "Annie Reaper."

"Kaida? What are you still doing up? It's late, could you at least turn off the lights?"
Kaida beamed. "I think we did it this time." She smiled widely, already knowing they did.
"Another strong Diwan, huh?"

She scowled and clutched her stomach. "No. Another strong Reaper."

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Several Years Ago...
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Oooooo, very interesting!  I am sooo intrigued!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Several Years Ago...
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U'm interested, keep going. At first I was really confused, I still am, just not as much.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Several Years Ago...
« Reply #557 on: September 30, 2014, 08:54:09 PM »
Hey all! I'm at work currently, but I do have an update in the works! Hold tight - Eveline is about to become a vivacious teen, and she's gorgeous!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Goodbye is not Forever
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Heads up everyone! I'm switching my media hosting halfway through this chapter because I'm insane, so... bear with me on the whole picture process... hopefully they all show up!
Also, I must send my apologies, this chapter did take a while to write.
P.P.S: I also had a long trip down memory lane writing this chapter. Teared me up a little. Hopefully you have fun with the memories like I did!

Goodbye is not Forever
Eveline couldn't bring herself to cry, she was just too worn out emotionally. She reached the end of the map, where her grid dropped off. It was a comforting place, she had decided.

She knew she was being followed, and while at first she had ultimately resisted, she was now becoming more at peace with the idea. Perhaps it was the police? Maybe it was a kidnapper? She didn't know, and she couldn't find it in her to care. The footsteps approached, and she actually found herself disappointed with who it was.

"Hi... grandpa." She said quietly. "How long had you been following me?"
"I gave you a ten minute head-start. I had expected you to be more challenging to find." He teased.
Eveline's lip twitched slightly, but the smile didn't reach her eyes. "I'm not going home."
"Who said I was here to take you home? I went for a walk with Bear, is that such a crime?"
"And you followed me here."
"Nonsense. YOU followed ME here."
"Grandpa..." She sighed.
"Now, now." He looked up towards the skyline. "Don't give me that tone. I'm exhausted too. This was an exhausting day. It's not easy to maintain your sight after a long day and it's tough for me to keep my thoughts sane. The question I need to ask you though, is why did you choose to run?"
"Because mom and dad don't want me at home."
"That's an awfully big assumption to make."
Eveline shifted, uncomfortable. "Because I'm tired of not feeling like I belong."

"So there's the truth of it." Majnun said quietly. There was a silence that stretched out between the two of them.
"Belonging." Majnun repeated quietly. "What does that mean to you Eveline?"
"Belonging means fitting into a specific place or environment." Eveline said back flatly.
"I didn't ask what the definition was, I asked what it meant to you." He said the last word firmly.
"I want to have friends," Eveline started.
"Do Bear and I not count?"
Eveline shook her head, feeling flustered, "I want to have family."
"Do I really need to list all the family you have that care for you? I'm pretty sure I count there too."
Eveline gritted her teeth, "I'm tired of mom and dad not understanding. Do you get it now?!" Then she turned around abruptly, surprised at her own words.
Majnun smiled, "sometimes it takes some prodding to figure out what's really on your mind... so what don't they understand?"
Eveline was getting even more frustrated. "Me." She paused. "My sight." She paused again. "My lack of." She shook her head. "I just want someone to understand that I'm different, but that it doesn't make me..."
"That it doesn't define you." Majnun corrected. "You know, when I was younger, I was known as 'The Psycho'." He gave a soft smile at memories, even though they did bother him. "I was teased and bullied from childhood by everyone - even my own parents."
Eveline turned and looked in the direction of the water, letting the words sink in.
"I spent years, searching, looking for a place that I could belong - looking for someone who could understand me - and yet I found that I was looking too broadly. I looked all around the world when I should have been looking in here." He put his hand to his chest, stepped closer to Eveline and put her hand to her chest. "You only see what your mind wants you to see. But your mom, regardless of my actions, was simply trying to ensure her daughter had the best of everything. Does that sound like someone who isn't at least trying to understand?"
Eveline's lip trembled. She shook her head no.
"You've got your grandpa and grandma Reaper, who had to fight me tooth and nail just to get to see you while your parents were gone on a trip, you've got your crazy, strange uncle who insists that he's going to somehow teach you how to ride a motorcycle, you've got a mother and father who would throw themselves under a bus just to make sure that you got the best of everything, you've got a dog who would beat himself senseless against a door to follow you to the ends of the earth just to be near you, and you have me: your 'psycho' grandfather. Even when the rest of the world shuts you out, you will always have me."
Eveline turned and ambushed him into a hug, letting go of everything she had felt earlier and she cried.
She cried for sadness and frustration, but she also cried for relief.

Mary paced back and forth across the living room, a worry line creased into her forehead. Alec sat on the couch, watching his wife's nervous energy.
"I'm sure my dad is with her Mary. You know he's never let her be alone."
Mary shook her head. "She hates me Alec... that's why she left. I'm a terrible mother. I should have been with her. I should have just beat that principal to a pulp and I should have..." Mary's voice was growing my frantic when Alec reached over and grabbed her wrist, hurtling her towards him on the couch. She put her head in her hands and breathed hard.
Alec shushed her quietly, "don't beat yourself up love, you did the best you could with the situation."
The doorknob started to turn and Mary jerked up suddenly, standing at attention. Alec turned calmly.

Eveline shuffled in through the front door and looked to the floor meekly. "I'm so-"
Mary swept Eveline up into her arms, kneeling on the floor next to her. She pulled her back and did a mother-examination, putting Eveline's head in her hands and checking every inch of her child to make sure she was alright. "Oh Eveline, I'm so, so sorry," Mary began to pour out, but then she hardened a bit, "please don't ever do that again!" She scolded.
"I'm sorry mom," Eveline whispered, her voice breaking. Mary softened again and hugged her daughter once more, monopolizing her as Alec attempted to make his way over to check on his daughter.

When the conga-line of arms and hugs finally calmed, there was still a light tension that held in the air. Eveline sucked in her cheeks as she waited for the inevitable: punishment.
Majnun yawned slightly, "welp, all. I do believe I'm in need of a long meditative period." He bowed and exited.
Eveline kept her head down, waiting to be excused; Alec looked tired, and by looking tired, he looked angry. Mary noted this calmly and nodded, "go on to bed, Alec; I'll catch up with you dear." She said quietly. Alec hesitated, but soon understood and nodded.
"We can talk more about this in the morning." He said firmly, knowing that Mary fully intended to let this be the end of it.
Mary nodded, "and let's get you ready for bed, Ev." She put her hand behind her and quietly walked her to her bedroom, "I think I have a story that will interest you."
"Are you going to punish me?" Eveline mustered up the courage to ask slowly.
"No, lovebug; well maybe. Depending on how boring my story-telling is." She tickled Eveline's side causing Eveline to smile - to really smile for the first time in a long time.
Eveline dressed in her pajamas quickly and Mary sat down on the bed next to her.

"What's the story about, mom?"
"Your namesake - well, your last name's namesake." She said quietly. "The Reaper namesake holds a lot of weight these days, but it didn't always. You've learned a lot and from your Grandfather Majnun and about his lineage, and now, I think you need to learn about mine - about the importance of your last name." She thought really hard on the right way to word it. The last thing she wanted to do was to scare off her daughter by saying she had to do something, even though that would be the case - it is necessary.
Mary paused, and Eveline was absorbing everything, "Are you ready?"
Eveline nodded.
"Ok, well, it started a very, very long time ago, with a fantastic woman named Agnes." Mary sighed, almost smelling her great-great grandmother's scent. "She was a very, very great woman, Agnes Crumplebottom was."
"Crumplebottom? I thought we were talking about Reapers?" Eveline asked quietly.
"We are, lovebug, I'm getting to it." Mary smiled softly, "You see, Agnes Crumplebottom was a widow; she sat high up in the mountains on her own and grieved for many, many years." Mary nodded, remembering the story when it was told to her. "The Watcher came to her after a long period of grieving and offered her a deal. She and her descendants would become the defenders of all the towns of the world, and in return, she and her descendants would become immensely powerful in their own right and they would all find happiness from it. She took the deal, accepted the magical gifts bestowed on her and spent another several decades honing her skills to the perfect point."
"She must'a been pretty old." Eveline noted outloud.
Mary laughed, "age never stopped her though, she came across a potion that gave her youth back once she had achieved mastery of her skills; she then marched to the graveyard and raised from the head her next husband, the Tragic Clown."
"Was he her first husband?"
"No... he wasn't."
"But why? You said she was widowed, didn't she love her first husband? Who in their right minds would turn down raising their husband FROM THE DEAD?!" Eveline was bewildered.
"Yes, she did. She did very much so. But she and her husband had had their time together. She was older, wiser and knew that she needed to move forward, not back. So she did. They renamed themselves Agnes and Tragic Reaper, and started a legacy that would transcend ages. There has been many generations between her and you, and I will tell you a little about all of them, if you're up for it."

Eveline was growing very into the story her mother told her.
"Agnes and Tragic had six children," Mary racked her brain very hard, it had been several years since she heard this story, but it was all there, somehow. "Cain and Aurora, the first set of twins; Isolde and Isabel, the second set of twins. Then two single children, Raven and Aliester. Cain loved music, and found love at an early age to a woman who already had had a son. Aurora, the chosen heiress of the legacy, went on to have two children herself of different men, Esran and Emrin. Isolde never had children, she kept to her inventing and married at an older age. Isabel had one child, Kay Reaper. She never married, and her first love died when she was young and raising their child. Raven had two children with her husband; Falor and Laron. Aliester never married nor did he have children, he became a world renowned Private-Eye." Mary took a loud breath. "That's obviously a mouthful. The important thing to remember is who succeeded who, though there's no pressure for you to remember it, I just found it interesting to hear where I came from, and perhaps you will as well."
Mary found some footing again, "as it's getting late, I'll start to give you a more abridged version, and we can always go more detailed later. Did you know that I actually fought and won a war once Eveline?" Mary said, shifting the topic.
"You did?" Eveline's eyes were wide, impressed. "But... but you're my mom!"
Mary laughed quite loudly, "yes, and being a girl was quite the challenge where I grew up." She said quietly. "I actually had to pretend to be a boy for all of my youth, until I was an adult actually." She stated.
"But why?"
"Because little girls were being taken from their homes in Isla Paradiso, where I grew up, a long, long way away from here."
Eveline was shocked. Her mother wasn't accepted either? All this time she had spent thinking that her mother just didn't understand and yet here she was, telling her about all the time she spent in hiding.
"You didn't think I knew what it was like to be ostracized in front of a lot of people, did you?" Mary raised an eyebrow, acknowledgingly.
Eveline, guilty, shook her head.
"Your grandfather, my father, Noten, died in the war against Isla Paradiso's regime." Mary stated calmly, Eveline rubbed her face, unsure if she was sleepy and heard her right.
"But... grandpa... I just..."
"Yes, you did see him. That's a story for another day. Your grandfather Noten was the first son of Emrin Reaper, who was the daughter of Aurora Reaper, who was the daughter of Agnes Reaper. You now know the connection between you and one of the greatest witches to ever live. She taught me everything I know, and when you're old enough, I will teach you."
"You mean Great-Great..." Eveline paused, her face contorted as she tried to count, "uh... you mean Agnes taught you magic? But how?"
"Agnes was a very, very long-lived person. She was not going to leave the earth until she felt good and ready to do so." Mary stated. "She would have had it no other way. You see... by the time the lineage had gotten to me, the magic had failed, and so had the Watcher's connection. Agnes brought it all back, through me." Mary put her hand to her chest, remembering the fateful day. The day she trained all night... the day she met Alec. The Watcher truly had kept her word. Great power, and great happiness. "The Watcher will be true to her word with you as well, Eveline; I had never believed in the watcher growing up, because she could not reach us, but she can now, and she refuses to lose that ever again. The day the connection was reforged was the day I met your father. The day of my great awakening I gained both great power and great happiness. One day, you too will have this." Mary looked down and saw Eveline nodding off. It had gotten very, very late - or rather, very early. Mary tucked her in quietly.

Then it struck her as clear as day. She suddenly knew a solution to Eveline's issue. A grin rapidly spread across her face as she hurried herself out of her room to go wake up Alec immediately. Once Eveline's door was closed, Mary broke into a sprint, she jumped onto the bed and woke Alec, who looked up at her with panic.
"What is it? Is everything ok?!" He jumped up, about ready to sprint out of bed.
"I know a place that will take Eveline and educate her." She said excitedly. Alec groaned and laid back in bed.

The next day dawned, Eveline came and sat at the table, surprised to notice her mother was up and in her pajamas as usual. For once Eveline didn't feel uncomfortable going out and sitting next to her in a companionable silence. She did understand. Eveline just didn't see it, but now she does.

"Ev, I was up half the night thinking about this, but after you fell asleep it dawned on me. I want to send you to the school I went to when I was a child." Mary said levelly. "Of course, only if you would like to go."
"Do I have to pretend to be a boy?"
Mary chuckled, "only if you want to, but it's not necessary anymore." Mary teased, poking her fork towards her daughter. "But really, it's a school that is very focused around military tactics - it does teach other things, but... it would be a lot of strategy and logistics. I just... I remember how well the school taught, and how little they cared if you were different; if you don't like it, you can always come straight home and we can look at other options, or if that doesn't appeal to you period we can look at other options too..."
"How would it work?"
"It would be a boarding school." Mary said simply. "Queen Carolina of Isla Paradiso was the first I called, and when I called last night after I left your room... she declared that she wanted to house you herself." Mary said quietly.
"You know a queen?!" Eveline dropped her fork.
"There's a lot of things you don't know about me, Ev; but soon you will. For now... let's enjoy the weekend we have, think about the offer, and if you're interested... I would gladly make the phone call. You would leave on Monday, if that should be your choice. Don't feel pressured though, this isn't something you have to do; and if you want I can even look into other options, but a lot of them are going to have to be boarding schools. This one... I just... I'm familiar with it, and I know that it is a good school from personal experience." Mary was trying to be diplomatic, but she was so excited to see Eveline getting a chance to see what her home looked like, and getting a chance to learn the same things. It made her feel as if she would finally have more common ground with her daughter to stand on.
Eveline sat in silence and ate. Finally, she looked up, "can you make the call then, mom?"
Mary smiled widely, "I would be glad to."

The family had headed out for the festival today. It was the last day of summer and things were about to get very cold on this lively city. Back at home, renovations were being made. A new bathroom, another bedroom for Majnun and an actual kitchen had been added on.

At the festival, everyone spent as much time as they could having fun together, knowing that Eveline would be leaving soon to get comfortable in her new temporary home among the royalty of Isla Paradiso.

Majnun got his face painted rather brightly:

And they all spent the evening dancing and having fun.

The day had passed too quickly for everyone, especially for Eveline. Just as she started to feel at home in her house, she was already packing to go someplace else.

She braved her way to the taxi and prepared herself for the flight. She had to remind herself over and over again as she thought back on these last few days that goodbye does not mean forever. She would see them all again soon. It was a hard journey to make, but she knew it would be worth it in the end.

And Bear? Ever trusty and faithful sat out by the road long after Eveline had gone.

He looked forward to when he would be reunited with Eveline; as did everyone else.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Goodbye is not Forever
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Loved the trip down memory lane! I'm so happy that Ev will get a chance to go to school and make some friends. The Queen's got her back :)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Goodbye is not Forever
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Why do I want to cry for Bear?! :'(

Will we see inside the military base, and all of Eveline's adventures?

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
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Loved the trip down memory lane! I'm so happy that Ev will get a chance to go to school and make some friends. The Queen's got her back :)
The Queen has always got her back. :D
Memory lane was lovely, and I didn't even get to finish the story. I was like, tearing up as I wrote.

Why do I want to cry for Bear?! :'(

Will we see inside the military base, and all of Eveline's adventures?
Because Bear is adorable?
No. Nope. Noooo. I just can't do that at the moment. I needed a break from Eveline's storyline for a chapter. I was really tired of her being a child as well, and since she couldn't attend regular schooling, I wanted to stick to the truth and truly sent her to boarding school.

Brotherly Love
Eveline's presence was severely missed the moment she left. Alec had taken the day off work to see her off, and the household itself seemed quieter and more mute without her liveliness in it. Mary eventually had to drag Bear out of the rain and inside, but even he seemed to lack the life that he once had. Mary paused and smiled at him gingerly. "It's ok love, she'll be back before you know it. She's going to learn and make new friends and then she'll be back."
Bear whimpered, but still didn't seem completely reassured. Mary decided she too, wanted some time to herself, so she proceeded to work on her training. Any day now, she felt, she would achieve greatness.

Alec played a tune quietly beside his wife, feeling the same sense of loneliness that everyone else felt. Eveline certainly held a big part of their lives, and now that part was completely void in her absence.
Majnun even, found himself doing extra chores around the house, despite himself.

Mary had lost track of the hours but she couldn't help but feel a sudden sense of pride as she went back and counted her steps. She had done it. She looked on completely blown away as she finally unwrapped the gift she deserved to have.

Mary's final belt. She mastered Martial Arts. She swelled with pride and beamed at the thought. Alec grinned at her from his guitar. "We should go celebrate!" He called, but Mary had other ideas. She was riding a high, and what's the best thing to do when you're riding a high?
She jumped on her treadmill and started at her athletics. Her lifetime wish was so close she could taste it.

Alec soon felt himself beaming with pride as he reached mastery of the guitar. Halfway done with his lifetime wish.

And finally, Mary, with sweet relief, rolled off the treadmill, feeling more and more fulfilled. Completely, actually. She has completed her lifetime wish.

Yet it still didn't feel right without being able to celebrate with Eveline.
Congratulations love. You've done it.
Mary beamed, "thanks, Watcher."
Do you mind if I ask you a favor?
"Yeah! Anything."
Well... you see...
Mary nodded quietly as she listened. "You've got a deal. I'll set everything up and call him over, the rest is on you."

One makeover later:

You're not looking to bad there, my dear.
"You're likely not looking so bad yourself, Watcher." Edward winked.
Har, har. Down to business. What happened. I got word of the... ahem... split.
"Yes, we broke up."
Edward. Edward. Edward. Why Edward? Why would you do that...?
"I just... everything felt so serious and..."
NO EXCUSES! Can't you see your biological clock is ticking away as we speak? You're almost a full grown adult and you have no offspring to show for it! This is unacceptable!
"But I thought that was my problem to..."
Your problem?! YOUR problem?! No, no, no, my dear. It is MY problem. I need babies from you. I need them now. No excuses. I gave you MORE than ample amount of time. Your time is up. Pick your wife or I will pick her for you.
"Dear watcher! You're ugly when you're mad."
Oh, you haven't even seen me mad. So Johanna or someone else. Pick your poison.
"I don't..."
Pick. Your. Poison.
"Fine! Fine! Johanna! I pick her because she'll never agree to this plan! I screwed up with her, she's never going to take me back!"
Heh, watch me work, boy. I'm in control here.

"Hey babe-ugh!" Edward felt like he had been kicked.
Nope. Nothing of that sorts. Serious. Loving. Apologetic. Now.
"Er... I mean, hey Johanna."
"What can I do for you?"

"I can't believe this is working watcher..."
Heh, just shut up, I told you - I've got this.

Do it! Kiss her now! She's vulnerable!
"Here we go!"

It worked! Thank goodness the wedding is BACK ON.

Back at the house, Mary was prepping her massive backyard and calling the extended family - we've got a wedding afoot.
Johanna and Edward came barrelling in at one in the morning, genuinely angering the resident god of madness. Mary shoved Edward onto the couch where a lifeless and tired Alec sat, looking dazed at the off television. "She kicked me... out of our bedroom. I'm so tired." He said in a monotone voice. Edward just half smiled and sat for a long moment with him.

Do you need rest, dear?
"Sleep is for the weak!" Mary said loudly as she ushered Johanna into her bedroom to try on some quick wedding dresses she had delivered. "Ok, so I had to estimate your size based off of pictures from Edward's picture of you. I have three different sizes and if you don't fit into one that's just fine. I had the watcher install a deep-fryer and I have a treadmill ready for one heck of a workout... Ok, so let's get you fitted."
"Where in the world did you get all of these?!"
"I have my connections." Mary grinned widely. "Now let's see what fits! Oh, and the stylist will be here in an hour for hair, nails and makeup, you can nap while he massages your feet! Let's do this! You wed at dawn!" Mary shouted the last part as if she were going out to war. Johanna looked wide-eyed and confused through the open door to Edward who sat on the couch.
Edward shrugged and winked. "She was the best military strategist and planner in all of the Pasimnic Ocean. As such, she treats everything else in her life with equal fervor." He had to speak slightly louder for her to hear over the sounds of Mary going down her list. Johanna gave him a dizzied look.
"Enough of that!" Mary scolded out the door and slammed it behind her. "Let's get to work, shall we?"

The next morning, after much primping, pulling and sleepless anxiety - mostly caused by Mary - the wedding guests began to arrive.

Palmira looked over the decorations in a mildly annoyed awe. "Mary, you outdid yourself, but did you really have to call us at one in the morning about this?"

Despite all of the rush, it was a tearful, gentle event.

After vows were said, Edward pulled one classic Edward and made Johanna King - now Johanna Reaper - his wife.

Edward carried his bride to the shower first, before they moved with their dog Popo Reaper to the nearest three bedroom apartment, that the watcher had already outfitted for many children.

It was a long, draining and satisfying day.

Mary and Alec had spent all day helping the newlyweds move in to their new apartment. Johanna seemed to already be suffering from morning sickness, though Mary kindly just feigned ignorance and told her it was probably all the super-sweet cake they ate at their wedding. Night had fallen, and though Johanna had kindly asked Alec and Mary to stay for dinner they both declined - much to Edward's delight. The newlyweds would need some time alone, and Mary and Alec wanted to go home, feeling drained and missing their daughter dearly.

On the other side of Bridgeport, a private jet flew into the harbor airport. It was an unexpected landing, but everyone seemed very accommodating of a Queen's plane - even if they didn't necessarily know where the Queen hailed. A driver was called, free of charge, and a young woman emerged on a somewhat familiar street. She didn't want to make a spectacle, so she thought she would walk from there, though the driver very nearly had a heart attack at the thought.
"Thank you for your concern. I'll be fine though."
"But... But... you're blind!" He sputtered.
Eveline shrugged and opened the car door, despite the fact that he hadn't stopped completely yet. The driver slammed the breaks and Eveline casually walked out of the vehicle and waited until she felt him drive out of sight.

She was home now.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #562 on: October 12, 2014, 07:20:37 PM »
Hooray!  Edward and Johanna finally tied the knot!!  Leave it to Mary to plan a wedding like military strategy  ;D  And I know that it was just a shot from behind, but Eveline looks very lovely as a teenager.  Can't wait to see how she's changed from being in Isla Paradiso!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #563 on: October 13, 2014, 07:38:07 AM »
Ev's new outfit looks very good on her.

Yay for weddings! And nooboos!

Do you mind if I DogNap Popo? He's absolutely A.Door.Able

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #564 on: October 31, 2014, 04:19:03 PM »
Aw, I've been silent for a long time, but don't think I've forget to read your story. It's as fantastic as always.  I really liked that Do it! Kiss her now! She's vulnerable! scene. The Watcher is quite a matchmaker indeed! And a great wedding planner too, since you've managed to pull through I've-lost-count amount of weddings without any of them failing like they always seem to do in American soap operas.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #565 on: October 31, 2014, 04:26:18 PM »
I originally read this chapter on my phone, which renders images so much darker than on my laptop, so I didn't really "get" the last picture. Now I do. Teenage Eveline! I can't wait to see her. :)

And congrats to Edward and Johanna too. It's nice to see him again.
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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #566 on: October 31, 2014, 09:33:06 PM »
Yay for Edward!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #567 on: November 21, 2014, 08:25:44 PM »
Oh god! I'm all caught up now! I NEED MORE!!!!
Omg! I love this story soooo much

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Brotherly Love
« Reply #568 on: December 18, 2014, 05:01:47 PM »
Hooray!  Edward and Johanna finally tied the knot!!  Leave it to Mary to plan a wedding like military strategy  ;D  And I know that it was just a shot from behind, but Eveline looks very lovely as a teenager.  Can't wait to see how she's changed from being in Isla Paradiso!
Mary is quite good at quick thinking, no? Love her for it. Eveline. Is. Gorgeous. Mhm. Perfect genetics. I love it.

Ev's new outfit looks very good on her.

Yay for weddings! And nooboos!

Do you mind if I DogNap Popo? He's absolutely A.Door.Able
Dognap Popo? Why not. I'm sure I can find him, given enough time. He was quite sweet, but can't hold a candle to my Bear.

Aw, I've been silent for a long time, but don't think I've forget to read your story. It's as fantastic as always.  I really liked that Do it! Kiss her now! She's vulnerable! scene. The Watcher is quite a matchmaker indeed! And a great wedding planner too, since you've managed to pull through I've-lost-count amount of weddings without any of them failing like they always seem to do in American soap operas.
Thank you! Haha, I thought he could use some encouragement. Sometimes Sims just need a tender massive shove to get where they need to be. It's like taking a leap of faith, if you would, only the leap is caused by me shoving him. Oh yeah, I'm the wedding master! (wah-cha - ninja!). Oh those American Soap Operas. I was addicted to those once. Then I got my life back.

I originally read this chapter on my phone, which renders images so much darker than on my laptop, so I didn't really "get" the last picture. Now I do. Teenage Eveline! I can't wait to see her. :)

And congrats to Edward and Johanna too. It's nice to see him again.
Yeah! She's baaaack! [If I ever have the patience to redownload all my store stuff]
Ed is doing well as usual. I do my best to keep up with him as he holds a special place in my heart - similar to Falor.

Yay for Edward!
Yay indeed!

Oh god! I'm all caught up now! I NEED MORE!!!!
Omg! I love this story soooo much
Thank you! I do try. I'm still alive, I promise.

So I'm over the moon guys. My boyfriend got me a solid state harddrive. I'm keeping the Reapers. I love them to death and back. I just haven't really felt patient enough to download all my store stuff (one at a time, for all 7+ pages of 64 items each... oh dear that bores me just writing it out...). I love that guy. I do, but all this reinstalling business is a pain in my patootie. So I got the Sims 4 on a whim, and it doesn't hold a candle to my Sims 3 stuff, but it's keeping me entertained until I have more time to download the ridiculous amount of stuff I need. Thanks for all the love! Sorry again for the long wait. I. WILL. COMPLETE. THIS. STORY.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: She's A Rebel
« Reply #569 on: December 19, 2014, 02:23:04 AM »
Ok so, I went a little crazy on the screenshots this time guys. Mostly because I had been playing the Sims 4 for a bit, and I came back to the Sims 3 and went "oh my gosh, I missed this, and this, and this!" I'm so thrilled now. The Sims 4 is nice and stuff, and cool if you're into it, but the Sims 3 is so my cup of tea and THEN SOME. I've missed Eveline so much too. Yeup, I'm a happy camper. Anyways, I get that probably most simmers are gone on to bigger and newer things, but I'll be here with my Sims 3, and if any other Simmers are still around and want any of the Sims/pets I've got, just hit me up with a message or a reply on here!  ;D

She's a Rebel
The door bust open and the entire house quieted at once.
Eveline was home.

And the world where she walked was bound to get a little more interesting.
Mary was the first to rush to her daughter, but the conga line of hugs soon grew out. Everyone was gushing (minus Majnun, who was simply raving about his talking grapefruit named Stanley, which is interpreted to mean he was happy that Eveline was home) while Eveline took it all in.
"I'm home." She said simply.
Mary smiled warmly, "yes you are."

Bear couldn't wait to see his master again, and he made sure she knew it.

"I've missed you Bear." Eveline whispered into his fur as she clutched to his familiarity. She always felt so safe when he was around.
Alec had sucked in his cheek and was biting on it contemplatively. "Wow... Evie... you've grown so..." He tilted his head the other direction, "that outfit is really...OUCH!" Alec leaped as Mary elbowed him in the gut.
"Your daughter just got home. Save the policing for later." Mary warned.
"Yes dear." Alec mumbled.
Mary stepped forward once again and examined her daughter with a motherly fervor. She looked under her chin, examined her arms and nails, and gave her a thorough once-over as she spoke. "You've got to be exhausted sweetie, when did your flight get in? Why didn't you call us? Is everything going ok? How were the Islands?"
"'Save the policing for later.'" Alec muttered mockingly as he rolled his eyes and looked away just as Mary turned and gave him the death stare.
Eveline shook her head slowly in mock amusement and put her hand to her head. She was exhausted. "Yes, exhausted indeed. 10:30. No phone. All is good. And it was warm, did I cover everything?"
Mary laughed, "sorry dear. I don't mean to give you the third degree, I was just worried, that's all."
Eveline shrugged, "can I go to sleep now?"
"Of course." Mary wrapped an arm protectively around her shoulders as they walked back towards Eveline's old room. "We didn't change anything in your room yet, we can get to that later."
"Thanks mom," Eveline smiled.
"Get some good sleep, you'll be reporting in to school tomorrow morning, bright and early."
"What?!" Eveline groaned. "I just got here though!"
Mary shrugged, "sorry love, I don't make the rules."
Eveline groaned louder as she collapsed on her bed, face into the pillow. "Muph, murph, muph mum muph murph."
Eveline turned her head, "nothing..." She groaned, her voice sank to nearly a growl, "the islands never made us go to school after we just arrived."
Mary chuckled as she turned out the lights. "Goodnight, dear."

The school bell rang loudly, Eveline grimaced at the sound. "Why does everything have to be so loud?" She muttered.

She turned to Ivan next to her, "wanna hit up the town tonight?"
"I'm down."
Eveline grinned, "just have-ta stop home and see the parental units first."
"I get to meet your parents? Sounds interesting."
"It's meh. My grandpa is the interesting one. He'll likely be around, just... uh... don't tick him off, kay?"

Eveline swung open the door to her house, Ivan waited awkwardly outside. "Moooom? Graaaamps? I'm home!" Eveline called out, then she quieted, spotting her grandfather's form but two feet away from her. "Oops, sorry gramps."
Majnun grumbled.

"I'm in the kitchen sweetie!" Mary called out.
Eveline strolled in through the kitchen and dropped her bag off by the trash, picking up a wad of papers and dumping them into the garbage.

"What's that dear?" Mary asked, turning from her work fiddling with the dishwasher.
"Just some papers." Eveline shrugged, "it was really strange mom, these guys kept handing me paper all day... like, what am I supposed to do with that?" Eveline made a face.
"Here, let me see one." Mary leaned over and snatched one off the top. She uncrumpled it and saw a list of numbers. "Oh honey, it looks like these guys were giving you their phone number..." Mary said with interest. "Are you sure you don't want to keep them?"
"Phone numbers?" Eveline paused, then shook her head in disbelief. "Did you send me to the school for the mentally impaired mother?!" She said suddenly.
"What's that all about?" Mary shot back at her.
"I mean, what moron would think 'oh, hey, that blind girl's cute... I should write down my phone number and give it to her." Eveline said in mock annoyance.
Both girls sat there for a second before they both broke out into laughter. "Fair point." Mary mused as she turned back to the dishwasher. "Hey, Ev, do you have some time later?"
"Actually Ivan and I were going to hit up the town tonight for a bit..." Eveline paused, and started to smile innocently, batting her eyelashes quickly, "I mean... if that's ok with you." She worded the last bit ever so gently.
Mary shook her head and pinched the bridge of her nose, "I suppose since you asked so nicely," she said sarcastically. "I was hoping you and I could head out and work on some training."
"Tomorrow then!" Eveline waved her hand in dismissal. "I'll see you later!"


"It's kind of cold out here..." Ivan shifted under the gaze of the strange man. "So... you're Eveline's grandfather?"
"Don't be such a pansy," Majnun mocked, "I'M ON TO YOU, STANLEY! REVEAL YOUR SECRETS!"
"Uh... uhm..."
The door opened, "I'm out of this joint gramps, don't forget to vacuum the dishes!" Eveline called out, "come'on Ivan!"
Ivan nodded with relief and ran out with her as Majnun smiled and waved. "What a nice grapefruit." He mumbled.

"Hey, do you mind sharing that umbrella Ev?" Ivan shivered.
"Don't be such a pansy." Eveline teased.
"I see why you and your grandfather get along so well now..."

Eveline and Ivan took a taxi and stopped off at some of the houses down the road.

"What are we doing here?"
"We're going to egg some houses!" Eveline called as she pulled something out from inside her coat.
"Wait... where did you get that from?"
"I took them from the fridge when my mom had her back turned." Eveline shoved the container into his hands. "Now lets do this!"
"Uh... Eveline?"
"Hand me an egg!"
"I would... but this is a tupperware container filled with cake."

"Now where did I put that leftover cake?!"

Eveline and Ivan hit up the beach, the festival and then the back streets by the school over the course of the next few hours.
"What is it, Ev?"
"I'm hungry."
"Should we head back?"
"Let's go to the diner!"
"That's all the way across town!"
"Are you a wuss or something?"
"Don't you know what time it is though?!"
Eveline waved her hand in front of her face. "Somewhere between dark and dark'o'clock?" She mocked.
"Mhm. Diner it is."

It was nearing curfew when Eveline stumbled back into her home.

"Hey dear." Alec said as he finished his leftovers. "I wasn't expecting you home so early... here I was thinking you took after me."
"Nah, Ivan wussed out on me and went home before curfew. The city is boring when you don't have someone to share it with... or tell you what time it is anyways." Eveline shrugged.
Alec turned to look at his daughter, "oh honey, I really like that coat on you. You should wear it more often. Like, how about all the time?" Alec nodded approvingly.
Eveline stuck her tongue out at him.
There were several crashes in the kitchen.
"What's going on in there?" Eveline whispered.
"Oh, it's your grandfather. He's gone mad ever since he misplaced his cake." Alec paused. "Well, mad-er." He corrected.
Eveline couldn't help but fall into a fit of giggles.
Alec raised an eyebrow at his daughter before shaking his head. "I knew you took after me."

Eveline walked into the calm of her room and remembered why she actually did come back so early.
"Ok. You. Me. Square off." She muttered.

"Come on... I know you're in there. Hatch already!"
"Sweetie?" A knock on her door signaled that her mother was going to come in anyways. "I'm surprised you aren't still out and about, did Ivan chicken out on you?"
"Boys. It's what they do." Eveline stated matter-of-factly without looking towards her mother. Eveline had gotten very good at looking like she was paying attention in conversation, as she noticed it freaked people out less when she at least appeared to be looking at someone when they spoke rather than off into space. "Ivan helped me find my classes today, so I told him that we were going to be best friends."
"I see, and did he agree to it?"
"I didn't give him the option to disagree."
Mary chuckled. "That thing isn't going to hatch like that, you know."

Eveline grumbled. "I know, I just thought that maybe it would if I tried some kind of mental telepathy thing."
"I see. Well, tell me how that works out for you." Mary shrugged, "I'm glad you got home safely sweetie. Tomorrow is Spookie day, I think I'm going to invite the family over for a Feast Party - no... scratch that. I'm going to invite everyone over because the Watcher never lets me say no to these kind of events."
"Couldn't we do something cooler, like a costume party or something?"
"The Watcher insists on Feast Day parties, apparently it's a tradition of some sorts. Great-Great...erm... our grandma Agnes started it. Blame her."
"Get some rest tonight sweetie." Mary kissed the top of Eveline's head. "And you're going to get sore if you stay sitting like that for long periods of time."
"Yeah, yeah, thanks Dr. Mom."
Mary smiled, "if we have time tomorrow, maybe we could work on that spellcasting?"
Eveline gave a thumbs up, and Mary left the room content.
Eveline sat up quietly and picked up the egg in her hands. She could feel the power radiating from it, and feel her heartbeat start to match the rhythm it was drumming.

"One day..." Eveline whispered, "I'll be able to hatch you. Just give me some time to figure it out."

Mary and Alec were enjoying their morning routine when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

Alec groaned quietly, "what is it?" He asked exasperatedly.
Majnun called through the door. "Son? I need to borrow your car."
"Car? We don't own a car, dad." Alec answered back, slightly confused, but knowing his father well enough to not bother caring.
"Fine. I'll borrow the neighbors."
Alec and Mary exchanged a look, and Mary whispered, "what was that all about?"
Alec rolled his eyes, "it's my dad, he probably needed to borrow a cup of sugar or something. Now come here you, you look like you could use a shower."

"Ok now dear, you're doing great. Just swerve left -"
The car hit something and rolled over the top of it with a large thunk.
"What did I just hit?!" Eveline called. "Is the car ok?!"

"Don't worry, the car isn't ours." Majnun smiled, "ooh! Now make a quick right turn... that woman called me a crazy old man yesterday!"
Eveline hit the curb.
"WOO! TEN POINTS!" Majnun shouted as he put his hands up in the air.

Majnun and Eveline arrived home chattering.
"Whats going on?" Alec asked quietly, "where have you guys been anyways?"
Majnun rolled his eyes, "apparently," he sounded the whole word out, "those morons at the driving facility don't know how to drive properly. They said Eveline failed her test, but she ran over everything they told her to!"
"You took our daughter out driving?!" Mary shouted.
"It's ok, I used the neighbors car."
Mary gave Alec a look of horror but Alec only shrugged as a way of saying 'he's my dad, what can I say?'

Somewhere across the road, two male sims walked forward: "Hey dude, where's your car?"
The other furrowed his brow and dropped his ice cream.

Eveline had moved into her room to focus again on the egg.

"There's a full moon in a couple of days." Majnun said from the doorway as he walked in. "It's a night that talking grapefruits and the garbageman alike come out of the woodwork." Majnun nodded wisely.
Eveline shook her head, half smiling. "What does that mean, really, grandpa?"
"Just making an observation about the moon, that's all." Majnun smiled and patted her head before walking out of the room quietly.
"The full moon, eh?" Eveline said to herself. "I can take a hint, old man." She smiled. The doorbell rang.
The party had begun.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: She's A Rebel
« Reply #570 on: December 19, 2014, 09:15:43 PM »
Evie is gorgeous!  Alec may disapprove of her outfit but it seems to really suit her  ;D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: She's A Rebel
« Reply #571 on: January 22, 2015, 11:18:15 PM »
Heavens, I've missed a bunch!
Loved Edward's steampunk makeover!
Evie is an absolute knockout!  Her outfits really compliment her coloring and I absolutely love how she makes everyone's favorite immortal dog even more a part of the story.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Little Black Box
« Reply #572 on: March 12, 2015, 07:11:00 PM »
*Clearing throat noises* Hi everyone, remember me? Livvielove? I'm still alive. I promise. I actually went through a Skyrim phase... again... then a Sims 4 phase (sorta, still loving the Sims 3 more though). Then I did something silly and ran out and bought an X-Box 360, because... well I don't really remember why. I think I just wanted one, and the Exchange (best second hand store on the north side of Chicago) had one and BOTH my boyfriend's favorite game and mine... so here I am. With lots of ellipses. Lots of them... Lots... Of... them... I may take breaks, but I do always return. If anyone still reads this section, that is. Right on. Let's do this... if I can remember how to format. That would help greatly.

The Little Black Box
The doorbell echoed throughout the house, and Mary groaned inwardly. She adjusted herself in the mirror one last time before going to let in the multitude of guests that were awaiting the Reaper's Feast Day celebration.

After many hellos, waves and polite nods at guests as they entered the threshold, Mary already felt exhausted. Her husband was in his own little realm playing the guitar for guests, her father-in-law was talking to the wall - or some other inanimate object, likely plotting his next political strategy against the Easter Bunny, and her daughter had resigned herself to her room to will that petrified dragon's egg into hatching for her. Mary's plastered-on smile was starting to fall as she felt her resolve flaking. This was going to be a long night.
Mary was actually about to lose her cool when the back-up finally arrived.

The back-up being Mary's strangely level-headed mother and her rather hormonal and fairly pregnant sister-in-law. "Mary!" Palmira gave a long loving hug to her daughter. "Look at you my dear! Throwing your first Feast Day celebration."
"Ugh, don't remind me. The watcher said it's some stupid tradition, but I certainly don't remember having a Feast Day party ever. In fact, dad can't seem to remember one either... actually I'm pretty sure that grandma Agnes was the only one to ever throw one."
She was also the only one to ever reach the season of Fall. Sunset Valley had longer Fall and Spring seasons, Monte Vista had extremely long Summers and Winters with short Falls and Springs, the Future had no Seasons at all, just constant great weather, then of course there's Isla Paradiso and Barnacle Bay which only every experiences Summer with light Spring-time for winter... ah whatever. It's a tradition because I said so. Got it?
Mary grumbled into her mother's hug.

"Uh... Mary...?" Johanna shifted uncomfortably. "With myself being a little - ah Watcher. What am I saying? I'm as large as a truck, and my bladder is being squished by that truck. I'm going to lay claims to your bathroom." Johanna rubbed her back tenderly as she waddled off to relieve herself.
Mary laughed, "I remember those days." She mumbled. "I can't believe Ev is already a teenager mom. By the Watcher, she's practically grown."
"They grow up fast," Palmira smiled knowingly as she looked at her daughter. They shared a glance for a moment before Majnun called out from the Kitchen that his food was finished, which actually sounded more like 'the gnomes have rushed the fort,' yet Mary was getting used to translating.

The guests mingled a while, even Eveline came out and joined the world; taking a break from her many thoughts.

"Well, well now. If it isn't my favorite niece!" Edward called out. "Did you hear the news dear? I'm going to be a dad! Oh, and I got married; well... not in that order, but..." Edward sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.
Eveline gave a playful grin. "I thought I was your only niece? Oh uncle, I've missed you."
"How were the Islands? Did everyone treat you there alright? 'Cause if they didn't I know a few guys who will make them regret ever messing with a Reaper!"
"The Islands were good, Queen Caroline sends her regards, and the King, well, he says he wants a rematch at a game of chess sometime, one where you don't cheat." Eveline reported dutifully. 
Edward laughed loudly and happily. He seemed so much lighter and freer than he usually did. "Did he now? I must say! I'm insulted! I never cheat! I just simply don't follow ALL of the rules."
"Seems like marriage and parenthood are doing you good, uncle." Eveline noted. "Wasn't it just you who told me to never settle down ever right before I left for Isla Paradiso?"
Edward shrugged, "ah, the ol' ball-and-chain..." Suddenly he became stiff as he noticed his very pregnant wife glaring at him while she angrily cut her steak. He cleared his throat and readjusted, "I mean, being married is the greatest thing that ever happened to me, my dear. My wife is so perfect and she is the greatest wife who ever lived." He gave an innocent grin and winked, his voice dropped to a whisper, "but really, this is the happiest I've ever been, just... don't tell anyone. Ok? I've got a reputation to uphold."
Eveline giggled and nodded. Edward kissed the top of her forehead and ruffled her hair before going to sit by his wife. Eveline's thoughts drifted off, "I don't think I could ever see myself getting married." She quietly excused herself.

Dinner had wrapped up and dessert had been laid out now. Overall, the party was turning out quite successfully. The food had been delicious, so much so that even Majnun didn't have a word of complaint. Everyone had settled down into the corners of the house; Palmira and Noten took to some chairs in the foyer, likely having a romantic moment together, Johanna and Edward still sat at the table eating everything in sight, Johanna because she was pregnant and Edward because he was Edward. They chatted with some of Alec's coworkers who had remained seated at the dining room table. Majnun had moved into the kitchen to clean up the dishes where he chatted with the neighbors who were still reeling from having their car stolen and even Bear came out from his hiding place - as he hates too much noise - to follow Eveline outside into the quiet of the night.
Mary was feeling more and more relieved as the evening went on. She chatted up Lady Cook, who was Alec's boss. Even though she was married, Lady seemed quite interested in Mary's husband, often eyeing him from afar throughout the night. Mary chuckled inwardly. Alec tended to have that effect on women, and even some men. Lady had excused herself after a few awkward conversational lines to go over and chat with Alec as he tuned his guitar on the couch.
When he realized Lady had joined him - and being well aware of the crush she held on him - he chatted back idly, often stealing glances at his wife who was standing across the room - quietly collecting plates - having a conversation with her through simply their body language. He would say something to Lady, then look to Mary as Lady would respond, he would roll his eyes and his joking smile hid behind his conversational smile. Mary would scrunch her face in mock disapproval, then flip her hair in the same way Lady Cook does naturally while she synced her lips exaggeratedly along with Lady. She ended the gesture by rolling her eyes and making a gagging sign.
Alec had been in the middle of drinking during Lady Cook's reply when he saw Mary's reaction and nearly choked on his drink while trying not to laugh. Lady looked at him with concern, but Mary only suppressed a laugh, biting her lip while smiling before she turned around and saw her mother giving her an interesting face from the door frame.
"Aren't you a little worried?" Palmira asked carefully.

"Why?" Mary said, laughing as she remembered nearlying making juice come out of her husband's nose.
"Just curious." Palmira seemed to dismiss her thoughts. "Everything still ok between you and Alec?"
"Of course. Why do you ask?"
"Because Mary, Eveline is growing up. She won't always be around, and before you know it, the only person you'll have at the end of the day is your husband. I guess I would be a little jealous and concerned if I saw that kind of interaction between your father and another woman."
Mary felt very put-out by that statement. "She's just his boss, mom." Mary said firmly.
Palmira shook her head quietly. "I understand that Mary, but, does she?"
Mary opened her mouth to respond when she felt another presence behind her. Alec's voice came from behind her, "do you mind if I borrow my wife for a bit? I haven't seen her all night." He asked kindly.
Palmira simply nodded, "remember what I said, Mary." She said as she picked up the plates Mary had been carrying and took them to the kitchen.
When Mary turned around Alec was making a face.

"What's with the look?" Mary asked while giggling.
"My mother-in-law senses were tingling. I got this itch that told me that conversation was about me and that it wasn't pleasant."
"Oh gee, how'd you guess?" Mary teased.
"Anything I need to know?"
"My mom is just worried about the interactions you have with your boss."
"Oh, is she now?" Alec raised an eyebrow as he stepped closer to his wife. "What about you, Mrs. Reaper?" He put his hand to her cheek and Mary felt herself melting inside, as she did every time. "Are you worried?"
Mary snapped back to herself, she began to gather another stack of dishes and cleared her throat. "Of course not. You're my husband, not hers. Why should I be worried?" Mary said out-loud, though it was quite clear she was saying it more for herself than anyone else.
Alec opened his mouth to speak when Mary spoke again, "now where is our daughter at? I feel like I haven't seen her since dinner started. Watcher, I hate parties." She mumbled that last bit to herself as she dusted her hands off on her pant legs. She then began to look around the house for her missing daughter.

Mary sighed with relief knowing she was off the hook with talking to her husband. Feelings didn't exactly come easy to her. Feelings were messy. Logic was clean. Logic says Alec is her husband. Logic says Alec loves her. She shouldn't need validation. Mary quietly folded up her messy thoughts and put them away in the little black box of her mind. Logic always rules over everything else in Mary's world, yet the little black box didn't want to close all the way, and Mary knew she would have to face it again sooner or later, but she chose later this time, as she stumbled upon her daughter looking off sadly into the distance in the backyard.
"Hey sweetheart? Is everything ok?" Mary asked quietly as she approached her.
Eveline shrugged. "It's too noisy inside."
"Mind if I join you? I could use some quiet too."
Eveline nodded softly, and they sat.

Eveline finally broke the silence after a minute, "do you really think I'm going to get married one day, mom?"
Mary looked at her daughter thoughtfully, "I don't know dear," she said quietly, "I mean, I always hoped you would, but I suppose you don't have to. Why do you ask?"
"Everyone at school seems to have someone, and Ivan says that he believes that there's someone out there for everyone, but could there really be someone out there for me?"
Mary took in her daughter's words for a minute. "There are a lot of people in this world Eveline. I don't doubt there is someone who would be a good fit for you out there."
"That's not what I mean." Eveline licked her dry lips and sat back. "I mean, who wants to put up with a blind girl? It's just so frustrating mom. I get all kinds of guys who tell me I look good, and yeah, that's nice and all, but who cares about that kind of stuff? Every guy I've met seems so... boring. They're all the same on the outside; is love really so superficial? Is it always about the physical stuff? I get overwhelmed when there are too many people in a room, let alone trying to be close with someone else... it just seems so... silly, I guess. It just doesn't make any sense to me. And it seems so silly to me, to love just one person your whole life. Grandma says she loved Grandpa since she was a little girl... is that really how it works? Am I really just going to marry someone like Ivan and that will be it forever?" Eveline put her head in her hands and slumped forward again. "If that's really how it works then I think I'll stay single forever."

Mary shifted quietly, thinking very hard about what to say. She closed her eyes and there it was again, that little black box where the rules and the logic never seemed to apply. She sighed softly, and felt the box lid come open just slightly. "Did I ever tell you about Thomas, Eveline?"
"Thomas?" Eveline didn't seem too interested, she kicked some dirt around with her shoes, "is he important or something?"
Mary cleared her throat, as she felt the emotions build up, like they were ready to explode from the box she kept them in. "Yes. Yes he was Eveline. He was important. He was very important to me." Her voice shook a little, but she gathered the strength and pushed the feelings back down. The image was still there though.

"I'll be honest Ev, I haven't thought about Thomas in years... it feels like a lifetime ago. Like the person I am now is someone completely different from the masculine, tough-girl who met a man at a library on her first day in a new place." Mary's eyes got wetter. "Thomas Quill," the words seem to echo as she said them, "was the man I loved very dearly before I met your father."
Eveline sat up quickly. "Wait... what? Geez mom! Why didn't you ever mention him before?! There was really someone else before dad?"
"Yes, there was." Mary confirmed.
"Well... what was he like?!"
"He was tall, and dark, and scholarly. He loved books more than people. He was very polite, but a little awkward at times. His eyes were very warm. I still remember that about him. He was very warm." A tear escaped Mary's eye, and Mary grew very thankful that her daughter couldn't see it. She closed her eyes tight and pictured Thomas again. "He taught me so much; we would spend hours just reading together in silence, or discussing the newspaper, or just walking along the coast. He found the smallest things so interesting;  and when he would have his attention on something, he would be giving it one-hundred percent of him. Including me. I always felt so small and insignificant growing up. There were always other people. I was always just Mary, or James, I suppose, depending on who you asked, and my feelings didn't matter to anyone; except for Thomas. He grounded me, Eveline. Looking back, I was like a little lost lamb." Mary chuckled. "We even opened an Inn together on the beaches of Barnacle Bay. It was my dream at the time, and Thomas had sold his house just to make it happen..."
"Wow mom... I had no idea... What happened between you two? Did you guys break up or something? Did he keep the Inn?"
"He died."
Eveline felt shaken by those two words.
"He died before I even met your father." Mary said the phrase again as a way to continue on. "Thomas was many things, but he was also very sick. I knew what I was getting into, yet it still caught me by surprise. I buried the man I loved, and it was the single hardest thing I've had to do. My life felt like it was over. I ran off and joined the war, thinking that I wouldn't make it out... and I met your father."
"I had no idea mom..."
Mary shrugged half-heartedly, then realized her daughter probably didn't pick up the slight movement, so she spoke, "you're the second person to know."
"Who's the first?"
"Your father."
"If you could go back... and if Thomas were alive... or if he was brought back like grandpa... would things be different?"
"It's a question I've thought about every day since his death, Ev." Mary shook her head. "When he first died, I would have given anything to have him back. I felt so alone and lost. I fell into drinking and easing my sorrow by shoving it all in this little black box I kept in the dusty corners of my mind. At the time, there was nothing I could do to bring him back, so I knew I had to move forward. Things would have been different if he hadn't died; yes, but at the time I couldn't bear to think of the "what ifs." There wasn't any "what ifs" it was all just reality. Then Agnes came, gifted me with magic and taught me how to use it. I buried myself into training, stumbled home and the first thing that happened upon walking in the door? Your father attempted to hit on me." Mary laughed. "Your uncle was having none of that though." Mary smiled fondly on her memories. "I feel guilty every day when I think about Thomas. Sometimes I wonder if he hates me for moving on and not attempting to bring him back. I've never been able to settle that feeling in myself, and it haunts me sometimes, but I know the choice I made was right for me. I loved Thomas, yes; but that was years ago. I love Alec - your father - so deeply sometimes it hurts. Love isn't always physical, though it can take that form very easily, it's also emotional, and mental. It consumes you, body and soul, and when it ends, it hurts terribly, but when it's there... it's incredible. I really do hope you get to feel it one day Ev, but there's most certainly no rush. Plans change. Time changes. When I buried Thomas, I told myself that I would never love again, but you know what I learned Evie?"
Eveline looked at her, her eyes watering along with her mother's.
"I learned that you should never say never."
Eveline leaned her head against her mom's shoulder and they sat in silence once again.
"Will you teach me?"
Mary didn't need to ask for clarification on that one. She just knew. "Of course my dear."
Eveline smiled at her, and it was like the world was beginning again.

A new day was dawning for everyone.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Little Black Box
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And the tradition continues!

Aww, I had almost forgotten about Thomas. That just such a sweet moment between mum and daughter.

Welcome back! I missed this story immensely.
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