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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations
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*Fans self and dabs tears away carefully.* I'm ok! I promise... just got something in my eyes...
Ahem. Anyways to carry on with Painful Revelations on the previous page, part two:

Painful Revelations: Part Two
Liam fought off a tremble as he dropped in the final ingredient carefully.

His neck was sore from how tense he was. He was afraid to even breathe the wrong way. He nervously looked back at the book and let his fingers slide down the page.
"That should be it." He whispered, afraid talking would ruin the potion. He reached over and began stirring gently.

Clarissa watched quietly from her seat on the bed. It was difficult staying quiet, but she knew the importance of getting this right. "You're almost there! I know you can do it." She spoke warmly.
"I am the best." He grinned at her.
She laughed, "well, I guess I can let you have that one."
Liam slowly poured the bright red liquid out into the bottle he had prepared. As soon as it was full and corked, Liam let out the breath he had been holding. "I did it." He almost couldn't believe it.
Clarissa crawled off the bed and she leaned over to look at the flask. Both she and Liam were acting as though the flask would break by them even looking at it. Liam gently set it down in the windowsill. "Look at that... you actually did it Liam!"
Liam started to laugh with relief, "it's done! I did it... I DID IT!" He turned and spun her around. "I did the impossible and it's all because of you." He had stopped spinning and was looking at her intensely.
She flushed, "I just reminded you that you could do anything you put your mind to."
Liam cupped her face with his hands. "It was more than that. You're beautiful and incredible. Despite the crummy situation... I'm so glad that that stupid nutter grabbed you instead of who he was supposed to."
Clarissa felt her heart dropping, "Liam..." She struggled to keep her voice firm.
"Clarissa you have to know that I-"
"I'm leaving today Liam..." She shook her head and tried to pull back. "This... this isn't a good idea."
"Please Clarissa, just let me-"
The door swung open and Majnun stared at them eerily. Of course he would know the minute the potion is done. "All finished?" He raised his eyebrow.
Liam glowered at him. "It's on the sill." He nodded to it. "It needs to sit without being moved for 24 hours."
Majnun nodded, "good work." He turned around completely, satisfied to leave before turning his head. "Your car is here, Clarissa."
Both of them went bug-eyed. "Already?" Clarissa looked around frantically.
"It can wait for you to say your goodbyes. Your family is missing you." He was eerily calm, "so much so that they took something of mine in return. They'll regret that later." Majnun scowled. "Until then, we need to right the situation." He tipped his head to her, "remember what I told you last night."
Clarissa nodded weakly. "Thank you." She responded.
Majnun simply walked out the door.
Clarissa couldn't look at Liam, in a way it hurt too much. She walked silently out the door into the living room, while Liam immediately scrambled after her.
Mary, Alec and Eveline all stood to one side. Clarissa approached them first with a weak smile, "thank you all for everything. I'm sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused..." She looked at them, unsure of their response.
Mary immediately crossed over and pulled her in for a hug. "Don't be a stranger, ok? You're an honorary Reaper in my book. I'll send you a letter once we've gotten settled elsewhere. You can count on us for whatever you might need!"
Clarissa was touched by the offer. "Thank you..."
Alec held out his hand, "I second my wife's sentiment, and apologize profusely for anyone who I may or may not be related to. I'm not going to confirm or deny anything."
Clarissa jumped and gave him a big hug and he chuckled. "You can always call your only sane relative on this side..." He paused and smiled before whispering, "that would be me."
"I don't know dad, you don't seem very sane to me." Eveline shrugged before hugging Clarissa lightly. "I hear you're good at gardening... I wish I could have picked your brain a little more before you left."
"I'm not going away forever - you can always call me! I'll share lots of plant facts with you. Pro-tip, plant them in the ground. It works best that way." She joked.
Eveline laughed, "I'll keep that in mind. Assuming I can find the ground." She smirked, "I am visually challenged, you know."
Clarissa turned and saw Jack and Jupiter entering the door and picking up on what's going on. Jupiter bowed to her, "I hope you have safe travels." He said formally. He kept his face mostly covered and tipped away from her, but she didn't think much of it.
Jack pulled her in for a hug, "it's been a pleasure getting to meet you, Clarissa. I'm so sorry this happened, but for what it's worth, I think everything turned out wonderfully considering the situation..."
Clarissa smiled, "thank you for all of your kindness. Liam is lucky to have you there to watch him." She paused, "take care of him for me." She added in a whisper.
Jack nodded, but didn't say anything, just gave her a soft smile.

There was only one left then, and everyone seemed to understand this. Clarissa approached Liam slowly while everyone started to scatter. Mary and Alec disappeared into their bedroom and Eveline had picked up on Jupiter's distress and went to help him. Jack had also disappeared into his bedroom to get some work done. It was just Liam and Clarissa left.
"So this is it." She breathed.
"Clarissa I..."
She looked at him for a moment, waiting for him to finish but she almost couldn't. "Let's not make this harder than it already is." She said quietly.
Liam closed his mouth and nodded. "I hope you know that I care about you."
It stung worse than any insult he could have said. She nodded, "thank you for..." the answer was simple and yet it wasn't. "Everything doesn't even begin to cover it." She looked down, "I hope you don't forget about me."
Liam smiled weakly, "I could never forget about you. Ever." He took a step towards her, but she took a step back.
"Take care of yourself, Liam."
"After all that, that's all you can say?" He asked, hurt in his eyes.
Clarissa felt her jaw tighten. "What do you want me to say? That yes I have feelings for you too? What good will that do us now? I might never see you again! I have my life and you have yours... and I don't see how those two are going to continue intersecting!"
Liam was quiet for a moment before her smirked at her, she opened her mouth to say something about it when he spoke, "I knew I would grow on you eventually." His voice held the airy edge of teasing.
She didn't know whether to laugh or to be angry. "You're infuriating!" She put her hand to her head. "And wonderful." She sighed. "Why did this have to happen like this?"
Liam took another step forward, "we could make this work maybe?" His eyes were searching her face.
"And what? Be long distance forever? We both know how this one ends Liam... and it's best if we just let it end here before either one of us gets more hurt than we already are." Clarissa wouldn't look at him any longer. "I should go."
Liam wanted to say more but he couldn't find the words.
"I wish you well." Her voice was just barely a whisper.
"Please be careful."
She nodded, turned and walked out of the door as Liam watched.

Clarissa could feel her eyes stinging as she stared out the window of the car onto the passing scenery. She sucked in a breath and calmed herself. After a few minutes of silence passed, the car pulled around an unfamiliar bend and stopped.
"Excuse me... but where are we going?" She was concerned now. She did not need to be kidnapped again.
"Majnun asked me to drop you off here before taking you home."
"This is an empty field." Clarissa thought the world had gone mad again, but perhaps that's what she gets for trusting a Mad God. Her head throbbed again and she rubbed it idly.
"You're meeting someone out here miss."
Clarissa sighed, she really didn't care enough to actually protest anymore. She opened the car door and stepped out. The window rolled down and the driver told her he would drive around the block.
"Whatever." Clarissa shrugged.

She stood out in the cold briefly wondering what she was even doing. Then she felt something shift behind her, the snow had stopped falling mid-air and the world seemed frozen in place. "Uh... hello?"
"Hello, Clarissa." Her voice was ethereal and wispy.

"Who are you? How do you know my name? You sound familiar... do I know you?"
"My name is Olivia, I am the watcher of the Reapers."
Clarissa stood awkwardly for a moment, "oh." She shifted uncomfortably.
Olivia laughed, her voice had a veil over it, like she wasn't really there. "Don't worry, I've only come to give you a parting gift... well, two of them." She paused. "I'm sorry that you got dragged into this mix-up, so I would like to make it up to you." She handed Clarissa a silver whistle. "This is a one-time use whistle. Blow into it and I will aid you. My powers have limits, but I will find a way to get to you in one way or another, even if it's not physically."
Clarissa looked at the whistle, "thank you, that's very generous."
Olivia smiled, "my second gift isn't something you'll think about using very often, or maybe you will. It will require a little story first though, if you'll indulge me."
Clarissa nodded.
"Powerful magic is a dangerous thing, it's why your family kept it from you. It drives many people to madness among other horrible things and untempered, it can destroy many lives. Fate is learning that lesson the hard way. With the power you wield comes the risk that you'll lose control over it. The magic within my families has remained stable because it is my own magic, and therefore safe. Kaida - Liam's mother, however came into her magic through a potion. The power, along with the trauma she endured, drove her completely insane." She looked down, saddened. "I'm glad Liam has found you, but I'd hate for him to lose two women in his life to insanity, so my second gift to you will be to stabilize your magical prowess. You will no longer need a wand to cast spells, and your magic will remain strong and stable."
Clarissa looked down and frowned, "Liam and I aren't together though."
Olivia nodded, "no, I suppose not." She noted, though something in her voice seemed off, like she wasn't really paying attention, she hovered over to Clarissa and placed her finger to her forehead, tracing a half-moon symbol with her thumb.
Clarissa watched as she stepped back and started to hover higher.
"Take care, Clarissa. Though you do not wear the name, you are a Reaper at heart."

Clarissa could feel her magic burning in her veins, screaming that something was wrong. The ground was thawing rapidly around her from the sheer power of the magic.
Suddenly the watcher waved her hand over Clarissa and the light consumed her.

The world suddenly sped up and Olivia had vanished. Clarissa looked around, but only saw the same black car drive around the block once and stop again in front of the lot; waiting on her. Home awaited.

The day passed on into the evening and Liam couldn't focus on anything else. This was completely insane - a girl he'd only known for a short while had completely taken over his brain. He sat with his head in his hands. Nothing made sense anymore. Jack had been watching patiently, as he always does before he approached.

"You miss her, huh?" He asked quietly.
Liam would have normally joked with him in some way, but nothing came to mind. He just shrugged, "I hope she's ok."
Jack nodded, "me too."
Liam sat for a little longer, "so did the watcher say where we were moving to?"
"It's been decided, but she hasn't told us yet. She has her secrets." Jack responded levelly, looking around the room calmly. "Did you know I once met a girl in the market while in Sunlit Tides? Her name was Rosa. She gave me a flower and kissed me on the cheek. She had a beautiful smile and hair the color of sunlight." He smiled wistfully before continuing. "We parted after a brief period together, and sometimes I wonder what she's doing... it was so many years ago."
Liam scrunched his eyebrows and sighed. "Thanks for the story, old man, but I'm good." He shook his head. "I'm going to go check on Jupiter's potion... again." He stood up and prepared to walk into his room.
"Liam." Jack said his name as a way to call him back, so Liam turned around. 
"Go after her."
His eyes opened wider and he tipped his head, "I'm sorry, what?"
"You heard me. Go after her." He looked at Liam levelly.
"Jack... what about you? The family? My mom?"
"I sometimes regret not throwing caution to the wind and pursuing Rosa." Jack looked at him with gentle eyes. "Don't be like me. Don't play it safe. Could you live with yourself knowing that you could have been with her but you instead chose what you thought was expected?" Jack sighed.
"What if she doesn't want me there? What if she throws me out?"
"What if she does want you there, and you both get to be happy? You'll never know until you try. What's the worst that could happen? You have to come back to stay with this old man?" He joked.
Liam half-laughed, "what about the watcher though?"
I already figured you were going to stay behind, dear. I've been arranging things for you all day.
Suddenly Liam's eyes got big. "You're... you're serious?" He looked at Jack and around the room.
I left you a present love. A potion for you. It's not what you wanted, I don't think, but I hope it will be enough. It should help you keep up with Clarissa. You don't have to take it, if you don't wish to...
Liam turned and immediately went running into his room which now housed a pedestal that hadn't been there before with a brown potion on top of it.

Liam stared at it, he knew exactly what it was.
Clarissa is a hybrid, if you hadn't been aware. One of the few who went on to lead normal lives.
Liam gripped the bottle in his hand.
Have you made your decision?
He didn't answer out loud, he didn't need to. He smashed the bottle at his feet and his fate was decided.

Liam clutched Jupiter to him. "Take care of yourself, bloodsucker." He joked lightly. "And take care of that pretty girlfriend of yours too. I'm just a call away, and I can overnight you any potion you need."

Jupiter grinned at him, "make sure you invite us to your wedding!"
Liam smirked, "assuming Clarissa doesn't punch my lights out the second she sees me."
"Maybe you shouldn't have trained her in Martial Arts then." Jupiter raised his eyebrow.
"I honestly don't think that would've stopped her." He grinned.
"You really do like her, don't you?" Jupiter seemed shocked, "I don't think I've ever seen you this wound up."
Liam shrugged, "yeah, I do. Just don't tell anyone that I'm a softie, ok?"
Jupiter shrugged, "your secret is safe with me."
"One last thing. That potion of yours is almost ready, it just needs another 12 hours to cool. You better call me the second you've taken it and become human, ok? We'll go out to celebrate a night on the town in Bridgeport and you can experience your first day as a human completely hungover."
Jupiter laughed, "let's give it a few days before we do that."
Liam turned to Jack and they hugged as well. Jack looked Liam over, "do you have everything? Your keys, your wallet, your ID, what about your potion list? Should I be arranging anything to be moved over?"
Liam laughed, "chill your lists there, old man. Let's see if she'll even keep me first." He laughed lightly, though deep down he was filled with anxiety.
"I just want to make sure you're taken care of... just call me if you need anything."
"Yeah, yeah pops..." Liam's smile became more serious. "Thank you Jack. You're the father I never had."
Jack's eyes got a little watery, "you're going to make a man sentimental at this rate, Liam."
"Hurry up and get out of here before she dies of old age Liam." Jupiter teased.
Liam scowled at him. "Don't suck the fun out of your new place, ok?" He teased.
"Have a howling good time with Clarissa." He shot back.
Their serious faces broke and laughter filled them. "I guess this is it." Liam said quietly. "Wish me luck."
"Good luck." Jack and Jupiter said in unison.
With that Liam stepped out into the cold of Bridgeport, which no longer seemed as brutal.
He stepped out into the road and breathed deeply, he could catch her scent on the wind and it would lead him directly to her.

"I'm coming, Clarissa." He whispered.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations
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Go get her, Liam!!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations
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Whoot! You go, Liam!!! Liarissa for the win! I wish I had been able to vote on the next town, but my browser wouldn't open the page (I hate this BB as much as I adore it lol)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations and Author's Note
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Go get her, Liam!!
I know right! Those two are so freaking adorable, especially in mpart's story.

Whoot! You go, Liam!!! Liarissa for the win! I wish I had been able to vote on the next town, but my browser wouldn't open the page (I hate this BB as much as I adore it lol)

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They're so stinking cute. I'm so happy for Liam. Also, please feel free to PM me with your town choice - I always want to make sure that all of my readers get a chance to vote. I haven't really moved anything around yet, so I'll gladly take it still! The town choices were Midnight Hollow; Moonlight Falls; Aurora Skies and Hidden Springs. I've got a few more chapters in Bridgeport still (depending on how verbose I get, lol) so you'll have plenty of time!

Author's Note

Ok, so this is me just being paranoid about things, but I just want to be sure that I let everyone know that this last chapter was split into two parts, and that the first part got stuck on the page before this one we're on! It's there! I wanted to be clear because I've got a lot of little important bits that I put in there (namely: Liam and Clarissa's conversation on the cure, Eveline's bit with the watcher and the conversation between Jack and Jupiter) that might come up again.

Also, for those of you (like me) who love Liam and Clarissa should definitely go and support mpart's Another Labelle Story so you can admire Liam's grace, charm, and elegance as he barges in on a private conversation, directly sasses his lady-love's parents, and nearly invokes the wrath of Zane.
What can I say, it's who he is!  ::)  ::)  ::)
Anyways, thank you all for your continued support and comments. It really makes my day seeing everyone reading and responding to me, so I really wanted to say that I appreciate it all so much and that I really love writing this story.
If anyone has any feedback or criticism they can give me, please feel free to do so! I want to improve and I want people to enjoy what I'm writing. Anyways, I'm in the middle of writing out the last few chapters in Bridgeport (which I've grown to love very much). My pictures are limited these last few chapters mostly because I went through and took the pictures with ideas in mind and then discovered I had a lot more I forgot to cover, so I apologize if that's difficult to read. As I've always said from the beginning, I hate walls of text and find them a little difficult to read sometimes, so I hope that I'm breaking things up and being clear (or potentially overly clear) about the scenes with little/no pictures. I hope to start getting more pictures in soon!
With great love and affections,

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations and Author's Note
« Reply #654 on: February 23, 2016, 07:20:35 PM »
I really, really, don't like Lola. I have a special hatred for that character now.  Thanks again for doing a great job with Clarissa!  ;D

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations and Author's Note
« Reply #655 on: February 24, 2016, 12:24:14 PM »
My laptop broke while playing Sims 3 so I haven't played since around 2010. But your story kept showing up in my Unread Posts and omg, I could barely tear myself away from my office computer the other night because I was so immersed in your tale. (Finally made it home at 2 a.m., lol).
I read all your chapters in a space of 2-3 days and I just want to say how much I've enjoyed the ride.  Looking forward to more!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Painful Revelations and Author's Note
« Reply #656 on: February 24, 2016, 04:10:58 PM »
I really, really, don't like Lola. I have a special hatred for that character now.  Thanks again for doing a great job with Clarissa!  ;D
I know right! That woman! The nerve! She's going down with Luigi and Dexter as most hated people in this legacy. I imagine Jack's going to rip her apart one of these days. I'll even let him.

My laptop broke while playing Sims 3 so I haven't played since around 2010. But your story kept showing up in my Unread Posts and omg, I could barely tear myself away from my office computer the other night because I was so immersed in your tale. (Finally made it home at 2 a.m., lol).
I read all your chapters in a space of 2-3 days and I just want to say how much I've enjoyed the ride.  Looking forward to more!
Oh my goodness! I'm so flattered! Thank you so much! I know my story is a chunk to read, so when someone tells me they've read it all the way through from start to finish in a short period I'm always flabbergasted! There aren't words to describe how amazing this forum is and how supportive everyone has been. I can't believe we're on generation 6 going on 7 here. I'm starting to freak out that the "end is nigh."
Thank you for catching up, and my offer extends to you as well - I closed down my poll, however if you'd like to have a say in the next town, please feel free to PM me. The choices were Midnight Hollow, Moonlight Falls, Hidden Springs and Aurora Skies.

You guys are all amazing. Anyways, now that I'm done sobbing over writing certain scenes in the coming chapter, I'm going to edit them and try to get them up within the evening. I've got homework to do still, so I'm going to continue to ignore it until the chapter is finished.  ::) You know, priorities!
Though I seem to have caught a really awful stomach bug. I'm miserable right now, but that just means I'm confined to my computer chair which means I get to have fun for the first time in... well... forever.
At least until I remember that I have homework due and I cry a little over it.
Keep an eye out for the next chapter (or two, I've been so wordy lately I've had to split everything up into two parts)!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Public Announcement
« Reply #657 on: February 25, 2016, 02:12:19 AM »
The Public Announcement
Eveline snuck quietly over to Jupiter's sleeping form. She had set her tablet to wake her up earlier than she knew Jupiter would be waking, and made sure it was on vibrate so it would only wake her. She couldn't stop the grin on her face as she approached his stone sleeping slab.
He hovered in the air, his breathing steady. This would be incredibly difficult, Eveline pursed her lips and thought of her plan of attack.
After a brief second she shrugged and decided to just wing it. She threw herself in his general direction and landed a direct hit, falling on top of him and causing him to immediately fall to the slab, his eyes wide as he woke up suddenly. "Eveline?!" He looked at her, anxious at first while he looked around the room. She was dressed for the day already, though the sun hadn't fully come up yet.
Eveline adjusted herself so she was straddling him before he could even get his bearings. "Good morning sleepyhead. Are you going to sleep all day?" She tilted her head at him.
He eased fully and chuckled, "good morning? What are you doing up so early?"
Eveline's made a face as she remembered, "oh!" She reached down beside the slab and set a box down on Jupiter's chest by her hands. "It's your birthday silly! I wanted to be the first to tell you 'happy birthday!'" She paused, and tipped her head the other direction, "so... happy birthday!"
Jupiter stared at her face longingly, "you didn't have to do all this for me." His voice was hoarse and low.
Eveline giggled, "of course I did!" She smiled brightly, her happiness radiating off of her. "You're my boyfriend, after all." She emphasized the word, biting her lip after she finished speaking.
Jupiter moved and sat up in one fluid motion, causing Eveline to have to readjust herself to not fall off. "Thank you." He said as he pressed his forehead to hers. He couldn't kiss her as often as he would like, but at least this way he could be close. He worried it would be too dangerous to tempt himself with that kind of contact frequently. He smiled, after tonight he wouldn't need to worry about that anymore.
His heart dropped. Hopefully.
"Open your present already!" Eveline cheered. "And before you ask, I did it all by myself!" She was clearly very proud of that fact.
Eveline crawled off him and sat down next to him. Jupiter looked down and reassessed the box in his lap. It had been wrapped very well. He peeled a corner off, almost afraid to damage it and suddenly he pressed his lips together as he struggled to keep back a laugh.
She had wrapped it with the paper facing the wrong way.
He grinned and fought off the urge to tell her. He would let her have that moment. "I almost don't want to ruin such a perfect wrap-job." He chuckled.
"Just open it! I don't care!" Eveline was practically bouncing off the bed. "It was so difficult to keep this a secret! Open it! Open it!"
Jupiter laughed, there was no greater gift than just watching her like this. "I don't know, it seems like such a perfect box just the way it is."
Eveline was clenching her fists. "Jupiter!" She whined.
"I'm just teasing." He smiled before unwrapping the box, his smile faded. "Eveline... this..."
"Do you like it? I wanted to be sure I got the best one!"
Jupiter slowly pulled the camera out of the box. "This is the best camera on the market Eveline... you shouldn't have-"
"Shh!" She held up her hands, "I wanted to do something nice for you and I heard you needed a new camera. Do you like it? Will it be ok?"
Jupiter looked at her dumbfounded, "will it be ok?! This is incredible Eveline! How... how did you know?"
Eveline made a funny face like she was guilty of something, "I may... have taken your phone while you were asleep in Egypt... and then proceeded to call several different people until Jack answered the phone and I may have asked him about what you might want for a gift and he might've mentioned my Uncle Kefka stepping on your last camera after Uncle Deliro dropped it..." She paused, twisting a strand of hair idly while trying to not look guilty. "Oh, by the way, you still have Elspeth's number saved into your phone. I think it got accidentally deleted somehow." She smiled sheepishly. "Cause, well, you know, I'm blind and I may have accidentally hit the button instead of calling the next number." Or she may have 'accidentally' spent fifteen minutes figuring out which button deleted the number, but she wasn't going to say that outloud.
Jupiter grinned at her, "accidentally, huh?" He laughed, "well at least you did me more than one favor. Who else did you end up calling?"
"Not entirely sure. They didn't all speak English. It made for some interesting back and forth conversations where I may have asked them if they knew someone named Jack several times." She turned a light shade of pink.
Jupiter shook his head, he went to respond but was surprised how quickly his mind jumped to wanting to tell her he loved her. He stopped himself immediately, "thank you so much for this Eveline. You don't understand how much this means to me."
Eveline smiled at him brightly, "thank you for staying by me. I know this isn't easy for you."
He reached over and caressed her cheek gently, "you're more than worth it."
Eveline stood up off his bed. "Jack has something he wants to give you too, whenever you get up." She sighed, "I wish I could play hooky like you today."
"You think I'm going to skip school?" Jupiter stood up as well and shut off the three alarms he had set the night before.
"It's your last day at school! Why would you even show up! You're going to be graduating soon!" Eveline kicked her backpack pathetically. "I've still got a bit."
"There's supposedly this beautiful girl at school who I had the honor of going to prom with. There's no way I'd miss a chance to see her again." He teased.
"You better not be talking about Elspeth." Eveline said skeptically.
"I don't remember going to prom with Elspeth." Jupiter said as he pretended he didn't remember.
"I don't remember prom period." Eveline shot back snarkily.
"Hm, right." Jupiter nodded, "well for what it's worth, being with a sleeping you is already a million times more interesting and enjoyable than even being near her."
Eveline's face was unmoved, "sure. That's why you still had her phone number." Her tone was flat, but she was clearly teasing him.
"I forgot I even had it in there!" He defended himself. "I'm glad you removed it." He flipped through his phone and did indeed find the number removed.
"Accidentally!" Eveline corrected him.
"Of course, that's what I meant." Jupiter grinned and he approached her. He put his arms around her in a way that was growing to be very familiar to him. He could feel her pulse through the fabric of her shirt and while he wasn't fond of what it meant, he was growing used to it as well. His face grew serious, "you know that I feel nothing for her, right?"
Eveline smiled softly, "I do."
"Good. I would hate for my girlfriend to think I was ever interested in someone else." He knew the term would make her happy - even though he was unsure of assigning those titles and tying her to him in that manner while he was still dangerous. Making her happy was more important to him.
Eveline's smile grew and she jumped at him, planting a kiss on him that he didn't expect. His eyes went wide and he tensed. He shouldn't be doing this. This was a dangerous game for him, but it was already too hard for him to pull away.
She pulled off of him and giggled.
"You should be careful doing that. That can be dangerous." His voice came out more strangled than he intended.
She just shrugged and turned towards the door, "if that's dangerous, then I live for danger." She gave him a knowing smile before leaving him alone in the room.
If this cure didn't work, she would be the death of him.

Jupiter finished getting dressed and walked down the hall to the last door. He held up his hand, preparing to knock but then felt something inside of him drop: what if this was about Lola again? He had reacted so poorly the day before. Jack surely must think he's emotionally unstable. He felt nauseated just thinking about it. Eveline said Jack had something to give him? He thought about his birthday. Jack had already given him everything. He owed him so much that even the concept of receiving something else from Jack made him concerned with repayment. Jack never asked for it, but that's why he deserved it more than anyone. Especially after how Jupiter broke down the previous day.
Jupiter took a breath in and knocked on the door.
"Come in!" His voice was familiar and comforting; shame again washed over Jupiter.
Jupiter slowly opened the door and peered into the room hesitantly, "it's me, Jack. Eveline said you wanted to see me this morning?"
Jack turned to look at him from his desk and smiled warmly, "you're up awfully early this morning. Though I doubt you chose to wake up on your own." He chuckled, his eyes returning back to his paperwork.
Jupiter shrugged, "I was ambushed." He eased at the thought of her, he wouldn't have had it any other way.
"She asked me to set her alarm for her, she wanted to be sure that it wouldn't wake you up."
"I'm not even surprised. The only thing I am surprised about is how she managed to keep it a secret for so long." He remembered her nearly bouncing off the bed with excitement.
"You know that Liam and I talked her out of giving you that gift early three times?" Jack shook his head, "and that's just from the two of us!"
Jupiter felt his smile growing, "she really is something." He felt his smile fading, "I really hope this cure works."

Jack turned and looked at him fully, his eyes understanding as he stood. "We'll do everything we can to make that happen for you." There weren't the words there that Jack wanted to say that he hadn't already tried in hopes that Jupiter would accept himself as he was. "Well, I'm glad you're up, I was hoping to give you my gift before you take off for the day." Jack wandered over and pulled a box out from under his bed. Unlike Eveline, Jack felt a lot more nervous about his gift for Jupiter. The contents of the box that now sat on the bed had been weighing on his mind for days now, ever since Majnun finally came through with his favor.
Jupiter looked at the box sadly, "Jack, you didn't need to get me anything. Truly, you've done so much for me already. I don't think I'll ever be able to repay you." Jupiter couldn't find the right words. "Especially given yesterday." His eyes dropped to the floor, "I'm sorry I got so upset. I shouldn't have let it all come out like that." He always tried so hard to mimic Jack. His calm, his ability to handle any situation with grace and he had failed.
Jack looked at him with concern, "you don't need to apologize for your feelings, Jupiter. Lola is someone that I have trouble respecting, and truthfully, I had already firmly said no before I even spoke to you." In a lot less gentle terms, but Jack wouldn't mention that. "...But I guess I just worried that I was preventing you from making your own decisions, so that's why I brought it up." Jack shook his head and sighed. "I hope you'll forgive me for meddling in your affairs."

"I would hardly consider that meddling." Jupiter's lips twitched into a smile, "you probably sent her away with a million times more grace than I would have."
Not quite, Jack thought to himself but he smiled all the same. "Before you open your present, I just want to let you know that you by no means have to accept it or feel any pressure to say anything right now." He felt himself tensing, he had practiced this speech four times over the last night, hardly sleeping at all thinking about it.
Jupiter gave him a curious look, before approaching the box and carefully pulling the paper off of it. Jupiter removed the lid to the long, thin box and shifted the tissue paper inside only to find a single sheet of paper. Jupiter felt his heart stop solidly in his chest.

Certificate of Adoption
This is to Certify that
Jupiter Reece
Has Been Formally Adopted into
The Reaper Family
Jack Reaper
On This Day and Henceforth

Jupiter felt his eyes burning as he reached out to touch the document, "Jack... is this..." He trembled as he pulled the paper out from inside the box, almost expecting there to be a "just kidding" underneath it. He swallowed and found the courage to look at Jack. "Is this real?"
Jack took a hesitant step towards him and slowly nodded, "it..." he cleared his throat, "it is very real." He looked down at the paper, "but I hope you understand that the last thing I would ever want to do is to pressure you into something you don't want."
Jupiter looked at him; words were rushing through his head but he couldn't grasp them long enough. This was something he's wanted more than words could ever begin to describe. He'd lost count of how many numerous dreams he had of finally having someone who cared... who really cared. He never thought Jack would want to tie himself down to the monster Jupiter believed he was. He looked back down at the paper, "are you sure this is something you want?" Jupiter's voice cracked with emotion, "I don't think I could ever be the son you deserved." Tears slid down his face.
Jack's whole face softened, "am I sure this is something I want?" He paused, "absolutely." His voice was gentle, "I'm only sorry that it took me this long to finally get it to happen. I've been trying for years now." He shook his head, "but Lola was very firm on holding onto her parental rights to you."
Jupiter sucked in a shaky breath as he wiped his face. He's cried more tears in the past few weeks than he had in his entire life combined. "How did you... where did she... what made her give it up finally?" Was it because he had said no? Was she finally done toying with him?
Jack looked back down at the paper and spoke quietly, "you are not the only one Majnun owed a favor to."
Out of all the things he could have asked for, he asked for this. Jupiter choked on a sob before he crushed himself to Jack in a hug. He clutched at Jack's shirt like he did when he was just a kid and prayed that he wasn't dreaming.
Jack returned the hug with equal fervor.

"I promise... I'll find a way to repay you... somehow..." Jupiter's voice was muffled and distorted with emotion.
Jack only hugged him tighter, “there’s nothing to be repaid.” He pulled away and smiled at Jupiter, “does this mean you’ll consider it?”
“Consider it? This is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me.” Jupiter breathed in, but only was able to sniffle as he kept himself together; he looked up at Jack emotionally.
Jack was smiling widely, "you've always been apart of my family, Jupiter, now it's just more official. I'll drop off the certificate signed at City Hall today while you're at school."
Jupiter was smiling, "thank you so much. I can't even begin to express how happy I am." He was sure that today was the best day of his life.
"Go ahead and get ready for school, I'd hate to have to invoke my parental rights over you for your last day." He chuckled. "Besides, I've got to call Liam."
"He's only been gone a day!" Jupiter teased but his voice got serious, "do you think he's doing ok?"
"I fully intend to find out. I'm a private eye  - it's my job to know these things."
"Tell him that I hope he's not stuck out in the doghouse." Jupiter made a goofy face.
Jack shook his head, "I don't think I'll ever understand you two."
There was a knock on the door, "hey, uh, you guys? My gramps wants to talk to all of us." Eveline paused, muttering under her breath, "crap, this was the door, right?" They could hear her hands as she felt along the door.
Jupiter turned and opened the door only to find Eveline growing surprised. "Oh good! That was the door. People shouldn't leave their doors closed all the time. It's a hazard to blind people." She pursed her lips.
Jupiter grinned at her, he threw his arms around her and spun her around while she squealed. He placed her back on her feet while she tried to steady her head with her hand.
Jupiter buried his face into her shoulder and took a deep breath in - almost immediately regretting it as he could feel the monster breaking at the chains inside of himself, the ice skated fast down his veins, faster than it had moved before. He jumped back immediately. "Sorry. I think I got a little too excited."
Eveline grinned at him, "since when do you need to apologize for hugging me?"
"I just don't want to hurt you." His voice was more serious, but he was still smiling. Nothing could break his spirit today.
Eveline touched his cheek gently, "you seem to be in a good mood."
Jupiter grinned wider, "I'm just so lucky, that's all." He kissed her hand, "today's been the best day of my entire life."

Majnun stood assessing the family in the room, all of them sitting quietly, waiting on him to speak. "Cluck, cluck, cluck!" He muttered.
Alec rolled his shoulders while looking at Majnun expectantly, "so what's this 'big news' you needed us here for, dad?"
Majnun looked at him flatly, and made a note that he's been too soft on his youngest son in the back of his mind. Majnun jolted forward and he was standing suddenly, he looked around the room. "I am going to be taking an extended time away."

Eveline's face fell into confusion, "how long will you be gone grandpa? Where are you going?"
Majnun's face softened as he looked at her, "my swallow." It pained him to know what was to come and that he would miss it. "I cannot say how long I'll be gone, my dearest swallow, and I cannot tell you where I'm going." Majnun thought back onto his vow he once took so long ago: he would not meddle in the events of the future. He had already slightly broken it several times in her favor, and here he was nearly ready to do it again. "I can say that I have some wrongs that need righted. There are a few people out there that have noticed my absence from the world and are testing my patience as they prod my boundaries." He clenched his fists and scowled as he turned abruptly to look out the window. "I must deal with them swiftly." His lips twitched into a smile.
Eveline's head tilted down towards the floor with sadness in her face, "you're going to miss my birthday though."
Majnun felt a twinge of pain at her voice, it was enough to cut straight through the insanity in his mind. He crossed over to his granddaughter and put his hand on her head so that his thumb rested on her forehead.
"I am always with you, my swallow. I promise you that I will find a way to make up my absence to you. Forgive me." His voice transferred to her head. "You can always reach me, you need only ask."
Eveline nodded, though her face was still sad. Majnun liked this as much as she did, but he had to trust in the failsafes he had set. "Will you at least be back?" She asked quietly.
Majnun nodded softly, "of course my dear."
"Time to return to being a menace to society?" Alec raised his eyebrows.
Majnun shot him a glare and Alec immediately quieted. "Tomatoes won't hatch themselves!" Majnun threw his hands up in the air.
"You do know we're going to be moving, right? How will you be able to find us again?" Eveline was thoroughly concerned.
Majnun again softened to his granddaughter, but the questions were difficult ones for him to think about. "I am very familiar with the place you're headed." His voice was sad, but Eveline and Alec were the only one who picked up on his tone. "I will have no trouble finding you again my dear." He nodded.
Eveline jumped up and gave him a strong hug that he returned. "Promise you'll come back, grandpa?"
Majnun rested his cheek on the top of her head. "I promise, my swallow."
Eveline seemed assured by that, she nodded and broke away, picking up her backpack as she and Jupiter left for school.
Majnun looked over at Jack, "you're about to call the fuzzy one, right?" His laughter bubbled up. "You should tell him and his mate - my dearest great-great-great granddaughter that giving her family a wide girth for the next week would be wise." He nodded solemnly. In a way he respected Jack. Normally he wouldn't have even bothered warning them, but he admired Jack's wisdom and love of family - it was something they shared. Whether or not they heeded the warning though was a different story. Jack nodded to him and excused himself to his room to gather up the adoption papers and call Liam.
Alec was left staring off into the distance sadly, "is that really where we're going?" He asked suddenly, his voice letting of that he knew exactly what his father's tone implied.
Majnun didn't look at him, he wasn't sure if he could answer, so he just nodded. Majnun's heart hardened and his face steeled, "you better take care of my beautiful granddaughter, Aleccas." He warned, his face sizing him up. "Failure is not an option." He growled.
Alec nodded, "I want to keep her safe as much as you do." Alec tipped his head down, bowing slightly to him, all the formalities returning now that Majnun was back on the job.
Majnun's face eased and he nodded, "keep yourself safe too," he paused, putting his hand on Alec's shoulder, "my son." His voice held hints of pride.
Alec looked at his father intensely, it was one of the first times Majnun had ever really acknowledged him by their relationship. Something was truly wrong and they both could feel it.
Majnun took a breath in and walked out the door. He couldn't stop it, but he could brace himself for it.

Eveline and Jupiter climbed the steps to the school when Eveline stopped cold.
Jupiter, sensing her distressed, turned to look at her. "What's wrong?" He let his eyes examine every person in the crowd of kids walking into the school, trying to assess the danger.
Eveline looked down, her brow furrowed. "What if Ivan is here?"
Jupiter eased, "then he's the biggest idiot on the face of the earth." Jupiter joked.
Eveline didn't laugh though.
He stepped down to next to her, keeping space between them. Jupiter had felt uncomfortable about pulling Eveline forward as his girlfriend for more than one reason; mainly he didn't want to put a label on them while he still was the biggest threat to her life, but he also didn't want to have another reason for the paparazzi to feed things back to his once adoptive mother. Things were different now, but the paparazzi didn't know any better, and likely wouldn't for a long time. "I won't let anything happen to you." He whispered.
Eveline's lip pulled into a small smile. "I know, I just..." She shook her head, "he was my only friend here for so long and I guess I just don't want to hurt him either."
"He was ready to give you up to vampires, Eveline, that's not a person you should hesitate about putting down." Jupiter had thought about what he would do to Ivan the next time he saw him - he would wish Jupiter had just left it at breaking his ribs.
Eveline brushed her hair behind her ear and shrugged, her head still facing down, and sadness still in her face.
Jupiter breathed out a calming breath. "If it would make you feel any better, you have my word that I won't harm him;" Jupiter paused, thinking of how to word the next part, "BUT - and this is important - if he even so much as looks at you the wrong way - assuming this idiot is even here - I will tear him apart no hesitation."
Eveline shifted and nodded, "thank you."
Jupiter nodded and they continued on into the school, walking a foot apart from each other, and Jupiter could see Eveline's mind was busy elsewhere. After a moment of walking in silence Eveline let out a breath, "are you ashamed of being with me?"
Jupiter stopped immediately and looked at her, confused. "What?" He had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. "Does this have something to do with Ivan?"
Eveline shrugged and just shook her head, "no, nevermind." Her voice was lower.
Jupiter didn't move from where he stood, he was sucking in his cheeks, trying to figure out what went wrong.
Eveline turned and looked in his direction, the crowds of kids were going bustling around them as the bell was about to go off. "Actually, forget the nevermind. Are you ashamed of me? Of being with me? Because it's like someone flipped a switch in you and I can't figure out why except for the fact that now you're actually out in a place where people could see you with me."
It clicked, "Eveline, no! That's not it at all!" He wanted to step forward, but resolved himself to staying still. "You've sensed those men that are following us around, haven't you? Just because Jack wants to adopt me doesn't change that they all assume I'm still Lola's son."
Eveline's face didn't soften, instead it just hardened with more confusion, "so what? Do you honestly think I'm just with you because of that? You're joking right?"
"No! Of course not!" Jupiter was digging himself into a hole in his head, he finally forced himself forward, closing some distance between them. "Please Eveline, I don't think that way, listen... please."
She stared at him expectantly. "Then what is it?"
"I-" He paused, what could he even say? That after today everything would be better? He wouldn't be Lola's son any longer, he wouldn't be a hazard to her health, he could finally kiss her as much as he wanted to and she would never have space away from him ever again? That he loved her more than words could ever describe but he just doesn't want to hurt her?
"Jupiter? Is that you?!" Elspeth was calling from down the halls, waving at him frantically as the first bell went off. This caught the attention of a few others.
"It's Jupiter!" "Lola's son? Where?" "Look!"
Eveline just nodded, taking that as her answer, "I'll see you later, Jupiter." She turned around immediately and started walking for the adjoining hallway.
He had to make a move and he had to do it fast. He looked around quickly, this was probably the stupidest thing he would ever do. His brain told him to just wait it out until after class, but his heart wouldn't let him. "I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, EVELINE REAPER!"
The minute the words left his mouth all he could feel was his heart pounding so hard it hurt. Eveline froze where she was. It was like the world stopped; and everyone in the hallway grew eerily silent and watched the exchange, rather than going on to class. Some were even starting to form a large circle around the two of them, watching for some kind of drama to unfold - some were even trying to take pictures they could hopefully sell to the paparazzi later. The silence that hung on the air felt like a lifetime as Eveline turned around. "What... did you say?" She looked at him, her brow furrowed, and her lips pursed just slightly.
How badly had he screwed up on a scale of one to ten? He was pretty sure it was somewhere around 9000, but he couldn't stop now. He couldn't lose her. Not like this. "I'm in love with you." He repeated, though less loud this time. "I have been ever since before I even met you. Heck, Eveline, I've been trying to find a way to talk to you since your first day here." He wasn't joking, though he had always told himself that he was doing it for Jack and Liam, he knew better than that, he knew he was doing it because she fascinated him. She was beautiful and intelligent and so easy going. There was a large amount of whispering that had taken up amongst the crowd, along with flashes from someone's phone camera, another person was filming it, even. The famous Jupiter Belle, known vampire, shouting his love for the blind daughter of the mayor - who wouldn't talk about that?
Eveline could sense the crowd that had gathered to watch the spectacle. What was he doing? "Jupiter-"
"No, I'm not done." He swallowed hard, lightly brushing his hair from his eyes, "being with you these last few weeks in Egypt has been completely incredible, and I don't want to blow things with you because I'm an idiot who is so used to keeping things to myself that I forget to share them with the person who means the most to me." He breathed out a nervous breath, "with you." He specified. There was some giggling from the crowds followed by everyone shushing the others, but chatter had started. Jupiter tried to block it out - this went completely outside of his comfort-zone. "So I'm letting you know now that while I'm lucky to even know you, that I want to be with you and I'll do whatever it takes." He paused, his eyes dropping to the floor finally, "just say the word. Whatever it takes."
Eveline's face had softened now, she wanted to see his face, but there were too many people and it stressed her out. She wanted them all to just go away. She opened her mouth but another voice spoke up, "you could do so much better, Jupiter!" A nameless girl shouted. Eveline closed her mouth immediately, unsure of how to respond.
Jupiter actually laughed a solid, angry laugh, "clearly you're blinder than she is." He called out, looking in the direction of the voice, but he eventually turned his eyes back on Eveline, "because there's no one better than her."
A guys voice now called out, "just KISS HER already!"
And a chant broke out, everyone echoing it: "Kiss her! Kiss her!" Over and over. Eveline shifted, unsure of what to do at the moment, but Jupiter didn't hesitate. He strode forward, his arm instinctively wrapping around her waist and pulling him to her while his other hand touched her face, he planted a kiss on her that he was sure was going to be the death of him.
Then again, any kiss he received from her usually felt like the death of him.
The whole crowd burst into cheers until the principal armed with several teachers came out, shouted and screaming, attempting to scatter the crowd. Jupiter wasn't paying any mind to them though; the entire world had vanished at the touch of her lips.

Eveline and Jupiter sat opposite of each other in the principal's office waiting room, the secretary eyeing them cautiously while they both were grinning stupidly.
The woman behind the desk shifted to grab a pen and paper, "Eveline, your parents have been called and they are on the way currently."
Jupiter could see his gravestone now. He wondered if it would say "Died for Love" on his epitaph. Then he realized Alec would probably just bury him in the backyard, no tombstone necessary. It was completely worth it.
The secretary looked to Jupiter, "I'm having trouble getting a hold of your mother, Jupiter. What phone can I reach her at?"
He felt himself hold back a smug smile, "I'm actually not her son any longer. My guardianship has changed hands. You'll want the number under Jack Reaper."
The secretary almost seemed disappointed, "ah, I see. Very well then, I will call him. What is his status to you? Guardian?"
Jupiter felt a smile forming at his lips, "dad." He finished. "He's my dad." He was smiling, "Lola was considered an unfit guardian, and my adoption papers have changed hands."
Eveline was smiling in his direction, she flicked her finger and knocked off his hat with her magic. He immediately stared at her, challenged. He put his hat back on, stretched out, and kicked at her feet. They both laughed quietly until the secretary shot them a look, forcing them to behave.
"Hello, is this Jack Reaper by chance?"
There was a pause.
"Hello Mr. Reaper, my name is Cindy, I'm the secretary at Bridgeport High-" She was cut off for a long pause, "oh... alright then Jack." She seemed caught off guard, "I'm doing well Jack. I'm just calling today in regards to your son."
There was a long pause.
Jupiter was trying not to grin as he imagined Jack talking her ear off.
"Oh, well that's happy news then." Pause.
This poor woman was being steamrolled.
"Unfortunately there's been a bit of an incident."
The questions must have started coming at this point, because she was trying to work herself into the discussion.
"Well Jack, the principal is waiting to see him currently. He caused a bit of a stir in the hallway and interrupted a few classes." She paused again, "oh... uh... why don't I just have you talk to him." The secretary immediately turned around and looked at Jupiter, motioning for him to come that way. He stood and walked over to the phone, gingerly putting it to his ear.
"Jupiter? Jupiter are you there? Are you ok? What's going on?" Jack had officially gone into parent-mode.
"So... you should probably get here really fast because Alec is going to bury me in the backyard." It all came rushing out. "He might kill me first if I'm lucky."
There was a pause at the other end of the phone and then Jack chuckled with relief. "Oh thank goodness." He laughed again.
"Why are you laughing?" The secretary gave Jupiter a strange look.
"Because Ms. Cindy called me right after I had just filled in that paperwork and I thought it was an act of the watcher or something. Then I was very worried when she said there was an incident. What exactly happened?"
Jupiter bit his lip and he shrugged, not that Jack could see the motion, "I... may... have..." He paused, "oh, what's the word I'm looking for...?"
"What is it?" Jack waited.
He knew exactly the word, but there was no way to soften that to someone, "shouted. Yes. That's the word. I might have shouted my affections for Eveline across a busy hallway this morning. And then I might have... been cheered on by a crowd to kiss her in front of half of the school..." He could feel his face burning, his grin getting wider as he added: "I have no regrets."
Jack was chuckling, he could almost hear him shaking his head, "is that all? My goodness."
"I just wanted you to have the opportunity to exercise your newly acquired parental rights. That's all." He scratched his head idly. "Plus I've missed out on all the chances to give you gray hair." He tried joking.
Jack was still laughing, but he sighed, "you've already given me plenty, I assure you."
Jupiter grinned. "You're welcome."
"Well, I'm on my way, I'm at City Hall, so I'm not far, ok?"
Jupiter was distracted by Alec rushing in through the doors looking around frantically while waving an umbrella. "Please hurry." He squeaked into the phone. "Her father is armed!" Alec's eyes locked on to Jupiter through the window of the office. He was squeezing his hands into fists and pointing at him. Jupiter could almost see steam coming from his ears. "I'm going to die, aren't I?"
Jack was mumbling something, "hm? Oh yes, probably. You better pray Mary is behind him, otherwise even I won't be able to save you."
"Well Jack, if this is it, I'm glad I got to be your son for the past few minutes." He joked.
"I'll be there in five minutes, ok? Just duck and weave."
Alec came in through the office, "YOU!" He called out to Jupiter.
"LoveyouJackbye!" Jupiter hung up the phone and ran for his life.

So... this did not go at all according to plan. My story kind of derailed itself and I love it so I'm keeping it. This was not the dramatic update I expected, but don't worry, that one is yet to come. I'm so sorry for the lack of pictures - I just keep getting derailed and suddenly... I don't have pictures for this! Forgive me everyone?

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: The Public Announcement
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That was AMAZING! Don't kill Jupiter, Alec! Don't kill him!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
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That was AMAZING! Don't kill Jupiter, Alec! Don't kill him!
Hehehe, Alec is one of my only Dad sims that would react so strongly to his daughter dating someone. I admit I probably had way more fun writing that than I should have...

Ok so this was really hard to write everyone. If anyone needs a nice song to listen to while they read, I recommend "My Love"" by Sia. It's the song I listened to while writing the chapter, so maybe it will have the same effect on you all that it did for me.

My Love
Jupiter was relieved to have all of his skin still on his body and his body not buried underneath the dirt as Jack drove him back to the house. "Sorry that I caused such a scene today and dragged you in to get me." It was all in good fun when Eveline was there, but now that he was alone he suddenly realized the damage done.
Jack chuckled, "Alec was quite proficient with that umbrella, I had no idea he had such skills."
Jupiter rubbed the side of his head gingerly, "it's easy for you to compliment that, I'll probably be feeling it for a while."
"You know, I've seen this coming since the first time you called me in Egypt."
"Well, I mean I didn't expect her dad to just love me immediately, but I can't say my foresight was that large, or that I was even relatively concerned with it at the time." Jupiter smiled, no he was too busy being tormented by a beautiful blind girl, as she still continues to do today.
Jack laughed, "I meant you and Eveline. Actually I shouldn't say Egypt, the way you carried her all the way back to the bunkhouse after prom is what stuck with me." He smiled, "and how you didn't even let her crazy grandfather scare you."
"Oh no, he scared me." Jupiter grinned, his fangs fully showing. "I bluffed my whole way through that night. I don't think it quite clicked that they were related." He paused, "or that I would ever stand a chance with her."
Jack shook his head, "that's hardly a factor now. You've always been shaking girls off of you." Jack teased lightly, trying to brighten Jupiter's outlook.
"Only because of my last name." He paused. "I wonder how long it will take for them to finally really leave me alone."
Jack sighed, "you know, I don't know. They might not."
"They better learn to soon, otherwise we're going to be answering a lot of uncomfortable questions about how I'm suddenly not a terror of the night." Jupiter felt himself smiling at the thought. His stomach was all tied up in knots as the evening drew on. "You know it'll cause a massive stir, 'how did we do it?!'" He mimicked.
Jack nodded, "I'll figure out a story to give them."
Jupiter shifted and leaned his head against the window. "I'm so tired of living this way Jack." His voice was low. "Eveline nearly walked away from me today because of it." He shook his head against the window and scowled. "This cure has to work."
Jack took one hand off the wheel and put it on his shoulder. "Jupiter we should talk about that." He said equally low. "If this doesn't work-"
"It has to." Jupiter shook his head, putting his head in his hands. "You don't understand Jack, there's no other options. This bloodlust is completely draining the life out of me. I can't keep it at bay anymore. All I hear are pulses like a disgusting, throbbing rhythm." He shivered. "Eveline tries to be close to me and all I can think about it the way her neck curves and the way the veins move underneath it. It's SAVAGE." He shook his head. "I feel like every time I open myself up to her I put her life at risk and I can't do that to her. I refuse to do that to her. I could kill her and I can't... I can't let that happen." He was fiddling with his hands. He looked up and Jack had parked the car off to the side of the road, not even close to the house.
Jupiter looked over at him and was surprised how calm he seemed. Jack slowly inhaled, "we should talk about what happens if this doesn't work." He said firmly.
"That world can't exist." Jupiter shook his head immediately, not even considering it. "Because if I'm not cured then I can't be with her and I can't live in that world Jack. I can't do it."
Jack nodded his head, "it's a world that might exist Jupiter, and we should talk about it. I want to talk to you about switching your diet."
Jupiter looked at him suddenly, "to what?"
Jack steeled himself inside before speaking, "I want you to be open to the idea of switching to a blood diet."
Jupiter's face became horrified, "no!" He shook his head so firmly his hat nearly fell of, "ABSOLUTELY NOT." He panicked. "I will NOT be that monster Jack! I won't! Because once I start I won't be able to stop myself! I could kill someone! Once I start that habit... once I open myself up to that I can't CLOSE that door Jack! I have to be stronger than that." His voice dropped and he clutched his arms around himself. "I am stronger than that." He steeled.
Jack nodded, it was a sensitive topic, and he didn't know whether or not he should push more. "Plasma fruit isn't filling you the way it's supposed to anymore Jupiter. We'll need to find a new way to supplement your diet otherwise there is a chance you'll snap under the pressure of the bloodlust." It wasn't something Jack wanted to bring up, but he had to. "I believe that if we do this sensibly we can safely adjust you to-"
"No!" Jupiter looked at him and shook his head. "I can't." His voice was a whisper. "I can't live with myself knowing that I'm surviving off of another person. I just can't live with that." Jupiter's lip quivered. "There was a point in Egypt... a tomb. Eveline and I got stuck inside it." He breathed out his confession to the floor of the car. "My spare fruits got lost in the dive through an underwater tunnel." He bit his cheek hard remembering that night. "I... I'm not proud of it but I panicked." He shook his head, "I'm so ashamed of how I acted, Jack."
Jack was looking at him kindly as he listened.
"Eveline was so kind. She did everything to snap me out of my fear..." He closed his eyes and remembered it vividly, the curve of her neck as she moved her hair away, the way she smelled, the offering. "She offered me to..." He almost couldn't say the word it disgusted him so much, "to... DRINK from her Jack!"
Jack hadn't heard this, but he remembered Jupiter said he had been running low on his plasma fruits in an email at one point before sending the second email right after that he would be fine. "Did you?" He asked quietly.
Jupiter shook his head. "I made her swear she would never offer again. Not that she would ever listen to that." He shook his head and tried to clear the thoughts away. "If this doesn't work Jack... I don't think she'll be able to tell me 'no.'" He clenched his jaw. "In Egypt I started to realize how much she meant to me. I had settled myself to just being someone who could protect her from whatever might come after her in the world. I would follow her anywhere and I would do anything to keep her safe from a distance." He shook his head, "after that night in the tomb, when I realized that I could be cured... when I realized why Majnun had brought us there... I don't know." He shrugged, feeling his lips pull into a smile. "I guess I just realized that I could actually have it... have her; so I crossed that boundary and now it can't be undone." He nodded slowly, not that he would ever want to undo it, "I will never be able to just stand aside and let her be with someone else like I planned. It would tear me apart. Being away from her would tear me apart. Being near her tears me apart. It's so awful and amazing at the same time and I'm not sure how I've survived this long."
Jack looked at him sincerely, "does she make you happy?"
Jupiter didn't even hesitate, "she does. She really does."
Jack turned the car back on, "then we'll figure everything out, regardless of the outcome." He wanted to try again, but he decided to let the conversation lie. They had all night to address anything that might happen.
There was a silence in the car, "she's lucky to have you, you know?" Jack commented idly. "We all are."
Jupiter looked at him and smiled. "Thank you."

Mary had locked Alec in the bedroom for his "time-out" before approaching Jupiter and Jack who had just entered the house. "Jupiter, I'm really, really sorry about Alec's behavior. That was completely unacceptable."
Jupiter just smiled sheepishly, "I understand. I'm really sorry that I caused a scene and got Eveline in trouble. I wasn't thinking straight."
Mary smiled at him warmly, "come over here and sit with me for a moment. I'm borrowing your son, ok Jack?" Mary winked at him, knowing exactly how ecstatic Jack had been that morning after the kids left for school. Jack couldn't hide his smile, but he nodded, bowing slightly and excusing himself for his bedroom and office.
Jupiter carefully sat down at the dining table, hesitantly looking to see what Mary might say.
Mary gave him a very warm look, to his surprise, and she smiled softly as she spoke, "you know, when Alec - Eveline's father - first tried to get my attention he interrupted an entire ball held by the Queen herself?" She shook her head and laughed, "that fool. He got jealous that I was dancing with some representative and he lost it. He cut-in and made a huge scene before dragging me out to the balcony to give me the cheesiest confession of love in all of history. I was so angry with him."
Jupiter was trying not to laugh with her, as he remembered very strongly how hard Alec could swing an umbrella.
"I was so angry," Mary continued, "that I walked right out the door on him and left the ball - embarrassingly enough - in a hurry... and you know what he did?" She rubbed her temples, "he chased me out into the streets in the rain screaming my name."
Jupiter couldn't help it and he snorted a laugh.
Mary nodded, "I know right?!" She shook her head. "Do not let that man intimidate you." She pointed back to the direction of her bedroom.
"I'm still sorry that Eveline got in trouble for my actions." Jupiter tried his best to not look away as he delivered the apology, Jack always told him sincere apologies are best delivered while looking the person in the eyes.
Mary gave him a soft look, "don't be. It was very romantic. Eveline is very lucky to have you, and let's just say she's very embarrassed and upset by her father's actions, so I felt I should sit you down and explain that we're not all crazy here..." She paused and looked around before chuckling, "though I'm sure it really seems like it sometimes - I guess you'll be used to it soon enough, since you're a Reaper now."
Jupiter couldn't stop the immediate smile that grew from that. "I feel terrible that Jack spent his first day as my dad having to come to talk to the principal..." Jupiter fidgeted with his hands.
Mary shook her head, "you don't know how happy he was though." Mary recalled immediately. "He used 'my son' so many times I thought the principal's head was going to burst." Mary laughed, her voice dropping low and she mimicked Jack's tone. "'What are you talking about Mr. Percival? My son is a good student.'" Mary couldn't contain it and she started laughing, "he went on and told him the ENTIRE story about how he adopted you just that very day. Took up a solid 15 minutes until the principal finally just told us he was going to let it slide this time and that we should just take you all home."
Jupiter put his head in his arms as he laughed so hard, "that's exactly something he would do."
"He's something, that's for sure." Mary laughed. She put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him gently, her face growing very serious. "I also have been meaning to talk to you about the night we found you on the side of the road."
Jupiter shifted uncomfortably. That night is not something he likes thinking about, especially given the circumstances of the day. He looked down, "it's not a night I remember terribly well." He lied.
Mary nodded, "I just wanted to say that I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you. That night has haunted me for years because I wasn't sure if I would ever know what happened to you. Did you stay with Jack after that? Do you mind telling me what happened, so I can be at peace with it?"
Jupiter felt touched that Mary cared so much. He nodded, "Jack took me back to his house where the virus took hold and I pulled through the night." Jupiter closed his eyes, for such a painful memory, the reminder that Jack had always been there made him feel a little better. Before today it was just a reminder that Jack had sacrificed so much for a stranger, but after everything? That was his dad. He was always there, and it comforted Jupiter on an entirely different level. "He stayed with me all night long. The next day he called Lola over to explain the situation to her and she didn't..." He paused, trying to figure out the best way to phrase this, "she didn't react well." He bit his cheeks but he couldn't hold back the anger that came out with the next sentence: "she told him that he should have left me to die."
Mary jumped back, her eyes wide. She shook her head and her voice came out angry. "No." She growled and shook her head. "What person..." She was fuming, "what MOTHER would SAY something like that?!" She clenched her fists and sparks came out of them.
Jupiter didn't want to tell her that it wasn't the worst thing she had said to him that afternoon, so he shrugged, "she told Jack she wouldn't take me to her place like that, as I was a..." Why was it so hard to say? He called himself this on a regular basis. Maybe Eveline was starting to finally rub off on him, "-monster." He finally said.
Mary's hand flew up to her face as she tried to calm herself. "Please tell me Jack murdered her and you spent the rest of the week hiding her corpse?" Mary knew this wasn't the case, but she was so angry. She shook her head, "that's disgusting. What a revolting person." It was the understatement of the year, but Mary knew she had nothing nicer to say.
Jupiter shrugged, "I'm glad she did it." He said quietly, Mary looked at him with worry in her eyes, but Jupiter shrugged. "She wasn't there when I got sick from eating food the first time. She didn't come to my first piano concert. She didn't stay up to help me with my stupid science project that I had forgotten about until the last minute. She didn't help me ice my black-eye that I got from the kids bullying me at school. She didn't come to my award ceremonies, she didn't help me with my homework, she didn't comfort me when I had bad dreams... I'm glad she reacted so horribly because otherwise I never would have known what it means for someone to actually care about me." Jupiter's jaw was firm. "Because while she wasn't there for all of that... Jack was. I'm so incredibly lucky that I was found by you and Alec and that Jack took me home, because while I absolutely hate what I am, that night was probably the best thing that ever happened to me."
Mary dabbed at her eyes gently and she dragged him over to her to hug him.
Jupiter sucked in a breath, "I hope I can be a good enough son to him."
Mary shook her head, "oh honey, I don't think you'll ever have to worry about that." She was looking up and away towards the doorway where Jack stood, he had been listening in on their conversation. Jack took a step forward as Jupiter moved to stand up.
"I'm glad to call you my son." He said as Jupiter approached him.
Jupiter crossed over and hugged him again.

Eveline had been quietly sitting on her bed when Jupiter knocked on the door. She could sense it was him, but she wasn't sure she could face the inevitable. "Eveline?" His voice was gentle, "it's me. Can I come in?"
Eveline thought about reminding him that it was his room too, but she felt too embarrassed to even speak. She flicked her wrist and the door came unlocked and opened.
Jupiter looked in and she was holding a pillow to her stomach. There was an awkward tension to the air as Jupiter came in, closing the door behind him. Part of him debated moving his stone slab in front of the door, just in case her father got let loose again, but he decided not to. "Eveline I'm-"
"I'm so sorry." She shook her head. "I'm so... so sorry. My dad was way out of line." Eveline shook her head and sighed as she tightened her grip on the pillow. "I understand if that has changed your mind about us." She didn't want to say it, but she felt obligated to. She would never forgive her father for this if Jupiter walked away.
Jupiter was shocked, he sat down on the foot of her bed and rubbed his face with his hands. "Wow, I'm really bad at this." He half laughed.
Eveline was confused, "what are you talking about?"
Jupiter threw his head back and looked at her, "I thought you were angry with me for embarrassing you and getting you in trouble with your parents. Just like before that I thought you were upset about Ivan and not about me. And the time before that, and the time before that..." He just shook his head, "you've really got to clue me in more because I think I'm hopelessly bad at this."
Eveline laughed as she fiddled with her hands, "that was some stunt you pulled earlier. I wasn't even entirely sure what to make of it." She shrugged.
Jupiter crawled over to her, "did you get the part where I told everyone that I was an idiot? Take that part to heart." He put his head on her knee as he laid out on the bed. "Take it to heart but please don't hold it against me. I know not what I do." He dramatically covered his eyes with his hand.
Eveline laughed. "I think I can manage that." Her fingers started to trace the edges of his face; he could feel the heat of the magic as she touched him.
"Does that really help you see me?"
Eveline smiled, "mhm." She paused thoughtfully, "it helps me see your expressions."
Jupiter smirked and used his finger to make a pig-nose at her. Eveline laughed and swatted his hand away.
"You're not helping your case about being an idiot, you know."
"I thought we'd already established that as fact. I'm just being predictable at this point."
Eveline shook her head, "so you're not here to break up with me?" She finally asked.
Jupiter's eyes opened widely, "where would you get such a ridiculous idea?"
"I figured you had made up your mind the minute my father's umbrella collided with your head." She frowned as her fingers traced around his face.
Jupiter smiled, "Nope." His smile grew even further, "I was too busy thinking about that kiss."
Eveline let out a breathy laugh. "I'm surprised you were thinking about that when my dad was attempting to kill you." She said skeptically.
Jupiter shrugged, "it's all I've been able to think about all day, you think one little umbrella to the head is going to change that?"
Eveline couldn't resist smiling.
"See. Even you know it's true." Jupiter sat up and looked over at her warmly and held out his hand. "Will you dance with me one last time before I become a hazard to the tops of feet?"
Eveline laughed, "it will be a nice change to know I won't be the only one." She put her hand in his and he pulled her off the bed swiftly.
"Won't you miss being able to do that though?" Eveline teased.
Jupiter thought on it for a moment, "I guess I'll have to start going to the gym." He noted.
They went out to the living room and began to dance.

Eveline and Jupiter fell into their comfortable step, dancing was getting easier and easier for them.
Jupiter leaned his forehead to hers, "will you still find me interesting when I'm just a regular guy?"
Eveline smiled, "of course."
Jupiter eased, "I'm relieved. I know it's not you, but so many people in my life have only ever been interested in me because I was Lola's son... and because I'm a vampire."
Eveline's brow furrowed, "you're not though."
"Not anymore, hopefully." He smiled.
Eveline shook her head, "no, that's not what I meant. I mean you're not Lola's son, or just a vampire. You're Jupiter. You're talented and smart and funny. You don't need any other qualifiers."
Jupiter had spun her around to the music and was holding her close to him.

Against his better judgement he pressed his face to her shoulder and into her hair. Her pulse had picked up speed a little and he was confused, he opened his mouth to ask her about it when suddenly he became acutely aware of how close his open mouth was to her neck. He tensed his jaw shut immediately, but the pull had already begun. Eveline tilted her head away slightly, as if giving him permission. It felt like he was practically moving against his will as he pressed his lips to the base of her neck where her collarbone met her shoulder and neck. He placed a gentle kiss and found the will in him to pull away, though his lip quivered. He squeezed his eyes shut tight. "You're going to kill me." His voice was strangled as he kept trying to get a grip on himself.
Eveline tilted her head further away from him in an attempt to look towards him, however she further exposed her neck. Jupiter immediately pulled her gracefully away and spun her back around to facing him.

"If I were smart I would keep my distance from you." He had finally gathered a breath of air that wasn't covered in her scent and gained clarity.
"Good thing we already established the fact that you're an idiot." She teased him.
Unfortunately he was being serious. He should stay away, but all he could think about was the now-blue bottle of the cure that sat in Liam's empty room. It had slowly changed from the deep red to blue over the course of the day.

It would fix everything. He knew it.

"How much time do we have left?" Eveline asked as they grew tired of dancing.
Jupiter looked at his phone and groaned. "One more hour." He put his head onto her shoulder, anxiety gripping him.
Eveline rubbed his back gently, "we're almost there!" She whispered encouragingly.
Jack had moved his work out to the kitchen so that he could at least be closer to his son. Everyone was nervous about the events of the night, but Jack and Jupiter were especially anxious. Jack had faith that Liam had made the potion correctly, but even still the odds Majnun had given them had left room for error - room for fatality. He couldn't think about that too long. He just got his son in his life, he wasn't going to imagine losing him within the same day.
Eveline and Jupiter shifted to resting on the couches, Jupiter couldn't sit still for very long though, and he ended up pacing back and forth. Eveline beckoned for him to sit next to her, but he was fidgeting too much.
Jack watched the anxiety calmly and understood. He wanted to say something but at this point he wasn't entirely sure he could say something that wouldn't reflect his own anxiety.
The clock was ticking mercilessly slowly. Eveline had finally got Jupiter to sit in front of her while she rubbed his hair, easing him. After a while Jupiter opened his eyes and looked over at the clock.
Fifteen minutes.
"Agh!" He groaned putting his head in his hands. "This is awful! Waiting is AWFUL!"
Eveline smiled at his impatience. She stood up and held out her hand, "let's go out and look at the sky."
Jupiter looked at her skeptically, "you can't even see the sky." He was just being hopeless at this point.
"You can tell me about it." She stated calmly, and she shook her hand gently to show she was getting impatient with him.
He stood up on his own and grabbed her hand, making a mental note to thank her profusely when this was all over.
They both went outside and sat in the deeper snow.
"Is it beautiful outside tonight?" Eveline asked quietly.

Jupiter turned to look at her and thought of all the cheesy ways he could turn that around on her. "Yeah, I guess so." He said quietly, opting to just admire her instead.
"You guess so?" She shook her head.
He put his arm around her, "yeah, I figured it would be better than me telling you that it's not nearly as beautiful as you were. I think I've done enough to embarrass myself today." He chuckled.
Eveline only smiled warmly and she pressed her face to his shoulder, she had been trying to figure out how to say what was on her mind all day.
"So do you want me to describe the stars and sky to you tonight?" He teased.
He stopped chuckling at her serious tone and he looked down at her.
"I love you." She said quietly.
His heart swelled and he suddenly found it hard to take in a breath. He felt his whole face widen to a grin, almost to the point where it hurt. He had to be dreaming.
Eveline looked up at him nervously, her face showing hesitation and he realized that she couldn't see that he was grinning like an idiot. She was about to pick her head up when he kissed her. The kiss nearly knocked the wind out of both of them.
Jupiter was too overwhelmed with emotion to even notice the bloodlust for once. His fingers caressed her cheeks as he rubbed his forehead and hers together. "I love you, Eveline Reaper."
"I love you, Jupiter Reaper." She emphasized his last name, and his grin only grew wider.
"Are you sure that isn't full moon fever speaking for you?" He joked.
Eveline's face dropped suddenly. "Tonight's the full moon?!"
Jupiter looked at her confused, "yeah, is everything-"
Eveline bolted inside the house suddenly, leaving Jupiter out in the snow. She reappeared suddenly with something in her hands. "My grandpa told me this should do something on the full moon!" She looked at the scaly shape in her hands with wonder.
"What is it?" Jupiter asked, suddenly curious.
"An egg." She cradled the egg in her arms as she walked out further into the yard.
She closed her eyes and could feel... something. A little rhythm. The egg was responding to her now. Eveline felt the world grow bright as the egg heated up in her hands.

"Eveline?" Jupiter called to her, but she could barely hear him. The egg was speaking to her, whispering things in a tongue she wasn't familiar with, yet she understood.
"Turn around."
Her eyes flew open but it was too late, the form had grabbed her and yanked her back, causing her to drop the egg and scream. Jupiter's eyes were wide with horror and anger.

"Hello my pet." Lucien's voice was right in her ear. "You're a tricky one to sneak up on, you know that?" He teased coldly.
Jupiter had spread his stance out, barring his fangs. "LET HER GO!" He growled.
Lucien raised his eyebrow, "aw, what a cute guard dog you've got here. Don't worry pet, I won't be staying for long." He stroked the skin on her jaw.
Jupiter snarled at him. "I won't tell you again," his voice was low and foreign. "Let. Her. Go."
Lucien laughed, "you amuse me boy." He sighed, "but you see I needed this girl to access my artifact - the one that SHE-DEVIL destroyed!" He was unhinged. "The one called Charlotte." He tightened his grip on Eveline and she whimpered.
Jupiter's nails were cutting into his palm.

Lucien continued, "seeing as my clan was scattered, or killed and my artifact was destroyed... I don't have much left to aim for." He pursed his lips. "So I've decided that if her blood was powerful enough to make the greatest artifact in the world bend to my will, then surely her blood will be powerful enough for me to absorb from just drinking it.
Jupiter took a step forward.
Lucien dragged her a step back, she yelped from the awkward pain of him dragging her. "Ah, ah, ah. I wouldn't make such sudden movements if I were you."
Jupiter could feel the ice taking over his entire body. He would kill Lucien. He would destroy him for ever laying his hand on her.
Lucien used his hand to force her head to the side, exposing her neck to him. "What's this? You've left her completely unsoiled?" He laughed a cold laugh. "You've got to be the most pathetic vampire I have ever seen to let this go to waste." He shook his head. "Don't worry, I won't waste a single drop."
The back door to the house burst open and Jack, Alec and Mary came barreling out of the house.

"EVELINE!" Mary screamed her name, but it was too late.
Lucien sunk his fangs into her skin. Eveline's eyes went wide, tears spilling over immediately as she yelped and whimpered.
Jupiter's pulse had been pounding fast and loud when it all came to a sudden stop.
Wrong move.

Lucien lay face down in the snow, Jupiter pulled his hands off of him as he slowly came back down from the fight.
Well, it hadn't really been much of a fight. Jupiter had completely slaughtered him, and he could barely even remember it. He shook his head, desperately trying to shake the monster from control.
"Jupiter! Jupiter!" Hands touched his shoulders and he jolted a foot away, eyeing Jack suddenly as his vision came in and out. He looked over behind him and saw Eveline crumpled on the ground with Mary crouched down beside her and Alec right behind her.
Clarity never seemed so horrifying. He stumbled past Jack and collapsed to his knees as he griped Eveline's limp form.

"What's wrong with my baby?" Mary cried as she shook Eveline.
Jupiter could feel his lips trembling as he slowly brushed the hair off of her neck with his gentle fingertips, revealing the bite mark. He hadn't fully sucked the venom out of her by the time Jupiter attacked. Tears rolled out of his eyes as he stared down at her, remembering the conversation he overheard her have with the watcher. This would kill her.
"No chance for survival." He could hear it playing over and over in his head.
"Eveline! Wake up! Wake up!" Mary was sobbing and frantic, and Alec had grabbed a hold of her to get her to stop shaking Eveline's body.
Jupiter felt his whole world crumbling as he clutched Eveline to his chest. He knew what he had to do. "Jack." He couldn't even recognize his own voice. "Get the cure."
It wasn't a question, and before Jupiter could even realize it Jack had returned and handed the blue potion to him. Jupiter bit the cork off and spat it onto the ground. He held Eveline up gingerly but realized it was too much, he looked over at Mary who was watching him through her tears. She understood immediately and helped hold her daughter up while Jupiter administered the cure to her.
Once the bottle was drained, Jupiter pressed his forehead to hers and stroked her face, his tears openly falling on her skin.
It was then he felt her move first. He jolted back as her eyes opened, they were different eyes staring at him, golden - clear. She sucked in a shaky breath as her eyes locked on his. "Jupiter?" Her voice was so soft and frail. She was actually seeing him.
He choked on a sob and nodded, he needed to say something to her... anything. "I love you." He whispered as he broke down into sobs, "I love you." He repeated, clutching her tighter.
She looked over briefly at her parents who were all bent over her too. She wanted to say something, but suddenly she couldn't breath. She coughed suddenly - violently, and blood came pouring from her mouth as she trembled.

Jupiter's pupils dilated suddenly and the world slowed down. He was screaming inside himself. No. No! NO!
He threw himself back, causing Eveline to fall onto Mary.
He couldn't control it. He could feel it creeping in on him. The monster was winning and he couldn't stop it any longer.
He couldn't hurt her. He couldn't bear it. No. NO!
The world went black.

Jack was panicking as he floored the car, desperately needing it to go faster. There's only one place he hoped he could be. He picked his phone up and dialed Jupiter again. Nothing. He hung up and dialed Liam. Voicemail. Jack threw his phone across the car in anger. He couldn't take it any longer.
He took a shaky breath in as he tried to focus on the road, but it grew blurry with his own tears. "Please be ok, Jupiter." He begged. "Please be here."

Jack pulled into the familiar driveway and threw himself out of the car, barely remembering to even park it. The door the house was busted open and he almost felt relief as he ran in through the doorway. He felt tears falling from his eyes from the sheer relief of it. He was here.
Jupiter was crumpled on the floor, sobbing. Blood bags from the fridge were torn and utterly destroyed all around him as he trembled and cried. He had taken off the minute Eveline had coughed up blood and ran off into the night only to come here to where Jack always kept the spare blood just in case.

Jack walked up behind him carefully.
Jupiter already sensed him though. "I bet you regret making me your son now. You can take it back and change the papers..." He said between sobs. "I HATE myself." He screamed.
Jack stood behind him and shook his head. He crouched down and pulled Jupiter into him.

He held on to Jupiter tightly and whispered, "you will always be my son."
Jupiter clutched to him and cried; afraid if he let go that he'd lose himself again.
Jack hushed him quietly while rubbing his back, "I am always proud to call you my son." He whispered to him. "Always."

Alec and Mary had brought Eveline inside and magically sealed the house. Alec called his father repeatedly, but there was no answer. He cursed loudly. "WHERE ARE YOU?!" He wanted to scream. "You KNEW this was coming! YOU KNEW! So WHERE ARE YOU?!"
Mary had called her mother, father and brother, all of whom came rushing over. She didn't let them into Eveline's room though, instead she locked her and Alec in there while they examined her carefully. Alec eventually left the room to call his brothers, to attempt to hunt down his father. Jack had brought Jupiter back to the main house by this point; and Alec shared a look with them. His eyes were red with tears and lack of sleep, but he just kept nodding.
"How is she?" Jack asked quietly.
Alec was shaking, "she's... still unconscious." He sniffled, "but we think she's going to pull through."
Jack nodded, there wasn't anything anyone could say at this point. He had his arm around Jupiter's shoulders, afraid he might disappear if he let him go.
Alec took a step towards Jupiter and rubbed his chin anxiously. "You saved my baby girl." His voice was barely a whisper. "... thank you." He wiped a tear away as he hugged Jupiter. "Thank you so much."

Mary worked consistently on Eveline, she exhausted her seemingly endless magical stamina using every spell she could think of to heal her daughter who lay unconscious on her bed.
Eveline coughed and opened her eyes after Mary had finally stopped trying different spells. Her eyes had returned to their usual fogged-over state. "Mom?" She whispered. Mary jolted over to her immediately, hugging her close. Eveline wanted to cry, "I can't see mom." She whimpered.
Mary held her daughter to her, her throat aching with all the tears she's cried. "I know baby."
Eveline was trembling. "Where's Jupiter?"
Mary didn't know what to say.
"Mom... where is he? Where's Jupiter?" Her voice was growing more panicked.
Mary shook her head, "I don't know sweetheart." She whispered.
"He's probably really horrified..." Eveline was coughing in between words. "Someone needs to be with him. Please I need to see him."
Mary shushed her. "You need rest sweetheart. Just rest."

Jupiter sat outside of her door and listened. His senses were peaked in a way that he'd never experienced before and he hated every second of it. He couldn't bring himself to cry any longer, he just couldn't feel much of anything except his hatred.
Jack and Alec had gone outside to dispose of the body.
Jupiter scowled. It was over.
Everything was over.
He would be stuck as this monster for the rest of his life, and he couldn't stand it.
He would destroy everything beautiful he ever loved.
It wasn't Eveline this time, but how soon before it would be?
No. It would never be her. He wouldn't let it. He stood up swiftly and walked into Jack's bedroom, leaving two notes on his desk, one addressed to Eveline, to be read to her by someone, he didn't care anymore, and the other to Jack. He tried to steel himself as he walked out of the house and into the wild. He walked until he couldn't see Bridgeport any longer, not that it mattered to him. All of his dreams had turned to ash in his hands. 

There would never be a happy ending for a monster.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
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Wow.  That was sad.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
« Reply #661 on: February 27, 2016, 11:07:51 AM »
Awwww. Jupiter really deserves to find happiness!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
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I feel sorry for Jupiter. I hope he learns that being a vampire doesn't define him.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
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I go away for a bit and all heck breaks loose T_T Jupiter you idiot! If you weren't freaking blood-starving yourself the bloodlust wouldn't affect you like that! You'd have learnt some control by now!!! I'm probably too late for the vote but if not I've always had a soft spot for Moonlit Falls... Although Midnight Hollow is brilliant! Hmmm... I'll PM you my final thought lol

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
« Reply #664 on: February 27, 2016, 03:09:10 PM »
Wow.  That was sad.
I might have cried [just a little] when writing this chapter. I've really gotta stop chopping onions while I write (sniffles).

Awwww. Jupiter really deserves to find happiness!
I feel like such a terrible person for gifting him happiness and then ripping it away... but perhaps there's still a chance for happiness? I'm not sure.

I feel sorry for Jupiter. I hope he learns that being a vampire doesn't define him.
Ah, my sweet Jupiter; he just needs to harness it and embrace it. It's not a separate part of him: it is him. I need to stop thinking about this otherwise I'm going to start tearing up again!  :'(

I go away for a bit and all heck breaks loose T_T Jupiter you idiot! If you weren't freaking blood-starving yourself the bloodlust wouldn't affect you like that! You'd have learnt some control by now!!! I'm probably too late for the vote but if not I've always had a soft spot for Moonlit Falls... Although Midnight Hollow is brilliant! Hmmm... I'll PM you my final thought lol

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Never a dull moment with the Reapers!
Jupiter hasn't always made the smartest decisions, has he? You're definitely not too late for the vote! I just messaged you back and your vote has been added! We have our town - it's going to be fantastic!

Anyways, so one more chapter to go before the end of Eveline's segment and the next part of the story begins. I really hope this next storyline isn't too confusing. It makes perfect sense in my head, but I'm starting to find I think more like Majnun than anyone else.  ::)  ::)  ::)

Thank you all for reading and commenting! I hope I did that last chapter some justice and applied the right emotions. Unfortunately the emotional rollercoaster is not over yet, so I hope you're still hanging onto your hats! You guys are amazing. I'm actually going to throw up a poll here soon because I'm kicking around some different ideas in my head for all of you. Anyways, that was really vague and unhelpful of me to say, but I don't want to reveal too much just yet. Let's see how well received the next storyline is! :3 Happy simming everyone!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: My Love
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Glad I wasn't late to the party :-) still wish Jupiter could come with us... Guess I'll have to go bug Liarissa now for a bit!

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Don't believe all the quotes that have been attributed to me. *Albert Einstein*

I can't ignore ALL of the voices in my head - Some of them actually make sense! *Blayzen*

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #666 on: February 29, 2016, 06:01:11 PM »
Ok, so I lied. I think I told a few people that there would be one more chapter left in Bridgeport? Well there's two. Too many pictures and too much I wanted to say. So here's the first one, then it's truly the final countdown for the next town! Sorry for the heavy last few chapters! Anyways, I'm going to start writing out the chapter following this one so we can really get the ball rolling with the next part of the story. :3

Unanswered Questions


I'm so sorry.
I feel like such a failure. I'm too dangerous to be around anyone. I tried my best... and it wasn't good enough. You've given me so much and now it's like I've thrown it all back in your face. People like me shouldn't exist in this world.
I don't want to hurt anyone else. I'm so, so sorry Jack.
I was never worthy enough to be your son.
I'm sorry I've let you down.
I will always be grateful to you and Liam for everything you've sacrificed. I hope you know that you're the best father anyone could ever have. I'm just sorry that you got stuck with me.
Take care, Jack.


Jack sucked in a long breath and wiped his face with his hand. He reread the note over and over and bit his cheek until it nearly bled. He thought of everything he should have said that he didn't. How many times had he let those conversations slip by? He should have been more firm with him, more firm that he was wanted and that there was nothing in the world he could do that would make Jack love him any less. How many times passed him by? Jack clutched the note to his chest as he let out a few isolated sobs.

Far too many.

"Who is he, exactly?" Liam didn't look up from his book.
Jupiter had stayed up all night in agony as the virus took hold, and he had finally drifted off to sleep. Jack leaned over the couch to check on him gently.

"His name is Jupiter."
"He was attacked? What scum would attack a child?" Liam put his book down and scowled. "So what are we going to do with him? Is he joining our merry misfit duo?"
"Perhaps, we'll see when he wakes up."
"You should get some rest Jack, have you even slept yet?"
"No. I can wait, I want to be sure he's ok. The poor boy has suffered far too much, I want to give him whatever comfort I can."

"Ah! What's WRONG with him?!" Lola turned her head, sneering. "I take you to the park and THIS is how you thank me?! YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING!" She shook her head, "if you were a good son you would've just died to make my life easier." 
"I'm so... I'm so sorry." Jupiter whispered, clutching himself.

"How could you say that to him! He's just a child! He should have gone home with you!"
"Oh no! That monster isn't getting anywhere NEAR my house! You're on your own, FREAK."

"If Lola doesn't want me then where am I going to go?" His eyes brimmed over with tears as he clutched his knees. "Maybe she was right... maybe you should have left me out there to die." He whispered.

"Absolutely not. There's nothing wrong with you Jupiter. You know, I was thinking... if you'd like, you could stay here - with me."
His eyes grew big and he wiped a tear off his cheek, "really?"
"Of course. You can stay here for as long as you'd like."
Jupiter nodded, swallowing back more tears, "thank you so much. I promise I'll be good."

"Jack, I can't sleep." Jupiter looked down and frowned, "I keep having nightmares and all I see is blood and monsters." He whispered.
"What if I told you a story? Do you think that might help?"
Jupiter tilted his head, "I don't want to cause any trouble." He studied the floor.
"It's no trouble at all Jupiter, I want you to sleep well! Sleep is important! It helps us function! If you don't get enough of it you might fall asleep during school... like Liam."
Liam scowled, "I heard that!"
Jupiter smiled softly. "If you don't mind, I wouldn't mind hearing a story."
"Don't get him started, you'll be up all night kid." Liam smirked.
"Oh hush Liam. Go ahead and get back in bed, what story do you want to hear tonight?"
"Anything." Jupiter paused and pursed his lips in thought, "maybe the one with the dragon in it?"
"One story with the dragon in it, coming right up."

Jupiter was half asleep as Jack pulled the blankets up around him tighter, Jupiter mumbled quietly, completely out of it, "I love you, dad."
"I love you too, Jupiter."

"What are you cooking?" Jupiter peeked over the countertop.
"Liam's birthday cake. Today's his birthday and I'm surprising him with it when he gets home from his Martial Arts practice."
Jupiter nodded thoughtfully, "will you show me?"
"Of course! Come on over, you can help me mix it."

"Can we use green icing? He loves the color green."
"I think that's a great idea, Jupiter."

"What does it do, Jack?" Jupiter sat and stared at the plant.
"It's going to make a lot of fruit that you can eat."

"So I won't have to drink anyone's blood?" He looked at it in awe, "ever?"
"That's the plan, but there's nothing wrong with the blood bags in the refrigerator either."
"I won't need those." Jupiter shook his head. "I'm stronger than that." He said firmly.
"You are very strong, Jupiter."

"LIAM!" Jupiter giggled, "PUT ME DOWN!"
"Not on your life kid! You started it, so I'm finishing it!" Liam was grinning.
"What is going on here?!"

"JACK! HELP ME!" Jupiter laughed louder, "I'm getting dizzy Liam!"
"Too bad! Maybe you shouldn't have ambushed me when I was sleeping, bloodsucker junior."
Jupiter kicked, "if I'm a bloodsucker then you're a YETI!"
"Alright you two, let's calm down before someone gets hurt."
They groaned in unision.
"Party killer." Liam put Jupiter down on his feet, "and no, I'm absolutely not a yeti." He rolled his eyes and shook himself off.
"Are too." Jupiter stuck his tongue out.
"Jack, a little help here?" Liam raised his eyebrows.
"Haha! You're on you're own there buddy."

"I don't know Jack... do I have to cut my hair?" Jupiter shifted uneasily in his seat.
"Everyone gets their hair cut, Jupiter. There's nothing to be afraid of." 
"I don't want to be bald anymore." He rubbed his messy strands with his hand.
"Who said you'd be bald, silly?"

"Lola always said I had to keep my hair cut off. She wanted me to play pretend sick and have the men with cameras take pictures."
"That's... that's... how did that make you feel?"
"I just want to be normal. I didn't like shaving off my hair. Or wearing pink. Or being alone." Jupiter brought his hands in front of him and fidgeted.
"Then we won't shave off your hair. We can just get it trimmed so it's out of your eyes... ok?"
Jupiter nodded, still looking solemn. "Thank you for taking care of me, Jack."
"You don't need to thank me Jupiter, I enjoy your company."

"I wish... I didn't have to be a vampire!" Jupiter leaned over his candles.
Liam laughed, "hey kid, if you tell someone what you wished for it won't come true!" He grinned.
Jupiter's eyes went wide with realization.
"What?!" Liam shook his head.
"Blow out your candles Jupiter, it doesn't count since you haven't blown them out yet."
"Best not pick the same wish to be on the safe side." Liam gave a teasing look.
Jupiter looked down at the cake and whispered ever so softly, "I wish you were my family instead of Lola."
Liam opened his mouth to comment on that he could still hear him, but he immediately stopped. "There, since no one else heard, surely it'll come true." He looked at Jack gently.

Jupiter grinned and blew out the candles.

"Left?! Which left?!"
"Your left!"

"Agh!" Jupiter grimaced, "maybe this was a bad idea, Jack."
"You've almost got this, don't give up now. Just breathe and start again."
Jupiter took in a long breath and nodded. "So, left." He turned the wheel and kept going.
"That's it! You're doing great!"

"Did you see his face?! He was looking for it for twenty minutes! TWENTY!" Jupiter was laughing so hard he was nearly doubled over. "Liam's going to KILL me."

Jack felt himself laughing, "you two really are something."
"He's like the brother I never had." Jupiter's smile faded. "You guys have been so good to me... I feel like a part of the family."
"Because you are family, Jupiter. You always will be."

"You're not the only one Majnun owed a favor to."

"I'm glad to call you my son."

Jack struggled to keep himself together. His phone started vibrating and he jolted, but his heart fell immediately when he realized it wasn't Jupiter. Jack rubbed his face to try to straighten it and he answered the phone.
"Liam." His voice broke and he sucked in a hard shaky breath. This wasn't how he wanted to greet him at all. This wasn't how he saw this conversation going.
"Jack? What's wrong? Are you crying? What happened?!"
Jack swallowed, pausing as he tried to find the right words. "It's a long story, Liam, do you have a minute?" He finally said. "Jupiter's missing and I... it's all my fault."
"What happened Jack? Was it the potion? Please don't keep me in the dark about this? What do you mean 'missing?'"
"The potion... worked." Jack breathed out slowly. "But not for Jupiter."
"What? What do you mean not for Jupiter? That was HIS potion!"
Jack took a long breath in again, "Eveline was attacked last night by Lucien. He bit her and her body started to reject the virus. She would have died but..."
"Jupiter gave up the potion to her." Liam filled in.
Jack nodded, though he knew Liam couldn't see it. He clutched the phone as his body started to shake from the night's events.
Liam let out a long breath himself. "Oh man Jack... I'm so sorry. Jupiter ran off after that? Was that when you called?"
"I called when Jupiter ran off the first time. After he gave Eveline the cure she started to cough blood up, which... set off Jupiter's bloodlust, so he ran." Jack fought off the trembling as best as he could. "I found him back at the old place. He had... torn through all the bags I kept in the fridge. He wasn't in a good shape, Liam... I should have been more careful with what I said. I should have insisted more that everything was ok. I just thought that maybe if I got him back to see Eveline that he would get his ground again... I just wanted him to see that we all supported him and that he didn't do anything wrong..." Jack started to sob and he stopped so he could gather himself.
"Everything will be ok Jack. This isn't your fault." 
"Alec and I went to dispose of Lucien's body and when I came back he was... gone. He left two notes, one for Eveline and one for me."
"Did he say where he went? Do you want me to come over? What do you want to do?"
Jack closed his eyes and a tear slid out. Deep inside him he could feel his resolve coming together. "I'm going to find him, Liam. I'm going to find my son."

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #667 on: February 29, 2016, 07:20:59 PM »
This is a bittersweet chapter. Lola is yet again, a terrible person.  :(

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #668 on: February 29, 2016, 08:31:41 PM »
A heart-warming look at how much Jack loves Jupiter, but it wrenches the heart at the same time. Poor Jupiter. How he's suffered!

I'm starting to miss Majnun, though.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #669 on: February 29, 2016, 10:15:10 PM »
*sobs* that Lola is a *word redacted* and didn't deserve such an awesim kid like Jupiter! I just wish he had more faith in himself :-(

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Unanswered Questions
« Reply #670 on: March 01, 2016, 01:09:17 AM »
This is a bittersweet chapter. Lola is yet again, a terrible person.  :(
What's new though, right? There's nothing I can really say about her that's family friendly. Heh, so I'll just let my distaste for her radiate off of my angry face here ->  >:(

A heart-warming look at how much Jack loves Jupiter, but it wrenches the heart at the same time. Poor Jupiter. How he's suffered!

I'm starting to miss Majnun, though.
Jack deserves a medal, I was just talking about that with mpart, actually. Raised two unruly boys all by himself.
Oh my goodness. I miss him so much right now haha. He's been gone all of a chapter and a half and I already miss his crazy butt. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. For what it's worth, you get a bit of an origin story with him in this coming chapter that I'm literally two seconds away from posting! Hopefully it makes sense and helps fill that void a little... Though it won't be as good as his presence.

*sobs* that Lola is a *word redacted* and didn't deserve such an awesim kid like Jupiter! I just wish he had more faith in himself :-(

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Thank you, you took that *word redacted* word right out of my mouth.  ;) Jupiter is pretty fantastic, even though he does have some self-esteem issues. Ah, I miss him. :'( 

So I'm mostly caught up to where I want to be now guys. I'll post the chapter following this and I hope you all enjoy it.
I went a little crazy with some explanations, so I would really appreciate if you all let me know if it was too confusing or not. I already have all the stories in my head - so they make perfect sense to me, so I'm unsure of what might not be totally clear for someone else. I'm just proofreading now and then I'll have Daffodils up for everyone to read and get some Majnun fix in.
Thank you all so much for reading and commenting. I'm having a blast writing this, and I look forward to where the story will head in the future!

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Daffodils
« Reply #671 on: March 01, 2016, 02:04:58 AM »
Eveline couldn't breathe.
She clutched the egg to her stomach tightly as she felt the whole world falling apart. The egg hummed in response to her agony, twisting and turning, causing the egg itself to tremble and move, rocking against her grip.
He promised he wouldn't leave her - yet where was he?
She curled up further and sobbed. Why didn't he let her help him? Why did he choose to run?

Her heart ached to the point she wished she could tear it out of her chest.
Last night she had seen everything: the colors, the sky, the night, the snow... and him.
Out of everything she could have seen he was the first, and he was beautiful. She closed her eyes tight and could see it again and again. His eyes burning with pain and sadness and relief. How much of the world she missed every single day of her life just through those simple moments. There was so much love in his face - in his eyes, but what does that mean if he won't let her in?
Eveline sobbed dry sobs, as she had long run out of tears. Was she cursed? Would she lose every friend she ever made? Would she ever fully feel whole again?
There was a knock at the door and Eveline sat up immediately, her sight extending at impossible speeds until she realized it was just her mother. She collapsed back down on the bed, all the hope she had felt had vanished.
"Evie? Can I come in?"
No. She wanted to be left alone to die in peace.
She's done so much damage. He would have been free if it weren't for her. Mary unlocked the door with her magic and Eveline scowled.
Mary approached the bed carefully. "Hey sweetie." She sat down on the side of the bed, sucking in her lip.
"I don't want to talk." Eveline said coldly.
Mary looked over at her daughter, trying not to be hurt by her words. "Eveline, your uncle and grandparents are hoping to see you, they're very worried about you..."
"I hate you all." Eveline responded immediately. "I hate absolutely everything about everything." Eveline pulled the egg closer to her. "I hate magic. I hate this house. I hate vampires. I hate my blindness. I hate Ivan. I hate Lucien. I hate that stupid potion. I hate everything!" A burning tear left her eyes.
Mary gritted her teeth, trying to not get upset, but her tone still came out firmer than she intended, "you don't mean that, Eveline."
"You can't tell me what to feel!" Eveline sneered. "I do mean it. I mean it all."

Mary put her head in her hands, feeling tears coming up behind them. "I just want to help you, Eveline."
"You can't. Just let me rot." Eveline pushed her face into the pillow. Her emotions were so volatile that she almost couldn't tell when she would swing from pure anger to sadness to anywhere in between. The lines were blurring together.
Mary shook her head. "You need to pull yourself together." She spoke firmly. "You're not dying, and we're not going to leave you here to rot."
Eveline's face had formed a permanent scowl. She sat up, moving the egg to her lap protectively, "Jupiter is gone! I'm not going anywhere!"
"Yes! He's gone!" Mary snapped. "He's gone and there's nothing you can do about it. We've been looking for him all morning, but like it or not we're leaving at sunup tomorrow. The world WILL go on Eveline. It always will, and you will go along with it, whether you like it or not!"
Eveline's face had fallen, hurt and anger still dancing in her features. "I won't!" She crossed her arms. "I'm not going anywhere without him."
Mary shook her head, "it doesn't work that way, Eveline." She tried to soften again, the game of emotions were so hard on her, she wanted to knock sense into her daughter, and being kind was only getting Mary hurt. Mary opened herself up, "it will get easier, Eveline. I promise. It hurts a lot at first to be left, but you can move past it... I-"
"I'm not going to forget about Jupiter like you forgot about Thomas." Eveline knew she had crossed a boundary the minute she said his name and she felt a strong guilt rush through her.
Mary was silent. The shock of the statement hung in the air and created tension. Once the full statement settled in, Mary stood up and clenched her fists, only nodding her head. "We leave tomorrow." Her voice was only a whisper.
Eveline's feelings all rushed forward, "mom... wait... I didn't..."
Mary left the room in a hurry, closing the door firmly behind her.
Eveline collapsed back on the bed, cycling back into depression - sure that she ruins everything.

Mary hurried through the living room, not making eye contact with any of the many family members who were all sitting on the couches quietly talking about the previous events of the night.
Alec watched his wife pass. "Mary!" He called to her gently.
Mary stopped but didn't turn to look at them.
"How's Eveline doing?" He stood up from the couch.
Mary shrugged. "I couldn't get through to her." Her voice was so soft, everyone could sense that something was wrong.
"What's wrong sis?" Edward stood up as well now.
Mary turned to look at them smiling a soft but fake smile. "What's wrong?" Her voice was still soft, "nothing. I'm just tired. It's been a very long night... and I'm going to go meditate." She didn't wait for a response as she hurried for the opposite hallway, trying to get to her bedroom for a moment of peace.
Alec had followed closely behind her, knowing his wife better than anyone else in the room. He grabbed her wrist only moments before Mary could see the door to her sanctuary - to her release. She bit her lip hard, struggling to hold everything in.
"Mary." Alec whispered to her, trying to turn her to look at him, but she fought hard on his grip and freed herself. She ran for the doorway this time and burst through it. She attempted to close the door behind her, but she had already found herself being dragged back to so many years ago - to the time when she used to drink just to feel less because it was too intense for her. She had crumpled to the floor and sobbed.
Eveline hit her exactly where it hurt the most, and she had been open and let it happen. This is why she hated feelings.
Mary became aware of the sound as the door quietly closed and her husband was suddenly surrounding her. She couldn't stop the tears that came, or the pain that raced through her with every sob, but feeling Alec's familiar form gave her ground. She twisted herself to hug him tightly as he hushed her and pulled her off the floor. He carried her to their bed where he sat with her, and she stayed wrapped up around him tightly. "I'm such a terrible person Alec." Her voice was so much higher, the tears distorting it. "She told me she wouldn't be like me and forget Jupiter..." She tried to clear her throat but she was getting worked up, "like I forgot Thomas." She covered her mouth with her hands and succumbed to more tears.
Alec's face grew stiller as he gritted his teeth. He never raised his daughter to be so hurtful and cruel. He pulled Mary to him again and rubbed her back. "You're not a terrible person, love. Thomas was just from another part of your life, a chapter that's ended while a new one began." He tried to comfort her.
"I feel so much guilt." Mary trembled. "I don't regret my choices, and I feel guilty for that too." She shook her head. "I'm such a terrible person, aren't I?"
Alec rubbed his face on her hair, "no, Mary, you're not. You can't be expected to live the rest of your life in a nunnery because someone you loved romantically died."
"I get scared that maybe I didn't love him if I moved on this way though. That I'm not being fair." She whimpered. "My dad came back from the dead, I... I guess I could have tried harder and..." Mary had never shared any of this with anyone else before - it was something she expected to take to her grave. "But then I feel bad because my love for you is far more intense than I ever remember things being with Thomas and I feel so guilty. I just feel... so guilty." She hugged herself and Alec hugged her even tighter.
Alec's hand found her face and he turned her head to look at him, "do you want to pull him from the grave?"
Mary didn't even need to think, "no. I don't. I just feel like I owe-"
Alec put his finger to her lips delicately. "This isn't about what you owe, or what you think you owe someone, Mary, this is about what you want."
Mary shook her head, gathering herself now, "no, this isn't even a question though. You're the only man I want to be with. The idea has never crossed my mind that I would WANT anyone else. I just feel like I should want that, and the guilt eats at me. I should have given him another life, another chance, but I didn't because... I'm selfish.... because being with him was like breathing: it was easy, comfortable and I felt like I needed it to survive. Being with you is so much more complicated. It's exciting, and intense, and passionate, and wonderful." She was scratching at her nails while she spoke. "I feel it so intensely that I wonder if I ever knew what love was before I met you."
Alec smiled a relieved and satisfied smile, "oh I know I was clueless about love before you. I'm sure I felt love for Mania, but it doesn't matter anymore, because the love I have for you is different. It's resilient and it withstands all the tests of time. I know me getting my butt dumped for my brother hardly compares to death, but I think I can use it to help me understand you better."
Mary breathed out and rested her head on his chest. "I'm sorry that I let this all go on you."
Alec smirked, "I'm not," his smirk faded to a smile though as he looked down at her, "I cherish the moments that you let me inside of your head."
Mary felt herself smile lightly as she breathed a laugh. "If that's what you want to call that emotional dumping ground, be my guest."
"You're so strong," he commented, "I'm so lucky to have you as my wife."
Mary closed her eyes, "I'm the lucky one."
Alec idly ran his fingers through her hair, sitting in the quiet for a moment. "I can't believe our daughter could be so mean." He shook his head.
"She's just really hurt, Alec." Mary tried to defend her. "She's been through a lot and she's got a lot on her plate to deal with."
Alec shook his head, "that's no excuse to hurt someone and she knows it. I'm going to have a talk with her."
"I think she wants to be left alone, Alec." Mary said weakly, remembering Eveline's greeting vividly.
"Too bad." Alec said firmly. "I'm not an expert, Mary, but I know we're good parents, and part of being a good parent is not coddling her when she's lashing out, because lashing out isn't something that is ever ok, but it's especially not ok when you hurt someone with it."
Mary nodded, "I agree, but she's not listening right now Alec. I think we should give her some time to cool down."
"Oh, that was a given, I'm too busy holding my wife to do anything right now." He squeezed her.
Mary felt herself laugh a little. "Trying to smother her to death is what it feels like." She laughed as he let go of his intense squeeze.
She wouldn't trade any of this for the world and she knew it.

Alec unlocked Eveline's door magically, the same as his wife had done, only this time he opened it without even bothering to knock.
Eveline hadn't moved from the bed, in fact she had long stopped even using her magic to see who was in the house, so when her door came open she closed her eyes tighter and prayed it was who she hoped it might be.
She could hear her dad sigh, and she opened her eyes slowly. "Why can't everyone leave me alone?" She asked sourly, not that she meant it that way, but she was so tired of messing things up.
"Excuse me, young lady, but that's not a tone you should take with me." His voice was firm, almost angry.
Eveline shook her head, "you don't understand dad-"
"No. Eveline, I do understand." Alec cut her off, "you're in here wallowing in self-pity and using that as an excuse to hurt people you care about and who really care about you."
Eveline swallowed. "I didn't mean to hurt mom." She responded softly. "I don't actually hate everyone and everything."
Alec bit his cheeks, his wife did not mention that part of the conversation. He crossed his arms and looked at his daughter, "you owe her an apology." To start, but he didn't want to add any more.
Eveline nodded, "I know."
Alec opened his mouth to say something when he noticed a bouquet on Eveline's dresser.

Emotions flooded him suddenly. "Where did these come from?" He asked suddenly and accusingly.
Eveline sat up and rubbed her sore eyes, "where did what come from?"
"These!" He picked them up and shook them, "where did these flowers come from?!"
Eveline shook her head, "I don't know." She shrugged. "I haven't been seeing. You're the second person in my room today." She hadn't been paying close attention at all. "Maybe mom brought them in."
Alec looked at the flowers in mock horror. He immediately stormed out of Eveline's bedroom and into the living room.
Palmira and Noten looked at him curiously while Edward smirked at him, "you look like your pants are on fire there Alec, what's wrong?"
"Please tell me that one of you brought these?" He showed the flowers around, his eyes searching for anyone to recognize them.
They all shook their heads, "no, we didn't bring any." Palmira spoke quietly, squeezing Noten's hands.
"What unusual flowers!" Johanna looked at them intensely. "I don't think I've ever seen bouquets like those sold around here. I wonder where they came from."
Edward squinted, "they're just daisies." He shrugged.
"Daffodils." Alec corrected harshly. "They're daffodils." He paced back and forth. "Who would do such a thing?!"
Johanna looked at the group and whispered, "are daffodils an insult or something? They're pretty flowers."
Alec swallowed and panic filled his eyes.
"Where'd you get the flowers sweetheart?" Mary was leaning on the wall that lead into the main room from the hallway.
"You don't recognize them?" He was desperate at this point.
Mary looked at him with worry, "no... should I?" She asked quietly.
Alec felt like screaming, there was only one person who could do this - who was despicable enough to do this.
Mary noticed her husband's distress and she walked over to him, "what's going on love?" She grabbed one of his clenched fists and he looked at her with panic in his eyes.
"I found these in Eveline's room. She doesn't know where they came from."
Mary's eyes got wider. "What? How did they get in there?"
"So someone is sneaking into my niece's room?" Edward responded gruffly, cracking his knuckles while Johanna rolled her eyes just slightly at his display.
"Maybe they left something else behind?" Noten asked quietly, "we'll figure out who did it."
Alec shook his head with despair. "I know who did it." He squeezed his wife's hand, "I need to go find him."
"I'll come with you." Mary said quietly, hoping to be filled in on why this was happening.
"We'll stay here and keep an eye on Eveline." Palmira nodded quietly.
"I've got Jack's phone number, if he calls with information on Jupiter I'll give you a call." Edward gave them an understanding glance, "go punch that guy in the face, whoever he is."

Alec had flagged down a taxi and Mary hopped in back with him. She rubbed his leg idly, "please tell me what's going on?"
Alec shook his head and gritted his teeth. "I have to find my father." He rattled the address off to the driver and they took off. Alec remained quiet to Mary's questions.
After several minutes the taxi driver dropped them off in front of Jack's old house. "What are we doing here, Alec?" Mary asked more firmly, she wanted to go home to make sure Eveline was ok. They shouldn't be out running around, chasing down a man who probably wasn't in the city any longer.
"My father turned Jack's house into his headquarters for a brief period. He'll be here. I know it." He was fuming angry and he pushed the front door open - the door looked as though it had been beaten in previously. Mary felt uncomfortable with this, but she reminded herself that Jack wouldn't mind them going in.
Alec and Mary froze upon entry. There was blood all over the kitchen floor, splattered on the refrigerator door, and even a little covering the walls. Mary covered her mouth in horror at the scene. "Where did this blood come from?!" She looked around horrified. If there was that much blood there would have been a body somewhere. "Alec... we should go. We shouldn't be here!"
Alec had stepped over and picked up an empty IV bag from the floor that had been torn open. The blood had dried all around. "The blood came from this." He showed the bag to her. He had a strange gut feeling to check the fridge - just in case, and when he did he only found a few more IV bags of blood plus the regular food found in any house. While it made him uncomfortable he realized that vampires had to eat too. He just never made the connection with Jupiter before that moment because it never felt real.
Everything felt real now.
The blood had been enough of a deterrent on Alec's anger, and he calmed down before searching for the way to his father's headquarters. Once he stumbled upon the ladder downwards he grew more determined.
Mary still hesitated, but she followed her husband.
"Alec, can you at least fill me in on why we're breaking into my some-odd-distant cousin's house?" She didn't like pushing into Jack's business, even though she can't count the number of times Jack told her she was always welcome. "You think Majnun is here?"
Alec helped his wife off the ladder. "I know he is. He's the only one who could've done that."
Mary shook her head, "we've all been exhausted Alec, as scary as it is, anyone could have dropped those flowers off in Eveline's room. Heck, maybe it was Jupiter before he left."
Alec shook his head 'no' as they walked into the surprisingly clean and orderly basement - Alec felt a little uncomfortable with how clean things were. He was about to respond when he looked over and saw the wall of pictures and stared for a long moment. Mary had long forgotten her question too.
"All of those... are of Eveline?" Mary shook her head, feeling especially creeped out.

"My dad really is something." Alec said bitterly. "First the flowers, and this?!" He pinched the bridge of his nose.
Mary finally turned to face her husband. "Alec. Please... fill me in." She spoke firmly. "I'm tired of being in the dark."
Alec sucked in a breath. "Daffodils." His shoulders slumped as he let the breath out. "They were my mother's favorite flower - and she liked flowers a lot."
Mary felt a little confused, "couldn't it just be a coincidence, Alec?"
"No, Mary. There's no coincidence." He looked to the floor, "daffodils are nearly impossible to come by this time of year in any area they're normally grown and they're definitely not grown here. It had to have been a deliberate choice... and with the place we're moving..."
Mary held up her hands. "What? You know where we're moving? The watcher was waiting until after Eveline's birthday to tell us! How did you find out?!"
"My dad-"
"Your dad told you?! Why didn't you tell me about this?" Mary felt a little betrayed, she thought she knew her husband, she thought he would share everything with her.
Alec grabbed her hands, "he didn't tell me, he didn't have to say anything. He was saying goodbye to Eveline and he just... the way he worded things. I just knew, ok?"

"You're not making any sense Alec."
"No, you're not."
Another voice had entered the room, and Alec tensed immediately, his face hardened into a horrible glare. "Charlotte." He spoke coldly. His arm instinctively went around Mary's waist. 

The woman fluidly moved in the room, her heels on the floor being the only noise that registered from the horrifyingly beautiful woman. "Good to see you, Aleccas," she turned and tilted her head to Mary, "and to you, Mary Reaper."
"You know my name?" Mary asked in awe.
Charlotte nodded, her face remaining surprisingly gentle. "I see you found the flowers I left for Eveline." She moved over to the table, "I had been following Lucien's trail for days by the time he came out of hiding long enough to do something irrational. Unfortunately I was just one step too far behind." Charlotte looked almost sad, which was highly unusual for her. "Thankfully your father always has a backup plan in mind." She reached over and touched the flowers Alec had placed down on the table.
"What do you want?!" Alec finally spat.

Charlotte's face hardened immediately, "such spite harbored to the woman who took care of your pesky vampire problems. You always were so bitter, Aleccas." Her voice was surprisingly level. "Has he told you why he's dragged you here, Mary?"
Mary shook her head no, looking at her husband suspiciously. "I'm starting to think he hasn't told me much at all."
Alec looked at her, his brow knitted together with surprise and a twinge of hurt.
"Then I shall tell you, if you don't mind." Though she didn't pause long enough to give Alec any reason to speak. "Mary, my name is Charlotte Keeper." She bent gently to her, "I was the third chosen wife of Majnun, and mother of his third son, Kefka." She accented on Kefka's name. "Alec has brought you here because he thinks that I mean offense by leaving his mother's favorite flowers as a recovery gift for your daughter; though he likely thought his father is toying with him, or something to that effect."
Alec scowled at her. "Of course you meant offense!" He stepped forward and pointed at her, barely containing his anger. "You've ALWAYS hated my mother and I! ALWAYS!"
"You're confusing me for Alessandra, Aleccas, and I think it's best that you calm yourself before you say something you regret." Her voice was level and eased, but her threat was cold and calculated. "I wasn't finished explaining to your wife why you've brought her here." She rolled her eyes, "my son has half of your functional capacity and even he has better manners than you."
Alec only got angrier, and Charlotte sighed.
"Where was I dear?" She paused briefly as she leaned against the table, "oh, right. Majnun's wives. There were four of us, but arguably he only ever had one true wife. Alessandra was his first wife, she is the daughter of the god of order - making her immensely powerful, and thusly seemed the only solid option for another god's wife. She was just a step below Majnun in sense of power and might, though what she lacked in power she made up for in drive and ambition. She is Sheogorath's mother. She sought out Majnun and pestered him to death until he married her."

She smiled deviously at her own joke before she continued, "after she asked him enough, he finally asked to claim the small mirror she carried with her that was once her mother's. She gave it to him and that bound them together in marriage." She paused, deciding to clarify, "if you don't know, Majnun has a very strange way of going about his wives."
Alec glowered, "he usually tricks them and coerces them into becoming his wives." He growled, speaking from personal experience.
Charlotte shrugged, "coerces? That's such a strong word." She paused. "No, most of his wives know what they're getting into, though that doesn't mean he's always clear on the terms." She pursed her lips, "especially in my case," she said flatly. She shook her head, "Kai was the next wife he took, and oh did Alessandra hate her." She drew special attention to the word 'hate.' She smiled fondly at the memories. "That woman would take a pail to empty the ocean with her determination to declare herself Majnun's only true wife. She used every loophole she could." Charlotte shook her head, "thankfully being the third wife gives you a lot less hatred than the second." She laughed, though neither Mary nor Alec joined in.
Alec was still scowling at her and she rolled her eyes, "tough crowd." She sighed. "Kai was a pure-blooded nymph. Do you know what that means, my dear?"
The question was directed to Mary who shook her head.
"Nymphs are born from directly from strong spirits. In our realm there are gods then spirits and then nymphs. Pure-blooded nymphs have nearly all died out, but they were the direct descendants of the powerful spirits. The common nymph seen today - I believe they've taken on the word 'fae' as their titles are merely a blip on the radar compared to how powerful the pure-blooded nymphs were. I would say your daughter has a power expanse similar to one, but the magic is very different, very nature focused. Kai was born directly from a water spirit, one of many children, but one of the only girls." Charlotte tipped her head, waiting to see if there were any questions on lineage. "During the first purge of the nymphs, the humans had discovered a way to capture their wings and make them easier to fight. Nymphs are proud creatures who take great value in their wings, and Kai had her's stolen when she was out wandering by herself - against her family's wishes, from what I'm told. Majnun appeared to her and swore he would get her wings back if she agreed to be his wife."
Charlotte held back a laugh, "Kai was very tricky; she thought Majnun was just being a foolish human and making promises he couldn't keep. She stupidly agreed, thinking he would not be capable of actually achieving anything. He asked for one of the feathers she kept in her hair to solidify the deal and she thought he was just the most amusing human she'd ever seen." Charlotte let out a cold laugh, "so when she gave it to him, it caught her greatly by surprise that the feather wrapped around his hand and he returned her wings to him with a wave of his hand. Suddenly the once free-spirited Kai became shackled to our Majnun as wife number two." She sighed wistfully. "She would go on to have Deliro, the second son of Majnun."
Mary looked over at Alec who had his eyes glued menacingly on the vampiress.
Charlotte let out a breath, "I suppose that brings us to me." She shrugged and examined her nails.

"I was selected as one of the few by the Lord of the Night to become one of his 'daughters.' He is god of vampires and undead, and he also goes by Malice. He selected a few women throughout history to be the start of the virus. My parents worshipped him profusely 600 years ago. They threw themselves at his mercy all the time, hoping that if they prayed hard enough that they could will themselves out of destitution and push ill will on the upper classes' children. They were grand people, as you can imagine." She spoke sarcastically, "when I was just 13 they planned on sacrificing me to him." She shrugged, "after they performed their ritual, I died but was then reborn in the image of Malice - a vampiress with keen abilities and gifts that would make the common day vampires seem tame... but I was foolish." She shook her head, "so very, very foolish."
She continued. "With my newfound strength I rose beyond the life of a peasant. I ate and killed when it pleased me. I seduced my way into every man's heart and stole his life's breath for fun and eventually it got me noticed. It was just whispers at first, but eventually Majnun came for me. He warned me that I was drawing attention, and offered to make it all go away if I became his wife and begot a child."
Mary nodded, "so you agreed." Picking up the pattern.
Charlotte laughed a solid, harsh laugh, "oh no my dear, I told him to shove it. I told him I would NEVER tie myself to crazy, and that he was stupid for ever thinking I would." She shook her head and smiled softly. "He wasn't even angry with my response. He just shrugged and told me that I would know how to reach him if I needed him - well, in less sane terms, but that was the gist of it. So I went on my way with my freedom and took no heed to his warning. A fortnight later I had been discovered and a mob had formed to come and stake me. It would have been my last moments on the earth and I will never forget them." She closed her eyes slowly. "I ran for my life until I realized that there was no way out, I had been trapped at a dead end." She opened her eyes, "so I called Majnun to me."
"Majnun appeared and that impertinent man had the galls to smirk at me." She shook her head as she recalled it, "he asked me, and I'll never forget how casually it was, 'what can I do for you tonight, my pretty?'" She groaned and rolled her eyes. "I asked him to shake the mob off me, that I would repay him in kind if he did me this favor. He looked at me for such a long moment as those humans encroached on us and I swore that it was the end of me. He finally held up his finger and everyone stopped in their tracks." She held up her finger, showing the gesture. "I had never seen such power in my life before. It was enough to put pathetic little me in my place. Majnun then asked me for my shoelace. He was mad, I thought, but of course he was. He's the god of madness." She grinned. "So I bent down and untied my shoe, pulling out my lace and handing it to him when the bloody thing came to life." She grimaced. "It wrapped my wrist to his and he - that cheeky man - had won. I was so angry. I asked him what he planned to do with the mob. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers," she snapped her fingers as well, "and poof: they vanished into thin air."
Mary felt confused, "they were just... gone?"
"Gone from there. Majnun had simultaneously sent them all home with memory charms. Not a single person would remember my face."
Alec sighed, visibly irritated.
Charlotte shook her head at him and continued. "I am mother of Kefka, my little, darling nuisance that has plagued me since Majnun took me as his wife. He is a good son, even though he isn't quite..." She laughed and shrugged, unable to finish her sentence. "So that brings us to -"
"Enough." Alec shook his head. "I already know the story of my mother. I don't want to hear it from you." He spat at her. "My mother was just a normal woman, Mary." He looked at his wife desperately. "She was beautiful and kind and wonderful and my father married her just to ruin her, just to spite her. He was never around and my mother was mostly alone until she died alone when I was just a kid. I know my father is a terrible person, but his reasons for going after my mother are absolutely despicable and after all he did he didn't even TRY to help her when she was alone and dying."
Charlotte laughed hollowly, "is that what he told you?"
They both looked at her and Alec shook his head, "I figured that out after much searching on my own. My 'father,'" he growled the word, "was nothing more than just an inhumane jerk looking to sate himself on a woman. He pushed, and pushed, and pushed until my mother caved and she got stuck with him."
Charlotte was amused, "what a charming little bubble you live in Aleccas." She commented idly. "Here I thought your mother would have raised you better than that."
The comment fueled Alec's anger. "YOU KNOW NOTHING OF MY MOTHER!" He shouted and the whole house shook with his anger.
Charlotte was unmoved, but Mary was panicked. "Alec, please, calm down." She put her hand on his shoulder and he jolted back, realizing Mary was still there. He gritted his teeth, biting back all the insults he wanted to throw.
Charlotte looked down and delicately stroked a petal on one of the daffodils. "Don't be foolish Aleccas, of course I know your mother." She looked sadly at the bouquet. "In fact there was one time when I would have called her a friend."
"You're a terrible liar." Alec glared. "I'm not interested in anything you have to say."
Charlotte closed her eyes in irritation, "I am offering to tell you the whole truth about your mother, Aleccas-"
"I know the whole truth." He clenched his fists. "I'm the accident child! Born to the least powerful woman and I am the least favorite son! Majnun hasn't exactly cared much for me my whole life and it shows! I'll never understand why he felt the need to even drag me into his stupid circle anyways when it's clear I wouldn't be welcome." He spat, "but now he's interested... now that Eveline is here and it's just disgusting how much kindness he treats her with after the way he's treated his children!" 
Charlotte sighed and shrugged. "If that's how you wish to see it then have it your way."
Alec regretted his decision immediately, but he had too much pride to speak up otherwise. Mary watched curiously, but felt unable to speak at all.
Charlotte spoke again, colder this time, "you wonder why you were not well received and it's because of this attitude of yours. 'Poor me, my mother is dead.' 'Poor me, I'm all by myself.' 'Poor me, my father doesn't dote on me.'" She mocked. "Yet you're more blind than your daughter." She waved her hand, silencing Alec's attempt to speak. "Well, Aleccas, one of these days you're little bubble is going to burst, and all you'll be left with is your hatred for a reality that does not exist." She tipped her head down, "good day, Mary."
She exited the room as gracefully as she came in, leaving both Mary and Alec dumbfounded.

Eveline had her birthday quietly in her room. She had finally gotten the strength to stand up and sort her clothing.

Inside her heart was hardening. Hardening at the thought of Jupiter. Hardening at the thought of never seeing him again. Everything ached and she felt she was missing a large piece of herself. Two days ago she imagined today being the best day of her life - her birthday, Jupiter's wish coming true, the new start for them both... and now here she was alone and it took everything in her to not be bitter about it. She walked over to Jupiter's slab and remembered giving him his gift. A fleeting smile tugged at her lips.
He had shouted it to the entire school just so she wouldn't think he wasn't interested in being with her.
She collapsed onto the hard surface.

"This thing doesn't even look that comfortable. Don't you ever get a crick in your neck?"
"It feels mighty comfortable to me."

His voice echoed perfectly in her head, and his eyes haunted the darkness in her mind. Hauntingly gorgeous, they seemed to be carved in her skull. She closed her eyes tightly, "come back to me." She whispered.
There was a cracking sound and her eyes flew open. She set her feet down on the floor. She almost couldn't believe it.
The egg was finally hatching.
She approached the hatchling carefully, it's voice calling to her in her head. Mother.
Eveline opened her mouth, her hands reaching forward to it. "You've awoken." She spoke softly, "I thought you never would."
Mother called to me, so I came. Mother is wounded inside. Mother needs protection.
Eveline smiled softly as the baby nuzzled into her hands. "What shall I call you, little one?"
Mother should name me. Mother should claim me.
Eveline stood up and looked downwards, "then I name you Atris, little one."
Atris flew up to her, the wind from his wings gusting against Eveline's skin. Mother named us Atris. Atris we shall be.

Eveline snuck past her family and took Atris outside to stretch his wings. She stroked his head gently and he made a sound vaguely similar to a cat purring to show his affections and approval.
"Fly my Atris." Eveline whispered to him. "Stretch your wings and grow strong."

Bridgeport would be a distant memory come tomorrow.

Eveline's heart was broken, but she would heal.

The world would go on, but Eveline swore that day that she would never love anyone else.
Jupiter would always have her heart, and Atris would give her wings.

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Daffodils
« Reply #672 on: March 01, 2016, 03:27:38 PM »
I really loved this chapter providing more information about Majnun's mysterious lifestyle!
And now you have me wondering about the gap between Alex's misperceptions about his relationship with Majnun and the "reality."

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Daffodils
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I really loved this chapter providing more information about Majnun's mysterious lifestyle!
And now you have me wondering about the gap between Alex's misperceptions about his relationship with Majnun and the "reality."

I literally have so much lore going on in my head I think I might explode.
Speaking of exploding, I swear I'm going to burst! I'm so excited for this next chapter I may just burst!  ;D  ;D ;D  ;D  ;D ;D

The real question to ask is, who has the real truth behind the story? Is Charlotte as unreliable a narrator as Alec is? Is Alec entirely correct in his assumptions? Majnun is not a good person. He's just aligned that way temporarily because it will be what benefits him most, so the real questions have yet to be asked and I hope I can cause more people to have a great deal many more questions.
Ah, it feels good to be writing about Majnun again. So, truly wonderful. :3

Let the madness begin.  8)

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Re: Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment: Daffodils
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I really love the fact that Charlotte went into depth about Majnun's wives. Nothing is what is seems to be with Majnun.