Author Topic: Ava Cadavra - Young Adult Female  (Read 1546 times)

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Ava Cadavra - Young Adult Female
« on: November 10, 2013, 06:08:49 AM »
Name: Ava Cadavra
Age: Young Adult
Traits: Brooding, Grumpy, Mean-Spirited, Supernatural Fan, Virtuoso
Lifetime Wish: One-Sim Band
Gender: Female

Favorites: Cheesesteak, Spooky Music, and the color Purple

EPs: Late Night, Supernatural, Pets
SPs: Movie Stuff
Store: Midnight Hollow

Bursting in from The Sims 2, straight from a kooky time in Strangetown, meet Ava Cadavra! Ex-drummer from The Germinators, Ava now spends her time brooding and trying to get hotel managers to build an alter to the Prime Heifer. Who knows what she'll do next, maybe start a new band?

Current Story: Vesta's Reward