Author Topic: Create-a-sim Contest 2013:16, Fun, Flirty , Frosty  (Read 1088 times)

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Create-a-sim Contest 2013:16, Fun, Flirty , Frosty
« on: November 22, 2013, 04:03:44 PM »
Fun, Flirty and Frosty
by saltpastillen

Expansions used: Base Game, Island Paradise, Supernatural, Showtime, Into the Future, Seasons

Description: The Fun, Flirty and Frosty collection contains everything the elder sim with a lot of living left to do needs. Easy casual wear to kick back and have fun in, dressy threads for those more romantic moments and sturdy and durable (not to mention warm) clothes for outdoor activities in the cold season. With this collection in your closet you never have to sit at home in front of the TV by your lonesome again, you'll be way to busy living the high life!

Maria is wearing: EFFun dress (Island Paradise), EFFun shoes (Base Game) and EFFun earrings (Supernatural)

Marco is wearing: EMFun shirt (Showtime), EMFun pants (Island Paradies) and EMFun shoes (Base Game)

Maria is wearing: EFFlirty top (Into the Future), EFFlirty skirt (Base Game) and EFFlirty shoes (Base Game)

Marco is wearing: EMFlirty shirt (Island Paradise) and EMFlirty pants (Showtime)

EFFrosty top (Seasons) and EFFrosty pants (Base Game)

Marco is wearing: EMFrosty shirt (Seasons) and EMFrosty pants (Basge Game)