Author Topic: Create-a-Sim Contest 2013: 16 - Luna's Everyday Style For Elders  (Read 1002 times)

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Create-a-Sim Contest 2013: 16 - Luna's Everyday Style For Elders
« on: November 23, 2013, 11:11:36 AM »
Lunaís Everyday Style for Elders

By: Luna

Content used: Base Game only

Welcome to Luna place everyone! This is my first entry and I just found out how to lock this thread thanks to Trip and Schipperke help. Let just take a look around and hear what everyone has to say!

Goodwin: Lunaís Style 01 Set

Hi there, my name is Goodwin and Iím a Townie that lived in Twinbrook for a long time. Well, Iím an Elder already! So, it must been that long. I have been frustrated to find the right clothes, but itís seem this everyday clothes is my choice. What I loved from this every day clothes is because this clothes has white as my favourite colour and it looks so formal.

If you seek the same clothes that I wear just pick the one that has Lunaís Style 01 tag.

At least weíre still looks good as an Elder couple!

Sinbad: Lunaís Style 02 Set

Sinbad Rotter is my name, I have lived here in Twinbrook for a long time and I donít know why that I still lived together with that stupid roommate. Well, being an Elder can be a nuisance, I feel like an old geezer and Iím not as strong as I am before, I need to do something of that if not even a child will just laughing at my face instead running away.  I just need every day clothes that has something related to black and red and make me looks kinda evil and I found this one. Say no more, Lunaís Style 02 is my choice.

At least my every day clothes is better than him.

DeAndre: Lunaís Style 03 Set

Hi, Iím DeAndre Wolfe and I am old. To be honest, being an Elder can be such a pain for me. But, this new everyday clothes just so perfect for me! I mean, hey there is purple as my favourite colour and itís so colourful! Another thing that I love itís so casual and itís reflecting as a freedom as I canít be bothered with formal outfits just like everybody else as my every day clothes. If you loved what I was wearing, this is Lunaís Style 03.

Eva: Lunaís Style 04 Set

Hi, I am from Drudge family. My name is Eva. I love reading and learning so many things, especially if that related with a new term or words. I am quite fascinated by foreign language besides Simlish. But, you see time always goes on and I happen found myself to be an Elder already. I need a new everyday clothes and I really loved this outfit after someone recommend me to a Consignment Store, because red is my favourite colour. Itís called Lunaís Style 04. It seems so right for my taste.

At least wearing this makes me looks different from the other Elder.

Jenni: Lunaís Style 05

Hi, my name is Jenni. I still lived with my parents until now. Well technically itís my parents house, theyíre already dead :í(
I never know why my stupid romantic interest never wants to leave that house and lived together with that stupid roommate!

I mean, look! I have waited a long time enough and he never make his move! If this happen, Iíll dead for sure. Well enough for my personal life, which is the beginning of why I must search something that can ease my pain and I just take a look into a brochure and I found this clothes set at huge discount.

I feel comfortable wearing my new clothes! Itís Lunaís Style 05. I love the flower pattern and itís purple! Oh, bracelet's not included in this set anyway. This is mine 8)

Mystery Guest - Luna's Style 06

I have been in Twinbrook for a long time. I was known as a Fashion Designer back then but I know that my life become meaningless when I become an Elder. Iím not as pretty like I was younger back then and so many wrinkles in my face and do you know how it looks at Elder fashion that game just generated for me?

AWFUL beyond the word!

It also looks weird for an Elder to have tattoos, so I removed them.
Ah, those were a day! I really missed them!
I know that Iím not beautiful, but still being young was great!

So, I decided to visit the consignment store and take a quick glance to Lunaís Style 06 and just look at me. I am so different for Gnome sake! At least it gives me a new meaning of life. Now, nobody will recognize Amy Bull as a Fashion Phenomenon anymore and I can do whatever I want like Miley and starting wrecking wall with hammer that I just bought from the store ::)

Note: Bracelet's not included.

I hope that you having fun with their stories and I hope that youíll find what youíre looking for.
Thank you for your attention and thank you for coming ♥
Just enjoy being yourself, you're unique, special and no one ever create story like you ♥ - Luna -

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