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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty (updated Dec 22nd)
« Reply #25 on: December 22, 2012, 09:05:31 PM »
RIP Jonny Bee.  :'( But congrats on your first immortal!
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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty (updated Dec 22nd)
« Reply #26 on: December 23, 2012, 04:46:05 AM »
Congratuations, Queenie made it.  I look forward to Honey's turn.  Yeah!!
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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty (updated Dec 22nd)
« Reply #27 on: December 23, 2012, 06:08:27 AM »
Congratulations on your first immortal! :)

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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty (updated Dec 29th 2013)
« Reply #28 on: December 29, 2013, 06:42:58 PM »
Story is now abandoned, but the dynasty itself is completed. I've moved cities, jobs, houses and computers since I started this, and too many files and screenshots have been lost to recover chunks of story. Since I've also forgotten a lot of the earlier stuff, a (brief) summary is going to have to suffice.

Founder: Queenie Bee

Much of Queenie's story is above - after that, her existence consisted largely of admiring herself and churning out endless ice sculptures.

After Johnny's death, she adopted a third child, a son named Bumble, who was a sculpting slave:

Traits: Snob, Savvy sculptor, Nurturing, Family oriented, Charismatic
Favourites: Vegetarian lobster thermidor, yellow, classical
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury
Maxed career: Sculptor
Supermaxed skill: Sculpting
Other maxed skills: Charisma
3 Unique LTHRs: Fireproof homestead, super nanny, motive mobile

6 Unique opportunities: Help the School (sculpting), Sculpt a Suspect (sculpting), An Old Ruse (sculpting), Delivering the Green (sculpting),  Personal Sculpting (sculpting), Oh Scrap! (sculpting)

6 Unique best friends: Johnny Bee, Rodney Singleton, Maggie Gray, Dakota Fox, Juanita Blanco, Kalliopi Ellada

Building: Flying Bees’ Coffeehouse (aka Flying V’s Coffeehouse)
Property: Queenie’s Bee-Dazzling Throne Room (aka Performance Park)

Gen 2: Honey Bee

Honey got half a story before I stopped... Her adulthood is where most of the missing screenshots would have fitted in. However, she married Germaine, and they had two kids: Mason, the gen 3 heir, and Fuzzy, a clone of Germaine who almost broke the dynasty by refusing to die (he eventually made it to 131). She was sculpted a lot, and posed for a lot of paintings, but the poor girl did very little else.

Here she is sampling ambrosia for the first time, many years after she made it. Ew.

Traits: Good, Excitable, Supernatural fan, Natural cook, Born Saleswoman
Favourites: Firecracker shrimp, blue, indie
LTW: Alchemy artisan
Maxed career: Alchemist
Other maxed careers: Culinary
Supermaxed skill: Alchemy
Other maxed skills: Charisma, cooking, athletics, logic
3 Unique LTHRs: Suave seller, Born to cook, Moodlet manager

6 Unique opportunities: Swim into the Grill (cooking), Perfection from the Pan (cooking), From One Chef to Another (cooking), A Life Giving Recipe (cooking), The Dish Showdown (culinary career), Burgers for Sims in Uniform (cooking)

6 Unique best friends: Germaine Bee, Deborah Bee, Angel Bedlington, Virgil Murdock, Bumble Bee, Delia Porter

Building: Darris Teeter Grocery & The Koffi Café
Property: Adventure Landing

Gen 3: Mason Bee

Mason was an adorable toddler, who was born at just the right time to enjoy the bee springrider thingy from Seasons:

He also played with his mother

and half-brother

and occasionally the cat, who got a very tasteful makeover after she grew up into an adult.

Mason grew up into a serious child, who spent much of his childhood taking photographs. As a teen, he also found time to meet a girl, Lillian, who shared his taste in tops, if not in trousers.

They were a sickeningly sweet couple, even if Mason was thinking about his bed when he popped the question.

They had a private wedding, relatively safe from Queenie's interference

and, um, enjoyed themselves afterwards.

Mason was an architect

and was supposed to go into the police afterwards. Unfortunately, he glitched and refused to enter the police department, no matter how many times I reset him. He became a painter instead, and later a photographer.

Other than the whole not-entering-buildings thing, he was pretty low maintenance, and was ready for ambrosia the moment Lily had finished his museum items.

Traits: Artistic, Genius, Photographer’s eye, Perfectionist, Brave
Favourites: Fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, blue, country
LTW: Visionary
Maxed career: Architectural designer
Other maxed careers: Painting, Photography
Supermaxed skill: Painting
Other maxed skills: Logic, photography
3 Unique LTHRs: Extra creative, Teleportation pad, No bills ever

6 Unique opportunities: The Sphinx (photography), The Pyramids (photography), The Business of Decor (painting), A Retreat to Inspiration (painting), French Photos (photography), Fresco Fest (painting)

6 Unique best friends: Fuzzy Bee, Lillian Bee, Esperanza Hammons, Josue Madson, Bronson Jacob, Clara Dorsey

Building: Gypsy Wagon
Property: Cinnamon Crest Falls

Gen 4: Digger Bee

Mason's son, Digger, enjoyed spending time with his parents

playing outside,

and wearing very manly costumes.

He took up gardening as a teenager

and discovered girls as an adult. Meet Nellie:

He worked through the gardening career, supermaxed gardening, and terrified me by failing to get any opportunities as a young adult, and by only making friends who died the next day. I ended up putting him into the Science career, before I remembered that the mixed rabbitholes don't spawn opps - and his killing-his-friends-off curse offed all the local scientists.

He got there in the end, though:

Traits: Friendly, Loves the outdoors, Eco-friendly, Green thumb, Good sense of humour
Favourites: Dim sum, spiceberry, country
LTW: The Perfect Garden
Maxed career: Gardener
Other maxed careers: Science
 Supermaxed skill: Gardening
Other maxed skills: Charisma, athletic, fishing
3 Unique LTHRs: Super green thumb, Legendary host,  Climatron control unit

6 Unique opportunities: Uncommonly Good (gardening), Outstandingly Rare (gardening), Perfect Produce (gardening), A Just-In-Time Harvest (gardening), Great Plums (gardening), The Omnificent Plant (gardening)

6 Unique best friends: Nellie Bee, Amir Slater, Gena Carlisle, Jerod Waldrop, Honey Bee, Queenie Bee

Building: Rustler's Den
Property: Appaloosa Plains Public Library

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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty (updated Dec 22nd)
« Reply #29 on: December 29, 2013, 06:46:24 PM »
Gen 5: Buzz Bee

Buzz had a simple, trouble-free childhood:

It didn't last.

As an adult, Buzz joined the army. Although childish Nellie had named him after Buzz Lightyear, Buzz preferred another Buzz entirely, and dreamed of walking on the moon just like his namesake.

At work, he fell in love with one of his colleagues, Nichol.

They wanted children, but all eight spots in the household were full. I tried not to will Fuzzy to die, but, um, did it anyway. Unfortunately, Fuzzy was still alive on Nichol's birthday - as was Nellie, who was the only other mortal elder in the house.

I played on fast a lot and willed the mortals to die. It was all very sad and tragic, and I totally didn't do a happy dance when Fuzzy and Nellie died on the same day, closely followed by Nichol.

Buzz tried again, with another soldier, Selina.

I was not amused when it turned out to be her elder birthday.

Fortunately, he hadn't done anything more than ask Selina to move in yet, so he backed off while they were still just friends, and put the moves on yet another colleague, whose name reminded him - for some reason - of his first love. Nikole apparently hadn't heard the gossip about the weird serial monogamist bee, because she agreed to marry him.

And they reproduced, very quickly, before she could age up as well.

And everything was good. Buzz became an astronaut, and although he slept through every shift, he was somehow very successful. And Nikole got a whole fortnight with her new family before she too died of old age :(

Traits: Eccentric, Athletic, Brave, Handy, Heavy sleeper
Favourites: Goopy carbonara, spice brown, Latin
 LTW: Become an Astronaut
Maxed career: Military
 Supermaxed skill: Handiness
Other maxed skills: Athletics, Inventing
3 Unique LTHRs: Efficient inventor, hardly hungry, professional slacker

6 Unique opportunities:  Target Practice (inventing), The Great Invention Convention (inventing), Jog Everywhere (athletic), Exposition on Explosion (inventing), A Task About Time (inventing), Master Invention (invention)

6 Unique best friends: Nikole Bee, Selina Washington, Quintin McClain, Chadrick Kennedy, Bizzie Bee, Thomas Washington

Building: Darris Teeter Art Theatre
Property: Appaloosa County Water Treatment

Gen 6: Bizzie Bee

Bizzie was a Daddy's girl, mostly because her mother was extremely old/dead.

Buzz told her all about his problems finding a wife

which might be why she married the oldest man she could find, without bothering to find out anything about him. The dynasty wasn't going to fail on her watch, and she didn't see much point in long happy marriages anyway.

She spent her days making and enjoying fine nectars

harvesting grapes

working out

and occasionally glitching.

She was a total workaholic and a terrible mother, but she made her clients zillions as a successful Power Broker, held record numbers of meetings, and maxed most of the available skills, and people made lots of puns about Bizzie Bees.

Traits: Athletic, Loves the outdoors, Ambitious, Schmoozer, Workaholic
Favourites: Ceviche, spice brown, kids
 LTW: Bottomless Nectar Cellar
Maxed career: Business
Supermaxed skill: Nectar Making
Other maxed skills: Logic, Athletics, Riding, Charisma, Cooking
3 Unique LTHRs: Collection helper, All weather champion, Bookshop bargainer

6 Unique opportunities: Going Pro (athletic), No Sweat! (athletic), Push It! (athletic), At the Health Seminar (athletic), Muscle Showdown (athletic), Add It Up (athletic)
6 Unique best friends: Casey Bolech, Ladonna Rayla,  Jose Totte, Rashawn Linder, Conrad Ball, Mason Bee

Building: Hueber Associates & Kim Gould's Steakhouse
Property: Dog Day Town Plaza

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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #30 on: December 29, 2013, 06:48:45 PM »
Gen 7: Spelling Bee

Spelling, the only child of a workaholic and an old guy nobody knew the name of, grew up rebellious and deeply angst-ridden. She spent her childhood reading books about the apocalypse

 and penning depressing fanfiction lamenting the fact that nobody understood her.

After graduation, much to Queenie's horror, she refused to wed, and instead produced a child out of wedlock with a guy named Emil, who she met one day at the consignment store. Just to spite her mother, she gave her spawn the most rebellious name she could think of.

Things turned around for Spelling when she produced a best-selling memoir, A Child Called Spelling; the outpourings of sympathy (and royalties) made everything better. She became a teacher, and opted to raise her son with lots of love and affection so that he would grow up to be a kind-hearted pillar of the community.

I could spam you with pictures of Spelling writing, but that would be very boring, so instead here she is wearing a genie costume and eating her first serving of ambrosia:

Traits: Couch potato, Genius, Bookworm, Charismatic, Nurturing,
Favourites: Cheese tofu steak, orange, songwriter
 LTW: Renaissance Sim
Maxed career: Teaching
Supermaxed skill: Writing
Other maxed skills: Logic, Charisma, Cooking, Photography
3 Unique LTHRs: Acclaimed author, Fast learner, Carefree

6 Unique opportunities: A Stimulating Experiment (logic), Tough Negotiating (charisma), A History of One (writing), Better Photographs! (photography),  Add a Little Drama (writing), Visa Photograph (photography)
6 Unique best friends: Ralph Forte, Emil Knott, Tyron Washington, Lamont Norton, Maryann Vidal, Shantell Tolbert

Building: JRA International Equestrian Center
Property: Mick's Master Karaoke

Gen 8: Killer Bee 

With a name like Killer, you could be forgiven for thinking that this cute toddler's looks are deceiving

And you'd be correct.

After an uneventful childhood taking evil slumbers and masterminding plots with his teddy bear, Killer took off to China on his teen birthday.

Although martial arts are supposed be peaceful, Killer enjoyed kicking his opponents' heads and was fiendishly delighted whenever he beat them at sparring. He became a martial arts master on his second trip, but never quite mastered that whole zen thing no matter how many hours he spent meditating.

As an adult, Killer entertained me by maxing the acrobat career, then practiced logic and became Emperor of Evil, much to his poor mother's chagrin. (For the record, I did not choose that hair style.)

He took a brief time out to date his boss, Joanne, who later died in mysterious circumstances.

He then gathered minions fans in another career as a singer. I was bored.

He finally aged up to elder, and ate the final serving of ambrosia.

Queenie doesn't know it yet, but Killer has had his eye on her throne for a long while, and now that the dynasty is complete and eternal life is his, there's really nothing stopping him from kicking her out and getting on with world domination...

Traits: Evil, Genius, Disciplined, Athletic, Natural born performer
Favourites: Autumn salad, Irish green, roots
 LTW: Martial Arts Master
Maxed career: Acrobat
Other maxed careers: Criminal – Evil branch, Singer
Supermaxed skill: Martial arts
Other maxed skills: Athletics, fishing, logic
3 Unique LTHRs: Prepared traveller, That was deliberate, Engaging

6 Unique opportunities: Advanced Training (martial arts), A Package For You (criminal), Simoleons Under the Table (criminal), Fishing for Suits (fishing), Counting the Loot (criminal), The Ultimate Challenge (martial arts)
6 Unique best friends: Garrick Goldsmith, Rasheed Latham, Eunice Otto, Dalma Mahan, Clark Norton, Carmelo Foote

Building: Walls Book 'n' Bath LLC
Property: Varg's Tavern

And thus, Queenie's hive was complete:

The Bees at Queenie's Bee-Dazzling Throne Room:
L-R: Spelling, gen 7; Mason, gen 3; Buzz, gen 5; Digger, gen 4; Queenie, founder; Honey, gen 2; Killer, gen 8; Bizzie, gen 6.

Finish time: Week 52, Day 7
Museum value: 2,264,001
Expansions used: Ambitions, Pets, Supernatural and Generations throughout. WA, Showtime and Seasons installed midway.

Shot of the interior of the bee:

And the museum:

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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty - now complete
« Reply #31 on: December 29, 2013, 06:53:41 PM »
I was actually thinking of this dynasty earlier today! Except it was on my mental list of things that should probably be hauled off to the Graveyard. :P Glad I don't have to do that now.

I'm pretty floored at that museum value. Excellent job! I really enjoyed reading the summaries and I'm glad you shared this with us.

And finally, I'm moving this to the Completed Dynasties board.
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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty - now complete
« Reply #32 on: December 29, 2013, 07:10:16 PM »
Wow congrats on finishing it!!
And what a wonderfull theme, so thought through, and used everywhere, even the museum, its genius!

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Re: The Bee Immortal Dynasty - now complete
« Reply #33 on: December 30, 2013, 04:15:55 AM »
Trip, I was also thinking about this yesterday when I looked to he back of the stories thing! How funny!

Congratulations! I'm kind of sad you didn't do a story, but it's brilliant that you finished. Thank you for keeping the bee house!  ;)
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