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Create-A-Sim Contest 2014, 1 - Fort Gnome Defence Force
« on: January 14, 2014, 08:36:29 PM »
Create-A-Sim Contest 2014 #1
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Fort Gnome Defence Force
The military is one of the most important parts of any city. Without it, the city would be left in chaos with no one to defend them if a war was on the horizon. Even though the military at Fort Gnome are so key to Sunset Valley, their uniforms have been lacking in style and comfort but now the Fort Gnome Defence Force can wear uniforms fit for their role in the military.

The Home Laborer*
To begin a life in the military, you must start working as either a cleaner or server at the Fort Gnome Military Base. These uniforms are comfortable and easy to wear while cleaning or serving food.

The Squad Leader
You are halfway to the top and that means you have been trusted to lead your very own Squad. Being a Squad Leader means you must be as fit as possible and be prepared for any dangerous situation.

The Top Gun**
At the top of your career in the military, you must learn to pilot jets and planes and lead your own squadron. This all means that you are a respected official at Fort Gnome.

*Both outfits require unlockoutfits
**Hats require unlockoutifts

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