Author Topic: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run - COMPLETE  (Read 4169 times)

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Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run - COMPLETE
« on: February 27, 2014, 04:11:02 PM »
I started this Life States Dynasty run a while ago, it's the furthest I've ever gotten and I'm still not quite done with it, but now that I'm nearing my 5th generation I feel I need to put down in words this dynasty as it's the first of many attempts that will qualify for HOF. I had many struggles and glitches and workarounds, but I've finally done it (or close to it, that is).
I've switched on and off on this dynasty, coming back to it every now and again and working at it.

The Hopecarver Speed Family Tree -

Xiri Hopecarver + Quinn Flanagan = Mortissa Hopecarver and Malum Hopecarver.
Mortissa Hopecarver + Brien O'Connell = Damien Hopecarver and Harha Hopecarver.
Damien Hopecarver + Susie Sackholme = Romulus Hopecarver, Asalar Hopecarver, Remus Hopecarver, and Mirdac Hopecarver
Mirdac Hopecarver + Fiona O'Reilly = Lucia Hopecarver and Caelia Hopecarver
Caelia Hopecarver + Shannon Ordhen = Sheera Hopecarver and Flynn Hopecarver
Flynn Hopecarver + Mina Hopecarver = Leif Hopecarver

Names that have been bolded are the founder or heir chosen. As I go through each generation with you I shall explain a little bit about the other children in the generation, however in this run I've not been overly generous to spares and usually kick them out ASAP.

Founder - Xiri Hopecarver, Human (Inventing/Handiness/Consignment)
Second Generation - Mortissa Hopecarver, Vampire (Martial Arts/Athletics)
Third Generation - Damien Hopecarver, Fairy (Gardening/Cooking)
Fourth Generation - Mirdac Hopecarver, Werewolf (Collecting/Social Networking/Logic)
Fifth Generation - Caelia Hopecarver, Witch (Alchemy/Painting/Photography)
Sixth Generation - Flynn Hopecarver, Genie (Fishing/Sculpting)
Seventh Generation - Leif Hopecarver, Imaginary Friend (Street Art/Nectar Making).

The reason I've gotten this far on this run I like to credit to my Dynasty House setup. The overall structure of this house should not change at all for the course of this entire challenge, I've made it so that everything is easily recolored to fit the favorite color of the current heir and that furniture is easily exchanged to suit the needs of the next generation. This first post will be going into the house which is decorated in hot pink and black (black is the only color that stays permanent throughout the house) in accordance with Damien's (generation 3) favorite color until Mirdac (generation 4) becomes a Young Adult where it will be changed to fit his skills and favorite color accordingly.
For a general overview, here is the layout.

As seen above, the biggest room is the general living area. There's a TV and video gaming system for general entertainment, a food synthesizer that's been upgraded to the highest quality for good food without risking someone gaining the cooking skill. On the bottom wall there is a table dedicated to aging up and placing food for parties. There's a body sculptor and a gem cutter (which will likely be moved when Mirdac takes to his jail cell underground living quarters.
The bedroom on the top left is the nursery/raising room. Children are raised in there, and cribs/beds are exchanged in/out as the children grow and stored in the family inventory to prevent having to rebuy everything over and over.
The Master Suite is the only room to connect to the skill room. This belongs to the heir and their spouse. The skill room is changed to adjust to the skills. At the moment it is a high-end kitchen because Cooking and Gardening were the skills of our Fairy heir and generation 3 taker - Damien.
The two bathrooms are fairly standard. I simply adjust the sonic showers to favorite colors of the heir and their chosen heir as children so they both have the best moods possible.
Mirdac has his pond out front, he's a werewolf and his skills will revolve around fishing and collecting.
Damien's garden is very small at the moment, but it usually contains alchemy ingredients, basil and the occasional sweet grass.

The three ladders you can see lead down to the living quarters of heirs past.
Namely, this:

The six boxes in the middle become the living quarters for each heir as they are no longer needed (there are only 6 as the 7th will only reside in the main house). The thin rectangles around the six living quarters are the museums for each of the heirs containing all of their required pieces.
The rooms are labeled, obviously, and each is color coordinated. Each cell has the same pieces put inside of it.
-A nice bed.
-An upgraded food synthesizer (in all except Damien's, who will have a full kitchen).
-A toilet.
-An upgraded Sonic Shower.
-A dining area.
-A couch with a TV/Gaming system.
-Skill objects pertaining to their skills - these are moved from the skill room on the main floor to their dedicated rooms.

*Xiri's room has a corner sectioned off with an alchemy table and a chemistry lab. Those belong to her husband Quinn who is staying with us as long as we can hang on to him before the house gets too full.

I don't have any old pictures of these Sims prior to this point in the game. All pictures I use will likely be taken as of right now in the file (generation 3 is about to move downstairs and generation 4 is about to full out take over). I do, however, offer quirky stories of their lives when each and every Sim took over. I will do my best to grab pictures of spares/spouses who are gone, but I can't make any promises on that, as it's hard to track everyone down now.

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2014, 04:38:29 PM »
Founder - Xiri Hopecarver

Lifestate: Human
Traits: Dramatic, Eccentric, Excitable, Snob, Great Kisser. Nerd Trait: Never Nude
Spouse: Quinn Flanagan
Career: Inventing
Skills for Skill Challenges: Inventing, Handiness, Consignment.
Extra Skills: Advanced Technology.

Xiri had the roughest start - as do all founders. As a human, I was pushing myself to fight against time as they have the shortest lifespans of all supernaturals (of course, along with Witches and other human-based lifeforms, like ghosts). On top of this challenge, I was very, very determined to have her marry someone other than Quinn Flanagan.
I failed so miserably at that last part.
Xiri had a wide range of traits so I wanted her to find someone she had attraction for. She went door-to-door on almost every other male sim's house. I had already worked out that her spouse would be a vampire - as it was the easiest of all the life states to contract (well, except death). All it took was knowing one other vampire to get it, no level requirements to bite - just friendship and it would give the rest of the town plenty of time to contract every other supernatural state and pass it on to others over time as Dragon Valley doesn't have Supernaturals to start.

That being said, one day as Xiri was really starting to lose hope - there was Quinn. He had already contracted vampirism and was happily walking about (with an umbrella of course) in the park. I finally threw my hands in the air and said "why not? He can always make a good best friend requirement."
Then there were hearts. Of course they were attracted to each other. I was sold.
He moved in and we fought over the glitch of being un-intractable as Xiri's scrap collection was causing me massive lag and glitches. Of course, at the time I didn't even realize that's what it was, but upon selling the scrap in her inventory I was pleased to see my game framerate went back to normal. Then suddenly I couldn't interact with Quinn.
When it rains, it pours, right?
I fussed and fought with this for ages, reseting, restarting, factory resets and moving him out and in again.
One day, he just started to interact again, and I cheered hallelujah to the Sim Gods and continued on working with Xiri to get her requirements.

Xiri was an inventor and a handiwoman extraordinaire.

She breezed through life at her inventor's table while Quinn did everything else for her. Quinn has owned approx. 3 jobs he's maxed in career along with several skills. We completed the Journalism Career for his Lifetime Wish, but I absolutely hate having to write reports and that felt like a real waste of time on a spouse (and not even a heir/founder). So once maxed, he quit and became a doctor. He had already maxed the logic skill while waiting to be promoted as a Journalist as I needed someone to make a decent amount of Young Again Potions.

Quinn, eventually maxing and tiring of the Medical Career, quit and became a Video Game tester. He has maxed the writing, logic, alchemy, gardening, advanced technology and Charisma over the time that Xiri focused hard core on her requirements and child-rearing.
Quinn remains in the main house as an asset... he and Xiri are also the most adorable couple on the planet, always autonomously loving on each other.

Quinn single-handedly became the most valuable spouse in my history of spouses.

Anyways, you're probably wondering about their children right? With a human and a vampire it was no sweat coming up with twin vampires on the first try. The fun part was is they were multigendered without using a single fruit.
Mortissa and Malum were born, raised equally and both taken into consideration for heir. It wasn't until YA that I finally made the decision. As for Xiri though, her requirements were a piece of cake:

1 Supernatural Best Friend: David O'Reilly (Werewolf)
2 Career Rewards: Two grand metals for Inventing.
3 Unique Opportunities: "Fixing the Time Machine," "Fly Around," and "Toys for Children."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: Fireproof Homestead, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Efficient Inventor, Artisan Crafter.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Make a Time Machine, Master Inventing, Master Handiness, Marry Quinn, Detonate 100 Items.
6 Skill Challenges: Diabolical Detonator, Scrap Collector, Consignment Sales, Electrition, Plumber, Tinkerer.
7 Mausoleum Items: Inventions.

Her Mausoleum:

Of Her Other Children:
Malum married Merida O'Connell and had one son.

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2014, 07:12:54 PM »
Generation Two - Mortissa Hopecarver

Lifestate: Vampire
Traits: Overemotional, Loves the Outdoors, Hot-Headed, Kleptomaniac, Disciplined.
Spouse: Brien O'Connell
Career: Criminal - Thief Branch
Skills for Skill Challenges: Martial Arts, Athletic.
Extra Skills: Advanced Technology.

Her brother, Malum:

As a child, Mortissa was a very dedicated little girl. She and her twin brother Malum were raised and pitted up against for heirship. It became clear to me around the time Mortissa was a teenager that she was the one I was planning on choosing. It was a hard choice overall, because I preferred the female spouse options left to me than the male ones, but Mortissa and her brother were very, very different people.
Mortissa was dedicated, hard working and driven while Malum struggled to do simple things. Malum had no problems with finding love however, which is something Mortissa continues to struggle with to this day.
I have stated prior that spouses are not up for debate in this household. It's a hard choice, but with selection dwindling down and townies becoming fewer as years pass I make it a purpose to find and preserve the original townie life to use as spouses.
Mortissa was expected of no different.

Her teen years were dedicated to her studies of Martial Arts. She would stay out past curfew to visit the Phoenix Academy and would often be sent home in handcuffs in the back of a police vehicle.
She learned to get used to that, as her later career would cause plenty of that struggle.
She is a beautiful, but deadly, force of nature.

As such, this intimidated most options for spouse.
I had my eye on the O'Connell family for a while as they all turned to fairies. The beautiful Morida had really caught my eye for Malum, and they still married and had a child, but Mortissa had a choice between two brothers - Aiden and Brien.
She had no attraction to either at the time, so I chose myself, and I chose Brien.

Unfortunately I may have caused her pain by choosing the wrong brother.
You see, Brien is the first sim I've ever had to autonomously cheat on his wife. I found him kissing his boss in the public park while Mortissa spent time raising their twin children - Harha and Damien (another set of multigendered twins without using fruit).
Mortissa did not love Brien, that much was for sure. He often flirted with her boss the times Mortissa would invite her over and would cause Mortissa to get angry. Their relationship bar was only ever maxed once - the time they got married. Mortissa was a hot-head though which contributed to their low relationship. Brien is still slime for cheating, but Mortissa's anger also explained what happened next.

Mortissa did not handle the cheating well and she spiraled out of control - yelling and crying and smacking her husband. Overemotional and Hot-Headed are very strong traits alone, but in this case - they were deadly. Their divorce was inevitable - but the twins were still babies and they needed to befriend their father. This was the hardest thing I ever had to force her to do, all the challenges felt like a piece of cake compared to watching her no-good husband spending time with the children she almost single-handedly raised while he was out flirting with other women and cheating on her with his boss.
Thankfully though, no one else in the household had to befriend Brien to achieve anything - so when Quinn got a hold of the man who cheated on his daughter... well it wasn't very pretty.
Everyone in the house hated Brien. He slept outside and was occasionally let back inside to shower and eat real food. He was a fairy, so he mostly stayed out in the fairy house until the twins were children, to which he was kicked out completely and hasn't really been seen since.

Mortissa threw herself into work and exercise for a very long time afterwards, struggling to recover from her failed marriage.
The twist of fate happened when Mortissa's son Damien threw a party to gain relationship with his new coworkers in the cooking career. His uncle Aiden was a coworker, and as soon as Mortissa saw him again they were attracted to each other.
It was odd, having them pursue each other even though this should have crossed boundaries, but I didn't want Mortissa to be alone forever, and Aiden seemed to understand her very well. They took their relationship slow and eventually Mortissa proposed to him.
They can't wed until after this is all over, but they will eventually get married. I owe her that much.

As for her career and everything else. The Criminal career became riddled with bugs at the last minute. She was at level 8 and I'll never forget that silly "going to work" bug that caught up with her. It took a lot of extra work and days and a lot of perfect Basil to max her career. She is now resting and enjoying her time meditating and chatting with Aiden over the phone, making plans for the wedding she's always deserved at the end of this all.

Childhood Achievements
2 Toddler Skills Maxed: Xylophone and Peg-Box.
Best Friends with Parents?: Yes.
Honor Roll: Child and Teen.
Childhood Opportunity: Ballet Recital.
Romantic Interest as Teen: Martina Harry.
Cemetery Career: Level 3.

7 Requirements
1 Supernatural Best Friend: Darla Mithrilin (Vampire)
2 Career Rewards: Stolen Statue, Golden Fox.
3 Unique Opportunities: "Stay Late and Help the Gang," "Egyptian Delivery," and "Read Criminal Book."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: Jetsetter, Prepared Traveler, Portal Immunity, Body Scuplter.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Master Athletic, Master Martial Arts, Reach Grand Master Rank in Martial Arts, Marry Brien, Work Out for 12 Hours Straight.
6 Skill Challenges: BodyBuilder, Marathon Runner, Fitness Nut, Grand Master, Timber Terminator, Master of Meditation.
7 Mausoleum Items: Gems from Space Rock board breaking.

Mortissa's Mausoleum:

*Note, I cloned one of the stolen statues for symmetry in her mausoleum. She only received the one on the left from work.

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2014, 12:25:40 PM »
Generation Three - Damien Hopecarver

Lifestate: Fairy
Traits: Loves to Swim, Loves the Outdoors, Evil, Childish, Light Sleeper.
Spouse: Susie Sackholme
Career: Culinary
Skills for Skill Challenges: Cooking, Gardening.
Extra Skills: Advanced Technology.

His sister, Harha:

Damien was the only potential choice for heir and he cruised through his childhood knowing so. He had a rocky toddler-childhood on finding out of his father's infidelity, and after his toddler years their relationship deteriorated. They fought and fought and fought. Damien would play tricks on him and then Brien would patronize him. It was a vicious cycle and likely what contributed to him being evil.

Damien spent a lot of time outside in the garden. No one seemed to understand his complicated personality except for one woman.

Susie Sackholme was close to entering her later years in life - her life had been prolonged by the werewolves' extended lives. She was beautiful and kind but more importantly - she was a child at heart despite not having the trait. I often find the two playing tag when Damien was supposed to be doing something else.

Damien was an extraordinary cook with a knack for gardening. His career life struggled quite a bit because he had a very hard time maintaining friends. He would often make them, then as soon as they stopped talking he would sneak behind them and scare them.

Multiple times.
I like to imagine that he was one of those "stern" cooks like Gordon Ramsay. Either way, his life became more or less a struggle to get those final promotions while working on those crazy gardening challenges.
Susie occupied her time and new-found youth with the hunt.
They are a lovely couple whom, to this day, remain married though separated. Susie took their third son with them to finish raising him to open up some room in the house for their youngest son Mirdac to take over.

They had four children together: Romulus, Asalar, Remus and Mirdac.

Childhood Achievements
2 Toddler Skills Maxed: Xylophone and Peg-Box.
Best Friends with Parents?: Yes.
Honor Roll: Child and Teen.
Childhood Opportunity: Supermarket Research.
Romantic Interest as Teen: Donna Morin
Cemetery Career: Level 3.

7 Requirements
1 Supernatural Best Friend: Daric Ordhen (Fairy)
2 Career Rewards: MinusOne Kelvin Refrigerator, Food Processor.
3 Unique Opportunities: "Chinese Stir-Fry," "Buoyant Bass," and "Spaaaah Marathon."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: King of the Fae, Super Green Thumb, Born to Cook, Discount Diner.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Marry Susie, Master Cooking, Own 5 Venues, Donate $10,000 to Undermine a Charity, Reach Level 10 in the Cooking Career.
6 Skill Challenges: Star Chef, World Class Chef, Menu Mavem, Master Planter, Botanical Boss, Master Farmer.
7 Mausoleum Items: 7 Home Grown Life Fruit.

Damien's Mausoleum:

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2014, 01:54:23 PM »
Damien is cute!  I'm glad you posted this.  I wish there was more though!  I am going to look at your other ones in your sig, too.  Good luck with the rest! 
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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2014, 05:31:02 PM »
I'm glad you decided to share this.  I rather like the telling of it without a story, too.  Good luck finishing up!  :)
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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2014, 11:41:51 PM »
Damien is cute!  I'm glad you posted this.  I wish there was more though!  I am going to look at your other ones in your sig, too.  Good luck with the rest! 
Thank you very much! I have a few more screenshots this go around (as Mirdac is was a Teen when I started posting this, and this is his post now), but seeing as I already run two decent-sized stories and this one is so task-intensive I'll likely only be able to give overviews of the generation rather than a story telling aspect. That way everyone can get a general idea, but it's not like a whole lot of checks on paper (I already have that, my poor notebook is falling apart because my cat also likes to use it as bed).

I'm glad you decided to share this.  I rather like the telling of it without a story, too.  Good luck finishing up!  :)
Thank you! I'm just trying to push through quickly! It's hard to remember to even take screenshots when I'm so focused on getting those 5k wishes and whatnot! Thankfully I'm over halfway there!

Generation Four - Mirdac Hopecarver

Lifestate: Werewolf
Traits: Loser, Never Nude, Eccentric, Easily Impressed, Born Salesman.
Spouse: Fiona O'Reilly
Career: Ghost Hunter
Skills for Skill Challenges: Collecting, Social Networking.
Extra Skills: Logic, Advanced Technology.

Mirdac's three brothers, in order of birth (Asalar, Romulus, Remus):

This heirship was - by far - the hardest one I've dealt with. I actually stopped playing this file when Mirdac came to be a teen because I was just completely stumped with my options. Originally I imagined him being the collector/fisherman of the bunch, but his traits just kept getting in the way. Remus, Mirdac's twin brother, was also born a werewolf with considerably more skill, but I was determined to have a rainbow heir, and at every birthday the twins would spite me yet again with Remus receiving a great trait and Mirdac receiving a useless/negative one.

Mirdac made me rethink a lot of my planning, and also caused me some major grief, but I suppose it will all work out in the end.

Anyways, let's hear a little bit about our trouble maker, eh?
Mirdac was born the final child of Susie and Damien. His gender was predetermined as I saw Fiona as a perfect candidate for spouse (being one of the only witches in town). Quinn befriended her and kept an eye on her while Mirdac grew. Mirdac had no real trouble in school with Quinn's tutoring, the trouble began with the collecting challenges.
You see, I had needed Mortissa to use her board-breaking skills to get her her mausoleum pieces, this took away a collecting skill challenge (one of the easier ones) right away. I was pushing my luck by knowing Mirdac already had to do 4 of the collecting challenges rather than just 3 and 3 on another skill.

When Mirdac became a young adult I had no real idea where he was headed. At first I thought I would just struggle through the fishing skill and wing it, but I soon bailed out on that for Social Networking - an easy, slow-paced skill with skill books to be read on the side. When it came time to choose his lifetime wish I got stuck between the Leader of the Pack and the Paranormal Profiteer.

I weighed pros and cons over both, and decided on Ghost Hunting, as that would fix my uncertainty over career and it wouldn't cause a large amount of werewolves to suddenly surface up and take precedence over other supernatural. What I didn't realize was that I would eventually have to test every room in a house for ghosts as I got higher up.
I didn't realize that until they threw me into the O'Connell's Mansion and told me to find 2 ghosts and banish them.
12 hours later and only one ghost found I finally decided to give up on that house and go home. I don't think I'll ever choose that career over another ever again.
That being said, he rose in the ranks quickly - too quickly.

(Another Promotion Guys! Sweet! Now here's a picture of my foot!)
In fact, he rose so quickly that he didn't have enough time to roll the wish to max his career. Boy was I frustrated. He seemed to sense this because he immediately rolled a wish to max the logic skill - something I had refused to do as I wanted to save it (and all of it's magnificent skill challenges) for a later generation. I was left with no choice in the matter as I didn't want to waste any other 5k wishes on him, so he promptly walked to the library and studied up on logic. This was his last thing he needed to finish to be able to produce an heir.
Speaking of that, where is this Fiona I've mentioned?
Why here, here she is:

She's drop-dead gorgeous in a smoldering way - an evil way. And Evil she was. She is actually the first moved-in Sim to have a decent start on skills. She had logic nearly maxed along with athletic and Scuba Diving (which was maxed, making me believe that she must've spent some time as a mermaid, as there are no dive lots anywhere in Dragon Valley). She also appears to have dabbled in painting, writing, music and everything else to make her a well rounded woman.
Except for the fact that she's Evil. Can't forget that.

Mirdac had an overall easy time getting his two skill challenges done for Social Networking (as trying to sell 5 blogs seemed like pure luck, honestly - though now that I think about it, my collecting was purely by luck too). I thought I would share with everyone what it looks like to really grind up that social networking skill:

Not to mention, I couldn't seem to figure out the Match Maker challenge to save my life. It said to match 30 different Sims and change their relationship to Romantic Interest or Partnered. Well, did that mean 30 Sims and 15 matches? Or 30 Matches with 60 Sims? I actually counted 25 different matches, so I'm not entirely sure which it was.

Another oopsies that actually came back to help me out was that I panicked when I was nearly finished with requirements but hadn't seen a single opportunity. I summoned the Time Traveler and started the Dystopian quest on a whim. Guess what you get with the first opportunity? A giant magnet.
A giant magnet that pulls meteors down to the earth.
Hallelujah! My Collection Skill problems had been saved by my desperation to complete opportunities!

As you can tell, this generation has been a lot of "Oh you made plans? That's funny."
Fingers crossed for better luck next generation! Here comes my witch-y heir number 5!

Childhood Achievements
2 Toddler Skills Maxed: Peg-Box and Xylophone.
Best Friends with Parents?: Yes.
Honor Roll: Child and Teen.
Childhood Opportunity: Ballet Recital
Romantic Interest as Teen: Ursula Shelton
Cemetery Career: Level 3.

7 Requirements
1 Supernatural Best Friend: Sarah Dolan (Fairy)
2 Career Rewards: Ghost Hunter Trophy, Ghost Hunter Ribbon.
3 Unique Opportunities: "A Minor Indulgence," "The League of Concerned Doomsayers," and "Fire in the Skies."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: Professional Simoleon Booster, Strong Stomach, Immune to Heat, Alpha Wolf.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Own 7 Venues, Marry Fiona, Max Social Networking Skill, Have 2000 Followers, Master Logic.
6 Skill Challenges:  Professional Greeter, Match Maker, Metal Collector, Amateur Rock Finder, Butterfly Collector, Beetle Collector.
7 Mausoleum Items: 7 Caught Ghosts.

Mirdac's Mausoleum:

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2014, 08:24:41 AM »
 :) Yay, hopefully-evil witchy heir!!
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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #8 on: March 03, 2014, 08:52:43 PM »
:) Yay, hopefully-evil witchy heir!!
Thankfully a not-evil witchy heir. I like my plumbing! Haha.

Generation Five - Caelia Hopecarver

Lifestate: Witch
Traits: Hates the Outdoors, Over-Emotional, Light Sleeper, Handy, Supernatural Fan.
Spouse: Shannon Ordhen
Career: Painting
Skills for Skill Challenges: Painting, Alchemy. 
Extra Skills: Photography, Advanced Technology.

Her Sister, Lucia:

Caelia was quite the little princess growing up. She was very spoiled by her father's love.

Her traits had always been neutral, so I encouraged her to seek out Alchemy and Painting, which was easy enough. She breezed through school knowing exactly what she wanted. She even got to meet her husband as a child.

She was skilled with potions already, and they became fast friends.

Painting took up most of her childhood, teen years and youth. I focused entirely on that until she was finished with all of those challenges before I even bothered to pick up Alchemy. I got lucky in that she gained the Supernatural Fan trait on her young adult birthday which, paired with her Witchcraft, would make Alchemy a breeze.

She got a lot of the painting challenges done smoothly. I always had her paint small paintings until she got the Brushmaster, then I only painted large paintings to hopefully boost the chance of a Brilliant painting or Masterpiece. She seemed to only get Brilliant paintings until Proficient Painter was completed, and then it switched to Masterpieces. I remember struggling to get those challenges prior, but this time it felt like a piece of cake - though she honestly never left her easels for days on end. She would chug potent invigorating elixirs, eat her own apples from conjuring them and be cleaned by her soon-to-be husband's genie powers.
Once that was finished I threw in photography in between mixing elixir batches. I was really hesitant at making elixirs at low levels as they rarely work out, but knowing I had to pump out 150 elixirs motivated me to push her through anyways.

Once she got to the middle of level 9 I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I went ahead and sent her to the library to finish that up.

Her lifetime wish was achieved by creating 12 zombies and then curing them. I now realize taking the Zombie Master lifetime wish might have been easier, but this took care of over half of the Alchemists Anonymous challenge by just using elixirs and her father's wonderful Sim Finder App.

As the end drew near, I let Xiri and Quinn get their last affections in, as Quinn was to move out to allow Caelia and Shannon have a chance at multiples. They would be reunited soon, but it was still hard.

Shannon, whose name we've only briefly discussed, is a genie. He was one of several tested (all ending up being girls, so a lot of the Hopecarver Clan now enjoys the eternally happy moodlet) and he passed - the only question was: what is your gender?
Shannon was freed by Caelia as a young adult. She and he shared mutual respect and affections for each other. He always intrigued her as he was a supernatural, and she was just easy to love.

They are now happily expecting what is hopefully our heir/heiress.

Childhood Achievements
2 Toddler Skills Maxed: Painting Books and Xylophone.
Best Friends with Parents?: Yes.
Honor Roll: Child and Teen.
Childhood Opportunity: Ballet Recital
Romantic Interest as Teen: Kristian Gage
Cemetery Career: Level 3.

7 Requirements
1 Supernatural Best Friend: Aileen Schuster (Witch)
2 Career Rewards: Painting Certificate, Painter's Ribbon.
3 Unique Opportunities:  "Free the Genie," "Alchemy Mastery," and "Scanning for Smiles."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: Magic Hands, Super Creative, Flying Vacuum, and No Bills Ever.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Marry Shannon, Master Painting, Reach Level 10 in the Painting Career, Master Photography, Master Alchemy.
6 Skill Challenges: Brushmaster, Proficient Painter, Master Painter, Excellent Elixirs, Master Alchemist, Alchemist Anonymous. 
7 Mausoleum Items: 7 Homebrewed Witch Potions.

Caelia's Mausoleum:

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #9 on: March 07, 2014, 01:42:01 PM »
Generation Six - Flynn Hopecarver

Lifestate: Genie
Traits: Insane, Absent-Minded, No Sense of Humor, Slob, Handy, Honorary Degree Trait - Artistic
Spouse: Mina Hopecarver
Career: Sculpting
Skills for Skill Challenges: Sculpting, Fishing.
Extra Skills: Advanced Technology.

His sister, Sheera:

I tried and tried and tried my absolute best to prepare for this generation. It could be the fact that it's generation 6 that it just felt like it took forever! Flynn was a boring, normal child - asides from the genie bits, but he couldn't use those until he aged up into an actual child. As a toddler, he learned all of his skills and both toddler bonus skills in one night thanks to the motive mobile and his grandfather to drive him and his mom around. He then spent the rest of the three days he was a toddler spamming interactions with his IF doll who I promptly named a girls name - Mina.
Flynn grew up into a child and started to chip away at his requirements. He spent one long night with grandfather Mirdac to be tutored before he was sent on a long journey.

I had never really wanted to mess with fishing in this file, as it only had 2 of the needed skill challenges and I needed 6, but when I suddenly remembered that sculpting was an option on my game I reconsidered fishing. I was so ready to throw in the towel when it came to the commercial fisherman challenge, but that's a story for later. Flynn easily got an A in school prior to attending so all he really had to do was just show up and attend Ballet after school. He got his opportunity on the second day in school (still needing one more day to ensure honor roll) and was promptly aged up after he received his honors.
I needed a break from fishing, so I decided to just barrel into sculpting.

Sculpting was relatively easy, just time consuming. I started to pick up a routine. He pushed out 5 Clay Sculptures, then 5 Wood sculptures, then 25 Ice Sculptures (this knocked out 3 of the required challenges). Each day at night I would set all my previous heirs up to eat a meal, sleep until 6am, call their significant other, make their bed (as it was always unmade) and sonic cleanse themselves. I would then return to my sculptor and leave them alone until the next night at about 9 or so. This was the only way to ensure they didn't starve or get off on a weird schedule which might lead to them starving as I can't keep track of more than the 3 I'm already working with (one for Mina, one for Flynn and one for the rest of the heirs). By having them call their significant other I would know right away if one of them got up too early as their significant other would tell them it's too early to talk.
Anyways, asides from me going crazy watching all those Sims, I'm completely fine.
Once I was finished with Ice, I pushed Flynn to work on Topiary, saving my least two favorites for last (as they require constant attention).
It's a good thing I did give Flynn my constant attention during those sculptures too, as the butt-fires were numerous.

Stone had me worried that I would have to have Mirdac climb out of his hole just to pick up the "impurities" in the rock, but that only happened once - thankfully. All the other times the stone block broke were simply to irritate me.

Flynn's lovely bride Mina was my first bride that did not cause Flynn to wish to marry her. Thankfully, 5k wishes were in abundance, so it wasn't a big deal... but it's the principle of the idea.
She aged up with Flynn from his childhood and he made her real. She didn't roll very many good traits, so when I had to pick her lifetime wish I had to settle on bot-building. I was still up in the air about if I was going to use that for the last generation or not, but I decided I best prepare myself in case I did.

I've never made it past level 5 in the bot-building skill. I've never caught a nanite or reverse engineered one, so I am really going to avoid that skill at all costs, but one thing I know is to never say never - for my Sims might just find a way to force me into it.

After Flynn finished his sculpting I knew I had to finish the dreaded fishing. I figured out it's only dreadful because I spent most of my time on autopilot with Flynn. I would queue up sculpture, eat, sculpture, magically clean self, sculpture, potent invigorating elixir and so on. It was the same with fishing, though I eventually wised up when I realized he needed apples between every fishing spot and settled on taking the non-spoil-able Shawarma from the Synthesizer.

Best decision I ever made.
I stocked up on every type of bait book and sat him down in the library to finish off the books he only chipped away at as a child and sent him grocery shopping. Every bait I could buy, I did buy - in abundance. I sent him out on the hunt to collect those 20 fish right away and things didn't seem so bad. As soon as he caught those, he still needed 250 fish to go. I looked at that counter and about cried. This waiting game was driving me crazy! I would queue up the "catch 5 fish" option at every single fish location on the map (with eating, cleaning and elixirs in between) and just sent him off.
Unfortunately, Flynn didn't have many good choices for his LTW, so I went with Jack of All Trades. He never did max the sculpting career - but he did get high enough to get the ribbon and put his sculpting certificate on display. As soon as he had caught deathfish I had him sign up for the fishing career and sold all of them, bringing him to level 4 and a wish to max the fishing skill. After he finally finished his fishing skill challenges he started to roll some opportunities to fish/sculpt for the town. I had him quit the fishing career, got him an Honorary degree in business and sent him to work at the business center for his 3rd career. Mirdac helped him befriend his boss, and his only coworker was his father.
He was soon invited to a party where he met the still-barely-alive Sioban Murphy walking around with a cane. One potent friendship elixir and we were finished with our requirements.
Thank watcher.

Wasn't that just boring to even read about?!

Childhood Achievements
2 Toddler Skills Maxed: Logic Books and Writing Books.
Best Friends with Parents?: Yes.
Honor Roll: Child and Teen.
Childhood Opportunity: Quest for the Lead.
Romantic Interest as Teen: Christel Landry.
Cemetery Career: Level 3.

7 Requirements
1 Supernatural Best Friend: Sioban Murphy
2 Career Rewards: Ribbon and Sculpting Skill Certificate.
3 Unique Opportunities:  "A Plumber and a Fisherman," "High Quality Delivery," and "Fashion Distraction."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: Inappropriate in a Good Way, Honorary Degree, Dirt Defiant, Speedy Cleaner.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Sculpt a Masterpiece, Master Sculpting, Earn $10,000 Sculpting, Earn $20,000 Sculpting, Master Fishing.
6 Skill Challenges: Amateur Icthyologist, Chiselmaster, Prolific Sculptor, Master Sculptor, Ice Personality, Commercial Fisherman.
7 Mausoleum Items: 7 Pedestals carved in Ice.

Flynn's Mausoleum:

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #10 on: March 07, 2014, 11:31:12 PM »
Good news and bad news.
Good news, rather - great news - Mina and Flynn gave birth to a baby imaginary friend on their first shot. I was having a blast having him grow up. It was his young adult birthday, I went to send him to the dresser when suddenly the game crashed. I was sad, but figured I had saved a sim-day prior (almost certain of it, actually) but when I went back it was Wednesday in game (which I wanted it to be, as it was his young adult birthday) but rather... it was the Wednesday of his prior teen birthday. I lost all of my skill gain (level 6 in nectar making and level 7 in Street Art) and all of the work done towards his goals (which was a LOT).
I'm really discouraged, but not enough to stop playing... just enough for tonight, and possibly tomorrow.
I'm so bummed, but it's my last Sim.

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #11 on: March 07, 2014, 11:55:33 PM »
Huge progress losses do suck. :( But you're almost done! I enjoyed reading this dynasty and can't wait until you get into the Hall of Fame.
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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #12 on: March 09, 2014, 06:07:55 PM »
Huge progress losses do suck. :( But you're almost done! I enjoyed reading this dynasty and can't wait until you get into the Hall of Fame.
That they do, but thanks to the wonderful challenge team I can finally say I DID IT! I FINISHED! Woo!

Generation Seven: Leif Hopecarver

Lifestate: Imaginary Friend
Traits: Disciplined, Loves the Heat, Over-Emotional, Lucky, Unflirty.
Spouse: Damaris Duran
Career: Nectar Maker
Skills for Skill Challenges: Nectar Making, Street Art.
Extra Skills: Charisma, Advanced Technology.

Leif was my pain-in-the-rear Sim. Every bad thing that could happen game-wise, did happen. My game started crashing often, and frequently, as if it were trying to not let me finish and claim HOF, but I persevered. I kept going, so take THAT you silly Sims, thinking you could foil my plans!

Anywho, Leif made me leap for joy when he was born, my first born, and an Imaginary Friend. Here I was, stocking up on Age of Instant potions, kicking myself for having them try for baby so early in the morning, and then he arrived I was so sure he wasn't what I wanted. I thought it would take 5-6 tries to get it, but he ended up surprising me. He was perfect in every way and I was so thrilled. His father and mother doted on him and loved him very much as a toddler. They never put him down and were always working on training him or reading him books. Nothing could prepare him for his childhood though, when his mother moved out and his father went down into the basement, never to surface again until Leif was a man.
Leif was alone most of the time, which one would think would be an adventure for a child, but it was really a lonely life. His only company came from when Mirdac would surface once after his birthdays to tutor him. He took to talking with his Sprite, Brendan, to keep him company on the lonely days.

His skills were dedicated for teens and up, so his childhood was focused entirely on school and his opportunity. When that was out of the way, I aged him up and got him started on his teen life. He had gotten a good head-start in Street Art and Nectar Making, got through his part-time job and got himself a girlfriend in Damaris Duran - the only other teen in existence. Well, at least they were attracted to each other. He had just aged up to Young Adult and got his wardrobe when the first devastating crash happened. No worries, I was sure I saved, so I loaded it again. It was his birthday only wait? Is he shorter? Noooo!
I had to redo his teen years, but this time I focused solely on Street Art. I didn't send the adults on a Free Vacation (like I did last time when I forgot Mirdac had to tutor Leif and was kicking myself for that Thursday and Friday suffering through school without his A) so Leif was able to be aged up by Monday night after work. Damaris was still his romantic interest, as nothing changed and she was still the only other teen in existence at the time.

As a teen, with his focus solely on Street Art he was able to be almost finished by the time he aged up. I had him reading the skill books until level 6, when he switched to spraying. Leveling the skill with spray paint was much faster, but in my first round I noticed he had been at level 6 when he already gotten 2 skill challenges done but not a single masterpiece. I decided that the repeat time I would do it all in one swoop, which I did. Within his 30 ground murals he got 5 masterpieces and the other "make 10 murals" challenge. All I had to do was sit him down with those Nectar Machines and grind out the rest.
A word of warning to everyone in the future - the Mix Master Challenge will reset if you travel. I found that out the hard way.

Soon he was rolling in wishes and Nectar and everything seemed great. My Sims had more money than they needed, so I went to France and bought up $70k worth in Nectar to help Leif along the journey to mastering his career. It was all promptly sold and he went to City Hall to receive his Ribbon. He lacked a 5k wish and I decided it was time for him to take a wife.
It turns out, that wife was also a Mermaid. Checkmark on the best friend category.
She was normal Damaris one minute, then mermaid Damaris the next. It was really strange.

I'm not complaining though! With their marriage came the finish of my Dynasty.

It was time to round up the troops.

Childhood Achievements
2 Toddler Skills Maxed: Logic and Writing books.
Best Friends with Parents?: Yes.
Honor Roll: Child and Teen.
Childhood Opportunity: Archeology Exhibit
Romantic Interest as Teen: Damaris Duran
Cemetery Career: Level 3.

7 Requirements
1 Supernatural Best Friend: Damaris Duran
2 Career Rewards: Nectar Making Certificate, Ribbon.
3 Unique Opportunities:  "Commissioned Street Art," "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," and "Buried in the Sand."
4 Unique Lifetime Rewards: Eye-Candy, Attractive, Watering Hole Regular, The Hustler.
5 5,000 Point Wishes: Master Street Art, Reach Level 10 in the Nectar Making Career, Master Nectar Making, Make a Nectar worth $150, Marry Damaris.
6 Skill Challenges: Always Wanted, Master Muralist, Precision Sprayer, Flavorful Feet, Master of Nectar Making, Mix Master.
7 Mausoleum Items: 7 Perfect 100% Pure Life Fruit Nectars.

Leif's Mausoleum:

*Apologies in advanced, I recently switched to MediaFire for images and I'm really not used to it. Hopefully these turn out ok.

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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run
« Reply #13 on: March 09, 2014, 06:16:07 PM »
Congrats on finishing! And I'm very jealous of anyone who gets their last heir on the first try. :P

I'm also moving this to the Completed Dynasties board.
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Re: Hopecarver Life States Dynasty - No Story/Speed Run - COMPLETE
« Reply #14 on: March 09, 2014, 06:16:28 PM »

Hopecarver Life States Dynasty Presents:

(From left to right: Flynn (Gen. 6 Genie), Mirdac (Gen. 4 Werewolf), Mortissa (Gen. 2 Vampire), Xiri (Founder Human), Damien (Gen. 3 Fairy), Caelia (Gen. 5 Witch), and Leif (Gen. 7 Imaginary Friend).

That's all, Folks!