Author Topic: Dementia Sheogorath - Young Adult, Female, Human  (Read 1459 times)

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Dementia Sheogorath - Young Adult, Female, Human
« on: May 04, 2014, 09:20:14 PM »
Name: Dementia Sheogorath
Age: Young Adult
Life-state: Human
Traits: Insane, Loner, Bookworm, Kleptomaniac, Friendly
Lifetime Wish: Distinguished Director
Expansions/Stuff-packs: Ambitions, Showtime, Seasons, Into the Future
Store Content: Boldness Beckons (Grim's Ghastly Manor), Perky Ponytails (Midnight Hollow)

Dementia is the child of Mania and Kozilek Sheogorath and the fourth heir of the Sheogorath Immortal Dynasty. She married Mathew and is the mother of Obsession.


Formal 1:

Formal 2: