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The Hayati Dynasty
« on: May 16, 2014, 03:13:13 AM »
Woo hoo!  After 3 superfailed dynasty attempts, I finally reached the point of having a founder eat Ambrosia! 

I can't promise a coherent story, but can definitely report on some of the interesting and strange things that happened in the meantime. :D

Well, hellooooo ladies! ;D  Such a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

OK, you too, gentlemen.

The name's Kirin Hayati.  Yes...the Kirin Hayati, formerly of the Monte Vista Llamas.

I took an early retirement at the top of my game (only 7 days into young adulthood), due to a scandal involving myself, one of my teammates, and a hot tub...and let's just say it was more than worth it!

But now...I'm ready to settle down, and build a life truly worth living.  Forever!

First things first...

I loved Ayesha at first sight.  She's so beautiful...and being athletic doesn't hurt either.

Here is a picture of us in bed.  Naturally, I'm dreaming about painting, while Ayesha is dreaming about handcuffing someone.  (Hopefully me!)

I love this woman.

However, I realized I would still need some other friends.

Agnes, Iqbal, VJ, and Miraj moved in right away, and we built a pretty okay-looking house, with plenty of secret rooms that I will never be allowed into.  Miraj became a teenager right after moving in.  He wasn't doing great in school, and became an excitable teenager with a mullet.

(Amusingly enough--all the Alvi men and me have the exact same voice.  This made it challenging for my Watcher to figure out who was doing what, where, and with whom.  Generally, there was a lot of "bunkle" and "ota zafu uba zao" going on in the house.)

Ayesha and I didn't have a real wedding because my Watcher was worried about taking too much time away from skill-building, which we aren't the best at.  Luckily, neither of us are much for ceremonies and frilly dresses anyway.  We just took our vows in the dining room.  Miraj was completely unimpressed.

Iqbal wasted no time on his mission of getting to know all the eligible women in town.  But it looks like he's started with a not-so-eligible woman:

Mortimer was not amused.

While Iqbal was in training to be a dirty old man, Agnes had a midlife crisis, which explains her sudden change of fashion sense.  (I am told that outfit originally came from one of my Watcher's failed dynasty attempts in an alternate universe, in which the founder was my insane son Kana.  He made crazy outfits for everyone who moved into the house.  Agnes had a crush on him, but he only had eyes for Erin Kennedy.)

Ayesha got knocked up. :D  (In real life, I have three very strange children, but in this dynasty I will only be able to have one, so better make this one count!)

And I have a feeling she's not the only one...

The pregnancy went by in a big blur.  I was too busy painting to notice anything was going on!  However, I would like to point out that I made this:

Yes...that larva-looking creature in the pink blanket is my lovely daughter, Linmayu Hayati.  She's athletic (naturally) and loves the outdoors (which is good because we leave her outside a lot). 

I think when that picture was taken, Iqbal was telling Miraj something along the lines of, "Son, this is a baby.  When you grow up, your most important job will be to make as many of these as you can."  Iqbal has been spending a lot of time with Monika Morris, attempting to do just that.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are spending our time doing this.

This handsome little boy blowing out his candles?  He's Agnes's son, Jason.  I think that Parker Langerak might be to blame.

While VJ and Lisa Bunch are doing what they do best...making Lisa's father cry.

After the kids were born, the years seemed to fly by at lightning speed.  Here is a typical day in the life of our "family": the kids come home from school to find a burnt-to-a-crisp Miraj flirting with Iqbal's girlfriend, meanwhile Iqbal is getting kicked in the ribs by some other woman (I think it was Tamara Donner). 

Miraj works at the science facility and VJ works at the one of them is ALWAYS coming home burned.  And ALL of the Alvis are always flirting with each other's romantic interests.

I wonder who they could have learned THAT from.  *looks innocent*

Ayesha, meanwhile, has wasted no time becoming the manager of everyone in the family, from teaching our daughter the ways of sports, to dragging everyone into the Motive Mobile every time someone gets tired.  Because there's no sleep in a Dynasty house.

THIS, however, was unexpected.

Turns out things didn't work out between Agnes and Parker, because he was also dating Cornelia!  Agnes asked him to break up with her and he did, but she couldn't forgive him.  Who knows why VJ proposed, but it was definitely sweet revenge.  And they are an adorable couple.

One day, we got a call saying that Iqbal's old friend and Sunset Valley's first woman on the moon, Erin Kennedy, was near death due to old age.  Naturally, we decided that the proper response would be to throw a party, invite her, and let her kick Iqbal in the head.

Erin did in fact die right after going home, but she died happy and fulfilled.

I'm old now too.  But it's been a beautiful life.  I have no regrets.

Immortal #1: Kirin Hayati
Athletic, Flirty, Over-Emotional, Virtuoso, Artistic
Portraits: YA, Adult, Elder
Lifetime Wish:  Master of the Arts
Level 10 Career:  Painter
Supermax skill:  Painting
Fully Owned Building:  Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner
Fully Upgraded Property:  Stoney Falls
Three Unique LTRs:  Strong Stomach, Extra Creative, Complimentary Entertainment
Six Best Friends:  Justine Keaton, Monika Morris, Dave Ramsey, Tamara Donner, Emma Hatch, River McIrish
Six Black Ops:  The Complete Circuit, Muscle Showdown, A Medium Painting, No Sweat!, A Large Painting, Jog Everywhere

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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2014, 03:55:35 AM »
This is quite amusing linmayu.  I've failed every dynasty I've tried so good luck and keep us in the loop.
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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2014, 06:36:18 AM »
You're already farther along than I've ever been.  :P I really like your founder, and I can't wait to read more.  :D

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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2014, 09:46:19 AM »
:D Thanks Magz and Audren!

I wasn't planning on updating again until my G2 was ready for ambrosia, but her story is burning a hole in my brain, so here goes:

Greetings, weirdos!  Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Linmayu Hayati, second generation heir of this immoral dynasty.

(That's not a typo and you'll see why later.)

So, I'm assuming you already know my Mom and Dad. I love Dad to death, but I just can't seem to get along with Mom.  No matter what I do, it's never good enough.  From my time schedule (Linmayu!  Get in the Motive Mobile!  There's no sleep in a dynasty house!)... my studies in school (Linmayu!  Do your homework!  You don't want to grow up inappropriate like VJ uncle, do you?)... my romantic life or lack thereof (Linmayu!  What are you doing at the martial arts academy on prom night?)... my choices of clothing (Linmayu Hayati!  Will you please take off that Egyptian burqa and put on something attractive?  Christopher Steel is coming to visit!)...

...she's never satisfied.

But I guess it's a rough job being a dynasty spouse.

Which is why I wonder why she keeps trying to set ME up with the oldest and least competent men in town.

(Ayesha: Count your blessings, daughter, I could have made you marry Iqbal uncle.  Household space is limited, you know.)

I don't doubt she would have done exactly that, if the poor old guy were still alive.  Grimmy came for him while waiting for VJ uncle to come home from work (burned to a crisp as usual) and celebrate his 40th birthday.

Rest in peace, Iqbal uncle.  You were a good father, a great fisher, and an excellent sparring partner.  Monika misses you a lot, but don't worry!  We'll keep an eye on the nooboo for you.

Speaking of Iqbal, Monika, and my romantic life...there is only one person in town I am interested in marrying, and it's their older daughter, Chasity, who is just 6 months younger than me.

We were on the rugby team together in high school, and I love her.  Naturally, Mom says she's off limits, on account of the fact we're both girls.  Sigh!  Why couldn't Mom have eaten more apples while she was pregnant with me?  The garden's full of 'em!

Well...Mom's not getting any younger.  Haha, when she had her 60th birthday, she refused to blow out the candles on the cake we bought her, and tried to hide in the bathroom instead.  But the gray hair, wrinkles, and unfashionable clothes  found her anyway.  Old age waits for no Sim!

Anyway, she went through all that pain to give birth to me, so I suppose I should do the right thing.

But if I have to get married, and it has to be to a male, and I don't want to spend the next 50 years staring at a) someone I've lived with so long we might as well be relatives, or b) some geezer I can't stand like fatty Christopher Steel...

I'm going to have to break some hearts.

I think I can pull this off...but old Nancy Landgraab is NOT going to be happy with me.

See, out of all the old men I've had to entertain at the house every weekend since I was 14, there is ONE who I'm actually friends with.  He loves the outdoors, hates technology, and he's only 39.  But he's going out with Nancy.  I'm sure he thinks of me as just a kid.  And who knows if he'll be attracted to me or not, now that I'm grown up?

I gave my friend a call, and asked him to meet me at the park.

And I got him to break up with Nancy, move in, and propose to me within 60 minutes.  Hey, Mom, don't say I never learned anything from you!

Unfortunately, old man Mortimer turned 40 the day after our elopement, and on our honeymoon he started freaking out and having second thoughts.  This is where my dear husband slept during most of our time in Shang Simla:

Mom wasn't pleased with that, nor was she pleased with this:

Ouch!  Poor Agnes auntie.  It's not her fault, Dad's the one who can't stop flirting!

I'm told that when I was a kid, Dad actually flirted with my coach, Leighton Sekemoto, at one of our parties.  Sekemoto  was not impressed, and broke our sink before he left.

He still said it was a great party, though.

Anyway, while we were in China, both Mom and Dad completed their lifetime wishes, and I reached level 5 in the martial arts tournament.  Mortimer got pretty good too!

The beautiful Sun Young Kim took my mind off my continuing marital problems.

Poor, loserly Jason had nothing to do but set booby traps all over base camp.  I like to think I used my newfound adult powers for good.  Ha, I'm only 3 months older than him.

VJ uncle, on the other hand, had too much to do.  If he wasn't breaking the showers with Agnes auntie (they are divorced now, but that doesn't stop them), he was breaking them with Sun Young.  Get a room!

But nerdy Miraj uncle was only interested in fishing and harvesting rare fruits at the orchard.  He was truly in love with his girlfriend River, and had sworn to be eternally faithful to her...even though she is older than him, and got as big as a house after their son was born.

You can already tell the kid looks like Miraj.

I fixed the weight problem when we got home.  Both River and Chasity got plenty of free training sessions on my treadmill, and they're looking great!  Not that they didn't always look great, but...all 3 of us are Athletic, and we don't like being out of shape.  Unfortunately, job stress can do that to anyone these days.

Speaking of Chasity, she is dating Jason now.  Ugh!  I expected this would happen, though I seriously question her judgment, and you don't want to know what I'll do to him if he ever hurts her, or knocks her up and doesn't take care of the kid.

And speaking of pregnancies...what's this?

Yes...thankfully...old man Mortimer has finally come to terms with his impending geezerhood, and with the fact he has a wife who is ruthless with a baseball.  I've got to hand it to the guy, actually...he says yes every time I ask him to play catch, even though he knows he's going to get hurt.

Sadly, Agnes auntie died before the nooboo was born.  She was Mortimer's last living ancestor, and Jason's only useful one.  They were both so depressed.  We all were...she had been with the family for a long, long time.  I even miss the way she used to harass me with her cane every day.

Rest in peace, Agnes auntie.  You were a masterful painter, excellent cook, and all-around classy lady.  We miss you.

And welcome to the world, Reshi Hayati!

I named her after Grandma Hayati, who was a legendary cook with an even more legendary temper.  She Loves The Outdoors since that's where I decided to give birth to her, and she's also Excitable.  At the moment it looks like she'll take after her mother, but who knows?  I have my doubts as to how well old man Mortimer's features will mix with mine.  We'll just have to see when she grows up.

After Reshi was born, Mortimer actually went to City Hall and took the family name.  Truth be told, he didn't have to do that.  But it was a sweet gesture which I appreciate, and let me know my handsome old husband is here to stay, and curse technology with me 'till death do us part! :D

I really do love the old man, even though he *is* a man, and even though his nickname for me is "Linappropriate" (which is actually very appropriate).

Speaking of girls who love girls...old Holly Alto absolutely makes me cry.  Now everyone knows she's been partnered with Bebe Hart ever since they were high school sweethearts.  Everyone also knows that Bebe desperately wanted a child of her own, but was never able to have one.

Well, what happened was, against all odds, Bebe got pregnant when she was near 60!  Three guesses as to who the father was, and the first two don't count.

But after the baby was born, Bebe's hair turned white overnight, and within a few weeks, she was dead.  The newspaper  listed the cause of death as "old age," but Bebe was only 60.  No one knows what really happened.

If I were Holly I would have gone insane!  First of all, it's obvious that Bebe cheated, and secondly, it actually killed her.  But Holly did not go insane, get angry, or curse  her Watcher.  She just moved into the empty Hart house, and has devoted the rest of her life to taking care of little Abram, just  as if he had been her own.

If love like that still exists in the Simverse, then perhaps there is hope for the world!

Don't get me wrong, VJ uncle is definitely helping, but he's kind of got his hands full at the moment...

Well, I have just a few things left to do before I can chill with Dad and eat some of that ambrosia that Agnes auntie so kindly hid for us in that walled-off room: get the meditation and Sim Fu King challenges out of the way, get to the top of the sports career (Ha!), make 1 more best friend (and keep the ones I've got for the next 30 years), then sit for my midlife crisis and old geezer portraits.  I'll be sure to update you with a picture of my beautiful wrinkled-up face when that happens, but until then, peace out!

Immoral #2: Linmayu Hayati
Loves The Outdoors, Athletic, Technophobe, Inappropriate, Disciplined
Portraits: Toddler, Child, Teen, YA
Lifetime Wish:  Physical Perfection
Level 10 Career:  Athletics (in progress)
Supermax skill:  Martial Arts (in progress)
Fully Owned Building:  VJ's Budget Books (that name is VJ uncle's revenge for my stealing his sweet green midlife crisis mobile the minute I got my license)
Fully Upgraded Property:  Crystal Springs
Three Unique LTRs:  Fireproof Homestead, Speedy Cleaner, No Bills Ever
Six Best Friends:  Mortimer Goth-Hayati, Chasity Morris, Lisa Bunch, VJ Alvi, Shen Su (1 more needed)
Six Black Ops:  Stinky Bugs, Work-School Learning Project, The Boiler Room, The Research Project, Allow Me To Introduce Myself, Getting To Know...You

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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2014, 10:07:36 AM »
linmayu, I found Linmayu Hayati's story so deliciously inappropriately entertaining.  I really like your writing style.   ;D
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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2014, 10:09:49 AM »
I seriously love how your pollination project is going. ;D I like the narration of this dynasty too, especially Linmayu's chapter. I'll miss her when the story is handed to Reshi.
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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2014, 12:13:32 PM »

Very entertaining. Between your own sims and the Alvi's this family is just out of control fun and crazy. I bet the VJ + Sun Young nooboo is going to be gorgeous.

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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: May 19, 2014, 08:46:12 AM »
:D Thanks you guys!

To me the best thing about playing Inappropriate sims is the extra options they get under Mean social interactions, to talk trash about someone else who's in the same room.  I rarely if ever let them actually say those things, so it was really fun to write what might be going through an inappropriate sim's head.

I'm surprised I only had to stop Linmayu and VJ from kissing one time.

I bet the VJ + Sun Young nooboo is going to be gorgeous.

VJ and Sun Young's kids ARE gorgeous!  The daughter has blonde hair, which is odd.  Unfortunately I couldn't get them to come over since I haven't figured out how to build relationships with your children in foreign lands, and neither of them wants anything to do with VJ as a result.

"Luckily," my game got completely messed up when I went to China (I found out the family tree was broken when Kirin started flirting with his daughter), so I have a save file that I can use Master Controller on to see what those kids look like in more detail.

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Re: The Hayati Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: November 23, 2014, 12:08:09 AM »
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