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A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty (Complete)
« on: July 06, 2014, 09:11:39 AM »
Part way through my immortal dynasty I got Supernatural and an idea started to form in my head, by the end of my dynasty it was a definite plan especially with how things turned out with my self sim founder, why not carry on with her and her new witch abilities and start a life states dynasty.

I expected to take a few attempts to get going but after one fail and a very glitchy retry I decided to reinstall the game completely and start over, this time with an equestrian genie, but it got worse instead of better. I could barely get past two weeks without constantly crashing so Pets and Showtime got dumped and the witch was back.

Not knowing if I had sorted my issues or not I didn't start writing this until generation three arrived but still felt wary of sharing because of past track records, but I made it to the end with minimal problems and much relief!

It's harder to plan for this dynasty but I had a vague Idea of what I wanted, original townie spouses only and any spares would get swimming in cash on age up a wish enhancing serum and then an age freeze potion. I also used Into the Future despite knowing it would cause me problems, my plan was to use rabbit hole careers but best laid plans and all that, still I managed in the end even if it took me a bit longer than expected.

Packs used: WA, Amb, LN, Gen, SN, IP, ITF and all SP's up to Master Suite Stuff
Population Controls: Werewolves, Fairies and Vampires on, Witches and Celebrities off.
Single Lunar phase.

Some parts reference events in my immortal dynasty but only vaguely, it's also a lot shorter than that one with each generation having it's own three part tale, instead of some 100 odd chapter marathon  ;D


Prologue: A Step back In Time

Generation One: The Witch and The Mermaid Part One
Generation One: The Witch and The Mermaid Part Two

Generation Two: The Mermaid, The Babysitter and the Werewolf Part One
Generation Two: The Mermaid, The Babysitter and the Werewolf Part Two
Generation Two: The Mermaid, The Babysitter and the Werewolf Part Three

Generation Three: The Werewolf and The Vampire Part One
Generation Three: The Werewolf and The Vampire Part Two
Generation Three: The Werewolf and The Vampire Part Three

Generation Four: The Vampire and The Fairy Part One
Generation Four: The Vampire and The Fairy Part Two
Generation Four: The Vampire and The Fairy Part Three

Generation Five: The Fairy and The Lost Girl Part One
Generation Five: The Fairy and The Lost Girl Part Two
Generation Five: The Fairy and The Lost Girl Part Three

Generation Six: The Human and the Ghostly Rock Star Part One
Generation Six: The Human and the Ghostly Rock Star Part Two
Generation Six: The Human and the Ghostly Rock Star Part Three

Generation Seven: The Dehydrated Ghost Girl Part One
Generation Seven: The Dehydrated Ghost Girl Part Two
Generation Seven: The Dehydrated Ghost Girl Part Three

Epilogue: A Look to the Future

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Prologue: A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2014, 09:15:18 AM »
Prologue: A Step Back In Time

"A statue?".

"Why yes." said Emit "Your donation towards the future fund was very well received and the people of Oasis Landing wish to honor your generosity, of course I will need you to come back with me just for a few hours so the sculptor can capture your likeness."

"Go with you? to the future?" I wasn't sure I liked that idea, I glanced over at Dallas who so far had been silent.

"No use looking at me" he said "it's you they want, anyway as Emit said it wont take long, after all it's not as if you haven't posed for a statue before is it?".

"Well I suppose I could, for a few hours...."

"Marvelous, I'm sure you'll love Oasis Landing you might even have some descendants there, I'm sure I could find them for you."

"But I'm Immortal will I not find myself there?"

"Oh a paradox you mean? while that is certainly a possibility for one such as yourself, there is no record of you ever being in Oasis Landing up to this point in time so I guess it's safe to say you will not be meeting yourself."

A few hours later we were back at the time portal, the sculptor having satisfied himself he had enough information to work with, I had already said goodbye to my new found family members so all that was left was to brave the portal once more.

"Oh don't look so worried Tracey, you got here okay did you not? in no time at all you will be right back where you started, trust me."

"Okay, right back where I started......deep breaths............well here goes then." and with that I stepped through the portal.

"So generous of that nice man to donate so much money wasn't it Mr Emit."

"Excuse me Dot? are your gender protocols playing up again? Tracey is most definitely a female."

"Tracey? who's that? I was talking about that nice Mr Landgrabb gentleman who just left."

"Mr Landgrabb? there wasn't any Mr Land...........oh dear."

At first I just looked around confused, where was my house? where was my family, this had to be a mistake, I knew roughly how inventors time machines worked, you put in a date and time and then that is where you arrived, but this time portal wasn't like that at all, maybe if I went back through I'd be back in Oasis Landing and Emit could sort it out, yes that seemed like a plan.

But before I could do so Emit himself stepped out of the portal.

"Emit! thank god, where are we? or rather when are we as I can clearly see where."

"Tracey I'm afraid I have some bad news, you are precisely where I said you would be although not where I expected you to end up, you are in fact right back where you started, the portal malfunctioned shortly after you entered and it overshot it's mark by a few centuries or so, it took me days to fix the error and another week to finally track you down."

"Well now you have so let's just go back through and you can send me to the right time."

The look Emit gave me told me I wasn't going to like what I was about to hear, and I was right.

"I'm afraid that just isn't possible, as you may recall me explaining to you when first we met things that happen in the past affect our futures, you have crossed your own timeline causing a paradox so the universe does the only thing it can, it rewrites itself to fit around the mistake, and your future has yet to be written."

"So let me get this straight you are saying that one tiny blip in your machine has effectively wiped the last few centuries of my life from existence?"

"That's about the gist of it, yes."

It was just too much to take in, all of it gone, everything I had worked so hard to achieve lost in the blink of an eye, and my family just vanished as if they had never been.

"Look Tracey, I understand this is difficult for you now but in a few days they will all seem like a memory, or a dream if you will, it sounds harsh but well the things you remember now never actually happened in this lifetime."

"I just can't believe they've all gone."

"Not all of them, well yes those born later of course but there are some who still exist in this time and place, one of whom is standing just across the street.........."

Right back where I started Emit said so this would mean it's the day I officially moved onto this empty plot of land.

"Of course he doesn't know who you are but I'm sure you can soon change that." said Emit breaking into my train of thought.

"What do you mean? of course he knows who I am we were high school sweethearts, I lived with his family for months before I moved over here."

"Er, no you didn't, well not according to my information." he then proceeded to pull a gadget from lord knows where and started to read from it.

"Ah yes, it says here you were born in Bridgeport and that you were orphaned while in your teens, is that correct?"

"Yes, that's right."

"After leaving school you got yourself a job at the diner to pay the bills where you discovered you were a natural at cooking, but the pay was poor and unable to afford your old apartment you were forced to lodge with some local vampires."

"Vampires! nonsense."

"Oh yes, definitely says vampires here, it was at this time you developed a fear of being seen nude, something to do with a faulty bathroom lock so you took to bathing in your swimwear, odd."

"Just where does this so called information of yours come from? that isn't what happened at all, my parents didn't die in Bridgeport we were already living in Riverview by then and I certainly did not live with any vampires, and who bathes in their swimwear?".

"Well you for one, it's all here in your own words no less, all my information comes from your own journals which you published about seven generations from now I believe. Shall I continue?".

"There's more?".

"You were quite descriptive, now where was I..........oh yes, you worked at the diner for about six weeks but got fired after they caught you stealing the crockery, you're quite the little kleptomaniac apparently, after which you turned to a life of crime, stealing cars and that sort of thing and eventually got enough funds to leave Bridgeport for good which is how you wound up in Riverview and standing where you are now."

"Well we both know none of that is true."

"Oh but it is I'm afraid, the life you lived before never happened, this is your life now." he said pointing to his little screen.

"Okay so I can understand that maybe my future hasn't happened yet but how on earth could my past have changed so drastically?".

"Well as near as I can tell a random factor got thrown into the mix that wasn't there the last time you were at this point in your life, I have a feeling it is your occult status, which I am led to believe is something that happened much later in your old age."

"So because now I am a Witch when then I wasn't it rewrote my entire history?".

"It would appear so, look I realise this is a shock but if it's any comfort from reading your journals your future looks very bright indeed, who knows one day they may even put a statue to you in Oasis Landing".

"Is that a joke? because if it is it wasn't very funny."

"Sorry, poor timing, look if you want my advice, which you probably don't but I shall give it to you anyway, after I leave hide the portal, bury it or something just don't leave it about as a reminder of what is lost to you, in a week or so that life will be little more than a faint memory and you will find new purpose in this one, there is a young man over there who while he doesn't know it yet will soon meet the woman of his dreams and together they will create a new dynasty."

"I didn't know you were so soppy Emit."

"Who me? no I don't do the whole romance thing but I know you hopeless romantics like that sort of stuff, look you're a friendly sort I'm sure you'll get along fine, a lot has changed but not the core of who you are and that is what matters the most, trust me."

"Trust you? because that worked out so well last time didn't it." I said rolling my eyes at him, he at least had the decency to look sheepish.

We said our farewells and then parted ways.

Will I see him again? who can say, after all the future isn't written yet and it is full of possibilities......

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A Step Back In Time ~ The Witch and The Mermaid Part One
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2014, 09:43:57 AM »
Generation One: The Witch and The Mermaid Part One

So there I was starting over once more, at least I still had my magic.

Well sort of, okay so it wasn't really edible but it was a start. I decided to pursue cooking and alchemy, well alchemy is a little like cooking isn't it? So the first thing I did was take a trip to the elixir store to see what was on offer.

Then I took a cookery class followed by a delicious skill booster, can you tell how much I enjoyed it?

The next few days I spent mainly at the elixir store, I treated myself to one of those multitab gizmos and would listen to cookery classes while I played around with the alchemy station, sometimes I would rock while listening but that invariably ended up with me nodding off with the lesson still playing away like some kind of cookery by hypnosis.

My main goal was to become a culinary librarian, In my former life I had been a bit of a bookworm and this was quite likely going to be the nearest I would get to that now, It didn't take long for me to complete it.

Having mastered cooking and learnt as many recipes as I could afford it was time to start on a career so I got a job at the Bistro, really wasn't too sure about the hat but it's regulation uniform so what can you do.

I couldn't live at the elixir store forever and thankfully one day while browsing their stock I came across the perfect solution to my housing problem.

Yet despite now having a rather large fortune I chose to hold off on a house for a bit and instead got myself the latest in broom technology.

One day while lounging in the bathtub at the art gallery I started thinking about the future and I came to a decision, if there was one thing that had bugged me in my former life it was the fact that after several generations everybody started to look the same, maybe it was an age thing and my mind was deceiving me because after all I was rather ancient and possibly a little senile, or perhaps it was a conspiracy, well this time I was determined to keep the clone army at bay for as long as I could, and I had the potions to do it.

But I couldn't possibly save them all, that much was obvious, but I could at least make sure that everybody got a proper burial, after all if there is one thing I learned it's that even death itself can be overcome if you have the right skills and equipment. So I set about making friends with every single person in town starting with the elders and working down the ages, some may call that silly after all what if somebody in the future needs a friend all of their own and I know them all? well that's one time when the clones can actually be of use.

A little over a week had passed since my arrival here, my old life now seemed like a distant memory but for a brief moment it all came crashing back like a tidal wave, and all because somebody was sitting in my chair.

It would have taken but a moment to cross that street and talk to him before now but I needed time to come to terms with what I had lost, after all this is not the same man, well mostly the same I guess but not completely, and also he was a teenager still and didn't know me, but here he was and all grown up, with a certain amount of trepidation I went over and introduced myself then wondered why I'd been scared.

They say a picture can tell a thousand words well this basically says just the one.

Okay maybe I was being a little bit forward to a man who, as far as he knew, I had just met but he seemed to have no issues with it, feeling rather bold I decided not to waste any more time and kissed him.

Suddenly all was right with my world once more, or so I thought because it was at this point I noticed my mother in law had turned into a fairy and it promptly went back to feeling like the twilight zone.

For the first time in over a week I slept in a proper bed that night, and I know what you are thinking but despite what I whispered to him nothing happened.

Work was going well, my boss and best friend Mags Newbie, who had also turned into a fairy at some point, was very nice about giving me promotions whenever I asked, which was as often as I dared, she never once turned me down, as luck would have it she showed up at the Shallow's house the following morning and I took the chance to ask for yet another promotion, and once more she said yes!

So with an extra day off I decided to fill the Shallow's fridge with cooked food, they didn't seem to mind me pottering about in the kitchen.

That night I stayed over again, when I went to bed I fully expected that Dallas would join me later, but when I woke up next morning I had a nasty surprise! Waking up next to Kurt Shallow is not the way you want your day to start.

I'm slowly getting used to the changes around town, nothing is as it used to be, I never dreamt I'd see a neat snob like Nellie Spenster eating like a ravenous dog but I chose to ignore my horror and just waved hello while passing as if werewolves table manners were an everyday occurrence that I have seen a thousand times before.

Work wanted me to make some Falafel but I really didn't want to go to Egypt, I have bad memories of what that place did to my family in my former life, my family tree torn apart and all because of an innocent vacation, no if I could I would learn it from those in the know, but I couldn't find any cooks in town who did know, Nellie, Mags and Odin certainly didn't.

As usual the fashion sense around town was a bit of a disaster, but the moment I laid eyes on MaryKay's outfit I decided enough was enough, something had to be done about that girl.

With her new hairstyle and retro look I couldn't help but notice she is actually quite attractive when she smiles but it's a rare sight unfortunately. She seemed very pleased with her makeover though.

I had been here for two weeks now and in between shifts had been working my way around town making friends and throwing elixirs, there were some people I wanted to keep around but I knew they were getting on a bit so there was only one one thing for it, fangirling!

Oh sorry I meant Fountain of Youth, Jon is the kind of guy you definitely wouldn't mind joining the family but he was almost an old man and that wouldn't do at all, but Jon wasn't the only adult to have an elixir thrown at him, quite a number of residents now find themselves with a few extra years. It's not perfect by any means and it's a lot of work keeping track of everybody but I am determined to do my best to thwart that demon known as story progression for as long as I possibly can, several generations in fact.

And what's with all the abandoned cars everywhere? do these people really have so much money they can just leave them behind and get another one, how do they get home if they don't take it with them? I decided I should assign myself as the overwatch of this town and clean up all these cars, I can only manage three a night but it's better than nothing, if only I could do the same with the boats.

I just wish they'd abandon something better than a Sloppy Jalopy, like a Margaret Vaguester, now that would be worth stealing.

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Re: A Step Back In Time ~ The Witch and The Mermaid Part Two
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2014, 09:48:11 AM »
Generation One: The Witch and The Mermaid Part Two

It wasn't long before I just had a few more elixirs I needed to throw to complete the skill challenge and Dallas made a somewhat willing recipient, with rather soggy shoes by the time I had finished.

You may be wondering why I didn't give Dallas a makeover as well, after all he wasn't exactly dressed stylishly but I liked the fact I could see his legs, it told me a very important detail about him just by looking.

We went out to dinner on my birthday, actually that's a lie, we went out to dinner and I didn't realise it was my birthday until after we came out of the Bistro, but I like to pretend we went for my birthday.

After Dallas went home I went to the elixir store to mix some more potions, as you can tell by my birthday time is moving on, and my old friends are starting to die.

As I did my best to comfort Buzz I couldn't help but feel a tad guilty, here I was keeping younger people alive while just letting the old ones go, but I was at least safe in the knowledge that Hope's tombstone now rested in the town mausoleum and that had to be enough, as long as they had a tombstone there was a chance of resurrection while without it they were lost forever.

Not long after Kurt showed up, sometimes he can be quite surprising and kind hearted and after giving me a shoulder to cry on I made a spur of the moment decision.

I decided to make him young again. Now I know he likes to look smart but even for Kurt this seemed a tad over the top for everyday wear, so I took him home and gave him a makeover too.

It's funny really, you can change the exterior but inside they are both still the same hot headed pair as they have always been, does MaryKay not realise she is implying that she herself is descended from llamas?

It's no surprise that I wish to marry Dallas but I thought I would do things properly so I asked June for her son's hand, it was at this point I remembered she has commitment issues, but despite the skeptical look she actually gave us her blessing, that made me feel good for days.

When Bob invited me to a party at his place I took advantage and asked Mags for yet another promotion, and was granted it, she really is the best boss ever. I did get myself in a little bit of bother though, technically it wasn't my fault as Angel started it I just didn't tell him to stop, but Bob got rather stroppy with him about it and told him off for inappropriate behaviour. As for myself a quick apology to Dallas and all was well again.

Next day I had a bit of a surprise in store for me when I went to see him, he'd turned into a fish.

I had a moment of deja vu when I saw him but I'm not sure where it came from, yet another life maybe, visions of him passing out in front of his fireplace and me being locked out of the house and unable to save him, well whatever that was I wasn't about to let it happen now so I asked him to move in, move in to what though as I still had no house, it didn't help that he was starving, after a brief moment of what have I got myself into I told him to go put on some better clothes while I thought about what to do next.

Well that turned out to be sending him to buy kelp while I set up a temporary place to live in the great outdoors. While I waited for his return I got on with my final meal requirements, it was actually quite useful that he was almost always hungry as I was making a lot of food.

I still had that falafel recipe to learn and no desire to travel, but there was one cook in town I had not yet asked and lucky for me Elaine knew exactly how to make it.

We took a trip to the park on my day off where Dallas surprised me, well I did a good job of looking surprised anyway, as if I didn't know this was going to happen.

His family showed up a short while after, MaryKay is now a Vampire which actually suits her, and soon after Kurt turned into a werewolf, I think he must have bitten Tom at some point as well.

I had now finished all I set out to do apart from one last wish, to marry Dallas, I bought the Gazebo and decorated it up ready for our wedding, I wanted it to go as smoothly as possible so added a fridge for hungry vampires and also brewed up a batch of vampiric sunscreen to stop them from burning up or starving to death.

The sun was shining and we were surrounded by family and friends it couldn't have been more perfect.

Night fell but we barely noticed, everybody was having way too much fun.

When we did eventually arrive home we actually found we had a home to arrive to!

As if by magic it was there ready to live in and start a family, and my career rewards and elixirs had been placed in a special room making my final requirement complete.

But before we got to making nooboos I wanted to be young again so used a fountain of youth on myself, oh the luxury of never having to grow old again, what a treat.

My pregnancy went well and we had a daughter we named Megan, she's an eccentric genius, she's also a witch.

So we tried again and this time we had Marissa the mermaid who is brave and a little absent minded.

She's also the most coordinated little baby I've ever seen, sometimes the fashion gets it just right. She has her grandmother's dark eyes and my hair but I have a feeling she will look like her daddy.

I think that this might be a good place to finish my tale and leave Marissa to tell her own, but before I go I suppose I should tell you what I did to get to this point.

Generation One Stats:

Name: Tracey Shallow
Life state: Witch
Traits: Friendly, Hopeless Romantic, Kleptomaniac, Natural Cook, Never Nude
One Best Friend: Mags Newbie (Fairy)
Two Career Rewards: Ingredient Eviscerator 235x, Minus One Kelvin Refridgerator (Culinary Career)
Three Ops: All New Bi-Pedal Dishwashing Machine, Borrowing Ingredients, Falafel Portfolio
Four LTRs: Flying Vacuum, Discount Diner, No Bills Ever, Magic hands
Five Wishes: Master Cooking skill, Master Alchemy Skill, Own 5 venues, Own 7 Venues, Marry Dallas
Six Skill Challenges: Menu Maven, Star Chef, World Class Chef, Excellent Elixirs, Master Alchemist, Alchemists Anonymous
Seven Items: Elixirs (Jars of Discord)
Travel Days Used: None

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Re: A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2014, 09:55:47 AM »
This looks cool so far, just please excuse me while I first go read your ID  ;D
because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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Re: A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: July 06, 2014, 12:07:29 PM »
Yay! The Shallows are back! Loved the beginning. That was a great way yo incorporate what happened with your game. Bookmarked for sure  :D

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Thank you both  :D

A couple of things I meant to mention yesterday at the end and forgot, Tracey's boots come with Pets which obviously I turned off so I'm using a cloned CC pair as they are the only boots that go over her trousers and I really wanted to use that outfit. Other than that I use a custom skin and some store stuff, no other CC.

Also her traits, I was surprised when I randomly rolled them and she rolled two of her normal ones again, hopeless romantic and friendly, I almost felt it was cheating but it says roll once and well it is random so odds are it can happen.

My story is all written so I shall probably put up a generation per day, generation two coming up now.

Generation Two: The Mermaid, The Babysitter and the Werewolf Part One

According to my mother I was a good baby, I learnt all my skills and never made a fuss.

Even when she pushed my stroller into the water I didn't cry out, but then it's not as if I had to worry about drowning.

As I grew my scales darkened from pink to purple, I asked my dad why that happened but he didn't know, he said he didn't become a mermaid until he was a young adult, he did know many other things though and thanks to him I got on the honor roll in school.

It didn't take me long to figure out my big sister Megan was a bit odd, I think the bot costume might have been a clue there.

Have you ever seen a cardboard robot riding a broom? No I thought not.

I took ballet classes in elementary school and won an award at my end of term recital, that wasn't my opportunity though, I had already taken a pile of permission slips to City Hall for that.

Shortly after my birth my father stopped swimming in the river, he had been adapting to land for a while and the change finally happened just as we got back from the school, I asked him why he didn't want to be a mermaid and he said he felt it was holding him back from his dream of becoming a master thief. But he also said that I shouldn't worry about my future as I was born to be a mermaid where he never was, in his heart he is just a man and was never meant to have a tail.

The very first thing he did was go and make some hot dogs, I think he had missed them on his diet of kelp.

My childhood was soon over, but I wasn't sad to see it go for now I would get my tail at last.

My scales changed once more, this time to turquoise which I was more than happy about seeing as it is my favourite colour, mother was rather distressed when she saw how skinny I looked, she had always made sure I ate well but meals just never filled me up, her solution was a good cooked meal and a helping of kelp on top but apparently that still wasn't enough to make me gain weight. It would seem I am just destined to be thin and rather flat chested unlike her or my sister.

My birthday came just in time for me to attend prom with Megan, I know mum was hoping that I might meet a boy there but I'm afraid she was out of luck.

Megan met somebody though and to be honest she was welcome to him, the guy was an obvious gold digger.

Not that I would wish that on my sister of course, but she wasn't really interested in him, after all he wasn't a plumbot.

It's a shame there is no ocean here to swim in but the river is nice and clear and it does help keep my scales in good condition so I try to swim in it frequently,  I often used to swim home after working at the graveyard.

That's when I remembered to go to work.

Two days before what would have been her second adult birthday my mother took an age freeze potion, she said she had enough of being old the first time and wasn't going to go through that again. Surely being an adult isn't that awful I said to her but she just gave me an odd smile and said it was a long story best left for another time.

As I said before, my mother had hoped I would meet a nice boy at prom but there was something I hadn't told her, I did have a romantic interest but it wasn't a boy it was my best friend Martha, she was a bit of a tomboy though if that counts.

Megan finished high school a few days before me and promptly registered herself as an inventor, she'd really like to be a bot builder but that just isn't possible so she makes do with just designing trait chips and nanites for now, and of course inventing.

After finishing my requirements I finally graduated too, while my goal in life is to be an alchemy artisan, which mother said I could do under certain conditions so as not to invalidate her skill challenges, my main aim is to become an astronaut, maybe slightly ambitious for a mermaid but I refused to let that put me off.

I had stayed with Martha throughout high school and given the choice I think I would have happily stayed with her forever, you see I truly loved her, letting her go was the worst moment of my life but I had no choice.

I know my mother felt bad about it as I had done it for her, she could see how upset I was, but Martha could not give me the one thing I needed the most, a child. She always used to tell me when I met the right person I would know, well I had and now I had lost her.

So I did the only thing I could and threw myself into my career, I made a new best friend in one of my colleagues, Lakeisha Morse, and was getting promotions on a daily basis.

My superior officer was Billy Caspian an old friend of my mothers and a werewolf.

We got on quite well, well most of the time, he can be rather inappropriate at times. He wasn't the first werewolf to try and sniff me though, the last one was my great grandfather.

Kurt runs the consignment store now, I have to say though Megan's first meeting with him was far worse than mine, he didn't sniff her instead he growled at her.

My mother swears he's harmless really but I'm not so sure myself, and I think Megan agrees with me on that score.

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Generation Two: The Mermaid, The Babysitter and the Werewolf Part Two

My sister eventually broke it off with Peter her prom date, if you can even call him that, they hadn't even spoken since high school, he got quite angry about it, seems he has a bit of a temper but that just made Megan even more annoyed with him, after all he had made no secret of the fact he only wanted her money.

She's never really shown much interest in dating, she's best friends with Dimitri Ivanov and he often asks her out on dates, turns up on our doorstep a lot too but he also works with mother, there's nothing romantic between them though, Megan says they are just friends.

Despite being way behind on both my athletic and handiness skills I have managed to get promoted every day just by sheer hard work, I would say that it helped to have a good boss but Billy is nothing like Mags Newbie, at times he is almost impossible to get on with, when I arrived at the gym I had no idea he would be there, it seemed the right thing to do to at least say hello but I soon wished I hadn't bothered.

Yet to my total surprise two seconds after mocking me he kissed me.

The more observant person may notice that somebody wasn't too happy about that, that somebody turned out to be my neighbour Jon Lessen, I honestly had no idea that Billy had a girlfriend, Lorraine Cantina had moved in with Jon before I was even born and mother felt sure Jon and Lorraine were a couple, turns out that wasn't true. I apologised profusely as I liked Jon and I honestly had no idea about Lorraine.

That night my father reached the top of his career, as for myself I was far too busy wondering what effect that kiss would have on mine. If it taught me anything though it was to not stand about lost in thought when your evil father is sneaking around.

When in uniform I'm a model soldier who does as she's told and wouldn't dream of disagreeing with her superior officer.

But out of uniform? well then he's really just an inappropriate dog who needs a good whack on the nose!

To make matters worse Billy moved in with Lorraine and Jon, I wished to speak to Jon but instead Billy answered the door, I thought about just going home again but decided to go in and wait, it soon became pretty obvious to me that Billy and Lorraine didn't actually like each other much, all they did was argue, I hoped it wasn't to do with me at least.

In the end I decided not to worry about it for now, just to get on with my career and my skills, thanks to my sister and her ice spells the plumbing challenge was easy.

Although not when it backfired on her.

A couple of days later I went back to see Jon again, like my mother Jon is a hopeless romantic and suffers from something she refers to as the hugging problem, and he chose precisely the wrong moment to do it. I apologised of course but at the same time wondered why, after all technically I was a single girl, he was the one cheating on his girlfriend.

My family are great at making me forget my troubles though, a night out at the grind soon made me feel better.

But while we were enjoying ourselves that demon my mother sometimes refers to called story progression was busy causing havoc, first it starved Heather Crosby leaving her poor husband devastated, then it drowned Ginny McDermott and moved the Lin sisters out of town, needless to say my mother was not pleased.

What happened next though is something I blame myself for entirely, you see Billy and Lorraine had finally parted ways and a part of me thought maybe I could make this work for us so I went over to his house and Jon answered the door, we spent some time chatting about sharks and kelp recipes, he seemed genuinely interested which was nice, when Billy finally came home I asked if I could stop over so we made our way to the guest house and soon fell asleep.

If only I had paid more attention the night before maybe I would have realised Jon was so interested in mermaids because he had become one himself, I always tried to stay out of his main house or remain in the hallway, that place has a roaring fire in almost every room so it was little wonder that Jon dehydrated. To make it even worse he was stood next to the bar at the time, all that drink and yet still so very dry.

I thought my mother would be dreadfully upset when I told her what happened but she just smiled and said not to worry I'd see him again one day. I wasn't entirely sure how to take that until my father pointed out we will one day be in need of a ghost then it all became clear. Perhaps that is why he shook Grim's hand because he'd just earned himself a place in a dynasty and he knew it.

For a moment Jon's death brought Billy and I closer together, but it didn't last, I'd like to think it was grief that made him lash out but somehow I can't help feeling it's just how he is, still I wasn't about to let him insult my mother that way, without her he would be an old man or in his grave by now, it was the last straw for me, no longer caring if it affected my career or not I dumped him and walked away.

My adult birthday arrived while I was at the library, we aren't good with birthdays in our household we always forget about them but it didn't really matter, to make up for missing it us girls went clubbing instead, dad was at work so couldn't join us.

After Billy and I broke up I started dating, I think I probably went on a date with every eligible man in town but I don't know I just wasn't interested in any of them romantically, although I made many friends, Skip was the first to ask me out but it soon became clear that was a friendship only date, he already had Tatiana, they are married now and I wish them all the best but I can't help feeling a little envious of their happiness, I had that once myself.

Then I ran into Billy at the local pool, I had no idea he would be there I just needed to rehydrate.

I don't know why I let him kiss me again, it just complicated matters once more but somehow I couldn't bring myself to stop him.

Moments later though I truly wished I had, oh Billy, really? my aunt? how could you.

Of course MaryKay was furious, well she usually is but this was something else, she was out of that pool like a shot and in his face giving him what for, it was a sight to behold and I actually think he deserved it. But she isn't totally innocent in this, she already has a boyfriend who has been living with my grandparents since I was small, I consider Rainer Kowling my uncle in fact even though they are not married.

Then out of the blue one day I got a phone call, it was Martha, I hadn't seen her since we broke up but she wanted to know if I'd like to go on a date, I was shocked when I saw her though, I know it's been some time but she looked so old, we had dinner at the Bistro and afterwards watched the stars together just like old times.

But moments later to my utter horror, she died.

The only person I had ever really loved was gone, I never loved Billy you see, I had never once wished to kiss him or hold him or even just see him, but Martha was another matter entirely, all my wishes revolved around her when we were together and seeing her again had brought it all back but it just wasn't meant to be.

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Generation Two: The Mermaid, The Babysitter and the Werewolf Part Three

Martha's death hit me hard but my family were incredibly supportive during this time.

To distract myself I started working on my handiness challenges, first the upgrades, honestly I think I changed our doorbell about thirty times by the end.

Then with some more help from Megan the electrician challenge.

I'm sure it was pretty annoying trying to watch television with me hammering away in the background but dad never complained.

I decided I would upgrade seven microwaves for my collection, they got added to the special room along with my athletic and handiness certificates.

I also treated myself to a body sculptor, I have curves at last, small ones I'll grant you but well it's something. I admit I set it on low in case I came out too large.

Despite my issues with Billy I managed to max my career, I then took two days off, which pretty much worked out as two weeks, I needed that time to complete my final challenges, time was running out and so was I, for days and days on end.

I saw parts of town I'd never even been to before, I just ran and ran and ran, when I needed to I'd stop for a dip in the river and a bite of kelp, potent invigorating elixirs kept me awake and my fathers moodlet manager got rid of my fatigue then I would be off once more. But time was running faster and after finishing the marathon runner challenge I took to the treadmill at home, only I had to stop as it was my birthday.

But as soon as it was over I got right back on again.

The treadmill was pretty boring though so I headed back out on the road, only I forgot what I was meant to be doing for a moment, I could blame senility but I've always been like this, mother has watched me like a hawk over the years to make sure I went to school and work when I should and didn't just forget half way there.

But eventually I had run enough, all my requirements were now complete and as a late birthday present my mother gave me the best gift ever, my youth.

Yes it felt good being back to my young self once more, but now I had the toughest decision of my life to make, what to do about Billy.

It felt too much like settling, trouble is there just wasn't anybody else, but my feelings for him hadn't really changed and I'm not sure he ever really had any for me, he just kissed me because he felt like it, it's what he does.

Did I really want to let this inappropriate man near my sister, or my mother even, if he even dared to try it on with her there's no telling how my father would react, much worse than MaryKay did I would imagine, not that I think my mother would even let him, my eternally faithful parents are just that, faithful.

Weird thing is people around town consider me to be the same, oh Billy is a total cheater and the whole town knows it, but they consider me to be eternally faithful to him. Am I really though when in my heart I have always loved somebody else? But Martha is gone and Billy is all I have so I did the only thing I could and asked him to move in.

I thought to myself that maybe he might be different given the chance to really be himself, get back to painting and music, the things that he really longed to do, and maybe just maybe I could grow to love him in time.

He's been friends with my parents for years so really they should have got along fine but Billy just can't help being, well being Billy really. Their dad was being all nice and friendly to him and yet he had to go and say something nasty about Megan, well dad wasn't having that so he accused him of being a poodle.

And then there's the forum posting, he spends hours just writing inappropriate forum posts.

But I also discovered he can be quite sweet when he wants to be, he wrote me a song on his new guitar.

And well it inspired me to do something I didn't think I would ever do, at least not with him. But his reaction told me that perhaps this was the right choice after all.

Despite the poodle incident dad and Billy are still friends, for now anyway. And he soon learned not to stand around lost in thought for too long, it's a valuable lesson when my father is around.

We decided on a small garden wedding with just my parents and sister attending, Billy is a loner so not really a party guy and also there was that awkward business with my aunt, it just seemed better this way.

I think Billy was happy about it, but right after the ceremony he had a distinct look of 'oh no, what have I done' on his face.

Surprisingly I felt rather contented and happy about it all, they say you never forget your first love and I know I wont ever forget Martha but I discovered that there was room in my heart for Billy as well.

Before long we were expecting our first child.

It was around this time Megan started behaving a bit strange, I never dreamt my sister could be jealous of me, up till now if it wasn't a plumbot she wasn't interested but she developed a bit of a crush on Billly, which in itself was harmless but the love charms she started casting on herself weren't.

Mum made her go to her room and told her not to come out until it had worn off, she got an extended stay when she cast yet another one on herself but eventually she was let out again. With luck it's just a passing infatuation that she will grow out of, perhaps being an auntie will distract her.

Billy wanted a girl but I didn't mind so we just let nature decide, and despite spending my entire pregnancy listening to kids music we only had the one, this is William our clumsy athletic little puppy.

I guess this means we will have to hide the exercise equipment, and I hope I don't become one of those neurotic mothers always worrying he will hurt himself, werewolves are tough aren't they? yes I'm sure he'll do fine, well he can tell you all about that himself when he's old enough.

For now though my story is done, it was a long road, a very long road and I ran most of it, but at least now I can finally stop and relax.

Generation Two Stats:

Name: Marissa Shallow
Life state: Mermaid
Traits: Brave, Absent Minded, Adventurous, Frugal, Dramatic
Toddler: Best Friends, Xylophone, Peg box
Child: Pile of Permission slips, Honor roll
Teen: Honor Roll, Martha Hudgins, Lvl 3 cemetery
One Best Friend: Lakeisha Morse (Fairy)
Two Career Rewards: Athletic Certificate, Handiness Certificate (Military Career)
Three Ops: Flightless birds, You can be my wingwoman, A H.O.R.S.E of course
Four LTRs: Permanent Mermaid, Body Sculptor, Jetsetter, Learned Relic Hunter
Five Wishes: Be worth more than 1,000,000, reach level 10 military career, master athletic, master handiness, upgrade 50 objects
Six Skill Challenges: Electrician, plumber, tinkerer, body builder, marathon runner, fitness nut
Seven Items: Upgraded microwaves (faster cooking)
Travel Days Used: None

I'm a firm believer in letting my sims choose their partners, well Marissa wanted Martha, she really liked her, Billy not so much, it took her getting married and pregnant to start rolling wishes for him, and after that she rolled them pretty consistently, but Billy only ever rolled the one, to serenade her, that was it for the entire time he was in the house  ::)

They got together because he kept kissing her mainly and he was conveniently a werewolf too, but if it had been an ordinary game I'd have left her with Martha I reckon, clone or not. Of course the entirely wrong sister decided that she did like Billy, I had a lot of trouble with Megan when he first moved in, I literally had to lock her in her room for two days straight, I could have just had her go kiss someone I suppose but I didn't want to do that.

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Re: A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty (Gen 2)
« Reply #9 on: July 07, 2014, 05:07:16 AM »
This got HoF, didn't it? Congratulations!

I like your story.

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Re: A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty (Gen 2)
« Reply #10 on: July 07, 2014, 11:46:26 AM »
Congrats on completing generation 2! Marissa was lovely and those turquoise scales matched her perfectly.

I do the same thing (to a point) in letting my sims pick their spouses. That makes it extra sad when someone like Martha dies. Hopefully Billy will come around :)

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Re: A Step Back In Time ~ Life States Dynasty (Gen 2)
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This got HoF, didn't it? Congratulations!

I like your story.

Thank you Lisa, and yes it did get HoF.

Congrats on completing generation 2! Marissa was lovely and those turquoise scales matched her perfectly.

I do the same thing (to a point) in letting my sims pick their spouses. That makes it extra sad when someone like Martha dies. Hopefully Billy will come around :)

They had a very odd relationship, I found it strange that Billy never rolled any wishes for her, not even just to talk or anything, I'm so used to sims who do nothing but roll wishes to kiss, cuddle, woohoo with their partners it just seemed odd to me, but he's a loner and I don't know if that has any effect on his wishing to interact with other sims, it might do. When I think about it I don't really remember him rolling wishes for anybody not just Marissa, maybe the odd ones for William when he was small but not after he grew up.

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A Step Back In Time ~ The Werewolf and The Vampire Part One
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Generation Three: The Werewolf and The Vampire Part One

My name is William, I'm sure you already worked out that I was named after my father.

He spent a lot of time with me when I was small, teaching me to talk.

And to walk.

I spent a lot of time with my grandfather too, he was most helpful when it came to the peg box, chewing it into shape is not the way to go about it apparently.

All in all I had a very happy childhood, my grandmother always cooked me scrummy food.

And sometimes I'd accompany dad on the xylophone, with a little help from mum.

Once school began I was very grateful for my grandfather's help once more, it was a lot more complicated than a peg box!

But thanks to him I had an A before I even stepped foot inside the school building, and after dropping off some permission slips all I had to do was wait a few days to get on the honor roll.

It was also nice having an aunt who made toys, I had some pretty unique things growing up that none of my classmates had.

I also joined the scouts and earned myself a badge, I was so proud of that I couldn't wait to show it off.

Elementary school was soon over though, the first thing I did after my birthday was go and get a job at the cemetery.

The second thing I did was put into practice all I had learned through observing my grandfather at work.

One thing I couldn't fail to notice growing up was the stark contrast between my grandparents marriage and my parents marriage. My father while not exactly cold towards my mother would never seek her out or be spontaneously affectionate towards her, most of the time it was as if she didn't even exist. If I ever did see them being romantic it was because my mother had initiated it.

But my grandfather was the total opposite, despite their schedules being totally different they always made time for each other in between sleeping and working, many nights my grandfather would wander the house looking lost going from mirror to mirror just checking himself out waiting for the moment my grandmother would wake.

And before she barely had time to get up he'd be there to greet her.

It's no wonder I became a light sleeper with him in and out of my room at all hours of the night.

But I learned a lot from him and it proved very effective when I ran into Allison Stoddard that day, I didn't care that she was only interested in my money, she's a mooch you see, because I was only interested in her as a means to an end, the end of being a teenager mainly.

She asked me to prom and I accepted but when she asked me to go steady I turned her down, don't get me wrong I liked her but I knew she wasn't the person I would marry and it seemed cruel to lead her on, even so we stayed as romantic interests throughout high school.

While I was romancing Allison my aunt Megan was having some romance of her own, it all started under pretty weird circumstances though, as part of my grandmother's plans to thwart old age Megan had gone over to my great grandparents house to throw a fountain of youth at George Dean, for some reason both George and fellow police officer Hal Breckenridge had moved in there, maybe they thought grandad's family needed a closer eye kept on them.

But after throwing the potion at George she got growled at by Grandad Tom.

Megan was prepared for it apparently and proceeded to whack him on the nose with a newspaper.

Her bravery made quite the impression on George and they ended up going out on a date and have been together ever since.

By the end of my first week of high school I was on the honor roll thanks to grandad's help once more, so once I got my final promotion at the cemetery I got to have my birthday early.

I decided that I wanted to join the police force and become an International Super Spy, mum agreed I could do a little exercise just to help with promotions but only a little, it's so hard at times being athletic and having no outlet for it.

The only other interest I have is cars, not that I joined the force just to get a police cruiser mind you, besides I don't need it for transport as I have one that is much faster.

Gran decided that now I was a young adult I needed to get out and meet people so when Carlotta Lobos invited her to a party on a work night she told me to go in her place, that's where I met my wife, although strictly speaking it wasn't the first time, you see I had known her since I was a child.

I can still remember the first time I saw her, after I had dropped off those permission slips I had gone to the bistro for something to eat and she was there playing her guitar, she had looked so totally caught up in the music as if nothing else around her existed I found myself mesmerised, so much so I almost missed curfew.

And now I found myself totally entranced once more, at that moment I decided I was going to marry this woman.

There was one slight problem though, Allison.

I guess break ups are always a little messy but even though she was mad at me at the time we remained good friends.

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A Step Back In Time ~ The Werewolf and The Vampire Part Two
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Generation Three: The Werewolf and The Vampire Part Two

Given the choice I would have pursued athletics but because my mother had already done that I was stuck with logic instead, but I'm hardly a genius so thank god for that peg box, at least I had a head start.

First chance I got I went to visit Meadow, I know there is a rather large age gap between us, Gran says she's as old as my great grandparents but she's a vampire so maybe age doesn't quite matter the same. I'll admit I hesitated when she asked if she could drink from me but I was desperate to make a good impression.

It was an experience to say the least.

Afterwards I asked her if she'd like to see the stars I had discovered, I was hoping that as a scientist they would interest her, but truthfully it was just an excuse to get closer to her.

A couple of days later she rang and asked me out on a date, I quickly grabbed a vampiric sunscreen from the elixir cabinet and went to meet her at Lost Willow park, last thing I wanted was for her to leave due to the sun before I could make my move.

We spent the rest of the day together then I took her home although she didn't exactly make a good impression on my mother I'm afraid.

You may have noticed that my mother was heavily pregnant, I had always thought I'd be an only child, when my mother had wished for another baby my father had wished for a see-saw and that pretty much explains their relationship altogether, it took a long time but eventually she got her way and so little Wiley arrived one day when I was at work,

During my galactic searches I would often spot meteors falling from the sky, one happened to fall right near the bookstore one day, when I went to collect it I found Meadow sitting on the bench behind it, she's lucky she hadn't got squashed.

She asked if she could drink from me again so I hesitantly offered her my wrist but to my surprise she said no and instead lent in to bite my neck, it was a totally different experience to last time, much more gentle and intimate, I decided I could quite happily get used to this.

I sort of lucked out getting George as my boss, not that I'm saying there's any favouritism just because he's dating my aunt but it doesn't hurt, he was quite willing to reevaluate the promotion I had failed to get that day, I'd missed out by the merest fraction and he said it was close enough to give it to me.

He also gave me the keys to my own police cruiser at last, I don't know if I shall use it but regardless it's another thing off my to do list.

Mum says her father never stole candy from her or her sister but he did from me, he stole Wiley's too, it seems he has a self imposed rule not to steal from his children but grandchildren are fair game.

But it didn't go on for long as Wiley was soon too old for it, this time it was my turn to do the tutoring, I needed to get at least twenty hours in, not much fun for Wiley but I was very grateful to him.

Megan and George had been going steady for a while now and she really wanted to get married, Gran was reluctant at first I know, she didn't really want to see Megan leave but in the end she had to relent, after all the house was almost full and we needed space for Meadow and our future child. I think her biggest fear was that Megan would misuse her magic if she wasn't there to guide her, apparently something went on not long after my dad moved in but I don't know all the details.

Megan wasn't the only one wishing to get married, In hindsight though I can see I let my eagerness run away with me, I had barely got inside the door when I was down on one knee and shoving a ring in her face, little wonder she refused me.

When she closed my hands over the box I could almost hear my grandad admonishing me "What on earth were you thinking boy? not like that! women want a bit of romance first, give her some flowers, tell her how beautiful she is, make her think you are irresistible, have you learnt nothing from me?" of course he wasn't even there and I doubt I would even tell him about this embarrassing moment but whether just in my head or from the horses mouth they were wise words indeed.

And they did the trick.

Wiley grew up fast, thanks to him I clocked my twenty hours of tutoring and he got an A grade in both elementary and high school, I then started teaching him logic, he's no genius either but he is a virtuoso and pretty good on the piano.

After joining the secret agent branch I got some pretty weird and wonderful uniforms at work, to be honest I didn't really like them much, I mean how is this meant to blend in?

Megan's big day arrived, we just had a small family ceremony in the garden then she moved in with George.

I could have asked Meadow to move in before now, we had the room but it might have stopped Megan getting married, but now there was nothing to prevent me, thankfully unlike my rather bad proposal asking her to move in went smoothly, she agreed instantly.

It had taken me a while to discover that Meadow was insane, what gave it away? well refusing my proposal actually, I mean come on who refuses to be a dynasty spouse, that must make them insane right?

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A Step Back In Time ~ The Werewolf and The Vampire Part Three
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Generation Three: The Werewolf and The Vampire Part Three

After Meadow moved in it soon became clear her past behaviour was no better than my dad's, she was a cheater and as a matter of fact still had a romantic interest, but she soon broke that off. I think, although I can't be certain, this happened before we got together or at least I hope it did.

Her size didn't bother me but she said she wasn't always so large, she blamed that story progression thing my grandmother mentions occasionally. She is constantly battling with her weight now, no matter what she does it gradually piles back on, running on the treadmill for hours or a quick hop into the body sculptor, nothing lasts very long, I swear I have watched her expand before my very eyes, Gran says that is what it does sometimes and that really Meadow got off lightly unlike some of her other friends who have died by its hands, I think I'd take a few extra pounds over death too.

I was so glad when I got my final promotion, not only had I completed my lifetime wish and one of my required wishes but I would also get to stop wearing these stupid futuristic outfits, I mean just look at it!

The first thing I did was take some time off so I could really get to work on my chess ranking, one of my early opponents was Trigger Broke, he was really hard to beat I think it took me about four or five matches in the end.

Gran seems very fond of Trigger, I sense some history there but as far as I know she's only ever been with my grandfather and I don't like to pry too much, she has her little secrets and we've all learnt it's pointless asking about things as she wont tell us, like where all the advanced tech we have comes from, or why she treats some people such as Trigger like long lost family.

Meadow had sort of settled in, my mother didn't like her very much, my grandparents and father were old friends of hers though. She seemed to be a little obsessed with my grandfather mind you, it bothered me a bit, and I know it bothered Gran a lot, it's no secret my grandfather is a flirt but it's mainly directed at my grandmother, but if a woman comes onto him he's not adverse to flirting back, I guess my grandmother sensed a brewing storm.

Although at first it didn't seem overly likely, Meadow is the total opposite of my grandfather you see, and once they discovered this the accusations started flying.

My kid brother finally grew up, I guess there is some family resemblance between us but he has mothers bone structure and paler skin.

I've still been teaching him logic, there hasn't been much time what with work and school but eventually I reached my thirty hours.

There were not quite enough challenges related to logic so I needed one other, collecting space rocks seemed a sensible choice as I had already been picking up any fallen meteors I spotted while stargazing.

My adult birthday arrived but I wasn't too worried about it, I just blew out the candles and got back to working on my chess rank. I don't know why but I hadn't wished to master logic, silly isn't it, I guess maybe I was sick of it by now but of course it made things a little harder for me in the long run. Mastering logic would have been faster than discovering fifty stars but that's what I ended up doing instead.

Gran cast a good luck charm on me before my final match, did it help? maybe or maybe it was just my own skill that won the day and the tournament.

There really wasn't much left to do now, but there was one thing I wanted to do very much, marry Meadow.

The ceremony was barely over before Meadow decided to be frisky, the look on my grandmothers face when she started to tickle me was priceless. But when Meadow decides to do something she just does it.

My mother finally had her very first day in space, dad has been up many times by now but because of honeymoons, maternity leave, graduations and so on she hadn't been back to work since before she got married, it was almost too much for her though, the moment it was over she had to rush down to the river before she dehydrated completely, mermaids and space travel just don't seem to mix.

Of course I also got time off for getting married on top of the time off I had already had, I took the opportunity to get on with my challenges, like discovering all the potions.

Seven of them I put in the mausoleum room along with my logic certificate, can't really fit the car in there so that's staying out on the drive.

The storm my grandmother had sensed finally arrived, first Meadow flirted with my grandfather upsetting everybody, but my grandmother was more upset by him flirting back, she soon showed him what happens to husbands with wandering eyes though. A valuable lesson that, never upset your wife, especially if she happens to be a witch.

Then moments later Meadow tried it on with Max our guest, yet another of my gran's old friends come for a visit.

I wasn't actually at home while all this was happening and only found out after the fact, I was busy making a new best friend for my requirement, I had thought about calling Allison, she was a werewolf now but others in the house knew her so I found myself a nice fairy lady instead called Gabrielle Parris.

I had completed everything now apart from one final wish, to have my first child, a wish that Meadow shared too.

She had recently become an immortal vampire, it meant she would never age and could safely go out in the sun which was a good thing on the whole but she hated the sparkles.

Her pregnancy went well and she gave birth to a beautiful little girl we named Vanessa, she's a vampire just like her mother.

Her birth heralded the completion of my requirements so now I was free to drink that young again potion I had created.

Vanessa's arrival made me wish to quit my job, I wanted to be there for her and the constant paging and long hours were starting to get me down, in the end I was glad I had because I'm not sure I could have faced working with George again, not after he had left my aunt Megan so soon into their marriage.

Did she cause it herself? Gran thinks she probably did, it would seem she had been a little too free and easy with love charms around town and I guess no marriage can withstand that for long. I just hope nobody breaks my little girl's heart one day because if they do they will have me to answer to!

Generation Three Stats:

Name: William Shallow
Life state: Werewolf
Traits: Athletic, Clumsy, Vehicle Enthusiast, Family Oriented, Light Sleeper
Toddler: Best Friends, Xylophone, Peg box
Child: Pile of Permission slips, Honor roll
Teen: Honor Roll, Allison Stoddard, Lvl 3 cemetery
One Best Friend: Gabrielle Parris (Fairy)
Two Career Rewards: Logic Certificate, Police Cruiser (Law Enforcement Career)
Three Ops: Nectar Emergency, Hard Core Training, Stop Doomsday!
Four LTRs: Alpha Wolf, Collection helper, Complimentary Entertainment, The Hustler
Five Wishes: Reach level 10 Law Enforcement, Marry Meadow, Discover All Potions, Discover 50 Stars, Have First Child
Six Skill Challenges: Grand Master, Celestial Explorer, Teacher Extraordinaire, Skill Professor, Master Chemist, Amateur Rock Finder
Seven Items: Potions (Chemistry Lab)
Travel Days Used: None

Vanessa should have been a boy but story progression messed me up by moving my intended gen four spouse out of town, thankfully before Meadow got pregnant so I had to change tactic because that sim was the only original townie female of her life state, with hindsight though I'm actually glad it worked out that way, it made it more interesting to play.