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The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« on: July 23, 2014, 05:59:08 PM »
Prelude – Devon’s Fall.

The city of Starlight Shores is often regarded as a good place to move to for those seeking personal advancement. There are opportunities for anyone to get ahead in their chosen field. This was something Devon LeVant knew well, having grown up in the city all of his life. He was a Vampire, but a born one rather than turned. His family could trace its lineage back to Champs Le Sims, but that was in the very distant past. The LeVant’s were westernized now, and happy with that.

Devon worked as a criminal, which he found easy thanks to his vampiric strength and speed. Plus his job was entirely at night, which gave him other advantages as well. Being a night owl meant spending a lot of time in the bars, and that’s where he met and fell in love with a woman by the name of Phoebe. They married, and had one child who also turned out to be a vampire.  Devon reached the top of his career, bought a huge house and helped raise his daughter to a teenager.

Life… or unlife… was good.

Unfortunately, Devon started to get too cocky. Because he was considered a Master Thief, he thought he could steal from anyone. Couple that with the fact he was turning anyone into a vampire that simply asked, and a problem quickly began to form. A problem that other supernaturals of the city decided needed to be dealt with.

Devon: “This was supposed to be an easy job! What happened?!”
Werewolf: “C’mere little vampire… I want to chew on your leg!”

Thankfully he was faster than the wolf, so running around the corner and disappearing out of sight seemed to be a pretty good plan, if it weren’t for the fact this was a co-ordinated attempt to bring him down.

Fairy: “Where you goin’, bro?”
Devon: “Aw blast it!
Fairy: “You know there’s a Werewolf right behind you, right?”

Running into a fairy using it’s aura to boost physical skills was bad, but the fact he was boosting the werewolf just made things even worse.

Fairy: “Go on! Kick his arse! Take down this blood-sucker!”

While he was pretty strong and athletic, nothing could really stand up to a super-charged werewolf, so Devon decided that using his speed to get away was probably his best option at this point. He managed to use a combination of strength, speed and subterfuge to escape from the brawl, leaving the fairy and werewolf rather confused and standing on the sidewalk.

Devon: “Who were those people? Have I annoyed the rest of the supernaturals that much with increasing the vampire population? Did I steal from the wrong person? Oh well… at least I seem to be safe for now…”
Mysterious Woman: “That’s what you think…”
Devon: “…crap…”

The car pulled away, revealing the Witch hiding behind it. She didn’t bother with pleasantries and simply did her part of the job.

Witch: “Eat fire, blood-sucker!”

That seemed to do the trick. Devon hit the deck like a sack of potatoes, the witch pleased with her work and the werewolf and fairy finally caught up.

Witch: “I think he’s dead.”
Fairy: “You do realise you’re checking the pulse on a vampire, right?”
Werewolf: *sniff* “Smells dead too…”
Fairy: “Again… Vampire.
Witch: “So?”
Fairy: “They normally turn into dust when they’re dead. I think he’s just in torpor.”
Werewolf: *poke* “What do we do then?”
Fairy: “Take him with us, work it out from there.”
Witch: “We better hurry too. I hear sirens…”
Fairy: “There’s some dirt around. Leave something personal of his and pile it up to make it look like he died. That’ll give us time.”

Back at the house, Phoebe was quietly reading a book and waiting for her husband to come home. He was late, very late, and that was starting to worry her. The sound of soft footsteps reached her ears, and she knew exactly who’d be wandering into the room.

Phoebe: “You’re supposed to be in bed, Alyssia.”
Alyssia: “But… I’m worried about Dad…”
Phoebe: “How did you know he isn’t home yet?”
Alyssia: “I always hear him come home. That’s how.”
Phoebe: “You know your father. He either got arrested or he’s working late. Don’t worry, he’ll be home. Now, go back to bed.”
Alyssia: “But-“
Phoebe: “No but’s, young lady. Bed. Now.”

The sulky teenager turned and went back upstairs to her room. Phoebe continued reading her book, sitting in the chair until the sun started to come up. She had nodded off, but was awoken by the ‘Incoming Mail’ sound of SimSoft Outlook. She blinked and moved over to the laptop, rubbing her eyes to make them focus on the words sitting on the screen.

From: <unknown>

My love,

If you are reading this, the laptop has detected a change in my records. I am now classed as deceased. We knew this day would come, as I’ve made a lot of enemies through my long life. But, I have also set a plan in motion to ensure you and Alyssia are safe. In the card expansion port of the laptop is a blank case. Take that out and you’ll find a bank card inside, along with a sort code, account number and password.

Take that, take the car and get out. I might have placed you both in danger, and the least I can do is ensure nothing bad happens to either of you.

I love you, and I’m sorry.
- Devon.

Despite the fact this was clearly an e-mail from her husband, Phoebe couldn't believe it. She blinked, and then blinked again as the tears started to form. That’s when her mind kicked in. She reached around the side of the laptop and ejected the blank case from the card reader port. Just as promised, there was a bank card and printed note inside with all the information she would need. Phoebe pulled the battery from the laptop, along with the power and then ripped out the hard drive. She quickly crossed the room, tossing both into her handbag and checked the money she had. There would be enough for a flight for both her and her daughter.

Phoebe: “ALYSSIA! Get up now! We have to go!”

A rather surly and tired teenager wandered downstairs, feeling very confused and wondering just what her mother was yelling about.

Alyssia: *yawn* “What’s going on, Mom?”
Phoebe: “We have to go! Pack whatever clothes you need, leave everything else and meet me outside.”
Alyssia: “MOM! What’s going on? Where’s Dad?”
Phoebe: “He’s dead! …and the people who did it might be coming after us. We have to go, and we have to go now!
Alyssia: “I’m not going anywhere! I want my Dad!”
Phoebe: “And I’m not leaving you! I’ll drag you kicking and screaming out of this house if I have to. Just do what I say… because your Dad left me an e-mail asking me to.”
Alyssia: “FINE! But you owe me a proper explination!”
Phoebe: “Fine! We’ll argue later, just get moving!”

Within the hour, they were out of the house and in the car on the way to their airport.

The car was left behind at the airport car park, the hard drive thrown into a bin with Phoebe and Alyssia’s cell phones inside the check-in area, and they had only the clothes they could fit into one bag.

It was a sucky way to start a new life.

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Prelude
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2014, 07:11:57 AM »
Interesting, though I never noticed, is Phoebe a vampire? So, who's getting revenge on the "death" of Devon? My bet is on Alyssia. Oh, and I have the pose pack that was used in the sec on-to-last photo.

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Prelude
« Reply #3 on: July 24, 2014, 12:52:42 PM »
Phoebe is not a vampire. :)

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Prelude
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Yay... New story "meat" nomnomnom
because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #5 on: July 27, 2014, 02:06:19 PM »
Chapter 1 – A New Start.

Picking somewhere new to live was not easy for Phoebe, especially considering the life she had left behind. Starlight Shores was all she’d ever known, so picking a new place for herself and her daughter was no easy task. While they were at the airport, she literally just closed her eyes, pointed at a location and figured that’d do. Moonlight Falls is where her finger pointed, and the house she picked was based on two simple facts.

It had two bedrooms, and it was out of the way. Since she had no idea if they were being hunted or not, being out of the way was most certainly a good thing. It was a very small mouse, a massive downsize compared to what Phoebe and Alyssia moved from. In some ways, it was the absolute perfect hideaway, but their situation was far from it.

Alyssia: “I hate this stupid place.”
Phoebe: “It’s quiet. It’s out of the way. It’s perfect.”
Alyssia: “No it’s not! We don’t know anyone, we don’t have any money and we’re in a stupid wooden house!”
Phoebe: “That’s it! I’ve had enough of your attitude.”
Alyssia: “So, what are you gonna do about it, Mom?! You tell me Dad’s dead, make me leave everything behind and drag me into the middle of nowhere! If you don’t like it, then send me back!
Phoebe: “Like it or not, you’re my daughter! Devon told me to look after you, and that’s what I’m doing.”
Alyssia: “…yeah… great job so far…”
Phoebe: “Stop grumping at me and do your homework. The new school will want to see how you’re doing.”
Alyssia: “Why should I bother?!”
Phoebe: “Because your dad was proud of you school accomplishments, so do it for his memory at least.”
Alyssie: “Fine.

Phoebe couldn’t deal with her daughter’s brattyness along with dealing with her own grief, so she ordered herself an Alchemy station. She’d always been told witches made great alchemists, so it seemed like a good way to make money. In the meantime, she conjured up some apples…

…and planted them to at least make a start on the garden.

Once that was done, it was time for her to make a start on the alchemy, as the station had turned up.

Alyssia did exactly what she’d been asked to do and sat down with her homework. She wasn’t happy about it, but she also didn’t want to disrespect the memory of her father, and he was always proud of her school work.

Alyssia: “…this is for you, Dad…”

The one thing Alyssia did bring with her from the old house was her acoustic guitar. The previous school had allowed her to borrow it so she could start learning and join the music group and… well… she didn’t exactly have time to take it back. She played for a bit to take her mind off things, while Phoebe started cooking them a meal for the first time in ages.

It actually turned out really well, though it unfortunately meant that both women had to sit down and actually talk while they were eating.

Phoebe: “I know it’s not as good as what we’re used to… but I haven’t cooked in a long time.”
Alyssia: *snorts*
Phoebe: “How long are you going to keep this up for, Alyssia? I’m sorry, okay? You’re not the only one hurting.”
Alyssia: “For as long as I want. I just lost everything in the past few hours.”
Phoebe: “We still have each other, so we didn’t lose everything.”
Alyssia: “Yeah. Great. We live in a wooden box, Mom… and we don’t have any money coming in… and I don’t know anyone!”
Phoebe: “Neither do I!”
Alyssia: “You aren’t a strange-looking teenager, in a new place that has to try and fit in at a new school while also trying to deal with the death of her father!”
Phoebe: “No, I’m not. But-“
Alyssia: “Shove it, Mom…” *gets up and storms out*

Phoebe just sighed. This was going to be difficult and she knew it. For the moment, she figured that leaving Alyssia alone was probably the best idea. She went out to work on her alchemy some more, and simply left her daughter to stew. The next morning wasn’t much better, Alyssia was just leaving for school when Phoebe got up and didn’t even bother to say goodbye. The witch just shook her head at her daughters departing form and went outside to work on her garden. She really needed to make sure she had ingredients for elixirs. Thankfully, Vials of Bliss could be made with apples, and apples she could conjure, so that worked out well.

Alyssia eventually came home, with a boy in tow. His name was Joe, and she didn’t bother introducing him to her mother, simply going in the house and sitting down with her homework. He joined her, figuring that working together was the best idea.

Joe: “That your Mom outside?”
Alyssia: “Yep.”
Joe: “I remember you saying you weren’t getting on. Didn’t realise it meant not speaking.”
Alyssia: “It’s for the best right now. She doesn’t understand me.”
Joe: “Ugh, I’ve got the same problem with my parents.”
Alyssia: “Makes you wish you could run away, doesn’t it?”
Joe: “Yep. Curfew just means the police will haul you back home though.”
Alyssia: “Ugh. I don’t need that on top of everything else…”

They chatted and watched TV for most of the night, Joe leaving when Alyssia needed to get some sleep. As for Phoebe, she was outside working on creating as many Vials of Bliss as she could.

The next day was pretty much the same as the previous, with Alyssia refusing to talk to her mother. It was also a full moon, so Phoebe shot to the consignment store while her daughter was at school to drop of her elixir’s.

Shopkeeper: “Hey. Never seen you around here, before.”
Phoebe: “Yeah, I just moved here.”
Shopkeeper: “Well, nice to meet you. How can I help?”
Phoebe: “I have some Vials of Bliss to consign, and I want to see what alchemy books you have available.”
Shopkeeper: “I can certainly help with that.”

She got results pretty quickly, so that worked very well. Alyssia came home, did her homework and hopped on to her computer. Apparently this new school had after school classes, and one of them was a music club.

Alyssia: “That’ll do. Less time in this house, the better.”

In a way, that worked out very much in Alyssia’s favour. She was asked the fix the boiler at school, and also asked to research the local science facility. Once the music club was over, she fixed the boiler, then went to the science facility.

Once she came back home, it was nearly dark. Phoebe had been working on the garden all day, and then worked on her alchemy some more. She didn’t even ask where her daughter had been, knowing it would most likely be a sarcastic answer. Alyssia just went inside, finished her homework and then went to bed.

The avoiding each other was working well, or at least it was as far as Alyssia was concerned. The next day, she did actually say goodbye to her mother. Phoebe’s garden was coming on well, which mattered a lot since she needed the ingredients for her various elixirs and potions…

…and when Alyssia came home, she had somehow managed to make another friend.

Friday soon rolled around, which meant Alyssia knew she’d actually have to spend some time with her mother. Phoebe got up slightly earlier than usual, so they actually had a chance to share breakfast together.

Alyssia: “Mac & Cheese again?”
Phoebe: “Hey! I’m doing the best I can here. I haven’t had time to work on cooking because I’m trying to make money.”
Alyssia: “I was just-“
Phoebe: “If you don’t like it, you learn to cook!”
Alyssia: “Maybe I will!”
Phoebe: “Good! Because I’ve had enough of your attitude! Sort it out, or get out. No money. No roof over your head. You can deal with life yourself, because I’m not going to uphold your father’s final wish if you carry on like this!”

Alyssia opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t. It was the first time in a very long time that she’d heard her mother actually snap at her and give an ultimatum. She just sighed, got up and went to school. When she came home, the two women just ignored each other for the rest of the day. Phoebe didn’t want to deal with her daughter and Alyssia didn’t know how to break the ice.

Instead, she woke up early on Saturday and went out to work on the garden. Alright, she couldn’t do much, but she could water and harvest the plants. Phoebe found her daughter outside and wandered over, looking quite irritated.

Phoebe: “What are you doing in my garden?”
Alyssia: “…helping.”
Phoebe: “Why?”
Alyssia: “…because I’m sorry.”
Phoebe: “What caused this change of heart?”
Alyssia: “Yesterday. I am sorry, Mom… it was a lot to deal with and I treated you like crap when you raised me since Dad was always working. This is my way of trying to make up for it.”
Phoebe: “Well… thank you. This is actually really helpful. If you could weed the plants and pass me the harvest when you’re done, I can read these books I picked up to learn extra recipies.”
Alyssia: “I can do that.”

All the gardening allowed Alyssia to try and weed the garden, and she did very well, while Phoebe sat nearby and read her books.

Soon enough, both women were hungry, so they headed inside to get something to eat.

Phoebe: “Thank you for today.”
Alyssia: “It’s the least I can do.”
Phoebe: “I know you were trying to make it up to me, but I have a surprise for you.”
Alyssia: “Oh?”
Phoebe: “Remember those MultiTabs you were looking at before we had to move?”
Alyssia: “Yeeeeah?”
Phoebe: “I ordered you one. It should be here Monday.”
Alyssia: “Really?! Wow! Thanks Mom! You didn’t have to do that.”
Phoebe: “Think of it as my way of saying I’m sorry for everything and trying to patch things up.”
Alyssia: “Alright, and I’ll help as much as I can.”
Phoebe: “Okay. So what do you plan to do for the evening?”
Alyssia: “I saw one of your alchemy books. You need fish, right?”
Phoebe: “Yep.”
Alyssia: “Fishing sounds… nice… so I’m going to the lake to do that.”
Phoebe: “Alright, take care then.”

And that’s what she did. Alyssia went fishing…

…and Phoebe worked on more elixirs. Eventually, the two women went to bed, with their relationship somewhat patched up. It had been a full week in their new home, and both of them hoped the next week would be better.

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #6 on: July 27, 2014, 02:33:36 PM »
Daw... That is so cute. And go! Learn Achemy! Learn Gardening! Learn fishing! Learn Guitar! Learn uh... Stuff!

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #7 on: August 01, 2014, 11:21:40 AM »
I'm currently sorting out screenshots for another update here... had to cut down from 35 to 25.

While doing that... I found this.

I have absolutely no idea how this relates to the story in any way! I don't have any notes on it to help me or anything... but since it gave the feeling of "scary vampire teenager," I figured it was worth a share. :)

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #8 on: August 01, 2014, 08:19:02 PM »
Chapter 2 – Bad Girl.

Now she was over the initial shock of moving and losing her father, Alyssia could finally concentrate on more important matters. She had managed to somewhat patch things up with her mother, but still had no idea what on SimLand was actually going on. It was time to make a few calls, without her mother knowing.

Mystery Person: *yawn* “Hello?”
Alyssia: “Hey Dom… it’s me.”
Dom: “Alyssia?! What happened?! Everyone thinks you’re dead!”
Alyssia: “Um… surprise?”
Dom: “You better believe it’s a surprise! What’s going on? Where are you?”
Alyssia: “Dom, you’re my best and oldest friend, but I can’t tell you.”
Dom: “Can’t or won’t?”
Alyssia: “On where I am? Won’t, Mom will kill me. On what’s going on… can’t. I don’t know myself.”
Dom: “Answer me one thing then.”
Alyssia: “I’ll try.”
Dom: “What’s that funny noise in the background?”
Alyssia: “Oh, I’m standing next to the air conditioner so Mom can’t overhear… she’s asleep anyway, but I’m being extra careful.”
Dom: “That’s one mystery solved then.”
Alyssia: “Listen… I need a favour. I need you to do some digging and find out what’s going on.”
Dom: “I hope you don’t mean literally. I just got my claws done.”
Alyssia: *chuckles* “No, not literally. But you’re the only person I trust, and you’re smart to boot. Mom says Dad is dead and we had to leave for our own protection. I want to know who killed him, and why.”
Dom: “Hate to tell you, but he is. My Dad got promoted at work because of it.”
Alyssia: “Oh yeah, they worked together, didn’t they?”
Dom: “Yep. I’ll see what I can find out for you.”
Alyssia: “Alright. Do me one more favour?”
Dom: “Sure, Aly.”
Alyssia: “Delete this number from your phone records. I’ll call you in a week.”
Dom: “Ok. I’ll speak to you then.” *click*

Part of her wondered if getting Dom involved was a good idea or not, but she knew he was smart, resourceful and careful. Not only that, he could always hulk out into werewolf form and defend himself if he absolutely had to. Alyssia was pretty sure he’d be fine, but she still worried. Going back inside the house, she found her mother wasn’t up yet, so she’d managed to get away with the phone call. The teenager got in the shower just as Phoebe woke up, so she came back out to find waffles waiting.

Alyssia: “Waffles?”
Phoebe: “Yep. Thought something different was a good idea.”
Alyssia: “They’re pretty good!”
Phoebe: “Thanks. Seems like I’m a good cook, even if out of practice.”

It was the last day of the weekend. Alyssia’s homework was done, so she went out into the garden to help her mother, while Phoebe worked on making more elixirs and researching new ones. It wasn’t exactly the best way to make money, simply because of all the ingredients needed, but it was bringing something into the house, so that was certainly a good thing.

Monday rolled around with Alyssia getting up early so she could go to school. She remembered her promise to her mother and promptly started picking up a few things around the house after getting ready. Doing the laundry seemed like a good start.

Then she decided to clean the cooker as well.

Phoebe got up to a somewhat clean house and Alyssia had gone to school. She needed to clean the shower after she was done, but at least she didn’t need to worry about laundry or the cooker. Of course, she used the new found free time to work on some more elixirs.

It would be full moon in a few days, and that’s when she was most likely to actually sell them. It was nearly time for Alyssia to come home, when her phone started buzzing in her pocket. Phoebe figured it was a good time for a break anyway, so she stopped and took the phone out to look at it.

”Going 2 Bryce’s. Will b back asap – Aly”

Phoebe just rolled her eyes. She hated the text speak her daughter used, but talking her out of it was like talking to the wall. At least she was going over to a friends, so that was nice. After all the work she’d done on the house today, the witch didn’t really feel like she could say no. Of course, Alyssia wasn’t really at a friends house…

…she was researching Supernatural creatures. She wanted to know what could take down an old and powerful vampire. She didn’t get all of the answers she wanted, but certainly managed to make a little headway. When she came home, she found her mother waiting in the kitchen after preparing another meal.

Phoebe: “I’ve got a present for you!”
Alyssia: “Oooh! Is it what I think it is!”
Phoebe: “I should hope so. It’s the only thing I’ve ordered.”
Alyssia: “It is! It’s the MultiTab! Thanks Mom!”
Phoebe: “You’re welcome. Now, make sure you keep your grades up.”
Alyssia: “Oh, I will.”

The evening was spent… sort-of together. Alyssia put on a tabcast to learn photography while also practising her guitar, stopping only to move onto the next one in the series, while Phoebe made more elixirs.

The next couple of days were fairly boring. Alyssia helped out with laundry and cleaning before she went to school, usually while listening to some kind of tabcast. She was alternating between photography and writing for the most part. Phoebe just kept researching new elixirs and making any that she could, as well as dealing with her garden. The new sprinklers helped a lot, as she didn’t have to water anymore. Alyssia was very busy on the Wednesday, since she had Music club and was asked to fix the schools broken boiler. She jumped at that chance as the extra money would always come in handy.

Thursday was all go. It was the day of the full moon, so Phoebe went straight to the consignment store to drop off her wares.

Alyssia came home with Bryce, since the two of them had become rather good friends.

Alyssia: “Remember how I disappeared on Monday?”
Bryce: “Yeah, that was odd.”
Alyssia: “If Mom asks, I was at yours.”
Bryce: “…okay?”
Alyssia: “Just go with it. I don’t think she will, but you never know.”

Luckily for the two teenagers, Phoebe was much more interested in mastering her alchemy skill, which she managed to do. The next day, Alyssia woke up to a strange noise outside. Bleary eyed, and annoyed that someone disturbed her lazing in bed, she went outside to see what was going on.

Alyssia: “HEY!”
Burglar: “…uh-oh!”
Alyssia: “That’s my Mom’s alchemy station!”
Burglar: “And what are you going to do about it, kid?”

That wasn’t the smartest thing for the burglar to say.

Alyssia: “I’m going to eat you…
Burglar: “By the Watcher! A vampire!”
Alyssia: *nom*

Sadly he managed to get away, but the family had enough money for Alyssia to replace her mother’s Alchemy Station so she wouldn’t have to know. The young vampire slinked off to school, leaving Phoebe to wake up to an empty house, as per usual. Just after she woke up, the witch received a phone call from the local science lab. Apparently they had something for her to prove her mastery of Alchemy. They just needed a few items first. So, she went to the science lab…

…and then had to go visit the Fey Rey Arboretum, since apparently gathering a few flowers was just a test. The fact she had them on her anyway because of her alchemy apparently made no difference.

While she was dealing with the Fairies, Alyssia came home and seemed rather surprised that the house was empty.

Alyssia: “…I wonder where Mom is. Oh well, I’ll just take this out and work on my writing some more.”

And that’s what she did. She listened to a tabcast to help with her charisma, while using the computer to refine her writing skill some more.

Meanwhile, Phoebe had dealt with the fairies and was now being sent to the Vault of Antiquity, along with some metal and gems. She was quite lucky that she had some of that on her person as well, in complete honesty…

…and then finally came home with her prize.

Of course, Phoebe had no idea what she was actually going to do with the thing, but it was nice to have it regardless. The next day was the weekend, and also Alyssia’s birthday. It had been almost a week since she spoke to her friend, Dom, and so she called him just as she promised.

Dom: “Hello?”
Alyssia: “Hey. Only me.”
Dom: “Hey Alyssia. Happy birthday!”
Alyssia: “I thought you would’ve forgotten!”
Dom: “Like I’d forget my best friend’s birthday.”
Alyssia: “Thanks. It means a lot. I know yours was a couple of days ago, so happy birthday to you too.”
Dom: “Thanks, and don’t feel guilty for not calling… I know you… and I know your situation.”
Alyssia: “Alright. I won’t worry then. So… did you find anything?”
Dom: “I did. There’s a group of supernatural’s calling themselves ‘The Slayers’ and they’re taking down all the vampires your Dad made.”
Alyssia: “…wow. Seems a bit extreme.”
Dom: “Yep. I don’t know who they are yet, but it seems they aren’t happy with the fact he unbalanced everything.”
Alyssia: “So they’re trying to undo all his work. No wonder he was worried about me and Mom then… I technically count as one he made even though I was born rather than turned.”
Dom: “Pretty much, yep.”
Alyssia: “If you weren’t watcher-knows how many miles away right now, I could kiss you for this.”
Dom: “The ‘being gay’ part kinda puts a stop to it too.”
Alyssia: “Good point.”
Dom: “I’ll keep doing some digging for you.”
Alyssia: “Thanks Dom. I might be able to keep in touch a little more often soon… we’ll see.”
Dom: “Alright. Just don’t take any risks.”
Alyssia: “I won’t.” *click* “…not yet anyway.”

Going back inside, she noticed her mother was up and about. Alyssia smiled and gave her slight wave.

Phoebe: *yawn* “Morning.”
Alyssia: “Morning Mom. Plants are looking good today, but I haven’t started on them yet.”
Phoebe: “Good. We need breakfast first.”

After they ate, Phoebe sat on the sofa and motioned for her daughter to join her.

Phoebe: “So… Happy Birthday.”
Alyssia: “Thanks Mom.”
Phoebe: “I think I know the answer… but do you want a party? We’ve always had one before.”
Alyssia: “…no thanks. It wouldn’t be the same without Dad.”
Phoebe: “Thought so. We’re getting a cake at least.”
Alyssia: “Cake sounds good!”

Just as well really, since Phoebe had already bought one.

Phoebe: “Thinking of a wish?”
Alyssia: “Thinking of what to do once I’m an adult.”
Phoebe: “And?”
Alyssia: “I… want to go to University.”
Phoebe: “Oh honey… I don’t think we can afford that.”
Alyssia: “I know, but we have the aptitude tests. I might fill one out.”
Phoebe: “Alright, but don’t get your hopes up.”

The candles were blown out, and Alyssia was officially a young adult. Her first order of business was to go to the dresser and sort out her new outfits.

Followed by grabbing the aptitude test to see if she qualified for help…

…and the results were… well… rather surprising!

Then it was time for a chat with her mother.

Alyssia: “Here’s the results, Mom.”
Phoebe: “Wait… this can’t be right… you qualified for a full ride?!”
Alyssia: “Yep!”
Phoebe: “How did you manage that?!”
Alyssia: “Music club, plus using the MultiTab to pick up some new knowledge.”
Phoebe: “Wow… I’m… astonished! Prouder than I ever thought possible, but astonished!”
Alyssia: “Thanks Mom. It’s partially due to you as well.”
Phoebe: “So, when are you leaving?”
Alyssia: “I can leave on Monday, so I think I probably will.”
Phoebe: “Alright. Let’s get the cake cleaned up, then I need to work on the garden.”
Alyssia: “I’ll help.”

And that was their evening. The house was cleaned, and then both women tended to the garden in the evening. Phoebe had no idea of the plan’s going through her daughters head, and Alyssia just smirked to herself as she worked, pleased that everything was starting to fall together.

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #9 on: August 02, 2014, 06:44:07 AM »
Wait, plan? For University? Something tells me this isn't a plan for her major...

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #10 on: August 18, 2014, 06:51:58 AM »
She clearly has the genius trait as well as the ambitious and workaholic to get that high in her aptitude test just remember this tip for uni

Doing skill building activities doesn't increase the major bar if the skill is maxed out (Like they likely are)

I would guess she was going for fine arts but considering the ending of the last chapter I think it's technology/Business due to the careers associated with them.
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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #11 on: August 19, 2014, 03:38:23 AM »
She does have Genius. She doesn't have ambitious or workaholic.

She does have a smattering of skills around 5/6, except guitar... I think that's about 8.

And she is doing business. :)

EDIT: Just checked. These are her traits...

Great Kisser

And skills. Some of these she improved while at university (she's nearly done week 1).

Athletic: 5 (learnt at uni)
Charisma: 9 (improved at uni... was about 6 when she took the test)
Fishing: 7
Gardening: 6
Guitar: 8
Handiness: 2
Piano: 2
Logic: 4
Bass: 2
Drums: 2
Social Networking: 3 (Learnt at Uni)
Writing: 4
Photography: 10

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #12 on: August 19, 2014, 04:09:42 PM »
Wow, I guess vampires do skill fast!

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #13 on: August 22, 2014, 05:21:04 AM »
Most of those she got at the teen.

It took 4 hours, using the MultiTab, to get from Photography 9 to 10!

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #14 on: August 22, 2014, 09:57:09 AM »
The photography tabcast has to be glitched. It's kind of insane.

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Re: The Price of Revenge - Chapter 1
« Reply #15 on: February 22, 2015, 07:56:29 AM »
I'm moving this to the Stories Graveyard due to inactivity.  @KhaineGB you can revive this story by contacting a moderator.