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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 21: Celluloid Heroes, 13.10.2014)
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Yay, my pictures are back!! Sorry, for the bandwidth issue at Photobucket.


Chapter 22: Girls on Film

Everyday life in the Taylor household consists mostly of work, work and work. Hannah is climbing up the magician career. She is a Spellcaster. She is vying for her first gig at the local Hoi Polloi Event Center, but so far the proprietor has not been impressed with her auditions.

Goopy is an Investigative Reporter. Right now he is investigating the origins of the jump bug that has plagued the simverse since the ancient Sims 2 era.

Fiorella often "borrows" Floriano's patrol car for work. Such an excellent escape vehicle for a burglar!

For her excellent performance, she was promoted to a Henchman.

But in between work and promotions, there are some tender moments, too. Fiorella and Goopy...

... like Floriano and Hannah, have been eternally faithful.

Xavier and Janae still have a long way to go before they reach the eternally faithful milestone.

But I am pretty sure they'll get there someday, now that Xavi finally has managed to steal that first kiss from his Janae.

Pilar still has not found a love interest, but she has a BFF and a trusted confidant in Arlo Bunch.
"I want to have a star on Sterling Parkway in front of the Beckett theatre someday!"

But for now they have to settle with the Wilsonoff Theatre on Mirabello Plaza. One evening they witnessed the demise of Erin Kennedy there.

But the death did not prevent them from enjoying the movie.

Goopy aged to elder all alone with only Cinnamon as his witness.

He promptly got back into his plaid shorts.

One night he was waiting for Fiorella to come back from work:
"Did you really think I was not aware of your double life? I am not quite as blind as your mother was. And I would not be a very good Investigative Journalist, if I could not put together one plus one and realize how well your nightly escapades coincided with some notable robberies in the Sunset Valley area. But all of that does not change how I feel for you, my beloved Fiorella."

At that moment Pilar had to use the toilet and to get there she had to go throug her parent's bedroom.
"Yuck, my parents are disgusting... And does my mother really have to wear the outfit she wore during our costume party...", she thought.

Yeah, a while back the Taylors arranged a big costume party. Hannah, Floriano and Fiorella blended well into the crowd in their job outfits!

Pilar was of course very excited to wear a costume. She chose to be Ariel, the little mermaid. But her excitement cooled down quite a bit, when she saw that also Janae Ursine wore the same outfit.

"Oh my god! Who is that strange woman sleeping in the bed beside me!"

Well, Floriano soon calmed down, when he realized it was just his Hannah, whose elder birthday had gone unnoticed by both the family and the Watcher. She had apparently turned elder while at work and then quietly returned home and gone to bed. In the morning it took even the Watcher a while to figure out who the old lady was :) .

Pilar and Xavi have made quite a lot of friends at school. This is Danica Crumplebottom, who is their secret cousin. She is the illegitimate daughter of Uncle Fulvio with Agnes Crumplebottom.

And this is cousin Melinda, a kinship the family is aware of.

All of Fulvio's children are teens at the moment. This is his family tree. It will be sad to leave them in Sunset Valley, when it's time to make the town jump, but maybe I get to use them in some other game.

Pilar had been begging Arlo to show her round the movie studios. Finally Arlo caved in and took her up to the movie set of his current movie. Pilar was over the moon...

.. and at home went on and on about the visit and about her dreams to be starring in movies and TV.

When Xavi got tired of her ramblings, Pilar spent the rest of the evening in the attic. She pretended to be Princess Simda, Annie Simly and Sima Amane. She was more and more convinced that she was destined for fame.

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 22: Gilrs on FIlm, 19.10.2014)
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Chapter 23: This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us

It's quadruple birthday in the Taylor household.

Fiorella and Floriano become elders.

They both had a little makeover.

Then the teens become adults.

Pilar looks so much like Fiorella, and Xavi so much like Floriano (and Carlo), that I don't think they have inherited anything from Goopy or Hannah.

LTW: Superstar Actor *)
Traits: Neurotic, Couch Potato, Can't Stand Art, Charismatic, Dog Person
Favourites: Geek Rock, Shawarma, Spice Brown

LTW: Super Popular
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Heat, Dislikes Children, Easily Impressed, Charismatic
Favourites: Kids music, Vegetarian Grilled Salmon, Irish Green

Xavier knew exactly what he wanted to do first thing after he grew up. It was even more urgent than a makeover. He invited over his girlfriend Janae Ursine.

They got engaged and...

... married on the spot.

Janae Ursine-Taylor:
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
Traits: Neurotic, Unflirty, Virtuoso, Easily Impressed, Friendly
Favourites: Pop music, Grilled Cheese, Aqua

While this romance was going on downstairs, the mood upstairs was much more serious.

"Fiorella, now that we both are close to the top of our careers - yes, I know about your status inside the Organization (both are on level 9) - it is becoming more and more difficult for me to look past your dealings and lie to my colleagues. This small town is no longer big enough for both of us. So you have to leave..."

"Me leave!?!? I have worked so hard to earn the respect and fear of my colleagues, which has helped me to get to where I am now. While it would be easy for you to just apply for a job in the police department in some other town. So why don't you leave..."

Their argument went on for quite a while until they found a means to resolve their dispute.

A game of rock, paper, scissors would decide their fate - who would leave and who got to stay in Sunset Valley.

"Well alright, scissors beats paper. Dang, brother, you win! "

"Pilar has always dreamt of being famous, of becoming a superstar actress. So maybe it's best Goopy, I and Pilar pack our bags and leave for Bridgeport. "

When Pilar heard the news of them moving, she was ecstatic. She immediately thought of her best friend, Arlo,who shared her dream of becoming rich and famous. After getting her mother's approval, Pilar invited Arlo over and asked him to move to Bridgeport with them. It was a no-brainer for Arlo and he headed home to pack.

Arlo Bunch:
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury
Traits: Rebellious, Loves the Outdoors, Excitable, Athletic, Kleptomaniac
Favourites: Kids music, cookies, white

So once again, like on that day long ago, a cab pulled up outside the stately log house the Taylors had called home for twenty years. After some tearful goodbyes, a group of sims got inside the cab...

... and as the taxi drove through Sunset Valley, they waved goodbye to all the familiar places.

Bye bye, Sunset Valley! Bridgeport - here we come!"

*) Pilar actually rolled this LTW after her first visit to the movies as a teen. I immediately locked it, since it matched the next town, Bridgeport, which I am sure you have seen coming by now. At that point I also decided who, Fiorella/Pilar or Floriano/Xavier, would be the heir.

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Chapter 24: Beautiful Day

Pilar Taylor was standing on the balcony of her new home. She was looking across the bay towards the centre of Bridgeport. Her heart was pounding and she could hardly breathe. She had to pinch herself to believe that she was finally here! In Bridgeport, in the city of her dreams!

She thought back to the day before, to the breathtaking moment she had caught the first glimpse of the skyscrapers of Bridgeport from the plane ...

... and to the moment when their cab crossed Bridgeport Bridge towards their new home. It all felt like she was stepping into her dream!

Their new home was a magnificent modern house, The Eaves, on 56 Brommer Drive just across the Bridgeport Bay. Yep, that's right, it is where all the rich and famous live and Pilar intended to be one of them real soon. She never knew her family was especially wealthy when they lived in Sunset Valley, and was surprised that they could afford such a fine house now.

Their home, originally with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, had been expanded with one bedroom and a bath to accommodate six sims. Yes, six sims! The initial idea was that only Fiorella, Goopy and Pilar with her friend Arlo Bunch would move to Bridgeport. But at the last minute also Xavier and Janae had decided to come along. Neither had jobs and there were definitely more career prospects in Bridgeport than in sleepy old Sunset Valley.

The house has vistas both to the wide expanse of the ocean and, more importantly, to the city buzzing with activity, people, colour and nightlife. Last night Pilar had stayed out and stood on the balcony until wee hours just enjoying the magnificent view and taking in the sounds and scents of the city that never sleeps.


And now was the first day of her new life!

While Xavi and Janae were just browsing the net for job openings, Pilar already had a job. Arlo had been background extra in Sunset Valley. With that experience he managed to get a job as Best Boy with Plumbob Pictures. Since his responsibilities include the hiring of extras among other things, he could help Pilar get a job as Background Extra in the studio's latest production.

First day of work and Pilar cannot wait to get started!

Pilar plays a servant in the royal harem in the remake of the epic classic "Cleopatra" with Tiara Angelista as the Egyptian queen and Matthew Hamming as the queen's lover. Pilar's "role" - if you call standing unobtrusively in the background a role - enabled her to observe and take mental notes of all the goings-on in the movie set. She wants to learn everything and use it to her advantage to get to the top. Some day Pilar would get noticed and be the star of her own movie!

Pilar had hoped that Arlo was around to see how well she was doing during the first day of shooting, but he was nowhere to be seen. He was out on the town all day running errands and fetching food for the director. Arlo was happy doing that, because he got to ride the shiny, new motor bike he had bought himself upon arrival to Bridgeport.

While Pilar and Arlo were already busy working from day one in the new town, the rest of the family took it more easy. The newlyweds mostly stayed at home and ... well, did what newlyweds typically do.

Later, when he had the heart to pull himself away from the loving arms of his wife, Xavi visited the Bridgeport Sports Zone and even moonlighted at the bar.

Pilar's father Goopy had got a job as the Lead Reporter of the Bridgeport Times. He had a couple of days off until his job started, so he worked on his "grand epic" novel. He had been working on it for as long as Pilar could remember and she was sure he would never finish it at the pace he was doing.

Fiorella had been resting all day "to recover from the strains of the journey" as she later told Pilar, and when she could no longer sleep, she had got up and gone for a ride around the town. In Sunset Valley, Pilar had already gotten used to her mother being out all night - she was such a night owl!

Well, Pilar had also stayed out pretty late that night. Arlo had wanted to celebrate their first day and they had headed out to a night club for a drink. Pilar felt almost like a true celebrity when the bouncer let them past the barrier rope into the club.

That night, relaxing with Arlo in their hot tub, Pilar could honestly say: "This is it, this is the life I have always dreamt of."

The Taylor's let Arlo stay with them until he finds a place of his own. He got a spare bed in the kitchen. Arlo is so tired that night that he does not mind the surroundings, but soon falls asleep and dreams happy dreams.

It has been a beautiful day!

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Re: The Taylor Random Town Jump (Chapter 24:Beautiful Day 08.11.2014)
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