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Re: Sims 4 Painting Values (Ongoing Data Collection)
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Hey guys!

As an add-on to the others who have done similar tests of their own, I’ve gone for the LLN (law of large numbers) approach!  While I would generally not consider a total of 3,500 paintings to be “large” in LLN terms, it offers greater statistical power than the small sample tests I’ve done before.  In addition, I believe the inferences from my experiment to be more representative of the mathematical distribution programmed by the creators of the game.  Each genre sample set contains 500 paintings from that genre.  The overall experiment has spanned approximately 50 hours in total and I've detailed my methodology/results/conclusions below.

If anyone reading this is interested in running your own experiment, I recommend the setup as detailed in the methodology.


Pre-test conditions
- Gameplay Conditions
     No Aging
     No Autonomy
- New Sim: Anne Experiment
     CAS Traits: Creative, Art Lover, Perfectionist, Muser (From Creative Aspiration selected in CAS)
     Reward Traits: Marketable, Creative Visionary, Connections, Entrepreneurial
     Aspiration Trait (Painter Extraordinaire, Maxed): Expressionistic
     Lot Traits: Home Studio, Natural Light, Private Dwelling
     Painting Skill, Maxed (10)
- Cheats Used (best way to keep conditions identical throughout all sets)
     World Needs Decay Disabled
     World Needs Filled
     Career Rewards Unlocked
     Aspiration Points provided to purchase necessary traits
     Simoleons provided to purchase necessary building materials, easels, and inspirational décor

Test Conditions
- Experimental Sets include 500 paintings per set, completed in batches of 100 and rounds of 10 paintings each.
- Sim remained “Very Inspired” at all times during the test (entirely through environmental boosts, no potions were used).
- Painting Skill and Painting Aspiration maxed prior to testing.


MAIN EXPERIMENT – Painting Genres
Set 1 – 500 Large Classic paintings completed on Deluxe All-Season Easel
Set 2 – 500 Large Abstract paintings completed on Deluxe All-Season Easel
Set 3 – 500 Large Pop Art paintings completed on Deluxe All-Season Easel
Set 4 – 500 Large Realism paintings completed on Deluxe All-Season Easel
Set 5 – 500 Large Impressionism paintings completed on Deluxe All-Season Easel
Set 6 – 500 Large Surrealism paintings completed on Deluxe All-Season Easel

Summarized Findings
Different Painting genres are good for different economic or aspirational purposes (beyond the desire for a specific design).  Here are my recommendations based on the data:

1. If you’re going for pure total income, stick with Abstract paintings.  While they have a relatively low rate for masterworks (34.60%), they have the highest overall average income of all painting types.  The paintings in this genre earn, on average, $350 more than the next highest earner (Realism).  In addition, they earn an average of $740 more than Classic paintings.  I did see a significant amount of variation between each of my sample subsets (in blocks of 20 paintings each), which may explain TrueSimmer95’s assessment of low Abstract values given the use of a 20-painting sample size.  By increasing the scale to 500 paintings per genre, I think I’ve managed to settle on something much closer to the intended values programmed into the game.

Total Amounts Earned by Genre (Average per painting)
1.   Abstract – $1,978,547 (Average: $3,957.09)
2.   Realism – $1,799,829 (Average: $3,599.66)
3.   Classic – $1,609,170 (Average: $3,218.34)
4.   Surrealism - $1,558,134 (Average: $3,116.27)
5.   Landscape - $1,291,313 (Average: $2,582.63)
6.   Pop Art - $974,165 (Average: $1,948.33)
7.   Impressionism - $541,499 (Average: $1,083)

2. If you’re going for the highest percentage of masterworks, stick with Impressionism or Classical paintings.  The Impressionism sample group had a masterwork rate of 47.40% and the Classic sample group had a masterwork rate of 41.60%.  If you want a good balance between income and masterworks, go with Classical, which earns significantly more than Impressionism by approximately $2,150 on average per painting.

Percentage of Masterworks by Genre
1.   Impressionism – 47.40%
2.   Classic – 41.60%
3.   Landscape – 38.80%
4.   Pop Art – 37.20%
5.   Surrealism – 34.80%
6.   Abstract – 34.60%
7.   Realism – 32.80%

3. If you’re going for high-value Excellent Quality paintings, because you don’t yet have the buffs/bonuses to achieve a higher percentage of Masterpiece Quality paintings, Realism paintings are your best bet.  Realism paintings of Excellent quality earn an average of 150 simoleons more than Abstract paintings of Excellent Quality.  This could be useful early in your sim’s painting career.  Both Abstract and Realism share a similarly low percentage of masterworks: 34.60% and 32.80%, respectively.  One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the difference here may be so minimal, you might just be better off doing Abstract paintings in case you do create a Masterpiece Quality painting.  On average, Abstract earns $1,000 more than Realism at the Masterpiece level.

4. If you’re going for the highest possible simoleon value on a single painting, stick with Surrealism paintings.  The Surrealism genre has the highest standard deviation for masterwork values across all genres, which results in exceptionally high single-painting values.  This large deviation also results in extremely low masterwork values, so this genre shouldn’t be used to achieve high overall income.  Be prepared to slog through a lot of low-value paintings before you hit the big one (as previously dubbed: The Unicorn).  Average Masterwork value for a Surrealism painting is second only to Abstract ($6,112.70 and $6,982.67 respectively) but it has a chart-topping standard deviation of $3,728.23.

For those of you familiar with the 68-95-99 rule, this suggests 99% of the paintings will fall below a value of $18,167.36 (3 standard deviations from the mean).  I’m fairly certain the randomization metric for masterworks is heavily skewed to the right because all of my masterwork median values were much lower than the means, indicating the presence of outliers. In comparison, most of my Excellent Quality (non-masterwork) values appear to represent something very close to a normal distribution.  In the case of Surrealism Masterworks, the median was almost $900 less than the mean.  All other genres had medians that were only $100-200 less than the mean for masterworks.  Now, in case I have some master statisticians out there, I’m fully aware that the relationship between mean, median, and standard deviation doesn’t absolutely imply skew, but for these purposes I’m willing to make the leap.  The GOOD news from all of this is that a $20,000+ painting is obviously possible, but it might take a long time to get there.  Of the 500 Surrealism paintings I completed, I came just short of that goal.

Of the 3,500 paintings in this portion of the study, the top-10 highest value paintings were all Surrealism and are listed below.

1.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $19,325
2.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $17,602
3.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $17,167
4.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $16,140
5.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $15,993
6.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $15,711
7.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $15,640
8.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $14,931
9.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $14,225
10.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $14,095
11.   Abstract       Masterpiece    $13,428
12.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $13,373
13.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $13,113
14.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $13,053
15.   Surrealism    Masterpiece    $12,981

5. Unless you’re looking for a specific design to decorate your home, there is little economic reason to paint Landscape, Pop Art, or Impressionism paintings.  Impressionism might be good when trying to finish the last tier of the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration, but otherwise offers no financial benefits.

Ending Remarks

I plan to add additional details about my study later.  I have a spreadsheet where I collected and analyzed the data.  I’ll look at hosting it somewhere so you guys can download your own copy if you so desire.  I’m in the process of creating several visuals to go with my results and will post those when I have time.  I've included table summaries/descriptives as image attachments, but I'm not sure if they are visible.  I may end up removing them if they don't show up.

Overall, this was an entertaining and rewarding experiment that answers my long-standing curiosity regarding the Sims 4 Painting skill.  I’m happy to share my data if you want to poke at it yourself.  Just send me a message and I’ll find a way to get it to you.

Best wishes!