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Panic! At The Disco With The Family But Mostly Anna
« on: March 10, 2015, 11:09:34 PM »
Chapter one: Uh, things!

Anna was just standing there outside on day, when she saw the people that would make her cry so many happy tears.

“BRENDON URIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She screamed.

“Hi!” Brendon waved.

“What house doing you our are fair in?” Anna got her words mixed and she dropped the laundry.

“We are here because you won our contest.” Brendon actually knew what she said.

“What contest?” Anna asked.

“You liked our page, you got picked randomly, so here we are.” Brendon said and Anna’s eyes lit up.

“Really?! OH YEAH!” Anna squealed and jumped for joy.

Brendon and Dallon laughed at the little fan, and Sarah giggled.

Brendon decided to get to know his new housemate that would be his housemate for a month.

Anna fangirled on the inside but the outside was calm.

It was a pretty calm day and they all talked to each other.

And the only reason Anna ate the salad was because it was made by Sarah and eaten by Brendon and Dallon. She really wouldn’t have otherwise.
Gosh dang it Chris why are you still here and without Sissy?

Later Anna and Ari played their computers, and Brendon was writing while Dallon played a guitar. (I wasn’t paying attention to anyone else)

All was swell and soon they went to bed.

And then the next morning happened.

“Why are you watching the toaster so closely?” Dallon asked after coming out of the room very silently.

 “Holy!” Anna jumped very high. “I mean, it’ll burn if I leave it alone.”

 “Really? You should buy a new toaster.” Dallon asked after a big laughing fit.

 Anna smiled, slapped him with an oven mit, and then they both started laughing.

 “What are you two doing?” Brendon asked as he walked into the kitchen, where they were still laughing.

 “Scary toast.” Anna said and then they all started laughing, then Dallon finally told the whole story, which made them all laugh again.

 “So is the toast burnt?” Brendon asked when they all finally stopped laughing.

 “And it is.” Anna giggled.

 So they finally made non burnt toast.

 “This is really good toast.” Sarah said.

 “Right? Right?” Anna laughed.

 The rest of Monday was pretty boring.


“Wanna go to a party with us tonight?” Brendon asked.

“Really? Thanks!” Anna said and they got Ready To Go.

Anna and Dallon got there first, but Brendon and Sarah were in traffic.

“Traffic is so much fun! ‘Cause it’s not like I was really trying to get anywhere! GREAT JOB! To the guy who just cut me off ‘cause that’s totally what I wanted right now! Woo.” Brendon sang.


Later on that night Anna and Sarah was just sitting at the fountain watching Brendon and Dallon drink their sixth cup of nectar.
“This isn’t going to go well, what do we do?” Anna asked.

“A cab’s coming after the party, and I brought pajamas. I already told the plans to your mom and she’s fine with it.” Sarah smiled.

“Good work.” Anna gave a thumbs up for approval.

“Anna come dance!” Brendon said.

“Oh, um, okay.” Anna said as Brendon pulled her away, Sarah waving and giggling.

The night, all in all, was great! Until Brendon yelled at the cab driver. 

Everyone was so tired they fell asleep right after hitting the pillow.

Anna was sitting on a bench the next day, annoyed that all of her allowance was used a tip for the poor cab driver. She was like, “Seriously Brendon?”

Until Brendon revealed that he lost his voice the day of a concert.

He hoarsely asked if Anna would sing for him.

“Really?!” Anna squealed.

“Yup.” He squeaked.

So that day was filled with excitement for Anna, while Brendon tried to get his voice back with some tea with honey.

While he waited for that to work, he played his guitar.

Ten minutes before the show...

“I’m ready!” Anna said.

“And my voice is back!” Brendon said.

“Oh...” Anna’s face went south.

“We’ll sing together.” Brendon came up with a solution.

“Hooray!” Anna said.

They went over the songs, all of them from the Vices and Virtues album, and they were awesome at their concert.  

“Thank you so much for letting me be in the concert.” Anna smiled.

“Thank you so much for being in it!” Brendon said.

Chapter one is done!

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Re: Panic! At The Disco With The Family But Mostly Anna
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Ah, and you might be wondering who Anna is.

I'll give you the answer! MEEEEE!

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Re: Panic! At The Disco With The Family But Mostly Anna
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Chapter two: The tour and cold kerfuffle.

It was right after their show, Brendon and Anna with full on smiles and Dallon not that far behind. Sarah loved to see them so happy, but she wasn’t feeling too well. She tried to keep her sneezes to herself and not let anyone know. Three times she sneezed, and Brendon was watching each time.

He knew the whole time he drove them back to the hotel, too. But he didn’t say anything until they got there.

“Sarah, sweetie, there’s no fooling me, you have a cold.” Brendon said, putting his hands on her warm head, his brown eyes looking at her clearly sick looking blue ones.

“I know but I didn’t want to ruin your fun.” Sarah said.

“Well, we’re here now so you go get to bed and rest.” Brendon said.

“Oh fine.” Sarah said, a little smile on her face.

The next morning she was feeling a little better, but not completely.

They went home because their events that need a hotel room were over.

It only took one day before Anna’s mother and sister came down with the cold. And the next day, her father and brother had it as well. Anna, Brendon and Dallon were the only healthy ones left! Which was good, as the three of them were going on tour the next day.

The conversation went like this:

“So, you’re going on tour tomorrow and leaving me here with the germy people?” Anna looked angry.

“Weeeeellll, you could come with us.” Dallon said.

“Really? Yay!” Anna said.

“We already talked to your parents. And to make your sister happy you have to get her a souvenir.” Brendon said.

“You guys are so awesome!” Anna laughed.

“Well you can thank us by playing this guitar.” Brendon said and handed her a pink guitar.

“Thanks!” Anna bounced off.

They went on their three week tour the next day, to France.

“This is a crazy adventure, I can’t wait.” Anna said as she looked out the plane window. “I mean, I’ve never been out of the country before.”

“Really? We’ve gone out of the country a few times.” Dallon said.

“Wow, it’s like you’re in a band or something.” Anna rolled her eyes.

“I am.” Dallon said.

“Sarcasm, dude.” Anna stuck her tongue out this time.

“Look, we’re landing!” a little girl behind them said, trying to get them to stop being mad at each other.

“Yes we are, dear.” her mother said.

“Well, here we are. Our home for the next three weeks.” Anna crossed her arms in a satisfied way.

And Brendon taught Anna how to play the guitar.
Why, yes, that IS a gate! Thanks for noticing!

The first week was quite nice, some great shows were played. The second week, well the end of the second week, was not so nice for Dallon.

They woke up on Sunday morning and all was swell, but later in the day, Dallon was sneezing. His throat was a little sore, but not too bad, so he just thought, “Nah, I’m not sick.”

This happened a few times, and he decided, “no, just allergies,” and sat down with a book.

But Anna and Brendon saw the signs and confronted him.

“You have the cold.” Anna said.

“What? No I don’t...” Dallon tried to cover his eyes with the book.

“Yeah sure.” Anna rolled her eyes.

“We’re going to catch him in the act, aren’t we?” Brendon whispered as they walked away.

“Duh.” Anna rolled her eyes once again.

So they waited undercover for a few hours until....

“Heh....he'TCHH'ughh!” he tried to cover up the sneeze.

“I heaarrrrdddd that.” Brendon sang. Yes, sang.

“I’m fine, it’s just allergies.” Dallon said.


And while cleaning the dinner plates:

“Heh....he'TCHH'ughh!” it was a little more quiet now.

“I heard that, Dal.” Anna said.

“It’s. Just. Allergies!” Dallon yelled.

“Okay, okay dude.” Anna backed away. “But I just counted all seven of the sneezes you just did, and you did them all in ten minutes flat.”

But there was no hiding it the next day.

“You’re sick, you can’t deny it any longer.” Anna said.

“Fine. I am.” Dallon said.

Two days later...

Anna thought to herself, “Grand, I got the cold.”

Anna would be fine with it if it weren’t for the sore throat. She hated those but could run around and play with her sister with just the cold. She called it allergic to cold germs. (Yeah, I actually do call it that)

Dallon sat up and sniffled, and looked at the scowling teenager. “You got the cold?”

Anna simply nodded, and said, “Maybe, I can live with it.” She closed her eyes and sat back, waiting for the throat soreness to set back to normal instead of clearly there.

Dallon put his hand on Anna’s head, and said. “I can’t tell if you have a fever. I think I’m too warm to check.”

They waited for Brendon to wake up, and when he did, they both walked up and asked him to check.

“Yup, you’re both warm. But not too warm.” Brendon confirmed after he put both of his hands on their heads.

“I think it’s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out...” Anna smiled at her joke but then had to wait for the sore throat to go back down again so she frowned.

“A haha.” Brendon smiled and rolled his eyes.

The rest of that day was spent for the two sickies by reading books and napping.

“So how are you feeling now?” Brendon asked as he handed them two different books to read.

“Sick.” they both answered.

“Nah, really?” Brendon laughed.

Brendon was a little lonely playing the shows by himself, but knew they had to get better.

Then it was the day before they had to go home.

Dallon was pretty much better, with just a few coughs here and there, Anna was a little sniffly, and had a few coughing fits here and there, but was on the verge of getting better, and Brendon wasn’t going to admit it, but he was sick now too.

“Gooood morning gents and more gents!” Anna said, bouncing back to being her healthy little self.

“Gooood morning lady!” Dallon said, pretty much his healthy self.

Brendon just grumbled.

“And the last one bites the dust.” Anna said and rolled her eyes.

Dallon put his hand on Brendon’s head. “Yup, he’s the last of all of us.”

“I’m not sick, today is our finale show.” Brendon croaked.

“Not gonna happen.” Anna said. “We’ll find another way.”

“But-” Brendon tried to say, but sneezed instead.

“You’ll lip sync. And we’ll have to cover up your feverish face with makeup.” Anna came up with a solution that made Brendon happy.
(Pay no attention to the fact that my leg is in the bedside table...)

“You’re a bit warmer than you probably should be.” Dallon said, checking again.

“I’ll get the thermometers that I found earlier.” Anna said.

She stuck one in Dallon’s mouth, and it said 98.6 like it should. She stuck one in her own mouth, and it said 100. Not too bad. But when she stuck one in Brendon’s mouth, it said 102.

“You are resting  until the show, which I’m not too keen on you doing anyway. But you’re so fudging stubborn.” Anna said.
Brendon was okay with resting, he really wasn’t feeling well at all.

Anna came in a few times with a cold compress, soup, some blankets, and other things.

Thankfully, she got him to take a nap, and even know he was still feeling sick, she had gotten his temperature down to 99.

“Okay, makeup time.” Anna said and got to work.

She was successful and Brendon only sneezed nine times!

Crazily enough, they had a great show! Brendon did his usual fun bouncy thing, but it was a little less than usual, and Anna was the bounciest one.

The next day was their last day, and they all relaxed, Brendon talked to fans, and Anna and Dallon played chess, even know Anna didn’t know how to play chess.  

They waved to the fans as they got onto the plane, and had a nice, peaceful plane ride home.

Ari was the first at the door, and pounced onto her sister.

“Squee!” Ari squealed as she hugged her.

“Hi Rawrsie.” Anna said, returning the hug.

And Sarah just looked into her husband’s eyes, and felt so much sympathy.

“Oh, Bren.” Sarah said.

“I’m fine. Well, I am when I’m with you.” Brendon said.

“Aw. Well, you’re here now and I’m going to take care of you.” Sarah smiles.

Chapter two: COMPLETED.

(Do you guys know how much I want this story to happen in real life? I mean seriously)

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Re: Panic! At The Disco With The Family But Mostly Anna
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