Author Topic: Labelles's Perfect Genetics Challenge: The End of the Labelles (Completed)  (Read 32002 times)

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I love this! I don't want it to ever end, but at the same time I do want it to so I can binge read it all at once lol

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because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

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I loved it! Gwen and Maleficent are beautiful sims. I'm really excited to see where things go next! :)

They are gorgeous sims. I'm not sure where this is going next, though I do have some ideas.  :)

I love this! I don't want it to ever end, but at the same time I do want it to so I can binge read it all at once lol

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Oh gosh, I love binge reading. I'm glad this is good enough to. When I read older generations I just find myself correcting my grammar. I had terrible grammar!  ;D

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 52 - Traitor
« Reply #177 on: February 03, 2016, 09:50:06 PM »
Maleficent was a pure daddy's girl. She would cry for him if he was gone to long and stared at him in awe when he came home. Of course the only thing that could entertain her is her lessons's with Dude, their new dog.

There were times when daddy was a scary monster though.

She forgave him in the end though.

When she was done from a stressful day she would snuggle into her mother's arms. Sometimes though she would complain.
"Mama, you smell look Dude."

On the day of her birthday she was unusually crabby. When I woke her up she  refused to get up.
"Mama, I don't wanna get older."
I was surprised by her language, though I suppose she did get that from me.
"It's okay, Maleficent. You will stay be the same person."
"What about daddy?"
It caught me off. How her voice was full of sadness.
"Daddy will always be with you, Maleficent. Nothing bad will happen to him."
"Why do you say that?"
"The price has to be payed."
I almost dropped my little girl. She should have known nothing about prices. She should have known nothing about magic. Suddenly I was seeing her through new eyes.
"Okay, Maleficent. Enough of that. It's time for you to blow out your candles."
With a sudden big huff of her breath it was done and she blew them out.  Her eyes were filled with knowledge beyond her years and a kind of sorrow that couldn't be healed by another person.

She wasn't staring at the cake eagerly anymore. She was staring at her father's dead body. She was screaming at something that couldn't be seen.
"Azure Amazon! Fate Nicolai! Whatever you go a,  bring him back! I don't care if someone else has to die in the place of my mom! Not him! Not him..."
She broke into sobs while I stared in horror.

This wasn't possible. It couldn't be. Disgust creeped into her brain as Astra watched the scene. She is the reason he is dead. Astra couldn't get the disgust out of her brain. Maleficent was the reason he was dead. Then something else occurred to Astra. Maleficent wasn't the one who had died. Maleficent wasn't the one who was raised to the dead. Which meant that Maleficent was something more than that. Astra stared at her daughter and wondered if this was the original Maleficent, a powerful sorceress. It wasn't possible. Sure the Labelles had a little bit of power running in their blood, but it couldn't be that much. They weren't related to anyone who was distinctly powerful unless- they weren't recognized yet. That was a very dangerous thought that Astra did her best to push away. Who was this Fate? Astra couldn't function. She couldn't move. She saw it, but didn't process it. Her husband wasn't dead leaving her withthis. Had he known this all time? How could he love her? She left her daughter to mourn by herself. Astra wasn't ready to process the dreadful days to come. She wasn't ready to be without him.


All it took was one tear. One moment as she saw her mother changed from someone she loved to someone that could barely stand the presence of her. She wanted to draw her into a hug and sob. She wanted her mommy back. She had recognized that look on two people from that moment on. Her and Alexander.

She knew she couldn't help it. Cruelty ran in their blood. On both sides. She was left to sob in her room not knowing what to do. Not knowing who she would be without her daddy. Her mother pulled her in for a high embrace.
"I love you Maleficent. I need to get away though."
"Promise me you will be back?"
Her mother hesitated for a moment.
"I promise."

With that she watched her mother walk out of her room. Maleficent held herself tightly knowing that her mother was walking out of her life. The next time she would see her it wouldn't be the same. With that little moment Maleficent became a justice-seeking, powerful sorceress that at times would be referred to as a villain. Her last words to her mother were "You traitor."

I know, I know, this was a sad chapter. It was really short too. I'm really sorry about that though this provides a firm foundation for Maleficent's character. Next chapter you may meet the next heir. I'm having a lot of fun figuring out the new generation and I'm finding old things I need to tie up. A lot of things about Megan's past will be tied up in Another Labelle Story. You will also see Mercy and some other characters. Perhaps a Reaper or two.  ;)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 52 - Traitor
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Lol you're not the first writer to say that their writing (and grammar etc) got better as the story progressed. Truth be told, I didn't even notice it, and usually I'm a Grammar Nazi lol

I hate that someone has to always die. It's such a cruddy way to live, knowing that your aging up is going to kill someone you love most!

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because... Math *Pippin The Most Tenacious Simmer*

Only 2 things are infinite... The universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe. *Albert Einstein*

Don't believe all the quotes that have been attributed to me. *Albert Einstein*

I can't ignore ALL of the voices in my head - Some of them actually make sense! *Blayzen*

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 52 - Traitor
« Reply #179 on: February 04, 2016, 12:11:21 AM »
Well, that was absolutely gut-wrenching. Thanks for that. :P

I'm going to go be sad in my corner and console myself with my Sims. That utterly broke my heart.

I mean. I really liked him. Now he's dead. I should just stop liking characters. Good things never happen to characters I like.  :'(

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 52 - Traitor
« Reply #180 on: February 05, 2016, 09:57:24 PM »
Lol you're not the first writer to say that their writing (and grammar etc) got better as the story progressed. Truth be told, I didn't even notice it, and usually I'm a Grammar Nazi lol

I hate that someone has to always die. It's such a cruddy way to live, knowing that your aging up is going to kill someone you love most!

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Well, that was absolutely gut-wrenching. Thanks for that. :P

I'm going to go be sad in my corner and console myself with my Sims. That utterly broke my heart.

I mean. I really liked him. Now he's dead. I should just stop liking characters. Good things never happen to characters I like.  :'(

I'm really sorry about having to do that. It really helped develop Maleficent's character though.
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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 53 - Fate Is Strange
« Reply #181 on: February 05, 2016, 10:01:42 PM »
Amelie was a goddess. No, she was the most beautiful creature in the world. Fate had told her one simple requirement in order to stay forever young. Have a child. Her child would then be gifted later on in life and continue Amelie's life long work. She didn't know why she had put this to the last minute. She was about to get wrinkles. Wrinkles! In response to this new discovery, she decided that it was time to take a trip to the city of love. One look at all of the potential wealthy, young attractive men. Amelie had found one. He had the money. Done. She glided effortlessly to his front door. 

She stared at the lovely house and started a mental checklist of all the things she would have to redo. She deserved this house after all.

The man she had seen was not the one standing above her. This one wasn't nearly as muscular and looked 10 years older. Ugh, she would have to rethink her plan. She couldn't stand when people lied about their appearance. That was something only she was allowed to do.

Amelie couldn't squint anymore and just stared at his nose. Oh, gosh. She wasn't even sure plastic surgery could fix that.

So she left his house. With no money in her pocket and no young bachelor under her thumb. The situation was starting to feeling helpless.

She was about to give up when she suddenly saw an attractive young male. Perfect.

She gave him the gift of her presence.
"How much money do you have in the bank?"
"Wait, what?"
"You are in love with me, aren't you?"
She finished every word with a flirtatious smile. He blinked. She waited for the magic to do its job. "Well, of course."

"I'm the most gorgeous creature in the universe, don't you agree?"
She didn't even know this man's name. She didn't care.

He was in love with her.

With one kiss he was under her spell.

After that she broke his small heart into thousand of pieces. She didn't care. With that she was done with France and on her way home.

After painful labor pains and waking up in the middle of the night, her little girls were toddlers. She almost laughed. Fate, was strange indeed.

I can't even say how strange this. Gwen had to have 16 children until I had perfect genetics! 16! Though, there are only 2 children at this moment due to the fact I was losing my sanity.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 53 - Fate Is Strange
« Reply #182 on: February 06, 2016, 12:06:05 AM »
How do you... what did you... how were you...

You know what, I don't even want to know. Kudos for having all those kids and surviving, is all I'm saying. Daaaaang!

Beautiful babies, by the way. ;D I can't wait to see them all grown up!

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Chapter 54 - Cursed
« Reply #183 on: February 06, 2016, 07:51:52 PM »
I just spent 2 hours writing this and my computer froze.  ::) >:(

Solstice sighed as she watched Eric talk to Imagination. She believed that Imagination thought Solstice's mother was cursed, but Solstice didn't think that was the case. When they had found mom she had no pulse, she wasn't breathing. How can someone not breathing still be alive? Eric had brought Imagination to life and ran to find mom to tell her. He had only found a corpse. Mom was dead. She was completely and utterly dead. Working through Imagination's brain had been difficult since it seemed she kept every little secret locked behind a door with no key and site but Solstice did it. Imagination was not who she said she was. She was the first one Maleficent had ever cursed and her name was something whispered in the shadows. Aurora. It was destined that she would destroy her kingdom, so Maleficent cursed her when she was only a toddler. A toddler. Imagination didn't get to choose her fate. She didn't get to decided if she was going to become the monster she was destined to be. She was locked up in a prison cell until she was turned into a doll. She was the first of many to be forced into the same fate.

Who was Solstice? Who was she? Solstice had the ability to read others minds. What no one else knew though was that she was a powerful individual. She was a coin. On one side you had the sweet, loving girl that could heal others and bring love ones back from the dead. On the other side she had the power to torture other's minds to the point of death and talk to the dead. She knew all your deep, dark secrets. It didn't matter who you were. If you came into her presence she would soon learn all about you.

Eric and Imagination also had powers. Eric had the power to make people see something that wasn't real, or see something that other's didn't see. Imagination could disappear in seconds. Solstice rarely talked. She had learned from a young age that words were powerful, and she wasn't going to risk using them if she didn't have to. Why talk when you can just read other's minds? For all the wrongs Imagination had been destined to do, she was still Solstice's best friend. Though, her annoying twin was also Solstice's best friend. 

"How can we get mom back?"
It was the same question Eric had been asking over and over again. Imagination answered differently this time though.
"We could raise someone Maleficent loved from the dead. It would be a dangerous price and the price has the power to ruin someone's life."
Solstice perked up. If it was possible to get mom back, she could do it.
"I can do it. Raise someone from the dead."
They both stared at me. It was the first time I had talked in years. Her voice was strangely whimsical though she was not a Siren. Siren't used their voices, all she had to use to manipulate someone is her mind.

"Could you Solstice?"
She nodded her head.
"How is that even possible?"
Imagination answered his question.
"Anything is possible."
"Can we do it?"
"We would be starting a lot of trouble Eric."
Eric grinned mischievously.
"So we could get in a lot of trouble for doing this?"
"Something like that, yes."
"It's been decided then."

Imagination rolled her eyes.
"You are such a daredevil."
"Someone is going to have to pay the price."
"We will burn that bridge when we get there."
Imagination raised her eyebrow.
"I am not going to be trapped inside a doll again."
Eric rolled his eyes.
"Oh please, I would just find you again. Maybe I wouldn't help you again, you do talk a lot."
Imagination frowned.
Eric turned red.
"Sorry, I went too far. You are one of my best friends."
Imagination slowly started to grin.
"Enough chit chat. So who are we going to raise from the dead?"
"Christian Sample."

"Okay. I have a quick question."
Imagination glared at him.
"Why do you guys wear dresses all the time?"
It was Solstice's turn to glare at him. Imagination answered for her.
"Because we can."

"That makes no sense."
"You don't make sense."
Solstice rolled her eyes. She had only said one thing the whole time.
"Come on Eric. You might have brought me to life, but you sure are taking up a lot of our time. Come on, lets go bring that one dude to life."


The grave was right where it was suppose to be. Solstice started shaking. She didn't know if she could do this, could she do this? She closed her eyes and forced the fear out. It wasn't time to doubt. It was time to help her mom.
"Okay Solstice, do your thing."

Solstice took shallow breaths and stepped towards the grave. She could do this. She would do this. After 20 excruciating moments the ground rumbled beneath their feet. Eric's eyes widened when he saw the light coming out of the grave and the body making its way up. Solstice was in deep concentration. The guy that stood above them was fully healed and normal. As normal as a vampire got. Solstice didn't even try to figure him out, she was to exhausted to.

"Where is Maleficent?"
"Hello sir-"
The guy bolted down the street and Eric followed him. Imagination and Solstice just shared a glance. This wasn't going as planned.

What happened next was also not planned. Out of the air an older man and a women were transported.
"I found her. Mother will be pleased."

They all stared at Imagination. It only took Solstice 5.20 seconds to figure the woman out. Her mind was open and she didn't try to keep anything hidden. Her family had a long line of greedy politicians, dating back to the times of monarchy. The small country they lived in was still controlled by them. She would never descendant to the throne due to the fact her younger brother was already showing signs of being more powerful then she was and would have to continue his family's work. Solstice glared. Her only power consisted of being able to find someone and teleporting to them. She still believed that little power was better then no power.  Her line dated back 7 generation to Imagination's brother. She was ordered to find Solstice.

Imagination pretended to run away, terrified. What she really was doing is disappearing into what seemed thin air. It was an intelligent plan. Though it left Solstice with the older guy. His mind was harder to figure out. He had some degree of immunity, but that didn't mean anything to Solstice. All she had to do was find the chinks in the armor. It was a difficult and tedious, but in the end it worked. He had every single thing he had done locked in crates and Solstice had to find a way to open them.

When he started screaming at her she didn't listen. Blah, blah, blah , blah. It was just background noise for the real battle going on. Between his brain and her. It was his lost, he was just giving her more time to win. When she finally did open each and every single crate up all his secrets spilled out. She saw every single thing he was, every single thing he had did. She stared, horrified that he had tortured her mother and father. He would pay. Solstice collapsed to the ground.


Eric wasn't sure what he was doing. He wasn't use to running after people with super-speed either. It was difficult. It was aggravating. One moment he thought he was close enough to get him and the other moment he wasn't. He just kept glaring at the giant's blue hair. Once he caught up with him, he finally breathed.
"Sir, please stop running. I would really appreciate it if you helped us."
He just stared inside the window unable to move.
"You might be creeping them out sir."
"My daughter is in there."
"Doesn't make it any less creepy."

The door slammed open and the ground trembled.
The moment the person came out he stared at the stranger. He looked shocked.
"Are you Maleficent's father? How-how are you alive?"
The giant pointed to Eric.
"Hey don't blame me. My sister brought you back. If we would have known you were just going to stare at your daughter then we could have left you alone."
The stranger's gaze change from the giant to Eric. Eric found himself startled, staring into his own face.
"He-Hello sir."

The only significant difference between them was Eric's startling, yellow, eyes.
"Who is your mother? Who is your sister?"
The stranger's words came out gurgled together.
Eric frowned.

"Gwen Labelle. Solstice Fate Labelle. Her middle name was something about "choosing her own fate?"
The stranger took deep breaths.
"Are you James?"
The strange looked startled and started muttering under his breath.

"We were going to meet you, you know. Then my mom left and we didn't find her. Imagination says she's cursed. Solstice thinks she's dead because of Maleficent."
The giant glared at him.
"Its true."
"Give me a minute to process this."
Eric slowly started counting the minute down.

Jame's breaths started getting louder and louder.

Then one moment he collapsed.
"That was a minute and a half!"

Maleficent was having a field day. Her bad luck just seemed to get worse and worse. Her mother had tried to call her, naturally Maleficent hanged up. She had given her up for adoption. She had abandoned her. "Traitor," Maleficent whispered under her breath. If her father was here he would be having a cow. So when she saw the blue hair she assumed he was an illusion. Pink flamingos flew up to the roof top and exploded into bits of ice. She was aware she was going insane. She was also aware that sooner or later, she would have to visit Mercy and Fate again to find Clarissa. None of it helped keeping her sane. So when she stared at him she repeated the same words she repeated many times a day. "You aren't real."

"Maleficent I'm real. I promise you that I'm real."
"You aren't real. You are just some part of my brain driving me insane. Now if you excuse me, I have to deal with crazy immortals."
The illusion raised its eyebrow.
"You have got to be kidding me. You have to deal with them too?"
"You know Maleficent, you are a little older than I thought you were-"
She didn't let him finish before she pulled him into a bear hug.
"And less strong."
She couldn't glare at him. She just hugged him and refused to ever let go.


Solstice woke up inside a car with the older man driving it. She was the only one who noticed that Imagination was also in the car.
Imagination gave her a tight smile.
The driver looked back and swiveled the car into someone's driveway.

The moment he got out with the woman Solstice stroke. She targeted where the brain stored fears and brought them to life inside her captor's heads.
"That is for my mother and my father," she spitted the words out using all the venom she could.
The people collapsed to the ground whimpering in fear. Imagination stared wide eyed, with her fists clenched. "Stop Solstice."
She ignored her and turned their brains against them. Enough of Imagination's screaming and she let them go.
"Get out of here." They scrambled from the ground with hatred seeping through their eyes and jumped in the car.
Solstice was horrified with herself. The power to do something like that. She just wanted to revenge her parents. She collapsed to the ground, once again.


Megan Labelle sighed as she found her phone. Her parents had named her after her grandmother, little did they know she talked to the dead. Since Toby had died (well died again) she still could talk to him. She knew that her parents couldn't though. James was out and so was his daughter. She tried to get Imagination and Eric to leave her side so they could eat. She didn't know what to do. Maleficent wasn't much help, all she kept doing was glaring at Imagination. Megan knew who she was going to have to call.

"Hey Kaleb! Congrats! You have another niece and nephew! No it isn't Eveline's, Megan choked the words out, It's Gwen's kids."

His next words were barely audible.
"Do they have any gifts?"
"Well the little girl kind of just tortured two people, so I will go with yes."
"I will be right over there. Don't let them leave."
Megan hanged up the phone and muttered under her breath,"I don't think I could stop them anyways."


I have spent 5 hours writing this thing! It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. Let me clear up some confusing links: The children above were Amelie's, she somehow had perfect genetics. I deleted 14 children since they were all going to be taken away. I literally was about to pull my hair out and I couldn't give that many character's backgrounds. It just didn't fit into the story at all.  I don't regret it.  :P Yes, I did the unspeakable thing in writing and brought Christian back sooner then I was suppose to. Enjoy! This was my expression when writing this:

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 53 - Fate Is Strange
« Reply #184 on: February 06, 2016, 08:16:39 PM »
How do you... what did you... how were you...

You know what, I don't even want to know. Kudos for having all those kids and surviving, is all I'm saying. Daaaaang!

Beautiful babies, by the way. ;D I can't wait to see them all grown up!

It was a ton of children. I had forgotten I had free will off. You won't be seeing 14 of them because well, I just can't handle that many characters and it doesn't make sense for the plot. 

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 55, Part 1 - Ghosts
« Reply #185 on: February 09, 2016, 07:53:56 PM »
Gwen wasn’t sure what was happening. She couldn’t figure out how she could hear her blood pulsing or how she could count how many times her heart beat. The answer was none. She was dead. It seemed like that. How could she be dead? Perhaps Maleficent saved her the trouble and just killed her after all. It sounded better than being cursed anyways. How could she deal with something like that. Being stuck in a tomb for 100 years waiting for someone to come that wasn’t coming was stupid. It was idiotic.

“Wake up stupid.”
“Why isn’t she waking up?”
“I don’t think she is very intelligent.”
“We already knew that.”
“She did kill all those people.”
“She is a monster.”
“Dada would be mad at her.”
“Dada is a monster.”
“It must run in the family.”
Gwen was tempted to scream.
“Shut up. I’m not like him.”
“Yes you are.”
“You know how we know? We are the past versions of yourself.”
“Go away.”
“We can’t do that.”
“Not until you forget us.”
“Let us go.”
“I can’t.”
“Then you are stuck with us.”
“Ghosts of yourself.”
“You know who is more terrible than Troy? You. You betrayed James.”
“He probably wouldn’t even accept the twins as his own.”
“You abandoned your children. Do you know how likely it is that they will get kidnapped and end up like you?”
“Very likely.”
Gwen wanted to grit her teeth. She wanted them to go away. She knew all these things. She didn’t need to be reminded.
“I wonder why the spell didn’t work.”
“It worked, just not in the way Maleficent imagined.”
“Maleficent is going insane.”
“She's going insane?”
They chanted together.
“Magic comes with a price.”
“That spell isn’t going to keep you asleep.”
“Wake up.”
Gwen didn’t want to listen to these voices, but she did. She used the last of her strength to get up from the stone slab.

An extraordinary amount of pain was awaiting for her and she had to bite back a scream. It seemed to expand in her throat until it threatened to consume her.
“Stop crying.”
“We are going to China.”
“If you can’t forget us then we get to control you.”
"Quite literally.”
“Use some of James money.”
“He won’t mind. I’m sure of it.”
“We can start some drama.”
“Don’t you love drama?”
“Go away.”
“We aren’t going away until you let us go.”
“Our flight is waiting.”


Maleficent watched as the green monkeys danced across the lava and made peacock sandwiches. She repeated the same words over and over. “This isn’t real.” It wasn’t, was it? Everyday it became more and more real to her. It was absolutely terrifying. How did Gwen escape anyways? Maleficent fiddled with her hair. She had moved her into a different tomb.  Perhaps Maleficent was getting weaker. That wasn’t good, not at all.

Megan was in charge of making sure James didn’t do anything stupid when he awoke. It wasn’t everyday you learned you were a father, for years and the reason you didn’t get to meet them earlier is because you left town. He looked peaceful in his sleep and she suddenly felt like she was intruding on something personal. She was done waiting for him.
“Wake up! You are a father!”

James jumped out of the bed, startled looking for the nearest route to the door. Megan watched this all with a tight smile on her face. “Boo.”
He yawned. “I had this really weird dream about Gwen had twins, he buried his hands in his face,”that was real, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah. Congrats?”
This just seemed to unsettle him. “Why didn’t she tell me?”
"It appears she tried to, but she couldn’t find you. Eric was telling about the journal you left? Apparently she went pretty psychopathic after that." Megan filled in the rest of the details herself.
"Very interesting. It reminds me of a soap opera.”
“Not funny.”
“One day you will look back and laugh.”
Megan was in deep thought about that. “I don’t know. Maybe we will all sit around a table playing cards laughing about this.”

James just seemed to get stressed more and more. “His name is Eric? Wait, the redhead isn’t mine also, right? Do we need to get some sort of test to see if Gwen is being truthful?”
Megan squirmed under the pressure. “The redhead isn’t yours. Though she and Maleficent seem to always have a stand off. I hope you don’t mind, but yeah. It’s proven. You have two kids.”
James turned pale. “I never wanted to be a father.”
“Long story short, my father sucked.”
“Is he the, Megan didn't know exactly how to say it, the person who kidnapped Gwen in the first place?”
“That must be awkward.”

James just chuckled. “How are you in this mess?”
She dropped eye contact with James. “I’m the heiress to a multimillionaire estate. My dad owns it. It was suppose to be my brother’s, but he kind of died, again.”
James frowned. “What do you mean, again?”
“Well, my mom is kind of a ghost and my dad is a plantsim, so it's weird. When I was born a magic-user it scared the crap out of my family especially when I started talking to my dead grandmother who I was named after. That's all I can do though, tell the future and talk to dead people.” 
“That's more than I can do.”

Megan raised an eyebrow. “What can you do magic wise?”
“Apparently I’m immune to a certain degree, but surely that can be compromised.”
Megan sighed. “Yeah, it can.”
James’s face was quizzical. “You don’t want to know. Trust me. Someone tested out the theory.”

“You know what. You are all crazy. I really don’t want to know.”
“If it makes you feel better your kids are crazy too.”
“It doesn’t.” Megan took note of how James squirmed at the word kids.
“Ready for more drama?”
James sighed. “Why would I want that?”
“You don’t, but would you like to know anyways?”
“Your crazy psychopathic girl-" She noticed the glare James gave her. "-I mean er, friend escaped from a sleep that was made to keep her asleep for 100 years until um, something broke it. It was just not broke in the way it was suppose to.”

‘What does this mean?”
“She stole some of your money and went to China.”
“Are we going to chase after her?”
“That was kind of the plan.”
“What about the um, you know, other people?”
“I got Kaleb to watch them. He loves kids.”
She was hoping that was a good enough lie. The truth was Kaleb couldn’t stand children. Maybe if he knew these were his niece and nephew he would keep them alive? James seemed convinced enough. “Okay, let's go to China.” They packed their bags and walked out and Megan was touched when James checked on the little girl.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 55, Part 2 - Ghosts
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Maleficent wasn’t sure what to say to her father. How to explain the fact that she had grown to be such a cruel person with a thirst for justice above everything else. It wasn’t something you told your brought-back-from-the-dead-father on an airplane. How was Maleficent going to explain that her mother changed? That she wasn’t the same person as she was before? If Maleficent’s mother took a step towards her she would not hesitate to drive her to insanity for all the years of abandonment? He was hesitant to go China because he wanted to find Astra, but a stronger desire to keep his daughter out of trouble was there. The only issue was, he hadn’t known how she was already head deep in it. Sometimes he just needed to let the purple squirrels be eaten by the yellow hummingbirds. Maleficent shaked her head and had acknowledged the thoughts were becoming more and more frequent. She wouldn’t be able to keep it hidden for much longer. She had seen the concern in her father’s eyes haunting her every minute. Soon she was afraid she wouldn’t even be here anymore. 

She couldn’t let any of them know. She didn’t want to be a burden to them. Her family had enough issues. She glared back at Megan making faces at her. James was staring at the window and hadn’t spoken a single word the whole time. She was worried about him. The guy clearly had a lot on his plate. She had admired that even through all the tragedy, all the hardships, her family had stayed somewhat intact. You never truly know someone until you see their good and bad days. The squids will attack the grasslands and the buffalo will eat shrimp. It’s just how they roll. Maleficent laughed out loud and everyone stared at her.
She cleared her throat, “I saw a strange cloud or something.” Megan just slowly nodded, but stared at her with suspicion. James didn’t even blink.
Maleficent’s father just muttered,”crazy immortals.”

China was breathtaking. It had a calmness to it that even James seemed to notice. Megan just grinned at random locals and waved. They seemed pretty confused and not only because she was green. It was common knowledge about the Labelle’s wealth and the fact Megan would be the heiress to it. Maleficent ran off to explore the small village with a warning look from her father. “Don’t curse anyone.”
 Maleficent grinned. “I don’t think I have to here, at least that I know of.” Her father just rolled his eyes and went inside the building. He was sensitive to the sun and didn’t want to die right when he had been reunited with his daughter. While the sun was annoying to Maleficent and gave her headaches it didn’t have the potential to kill her. Maleficent had decided she wanted to explore all the world had to offer before she wasn’t well, here anymore.

At first she wasn’t sure what to make of the small village and its people. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to make of them. It was better not to make any emotional attachments to the people. She had accepted a small request from an elderly woman. All she had to do was explore some tombs. Easy. If it was so easy why did Maleficent feel herself quivering with excitement? She was in awe of the architecture, but was determined not to show it.

Solving complicated puzzles and obstacle courses kept her mind at ease. She was actually enjoying herself. She kept a lookout for Gwen, but in the end didn’t see her anywhere. It was strange. Her resolve to keep her face neutral was soon broken.

She had loved the tomb of the dragon the most. It had a certain calmness to it that couldn’t be found anywhere else. With the steam blowing in her face and the eyes of the dragon staring down at her she couldn’t help but smirk.

Exploring the dangerous tombs and dodging the traps seemed like life to her. Some obstacles are harder than others, but in the end she got the treasure.

James seemed to find some enjoyment from the trip too. Though he kept his silence. Megan finally ask him if he was going to become a monk. He just offered her a tight smile. Megan is a good friend for him. She would just tease him and bring him out of his funk. Heck, she was a good friend for all of them. Instead of letting the world bring her down she stood a little straighter and laughed a little longer. She always had something positive to say and there was no way you could get that sly grin off her face. You would think someone who had conversations with dead people daily would be a little more, well, serious. She had managed to drag James out of his search to show him China. It cheered him up a bit.

When giving the woman the treasure she clasped Maleficent’s hands together
“I am so sorry child.” Maleficent tried to pull her hands away, but the woman’s grip was firm.
“You have until the age of 19 before it takes you. Be careful. It will consume not only you, but destroy the lives of others.” The woman finally released her. Maleficent slowly walked away not thinking, not contemplating. By the time she had reached the resort she had decided the woman was a crazed lunatic.
Megan just gave her a small smile. “That was fun. Sadly we didn’t see any crazy people with neon hair, but Ann thinks she will just have to come back in her own time. Did you enjoy China?”
Maleficent nodded. “Surprisingly, yes.”
Megan grinned. “I just need to make a quick trip to Bridgeport.”
Maleficent just stared at her. “Don’t tell me.”

“Do you think she is listening?”
“I’m not sure.”
“I wonder what is happening to those kids.”
“Probably something terrible.”

Gwen had mastered the talent of ignoring them. She had noticed that she couldn’t stand being in the sun. It had felt like someone had stabbed her thousands of times each agonizing second she was in it. She loved the feeling of her feet barely touching the ground. She wasn’t sure why she could count every single living creature's heart beats and decided she didn’t want to know.

When she had seen the natives practicing martial arts she had thought nothing of it. It was just violence that Gwen thought was best to be avoided. After watching for a while she realized it was like an elegant dance that didn’t judge the dancer. It was a beautiful thing sort of. She decided to give it a try and quickly learned the basics. Every time she hit the dummy she winced. They kept taunting her. Everytime she hit the dummy it felt like she was reliving an awful memory. Everytime. She was tempted to stop. To scream. Why was she allowing them to still haunt her after all these years? She was chasing ghosts of the past.

She wanted to be done with them. All of them. She wasn’t them. She didn’t want to become them. She wouldn’t because she was a different person. The past didn’t define her. So, she hit the dummy a little harder and stood a little taller.

She would find her kids. If James didn’t want them that was his fault. She was ready to stop being burdened by her past. It didn’t make her. It didn’t define her. Soon she found herself relaxing and the burden that she didn’t realized she had been carrying was getting lighter. It didn’t mean that she hadn’t loved James, it just meant she was ready to give up her past.

She had to just one more thing. She said good bye to China and left with a smile on her face.


Just thought I would share this with all of you. Megan has an obsession with casting love charms at people and I had to stop her twice. She kept casting them at James and Christian. Her response to me for stopping her:

I love this sim so much.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 56 - This Is How It Ends
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This is not the end of the story. This is the end of a certain character that you may or may not hate. I hope I do this justice.

Gwen knew how this would end. The moment Gwen was kidnapped he must have known too. They were both despicable creatures, doing the wrong things and trusting the wrong people. If Gwen had a chance to start over again would she? The real question is, would it erase the horrible things Gwen had done?

Staring out to the ocean in Moonlight Falls confirmed that no, time and healing would not erase the damage done. How were you suppose to fix a person that was shattered into millions of pieces? She had done so many terrible things, had seen some many terrible things. No, she would never earn forgiveness. People would stare at her in hatred for the rest of her life and dance on her grave when she finally died  If she was honest with herself, she would be one of them. They would never hate her as much as she hated herself. For what she became. For what she decided to do with her gift, or some may call, curse. She didn’t know when she became this person, she just knew she was this person. The type of person that even though they tried so hard they couldn’t fight their fate. When did she realize this? At what point did she become the person she is today? She didn’t know how it began. She did know how she ended it. This isn’t a tale full of carriages and prince charmings, glass slippers and fairy Godmothers. This is tale about how one person who has the power to change another’s life and did so. This is the ending of a tale that was started long ago by a decision to kidnap a small, little, girl. How did it end you may ask? It had ended before it even began when a young man named Troy kidnapped one of the most powerful sirens in history.  Magic always comes with a price and one should never tempt Fate when dealing with deadly creatures.


Arriving to Moonlight Falls had never been one of her original intentions . At first she thought she was idiotic, going back to the place she had been tortured and betrayed. Then slowly, but surely the cabin came into view and her hatred and anger blinded her like no other thing could. Clenching her fists the weather took an eerie change. Thunder bolting out of the sky, rain trampling everything in sight. This was not the time for childhood memories of the place she was forced to call home. It was time to set it all right. Repeat the never ending cycle that had occurred since her grandmother had died. Getting revenge no matter the cost. Gwen had forgotten to look for the signs that she was doing something stupid. The blueish tint to her eye hiding thousands of storms. The ocean that was restless waiting for her requests. The beautiful dress that she had convinced a fashion designer to create just for her. If she had decided to acknowledge them she had ignored them. The biggest sign was her magic literally radiating around her. It was only duplicating its master furious, deadly, power that was coming to claim the price.

With three deadly words she sealed the deal. “Troy, come here.” It took only a few minutes for the footsteps to betray their master. Once he arrived in front of Gwen his eyes betrayed everything. His anger over that she had somehow broke his magic immunity and most of all, his fear for what would come next.  Gwen smirked when he tried to open his mouth. “You have talked enough in your life, haven’t you? Perhaps I can fix that.” With one gesture of her hand he never talked again. “I think it's my turn, Troy. Maybe I should have allowed you to talk. Beg for your despicable life. It wouldn’t have mattered though. I’m exactly what you said I am.” She stated the fact plainly. "I have decided to acknowledge it. I am what you created me to be, she spoke quietly while taking another step towards him, it is not my species that doomed me, but you.” Gwen was on higher ground appearing exalted before him, but they both knew the truth, they were both the same. “You ruined me.” She smiled. “I plan on returning the favor.”

Her smile did not reach up to her eyes. “In your last moments, do remember me. Remember the little girl you tore from her family and the monster you created. Jump in the water and don’t come onto the land. You are old. It shouldn’t take long.”  His body betrayed his mind and hatred was burning through his eyes. “Let this be a lesson to you Troy. When you mess with a powerful sorceress no matter what kind of power you have, no matter what immunity you have you will pay the price. You made a deal with my great grandmother from magic immunity and the moment you did you were aware of the price for such silly things. You will die at the hands of the thing you asked for protection against. Good bye Troy. May death be more kind to you than life was.” Gwen watched emotionless as the man she had feared for so many years met his end. When it was over she was tempted to collapse to the ground.

What happened next was not planned. Fate appeared out of thin air except this was not the one that Gwen knew. Her skin had a grey tint to it. Gwen just stared at her.
“Well done, child. It was worth it after all those years to make that phone call after all. It was worth separating you from your family. You have grown more powerful than I have ever imagined.”

Gwen wasn’t sure what to make of this news. Instinct took over and a new hatred erupted inside her. Fate just snapped her fingers. “I’m untouchable until the 10th generation.  I wouldn’t try that right now. I have some powerful people looking for me right now and it would be a shame if they found me dead. Worst things would just be coming your way.”
Gwen focused on those small words “10th generation.”
“Why are you here then? To gloat that I have played into your hands?”

“Actually you didn’t, believe it or not. Someone sacrificed their sanity for another.” Fate rolled her eyes. “I wish you would all of inherited something less, useless.”
Gwen raised her eyebrow. “He would have died at the hands of you. Maybe he will. I would like to fix that small issue since you have held up your end of the bargain that I forced you in.”

She laughed. A shrilling thing that scared the crap out of Gwen. “Perhaps before the octopuses start flying in the sky killing everyone with their rockets I would give you my small gift.”  She was insane. Utterly insane. She continued though. “I don’t wish any of my magic reserves unhappiness. I think I have tortured you enough and your whole family this generation. So, I will offer the same thing I offered Mercy. Happiness. See, I don’t understand why everyone thinks I am such a terrible person. They never consider every time someone gets kidnapped around here they come back with another person.” Fate shook her head. “Madness. I have tortured you my little pet and I wish only happiness for you. If only I had the chance to do the same.” The grin she showed didn’t reach  her eyes. Gwen realized that one moment that this woman could play this game, but she was a pawn in it just as much as she was. The question that always remained was, what happened to her?
“What happened to you?”
“Oh dear child, I am just a reflection of you. Except I didn’t get a happy ending without cursing you all to the same fate. Enough with this chit chat.  My gift has a price as always. One you have paid. I advise you to stop killing off my pawns.You know how siren’s went extinct in the first place? They kept doing the same thing you did today? Getting revenge for something that was already done. Stop chasing the past. Look to the future.”

“If you all would stop killing my pawns you could actually have a chance at happiness! Life is a game of chess, sometimes you sacrifice your pawns for the greater good and others time they survive enemy territory and they rise to be as great as you. Blah-blah-blah. I may have thrown someone in a trunk and kidnapped and brought them here. It is quite a lot of fun. I now understand why my father enjoys it so much. It is truly the only way to do things these days.”

“Anyways. He doesn’t remember how he got here. He saw everything you did. He won’t remember the crazy ancestor. Now if you will mind me, I have to go and handle a pawn that is rebelling. Stupid gift. She can see the past. Too many things that could get out not in my favor. I can’t even control her. Oops! I forgot something too. Just a little warning. I know I should have not raised that Alexander back from the dead the first time. His other daughter will cause some trouble for your family. Her name is Gladys Brantley. Have fun.”  With a small gesture she was gone.


James stared at it all in horror. He had seen it all. Even the lunatic. She must have forgotten the small fact that he had a degree of magic immunity. When he had seen his father died all he had felt was relief. It was a terrible thing to say and something that would haunt him to his grave. He could have tried to stop it. Instead he stared at it in horror. He didn’t even move an inch when he saw Gwen stare into the ocean hollowly. He couldn’t. “I see you there James. You can leave at any moment. Call the police or something. I don’t care.”

The question that had been eating at him he finally asked. “Why didn’t you tell me I had kids?”
Gwen seemed to move a little at this. “I tried. I tried to find you for seven years.” 
“You could have you know, called me.”
Gwen snickered. “You are right. I could have change your life with a small phone call telling you that your past had indeed, come back to haunt you. Plus, you changed your number several times.”
“You keep turning my life upside down. It is a bad habit of yours. Though I guess it is my fault for keep chasing you. I would say thank you, but I am pretty sure that would immoral of me.”
“Thank you for what?”
“I am not sure, being my best friend even when I was a jerk. For having the best kids in the universe even if they are, strange. For having a family of crazy lunatics that can’t seem to stop starting drama.”
Gwen smiled. “You don’t hate me? You don’t hate after all of this crap I have done?”
James sighed. “I would have wished you didn’t do it. Megan says John was aggravated by it but in the end knew it was his time to go. My father made you do all of that. I am pretty sure in hostage situations people become violent towards their kidnappers. It messes with their mind. I was also thinking that you are strange and beautiful in your own way. That yes, you may be a little bit of a lunatic, but it is part of your charm. I also think that even though you hate yourself, you are an amazing people when you aren’t all psycho siren. So yes, if that answers your question in no way do I hate you.” Gwen pulled him in for a bear hug. “I can’t breathe.” When she started sobbing he held her tightly knowing that she had been holding it back for years. Did he believe she could get over this? Become the person he already knew she was? Yes, yes he could.

He decided he was done playing powerful individuals games. He was done waiting for the right time to do something. The truth was, it was never the right time. It was crazy, but he decided it was worth a shot.

He was utterly surprised when she kissed him back. Maybe because he knew who she was. Now all he had to do was help her forgive herself. She was crazy. She did the wrong things. All she saw was the worst in herself. If her crazy ancestor was true, none of it was her doing. It was the psychotic ancestor.  James saw the best in her that even though she refused to see it was there and everyone else that mattered saw it too.

It didn’t make it right that all those people died. It was a terrible thing. So he hugged Gwen tightly afraid to let go of her. Everything would work itself it out.


I hope this isn’t repetitive since it seems to be a common theme in my story my characters picking the pieces of themselves up after an antagonist dies. I just really love writing it that way. Yes, Alexander has another daughter that is not Mercy’s. I really hope I did this justice, I just want a happy ending for Gwen. If anything is confusing just tell me, during big chapters I always end up accidently causing confusion. This was suppose to come out yesterday, but my game ended becoming corrupt. Constant crashes ect. My game kept running out of memory for new reason. I contacted EA and that was great. They didn’t know what to do about it. Thank you LivvieLove for helping me fix my game! I am happy I don’t have to recreate all the Labelles.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 56 - This Is How It Ends
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That was beautifully written. I teared up a bit there. I love how James accepts her as she is. At least he got a glimpse into her life. I love Gwen. She's done some stuff, but she's also seen some terrible stuff and I think she's a strong woman. She needs to find her own way - happiness included.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 57 - Time Goes By So Fast
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For once in his life Kaleb wasn't feel as confident as he usually was. Maybe it was Gwen's son staring back at him with Kaleb's mother's eyes or the fact he finally accepted his mother was dead. Unexplained death. Found in a river. Kaleb closed his eyes and counted to three. One. These kids were powerful magic users. Two. He was sure that Eric's friend had been cursed into a doll by Maleficent. Three. He had a feeling that this was the beginning of something terrible. He always felt that way though. It was how his family was. On one side was the crazy magic users who were trying to get rid of the heirs. On the other side was people hurt by them, and were now insane also. On another side was the people who had recovered from the horrors of their past, moved on and tried to forget it. On yet another side was the people stuck in the middle of it with no power. Like him. He ignored the strange dogs sitting straight up like human beings and how his long lost nephew was sharing suspicious glances with the other random child. His niece was running around town learning how to dance. He wasn't sure what to do. The girl clearly could stick up for herself. She had shown more power than he thought. What he didn't know was that this girl had so much more power than anyone could imagine. Didn't matter to him though. He just watched T.V and glanced at his watch every few minutes. They should have called him by now. Told him if they found his crazy sister. Instead he got a series of random text he hadn't known about from his aunt Mercy, who had took desperate measures to get away from the madness.

Do you know about what happened to Troy?
Kaleb hadn't considered what that man may have suffered from his sister's madness. He ranked that man under Alexander, and that was saying something. He had after all, been the one to crush the light in his sister's eyes that she once had. He quickly replied back.
No. Whatever it is, he must have deserved it.
I wouldn't be saying that over a text message. They just found his body.
Kaleb snapped his phone shut and closed his eyes. Just take breaths Kaleb. You will be out of this house in no time. If the kids noticed they didn't say anything.
I'm not surprised. We are related to lunatics after all.
He was surprised how quickly she replied.
You have no idea how correct you are. We aren't related to a lunatic, we are related to the lunatic.
The words sent a chill down his spine.
What do you mean?
He didn't care if she couldn't send it over text message. It didn't matter. If he had to show up at her house in Bridgeport and tell that daughter of hers everything he would.
Nothing that is important.
You have really lost your mind, haven't you?
That is precisely what I am worried about. I have lost my mind. Ever since Clarissa had been kidnapped....
Kidnapped? She was kidnapped!
Wait, what. What happened? What do you mean the one person I'm related to that isn't going insane over "magic" just gets kidnapped?
Its a long story.
Once I'm done babysitting I'm coming over there. I need at least one sane relative on my side.
Yeah, Gwen apparently has two kids we didn't know about.
Kids? Is one of them the heir?
Are they with you?
Uh, no.
You let them wander the streets by herself given their mother's history? Her mother was left alone for one second and she was kidnapped. One second!
Kaleb groaned.
The kid will be fine. Long story. I will explain it to you later. I think you are losing your sanity. Next moment you will be saying the Reapers exist.
Kaleb slammed his phone shut. 

All the sudden his dead grandmother burst into the house.
Kaleb burst out laughing.
"This is such a strange dream."
 His grandmother frowned and stared at her hair in horror. "Watcher! What is this? This isn't acceptable! Give me it back!"
He was surprised when a voice from the sky answer back.
"They are already think you are insane. Calm down. I will fix it later."
Kaleb was about to faint when his niece burst into the room.
"Ooh! Can we now speak to the Watcher? I knew she was there, she just can't do much because of the curse and now she can't get passed it..."
They all stared at her. With wide eyes the girl kept talking. By his nephew's expression she had never spoken that much in her life.
"Hi Megan. Glad to see Fate brought you back, even if you will have to go back to being dead eventually. She is in an odd mood since Clarissa got kidnapped."
Then she casually walked out of the room. Kaleb and his nephew just stared at where she was. Sometimes he felt the child could read minds. It was insanity. Absolute insanity.
Megan just grinned.
"This is why my descendants are the most interesting people that have ever been on this planet er.. or not."
Kaleb smirked.
"Eveline has three alien kids. They won't be doing magic, will they?"
"Not that I know of."
Kaleb's smile faded.
"Aren't you suppose to not know about magic?"
"Where did you think everyone got it from?"
"Why didn't you tell everyone?"
"My mother erased my mind and made it impossible for me to use my magic. Also made me extremely petty."
She noticed the quizzical look on his face.
"Long story."

"You are real?"
"No, I'm just here to remind you to pay your credit card off."
Kaleb frowned.
"Not funny."
"I'm here to see my descendants before they age up."
"You know you could just call them your great-"
"Why? Most Labelles don't get to see that."
"Most Labelles aren't already dead. Not sure what I am doing here right now. She probably has me stuck in Limbo..."
Megan looked around the room.

"Anyways! They didn't tell you that it was their birthdays tomorrow?"
Kaleb looked up, surprised.
Eric looked up.
"Uh sir, I didn't think it was important since my mom is kind of missing right now..."
Kaleb waved him aways.
"Of course it is."
Solstice skipped into the room and lurched herself into Megan's arms.
Megan hesitated before hugging her back. Kaleb was strangely touched by it.

"Look what I learned last time you saw me."
All the sudden Solstice lurched into a complicated spin that made Kaleb ache at the thought of it.
Megan beamed at her. "Very good Solstice."

Imagination came rushing up to Megan with her eyes in awe. She quickly rushed to bow,"Tr-"
A glare that could have killed thousands accompanied by a pleasant smile quickly hushed the child. This small gesture, no matter how small was a clue that unlike her descendants, Megan had a dangerous past that wasn't welcomed to be explored. Her eyes had a weary look to it like someone would soon be exploring the skeletons in her closet. What scared Kaleb most was the smile. It had been a natural instinct. Hiding emotions and reading them was perhaps the most deadly skill of all. He glanced at Solstice who appeared to have a bored expression on her face. Yes, disguising the truth was the most dangerous thing of all.


Her great grandmother had showed up the door with a weary expression and a light in her eyes no one had seemed to be able to take away from her. Not even death could erase that small detail. The moment Solstice started talking her brain went into action. Sorting through information and still keeping tabs on everyone else in the room she started her search. What she had learn that was not her's know. She could sort through little information but the moment she tried to get to the deep, dark secrets all sudden she was knocked down with a painful headache. She was hiding something and it wasn't Solstice's to know. Solstice knew Vivian, Megan's sister, must have been a mind reader also. Megan must have over time built barriers and came immune to a sort of magic. It didn't matter. In time Solstice would be able to uncover every secret Megan had ever kept. She just needed time. She enjoyed the time with her friend and family because she had a feeling she needed to cherish every moment with them. Hug them a little longer. Laugh a little louder. The small things that mattered in life.

With a dreadful feeling  in her gut she jumped into the water. It was instant, the flashback. She was being held down by an invisible barrier staring at the remains of a car. With a sly grin a double of her walked out of the vision. The next moment Solstice was being held down into a tank of water and she couldn't move. She couldn't control her limbs. All she felt was blinding hatred. A small voice echoed her thoughts.
"Child. It isn't your time to pay the price for magic. Don't go in the car." She knew exactly who was talking to her. Fate Keeper. It was strange because she noticed the same hint of concern in her voice that she had detected in her great grandmother. She shook her head. Fate treated everyone like a pawn in her game of chess. She would sacrifice anything and anyone to win the game. Gasping, Solstice swam up to the surface.

What she was greeted with was unexpected. Megan and Kaleb were pale. Imagination looked like she was going to cry and Eric looked puzzled.
Kaleb cleared his voice,"That shouldn't have been possible."
Megan whispered,"Seven minutes."
Kaleb clenched his fists. "Is she a?"
"Perhaps. Most likely not."
"Was this just an unusual event?"
"Most likely."

After the pool they went out to eat. Imagination only found it was the proper thing to wear their formal dresses.
"We have to!"
"You were raised 700 years ago, you don't get a say in what we have to do."
Imagination turned red. In the end, Eric was in a tuxedo rolling his eyes and Solstice was wearing an uncomfortable dress.Eric was convinced he was an undercover agent which just made the whole ordeal more awkward. He didn't say it aloud, but he acted like it. It was worth it though. The food was good.

It was such a great day, with the pool already forgotten,(Solstice didn't forget things) she was ready to go to bed. The only thing was that she couldn't go to bed. What if the next day she awoke a different person when she became older? Would she change for the worse? Would she become a cruel person? Would she cry a lot? All these questions and no answers haunted her. Finally, Megan stepped into the room.
"Can't sleep, Solstice?"
Solstice nodded her head.
"Well maybe if you would stop trying to get in my head you would be able to sleep."
Megan ended it with a sly grin.
"My sister use to do the same thing, she just wasn't as gifted as you were."
Solstice stared in shock.
"Don't worry child, they won't figure it out. Keep some of your power hidden, for surprise may be your greatest asset in time of need. I know you are a little old for stories but I thought you would a little history on your family's past."
Solstice sat up, fascinated.
"My youngest granddaughter will know all about it soon enough."
When Megan went to sit down she brought out a plain, dull book.
"Grandma Megan, that is just a martial arts book."
Megan had that glint in her eyes again.
"Never trust your eyes."
With a gesture of her hand the words inside the book began to change into something glorious. Solstice stared in awe.
"Not all magic is made to harm. Remember you have a choice, you can accept magic is apart of you or you can fear it. All the heirs before you have at one time, feared it."
Solstice was puzzled.
Megan wouldn't meet her eyes anymore.

"I won't try to hide the truth from you. We are cursed. Something terrible will happen in your lifetime. Something that if you let it, can change you for the better or worse. A common mistake made before you was the fear of magic. Magic is a tool, in the wrong hands it is used correctly. In the right hands it can be your greatest asset. Lets get back to the story.

Fate Keeper had never been your average child. Her name had reminded everyday she was alive she was a curse to her mother. Her mother had insisted on naming her "Fate" because fate had indeed, been unkind to her. In the end there was a book that promised her everything. A price was payed, power was given and a family was cursed. From that day on she was never the same. Sadly, her story is not mine to discover. Pieces of her past are only starting to be discovered by a young magic user that has the power to change the course of how the curse works."

Solstice thought about this, has?
Megan saw the quizzical look on her face.
"The curse won't be able to affect her descendants, so it would be one of the many prices Fate has to pay for using her descendant's power reserves."
Solstice didn't like speaking in general, but the question was eating at her.
"Why does she use us for power?"
Megan looked at her and smiled.
"She was only a mere mortal when she found the book. In order to keep her power she was forced to curse 10 generations of her family. She has twisted the curse in many ways, changed its words to make other people believe they were responsible for it. In the end, she will put power before family and that will be the death of her.

Solstice, I am going to let you on a secret. She may be able to control what situation we find ourselves in, but she does not control how we react to it. You have a choice on how you let things affect you. She will except you to break and stay there. She will never except you to rise from the ashes. Magic is a gift that should be used wisely, the only curse we truly have is the ones we inflict upon ourselves. Good night Solstice. I love you." Solstice had already started falling asleep. She held onto every word Megan had spoken though.

She dreamed of heart break and disasters, kingdoms and glass slippers, poison apples and princes, messy hair and eyes that haunted her every move. It didn't matter how she looked tomorrow, it didn't matter how she looked today. It mattered what type of person she was to become.

Her life was strange. The cauldron in the living room was glowing brightly and her family were different. It was beautiful in its own light though.


Staring at her birthday cake a new sense of dread hit her. It was accompanied with excitement though. She closed her eyes and blew out her candles and made a wish.

Eric and Imagination did the same thing. Eric of course, had that sly grin on his face which meant he was going to start trouble.

Imagination shrieked and ran to the mirror dragging Solstice with her. After convincing Solstice to wear some makeup she argued with her about her clothes.
"Your favorite color is black Imagination."
Imagination frowned at her.
"Stop being stereotypical. That is only a disguise for the ignorant."
Imagination was a rare beauty. She rocked everything she tried on.

When Solstice walked out of the room there was an audible gasp. She felt extremely and utterly awkward. Imagination was the first to speak.
In the end Solstice rushed back to the room and decided to go with a different haircut.

Eric came out and looked like well, Eric. Daring and mischievous, perhaps even a little clueless. Yet, intelligent.

Once Solstice was done she climbed out the window and headed for the gym.
She rushed to get her gym clothes on. Dancing was one of the things she loved most in life. She loved how she could twirl and do things that seemed impossible. Most importantly, she had a grasp on the situation at hand. Even though her shoes looked like they were about to come off her feet she still loved every minute of it. She didn't know what she wanted to do with her life, all she wanted to was dance.

Staring at the mirror of herself she didn't see what other saw. She saw her messy hair and well, her. She didn't realize that her beauty was something people killed for.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 56 - This Is How It Ends
« Reply #190 on: February 20, 2016, 01:12:45 PM »
That was beautifully written. I teared up a bit there. I love how James accepts her as she is. At least he got a glimpse into her life. I love Gwen. She's done some stuff, but she's also seen some terrible stuff and I think she's a strong woman. She needs to find her own way - happiness included.

Thank you! I really wanted to give her a happy ending without repeating Mercy's ending. :)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 57 - Time Goes By So Fast
« Reply #191 on: February 20, 2016, 01:49:31 PM »
That was beautifully written. I teared up a bit there. I love how James accepts her as she is. At least he got a glimpse into her life. I love Gwen. She's done some stuff, but she's also seen some terrible stuff and I think she's a strong woman. She needs to find her own way - happiness included.

Thank you! I really wanted to give her a happy ending without repeating Mercy's ending. :)
Too many endings like Mercy's and I'm going to have a lot more people to kidnap... keep up with. Heh heh...  ::)
What a beautiful chapter though mpart! I love Solstice - she's gorgeous! All of your kids are but dang! She's stunning.
PS: "The kid will be fine. Long story. I will explain it to you later. I think you are losing your sanity. Next moment you will be saying the Reapers exist."
I woke my boyfriend up laughing too hard at this. Fantastic chapter... but I desperately wish to read more now. Ah well, I'll be waiting patiently!

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 57 - Time Goes By So Fast
« Reply #193 on: February 24, 2016, 08:58:44 PM »

Too many endings like Mercy's and I'm going to have a lot more people to kidnap... keep up with. Heh heh...  ::)
What a beautiful chapter though mpart! I love Solstice - she's gorgeous! All of your kids are but dang! She's stunning.
PS: "The kid will be fine. Long story. I will explain it to you later. I think you are losing your sanity. Next moment you will be saying the Reapers exist."
I woke my boyfriend up laughing too hard at this. Fantastic chapter... but I desperately wish to read more now. Ah well, I'll be waiting patiently!

Thanks! When Solstice aged up it was insane. She may be the prettiest sim I have ever had. Can't wait for Kaleb to find out, that the Reapers indeed, do exist.  ;D

I agree with Livvie, Solstice is just so darn pretty! I love her name too.

She is a gorgeous sim. I'm happy you like her name.  :)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 58, Part 1 - Champs Les Sims
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I got a skin that replaces the default skin! Thank you LivvieLove for recommending it.

Gwen took a deep breath as she woke up in the taxi. Not knowing who had woken her up she ultimately assumed the worse. She sat up in her seat, shoulders tense and searched the taxi for the threat. Her shoulders relaxed when she saw James staring at her curiously. She didn’t know why she had freaked out. She looked out the window and saw something very different from the suburbs of Sunset Valley. She saw vineyards and tiny shops selling collectables. She stared at James waiting for him to answer. He just shook his head. “They put us on the wrong flight. We are going to be stuck here for 3 days.”
Gwen sighed. “How the heck did the forget to put us on the right flight.”
James appeared to be deep in thought. “Not sure. I was positive it said Sunset Valley.” When they finally arrived in the worn down hotel after a long drive they were excited to just get out of the taxi. What they were meant with was disappoint.
The hotel was worn down and parts of the sofas were falling out. The chess table was in bad shape and they thought they could detect mold. James murmured angrily under his breath, “Of all the places they put us. The nerve of those people.” Gwen couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful gardens and the vintage quality the hotel had.
She murmured under her breath something only she could hear, “I have seen worse.” They didn’t complain when they plopped down on the sofas from what appeared exhaustion. Gwen suddenly realized she had forgotten the twin’s birthdays in her attempt to get revenge on Troy. A sudden sadness dawned over her. She was the worst mother ever.  James seemed to detect her sadness.

“What is wrong?” Gwen murmured under her breath, “I missed the twin’s birthday. I must be the worst mother ever. Not even a card.”
 James just shook his head. “You had no idea how great you are Gwen.”
Gwen sighed. “You see to much good in people. A wise person once said to be careful when fixing a broken person. You may cut yourself on their edges.”
James smiled. “Well it must be lucky I seem to be in the same solution as you.”
Gwen put her head in her hands. “Did you kill innocent people?”
James was silent. "Gwen, you realize who those people were in Bridgeport, right. Maleficent told me. Those people were performing deadly experiments at people who possessed, ur, gifts similar to yours.”

Gwen was tempted to jump up. “It still doesn’t make a difference. When you are the reason for someone’s demise, they never leave you. They become a part of you. It is one of the worst things in the world, no matter the person.”
James was quiet for a moment. “Then do good by them for the rest of your life. If they said all you could be was trouble then be good. Live for the good, prove the evil wrong.”
Gwen shook her head. “I didn’t think you would understand. I can’t let the past go.”
“You don’t think I have done terrible things either? You can let the past go, I saw you die Gwen! I wasn’t there for you when you had the twins! I left a note and moved towns just to avoid the truth! I don’t even know what you do for a living or anything! You are anything from broken, you are whole.”
Gwen smiled. “I’m a production manager. You?
James shifted uneasily. “Band manager.”
“What are you working to become?”
James chuckled. “Composer. You?”
“I’m going to try to be an actress. I just have this feeling if I’m in the spotlight I can learn to trust people more, you know? Instead of hide from them.”
James grinned. “You already letting go of the past Gwen. You just have to realize it. It is already a closed chapter, rereading it won’t change it.”
“Okay. What else do you have on the agenda since you have taken over the job as my personal therapist?
James pretended to be deep in thought. “I’m going to force you to dance in public.” G
wen shuttered and glared at him. “You are kidding, right?”
James’s grin just became bigger. “Nope.”

Fifteen minutes later and Gwen and James were dancing in the park. Gwen smiled and glared at James. “If you drop me I will-”
James smiled teasingly,”Have me claw my own eyes out?”
Gwen rolled her eyes and James finally got a grin out of her. “No, worse.  You will have to meet Solstice’s boyfriend.”
James widened with shock. “Boyfriend? Boyfriend! What boyfriend! She is only a teenager! She doesn’t need a boyfriend!”
One glance from James and Gwen almost fell over laughing. “She doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

At the mention of that James relaxed and went deep into thought. “What are they like?”
“No, I mean the twins. I didn’t really talk to them much when I met them..”
Gwen almost stepped on his foot on accident. “They are great kids. Eric is an open book and loyal to his friends and family. He usually finds a way to get himself into trouble. Solstice is, Gwen hesitated, unique.  I think she likes to see the good in people like you, but at the same time can read people very easily. She is able to hide her emotions so well it scares me. She likes taking calculated risks and enjoys dancing.” All the sudden Gwen fell back and James barely had time to catch her.
He burst out laughing. “That's what you get for teasing me about such serious matters.”
Gwen scowled at him. “Really? Really James?”

“What is it with you males freaking out about your daughters dating?”
James shrugged. “No boys will ever be good enough for her so she might as well not date. The end. Case closed.  Also we are telling them we were thirty when we met.”
Gwen rolled her eyes. “I’m not even thirty now.”
“I’m aware. You had them when you were a teenager.”
Gwen’s grin dropped from her mouth. “That was a mess, wasn’t it?”
James nodded his head. “Still is. Your whole family is insane.”
Gwen just snickered. “They aren’t all that bad, are they?”
“No, no. They are all insane lunatics. I wouldn’t even be surprised if you were all related to a mad god or something.”
Gwen rolled her eyes. “Yeah, right. We might be powerful, but we aren’t that powerful.”

They decided after dancing they would enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasted. It was a cold, bitter, Winter back in Sunset Valley and they were suddenly not as excited as they thought they would be to go back.
James just played with Gwen’s hair. “I love you Gwen.”
She just looked up at him and smiled. “Already knew that silly. Love you too. You know how the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.”

James then kissed Gwen. Gwen grinned. “I love Champs Les Sims.”

James pulled Gwen into an embrace and they both stood there for as long as they could.

After almost getting sunburns they decided to go try out the local nectary. It was better than the reviews stated and Gwen even bought some nectar. They tried some nectar and the reviews had not even hit home at how delicious it was.

Gwen went shopping while complain about the locals that kept whispering to each other,”She looks like a Niccoli.” Gwen finally got the courage to ask the nervous store owner about this “Niccoli.”
The woman answered with a nervous chuckle,”Fate Niccoli is a urban legend around here. Apparently it was rumored she had the ability to control other’s fates and that she was related to the god of madness and magic. She also grew up in this very town. Shocking. It is also rumored she threatened to enslave us all living in town.You apparently look a lot like her daughter. Where did you get your hair dyed?”
Gwen answered shortly,”I didn’t.”
The woman managed another nervous chuckle,”Is that all you will be buying today? Would you like a discount? Have a discount.”

Gwen took the discount grudgingly not liking the fact her family’s threats at gotten her something. The statue was unique though. Little did she know someone else was buying something next door that would change the course of her life.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 58, Part 1 - Champs Les Sims
« Reply #195 on: February 24, 2016, 11:52:00 PM »
I love those two together! Yay for happy endings!
Oh mpart dear, you always crack me up. I think Majnun's sides are splitting at the moment with laughter.  ::) Your poor simmies... ;) they have no idea what crazy means!

Anyways, Gwen is looking gorgeous, and I love how dad-mode already kicks in for James before he even really gets to spend time with Solstice. Ah, it's just male instinct.
Are we in France? Why yes, it appears we are! How beautiful, and romantic!

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 58, Part 1 - Champs Les Sims
« Reply #196 on: February 27, 2016, 08:19:39 PM »
I love those two together! Yay for happy endings!
Oh mpart dear, you always crack me up. I think Majnun's sides are splitting at the moment with laughter.  ::) Your poor simmies... ;) they have no idea what crazy means!

Anyways, Gwen is looking gorgeous, and I love how dad-mode already kicks in for James before he even really gets to spend time with Solstice. Ah, it's just male instinct.
Are we in France? Why yes, it appears we are! How beautiful, and romantic!

I love adding some hilarious irony in. They have no idea. James is going to have to be protective, Solstice is absolutely stunning. Someone might have lead them to her hometown on purpose. ;)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 58, Part 2 - Champs Les Sims
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This is a short part but it was fun writing it!

Gwen was counting down the minutes. He was late. What the heck was he doing? She rolled her eyes, she could never understand James. She had finally gotten a decent top and some proper pants. She could have cried with relief. Gwen stared at the view ahead of her. The fountain that was gurgling out water and the beauty of the village they were in. She shook her head. Somethings she felt were too good to be true because under every place hold centuries worth of secrets waiting to be unleashed. She stared at the large clock in the center of the village and sighed. If his idea of a surprise was leaving her in Champs Les Sims she would never let him hear the end of it.

James finally showed up in view not wearing his sweatshirt which was a huge improvement for him. She couldn’t help, but manage a small chuckle. James grinned. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. “Decided to show up, James?”
James was confused for a moment. “Oops. Sorry about that.”
Gwen smiled at him. “It wouldn’t be you if you weren’t late.”
James raised an eyebrow at her. “I’m never late.”
“You go with that, James.” “
I bought you something.”
Gwen was flustered. “You didn’t have to do that, James.”
“Yeah, I did.”
Gwen sighed. “I’m sorry for ruining your life.”
 James smile faltered. “You didn't ruin it, you made it whole.”  James pulled out some flowers behind his back. Gwen stared at them. They were an exact replica of the flowers James had given her when she was trying to find out who she was.
“Are these?” J
ames nodded. “I didn’t know it was you, but you still found me.” Gwen looked at the slightly wilted flowers. “Maleficent has somehow been keeping them alive for years.”
Gwen shook her head trying to stop tears from spilling out. “You deserve better.”
James shook his head. “You have been my best friend since I could remember. You faced my father. You were the only person that kept me sane Gwen.”

Gwen could only remember feeling like she was drowning and no one was there to help her. She hadn’t realized that he had been their for her all along. He had helped her with her father. He had helped her pick the pieces of herself up. Somehow in the midst of trouble he was always at her side. “I love you James.”   

James leaned forward and kissed her with as much passion as he possible could. Taken back, Gwen didn’t know what to do. All she knew she wanted to be at his side forever.

When James got down on one knee Gwen was baffled. This felt like an absurd dream. She took a step back not sure what to think of the situation. She stared at him with her eyes wide and her the smile fading from her face.

He still had a goofy smile on his face when he opened the box containing the diamond ring. Gwen wasn’t sure how to respond. Her mouth dropped in surprise and terror. She didn’t want to a burden to him. She didn’t want to ruin his chance at happiness. Her life was one mistake after another. Everyone that seemed to stand at her side died. She didn’t want him to get suck up in this mess of her life. Maybe in another time she could allow herself some happiness. The truth was, she didn’t deserve it. Any of it. Gwen took a deep breath. All those people that had died because of her. She would never deserve happiness. Ever.

“You are the only thing that keeps me sane in this world Gwen. Even through all the crap I have done you have stayed.  Will you marry me?” That escalated quickly. Gwen’s first instinct was to look for an escape, to protect him. She realized that was the problem. He was strong enough to stay in her hectic world. She wasn’t exactly sure what he meant about the crap he had done. Gwen had done a number of awful things herself. To be honest, she wasn't sure what she would be able to do without him.

She was speechless. She wasn’t sure what her answer was going to be until it happened. “Yes.”

His smile was priceless as he slipped the diamond ring onto her finger. Gwen had known she had made the right decision. No matter what, she would stay at his side and he would stay at hers.

Gwen ran into his arms and didn’t let go. She cried and let years of bitterness, anger, and loneliness out. It was one of the happiest moments of her life. All she had ever wanted was someone to fully accept her.

Gwen couldn’t stop smiling and for awhile they just sat on a park bench admiring the beauty of France.
James finally brought the subject up. “We can just have a private wedding in France.”
Gwen nodded. “That would be nice.”

Someone had other plans though. James got up to see why his phone was acting hectic. He got his answer soon after.

You think we wouldn’t know James! I TALK to dead people! You aren’t marrying her in France! She is getting married HERE! Imagination and I are already planning it. Don’t you dare try to get your way out of this! Solstice and Eric are doing well. They are teenagers already. Gwen’s/My crazy grandmother is back from the dead.
P.S don’t try anything! I swear I will never let you forget if you do!


James sighed. “Gwen. I have bad news. The dead gossip apparently. We are going to be suck into a public wedding in Sunset Valley.” They both groaned.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 59, Part 1 - Chaos
« Reply #198 on: March 05, 2016, 12:50:14 PM »
Some characters from my "Another Labelle Story" will be showing up here. Liam Reaper from Reaper's Genetic Legacy Experiment. Also, thank you for everyone that has read this. I really appreciate it!

Eveline’s fourth daughter and her first daughter. Her fourth daughter was just adopted. Adorable. Eveline’s husband has the wish for 5 children….

Her pregnancies kept crashing my game. She will be adopting again soon. I wonder if she will get another girl. ;D

Solstice was tired of everyone. Tired of having people talk behind her back because she was so “beautiful.” Tired of everyone staring at her because she was the “heir.” The more she read people’s minds the more she was starting to hate humanity, yet loved it even more. Something inside of her wanted to break, but refused to. She wouldn’t give up. Every instinct in her body screamed for survival. Solstice knew she was different from the previous generations. Instead of running from her destiny, she embraced it. She had decided a long time ago that her powers were apart of her, not a intruder that would go away. Instead of flinching away from her powers in fear, she learned to embrace them. No matter how dark they could get.  Solstice gaze quickly came back into focus as she almost ran over a stop sign. She winced.
“You’re doing fine Solstice.”
Just be nice to your niece, Kaleb. Make sure she doesn’t get herself killed, Kaleb. She might be the worse driver I have ever known. Glad she is driving in the “test car.”
Solstice was tempted to just pull over and give up. She had a ridiculous fear of cars since she was a child and could never remember why. Instead she took a deep breath and focused on driving the car. Suddenly her thoughts traced back to early this morning.

Everyone had been so scared to talk to Solstice about the curse inflicted upon their family by Fate. They had smiled at her warmly and avoided her. The only people who was being remotely truthful was Maleficent and Megan. Maleficent ran on hatred and anger after that, all she was a broken teenager that had a small talent with magic. At least, that is what she saw herself as. Everyone saw Maleficent as the crazy immortal that had the respects of thousands of people in all different centuries.  Not as the small, frail,  girl she thought she was. Megan was a different story. Every so often Solstice would get a glimpse of her mind just to be shut out again. She spoke fluent French.  Her mother was not the person you messed with. That was it. That was all Megan had accidently let slip through. Solstice wanted to throw her hands up in frustration. Megan was hiding a deadly secret that soon enough, someone was going to unravel. Solstice knew well enough that people weren’t what they appeared to be.

Solstice snapped at Eric before her mother had gotten home from her trip to the unknown. The first thought that had gone in his mind was “pancakes” and Solstice was sick and tired of everyone. She would rather be torn apart by the truth than comforted with lies.
“Just stop it okay! Stop it all of you!”
They all stared at her in concern. No one had said a single word.
Solstice had gotten up and went to the dance studio the only place she truly felt she belonged. She wished people would stop thinking about the negativity in life. It just gave her a headache. She wasn’t sure how long she could continue being around people. How was it that Megan was the only one that had figured that she could read people’s minds? The power had only gotten stronger as she had aged. She decided to focus on driving and use the other part of her brain to figure out another way to solve her issue. She loved her family. The only thing she hadn’t known was the issue was going to be solved for her without her consent.


“No. Absolutely not. If you want me to get married in front of a bunch of lunatics I will not being wearing a dress.”
Gwen’s eyebrows furrowed in concentration. James and her had just gotten here and they were already being forced into a “public” wedding. She was not wearing a dress no matter how much Imagination pleaded and begged. “Imagination I have to call my work to tell them I won’t be in.” Imagination had nodded her head vigorously. Gwen had thought she was taken this “public” wedding thing too seriously but decided to keep her opinion to herself.

“This is Gwen Labelle. I won’t be into work today it appears.”
Imagination decided it was a smart idea to scream why she isn’t going to be in work today.
“She is getting married!”
Gwen groaned. The woman on the phone decided to ask a bunch of questions on stuff like “flower arrangements” and “dresses.” Gwen sent Imagination a withering look. Gwen finally had gotten out of the conversation after an hour. She sighed.

“This is not helping your case Imagination.” Megan rolled her eyes and waited for Gwen to see sense. Imagination just gritted her teeth in frustration.

“Gwen we are getting you into a wedding dress whether you like it or not.” Gwen flinched at the word “wedding.” As much as she loved James the whole ordeal just scared her. In her family, weddings were synonyms for lies made under pretty scenery. Was it so bad she didn’t want her relationship to end up like so many others in her family have? Gwen stumbled back in confusion.

“Fine Imagination. Since you have been trapped in a doll for so long.”
Imagination huffed with relief. “Good. I have waited decades to be able to actually have a life again. I’m planning your wedding whether you like it or not.”
Gwen smiled and muttered under her breath,”No one better die at this wedding thing.”

Gwen regretted agreeing to wearing a wedding dress. It had taken 5 hours just to get ready for the wedding. She was tempted to stop it and just go to city hall and make it official there. She hadn’t because she had seen the determination in Imagination’s eyes to get this done, to get this done for her. Gwen didn’t even know Imagination well, but she had gone out of her way to help make Gwen have the perfect wedding. When it was said and done everyone stood back to admire there work. Gwen didn’t see herself in the mirror and decided maybe it was best she didn’t. She didn’t know how she looked anyways. She had decided that she was going to wear her mother’s necklace to this. She would always have a piece of her mother with her. Gwen shifted uneasily and hoped she looked at least decent. She was met with gasps. Imagination smiled proudly and Megan was looking at Gwen in awe. The whole ordeal was uncomfortable. All the sudden a neon haired woman walked through the door and smiled.

“Gwen you look beautiful. Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”
“No.” Megan turned Gwen around and Gwen stared at the stranger in the mirror. The woman was exceptionally beautiful and was looking madly all over the room making sure her gaze didn’t settle upon the woman in the mirror. Gwen smiled. “Imagination you can do magic.” They all snickered.
Imagination rolled her eyes. “I hope so! I was stuck in a doll for decades dealing with pitiful, whiny, spoiled brats.”

Gwen stared at the neon woman. “Are you?”
‘Yes, I am your grandmother. Strange, huh?”
“Sorry to be rude but aren’t you?”
“Dead? That term is used too broadly dear. Fate hasn’t explained immortality yet?”
“Of course. Mercy was given it after Ben rejected his powers. I assumed she would have told you by now. Oh well, she will explain it to you later.”
Imagination glared at Megan.
With as much venom as she possible could Imagination spitted out the few words that still haunted Gwen, ”She will become one of your kind?”
Megan smiled darkly. “I promise you Aurora, your ignorance about us is misdirected.”
“I know enough.”
“Do you or would you like me to shatter the small fantasy you live in with a brief explanation on my kind?”

 Imagination glared at her. Megan’s voice had turned cold, unworldly. It wasn’t the cheerful Megan they had learned to know and love. Every person had a deadly secret waiting to be unleashed onto the world, some had secrets that could destroy the world.

All the sudden a red-head walked through the door with fire in her eyes. Gwen smiled at the strange woman. “Gwen?”
Megan rolled her eyes. “Mercy, the last time you saw her she was dead.” Imagination stared at her curiously. Mercy smiled. “Glad to see that you are alive again. You look beautiful. I’m glad that moron is dead.”
Gwen stumbled back. “How did you know?”
Mercy chuckled. “I’m in charge of magical affairs at Bridgeport. Being immortal does have its perks you know.” Megan sighed. “I miss Dragon Falls.”
Mercy frowned. “I don’t. Everything and everyone smelled like cow manure. Good riddance.”
Mercy hugged Megan. “It is so weird seeing you alive.”

Megan sighed. “I feel offended. I wasn’t dead that long.”
Mercy shaked her head. “You were. I don’t even want to try to understand this whole thing Fate is going to force us into.”
“I’m going back after Gwen’s wedding. I have to make sure my mother doesn’t try to kill everyone.” 
Mercy rolled her eyes. “She kidnapped someone and left them at my house.”
Gwen looked up, startled. “Kidnapped?”
Mercy sighed. “Long story.”  Mercy stared at Gwen. “If your father wasn’t a complete lunatic and was in his right mind, he would be proud of you Gwen.” Instead of tasting bitterness and hatred for her father, all she felt was emptiness. The only person she wished was here was her mother. They had grown close when she was pregnant with the twins and Gwen had learned she just died. Instead of facing this with bitterness, she faced with acceptance. Gwen toyed with her mother’s necklace she was wearing.
“I wish my mother was here.”
Megan and Mercy looked at each other and grinned. “Who says that can’t be arranged. She is one of the fae, correct?”
Megan nodded. “It shouldn’t be that hard to bring her here. She lost her wings after she married Ben. She will probably have them again since she is dead.”
Megan shrugged. “Just a rough guess.”

All the sudden Maleficent barged in. “Megan, the green one, did you invite my mother?”
Megan shifted uneasily. “Yes.”
 Maleficent smiled and her eyes turned dark. “Good. I was busy instructing a wolf on the most efficient way to bury a body.”
Imagination rolled her eyes. “For someone so obsessed with keeping things in order, you sure like to cause chaos.”
Maleficent looked like she was going to burst out laughing. “Maybe I won’t curse you into a mirror. That would be boring anyways.” They all stared at her curiously. “Oh! That hasn’t happened yet! Oops. I have to go get some guests.”
Imagination murmured under her breath,”You mean people you need to curse?”
Maleficent didn’t even blink. “Just a wolf I need to get out of a tomb and a bomb that I need to retrieve.”
“You are insane.”
“Thank you, I was a little worried about the state of my mind. I’m glad that has been cleared up.” Maleficent rolled her eyes and transported out of the room.
They all stared at each other. “How did she get so?”
Mercy shaked her head sadly. “I don’t know.”
Mercy hugged Gwen and held her tightly. “I’m glad that you didn’t let your magic define you. Use it when you must or it will be the death of you.” Mercy smirked. “Don’t set anyone on fire.”
Gwen smiled. “Thanks. Lets hope no one dies!”
Both Megans frowned and then grinned. “I can’t believe Charlie named you after me.”
The green Megan rolled her eyes. Gwen sighed. “Let's get this over with. If we are lucky no one will get hurt to badly.”


Solstice scanned her surroundings. A beach with many people. Her head was pounding with all the knowledge flooding her at once. So many magic users. She barely noticed the power surround a woman and man.

The woman clenched her fists. “I swear Maleficent, if this your idea of a practical joke-”
“-I’m using you as bait. Duh. Reaper over here would kill me if I did anything stupid.”
“All nutters are stupid.”
The woman chimed in,”Good point.”
“Don’t be so mad Reaper. Just because I locked you in a tomb for an hour doesn’t mean you need to scowl at everyone.”
The man frowned and rolled his eyes. “You brought us to a nutter’s wedding?”
“I brought you here for bait. You can leave as soon as I get her.”
Solstice studied the strange trio. The woman was related to them and looked almost identical to Mercy accept her strange blue hair and her eyes. Her name was Clarissa Kwa and she was just learning how to use her powers. The man was a different story. The harder she looked for information the more she wanted to stop. Liam Reaper.

All the sudden Astra Brantley whipped around and stared at Maleficent wide eyed.
“Hello Mother. Enjoying the wedding? Are you taking a break from installing chips in people’s brain and destroying their sanity? It would be ashame if you were stopping your ‘precious’ work. We all need another Alexander, don’t we?” Solstice looked around, confused. She worked her way into Astra’s brain. She had abandoned Maleficent and left her for dead.  Astra had found the other half of her family and decided to dedicate her life to destroy magic users, even if it meant be one herself. She was one of the creators that created a chip to control other’s magic users.
Solstice hissed under her breath,”Traitor.”  Solstice suddenly noticed her dad standing there, looking extremely awkward.
She grinned at him and mouthed “Maleficent is insane.”
Maleficent snapped her fingers. “I need your help Solstice. Read her mind to the information I need and then I would like to put a spell on her to later transfer her into a tomb.”
Solstice nodded and spoke a couple words. “She was here to warn you for something she didn’t know about. The chip is officially fully developed though that one has not been installed into Clarissa’s head. A simple alchemy potion should disable the one in Clarissa’s head. Man, these people have really been keeping information from her. I assume you know the rest Maleficent.” 

Maleficent smiled. “Good. I know you helping me with getting rid of Alexander wasn’t the end of it. Wait, I’m supposed to do that in the future and get Solstice from this time.” Astra scanned the beach just to land on Liam’s face that had turned into a scowl. “What do you mean she got rid of him?” Maleficent sighed. “I took her back in time and she somehow raised you from the dead while everyone was looking the other way. I gave Alexander a poison apple that killed him. There.”
Astra’s eyes were desperate, pleading. “I only joined them to get your father back.”
Maleficent turned towards the beach. “Say hi dad!” The man looked confused and then suddenly came running forward.
Maleficent rolled her eyes. “Glad we got that cheerful introduction out of the way. He is alive again. Reaper stop scowling at him.” This was all giving Solstice a headache. Maleficent  scanned the beach. “Mercy! Don’t try anything stupid! I’m locking Astra in a tomb!”
Mercy glanced over, her eyes wide. “I don’t want to know, do I?”
“Pretty much.”
Astra spit the words out with venom,”I can’t you of all people would do this.” Maleficent shrugged. She wouldn’t lose her cool. That was the thought that raced through Maleficent’s mind.
“I’m just taking after some relatives. I prefer the term ‘mad genius’ thank you very much.” Maleficent snapped her fingers and a strange, yellow, cloud surrounded Astra.

“Are you leaving, Clarissa?”
 Clarissa shrugged. “I want to see my cousin’s wedding. You promised me sane relatives Maleficent.”
Maleficent sighed. “Saner.”


 Gwen gracefully walked to the altar. What she really was tempted to do was stumble and hope no one judged her. Her palms were sweaty and she was trying her best not to step on her dress. The dress and the flimsy veil were a bad idea. It didn’t matter once she saw him though. She had no idea how Imagination had gotten him to wear a tuxedo. She grinned at him and was tempted to laugh. He had the same amused expression on his face. Gwen finally got to the altar and was tempted to breath with relief. Crap. She had forgotten about the vows. She was glad James had to go first. It made everything easier. “I, James Lake, take Gwen Labelle to be my wife. For better or worse. You have always been there for me. You have stayed even after dealing with my father and I couldn’t imagine living without being at your side. Even if it means I have to deal with your crazy family.”

Some people were close to laughing. It was the truth and Gwen was already feeling lighter. Suddenly the dress, the veil and her family surrounding her just made the moment even more perfect. He slid the ring onto her finger and Gwen knew this was the best moment of her life. Her family was together and she had what she always had wanted, to be loved. She was still surprised when the ring was on her finger.

It was her turn to say her vows. Everything inside her screamed to keep her barriers up, but for once she ignored that instinct. Spilling out all her feeling was not something she was excited to do, but she did. “I, Gwen Labelle, take James Lake, to be my husband. For better or worse. Even after everything that has been said and done I know you will be there by my side. You have always been my rock keeping me here. I would never imagine it any other way. ” They had somehow become husband and wife even through all the trails life had thrown at them. Everything was going to be okay.

The first one to dance was Solstice and she dragged James onto the dance floor. “You have a lot of questions. No, I don’t hate you. That would be illogical. You are my father. I love to dance. My best friends are Eric and Imagination. My favorite color is blue. I can read people’s minds. Guess you already noticed that. I don’t talk much, or at least I haven’t before today. I know how to drive. Don’t worry, you still have time to harass the boys stalking me. I can give you their numbers if you want. Thank you for being my father. Even if you haven’t a lot of time with me, I love you.”  Then she released him and walked towards Eric and Imagination.
“Give me the car keys Eric.”
“I won the bet. We are related to a mad immortal and the Reapers exist.”
Solstice pointed to a strange man. “There. Reaper. My turn to drive. Imagination you owe me money.”
Eric took his car keys out of his pocket. “There. You can drive the crap car.” Solstice sighed and walked towards Mercy’s second daughter.

Gwen looked around and spotted her mother. She smiled at her and Gwen was tempted to run to her. “Mom?”
“Hello sweetie. I officially think your father has lost his mind.”
Gwen rolled her eyes. “We already knew that.”
Ann smiled. “I’m so happy I was able to see you happy, Gwen. If he does anything stupid I will haunt him for the rest of his life and have Fate change the situation somehow. I love you Gwen.  Even if your childhood was stolen away from you and I wasn’t able to be your mother for a long time.”
Gwen was tempted to sob into her arms. “Thank you. I love you too mom.” Gwen went back to dancing with James. She finally allowed herself to sigh with relief. “This hasn’t been that bad. Did anyone die?”
“No, Astra is just going to get locked into a tomb.”
“Do I want to know about this today?”
James looked thoughtful. “Not right now.” Gwen could have stayed in the moment forever. It was truly the happiest day of her life. Even through all the trails she had somehow gotten the things she hadn’t deserved. She had gotten more than she bargained for and she couldn’t be happier.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 59, Part 2 - Chaos
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Once the vows were over the fun began. Her family started joking about things that would be absurd if you didn’t know the full story, Solstice was able to read everyone’s minds and it was fascinating that she knew the whole story.  She found it intriguing how relaxed they were about the situation. “Mercy don’t set anyone on fire or Gwen will have to come and convince them to keep their head under the water for a few minutes.” Both of them grinned at each other. “That is one way to put it.”

Solstice watched carefully for any absurd movements made by Maleficent Maleficent went over to congratulate Gwen. “I’m glad you weren’t trap in a tomb for a century.”
Solstice’s mother smiled at her. “Sorry about the scar.”
“Don’t worry. It just makes me even more awesome.” Mom rolled her eyes. Maleficent was proud of the scar. Solstice didn’t understand it, but it was something she was willing to have for her family. Solstice pried deeper into her mind until she stumbled upon something she didn’t want to know. Solstice’s dad wasn’t suppose to have lived. Her mother was suppose to have killed him. Solstice stumbled back, not knowing what to do with this new information.

Instead Solstice preceded to keep her eye on the current threat. Some people she hadn’t learned about. Clarissa glanced back at Liam. “Liam? What are you doing?” Solstice didn’t trust people who didn’t announce their emotions out loud because she was a person who didn’t do that herself. Solstice was able to hide her emotions and tell what a person was thinking just by their body language, not that mattered since she could just do that with her mind.
“I’m having a staring contest with your father.” Clarissa glanced at Zane who was sending threatening looks Liam’s direction. “I win.”
 “Liam, you are starting to sound like Maleficent.”

Liam rolled his eyes. “When will I ever get to tease your father without the risk of dying again, Clarissa?”
Clarissa rolled her eyes. “Come on. I want to dance with you before my father kills you.”
“I’m flattered.” Liam frowned. “What happened to my hat?”
Maleficent snickered. “When teleporting you it must have gotten messed up, it will return to normal after you get back to Bridgeport.” Solstice ignored everything around her and focused on figuring out who Liam Reaper was. She didn’t trust anything she didn’t understand. Suddenly the details came to her, paralyzing her with fear. She didn’t want to know. Take it back. Take it back.

Solstice stored the information in a crate in the back of her mind that she never wanted to open again. Her head was pounding with information and the constant thought that was echoing in her head that she had been able to ignore. Get in the car and start driving. She focused on Zane and found out different techniques on how to get away with murder and who to call in the time of need. She was gradually starting to relax around Clarissa and Liam know that she understood them. 
She walked up to Zane. “Please stop thinking about how to kill Liam and get away with it. It is giving me a headache.” Clarissa glanced at her.
Zane frowned. “Don’t go reading my mind.”
Solstice chuckled. “I think you should go with poison.”

Liam spoke 5.64777 seconds later,“The baby doesn’t like when you insult me Zane! We were thinking maybe Mercy if its a girl and maybe Liam Jr. if its boy. Any suggestions?” Solstice usually masked features were revealed for promptly 1.955 seconds. The only person who had noticed it were Eric and Maleficent. Maleficent had told her she didn’t know she was pregnant at this time? Solstice had met a significantly different version of Maleficent though. This one complained about paperwork and meetings, but had acceptance in her eyes that replaced the revenge that fueled Maleficent to date. 
Clarissa rolled her eyes. “I’m pregnant now? Are you wishing for a death sentence?” No, but Clarissa is. She wasn’t aware. It was just misplaced irony. She was tempted to laugh at how Fate had known what was to happen to Clarissa and didn’t warn her. She didn’t know what to think of that woman.

“With my luck death is probably a nutter.” He had no idea who death was. He had no idea.
“Most likely.” Clarissa glanced at Megan who had an amused expression on her face. Acceptance slowly dawned onto her face. She knew that death was someone that would be referred to the title “nutter.”
“Thank you for coming with me Liam.”
 Liam replied arrogantly to mask how nervous he was. He couldn’t fool Solstice though and that is why he didn’t like her.”How else was I going to harass your father and not die?”

Mercy smiled at Zane. “If you kill him in front of my family I promise I will turn you in myself. Kill him later.”
Solstice snicked. “I don’t think he cares at this point.” Solstice patted him on the shoulder. “You will get your revenge. He will join your ranks once the time is right.” She knew it was the truth and Zane had gotten the message. He just didn’t realize it might be in the near future.
Zane started laughing.”Dad you don’t laugh. Is everything okay?”
Mercy frowned. “We weren’t aware Maleficent invited you, Clarissa.” Mercy was uneasy about the whole situation, Solstice could tell. She was worried her daughter would become like her.
Clarissa replied cooly to her mother in roughly 2.403 seconds. “She informed me on everything I need to know.” Maleficent had told her more than she needed to know. Maleficent had told her things that wasn’t hers to tell. Mercy was a master at disguising her emotions and part of Solstice respected her for that. On the outside, she was fine. On the inside, she was trembling with fear.
“Good for her.” Mercy covered it up smoothly with a lie.

Solstice eavesdropped on Clarissa’s and Liam’s conservation. She wanted to find the best option on preparing them for the future without breaking her promise to Maleficent.
Clarissa turned towards Liam, trying to block her parents out.
“I’m never having children.”
You will.
Liam rolled his eyes.
“Me either.”
You go with that Liam.
Clarissa’s expression turned thoughtful. “I have this perfect plan in my head, you know? I’m going to reach the top of my career and change science in Bridgeport. Then learn all I can about magic and gardening. Kids have never been part of it.”
Kids will have to be part of it.
Liam frowned. “Am I in this perfect plan of yours?”
“I’m pretty positive my dad is going to kill you.”
That sounds accurate. He wishes he would have been killed by your father.
“What if you have one of those families that want you to continue the line?”
The line will continue the line.
“Already covered that.” Clarissa pointed at Maleficent who was complaining about Agnes.
“She can continue it.”
Maleficent already has a different destiny.
Clarissa glanced at Solstice’s mother who was dancing with her father. “She seems young to have teenagers.”
Solstice was dazed and it took her long than usual to answer back.
Solstice mouthed to her, ”Long story.”


Imagination walked up to Maleficent. “Did you purposely make me deal with all those brats?”
“Yes.” Liam questioned the fact that Imagination’s eye color was similar to one of his relatives. It took 5.787 seconds to gather the information necessary to answer his question from her brain. Liam stared at Imagination  as Solstice gently tapped Liam on the shoulder.
“I want to answer your question.” Liam frowned. “She was cursed into a doll and in doing so developed a strange eye color that shows her power. Imaginary friends or Imaginary friend descendants are more likely to be able to manipulate others with what you call ‘voodoo dolls.’ I thought Jack would be interesting in knowing that. He seems like a nice person.”

Liam had a general distrust for people and he instantly disliked Solstice because she had been able to gather the proper information to answer his question that he had not voiced out loud. “Stay out of my mind.”
Solstice sighed. “I can’t.” She couldn’t. If she could she would have by now. Sometimes she couldn’t stand it anymore. This as one of the times. The thought was repeating itself now. Get in the car and start driving. Get in the car and start driving. She wasn’t sure what to do. Solstice decided to take a calculated risk and warn Maleficent. Hopefully she would get the message. 
Solstice walked towards Maleficent. “Thanks for getting me yesterday. I’m glad I could help.”
Maleficent froze. “I didn’t get you.”
Solstice’s expression pretended to fall.“You told me not to mention anything. You did appear to be older. Sorry about that.”

Clarissa was getting ready to leave when Solstice gave her a hug and in doing so Solstice transferred some of her power to her. If she was able to, she would be able to heal her. Solstice was prepared to pay the price. She was aware that the price of magic did exist though she hadn’t had any trouble with the many prices she already owed. She decided to tempt Fate once again. Clarissa questioned the hug and Solstice gave her 30.577% of the truth. “What was that for?”
“Tell Reaper thanks for existing. I get to drive the crap car and get money from Imagination now. Also, Solstice hesitated, that is a hug because you are apart of my family.”
Clarissa smiled at her. “Thanks.”

Little did Solstice know was that she wouldn’t be able to help her. She would be busy fighting for her own life.

Imagination had to drive the car she was randomly ordered to steal. She had to. The voices were leading her to great treasures if she did this for them. She couldn’t help but question why she was doing this. That quickly disappeared though. The voices wanted her to do this. She had to do this. They weren’t happy that Solstice wasn’t listening to the voices orders. Imagination wanted to cry. She needed to please them. Why didn’t Solstice want to please them too? Why didn’t she just get in the car like she was suppose to? The voices talked loudly.
“This is going to be messy.”
“Mother would not like it any other way.”
“There are a thousands ways this could go better Astridr.”
“It isn’t our job to make it go well Callistus. It is our job to replace them.”
“Focus on the current situation.”

That was all Imagination heard before she crashed into a car.

Solstice reached for the car keys, her hands trembling. She had to get out of here. She couldn’t stand being able to read other’s minds. She didn’t want to know what their biggest fear was anymore. She didn’t want to carry the burden of others. She wasn’t ready to watch her family die from her mistakes. She loved her powers, she loved them too much. Solstice wasn’t ready to watch their nightmares become a reality. She unlocked the car and drove to the nearest parking lot. She hadn’t even noticed it was the Winter Solstice. It was strange that she had forgotten the very thing she had been named after. She collapsed to the ground in agony. Her thoughts were jumbled together and she wasn’t sure what was right and what was wrong. Her mind was fighting a battle against the constant thought get in the car. Solstice wasn’t sure her mind was winning. She stared at the parking lot that had been conventionally placed at the edge of a cliff. It was strange that she would go there. Solstice head snapped up as the thought came to her. Sirens.

Solstice got her in car and started driving away from the parking lot. That was where they wanted to go. All the sudden she saw Imagination rushing towards her in full speed. Her face was full of emotion and her hands were trembling. She didn’t know what was happening. All she had was a sense that she was being controlled. She looked at Solstice with a look full of venom and betrayal. She had assumed that Solstice was the one controlling her. Solstice wasn’t. Not thinking straight Solstice swerved the car to make sure she didn‘t hit her head on. The car headed straight for her without mercy.  Solstice was thrown out the windshield and tumbled down a cliff. She had a sudden idea that she was on fire. Something was wrong with her eyesight and she couldn’t move her arms. She was able to catch glimpses of the destruction.

She was in agonizing pain. The thing that scared her most was that she couldn’t feel her arms, at all. She used the rest of her energy to try to help Imagination survive a little longer. It was cruel to keep her here, but Solstice didn’t want to be alone. She was selfish.

With one final glance at the destruction that was no longer surrounded by flames she blacked out. She was only beginning to pay the price. This was the beginning of a nightmare that she thought would never end. Someone else had plans for her. Someone was going to use her to start a war. All it would take was a small piece of metal installed into her spine. When they arrived they found what they thought were two young girls, or what they thought they were.