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Ahoy, fellow Simmers!

I have not been posting my stories on this forum yet, so decided to give it a go! I have a hunch that I'll reach the audience better in here. :) So, I will be telling a story with Aislynne's  Princess Challenge! The main purpose of the challenge is to win the prince's heart for your own Sim. However, there are some quirks included, and this challenge does sond fun, and my inspiration is flaming, so, let's begin with the story!

xxx Sparrow

!!! Chapter Index !!!

Gwyneth Sheridan

Traits: Good, Music Lover, Geek
Aspiration: - can't remember, gotta check -

Gwendolen Sheridan

Traits: Mean, Snob, Hates Kids
Aspiration: Painter extraordinaire

Emilie Mortcombe

Traits: Bookworm, Clumsy, Squeamish
Aspiration: Bestselling Author

Tabatha Baldwin

Traits: Dance Machine, Active, Childish
Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Ariana Fitzgerald

Traits: Family-Oriented, Ambitious, Materialistic
Aspiration: Big Happy Family

Maya A., our main character

Traits: Romantic, Jealous, Goofball
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware of thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2016, 01:13:12 PM »
Setting up the story!

Before diving in the actual story, I will have to introduce you to the royal family - and where the princesses will reside in!  ;)

Hail King Magnus I Wildingham of Simland!

Long live the Mother of our country, Queen Gabrielle IV Wildingham of Simland!

And, last but not least, the future of our fatherland, The Crown Prince of Simland, Claudio Wildingham!


For simplicity, I made the two households to be neighbors. Saves me from some loading screens. I downloaded these houses from Gallery. The creator's Origin ID is Vanderetro, as I recall!

Here is where the royal family lives! Such a pretty little castle.

And here the princesses will live throughout this challenge!

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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2016, 12:44:27 PM »
Day 1 - Hello handsome!

Here she was, standing in front of a vivid Victorian mansion with five other young ladies, our heroine, Maya A. They had just hopped off a limousine and were now waiting for the butler to come and open the door. For the next three weeks, the girls would live in the secondary residence of the King of Simland. To see why such prosperous-looking women had gathered here, we have to look back in time.

You see, the royal family of Simland was more unpopular than ever. Recent incidents had made it so that people wanted to switch from a kingdom to a republic state. However, the King of Simland had no intention to leave the throne. Incidentally, the crown prince of Simland was of an age suitable for marriage. The Queen was concerned that at this rate, her son would have no future in this country.

So was sent a letter to the other few kingdoms in the Simverse.

Dear King/Queen of <...>,

We are sorry to let you know that the nation of Simland is seeing challenging times. Let us add that our beloved son, Prince Claudio, has reached the age suitable for marriage. Our offer is as follows, send your suitable bride candidates to Simland. We will take good care of your offspring for three weeks. In that time, if the Crown Prince accepts one maiden as his bride, she will be crowned as the future Queen of Simland. This would not only guarantee the future of our beloved son but also the future of our nation.

Thank you for understanding.

Yours sincerely,
Queen Gabrielle IV of Simland

So that is where our story begins!

The princesses had just arrived at the mansion and were overwhelmed by how vivid it was in detail. Soon they were introduced to the interiors of the mansion. Also the task of the day was proclaimed. The mission for the day was to get to know the other candidates and send one of the ladies to greet the royal family. Maya humbly accepted this task.

A limousine took her to the royal palace. Maya was nervous to notice that the king was already waiting for her arrival with his son. Unsure of how to approach them, she quickly bowed. "I, Maya A., humbly greet your Highnesses. Thank you for your patronage."

The prince gave Maya a suspicious look, which made her cringe. The prince was dumbfounded by how much of a commoner the princess in front of him looked like. He knew better not to say anything, just bowed back proudly. The king expressed his gratitude towards the bride contestant and sent her back to the mansion. Unfortunately the Queen was not present, so Maya would have to come back to pay regards to her.

Later on that day the princesses gathered in the living room to chat with each other. Ariana couldn't just sit down; she rocked the dance moves whilst making witty remarks about anything. She seemed to already be acquainted with the other princesses. Tabatha joined her in the dance, and the two made good friends.

Maya made her first friend with Emilie. Emilie seemed to like books a lot. She confessed she wanted to become a published author one day. Maya thought that was a bit of an unambitious aspiration for a possible future queen!

Whilst chatting with Emilie, she also built her Logic skill up some.

Maya shared her first impressions of the prince with Emilie.

"Ya know, he seems like such a cold person! He gave me that 'I-am-so-superior-to-you' -look!"

Emilie did not quite want to believe that, such a warm-hearted girl she was. She suggested that maybe the prince was a bit perplexed to meet such a beauty, which Maya quickly brushed off.

"If it continues like this, I ain't gonna win his heart!"

Emilie was confused to hear how her fellow princess spoke. She didn't quite approve Maya's manner of speech, but kept that to herself. Maybe in Maya's country, the royalty had not to be so courteous. Still, she had a nagging feeling something was wrong with Maya. Cursed be these bad thoughts! I am not one to judge her, Emilie thought, remembering that her parents didn't approve of her wanting to become a famous writer.

Meanwhile, Gwendolen had been practicing her Gardening skill, but felt like she should make an appearance...

...but she ended up being stuck with her older sister, Gwyneth, who wanted to share her uncertainness about the other contestants. Irritated, Gwendolen lashed out at poor Maya, insulting her appearance and blaming her for not being proud enough of her origins.

"Don't you lecture me, little missy!" Maya finally shouted. This made Gwendolen turn up her nose and walk away majestetically. Emilie wanted to make sure, over and over, that Maya was alright.

Gwendolen took her anger out on the poor grill, preparing some beans and sausage. Quite sassy she looked after preparing a commoner's meal of good quality! She was infuriated to find that Maya beated her in cooking.

Over all, it was not bad of a first day! Emilie and Maya shared a bedroom. They immediatelly fell asleep; the day had been quite eventful.

Points gained:

+200 points for making friends with Emilie and Tabatha
+100 points for reaching level 2 in Comedy skill

Total gain: 300
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2016, 04:41:33 PM »
Day 2 - Fortunes and misfortunes

The second day dawned too soon for Maya. Everyone else had woken up before 6AM. She stayed in bed staring at the ceiling. It was a nice wooden one. She glanced at the adjacent bed to notice that Emilie had already left. Maya heard music beating downstairs; somebody was dancing. Slowly, Maya stretched her arms and got out of bed. She  was happy that today they had nothing special scheduled.

Maya was not the only one to wake up late. Gwyneth had had nightmares about the other princesses threatening her because she was not dazzling and social. Not daring to wake up her sister, she stood behind the bedroom's door, hesitating. Oh, how she wanted to make friends! Gwendolen was not the most considerate one. She was so short-tempered...

After having breakfast Maya went to check on the others in living room. She found Ariana immersed in practicing her chess moves. At least someone kept their goal as a priority! Maya's thoughts were interrupted as Emilie greeted her with a hug.

"Oh Em, you're such a sweetie", Maya said, smiling. Emilie was nonplussed to hear Maya address her so intimately. Nevertheless, she was quite taken. Maybe Maya would do some good for them all. Teach them how to be themselves; they were taught to act like a true lady from the day they were able to walk and talk. Emilie had a hunch Maya would accept each of the princesses wholeheartedly.

"Whassup Em? Lookin' thoughtful", Maya said. Emilie shook her head, smiling wide.

Delicate Emilie was the one to notice Gwyneth's loneliness. Gwyneth hesitated at first, but finally opened up to Emilie. They made friends in no time.

When Maya had prepared herself for the day, she returned to the living room to find Gwyneth still brooding there. Gwyneth looked like she had a hard time faking a smile. Maya noticed and cracked a couple of bad jokes to cheer her up. Gwyneth tried her best to laugh.

"Are ya okay?" Maya asked Gwyneth when she stood up.

With so much as a nod, she left Maya wondering what was wrong with her today.

Throughout the morning, Gwendolen could be seen grabbing random snacks and wandering around the mansion, a stupefied look on her face. Nobody dared to break her slumber, not even her sister. She looked like she had a lot on her mind.

At lunch Maya found herself sitting next to Ariana. Ariana was being cheerful as ever, chatting with everyone sitting around the table. Maya exchanged some lame jokes with Ariana. Maya learned that Ariana was a very motivated and persistent girl. She wanted to become a mother of three some day.

Something clicked on Maya's mind. Ariana sounds like good wife material... She definitely is... Gotta be careful, she reminded herself. They were gathered here for a reason, not just to have fun. Maya persuaded herself to try harder from now on!

After luch everyone made sure to have fun while they could. Emilie occupied herself with a good book, Gwyneth was still sulking around the mansion, the power duo - Ariana and Tabatha - showed off their dance moves, and Gwendolen sat there, scolding everyone under her breath.

Tabatha took a break to join Maya to play chess. Maya had been ignoring the others, trying to immerse herself in the world of chess. With the bubbly Tabatha joining her, she soon forgot about her plan to try harder to win the prince.

Maya was feeling playful. Her jokes made everyone roll on the floor! Even Gwendolen wound down and gave a laugh.

All went well until a certain incident. Maya was telling a funny story to Tabatha. She used her arms to show how large the hippo in question was. Soon after she heard a loud crash from her left. Flinching, she slowly turned to look at the valuable vase sitting on a pillar next to the chess table. Only it was not there. Trying to keep her mind clear, she quickly glanced at the remains of the vase. The butler's words echoed in Maya's mind.

"This certain vase is very dear to the Queen herself. Please do not touch it."

Maya's mind went wild. It was the Queen's precious vase! Common sense said Maya should admit what she had done. But would the Queen want a clumsy daughter-in-law, especially when she had caused them an expenditure of some hundred thousands of simoleons? After all, Maya was here to win the prince for herself. She would not let any other candidate take that beauty of a man!

"You must never lie, my dear girl. It comes with a cost of shame."

She would not let her Grandma's words get to her heart. This was for the prince, alright? Maya stood up and pointed at the shards of the vase.

Gwendolen was quicker than her. It took only some seconds for her to realise what was about to happen. She pointed Maya with an accusing forefinger.

"Carl almighty, what might have you done?"

"I - I... whaddya mean, Gwen?" Maya said, hoping to sound innocent.

"I suggest you do not address me so familiarly, dear Maya. As for me, it is obvious that you just broke the Queen's special treasure!"

Everyone's attention was drawn to them. Maya felt her legs melt. "Y-you're always... bein' mean to me", she muttered, panicked. This was where Emilie cut in.

"Now, now, fellow contestants! I suggest we look at the situation. While it is true that Maya is standing near the vase's remains, it is clear to me that indeed, Gwendolen has not been treating Maya most pleasantly. And I suggest that Gwendolen herself would look at where she is standing. Right in front of the shards. As for me, I will have to take Maya's side on this matter."

Ariana and Tabatha silently agreed. Gwyneth was nowhere to be seen.

You will pay for this, you peasant, was what Gwendolen thought, but all she said was: "Oh, well."

Points gained:

+300 for succesfully framing another candidate (random event #2)
+ 1 schemer point

Total gain:

600 points
1 schemer point
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #4 on: April 09, 2016, 01:36:15 PM »
Day 3 - The Queen comes over

When Tuesday morning dawned in Willow Creek, Maya was already awake. She had not slept well after the vase incident. Guilt pushed her to the bed. So when Emilie rose up and left the room, Maya prentended to be asleep. She had no idea how she would keep her mind clear when seeing Gwendolen the next time. Sleepily, she dove in the depths of her blanket to brood for a bit.

Emilie was a bit surprised to see Gwyneth already awake. And to her amazement, the girl seemed to be in good spirits so early in the morning. On the other hand, something was definitely bugging Maya. Trying to figure it out with foggy brains was of no benefit. So she shoved the leftover spaghetti to her mouth with good appetite.

The reason for Gwyneth's cheerfulness was soon found out.

The ones already awake gathered in the livingroom. They also noticed Gwyneth looking bright, which was a rare sight. When they asked her, she just told them to go to Gwendolen. So they did. Gwendolen looked like she would soon expolode of excitement. She took a deep breath.

"Ahem! As I was the first one awake, I also was the one to receive the letter from the Queen. In the letter it says that today, the Queen is coming over to get to know us all. We should expect her arrival at two o'clock PM. Please be prepared. That is all."

Silence fell amongst the young ladies. Tabatha was the first one to break it. " 'That is all!' Might you be joking? That's some awesome news, Gwendolen!"

Gwendolen humbly nodded.

Someone went all emotional over the piece of news.

"Oh Tabatha! This is our chance to meet our future mother-in-law!" cried Ariana, hugging Tabatha tight. It was heartmarming to see how they had become such good friends in only two days.

Tabatha giggled. "Don't you sound like the two of us are getting married! But yeah, it is wonderful!"

Later in the morning Maya got downstairs, unsure of what was going on. Everyone looked so joyful. It was Gwendolen who had to explain things over again to her.

"Good grief, lady! Would you not wake up so late! I guess I have to explain it to you, after all..."

"Oi, Gwen, don't be so... I mean, please explain", Maya said, trying to swallow the guilt washing over her.

So Gwendolen told her, in a strained tone, what the letter had said. Maya's jaw dropped. She would have to encounter the Queen - and her guilt - in three hours! To avoid everyone else, she accepted to cook something for the Queen. Gwendolen added on her agony by saying that the meal should be of decent quality. Oh, royalty. Some of them are just a pain in the butt... Guess I'm one of those...

Little did Maya know that Gwendolen had decided to have her revenge while she was gone. Right after she had left, Gwendolen sighed loudly. She shook her head. Nobody paid attention - they were dancing - so she moved her arms to imply that she was in inner pain. Emilie noticed it, as sharp as she was when it came to feelings. She asked what was wrong. Gwendolen hided her face.

"I can't believe this... I just can't believe this. Everyone thinks I am the bad person here. Why is it always like this...?"

Much to Gwendolen's chagrin, Maya heard the commotion and came to check what was wrong. She would just have wanted to curl into a ball and cry. It didn't help that everyone was practically staring at her with weird faces. Maya lowered her gaze. That simple gesture was too much for Gwendolen who finally exploded.

"You daughter of a peasant! Why are you giving me such a hard time?! I... I can't believe this! Because of you, everyone considers me a shameless schemer! Why don't you go and disappear!"

Tabatha tried to calm Gwendolen down. "Now, now... Why don't we take it easy and talk it over..."

To everyone's surprise, Maya stood up. She gave everyone a sorrowful look. "If you want to, I can confess to the Queen herself." Gwendolen shouted, crying: "Do it! Expose your sins to the Queen herself!" So Maya left.

I never thought it'd come to this. I thought 'twas just a payback to Gwendolen... But I ended up hurting her deeply. She's not a bad gal, is she... Just too sensitive. But as Grandma says, livin' in honor and losing is way better than livin' in shame and winning. Goodbye, my prince, my future... My life...

"Your Highness, her Majesty is waiting for you outdoors", said the footman. With a sad smile, Maya followed him to the castle's front yard.

The queen stood proudly as she watched the clumsy girl approach her. A smile crept across her lips, but she put on a neutral face when the girl bowed.

"May I ask what brings you here, my dear? If I am not mistaken, you are one of the bride candidates?"
"The truth is... Your Majesty... I deeply apologise. I accidentally shoved... I mean..."
"You accidentally broke my vase and accused some other candidate for it, am I mistaken?"
Curse it, straight to the point! Maya hesitated before replying.

"My dear. The vase was an anniversary gift from my husband. I did not really like it at all, so it is good that I don't have to admit it to him, is it not? I really appreciate your honesty. I am sure that the wronged lady will gladly forgive you. I must say I realise it is time for us to return to the mansion."

Later on that day, Maya sent many prayers to the almighty Sim-Guru saying thank you.


The Queen seemed to be enjoying the party so far. Everyone presented themselves to her, all excited and giggling. This time the Queen did not quite manage to keep her neutral face. She also seemed to be quite happy with the unrefined meal Maya had prepared them. She even thanked the girl personally. Maya thought she was blessed more than she deserved.

Gwendolen's mood seemed to have improved greatly. She was all bubbly talking with the Queen...

...especially after being left alone with the Queen in the dining hall. The others felt they owed this for Gwendolen; after all, they had all been guilty of having bad thoughts about her. Besides, the night was young! They would have time to chat with the Queen later.

The Queen told Gwendolen she was a refined lady, which made her even happier. Silently, she forgave Maya. She had realised when to leave after all!

Up until now Gwyneth had been enjoying her solitude, but after a few drinks the Queen dragged her on the dance floor, throwing her arm around Gwynet's shoulders. Gwyneth was so suprised she would have cried, but the Queen seemed to be kind enough. After a few more drinks even Gwyneth was waving her hips, shoulder to shoulder with the Queen.

Ariana and Tabatha were enthralled to see the Queen mildly drunk ("Ya-hoo, girls!"). She was like a totally different person! The power duo took advantage of the Queen's state and praised her dance moves. The Queen just ya-hooed on, almost collapsing on the floor. Ariana had to swallow a laugh.

"You know, Tabatha! I will so become the bride!"
"That's the spirit, girl!"

That night the Queen texted her husband:


We are having a great time! All of the candidates seem to be suitable partners for our son. I have chatted with them, and each of them seems to have a different personality. I am especially interested in two of them. Only time will prove my thought true or wrong.

Take care,
Gabrielle xoxo

Points gained:

+300 points for preparing a meal of good quality

Total gain:

900 points
1 schemer point

Author's Notes:

I think I should not have broken the tension between Maya and Gwendolen just yet, it seems a bit rushed now... But I don't want to keep such a stupid feud between the characters. Besides, I realised Maya would not really have lied, she's a sweet girl... I just had her do it for the aspiration points... So, this was the easiest way out! :')

I hope you are enjoying the story so far!

xxx Sparrow
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #5 on: April 10, 2016, 06:43:28 PM »
This seems like a lot of fun. So you only control one sim? And how exactly do you get schemer or kind-hearted points? Is it based on what your sim does automatically or do you decide?
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2016, 10:10:50 AM »
@Playalot Thank you for reading my stories!!

Yes, I only control one Sim, "my Sim", in this case Maya. I only control the other princesses if they're glitching out or if something needs to be cleaned or repaired. You must reach as high level in the needed skills as possible. (Charisma, Mixology, Cooking, Logic, Handiness, Violin/Guitar/Piano, Gardening.) So in the house of the princesses there are no other fun-giving objects than those needed for skilling.

However, the thing that defines the fate of your Sim is the amount of aspiration points collected. There is a daily schedule where it is set a mission for each day. If you complete it succesfully, you use a cheat to give the specific amount of reward points to your own Sim.

Ah and the kind-hearted and schemer points. Those will also have an effect on the fate of your Sim; in the end of the challenge you check how many aspiration points you have and then go to the challenge page and see if your number is the lucky number. But but. You earn them by doing a specific thing; sometimes in the daily schedule you are given a choice of doing another of the tasks, and it depends on which task you accpet, that you earn those kind-hearted or schemer points. The points are there to kinda define how evil or good your princess is in the end. :D

I hope this was of some help!
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #7 on: April 11, 2016, 11:28:48 AM »
Totally. I found the rules a little confusing but now I've got it! Makes it quite tricky coercing all these princesses to do something useful and gain some skills. lol I must say, the Prince didn't seem overly happy at his fate either... I hope he has nothing sinister in mind!  :o  ;)
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #8 on: April 11, 2016, 03:42:10 PM »
@Playalot Haha, most of the time the others are dancing or wandering around the mansion... :D

Hm, we'll see why the prince looks sullen ;) I've got a backstory for each of the princesses!! Lol I'm so hyped about this story :D
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #9 on: April 12, 2016, 08:19:16 AM »

Day 4 - Salty surprise

The fourth morning in Willow Creek, Maya woke up high-spirited. She was still a bit dizzy from all the drinks she had taken last night, but a thought of the Queen put a smile on her lips.

The Queen had stayed late. So late that Maya had left for sleep while the Queen was still partying hard with Ariana, Tabatha and Gwendolen. The mother of Simland seemed to be not so stuck-up with good manners inside. Maya was quite sure she and the other candidates were the only people who had ever seen Gabrielle IV drunk, hollering unappropriately for her status. At least she'll make a chill mother-in-law, Maya told herself.

Meeting the Queen had given her more self-confidence. Not that she had not been determined to win from the start; it was just that she had learnt even the royalty were ordinary human beings after all, behind the mask of pride and expressionlessness. To think I'd someday mingle in with all these princesses... ain't it funny, huh?

As Maya was the first one awake, she washed the dishes and cleaned the living room. As she polished the plates, she couldn't help thinking about her goal. Only one candidate was suspicious about her. Gwendolen. She was a meanie but had a sharp wit when it came to refined manners. And oh, the prince... He had looked down at her. Haha, can't wait to see his face if I win! I gotta learn some manners and quick before I'm found out...

... these are real princesses, right?

Maya was surprised to hear Tabatha loudly munching on her hot dog. Ariana wasn't paying too much attention to her table manners either.

"...can you believe it, Her Majesty told me I am a refined lady! I must be one of the strongest candidates in her eyes!"
Gwyneth had to try hard not to roll her eyes at her sister. Gwendolen was waving her arms so enthusiastically she almost slapped Gwyneth.
"Ah, my prince... I cannot wait to see you..."
"That's enough", Gwyneth said abruptly, looking straight forward, not seeing anything. Gwendolen was talking about the crown prince in almost too friendly manner. And she had not even seen his cold eyes. Plus, she does not need to see him before me.

Tabatha spent the uneventful day working out... ("Must look fit for the handsome!")

...while Maya, in her boredom, practiced her Logic skill. She had become quite good in playing chess!

O, ma prince! Will I be blessed so that I could play sum chess with ya?

Later on Gwyneth joined her. The two sat there silently, staring at the chess board. Suddenly Gwyneth gasped and pointed behind Maya's back. Maya turned to look, but when she turned back she caught Gwyneth cheating! Gwyneth shrugged guiltily, Maya just laughed.

"Quite sneaky, aren't ya?"
Gwyneth shrugged again. There was some friendly silence between them.
"Um", Gwyneth said. Maya flashed an encouraging smile. "Um. Yesterday... Thank you. I mean, for being honest... I thank you in place of my sister. She may seem to be quite a tough girl... but inside, she is, um, not so bad at all. She is not mad at you anymore."

Now it was Maya's turn to look down. Gwyneth looked panicked, but suddenly, Maya brightened up again.
"Thank you, really, Gwyneth! Thanks for yer kind words!"
Gwyneth smiled shyly. "It's really nothing..."

The two spent the afternoon getting to know each other. Under her shy cover, Gwyneth was an interesting young woman. Maya learned that she was a music lover, and that she loved video games, which her sister did not approve. They both agreed that Gwendolen was a bit stuck-up. In the end of the day, they had become quite close, even so that they took a selfie together!

"Hey gal, say cheeeeese!"
"U-uh... Do I look good enough?"
"Oh yas gurl, you look great! One, two, three, aaaand... shot!"

After a full day working out, Tabatha decided to troll the forums with Ariana. The two girls seemed to have grown inseparable, always laughing and joking together.

Emilie made an appearance in the early evening. She had locked herself in the study room to read a couple of books. Now that she was finished with them, it was time to socialize! She found herself sitting beside Gwendolen.

After the vase incident had been solved, Gwendolen seemed to have been in a better mood all day. She had spent more time around the others, not just her sister. Emilie was happy to notice that she made effort not to sound so uptight and cocky. She even giggled when Emilie told her a funny story. When Gwendolen suddenly got embarrassed and became her old self again, Emilie smiled inwardly.

She has chosen the path of change... Quite brave, is she not?

It seemed to be a day full of surprises for Emilie. Gwyneth came to her, looking like something was troubling her.

"Gwyneth dear, is everything alright?"
Gwyneth fidgeted, "Don't tell anyone, okay?"
Emilie promised to keep her secret.

"You see... I baked a cake for the royal couple. I asked the butler to take it to the royal palace. As soon as he had left, I put the ingredients away to notice that I had made a terrible mistake. Um, is it even possible to confuse salt with sugar? They look so alike!
"What I'm saying, is... the cake I sent contains salt."

Gwyneth dropped her head. Emilie put a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"Now, now. I am sure none of us could tell salt and sugar apart just by glancing at them! We are princesses after all; we are not used to cooking. I am sure the Queen will understand if we send an apologizing note tonight!"
"I truly hope so. Like my reputation was not bad enough... ha, they already hate me; why should I worry?"

Emilie frowned, confused.
"What might you be talking about?"
Gwyneth flinched, looking like she had said too much.
"Uh, just... it was nothing", she said quickly.

Seems like Maya is not the only one with a secret here, Emilie mused. Gwyneth could not possibly have... could she?

It was rare to see Ariana alone. Tabatha had already left for sleep; and the other princesses were about to head to bed, too. She enjoyed her solitude, listening to the clank of a rusty tram mix up with the singing of streaming water. It was an exceptionally quiet evening in the mansion. Ariana took the time to savour every single bite of her self-cooked supper.

I can almost feel like a regular person here... Back at home, I always have to act in a refined manner. In a long run, it becomes straining... I feel like here I am given the chance to be my true self! Mama would not agree with my behaviour here, would she...

Okay, Ariana, let's give it our everything while we still are here!

The day saw its last surprise, when Ariana and Gwendolen had a female bonding night! They stayed up late, chatting about anything and taking lots of selfies.

No points gained
Random event #9, I chose to do nothing

Total gain:

900 points
1 schemer point
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
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Day 5 - Dinner at the royal palace

As the fifth day dawned, Maya woke up after a well slept night. She stretched and yawned, looking out of the bedroom window. It was still quite early in the morning; but the summer sun was bright and warm. Living as a princess truly had its advantages! Feels like I'm taking advantage of the royal couple's situation... I'm a princess now, right? So I don't need to worry 'bout it so much, do I?

It appeared Maya was not the only one already up and awake. As she entered the dining hall, she saw Gwendolen waiting for her plateful of scrambled eggs to cool off. Though Gwyneth had said Gwendolen had already forgave her, Maya was a bit hesitant to sit beside Gwendolen. The two girls sat in silence, both glancing at each other, not knowing what to say. It was Maya who broke the tension by telling a funny story.

"...and then this huge hippo crashed on the dinosaur!"
Maya was a bit surprised to see Gwendolen giggling. She stared at her, wide-eyed.
Gwendolen winced, "What is it?"
Maya shook her head. "It's nothing. Nice t' see ya smilin' for a bit!"

For a moment, Gwendolen became her old self - Maya just giggled, which made her companion even more frustrated.

Gwendolen had to admit to herself that she enjoyed Maya's presence. At times. Some days. Definitely not always.

Slowly, the two began to get to know each other. What had first seemed to be the first feud of the household had now turned to something heartwarmigly affable.

By the time the other candidates found their way to the dining hall, Maya and Gwendolen had already made friends. Gwendolen was full on a roll, telling a dramatic story to the girls sitting near her. Maya and Ariana exchanged amused looks. The Sheridan sisters surely were suprisingly bubbly when they dropped their facades.

"It was a big 'ka-pow' and a loud 'screeeeech'! The limousine driver put the break on just in time before it crashed into the bus! The passengers in both cars were shocked but unscathed!"

Aftre everyone had finished breakfast, Tabatha raised her hand up, looking unusually serious. Everyone turned from Gwendolen to her. The Queen must have contacted them! And they were right.

"Ahem, fellow candidates! Thank you for your attention!"
"You sure seem to like it", Ariana cut in. Tabatha scowled at her, failing to look irritated.
"As I was about to say - "
" - the Queen has sent us a letter?!"

Tabatha took a deep breath before she continued.
"In the letter it says that today - "
Everyone looked at each other, excited. This could only mean one thing!
"Eeeeek! The prince's comin' over!"
"What shall I wear?!"
"I need to check my makeup!"
"I'm not too sure about this, everyone..."

"Thank you!"

Tabatha read the letter to everyone,

"Dear ladies,

Thank you for the lovely party! I must say I really enjoyed it. Let me add that the dishes offered suited my taste.

I have a request for you. My son is avidly waiting to see you; please prepare for this special occasion! My request is as follows, practice this poem very dear for the prince himself. You will be reciting it to him personally. Please be thorough in your practice. This is the very first time my beloved son will be seeing you. The limousine will arrive at 7 o'clock PM. Please be prepared!

Yours sincerely,
Queen Gabrielle IV of Simland."

Tabatha put the letter back in the envelope to notice that inside it there was a note written in the Queen's ornate handwriting. "For Lady Maya A., it says in this note", Tabatha said blankly and offered the note to Maya who looked surprised. Hastily Maya opened the note. Everyone's eyes were locked on her.

Dear Miss Maya,

I have a special proposal to you. Would you like to have a little flower garden? I am waiting for your response tonight.

Queen Gabrielle IV of Simland

Gwendolen groaned. "Why did I not receive a note?"

Emilie missed all of this commotion, as she had retired to her bedroom to read a book ("How To Not Tell Lame Jokes", written by Guy Gaggings).


Later on that day, the princesses gathered in the livingroom. The butler had dragged six elegant mirrors there, one for each princess. They were to practice reciting the poem in front of the mirrors. They all agreed to start practicing right then. Maya felt excitement rise inside her.

"Gaily bedight, / a gallant night, oh what a sight... No, no, I've got it all wrong!"

Maya could hardly concentrate on the poem; she was giggling at her silly mistakes. She used her arms and expressions well, nearly smacked the others beside her. When she got to the last line of the poem ("If you seek for Eldorado!"), she read it with a grandiloquent tone. In her opinion, she sounded like an old man trying to share his wisdom with some uncultured youngsters.

Though she seemed to just be fooling around, inside she was determined to outdo all the other candidates - by the means of comedy. The poem was just too funny in its archaicness. I just hafta roll my eyes at this part, 'kay? I'm sure the princey will laugh his butt off! Gotta be myself in any situation, as ol' good Grandma says!

"Over the Mountains / of the Moon, / down the Valley of the Shadow, / ride, boldly ride... ride... what was it again...? Ah, so it is... The Shadow replied..."

Ariana put all of her might to reciting the stanzas. She took a sublime stance and looked at her audience - the mirror - straight. She barely moved around, just carefully shifted her gaze from one of her invisible listeners to another. She had a hard time remembering the lines, but else her performance was graceful. She made a mental note to not fidget so much in front of the prince, and fill the gaps in with quiet sighs and oh's.

"And, as his strenght / failed him at length, / he met a pilgrim shadow..."

Gwyneth looked surprisingly charismatic and self-confident when immersing in her practice. The only thing she heard was the poem flowing out of her mouth; and the only thing she saw was her reflection in the mirror. Gwyneth moved around, relaxed, as if in her own element. She used her palms and eyebrows to draw attention, and to emphasize certain lines in the poem. Any of the girls had never seen Gwyneth so content. The thought of the prince's cold eyes lit a flame in Gwyneth's heart. She would give this her everything!

"Shadow," said he, / 'Where can it be— / This land of Eldorado?' "

Tabatha looked like a stiff, long-bearded old politician. She took the stance of the Statue of Liberty. She closed her eyes, felt the words line up in her mind, and finally she let them out. Her voice was monotonous and gallant. She recited the poem as if a priest performing a sacred ritual. She was usually so bubbly - Now it is time for me to finally calm down and get serious! I will so impress the Queen - not to speak of the prince!

"Had journeyed long, / singing a song, / in search of Eldorado."

Emilie was in her element. She was so in the world of the poem she didn't see anything else. She imagined herself as the persona of the poem; she would bend down as if she was tired, and whisper eeriely as the Shadow. Emilie was a bookworm after all. She was determined to be able to recite the poem perfectly, yes, but most of all, she wanted to honor the author with her performance. In the very end, poetry was art, and art was close to Emilie's heart.

"But he grew old— / This knight so bold— / And o'er his heart a shadow... Man, what is this text about?"

Gwendolen almost lost it. She had no idea what the poem wa about; the language was archaic, and she had never been a fan of literature. Visual arts, oh yes, but not literature. It took her a lot of effort not to burst out cursing. She had to maintain her cool character, else she would lose her face. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves except her. Oh Carl almighty, I should probably have been listening in literature lessons... Man, the prince is all mine! So she hid her frustration and managed to keep it cool.

Surprisingly, the last ones standing were Maya and Emilie. Everyone else had either given up or satisfied with their performance. Maya was full on roll, she was self-assured and happy as always. Instead, Emilie was exhausted. She trailed off in her thoughts, her head dropped occasionally, and her eyes were fluttering shut.

After and hour or so, she finally gave up. A glance to the still energetic Maya was enough.

When Maya saw Emilie leaving, she considered herself as the winner. Granted, this did not mean she would be the one to occupy the prince's interest, but at least she could say she had stayed up practicing the longest. A glance to the clock told her it was nearly the time for the limo's arrival. She had half an hour to get ready -

Her thoughts were interrupted with a loud honk from outside. It is not even 7 PM! What's the driver thinkin'? I'll be busted if I look like this! Nevertheless, she had to make a run for it. So had everyone else. The girls packed in the limo, and after some ten minutes, they hopped off to find themselves standing in front of the royal palace.


Maya was flaming with excitement. She had been here twice before, and both times she had been so excited she could have collapsed! Ba-thump. Ba-thump. This time it's different! The prince will be there! Curse it, am I looking alright? Maya had gladly forgotten about her first encounter with the prince. Maybe it was for the better. Else she would have been unnerved to the point that her legs would have melted.

The tension broke when the princesses heard the main door clank open. Ariana went rigid. She looked fiercely at poor Gwendolen, who was an image of astonishment.

"Gwendolen! I hereby declare you as my worst enemy in this competition! You will see that I am the one who shines this night!"
Gwendolen was about to shoot back, but Tabatha cut in, a bit tense, planting a firm hand on Ariana's shoulder.
"Now, now, girls! Remember that nobody of us hasn't seen the prince yet! So we are all equal. Let's just enjoy this rare occurrence!"

Maya was about to remind that she had already seen the handsome, but knew better to just keep quiet about it.

Nobody noticed Gwyneth looking depressed.

"Nobody of us has not yet seen the prince?" Are you joking? Oh, how I wish that was true...

Everyone was alarmed as they heard the Queen giggling. She was standing by the stairs that led to the entrance hall.

"Oh my, you must be excited! I apologise for the short notice. There is a reason behind it. But why don't we go in and find it out? Be welcome, dear bride candidates!"

Only a wave of her palm was needed, and everyone obediently followed her.

The group of prosperous ladies gathered around a long table in the dining hall. The prince was already seated, looking sullen as ever. Her mother tried to imply that he should brighten up, but he did not take the clue. Soon, excited chatter echoed in the hall. Everyone tried to make a last moment's check on their makeup. Maya was glad to notice that she hadn't been the only one caught by surprise: Tabatha was wearing her sportswear. She didn't seem to mind the fact, though. Steel nerves. I have steel nerves. Maya's concentration chant was soon interrupted by the queen clapping her hands.

"Fine, fine, dear ladies! I have a few words to say. First off, let me introduce you my beloved son, prince Claudio! He has been looking forward to seeing you all. Claudio dear, why don't you stand up and say a word?"

The crown prince stood up for a second, glanced at the girls quickly, nodded and sat down again. The queen hid her amusement and continued:

"I am very sorry to let you know that all of your practice was in vain. Unfortunately, the auditorium of the royal palace was damaged this afternoon when one of the chandeliers crashed down for a reason unknown. Thereby I will compensate for your hard work by offering you a delicious dinner and giving you a chance to get to know my son. This is all. Let us begin with the main event, the dinner itself! Waiters, may I have you notify the kitchen staff that the dinner is to start now?"

As the waiters left, everyone wound down to chat with the people sitting near them.

The motherly Emilie told everyone to mind their manners; they were in the presence of two members of the royal family! Soon after that, Emilie shifted to her dreamy thoughts about the prince and his golden hair. A glance at the prince made her heart beat fast. She tried her best to draw as little attention as possible.

Ariana was extremely worried that she was sat beside the prince. She had decided to go for it, but now all of her self-confidence had disappeared. She turned to Tabatha for help.

"I - um - eh - what am I going to do now?"
"Just go for it, girl! Didn't you say that you will be the one shining tonight?"
"Yeah, I did, but - "
"There is no place for buts. Shine, or else someone else will!"

Ariana muttered a thank you, composed herself and turned to the prince.

"Your Highness, may I present myself to you - I am Ariana Fitzgerald, daughter of Sinead and..."

Unfortunately, the prince seemed to be immersed in a conversation with his mother. Ariana dropped her head. She couldn't force herself to draw the prince's attention if she was wavering inside. Tabatha noticed her friend's distress and came to her comfort.

"Now, Ariana, you did your best! It's not your fault his Highness is... well, I better not say... But better luck next time, yeah?"
Ariana sniffed. "Yeah. Better luck next time."

In the other end of the table, discussion was bubbling. Emilie, Gwendolen and Maya were exchanging thoughts about the prince's looks. Gwendolen was enjoying herself.

"I noticed you were dreamily staring at the prince, Emilie, no kidding! Isn't he a hunk?"
Emilie was stunned to hear Gwnedolen use such an unrefined word. Maya's presence was truly a blessing for them all.
"He is quite handsome, yeah", said Maya, and Emilie was stunned again. Maybe Gwendolen's presence did some good for them, too.

Maya was finally able to relax in the presence of royalty. She paid little attention to what was going on in the prince's end of the table...

The prince was looking like the night was trying his patience. Gwyneth, who was sat opposite him, tried to avoid eyecontact with him. Occasionally, their gazes would meet, lock in each other for a few seconds, and then quickly part again. The queen tried to stir up a conversation between the two, all in vain. If someone had glanced at them, they would have pondered if there was something going on between Gwyneth and prince Claudio.

With a butler standing right behind her, Gwyneth was ready to burst into tears. This is no good. I can't face him. He must hate me for what happened back then...

As of the prince, he seemed to now be interested in what was going on in the other end of the table. He shyly glanced at the girls sitting there, seeming to be less uptight than before. Maybe he was finally becoming interested of his fate.

The night went on without bigger commotion. Everyone enjoyed themselves, got to know each other, and by the command of the queen, finally got to present themselves to the prince. Claudio looked overwhelmed by the number of girls giggling nervously around him. He became even more shy, finally dropping his facade, which the girls noticed with blushing cheeks.

As the night came to its end, queen Gabrielle stood up.

"Dear bride candidates, dear son! I have really been enjoying your company! I am glad to see that you ladies get along well. I strongly suggest you would keep it like that. Now it is time for us to end this feast. Thank you, everyone, for gathering here. I will now let you ladies return to your residence and enjoy the upcoming weekend!"

Gabrielle IV escorted them to the limousine. Before Maya hopped in, she called her by name.

"Maya dear, what do you think of the flower garden? Would it not be a wonderful addition to the mansion's garden?"
Maya was perplexed. "If you don't mind me asking, your Highness, why me? Why not... Emilie, for example? She's all good with stuff like this..."
The queen just smiled warmly at her discomfort.

"I know your grandmother. She is a really gifted gardener. That is why", she said.

Suddenly Maya felt all dizzy. She had never heard any of this. How could a queen have know her Grandma? Her old Grandma had raised her in the countryside... And she had suddenly got this letter telling her to travel to Willow Creek, and Grandma had almost forced her to leave... Now she was here, and a queen was telling her was acquainted with Grandma... Nothing made sense anymore.

As Maya finally got back to the mansion, she was depressed. She had accepted to create a little flower garden. After that, everything went blurry. To be so suddenly reminded of one's past was dissipating, especially if one knew nothing about it.

The gentle night washed all of Maya's worries away. There were a lot of fun days to come, a lot to discover. Her life had just begun.

Points gained:
+300 points for reaching level 4 in Charisma

Total gain:
1200 points
1 schemer point

Author's Notes:

I'm especially proud of this chapter! It builds the story for the chapters to come!

The poem in question is Eldorado by Edgar Allan Poe. Only found it today, it's a really good poem! #poemcritic

xxx Sparrow
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #11 on: April 15, 2016, 04:11:21 PM »
I loved this chapter. The poetry recitals were so clever! I really like how you are turning skilling into such a integral part of the story. I must say, Maya is a gorgeous looking sim and she has such a sweet personality. Also... just how would the Queen know Maya's grandmother? Hmmm.... the plot thickens!
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #12 on: April 16, 2016, 05:50:24 AM »

Thank you!!! I'm also especially fond of this chapter. The princesses were not yet supposed to meet the royal family, but I felt a chapter only about skilling would be boring. I agree, isn't Maya a sweet girl? I just love her so much!

I don't know when I'll have the time to write the next chapter. Graduation sure makes one busy D:

By the way, what does "integral" mean?
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
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Day 6 - Secret princess

By the dawn of the long-awaited Friday, every princess had gotten over the sudden appearance of their possible inteded one. Surprisingly, it was not Maya nor Emilie who had stayed up late thinking about prince Claudio. As the sun's first rays crossed her bedroom, Ariana threw her blanket on the floor and bounced up. Hastily, she changed to her daywear. Unfortunately, Tabatha was woken up in the process. Ariana apologised, over and over, and Tabatha just laughed.

"It's alright, Ariana! But why do you look so strained?"

Tabatha didn't get a reply until they were sat around a table on the patio. Not long after, Gwyneth joined them, also looking worried. Tabatha frowned, concerned.

"What's with you two? If anything, you should be feeling content! Today's a new day!"
Gwyneth and Ariana finished the meal in silence. The anxious Tabatha left hers untouched.
"Okay, girls! Please tell me what's on your mind. This silence is kinda awkward!"

A glance to Gwyneth, then Tabatha, then floor.
"His Highness", said Ariana and Gwyneth simultaneously. Tabatha raised her eyebrows.
"What's this talk, girls? We just saw him yesterday!"
Ariana fidgeted, looking extremely uncomfortable while Gwyneth pouted, avoiding eye-contact with her companions.

"He is not... how I expected. He is handsome, but... how to say... I am not sure if I'm willing to win his heart. He is a prince alright, but... something is missing."
Tabatha just giggled after hearing Ariana's complaint.
"Who's speaking! You remember how we were excited throughout the whole day? How we were about to explode of excitement? What if his Highness was just being excited? He is 'a prince alright', but he's still a guy, and seems to be an especially shy one. So, no need to worry, girls! It was the first time we saw him. Who knows, maybe he'll even open his mouth next time!"
"You... you are probably right. Thanks, sis! I feel a lot better already!"

With this cleared up, the trio continued enjoying the early hours of Friday, Gwyneth still looking ponderous. I highly doubt he will change... That's just how he is, isn't it...

Tabatha spent the rest of the morning practicing her piano skills, Ariana jokingly dancing to her music...

...and Emilie locked herself in the study room again, this time to read a guide to the Charisma skill ("Simple Steps to Win His Heart, Part 1", written by Lotta Love). She knew one could not learn how to be attractive from books, but as books were her friends, they would probably give her some inspiration. After seeing the prince, Emilie had become deadly serious about the competition. If anything, some cultured words would fuel her desire to win!


Exhaustion kept Maya late in bed. She woke up long after Emilie had left for the study room. The sun tickled her nose through the closed curtains. She stared at the ceiling blankly. Her mind was numb after a nightful of deep sleep. Maya went through her morning routines instinctively, as if her mind was in another world. Sometimes the memories of yesterday would try to surface. They were soon clouded by foggy thoughts about today's nice weather. Good for some gardenin', eh?

Gardening. That one work broke Maya's slumber. Suddenly all those memories flooded to her mind. The prince's absent look. Gwendolen's change. And... the Queen. Suddenly, tears filled Maya's eyes.

Maya escaped her ghosts to the abandoned garden. It was rare of her to not join the others, whatever they were doing. It was even more rare to see her so serious, so deep in thought.

Through her teary eyes, Maya saw an empty garden. She knelt by one of the planting boxes. Her tears disappeared in the untouched ground. As she opened one of the seed packets with trembling hands, she thought of her Grandma's veiny fingers planting the seeds under a pile of soil. If she was at home... she would be the one observing the seeds to be taken care of. Before her eyes, she would see the tiny seedlings bloom into beautiful flowers with the help of her Grandma.

With these hands... Can I really make a seed bloom? Grandma... Why did ya send me here? How would ya know a Queen? I'm not a real princess, nor are ya. But... citizens're not normally acquainted with royalty. If 'm not a princess, it's not fair of me to try ta win the prince's heart... Oh dear Carl, what 'm I gonna do? Who am I?

As Maya was sobbing, she didn't hear Gwendolen appear in the garden. Gwendolen stood there for a moment, a confused expression on her face. After some minutes of awkward stalking, Gwendolen opened her mouth. What come out surprised both her and Maya, and not in a good way.

"Good grief! What are you doing, kneeling in the sand like a maid?"
Maya flinched. Slowly, she stood up and walked away from Gwendolen. She didn't want that girl to see her tears. Things would only get worse if she did...

Gwendolen didn't get a reply. It didn't help that she felt agitated for some odd reason. It was so disturbing to see the goofball of the group so serious, so down. Suddenly Gwendolen got it. Was she being worried about Maya? No way, no way! It was just that she wanted everything around her stay stable, right? But after a cry escaped Maya's lips, she couldn't help herself. Composing herself, she swallowed her pride.

"Man, what're you crying about?"
She didn't except Maya to cry even louder. The black-haired girl was trembling hard. Gwendolen sighed.
"What's so ghastly that you can't - "
"Oh Gwen! 'M not a real princess!"
Gwendolen scowled at Maya's statement. "Well... Considering that you got the invitation and came here, you practically are a princess. What's this about now? You are always so cheerful!"

Maya stopped sobbing for a moment.
"Whatever it is, troubling you - especially an unnecessary thing like that - throw it away!"

Gwendolen was shocked by how easily Maya was cheered up. When Maya turned to her, she was smiling wide, tears still in the corners of her eyes.

"Could ya be tryin' to cheer me up?"
Gwendolen felt as if someone had shoved her in stomach. Her jaw dropped, emphasizing her stupor.
"And only now you notice it?! Well, hear me, I swear I was just passing by!"
"Sure ya were, Gwen. No need to be so timid! - But seriously, thank you. I would've bin cryin' here for the whole night if ya hadn't come!"
"Uhh... Well... about that..."

Maya flashed her brightest smile at Gwendolen, who blushed deeply.
"Ya are a true friend, gal!"

After hearing this, Gwendolen practically ran away, leaving a chuckling Maya to finish her work. That gal... How come she made me smile? Maybe it's just 'cos she dropp'd her facade for me... to show that she cares... Life sure is full of surprises, Grandma!

After finishing the planting of the seeds, Maya enjoyed the late afternoon with Gwyneth. They agreed to go cloudgazing; it was a bright day, and those were not too common. The girls lay on the grass in silence, occasionally pointing a funny-shaped cloud. Maya was still pondering about the mystery of the Queen, only not depressed. As she would have said: "Gwen kicked sum sense to me!"

The wind danced between the branches of the trees, making the leaves sing. The sound was apt to relieve all the stress of the day. As Gwyneth listened to the trees lazily humming their secrets, she felt it was time to open up to someone.

"Hey... do you think the prince hates me?"
Maya was surprised by the question.
"Why would he? He seems to just be a shy guy. Besides, we've met him only once." At least you have...

Gwyneth spent a while considering Maya's words. It might be true that the prince was just confused. Having been surrounded by so many girls...

"He has never been good with females, has he?"
"Wait, how d'ya know that? Ya seen him before?!"

Too late, Gwyneth noticed she had told too much. She felt like Maya's gaze would burn to her soul and see the truth. But, living with a secret was draining... And hadn't Maya opened up to her before...?

"Well, you could say I have..."

That night, Maya left for a long walk in the neighborhood. Living under the same roof with five other girls was fun but tiring. In the very end, Maya had always lived with her Grandma, just the two of them, and was not used to a big household. Day by day it had become more and more bearable, though. And she had made so many new friends! Especially Maya was fond of Gwendolen. She felt as if she should protect her. Gwendolen might be mean and cocky at times, but she had a heart of pure gold.

And that Gwyneth... she's in love with the prince, huh? Looks like more difficulties are thrown in my path...

As Gwyneth had asked what was on her mind, Maya had told about her uncertainness; if she was a princess at all. After hearing Maya's story, Gwyneth had had the same expression of disbelief as her sister.

"Does it matter? You are here anyway. I strongly believe you are a secret princess."

A secret princess, huh...? Em's gonna love that phrase!

While Gwendolen stayed up late, perfecting the cut of her bonsai tree...

...Maya went to bed right after coming back to the mansion. That night she also slept well, dreaming about her trying to convince prince Claudio that she was a princess, not a turtle.

Points gained:
None, random event #7 requirements not met

Total gain:
1200 points
1 schemer point

Ya-hoo, everyone!

Here's the new chapter! This day had nothing scheduled, and the random event for the day had nothing in it... I decided to make use of this situation and explore the thoughts of the princess candidates! We also got to know more about Maya's past...

I feel as if this chapter is a downgrade compared to the previous one. Oh well, the next chapter will be awesome!

Have a great day,
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #14 on: April 30, 2016, 03:21:12 PM »
Hey, this story will be on hold till I find my inspiration again...
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #15 on: May 02, 2016, 04:54:22 AM »
Ah, that is sad. I hope you find your inspiration again soon. I've loved reading along and have enjoyed your writing style so much.  :)
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
« Reply #16 on: May 23, 2016, 04:12:12 AM »
I'm sad to let you know that this story will not be continued. Could this be moved to the Stories Graveyard?  :-[
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - just another challenge
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@Nutella @Playalot Could this story be moved to the Stories Graveyard?  :-[
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Re: Ahoy, Prince Charming! ~ Beware thy fate! - GRAVEYARD, please
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@LilSparrow sure thing. You can bring it back to life at any point just by requesting it from any of the mods!  :)
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”  ― Dr. Seuss
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A Teen Runaway Story - Pets Completed

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