Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 175307 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #165 on: October 05, 2016, 07:26:05 PM »
@oshizu Yeah, I'm usually a nicer Watcher than that. I'm not going for a super-high museum value or anything, so I like to let them sleep, but I was getting a little bored and nighttime is good for grinding skills, so I decided to go a little nuts with Wendell. He's just about done with everything except Party Animal and his museum items. He's got enough, but they're pretty low-value, so if I do anything more with him it will just be trying to find more rare MySims trophies. The focus should be pretty much on Pernille from now on, though she doesn't sleep, either, and thanks to Triple Boost Week she'll probably be mostly done before she's even out of high school.
Thanks for looking up Ullal's name! Indian, huh?  I think that works. I don't know where the game gets its randomly generated names, but I really like them so far.

@Joria Truly, there can never be another Eduardo. *sigh* Ullal's more my type, honestly, but Eduardo just had all the panache. :)

Chapter 40:  Adios, Mr. Coolguy

Wendell:  Sweet! I can invite ghosts to dance parties . . . although maybe next time I should give them more notice. I seem to have caught everyone at a bad time.

Ullal:  Not me! I am ready to shake my thing that is called a money-maker!

Betty:  Laaaaasssseeeeers . . .

Eduardo:  Ah! Dang it, Seth! Stop scaring me. Youíre awful!

Seth:  Youíre the ghost getting scared by a ghost. Youíre ridiculous!

Eduardo:  I keep telling you. Iím not scared. Iím startled. Now quit it!

Eduardo:  I guess it is pretty funny, though.

Seth:  Ugh. Itís no fun if you like it.

Wendell:  Just a quick pause here to be epic on the dance floor..

Bob:  Uumm . . . boo?

Layla:  Ah!

Layla:  Sheesh. Party foul, Mr. Pancakes, sir.

Bob:  Sorry. Iím super awkward at these things. I just donít know what to do.

Layla:  Itís okay, Mr. Pancakes. Why donít you go grab a cream cola or two to help you loosen up?

Pernille:  Huzzah for chess! The sport of kings!

Arianna:  How crushed are you going to be when I beat you? Tell me honestly. Iíve had logic maxed for four plus generations now and Iím pretty sure I could take you down in four moves.

Pernille:  Challenge accepted.

Mallory:  Boy, are we cute.

Lucien:  So cute.

Mallory:  The cutest, really.

Lucien:  Letís never stop being us.

Mallory:  Deal.

Arianna:  Well, what an elegant hootenanny this turned out to be.

Wendell:  Am I overdressed?  Am I really? Or are you all underdressed? Iím pretty sure I can do no wrong.

Layla:  I donít even know who Iím mourning.

Lucien:  Look out!  Cominí Ďatcha!

Mallory:  Careful now! Iím pretty old. You might knock me over with that thing.

Lucien:  Honey, Iíve been knocking you flat with my kisses since we were teenagers. Age has nothing to do with it.

Mallory:  Ainít that the truth.

Pernille:  Now hear me out. I know being besties with the weird, solemn overachiever girl doesnít sound like a particularly appealing prospect, but I feel I have a lot to recommend me. If youíll follow me inside Iíve prepared a powerpoint presentation.  Also, there are cookies.

Lucien:  Well, thatís that, I guess. How did Betty do this again? Do I hold the door closed? How does this work?

Lucien:  Shoot, this isnít going to work. There are way too many doors in this room. What was I thinking? Thereís no way I can block all the entrances.

Pernille:  Oh, man! If you thought that was gross, check out this joke my Grampa Lucien told me-

Blue Girl:  Did I fail to mention that my sole trait is Squeamish?

Mallory:  Well, I guess itís all done except the crying in the closet. Iíll miss you, old man. Come visit soon.

Catherine:  Oh, gosh! Too cold! Much, much too cold! I wanted ice cream, not a Corina Bjergsen costume!

Watcher:  At last! The moment Iíve been waiting for! One of you can finally hear me laughing at you! Ahahahahahah!

Catherine:  Oh, very nice.

Ullal:  Oh, Samara! Such astonishing loveliness shouldnít be languishing alone in a house full of small boys. You must permit me to help you pass your exquisite beauty on to a daughter.

Samara:  Oooh! Permission granted!

Overalls:  That one looks like a shark!

Pernille:  Yeah? Everything kind of looks like a mirror to me. Just an endless sky full of mirrors into which I must ceaselessly pour out my epic tales until the creeping green bar above my head is finally satisfied.

Overalls:  Youíre kind of a bummer.

Pernille:  Yeah, well youíre naive.

Wendell:  Oh, boy! Head rush! Adulthood! Responsibility! Goals! Requirements! This is going to require some serious consideration.

Catherine:  Honey, donít look now, but Im fairly certain the bartender is an alien.

Wendell:  Oh, honey. Youíre so cute when you get delusional. Almost takes my mind off the insane weight that has suddenly come crashing down on my shoulders.

Watcher:  If itís any consolation, youíre absolutely right. Totally an alien.

Catherine:  Woot! Another score for Catherineís alien-dar!

Morris:  Hey, Birthday Boy! Youíre looking chipper!

Wendell:  Yeah! Iíve come to a very important decision. I decided to cut my hair. I call this ďThe Executive Flip.Ē Still stylish, still punk rock, yet more adult. A playfully distinguished style. Boy is that a relief.

Morris:  Not changing up the sparkly suit, though, I see . . .

Wendell:  What?  Oh, no! No, nononono. The suit stays.

Arianna:  Whew! Something reeks!

Wendell:  Thatís right! We put some stank on this birthday party!

Arianna:  Well, take it off! Ick!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #166 on: October 05, 2016, 07:45:39 PM »
On the contrary, I think Ullal oozes with panache. He doesn't have the flamboyant charm and amazing physique of Eduardo, but Ullal has Old World charm going for him.
And, like Eduardo, he's a very smooth talker!

R.I.P. Lucien--you were such a radical teen/YA with your shades until your son aged up and then you've lived since then in the shadow of Wendell's stylish flair and wit.
But I remember those good ole days when Mallory sang melancholy songs, waiting for you to age up!
Poor Mallory, missing Lucien all over again.

Wow, Wendell's an adult now. I have to say that I dislike the way the devs have made adults look more haggard. I'm not talking about Wendell; I'm referring to my own sims.
Lol, Wendell and his epic disco moment.
How soon until Pernille becomes a teen?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #167 on: October 07, 2016, 06:58:20 PM »
@oshizu Awww. What a sweet tribute to Lucien! I remember those days, too. He did seem to pour all of his coolness into Wendell, who just ran with it. Lucien was a total workhorse for the family, though, and really valuable behind the scenes. And, for a loner, he endured all those parties like a champ.

Pernille becomes a teen fairly soon, but the parties kind of drag everything out so it won't be this chapter. I know I've said this before but my word does it take a lot of parties to complete this aspiration!

Chapter 41:  Awkward

Ullal:  Samara, my goddess, my only. You are everything to me.

Samara:  Oh, Ullal. I could gaze into your eyes forever.

Chi Behr:  Hey guys! Watchaí doiní? Flirtiní? Thatís nice. Gosh, I wish somebody would look at me that way.

Ullal:  . . .

Samara: . . . .

Ullal:  That was . . . how you say . . .unbelievably awkward.

Samara:  Oh, I know! I thought heíd never leave!

Okay, time to get serious about collecting stuff. Gotta put something in that creepy museum.

Wendell:  Hey! Do you know what you get when you tell jokes and play games simultaneously at a party?

Layla:  A bad joke with a predictable punchline?

BS Behr:  Hey! I think I just won!

Katrina Kane:  No, dude. Just . . . no.

Morris:  Stirriní the pot of love!

Wendell:  Donít toy with me, magical party phone! You know what I want!

Wendell:  Awwww yeah. Itís good to be back!

Pernille: Thereís no need to waste time just because my world is filled with frivolity. This costume is nothing more than another obstacle to overcome. A very small bump in a very long road.

Corina:  I just want to state for the record that of all the indignities I have suffered at the hands of this household this costume is without a doubt the worst. Thank you.

Arianna:  Oh, was that a speech?  Were we supposed to clap?

Corina:  It's too late, now.

Wendell:  Dad! You came! Oh, boy is it good to see you!

Lucien:  Hey, a costume party where I donít have to dress up and I can escape through a wall whenever I want to? I wouldnít miss it for the world.

Mallory:  This is more fun when I pretend Iím actually a maid. Iím not doing chores; Iím staying in character!

Wendell:  Yes! Facial hair! Thatís what adulthood was missing! Oh, this is so much better.

Watcher:  Mallory  . . .  what do you think youíre doing?

Mallory:  Heh heh. Well, if Catherineís Watcher really is up there I bet I just gave her a giant heart attack. Heh heh heh.

Watcher:  Grrrr. Just you wait, Mallory. Just you wait!

Pernille:  Mmmmhmmm. I think Iíve just found my swagger! Okay, off to dominate the school.

Jasmine Holiday:  Have a good day at school, dear!

Pernille:  Um, thank you, Ms. Holiday.

Jasmine:  You let me know when your moodlet runs out! Iíll charge you back up!

Pernille:  ĎKay thanks . . .

Jasmine:  Iíll be right here! Waiting!

Pernille:  Just keep walking. Just keep walking. No eye contact.

Arianna:  Oh, cripes. Sheís here, too. That woman is getting seriously creepy.

Mallory:  Just keep fishing, Grandma. Triple Boost Week canít last forever.

Katrina Kane:  Hey Mrs. Spiffendale! So nice of you to come to my birthday party! Iím actually super surprised. You guys donít usually make it out to these kinds of things.

Arianna:  Well, to be honest, Wendell is only a few parties away from completing his aspiration and weíre kind of hoping this one will count even if he doesnít come until after work. Oh, and Ullal is just here to . . . well, we can talk about that after youíve aged up. Hoople Borpna, though!

Katrina:  Ummm, thanks?

Ullal:  Hooray!

Morris:  Um, yeah. Hooray and stuff.

Morris:  Ugh. How long do we have to make with this polite chit chat? I really hope Wendellís shift ends soon. This is excruciating.

Caterer:  Why donít you have some cake?

Morris:  Because I didnít bake it and who knows what it tastes like. No offense, Iíve just got a super refined palate.

Caterer:  Oh. Okay. Jerk.

Wendell:  Ugh. So sick of cake.

Ullal:  Well, look at the bright side. Youíre one party closer to finishing.

Wendell:  No, Iím not. This one didnít count.

Ullal:  Ugh. Then let us leave this depressing, poorly-lit hovel.

Wendell:  Yeah, dude. Iíll just go get Grampa Morris. Heís dancing in the bedroom.

Katrinaís Brother:  Itís my birthday, too, guys!

Katrina:  Ugh. Youíre the worst! I canít even have a birthday without you copying me!

Morris:  Oh, hey! You know your other brother just aged up in the living room, too!

Katrina:  I hate this family.

Catherine:  Go on, Watcher. You can say it.

Watcher:  Okay, I admit it. You look very cute in your new work uniform.

Catherine:  Yes, I do! Still got it!

Watcher:  Are you going to quit after your next promotion?

Catherine:  Heck, yes! That whole weight belt apparatus is completely unflattering.

Ullal:  Ah, Katrina. I am so delighted you have come to grace me with your presence. Your party ended too quickly the other night, and I didnít get a chance to give you your present.

Katrina:  Oh, yeah?  What is it?

Ullal:  Bring your delicate ear closer to my lips so that I may whisper it to you . . .

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #168 on: October 08, 2016, 03:31:00 AM »
Awww, poor Chi Behr! Too bad Sims 4 doesn't have story progression so Chi could find true love, too!

I was surprised to see Jasmine Holiday in the context of Triple Boost rather than Day of the Dead. You must have screenshots saved up. ;-)

Morris was really funny in this update. He's such a culinary snob! And dissing the caterer at Katrina's birthday party, even!
Wendell looks so different with his new hairdo and now facial hair!

Ugh, Party Animal! I've only ever completed it once. When the medal quality isn't specified, can't we just phone in the party then cancel right away?
I'm sorry--I don't actually remember. Can social events at different locations be dates?
Sorry to be quizzing you--it's the only aspiration left in my legacy so I'm looking for loopholes and shortcuts, lol.

I was so shocked to be reminded that Lucien is a loner! My gosh, he's totally a trooper with his Party Animal son's parties.
Hurry up and grow up, Pernille! Your Watcher has teased us already about your match!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #169 on: October 10, 2016, 12:48:39 PM »
@oshizu I agree! I should save Chi to my library before he goes and think about giving him a new life in a different file. He's one of my favorites, and he seems to be doing rather well in the astronaut career without any help from me. I think that's a pretty high-level Space Ranger outfit. Then again, he may have just neglected to change out of his costume after one of Wendell's many parties. :)
I do have quite a few screenshots saved up. It's been working well for me so far to do things in giant chunks. Play a chunk, edit a chunk of photos, write a chunk. I've just gotten to go back to playing, though, and I'm pretty happy about that.

I'm pretty sure you can just cancel a party instantly and have it count if you're not going for a medal. Dance parties count, too, even though there's no option to medal, so that's an easy way to complete them, too. I don't think dates count as parties, though (except, of course, in the context of dynasty rules). Parties that other people invite you to do count, but only if you're there from the beginning, as poor Wendell just found out. :/

Good luck on completing it for your legacy! It's a bit grueling, but ultimately satisfying. Unfortunately the reward is . . . good parties. So if you feel like ever throwing any more parties, they're guaranteed to be great, but Wendell and I have not had any desire to take advantage of it.

Chapter 42:  Master of Revels

Eliza:  Hey, Morris. Your shoeís untied.

Morris:  No itís- . . . Hang on, are you sleazing around my ambrosia? Are you trying to distract me? You know thatís against the rules!

Eliza:  Sorry, Morris. Itís just sort of irresistible to a ghost. Iíll go now and leave you in peace.

Morris:  I know youíre in that coffeepot! You canít fool me! Now back off!

Dimitri:  Hey guys! Whatís shaking?

Morris:  Great. Iím surrounded.

Pernille:  ďOh Rolf,Ē sighed Mrs. Pringlefeather as she clutched at his sword belt, ďIíll never forget you!Ē Her fingers flew to the buckle, and like lightening she wrenched the steel blade free. She vaulted to the top of the shipís rail where she paused only a moment to gaze back into her loverís face. His golden hair was lit from behind in a fiery halo by the setting sun. ďDarling, no!Ē his supple lips wailed, but too late! For she turned her back and plunged headlong into the icy sea.
Ah, the perfect ending to another glorious dollhouse tale! Oh, wait! The epilogue:  Mrs. Pringlefeatherís adventures will continue in Blood, Lust and Bloodlust:  Mrs. Pringlefeather Goes to War! Coming next fall!

Catherine:  Check it out, Party People! This could be the last one, so letís bring it home in style!

Morris:  Oh, Betty!  Iím really going to miss these chances to see you

Betty:  Donít worry, dear. Weíll always have The Upper Crusts.

Mallory:  Why do I always get stuck taking care of the random babies at these parties?

Arianna:  Hey! Somebodyís got to do it. Heaven knows their parents aren't going to.

Wendell:  I just want to say . . . that you guys are the best and if it werenít for you . . . .oh man, Iím choking up! I told myself I wouldnít cry!

Chi Behr:  Hey, itís cool, man. Weíre just grateful to have been a part of it all.

Lucas:  Yeah, man. I would have zero social life if it werenít for you.

Moshe Capricciosa:  Word. Just let it out, bro. Weíre here for you.

Wendell:  Thanks, guys! *sobs* Okay, granny smashes all around!

Wendell:  So . . . I guess thatís that.

Pernille:  Yeah, until I age up and become old enough to host parties myself.

Arianna:  Phew! Okay, very strict yoga regimen starts first thing tomorrow! If I never see another cake it will be too soon!

Pernille:  What did you say?  Oh, no, Mrs. Pringlefeather! That will never make it past the censors! Weíre going to have to tone your thrilling life story down a tad if we want to sell the film rights to the next volume. My word!

Pernille:  Ugh. Why arenít there more synonyms for ďswashbuckling?Ē

Morris:  Wrong! All Wrong! How are we ever going to make this Thriller flash mob work if you look so wooden? Youíre a werewolf, not Pinocchio!

Wendell:  Yeah, you might need a new hobby, again. Youíre getting a little too serious about dancing.

Morris:  Still got the baking skills! I can always go back to the kitchen!

Watcher:  Little workout before the party?

Catherine:  Party?  I thought we were done with parties! Didnít we just make a huge deal out of trashing the Partihaus to finish things off?

Watcher:  Well, technically Wendell doesnít have to throw any more parties, but he has to attend two more and Iím sick of waiting for the phone to ring. Plus, the Spencer-Kim-Lewis girl is always at work and Iím sick of making Ullal try to track her down.

Catherine:  Oh, yeah. Wouldnít want to overtax poor Ullal, now would we?

Watcher:  Nope. We are coddling him shamelessly. Thatís the plan.

Catherine:  I canít believe Iím the only one who talks to you or acknowledges your existence and Iím still not your favorite.

Watcher:  Ullal and I have a connection. He winked at me once.

Catherine:  He winks at everybody! He winks at plants!

Watcher:  My wink was special.

Wendell:  Like marching to a firing squad . . .Letís press on, folks!

Wendell:  ĎSup, Tracy?

Tracy:  Very little. My drink is empty.

Wendell:  Is it?

Tracy:  Yes.

Corina:  This is your dullest party, ever.

Wendell:  *sigh* I know. Weíre just going through the motions on this one, okay? Everybodyís pretty partied-out.

Mallory:  Ullal, quit posing. We still need to drink three drinks to complete the goal.

Ullal:  Do you really want me to stop posing, Mallory?  Truthfully?

Mallory:  Yes.

Ullal:  I donít think you know what you want.

Mallory:  I want this party to be over.

Wendell:  Okay, this is the last one, for real for real. Letís get a little crazy, shall we?

Mallory:  This was a good idea. I donít feel like Iíve done this a thousand times. Plus, no specific requirements. I approve.

Morris:  Yeah, and I can shake my groove thing with my old Dad!

J:  Woot woot!

Wendell:  Oh, yeah?

Catherine:  Yeah!

Wendell:  Well, I guess weíll just have to settle this on the dance floor.

Catherine:  Youíre on!

Wendell:  Really, honey?  The spinny lights? A little gimmicky, donít you think?

Catherine:  I look good. I feel no shame.

Wendell:  Well allow me to retort!

Wendell:  Parry and . .. . riposte!

Catherine:  Fencing jargon will not avail you!

Wendell:  Wonít it, though? Wonít it?

Wendell:  All right you crazy party people! I want you to get hyped like never before! As soon as the sun comes up I will have become an official Party Master so letís make this one count!

Pernille:  Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again. This is not an appropriate place or time for a young child. Surely someone, anyone, should have taken me home to bed by this point.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #170 on: October 10, 2016, 01:43:05 PM »
Morris is hilarious with his snobbery and perfectionist flair about activities he's into!

Before I forget, I love Catherine's party outfit--that little black top with the heart-shaped cutout on the back. Is it cc? It's fab with the hot pink skirt and high boots! You go, girl!
Catherine is such an attractive sim!
Lol, "Blood, Lust, and Bloodlust"? Is Ms. Pringlefeather a vampire? hehe

A huge congrats to Wendell on completing Party Animal! For a dynasty, it's worth getting Party Master as a trait. In a legacy, the sim passes after spending a lifetime earning the trait, lol.
Dance parties, great tip! (I thought dates counted as "social events" for attending at diff locations. I'll check when I actually do that aspiration in the future.)

How's Ullal doing? I read on the IDC thread that pollinating is no longer necessary. To be honest, though, I love the many surprises yielded by pollinating.
It's harder to get as a much diversity in appearance and personality when we are using our own CAS creations.

Another great update! I'm working one now too! (finally)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #171 on: October 11, 2016, 07:41:01 AM »
Well, I just sat down and read this in two goes - and I was kind of disappointed to catch up, haha. I love how much personality each of your sims have, and I love your back and forth with Catherine. It works with her.

Pernille is such a delight!

I'm not sure what else to say at this point other than I'm very, very glad you managed to 'trick yourself' into writing a story. Please, don't ever stop! :D
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #172 on: October 11, 2016, 06:24:07 PM »
Just caught up again and once again darned near choked to death.  I really should know by now that one doesn't eat or drink while reading your story.  This time it was Ullal talking to the "magic party phone" and then becoming a hot dog!  How appropriate!  I must say, snorting Krispy Kreme doughnuts is definitely not good for the monitor.  Then follow up with more Pernille adorableness and endless parties.  I'm going to miss her child behavior but can hardly wait for the teens.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #173 on: October 13, 2016, 02:09:42 AM »
@oshizu Thanks! Yes, that top is cc. It's one of my favorites. I'll figure out what it is and pm you a link.
If Mrs. Pringlefeather wasn't a vampire before, she certainly is now! Look out for Pernille's next book, "Interview with Mrs. Pringlefeather!"
Ullal is doing famously. I think, due to space, that he'll be our last pollinator (or handyman ;)). I don't regret the many generations I've spent keeping the town alive because I really do love original townie genetics, and it's fun to see how they evolve. Besides, if it weren't for pollination, there would have been no Eduardo. He would have just been a blip with a bad haircut back in Morris and Betty's teen years, and just think what we would all have missed out on!

@Whirligig Thank you so much for reading! I don't mind telling you I'm pretty pleased that I've written enough that it needs to be read in sittings. This time last year I was still getting up my courage to post anything at all! I have no plans to stop any time soon. :)

@Joria I am jealous of your Krispy Kreme! But please, no choking! Pernille teen years coming right up (finally!).

Chapter 43:  My Kind of Carbonara

Arianna:  Oh, Iím so tired.

Mallory:  And smelly!

Arianna:  Yes, and smelly! The Von Haunt Estate takes the whole ďDibs on the bathroom,Ē thing way too seriously.

Morris:  Letís just get this over with and then we can sleep all day.

Mallory:  We should add sleep to the club activities.

Arianna:  Iíd never get out of bed again.

Arianna:  No more partieszzzzzzz . .  .no . . . more . . . parties.

Pernille:  And here we go. One private birthday, coming up. 100% party-free!

Catherine:  Oh, hey! I didn't think we were doing these anymore! I look darn good as a teen.

Watcher:  Yeah, I've been slacking. I completely forgot when Pernille became a child.

Catherine:  It's cool. It kind of set the tone for her entire childhood. Best to keep the expectations low.

Watcher:  Tell her I'll try to do better from now on.

Catherine:  Whatever. She's fine.

Ullal:  So, Presley, I understand you hate children.

Presley Behr:  Yup. Canít stand the little snots!

Ullal:  And you are also hot-headed, yes?

Presley:  Yepperino!

Ullal:  So . . . if a man were to, for example, lose himself in your irresistible eyes and you somehow became pregnant . . .

Presley:  Iíd rip his face off and feed it to him.

Ullal:  Ah, yes. I see. Very interesting. Your passion is most terrifying. You have a younger sister, no?

Pernille:  Ah, the teenage years. A whole new world of skills to master at blinding speed.

Wendell:  Yup, Iím a totally retired Party Animal now. Just a totally average neighborhood jogger, out looking for time capsules.

Grim:  Boy, Sheldon Holidayís not looking too good.

Morris:  Yeah, the boho chic thing doesnít age well. He just kind of looks like a sad hippie.

Grim:  I better follow him. Heís going to go any second now. Good luck with the angelfish, guys.

Mallory:  You know you donít mean that.

Grim:  What? I canít be supportive?

Wendell:  Itís a tad disingenuous, coming from you.

Grim:  Whatever. See you guys at the fishing hole!

Morris:  You bet, buddy. You bet!

Ullal:  Oh, my darling son! What a joy to see you! Such a pleasant surprise!

Jasmine:  Um, hello?  Kid? Could you step aside please?  This is Jasmineís Time right now.

Ullal:  That was not chill, Madam Holiday. I hardly ever see the boy.

Jasmine:  You can have your family reunions on your own time. Now, ask me for a boost.

Ullal:  And if I desire no boost?

Jasmine:  Ask for a boost, old man, before I boost your behind into next week!

Ullal:  I wouldnít mind that at all, Jasmine Holiday, because if this were next week, you wouldnít be here!

Jasmine:  Oh, but Iíll be back. Jasmine Holiday always comes back.

Pernille:  So what are you going to wish for, Mr. Francis?

Ullal:  What more could I desire? I have a beautiful home, many beautiful children, and many, many beautiful girlfriends. I suppose I can wish only for the stamina to continue in my noble work  . . . and perhaps that grey hair looks foxy on me.

Pernille:  You donít need to worry about that. A lot of women find it singularly alluring.

Ullal:  Actually, if I could have one wish, it would be that we put this cake ceremony on hold for a few minutes so that my memorial portrait can be painted while I am still in my prime. Do you think that would be asking too much?

Pernille:  Nah. Iíll got get Grandma Mal.

Catherine:  High score!

Watcher:  Nice.

Catherine:  Renaissance Sim is seriously the best aspiration. I never do anything long enough to get sick of it.

Morris:  Go Ullal, go!

Ullal:  Okay, tell me the truth. How is my hair?

Catherine:  Looks good to me!

Arianna:  I sure wouldnít kick you out of bed.

Pernille:  Grandma!

Wendell:  So . . . whatís the new book about, honey?

Pernille:  Itís a torrid love affair between a handsome lumberjack with a mysterious past and a shy, intellectual woman with a secretly smoldering passionate heart.

Wendell:  Iím uncomfortable. Letís talk about music or something.

Don:  Ha ha. Sounds like itís time for ďthe talkĒ there Dad.

Wendell:  Seriously, Don? Have you read any of my daughterís books?  She should probably be giving me ďthe talk.Ē

Ullal:  So, Kristen, do you still desire me now that Iím an old- mmmmmph!

Kristen:  That means yes.

Mallory:  So, honey. You asked me out. Does that mean youíre ready to take the next step and become my beyond-the-grave boyfriend?

Lucien:  Allow me to answer that in sonnet form.

Mallory:  Unnecessary, but sweet, so Iíll allow it.

*chorus of angels singing*

Pernille:  uhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . Charisma! Maximum Charisma! Super Duper Charming Things! So, SO Incredibly Friendly!

Goopy Gray:  What?  For me? Pshaw. Iím just your friendly neighborhood bartender.

Pernille:  Has anyone ever told you that youíre the spitting image of Mrs. Pringlefeatherís fourth husband, Arturo?

Goopy:  You mean from The Pringlefeather Files series?  I love those books! Did you know theyíre actually written by a kid? Itís crazy. What an incredibly talented and fascinating person she must be, right?

Pernille:  Mmmmmmm. Sheís actually a teenager by now . . . .um . . . probably.

Pernille:  Heh. Heh heh. Jokes, am I right? Theyíre . . . so funny.

Goopy:  I feel exactly the same way. You really get me, Pernille.

Pernille:  Oh, thank goodness. You stink. Your perfection was starting to become overwhelming.

Goopy:  Oh. Yup. Must have forgotten to shower before my shift. Unwatched Sim Problems, you know?

Pernille:  About that . . .

Arianna:  Welcome home, Goopy! Weíre so delighted to have to as a future member of the family.

Pernille:  Grandma! Did you ask to see his swimwear? Embarrassing, much? Sheesh!

Arianna:  Hey, heís going to bring in the next generation. I want to see what weíre working with.

Goopy:  Wait, Iím going to what, now?

Arianna:  GRANDMA!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #174 on: October 13, 2016, 02:42:27 AM »
Oooh, I love the collage! Catherine hasn't changed much from a teen (still gorgeous), but Wendell's transformed into our average neighborhood jogger, lol.
It's wonderful to be reminded of the younger, edgier Wendell!

You wouldn't kick the elderly Ullal out of your bed, Arianna? What would J say? Hahaha
How funny that Ullal is always so charming but ends up disrepecting Jasmine Holiday. She's so pushy!

Love the "chorus of angels singing" cue! At first, I couldn't believe his name was actually Goopy Gray.
With his looks, though, who cares if his name's Goopy! And he reads romance novels!
The Spiffendale women are all so feisty! I really love them! Morris was very low-key this chapter; I guess he'll have his chance to critique something about Goopy to his face later, lol.

How exciting that Pernille has found her true love! Oh wait, she just became a teenager! *starts counting the days....

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #175 on: October 13, 2016, 07:30:10 AM »
Goopy is delicious!  Is there any chance you would be willing to upload him to the gallery?  Please, please!  Pernie (my nickname for Pernille) is very attractive.  I loved the collage.  I also loved the fishing bit with Grim.  Can you blame the Grandmas for wanting to see all of the shades (err outfits) of Gray?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #176 on: October 13, 2016, 11:59:11 PM »
@Caterina You got it! I just uploaded him. I tried to de-cc him, but the gallery was not fooled, so I think you'll have to do the whole "advanced options" "show custom content" thing, but he's definitely there. My gallery ID is Fernandez5000, his name is Goopy Gray, and I hashtagged him #carlsguide for good measure, so hopefully you'll be able to find him without too much trouble. I can't remember last time a game-generated sim took my breath away like dear Goopy, so I'm delighted to share the wealth! I didn't even think about his last name being Gray until you mentioned it. So funny! I definitely know the next few titles of Pernille's books!

Oh, I should probably mention that Goopy has a rather large secret that will become evident right away when you download him but won't be revealed story-wise until the beginning of the next chapter. I think it makes him even more appealing, though, and I hope you agree.

By the way, I love your nickname for Pernille and will totally be using it! Thank you, and thank you for reading!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #177 on: October 14, 2016, 07:40:15 AM »
Thank you so much for uploading Goopy.  I'm definitely going take time to log into the game today and download him.  I can't wait to see what his secret is.  Pernille will probably write about it in her stories too.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #178 on: October 14, 2016, 09:08:18 AM »
Behold, the reincarnation of Goopy GilsCarbo! But better looking and minus the plaid! Haha.

Wonderful chapter, I hope Pernille grows to like Goopy as much as everyone else likes him.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #179 on: October 14, 2016, 01:40:10 PM »
@oshizu Yes, teenage Wendell was truly one-of-a-kind. I miss him, too. Jasmine Holiday was seriously starting to creep me out, just hanging out in front of the house all day. In the new challenge, she's switched to lurking in the park across the street, but she's still always there. It's unnerving. I had fun with the sugar skulls, though, so I guess she can stay. ;) Goopy was such an amazing find. I could hardly believe it. It works well that he's older, too, since clearing out space in the house is about to become very important, although it does make Pernille's teen years rather awkward for everyone concerned.

@Caterina You're welcome! Yes, Pernille does get a lot of material out of Goopy for her novels. :)

@Whirligig I know! Too funny. I seem to recall Monte Vista's Goopy growing up to be pretty attractive, but it's been awhile since I've played there, or played Sims 3 at all, really. I may have to go back and visit just to check him out. I adore my Goopy, though, and don't worry, Pernille warms up pretty fast.

Chapter 44:  That One Alien Detail

Arianna:  So, Goopy, Iím curious. What do you sleep in?

Pernille:  Grandma, you will cool your jets or I swear I will singlehandedly bring this dynasty down.

Arianna:  Go inside, dear. Itís a school night and the grown-ups are talking.

Pernille:  If you show him my baby pictures  . . . . Just know that I know where you keep the ambrosia and I am this close to having high enough wellness to teleport.

Arianna:   . . . Okay no baby pictures until after the wedding. Goopy, honey, letís get you to a dresser.

Arianna:  Now, that is what I call swimwear! Hang on a second, though, didnít you have a stench cloud a second ago? 

Goopy:  I . . .uhmmmm . . .

Arianna:  That wasnít stench!!! That was joy!!! Oh, man! Donít tell Pernille! I want her to find out for herself!  This is amazing! Iím so excited. Weíve never had one in the family until now. Oh, this is really going to liven things up. Goopy, darling, you are a treasure!

Ullal:  Oh, welcome aboard, my handsome friend. It is a great pleasure to meet you. Be forewarned, you are in for some crazy times.

Goopy:  Yeah, Iím getting that sense. Tell me, Ullal, the feeling that I only grasp about half of what is going on, does that go away anytime soon?

Ullal:  I think you will find your happiness is greatly increased by simply embracing the chaos.

Goopy:  Huh.

Ullal:  Nicole . . . my little workaholic. Iím so glad to finally catch you at home.

Nicole:  Look, Ullal, I know the pollination thing is pretty much a family tradition at this point, but Iím not so sure Iím on board. I want to build a better life for my kids. I need to focus on my career right now. The bills in this house are insane. I need a solid foundation before I even think about becoming a parent.

Traci:  Okay, Iíve had just about enough of this nonsense. Do you see my hair?  Itís silver, and it ainít gettiní any browner. I want grandbabies and I want them this minute, do you hear me? If pollination was good enough for me and for my mother before me, and probably her mother before her, then itís good enough for you. Now get to flirting!

Ullal:  Oh, Madam Traci, your passion is so compelling. I can see where your daughter gets her fiery spirit.

Morris:  So how do you think heís doing in there?

Mallory:  Better than weíre doing out here. When did angelfish get so difficult to catch? I feel like this should be a snap at this point.

Arianna:  Hey! Check me out! I got one.

Mallory:  Oh, good. Now one of us can live for a few more days. Guys, we should really be nabbing these suckers in bulk if weíre going to get through this dynasty.

Morris:  Whatever, Angling Ace. Sour grapes, much?

Mallory:  Shut up, Dad! You are spoiling my hard-won tranquility.

Pernille:  Not sure why Iím surprised that Iím being forced to do my homework alone in a strangerís house. I really should be past the point of surprise by now, yet here I am.

Pernille:  *ahem* Yes, this is Pernille Spiffendale. Youíll be closely acquainted with my father, Wendell. Yes, well Iíll be needing a celebration but donít get excited. My father and I have vastly different tastes and what Iím looking for is a quiet, intimate gathering, primarily for family, all right?

Pernille:  See?  Isnít this nice?  No need for lasers or ridiculous costumes or anything of that sort. Just a little cake and some intelligent conversation.

Catherine:  Look, thanks, Mallory, but I really donít need help with this.

Mallory:  Sorry, I just kind of miss having birthdays.

Pernille:  Hello, Mirror, my Old Friend. Look, I know weíre sick of looking at each other, but Iím about to have an important conversation, so I could use a little boost.

Pernille:  So . .  . Hey! Goopy!

Goopy:  Hey, Pernille.  Howís it going?

Pernille:  Nice! Itís going nice . . . and great. . . . so great.  Thanks to you bartending! Right? Like, itís just so cool of you to make my first party go so well because . . . yeah. Youíre nice. Youíre just . . . way . . . nice.

Goopy:  Um, yeah. Do you . . . want a drink?

Pernille:  Nope!

Goopy:  Okay, then.

Pernille:  Grandma Liz, whatís a synonym for ďhumiliated?Ē

Eliza:  Um . . . mortified?

Pernille:  Thatís a good one!

Eliza:  Abashed?

Pernille:  Even better!

Eliza:  Humbled? Chagrined? Shamed?

Pernille:  Okay, thatís enough.

Wendell:  Tom. Buddy. Pal. Amigo. Bro. Come on . . .

Tom Villareal:  Yeah, yeah, okay. Weíre good friends.

Wendell:  Yes! Moving on. Corina, you're up!

Corina:  Hmmmm . . . how best to use this situation to my advantage.

Arianna:  Thatís it, darling! Youíre doing beautifully.

Pernille:  Thank you, Grandmother. Iíve decided to re-focus on my skilling and not give too much thought to frivolous hormonal teenage pursuits.

Arianna:  Well thatís . . . certainly logical of you.

J:  I donít know. I still feel weird about helping with this garden after having been locked out of it for so long.

Arianna:  Weíre almost finished here. Should we see if itís possible for me to give you a massage?

J:  Sure. Why not?

Arianna:  So itís . . . possible, but . . . how do I know if Iím actually doing anything? Does it feel okay?

J:  Oh, yeah. It feels amazing!

J: Agh! Oh, ow! My organs!

Arianna:  Iím sorry! Iím sorry! Iím sorry! I just canít tell when my fingers go too deep and . . . youíre messing with me, arenít you?

J:  Heheheh. Just a little ghost humor, there, honey!

Arianna:  Oh, hilarious.

Ullal:  Here, Nicole, would you like to see some photos of my extremely attractive children? A little peek into whatís in store for you!

Nicole:  Ohoho! My life is just too absurd.

Pernille:  What is this? A text? Iím in the middle of a chapter!

Pernille:  ďWachu up 2?Ē Ugh. My generation is so insipid.

Goopy:  Hey, Pernille.

Pernille:  Oh, gosh! Goopy! Hi!

Goopy:  I just wanted to say hey. We havenít gotten to talk much since the night I moved in. Itís got to be totally weird for you, having a strange bartender just living in your house all of a sudden.

Pernille:  Oh! No! Youíre not strange. Youíre .. . great, like, really great. And, well, I guess youíd have to have grown up here to understand but . . . this is not even close to the weirdest thing thatís ever happened to me.

Watcher:  Working on the DJ skills, huh?

Catherine:  Not really. Iím mostly just showing off my new haircut.

Watcher:  I like it.

Catherine:  Um, yeah. You picked it. Weirdo.

Watcher:  Okay, then. Go, me! Way to have good taste, there, Watcher!

Catherine:  Donít talk to yourself. You sound crazy.

Wendell: So. Boring. Grandma, I hate fishing. This is 100% not my jam.

Arianna:  Youíre going to want to reconsider your position, honey, because this is essentially all we do anymore.

Wendell:  I feel like this was not in the immortality brochure. Bold Headline:  Live Forever! Fine Print:  Living forever will consist entirely of fishing to obtain ingredients so that you can continue to live forever.

Arianna:  Don't lose heart. If we make it, we're still planning on a grand finale. It should be pretty fun.

Wendell:  *sigh* Okay.