Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 175288 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #330 on: January 09, 2017, 01:45:07 PM »
I will never tire of the ambrosia gatherings. So funny that Arianna only gets upset if Wendell is underdressed.
Still, it great to see only a single empty seat at the table. You are soooo close!

Poor Morris! Since firing Salma didn't work, does that mean he can hire a butler again?
And what did you mean by "retina display"? It sounds ophthalmic... That would have made such a lovey-dovey of the pair!
But I'm sure Morris and Diego can give Mallory many more wonderful photo-fabulous moments to capture on canvas.

I love how hard Tallulah is working to figure out why she can't propose to Jorge.
It's almost like karmic retribution targeted at Tallulah and her watcher..... Tallulah, don't give up!
Enjoyed the rare shots of happy Jorge!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #331 on: January 09, 2017, 01:57:06 PM »
Maybe if she asks all her romantic interests to be "just friends?" I'd really love to see her propose to Jorge.
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #332 on: January 09, 2017, 11:07:20 PM »
I'm so sorry must be hard not being able to fully commit when you want to. Hopefully some day they'll be able to be together. At the very least, Thaddeus is a cutie and I can't wait to see how he looks.

And as always Morris and Diego are adorable <3

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #333 on: January 10, 2017, 07:12:30 PM »
@oshizu Well, two empty seats, but yes! Getting very close!
Yes, the tearful reunion between Master and Butler is coming up soon. :)
"retina display" is a setting in the graphics options. I have a Mac-specific bug right now where any photos I take or paintings from reference I do show up blank unless I uncheck the retina display box. It's annoying because my screenshots are much lower quality that way, but paintings from reference are important and I don't always know when I'll need to do one. Switching this setting also makes my screen go black so I can't do it mid-game and I have to decide before I play whether I want nice graphics or the ability to paint portraits. I'm crossing my fingers this gets fixed in the next patch. And thus ends my rant!
I do feel like Lula and I are paying back some romantic karma with this bug. It's kind of fun to work it into the story, though, and torturing poor Jorge is consistent with everything that's happened so far so . . . :)

@MarianT Thank you for the suggestion! It's definitely on my list of things to try! I want this proposal to happen, too.

@NexttoNormal Thank you! And thank you from Lula. She's definitely suffering.
Glad you like Thaddeus! His birth sort of got lost in the shuffle last chapter, but there's more of him coming up.

Chapter 83:  Plan D

Tallulah:  Drumroll please . . ..  brrrrrummmrrubrrurmrurrmruumm . . .. and the father of Generation Eight is . . . totally obvious. He is absolutely positively 100% his fatherís dreamy, soulful-eyed son. Thaddeus Benali Spiffendale you are going to break hearts just like your Mommy. Now the only question left is whose nose you got.

Tallulah:  Aww. Happy Birthday, baby! Iím so glad youíre finally big enough to hug! Why do you look so sad, though?  Whatís wrong?

Thaddeus:  Nothingís wrong, mother. This is just how my face looks.

Tallulah:  Are you sure? What if I gave you a puppy or something? Would that make you feel better?

Thaddeus:  Seriously, mom. Iím fine. Itís just my face.

Morris:  Oh! There goes the faucet again. I bet youíre all sorry we donít have a butler now, arenít you?

Mallory:  Ugh. I hate this. When is Thaddeus going to be old enough to start Nerd Brain?

Thaddeus:  Good Morning, guys. Having a good breakfast?

Pernille:  Donít look him in the eyes. Theyíre just too soulful. Youíll either burst into tears or start meditating on the meaning of life and the whole rest of your day will be shot.

Morris:  Okay, I can do this. Just focusing on the pancakes.

Thaddeus:  Okay, then. Iíll see you both after school.

Pernille:  Not if we see you first! Although we do love you! Itís just really hard to be in the same room with you.

Arianna:  Can you hear me okay, honey?

Thaddeus:  Not really. Can I come upstairs with you?

Arianna:  No, Iíll never make it to the end of this story without weeping if youíre in here looking at me. The hours of reading to you are registering just fine, so you just sit tight and Iíll let you know when Iím finished.

Morris:  Hey. What are you up to, sport?

Thaddeus:  *sigh* Grandma A is reading to me. I assume.

Mallory:  Uh-uh, kiddo. No pouting. Your bottomless eyes are hard enough to take as it is. Besides, what kid pouts while eating ice cream?

Thaddeus:  But itís so cold!

Thaddeus:  Ow ow ow! Well, nobody can complain that I have nothing to be sad about now!

Morris:  Salma!

Salma:  Master Morris. It is a tremendous delight and honor to be reinstated into employment within your household.

Morris:  Youíre in for it, though! Now I know what a good hugger you are! Come here, you! I missed you like the deserts miss the rain!

Arianna:  ďThere is love in me the likes of which you've never seen. There is rage in me the likes of which should never escape. If I am not satisfied in the one, I will indulge the other.Ē

Thaddeus:  Is this book really appropriate for children?

Arianna:  No, but I figured there was no way I would wind up crying to Mary Shelleyís Frankenstein. I was wrong, though. Itís surprisingly poignant.

Pernille:  Thatís good, Jorge, but use your thumb, too, so you can stroke both sides of your chin at once.

Tallulah:  Hey! Youíre supposed to be mentoring me, remember?

Pernille:  But Jorge needs me so much more!

Otto:  Yes! Yet another autonomous donation to charity! Why am I doing this? No one knows! Unpredictable! Thatís the Otto Spiffendale way!

Tallulah:  I love you, Jorge. Thank you so much for hanging out and helping me with my logic. And thanks so much for coming to my party even though youíre clearly not feeling well.

Jorge:  Hey. Whatever you need, Iím your man. Just . . . after these flirty party-required actions are over I should probably go take a nap.

Otto:  Danciní Danciní DANCINí Danciní machiiiiines.

Pernille:  Sheís a dance dance dance dance danciní machine. Watch her get down. Watch her get down.

Arianna:  As she do do do her thing, right on the sce-ene.

Diego:  Donít worry, dear. El Lobo is here on a social visit. My jeering, heckling, and eye rolling are simply a formality.

Redheaded Party Entertainer:  El Lobo, everybody! Heíd be the meanest guy in the room even if he werenít the only guy in the room!

Tallulah:  Hey, Salim honey? I need people to get flirty for the party goals. Do you mind?

Diego:  Okay, you have got to teach me that.

Tallulah:  Oh, you liked that one?  Check this out: ENCHANTING INTRODUCTION!

Bartender:  Oh, my. Iím in trouble.

Diego:  Now thatís artistry!

Tallulah:  Okay, okay. Sorry about this, guys, but thereís just too many competing moodlets going on here. Everyone up to the flirty bedroom! This will only take a second.

Thaddeus:  I donít get it, Dad. Whatís the big deal about this bedroom? And why is that bartender looking at Mom like sheís a rare chocolate-covered Voidcritter card?

Salim:  You know, itís hard to explain. I always swore as a parent Iíd never say this, but youíll understand when youíre older.

Morris:  You know, thereís just something irresistibly elegant about a simple chocolate cake.

Tallulah:  Okay, then. Time for Plan C. Or is it Plan D at this point? I forget. Anyway, yay restaurant!

Tallulah:  Okay, Grampa Morris. The shell is built. Time to fill it with your brilliance.

Morris:  Iím already gone!

Tallulah:  Donít forget to hire Jorge as a waiter! Thatís the whole point! Please donít forget that!

Morris:  If he passes waiter boot camp heíll have nothing to worry about!

Tallulah:  Seriously, Grampa. The restaurant thing is just a means to an- . . . Heís actually already gone.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #334 on: January 10, 2017, 07:44:13 PM »
Thanks for the Jackson 5 reference. I sped over to Youtube and enjoyed them performing your song in sequined bell bottoms with matching jackets and white platform boots. Lol.

Wow, Thaddeus does have the most soulful eyes! Good choice of baby daddy although I've never had a good luck at Salim's nose.
The nose doesn't manifest until the teen birthday, right? I'm curious whether Salim gets along with all the Spiffendales.
He seems so nice and normal, while the Spiffendales are wild and wacky (which is why they're so wonderful...)

Awww, Morris got his Salma back! Finally, I loved El Lobo dissing the entertainer as a formality.
And I can't wait to find out what the restaurant's for...

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #335 on: January 11, 2017, 08:31:36 AM »
Hmmm...the restaurant looks like Tallulah and there is a statue of her in the front, it must be a gift to Jorge for his endless love.  Am I right?  Thaddeus has a little bit of Morris' coloring and features with a sad-deus look about him.  I can't wait to see him as a teen.  I like the way Pernille is smiling at Salim.  She is probably happy she doesn't have to explain things to Thaddeus.  Did you plan to have all of your names with the double consonants?  Arianna, Morris, Mallory, Wendell, Pernille, Otto, Tallulah, and Thaddeus.  Someone's got some 'splainin' to do.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #336 on: January 11, 2017, 09:56:17 AM »
Those soulful eyes! Every time I gaze into them I immediately get teary-eyed. Either that or it's allergies :P In all seriousness Thaddeus is so adorable and those eyes are incredible. It's definitely too early to tell but I think he has Lula's nose, it seems broader than Salim's.

And yay Salma's back! And I'm sure this time she'll be back for the long-haul.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #337 on: January 11, 2017, 01:24:36 PM »
@oshizu :) Glad you liked the reference. My four-year-old is way into the Jackson 5.
Yeah, I won't be sure about the nose until Thad's a teen. Ill be happy either way.
Salim nice and normal? Girl, have you seen his apartment? The man's a mess! I'm very fond of him, though. He doesn't get much play in this story, but I see him as being pretty easy-going and he's probably a nice grounding influence on his son. :)

@Caterina You got me! Yes, I always use double letters in my Sim names, purely because my mind automatically goes blank every time I have to come up with a name, so I made a rule and I have a running list of double-letter names going on my phone and now I just consult that and use whatever is most interesting to me at the time.
As for the restaurant, I'll let Morris explain, but I have to tell you I thought I was so brilliant. I honestly laid awake one night trying to come up with a solution to Tallulah and Jorge's proposal problem and when I thought of this I was like, "Yes! I'm a genius! It's foolproof!" and then . . . . well, you'll see.

@NexttoNormal I know, right? Those eyes! That kid is just too tragic. Yes, Salma is back for the long-haul. The very long haul, as I'm finding out. Butlers seem to be immortal. She was an elder when she arrived and she's already lasted through several elder-stage-length periods of time. I'm glad. She's awesome.

Chapter 84:  Upper Echelon

Gemma, Ullal and Dimitri:  Caaaaaaaaaake!

Salma:  Wow! I never found all these ghosts creepy until this moment. This is the strongest test of my unflappability Iíve had in this house yet.

Arianna:  What can I say?  Ghosts love cake.

Pernille:  I swear, this is the most-used chess set ever created.

Thaddeus:  Yeah, the pieces are so worn down I can hardly tell which is the knight and which is the queen.

Pernille:  Okay, that sounds really sad when you say it. Why do you have to make everything a tragedy?

Thaddeus:  I was just making an observation!

Tallulah:  Okay, now what? ďThe napkin rings are all wrong and the accent wall is two shades darker than I pictured it.Ē  Dang it, Grampa Morris! *texts back* Just. Hire. Jorge.

Thaddeus:  Should I be saying something?

Mallory:  Nope. Weíre just here to mark the passage of time and indicate that youíre completing all the aspirations.

Thaddeus:  You know, this is all new to me.

Mallory:  Yeah, childhood is a magical and *yawns* special time thatís unique for everyone.

Thaddeus:  Oh, Drago. Youíre my best friend. Youíre the only one who doesnít burst into tears every time you see me. Thanks, buddy!

Drago:  *bites lip*

Arianna:  Well, itís a little ostentatious, but it does save time.

Diego:  Oh, Morris. Itís so you. I adore it. Explain this to me again, though? Why a restaurant?

Morris:  Well, hereís what we figured: When Lula tried to propose to Jorge she got the message that sheíd need to dismiss him from her service first. So we figure the authorities somehow think heís a butler. So we thought, weíll convince everyone that heís not a butler by getting him a different job. He canít be a butler have another job at the same time, right? But we canít invite him into the household, so the only way to get him a job was to start our own business and hire him.

Diego:  That sounds . . .convoluted.

Morris:  Convoluted problems require convoluted solutions. Or so we thought.

Diego:  Oh, it didnít work?

Morris:  Nah. Iím keeping the restaurant, though. They gave it to me and Iíll be darned if Iím ever giving it back! Come see the private bar!

Salma:  *butlers*

Diego:  Morris, Iím enchanted. The downstairs is lovely, but an exclusive upstairs bar as well? Itís like you made it just for me.

Morris:  Actually, yes. So the restaurant itself is called Echelon, and this part upstairs, accessible only to club members is called-

Diego:  Upper Echelon. Oh, Morris. I just want to kiss your face off. So whoís in the club?

Morris:  Well, so far just you and I.

Diego:  Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Diego:  I notice a familiar painting.

Morris:  Well, itís just a print, of course, but I wanted you to feel at home.

Diego:  Honestly, darling. You can stop trying to seduce me. Iím yours. If you come out with anything else now I might swoon.

So, yes, it was just a highly elaborate ruse as an attempt to convince the powers that be that I was not an employee of the Spiffendale family by making me an employee of the Spiffendale family. I have to say, however, that I made a darn good waiter, and if I do say so myself, I looked quite dashing in the uniform.

Morris:  So, tell me what you think, but before you do, let me tell you what you should think:  It has enormous potential. The staff lacks training, but the whole operation is clearly guided by the hand of a real expert whose love of fine cuisine shines through brilliantly despite a couple of minor hiccups. You canít wait to come again.

Arianna:  Morris. Either allow the bartender access to Upper Echelon or just stop reviewing your own drinks!

Morris:  Iím my own worst critic, Mom. I have to keep my standards high!

Arianna:  Soooo, Iím not saying we need to close the restaurant, because it is a nice way to pass the time while the active heirs are at work and school, but technically we could fire Jorge now that we know hiring him didnít make him propose-able.

Morris:  I am NOT firing Jorge! That is where I draw the line. Heís the best waiter we have! Heís unbelievably obsequious. Oumaima Mitchell told me he called her ďMaíamĒ 47 times during her last visit! 47! She counted. People love him. He stays.

Jorge:  Thank you, sir. Itís so nice to know that my effort are being appre-

Morris:  HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME?! Get back to work!

Jorge:  Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Wonít happen again.

Arianna:  Guys, youíre cute, but itís getting late, and Iím not sure the lighting in the bathroom is good for Thaddeusí eyes.

Morris:  What does he need lighting for?  The acoustics in there are amazing! Iím sure heís skilling faster just by being there. Plus, he has Salma. How did we ever raise children before butlers?  Donít answer that. I donít want to think about it.

Diego:  Enjoying the view?

Morris:  Youíre adorable when you fish for compliments.

Diego:  Hey, with bait as tantalizing as this, who wouldnít go fishing?

Morris:  If only one could catch angelfish that way.

Diego:  So, Iíve retired.

Morris:  Oh, yeah?  Good for you! Youíll have more time to spend at Upper Echelon. You can help me decide what to do with the office area. I feel like itís lacking a certain something. Probably a globe bar, but I donít want to get predictable.

Diego:  You donít think maybe itís time for you to consider retirement as well?  It does present a bit of a conflict of interest, your owning a restaurant and writing poisonous reviews of all other restaurants.

Morris:  Hmm. I suppose youíre right. I just feel bad for the paper. What on earth will they do without me?

Diego:  I hear theyíre thinking of going digital-only.

Morris:  Ugh. How uncivilized. Iím certainly not sticking around for that.

Don:  So, youíre what passes for a helper by Gen 8, huh?

Salma:  Indeed, sir. Though I believe I provide different services than you did in your time.

Don:  Thatís right. And youíre not getting a portrait, either, I bet.

Salma:  That remains to be seen. Master Morris is advocating pretty hard to add my image to the collection. However, I seem to be immortal myself, so memorializing me may not be necessary.

Don:  Huh. Thatís funny. We could have foregone this whole rigamarole and just become butlers. Instant immortality.

Salma:  Not exactly. The Windenburg Butlering Academy is extremely rigorous. I could tell some tales, if I were inclined and if it were allowed. Suffice to say, some might find a dynasty a less grueling method of achieving eternal life.

Arianna:  Honey, youíve got to relax. Thereís just not a lot I can do here if you wonít cooperate.

Tallulah:  Sorry. Iím just frustrated. Itís so weird. The more impossible it becomes to marry Jorge, the more I want to do it. Itís all I can think about.

Arianna:  Did I ever tell you about how I got engaged to your Grampa J?

Tallulah:  No, I donít think so.

Arianna:  Well. he was non-committal, and even though I loved him to pieces I knew heíd never commit if I forced it, so I just left it up to him.

Tallulah:  Grandma A, men are stupid. You canít just leave things up to them. If you did, youíd never get anything accomplished.

Arianna:  I know it seems that way, but believe it or not, it was barely a day or two before he came begging me to be his girlfriend, and then his wife. He came around quicker than anyone could have predicted, and we were both happy.

Tallulah:  But Grandma A, this is totally different. Jorge wants to marry me. He wants it so much itís eating him alive. We just actually, physically, legally or whatever . . . we canít. Letting go isnít going to change that.

Arianna:  Maybe not. But some things just take time. Maybe if you relax and focus on your career and your son and get everything else taken care of, a solution will come along while youíre not looking.

Tallulah:  I wonít hold my breath.

Arianna:  Good! Exactly! Take deep breaths. In and out. Thatís the best thing you could be doing right now.

Tallulah:  I meant metaphorically.

Arianna:  Works either way.

Morris:  Diego! Iím doing it! Youíre not looking.

Diego:  Morris, darling, I love you, but Iíve seen it.

Arianna:  Thaddeus, dear, can I offer you a bit of mentoring?

Thaddeus:  Step into my office, Grandma A.

Arianna:  Itís a very nice office. Iím glad Morris put one in for you here at the restaurant.

Thaddeus:  Eh. Itís okay. Needs a globe bar.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #338 on: January 11, 2017, 02:44:11 PM »
Ooh the restaurant is looking good so far, plus I'm sure Jorge is the best waiter ever. I love the little backstory for Salma and the butler academy haha.

I'm sorry Lula for your relationship issues. They're hard to deal with, no matter the case.

Also is El Lobo GREY!? He's an elder now, no!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #339 on: January 11, 2017, 03:47:38 PM »
The name of Morris' exclusive, members-only bar is perfect!
Awww, Diego is an elder now.
Morris, you will look back and regret the day you used Diego's adorable little joke about fishing and bait to segue into your meta-comment on angelfish! Lol

I never realized that butlers could do so much--they mentor children, too? I'm shocked that Don didn't try to put the moves on Salma...
Poor Lula, the more she can't have Jorge, the more she wants him. Kinda ironic but also very sweet. And very, very fortunately for Jorge. ;-)

P.S. @Caterina I loved your Sad-deus naming. Have you taken a class recently or something on punning? You're really been on a roll.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #340 on: January 12, 2017, 07:14:04 AM »
You know, I think I need to get a butler.  I'm really jealous of yours!
Morris makes me laugh nearly every time.  I love him and Diego.
Arianna reading to Morris from a different room cracks me up.  I had a good long look at his face in the flirty bedroom picture and he really does make one want to cry!
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #341 on: January 12, 2017, 07:32:53 PM »
@NexttoNormal I'm glad you like the restaurant. I felt a little silly building it for what turned out to be no good reason, but I like it and it does pass the time! Jorge is an awesome waiter.
Yes, the sight of El Lobo's grey hair was a bit of a gut punch for me. He starts as a young adult so I was really expecting him to stick around forever and ever, but alas! I'm going to miss him terribly. I mean Morris, Morris will miss him terribly. *wipes tear*

@oshizu So glad you like the name! It makes me smile every time I go there.
Yup, Salma does it all! I heard from somewhere that with the new patch nannies will be more useful with the new toddlers than butlers, but butlers do great with kids so far. Salma is a treasure. I'm so glad she's back. If I'd been controlling Don there would certainly have been some ghost-butler hanky-panky. :)
I'm so glad you reminded me of Caterina's Sad-deus joke. It's so perfect! I love it! I've actually taken to calling Jorge Poorje in my head because he's been so beaten up by life lately, so now I have Poorje and Saddeus. Wonderful!

@wfgodot Salma is amazing. Not all butlers are as good, but she's a real keeper. The fact that she's squeamish just makes my day. So glad you like Morris and Diego.
Arianna and Saddeus did that long-distance book reading thing all on their own. It was super weird but very funny.

Chapter 85:  The Last Pirate Captain

Pernille:  Um . . . honey?

Goopy:  Oh, Pernille darling! I didnít see you there! I was just having my nightly rose-petal soak and . . .

Pernille:  Sweetie, you donít have to lure me in here with rose petals. You could just wake me up. I always want to see you.

Goopy:  Iím sure I donít know what youíre talking about. Incidentally, though, thereís room in this tub for two.

Thaddeus:  Thaddeus Spiffendale, the Last Pirate Captain. Never again will another Spiffendale gaze upon the open seas from this crowís nest. Nothing left now but the ceremonial final sliding of the plank.

Thaddeus:  Wheee!

Wendell:  Loveaholic! Loveatronic! *mumblesIdonítspeakKorean* LUCIFER! This new radio station is life.

Wendell:  Check it out! This will totally attract customers, donít you think? Itís perfect!

Otto:  Somehow I donít think Grampa Morris is going to dig that. Just a hunch.

Eduardo:  Lula, baby, youíre a chip off the old block. I just canít even tell you how proud I am of you.

Tallulah:  Grampa Eduardo, youíve been a constant inspiration. I know nobody could possibly ever match your style and finesse, but I like to think Iíve felt you watching over me the whole time, and that Iíve benefitted from your experience and guidance.

Eduardo:  Dearest, you flatter me. Really, youíve far surpassed me.

Tallulah:  We who stand on the shoulders of giants cannot take credit for reaching such great heights.

Eduardo:  Please. You make me blush.

Eliza:  Thatís right. The R.E.F.U.G.E. You donít spend night after night playing video games for seven generations without acquiring some skillz.

Otto:  Honey! Hey! Glad I caught you! I have some news.

Tallulah:  Oh, yeah?

Otto:  Hey, wait a minute. Can you do the secret alien handshake?

Tallulah:  Yes. Duh.

Otto:  Iíve never been able to do it before! I tried like a million times with my Dad and it never worked! This is amazing!

Tallulah:  Yeah, itís kind of fun. What was your news, though? It seemed important.

Otto:  Oh, right! I found a possible solution to your Jorge problem. Iím warning you, though, youíre not going to like it.

Tallulah:  Oh, my gosh! Thatís amazing, Daddy! What is it?

Otto:  Well, somebody who knows somebody I knew from work had the same issue and it turns out he had a girlfriend on the side, and once he broke up with her he could propose to his main girlfriend no problem.

Tallulah:  So . . . youíre saying I have to break up with all of my lovers?

Otto:  Yeah, thatís pretty much the size of it.

Tallulah:  *sobs* Thatís going to take forever!

Otto:  Well, a whole bunch of them work here at the restaurant, and I think Akira just came in to eat, too, so you can make a good start right downstairs!

Tallulah:  You know, initially I thought it was a little tacky of Grampa Morris to staff the restaurant with my romantic interests, but you have a good point. Now Iím kind of grateful. Okay, time to face the music.

Tallulah:  So, sorry about this . . .

Tallulah:  Sorry . . .

Tallulah:  Sorry, Jung.

Tallulah:  Really, Iím just . . . Iím so sorry.

Tallulah:  You get it, right? Weíre good? Youíre unflirty and you didnít even want to go out with me in the first place.

Tallulah:  Okay. Keeping up the pace. Just a quick pick-me-up then Iíll start a gathering of Club Cosplay and break up with everyone there and then there will only be a few left!

Tallulah:  Hey, Jorge! Thanks for coming to the-  Holy Smokes! The option is there! I didnít even have to finish dumping everyone!

Jorge:  Whatís going on, sweetie?  Did you drop something?

Jorge:  Listen, before I say anything, I just want to be clear that there are two Darth Mauls at the gathering tonight, and I want to be sure it was me you are intending to propose to, because if this is a mix-up I think it really will finish me off for good.

Tallulah:  Jorge. Jorge Frey. I know who you are. Iíd know you anywhere, in any costume. I want you to be my husband. Please, please marry me.

Jorge:  Oh, well in that case . . . yes.

Rebel Pilot:  Okay, but are we still going out or . . .?

Tallulah:  Jorge, hon, letís get you out of that mask and into something a bit more comfortable.

Tallulah:  Much better.

We stayed up all night talking, just being together and enjoying one another. Iíd had a lot of great nights with Tallulah, and there were many more to come, but that night will always stand out in my memory as something special, something really precious. In fact, there's only one other night in all my life that I think can top this one . . .

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #342 on: January 12, 2017, 07:51:20 PM »
Double Update! Because why not? It's a good day. The sun is shining. We've got toddlers, and Jorge and Tallulah are finally getting together forever. Let's do this!

Chapter 86:  At Last

Morris:  And to think I was sure Iíd never get to make another one of these things. *sniffs* Gets me quite teary, I donít mind telling you.

Tallulah:  I donít know. Maybe I should just wear this. He always says he likes me best just the way I am.

Mallory:  Uh-uh. No way. Men always say that and it's a bunch of hooey.

Arianna:  Youíre our last bride, and we are going all out. All. Out.

Morris:  Really? Black? You donít think thatís a bit sinister for your own wedding?

Tallulah:  Oh, foolish man. This is just my arrival dress. There will be several changes of costume, and I expect you to appreciate them all.

Tallulah:  Now this, THIS is a wedding gown.

Morris:  White, though? I mean . . .

Mallory:  Oh, you hush, you pedantic old fart! She looks resplendent. You look positively resplendent, my dear. I especially like the tiara.

Tallulah:  Awww, thank you!

And then it happened.

I could hardly believe it, I can scarcely believe it even now, but there she was, standing under that arch, waiting for no one but me.

Naturally, the ceremony didnít go completely without hiccups.

Tallulah:  Jedediah! Rude! Get your pear-shaped butt in a seat and away from my wedding arch!

Jedediah:  But I still think we can make this work! Iíve been thinking and-

Tallulah:  Butt! Seat! Now!

And then . . . at last . . .

We said the same words countless generations had said before us. We offered our lives to each other and, well  . . .

I find it difficult to talk about this part.

Morris:  Ah. Heaven. Back home again.

Tallulah:  Oh, buttercream. We meet again. I donít know if you missed me as much as I missed you, but I donít even care. I just want you in my mouth. Sorry, was that too forward?

And I spent the rest of the day just gazing upon my wife. Just basking in her presence the way I had every day beforehand, but that day was different, because she was mine and only mine. She needed me as much as I needed her, and we faced each other as partners, equals.

Her every word, touch, and gesture felt new and invigorating. We were embarking on a journey together, and the world was ours.

Tallulah:  So weíre cool, right? I hope this isnít too weird for you, being the Daddy but not the husband.

Salim:  Iím good. Iím just happy to be a part of it all. I donít quite understand it, but I donít really need to, you know?

Tallulah:  Word.

Morris:  So, my darling silver fox . . . wait a minute. How do you say fox in Spanish?

Diego:  Zorro.

Morris:  Youíre kidding.

Diego:  Nope.

Morris:  So youíve gone from being El Lobo to El Zorro is what youíre telling me?

Diego:  I suppose.

Morris:  That is so perfect I feel like the world should just end right now.

Diego:  Iíd be okay with that. I have everything I need.

Morris:  Darling . . .

So, it turns out I was a pretty lucky guy after all. I not only got the girl, I got to marry her. I had my cake and ate it, too, and I have to tell you, it tasted pretty darn good. Along the way I gained a satisfying career, some very useful skills, and several degrees in a wide range of subjects. It wasnít easy, but almost nothing worth doing ever is, and I have to say I wouldnít change a single minute.

Of course, sheís still addicted to that dang cell phone, but I guess you canít have everything.

At least, not all at once.

I gained a stepson with his Daddyís tragic eyes.

I had my honeymoon in a tent.

I got a bit of a chlorine burn from the hot tub.

And I never looked back.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #343 on: January 12, 2017, 09:07:38 PM »
Wow!  Just wow!  Congrats Jorge, you got your girl.  I'm talking to sims again, aren't I?  I laughed at Mallory calling her dad an old fart.  Will Tallulah have any more children? any todd-ulahs?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #344 on: January 12, 2017, 10:20:19 PM »
What a satisfying ending for Jorge, and I love that he narrated most of the chapter.
Thank you for giving the pear-shaped Jedidiah a little cameo--how incredibly gauche of him to go chat up the bride under the wedding arch, hahaha.

Still, I find Jorge a little delusional.  Silly boy, you and Tallulah will never be "equals."
And I can't help but wonder how long Lula will stay interested in Jorge now that he's so available. (I know, I'm kinda mean...)
Sorry Jorge, but I'm in sim-love with Thaddeus now.

Morris cracked me up, nitpicking Lula's choice of bridal wear. And yet, Diego can do no wrong in Morris' book.
I can't imagine Morris without Diego. *grabs a box of tissues

Thanks for the double update. What a treat!

P.S. @Caterina, what has changed in your life that you're rolling out so many great wordplays lately? Todd-ulahs, indeed!
P.P.S. Is Jung the guy in the purple tee, turquoise pants, and Fabio hair? If yes, he belongs in My Library, lol.