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Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (~Ended)
« on: August 10, 2018, 05:19:33 AM »
Hello everyone,

I actually started this story on the official The Sims forum, but it is no secret that I feel most comfortable and at home here at Carl's. Therefore, I would like to port Vladimir's Rise and continue it here. Like all my stories, it is a creative work in progress as this is where my forte lies. This one offers more of a plot, however. It may take me a little while to convert the chapters to a more Carl-friendly version in terms of image format etc., but hopefully it will be worth the wait.


Welcome to my attempt at documenting the life of city vampire Vladimir Schlick (according to my imagination) in my fairly newly started game in Bridgeport.
Let me begin by sharing Vladimir's character sheet since knowing who he is probably will be vital to understanding his story.

Name: Vladimir Schlick
Age/gender: Adult male (vampire)
Personality: Workaholic, technophobe, coward, evil, athletic
Residence: Bridgeport
Occupation: High-ranking criminal
Favorite hangout: The bar Waylon's Haunt
Other: Good looking, skilled pianist

In-game biography:

Vladimir has benefitted greatly over the years from his long lasting relationship with Elvira Slayer. But if a reckoning between old and new vampires in the city comes, whose side will he take?

My own personal touch:

Vladimir may dress according to modern time, but in reality he is stuck in a past century and distrusts technology of any and all kind. He grew up with and still believes in good old hard work to achieve one's goals.

As a young child, he was often teased and made fun of due to a disproportional nose, but he never felt confident enough to stand his ground choosing instead to flee and hide from his attackers. That was how he learned that he could outrun most other kids. Even the older ones and with ease. He excelled at sports when he became a teenager and was able to better make friends from this point on until the school ended.

His friends from back then are all long gone now, of course. As an adult, Vladimir has led a more or less obscure and mostly solitary life and that did not change significantly after his turn into a vampire. After moving to the big city, the powerful Elvira Slayer was the first to take note of his arrival and made sure to quickly become his new "friend". Her real agenda was, and is, of course merely to get other vampires to join her campaign for dominance. Vladimir did suspect this, but as the "new kid on the block" with personal insecurities he did not find much reason to object at the time, so he went along with it. For a while.

One night while frequenting the Plasma 501 with Slayer, Vladimir met a sweet young lady by the name of Lotta Greaves who was serving their drinks. Chemistry developed between them instantly and before the night ended, they had become fast friends. Unfortunately, this also left Slayer feeling scorned. Putting on her charms, she lured Lotta outside into the night and to a dark alley, where she drained the poor thing of life and set her on fire to cover the bite marks. Later, when Vladimir learned of this, he arranged for a small and secluded grave at the very spot where she was found.

Vladimir has not spoken much with his "friend" since then and his friendship with Slayer is decaying. For the first time in his life, Vladimir has decided to oppose his inner demons and take action, to get himself situated in a position of power and to gather allies. Because Slayer must pay for her crime against him and Lotta. As luck would have it, he is far from the only vampire in Bridgeport who is holding a grudge against Elvira Slayer and want her toppled. In fact, he has already found his first ally in his boss, no less. Complications are of course bound to occur, but Vladimir is determined this time around. No more running and hiding.

And so, here we are, at the beginning of Vladimir's journey to get vengeance and take over Bridgeport.

To be continued...

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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 08:16:51 AM »
Chapter 1

Vladimir began to work out extensively day and night to increase his physical prowess.

He patiently performed his job as a lowly thug whenever his boss, Wogan Hemlock, required it.

And fled from the sun's rays in the early morning when he was finally let off.

Before getting his own car, a black Yomoshoto Evasion, he had the pleasure of admiring the taxi driver's neck whenever he went somewhere.

In between workouts and criminal exploits, Vladimir took to the piano to gather his focus.

And did fearsome battle with the residing elevator, again and again.

Often, and to his great shame, ending up as the obvious loser.

But Vladimir has become a determined man and rose from the humiliation every single time.

All in all, everything went according to plan and that made for a happy Vladimir.

Yes, he is a bit on the evil side when the mood strikes him. But it is just one of his five traits.

Bridgeport. The city where the night is as busy as the day. And the scene of Vladimir's future accomplishments.

Next chapter coming soon...
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2018, 10:10:57 AM »
Chapter 2

Vladimir, being the hard and diligent worker that he is, had now toiled for many a long night at the gym and at the library in his attempt to hone both his body and mind. He felt well equipped to face whatever challenges the path of crime would put him to. But even more so, he was starting to feel much more confident about his plan to overthrow The Slayer. However, he was not quite ready yet. Many pieces still needed to come together - especially those with a social aspect to them. Vladimir, as always, would bide his time and invest what was needed to gather his private army of allies.

One way to get new admirers is to participate in a muscle showdown at the LlamaCo Stadium.

And winning it, of course, which proved trivial to Vladimir. But the cash reward and fame didn't hurt.

Waylon's Haunt. Bridgeport has its own share of pretty boys and the Striker brothers are two of them. Rafael came by one evening and did some suave dancing on the bar counter.

Wayne Bumble and Vladimir reverted to a drooling state while Jeffrey Cook attempted to drink away his frustrations with his wife.

Sometimes, one's smarts are best left at home. That night was probably such a night.

On other days, Vladimir takes a simple joy in tickling the ivories regardless the size of the audience.

Hmm, a different bartender appeared and served the famous movie director, Alan Stanley, his usual.

Not just any bartender, though. Meet Erika Talon, Bridgeport's oldest vampire and little known mother of Jessica Talon; the very nemesis of The Slayer.
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2018, 10:58:54 AM »
Chapter 3

It became more and more evident that Vladimir wouldn't be getting the hardest time finding allies to rally around his cause. Having some piano skills as a woo tool surely would speed things along.

Erika quickly turned out to be the best bartender ever.

Vladimir spent the drive home planning how to best make use of this new and very important friend.

'Good morning, Erika. This is Vladimir from the bar last night - yes, the guy on the piano. Listen...'

'...So your daughter is a sworn enemy of The Slayer? What a coincidence. Well, thank you for this three hour long talk. Yes, I enjoyed it as well. Oh, and thank you for the tips last night. I always appreciate the attention of a pretty lady. Yes, I will. Alright, see you down at the Haunt later.'

Next Vladimir decided to confront his boss, Wogan Hemlock, with the whole situation at hand and tell him the sad story about Lotta.


'Let me get a moment here, Watcher.'


Wogan was perhaps Vladimir's boss, but he was also married to The Slayer's best friend, Morrigan. Therefore, it was vital to play on all strings available. Because either Wogan would have to leave his wife or talk her into turning her back to her best friend. Regardless, Morrigan was insane and would be unpredictable at best. Safest bet would definitely be to get in good with Wogan. By any means.

Beau Merrick was a, sight.

Vladimir already knew Beau and decided to reveal his plot of vengeance to him as well. After all, he was another important nemesis of The Slayer although his focus was mainly on his own pursuits. For the time being.

'You can totally count on me and Wogan, Vlad. We are friends and all very fed up with Elvira.', Beau assured him.

So far, so good. Vladimir had now rallied three powerful allies to his side, and he was dead sure to be successful in recruiting Jessica Talon.

Lastly, as promised, he headed back to the Haunt later to keep Erika company with his "haunting" music.
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2018, 01:28:28 PM »
Chapter 4

Just a smaller picture update this time.

The bar Waylon's Haunt down by the harbor and warehouse.

Vladimir's usual is the Hemoglobin Shooter.

"The Hustler"

Having a good time with a good friend.

It is always nice to know some likeminded folks.

Even the evilest of vampires has to pay rent.

Sometimes, Vladimir's insecurities will still get the better of him. If just for a moment.
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2018, 02:05:08 PM »
Chapter 5

Bridgeport by night.

Vladimir eventually decided to remove the ridiculous makeup he had been wearing in order to better fit in, as it was trending in Bridgeport nowadays. But he had never taken a liking to it and it felt great to look like a proper man again.

At some point down at the Haunt, Vladimir learned that he was perhaps not being discreet enough during his criminal activities. A known high-ranking law enforcement officer had spotted him the instant he entered the bar and pulled him aside to dance. Quite nervously, Vladimir had just tagged along and attempted to act normal. The guy's name was Romeo Rake, but oddly enough Vladimir didn't sense any suspicion from him. Not any directed at Vladimir himself anyway.

He did, however, decide to keep a watchful eye on the other patrons from that point.

His uneasy feeling was always replaced with high spirits every time Wogan or Beau called to let him in on the latest reports about the movements of his adversary.

Every now and then, it was simply impossible for him to keep a lid on his enthusiasm about his master plan.

As Vladimir rose through the ranks in the criminal underworld, he grew increasingly fond of the silly, but mandatory, outfits. He made it a habit to call Erika every time he had been promoted just to dare her not to laugh when he later showed up at the Haunt.
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2018, 02:35:27 PM »
Chapter 6

Erika: 'You should pay Jessica a visit, Vlad.'
Vladimir: 'I'm planning to.'
Erika: 'Tonight, you should.'
Vladimir: '...'

Erika: 'She should be home around now.'
Vladimir: 'I'm finishing this first.'

Erika: *giggle* 'You're afraid of her, aren't you?'
Vladimir: 'Am not.'

Vladimir: 'Alright, I'm headin' over to her then. Let me know if something happens here.'
Erika: 'Sure thing, Vlad.'

Vladimir: 'I need a favor, pretty boy.'
Rafael: '...Huh?'
Vladimir: 'If a guy named Romeo comes in right around now, distract him for me.'
Rafael: 'Uh...okay, gotcha.'

Romeo: 'Have you seen Vladimir tonight?'
Rafael: 'Nope. You'll just have to settle with me, Ro-meo...'
Romeo: '...'

Vladimir: ' this thing on? Hello?'
Jessica: '*noise*...Who is this?'
Vladimir: 'This is Vladimir Schlick. May I come up?'
Jessica: '*noise*...Ahhh, Mister Schlick. I was wondering when you 'd muster enough courage to come seek me out.'
Vladimir: 'Right. See you in a moment...'

Rafael: 'I'll leave you to it, ladies.'
Vladimir: 'Hmph. Why are you home already?'

Vladimir: '...You see that, don't you?'
Jessica: 'Oh, yes!'

Jessica: 'You truly are up to no good, Mister Schlick. I like that!'
Vladimir: *confident face*
Jessica: 'I will add your cause to mine, then Elvira won't stand a chance. I can already see her face when she realizes she has been outplayed!'

Back home.

What an incredible night. One for the books. Vladimir is proving to be quite the adversary when he puts his mind to it.

Vladimir: 'Hello, Romeo. Yes, I was elsewhere tonight. A personal matter, I'm afraid. You want me to come over now? No, you don't have to bake a cake. I'm on a diet help with something? Alright. I'll come over.'
Vladimir: *groan*
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 10)
« Reply #7 on: August 10, 2018, 04:14:31 PM »
Chapter 7

(Here is where I forgot to backup my screenshots folder before doing a factory reset, thereby loosing about two chapters' worth of images. Consequently, this small wall of text is needed to cover the gap to the next chapter. I apologize profusely.)

Romeo Rake was wanting to know if Vladimir knew anything about the local and corrupt politician Jeffrey Cook whom he was investigating. He was already digging by having befriended Devin Ashton, Cook's best friend forever. Well, Cook was also in a way "sponsoring" Ashton in exchange for their particular level of friendship. But anyway, Vladimir did know of Cook's ties to the criminal underworld and was able to provide some valuable information. As part of a deal, Romeo agreed to turn a blind eye from time to time when it came to some of Vladimir's related pursuits. But from there, Vladimir took a step back from their aquaintanceship.

Time then went by for a while without much of note happening other than Vladimir was honing his skills. The nightly grind eventually resulted in a final promotion to the infamous rank of 'Emperor of Evil'. He had thereby fulfilled his greatest lifetime wish. He is now the dreaded and untouchable leader of the Bridgeport mob - a hard man of shady businesses and questionable methods who is also sometimes startled by his own shadow.

Bridgeport's new Emperor of Evil.

There is also the matter of a more serious companionship to be followed up on. A young life with an insufferable attitude and a pretty face began to draw the attention of Vladimir every time he frequented the Haunt. As a bonus, that life is also functioning as a convenient walking meal. Apollo the Friendless and Hated (as well as Lola Belle look-alike) suddenly started to appear regularly at the bar. At some point after having learned a bit about him, Vladimir decided to grab him from his disturbing household situation as one of its member were none other than The Slayer's best friend William Fangmann, a vampire and police officer to boot. And, to make things even worse, a hated enemy of poor Apollo.

It went somewhat smoothly. Vladimir entered their appartment and beelined for Fangmann whom he proceeded to slap while Fangmann in turn threw various insults at Vladimir. Apollo then started yelling and that was when Vladimir decided to just head home with a seething Apollo in tow.

There was not a great deal of mutual appreciation between Vladimir and William Fangmann.

Thus it came to be that Vladimir now shares his appartment with Apollo Bloom. Initially, Apollo mostly served as a distraction, but Vladimir developed a liking towards this "interesting" character despite that it meant getting yelled at over nothing several times a day.  So he decided to keep him closer which Apollo didn't seem to mind.

Things took a turn.

Apollo is useful in that he can see into other people's thoughts. Literally see.

Going steady. Apollo is pursuing his own interests as well.

New family member:

Name: Apollo Bloom
Age/gender: Young adult male
Personality: Couch potato, hot-headed, bookworm, coward, frugal
Residence: Bridgeport
Occupation: Stay-at-home, aspiring author
Favorite hangout: -
Other: Reads and writes, plays drums, cooks

Biography from the game:

Apollo is an egotistical male model who cares only about himself. His cover shoot for Sim Quarterly Magazine is attracting major buzz from the local media… and paparazzi.
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 12)
« Reply #8 on: August 12, 2018, 09:34:40 AM »
Chapter 8


Phone conversation:

Elvira Slayer (cheery): 'What news, Billy-dear?'
William Fangmann: 'Trouble is brewing.'
Elvira (giggling distracted): '...Oh, stop that and grow up, Matty!'
William: 'Hamming is there?'
Elvira: 'Yes, he is. Jealous?'
William: 'Is he naked?'
Elvira: 'Perhaps. But Billy-dear, what trouble were you referring to?'
William: 'Have you spoken with Vladimir lately?'
Elvira: 'No, he's been holding out on me. Why? What has he gotten himself into?'
William: 'Well, maybe you should've kept a leash on him instead of fooling around with Hamming. He is the new Emperor of Evil.'
Elvira: '...'
Elvira (hysterical laughter)
William: 'Don't believe me? Why don't you ask little Morrigan then? Her hubby is in on it.'
Elvira (suddenly serious): 'Matty, go home. I don't have time for this now...'
Elvira: 'Now, what are you talking about? You couldn't have told me something sooner?'
William: 'I can only do so much as a traffic cop, Elvira. Perhaps you should've arranged for a higher rank if you are wanting better information?'
Elvira: 'Hush, now! Look, don't worry. Vladmir won't be the Emperor for long. He is a coward without me to back his every move. In fact, he is probably very scared of himself now. (chuckle)'
William: 'Possibly. But I hear that he has been seen with Erika also. And recently, Jessica herself.'
Elvira (angrily hissing): 'What?! What does he want?!'
William: 'Well, I would say that he is making a planned attempt at taking you down. But we won't let him, Elvira. We don't put up with that kind of thing. I have to wonder though, what did you ever do to upset him? For all I know, he owes you for helping him get settled here in Bridgeport.'
Elvira: ', have absolutely no idea. But I can always count on you, Billy-dear, can't I? Well, do what you do best, my fearless guardian. Wreak havoc. I'm going to pull some strings here and there. What a bother...(pouty sigh)'
William: 'I will. And I already know where to start. Remember that ridiculous excuse for a man, Apollo? Looks like Vladimir has a soft spot for him, because he came and picked him up not long ago, and I haven't seen Apollo since.'
Elvira: 'Excellent, Billy-dear. Excellent.'
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 12)
« Reply #9 on: August 12, 2018, 10:20:13 AM »
Chapter 9

Apollo almost has it nailed. Then, he will have his way to the stars open.

Vladimir:'I have a question for you.'
Apollo: 'Do you?'

Vladimir: 'Just don't ask where it came from. Will you marry me?'
Apollo: 'Oh, my gosh - yes!'

Vladimir: 'Hngh!'

Vladimir: 'Don't look at my thought bubble now.'

...for a while.

Vladimir: 'I think we should have a wedding cake at our wedding.'
Apollo: 'Vampires eat cake?'
Valdimir: 'We could add some plasma fruit somewhere'
Apollo: 'Eww.'

Vladimir then buzzed Jessica in, but she didn't come up for some reason that soon became obvious.

How do you like your new Hang Everywhere Crystal TV, Vladimir(technophobe)?

How about you, Apollo(couch potato)?
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 12)
« Reply #10 on: August 12, 2018, 12:22:09 PM »
Chapter 10 - Wedding

Entirely not unexpected. Vladimir panicked for a moment shortly before the wedding party started while Apollo was fetching the cake.

The first guest to arrive was Mama Erika in her gorgeous orange dress.

As the ceremony was about to begin, Jeffrey Cook decided to show up uninvited. *Groan*

Vladimir: 'Take it easy, Mister Cook. This is my wedding.'

When everybody had calmed down and come to terms with Jeffrey's arrival, the ceremony began.

Mama Erika, for one, was happy to see her good friend get happily married.

So sappy. Get lost, Jeffrey!

With Jeffrey's unwanted and unneeded acknowledgement, the ceremony successfully came to its conclusion.

Erika: 'Waaah.'

Vladimir had secretly ordered that the filling be mixed with plasma fruit flesh and was looking forward to taste it.

Chaos ensued the ceremony and lasted the entire party.

Brandy Collins found a spot for herself though. What a sensible gal.

Vladimir: 'What are you wearing, girl?! Cover up!'

The day posed a greater challenge that Vladimir had been able to foresee.

And he suffered during almost the entire time.

Apollo too.

Beau: 'You fear your own TV? Mwuahaha!'
Vladimir: 'Shut up.'

Apollo: 'Did everybody leave yet? I thought I just heard something...'

After checking the appartment thoroughly and kicking out a single lingering guest who was hiding behind the piano, the newly weds were finally able to enjoy their special day and some much needed peace.

This is now called the Bridgeport Shipping Company, owned by Vladimir Schlick.

Additional update:

The wedding party gave both Vladimir and Apollo some celebrity points. Apollo is now a 2-star celebrity while Vladimir now has a single star. I had hoped to avoid it altogether, but what is done is done.
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 13)
« Reply #11 on: August 13, 2018, 06:01:23 AM »
Chapter 11 - More Packs, New Residence, The Future And A Nooboo

Vladimir and Apollo are trying to complete the different challenges attached to their chosen skills.
One of the Logic challenges is to create 10 potions.


Lola Belle could become a significant friend and ally. She was mightily impressed with some of Vladimir's accomplishments. The only drawback is that her boyfriend is old enemies with Apollo.

Speaking of which, Vladimir is enjoying his marriage on many levels.

We moved! Vladimir decided he had had enough of the elevator and the cramped space, so he moved them to a nice home on the celebrity hill.

Unfortunately, it's a little dark, but still funny. Apollo is panicking about the mysterious time portal that appeared on their lot.

Don't get any ideas, Emit.

Vladimir: 'He seemed odd.'
Apollo: 'I have an idea.'

Vladimir, growling: 'I hate the future!'

Apollo felt that Vladimir was being a total stick in the mud. But they still headed for the hospital in Oasis Landing. There would be no sightseeing this time though.

Safely back home. Vladimir is carrying what they went to the future for. Meet little Kory Bloom, the engineered baby. If nothing else, the future is a blessing for same-gender couples.

Vladimir is still thoroughly overwhelmed by the simplicity of the process. All it required was a bit of DNA from him and Apollo, a couple of hours wait and then...tada! "Here is your new baby, dear parents."

New family member:

Name: Kory Bloom
Age/gender: Infant male
Personality: Excitable, athletic
Residence: 223 Windsor Drive, Bridgeport
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Favorites: Hip hop, cookies, white
Other: Engineered in the future
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 16)
« Reply #12 on: August 16, 2018, 10:38:40 AM »
Chapter 12
Short due to pain in my hands and fingers. But wanted to leave a hint where the story will soon be going.

Vladimir has reverted to his original and centuries old self. It is time to defang The Slayer and her allies once and for all.

For Apollo to be more useful, he must be turned.

There. In a few days time, he will feel so much better than he has his entire life!

Vladimir made sure to enjoy a last taste.

The face of a vampire who has a plan and feels confident it will succeed.

List of current enemy vampires:

1. Elvira Slayer
2. Morrigan Hemlock
3. William Fangmann

List of potential future enemy vampires:

1. Jessica Talon
2. Beau Merrick
3. Belisama Hemlock
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 20)
« Reply #13 on: August 20, 2018, 09:29:51 AM »
Chapter 13

A determined Apollo set out in his car. Today, he would get his own revenge.

William Fangmann: 'You brought me a bottle of delicious ancient plasma in an attempt to make peace with me? Oh, little shouldn't have.' *overbearing chuckle*

Apollo: 'At least I'm trying by acknowledging your superiority. Please, take it. I spent all I had on it. I know you aren't really evil...please honor my good faith, William?' *puppy eyes*
William: '...Alright, girl. Give it here then! *slurp-slurp* 'By the way, why are...wait, what's this?'

Apollo: 'My revenge, Fangless-mann!' *vampire hiss*
William: 'Wuaaahhh!!!'

(Yep, they both changed into their outdoor clothes in the midst of things) Having brought two cures, Apollo decided to cure his own vampirism as he despised being a vampire.
Apollo: 'I'd never be your friend, William - and hopefully, you'll feel humiliated for a very long time!'

Meanwhile Elsewhere...

Vladimir was not entirely sure his plan would work as he was standing in The Slayer's entry hall, waiting for her to come down.

Elvira: 'You wanted to talk, but let's not sit on the couch over there - it ate my little puppy, Sassy!
Vladimir: *gasp*

Vladimir: 'Actually, Elvira...I come in peace. I'm tired of all the rumours about me wanting to try and topple you. I'd be a fool to try! Let me help you advance now that you have joined us at Bridgeport Shipping Company.'
Elvira: 'A gift - for me?'

Vladimir: 'And that's not all. Let me really prove how serious I am.'
Elvira: *gasp*

Vladimir: 'Let's go and show Bridgeport how wrong they are about The Emperor and The Slayer!'
Elvira: 'Yes! To the Plasma 501!

Elvira: 'What is he doing here?'
Vladimir: 'Come on, Elvira, don't let Beau put a damper on our spirits tonight. That he is not worth.'
Elvira: 'I suppose so...'
Beau: 'You two look radiant tonight - what is the occation? I thought you guys were enemies.'

Vladimir: 'Are you feeling alright, Elvira? You look a little...erm, not pale?'
Elvira: 'I feel very odd. What was in that drink? I remember this feeling...'

Elvira: 'Vladimir...I am no longer a VAMPIRE! I should have KNOWN you weren't sincere! You slick little slime!'
Vladimir: 'I swear, I didn't do anything!'
Beau: 'I did. He is being an honest slime right now, Elvira.'

Next, Elvira flew into a rage and attacked Vladimir.
Beau: 'Elvira...I think you forget your sudden lack of strength.'

Later, after sending Elvira to the hospital where she used to be in charge.
Vladimir: 'Thank you for the assist. But I am also aware of your flirt with Fangmann's lover. Don't think I won't be keeping an eye on you!'
Beau: 'What are you accusing me of here? I'm trying to lure the guy away from Fangmann! Not to get in good with him, you moron.'
Vladimir: *growl*

Back home.
Apollo: 'Hi, honey! I'm sick of you being evil, you know? Take this! *throws Opposite Personality potion*

Apollo: 'I got a discount at Aleister's on my way home from Fangmann. I also cured myself of vampirism. You should cure yourself too, you know? What's it like to be all mellow and kind-hearted of a sudden?
Vladimir: '...'
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Re: Bridgeport: Vladimir's Rise (Aug 22)
« Reply #14 on: August 22, 2018, 07:46:28 AM »
Chapter 14 - What about Wogan?

What now?

With his newfound goodness, Vladimir saw no point in continuing as the Emperor of Evil and quit that position. It was very odd for him to think back on how he had been until recently. Frightening, to be honest. But he was also fascinated by the apparent power of this alchemy thing. Thus he decided to become a student of it and went on to purchase all the books he could find on the subject. In other words, Vladimir has hit the books.

Apollo felt it was time to start fresh as well. He decided to quit his stressful job as a celebrity chef and instead lend a hand at the local bookstore for a few hours a day. Being a bookworm, I found this a great deal more to his liking. On the side, he would keep on writing his own books. Something this story has completely neglected to mention - Apollo is by now the author of several hits and bestsellers in the 'trashy' and 'science fiction' categories.

Kory Bloom, the son of Vladimir and Apollo, has (for reasons) been forced into his adulthood and is working in the military currently. He resembles mostly Vladimir, but has Apollo's nose. He lives downtown in his own appartment now. Alone, so far.

What about Wogan?

Vladimir's best friend, Wogan Hemlock, failed miserably by not appearing when Vladimir faced The Slayer. Instead Beau Merrick showed up and did what was needed. Whatever went wrong with the planning, the outcome fortunately did not change, however.

Later, Wogan (who is friends with Beau) expressed his regrets, but didn't reveal more about what had come up. He has now moved in with Vladimir and Apollo for a time while he gets situated in his new life - he too wanted to be cured of vampirism and was.

Wogan was never a bad guy at heart and has decided to put his brilliant mind to work at the hospital. Hopefully, one day, he will walk out of there as a world renowned surgeon. Meanwhile, he is working on his skill with the bass.
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