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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Two More Birthdays (07/23)
« Reply #250 on: July 24, 2017, 06:18:00 AM »
Serena is one impressive mama/grandmama! I insist on seeing her and Bling on a date. How odd it must be to have your kids the same age as your half-siblings  ;D

What is it about your male household members, there's always someone after them: nannies, vampires, aliens next?
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Mossimo's Fatherhood: Ninja Blues (08/04)
« Reply #251 on: August 04, 2017, 03:53:03 PM »
Only in this side story would Massimo dare sass his mother since they're presently the same age. I agree with you that Serena is usually all-around awesome.
For some reason I can't fathom, though, she's not as invested in parenting as the other three adults.
It doesn't make her flawed in any way but since this side-story is about parenting, her weakness provides chances for her son to tease her.  ;D

Another couple will be getting their date first since they've been an item since my first, failed Rival Dynasties attempt.
I've noticed that nannies (both male and female) often show up at the house in Flirty mood, though I've noticed that the male nannies are not as forward as the female nannies.
But now that you mention it, I wonder why my female household members don't attract the same kind of attention as my male household members do.
Do you think my male sims merely pretend outwardly to dislike the attention from random females while inwardly enjoying it, like Massimo in this update? (Hahaha, that's deep!)

P2.7  Mossimo's Fatherhood: Ninja Blues

Week 2/Thursday

Bling: Sometimes the complex and busy nature of modern life overwhelms me.
My life in Azeroth is much simpler. I explore the world while battling for the Horde and aiding random strangers.
Just last night, I joined in a "tavern crawl," where we teleported and partied at seven or eight different parties, each serving different foods and drinks.

What a far cry from my life here, where there seems to be so little fun to be had!
Tonight, I sneak out briefly to look around and discover this little paradise.

Bling: The architectural style and colors remind me of my home in Elwynn Forest.
I must bring the whole family here to share with them my heritage.
Who lives here, I wonder? I can't resist knocking on the door to learn who lives here.

Bling: Tyelis, I was just thinking about rewarding you for your recent good behavior.
There's a special place that I want to visit, just you and me.

But I come home to find you making a mess? You disappoint me!

Tyelis: A secret outing with Papa? I need to show him how responsible I can be!

Bling: Now that's what I like to see, Tyelis! Your responsibility bar is no longer red, either. That's my boy!
Tyelis: Does this mean we're still visiting that special place together, Papa?

Moss: Wow, you brought home a school project! Let's do it together, Caprice!
Caprice: What are you so excited about, Papa? This project boosts Creativity and Painting.
But I've maxed Creativity and you've maxed Painting, so what's the point?

Moss: Erm, you build responsibility?


Massimo: You sure it's okay that we snuck out of the house as soon as the kids left for school?
I didn't even tell Mama that we were leaving!

Moss: Good! I want this morning to solely be about you and me.
If you'd told your mother, she would have insisted on tagging along with Bling.

Moss: Once Watchette returns to our Rival Dynasties Challenge, you and I become uncontrolled sims.
Before that happens, Massimo, I want to make sure you know how I feel about you.
I've loved for as long as I can remember.

Massimo: Well, maybe our descendants will invite us both to their homes so we can meet now and again!
I wish you and I had had more time together before Caprice and Vitor came along.

We've been so busy with the parenting that I barely have time to chat with you!
But speaking of children, our gene combo resulted in two gorgeous children, eh?

Moss: Silly man! I didn't invite you out to talk about our children!
Haven't you noticed that we each have a Flirty +2 "Hot Breakfast Date" moodlet?

Massimo: Of course, I did! And I wanted to order us both Cupid's Juice but Shimuzu doesn't serve it!
Moss: *blows a steamy kiss

Massimo: Darn you, Moss! I've been trying to restrain myself in public, but you're just asking for it.

Mila Bunch: Hey, look, Geoffrey! Aren't Moss Dinero and Massimo Zanna married to other people?
Geoffrey Landgraab: Well, technically, Massimo and Morgan Fyres never married.

Mila: Oh right, I remember now. Not long after she had twins, Massimo broke up with her.
Geoffrey: It's understandable. I hear Morgan's jealousy made her constantly insecure and tense.

Geoffrey: Still, can you believe the nerve of some people? Married and carrying on in public like that!
Mila: Um, Geoffrey, you're married…

Geoffrey: Right, but we're just having an innocent breakfast outing.
Mila: This isn't a "Hot Breakfast Date"?

Geoffrey: Don't be ridiculous! Nancy is a criminal boss--she would hunt me down like a dog!
Mila: Woof?

Moss: Have you noticed that Watchette's getting bored with the whole parenting thing?
Massimo: Can't say I blame her. Even so, I'm grateful that it's given you and me this time together.

Moss: I'm getting the feeling that our kids will be aged up as soon as Tyelis or Caprice qualify for an extra trait.
Promise me that you won't me forget me, Massimo, after this story ends.

Massimo: How could I ever forget you, Moss? And by the way, you're the one who's still married in the Rival Dynasties Challenge…
Don't think I haven't noticed that!
Moss: I'll make it up to you whenever our kids are off to school!

Bella Goth: Hey, hot stuff, fancy meeting you here!
Massimo: Don't act as if it's a coincidence, girl! I'm on my way out and you followed me outside!

Bella: So….
Massimo: Nope, never gonna happen! Don't even bring it up!

Velannia: I like how our parents "Influence" us to work on our school projects. Then, they just ignore us until Watchette forces them to help us.

Velannai: So Watchette had to ask you four times to help me with my project, cuz you kept dropping queue. What's up with that?
Serena: Well, you're learning the Mental skill while I'm learning Programming.
Whose brilliant idea was it to choose this irrelevant school project? It's boooooring.
Velannia: Uh, yours?

Massimo: What the heck is that?
Vitor: Beats me! I asked you to buy me the rocket ship project!

Serena: How DARE you make a mess after finishing your school project!
Velannia: But Mama, you dropped queue and abandoned me and my project, which I finished myself…
Serena: Don't you talk back to me, young lady!

Vitor (whispers): Whoa, Papa, your mother's super scary!
Massimo: You ain't seen nothing! You shoulda seen her as the vampire matriarch!

Moss: When I return from my date with Massimo, I catch Caprice making a mess in the living room.
I reprimand her firmly, so she knows I'm serious.

Moss: I can't believe you're making another mess less than an hour after the first one!
This calls for punishment, young lady. Go take a time out!

Caprice: Well, of course, I'm always wanting to make a mess! There's nothing fun to do around here! Grrrrr.

Moss: I immediately feel bad so I go to chat with Caprice during her time-out, only to find that I can't interact with her at all.
What IS that angry face she's making, though?

Vitor: Papa, I can't find my favorite toy, which is making me sad. What should I do?
Massimo: Wow, this is a real dilemma! And there are three options?! Go look for it, son!

Vitor: I found it!
Massimo: This game is so sneaky! Why am I feeling relieved that Vitor's decision negatively impacts "only one" value instead of two?!


Tyelis: Thanks for coaching me in swimming, Uncle Massimo. Playing Keyboard Commander by myself downstairs was getting old!
Massimo: No worries, Tye! You are my favorite nephew! Of course, I'm here for you!

Tye: Hmmph, I'm your half-brother, not your nephew!
And I notice you're close to reaching Level 9 Parenting, like my papa! But why is Mama only Level 7?

Velannia: Papa, I've decided to become a ninja when I grow up. Do you support my decision?
Bling: Of course, I do, honey. And Watchette's maternal grandmother traces her ancestry to the reclusive ninja village of Iga. So I'm sure she supports you, too!

Velannia: But how do I get started, Papa?
Bling: I have an older sister in Azeroth named Kunoichi (slang for a female ninja) who is a ninja rogue.
How about if I take you to meet her? Would you like that?

Serena: Once Tye completes his second aspiration, we decide to go volunteer as a family.
Although I'm told I can send up to 8 sims to volunteer, I'm only allowed to choose 7.

Moss: Since I've maxed Parenting (ahem!), I try phoning instead but get the same result--7 sims.
Oh well, I volunteer the rest of the household to go work at a soup kitchen.
Our children know only affluence and abundance, so we'd like them to learn humility and compassion.

Velannia: At the soup kitchen, I have the choice of serving soup in front or cleaning up in back.
Since I'm going to be a ninja, I figure the fewer people who know my face the better.
I stealth immediately to the back of the soup kitchen!

Bling: Awww, Vel, you ignored the project coordinator's instructions and broke the dishwasher.
Vel:  First, I decrease my Conflict Resolution by choosing to seek a ninja trainer.
Now, I lose Responsibility for flooding the soup kitchen. I just can't win! Grrrr!!!

Vitor: It's so great that we all came to the park to eat the sack lunches you packed for us, Grandma Serena!
Grandma Serena, did you hear what I just said?
Serena: Huh, what? Oh, I'm sorry, Victor. I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch.
I'll try to pack the four of you lunches for school, too.

Moss: It's getting dark so quickly! I'm taking Vel and Vitor home to work on Artistic Prodigy.
Serena: I'll head home with you to encourage Vel. Bling, are you coming?

Massimo: Bling and I are gonna stay for awhile, Mama. I'm going to teach him about digsites.

Tyelis: It's so cool to finally meet another kid with pointy ears like me!
Unknown girl: Same here! What's your name?
Tyelis: I'm Tyelis Medivh. What's your name?
Unknown girl: My name's Marissa.
Tyelis: What's your family name, Marissa?
Marissa: Oh, my family name? That's a secret.

Massimo: Dude, you better hope and pray that Mama never sees that little girl.
Bling: What little girl? 

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Re: Mossimo's Fatherhood: Ninja Blues (08/04)
« Reply #252 on: August 04, 2017, 04:23:21 PM » Marissa...Bling didn' don't mean...huh, not sure what to think of that.
So, another lovely update!  Serena is just overall awesome and I'm enjoying how wonderfully she is raising her kids (criticizing their poor taste in picking projects that she picked for them and then blatantly refusing to help with said boring project for example).
Vel is going to be an awesome ninja!!  If she chooses to get the ninja outfit, does she actually switch into a ninja outfit?  That would be kind of awesome.  Just sayin'.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.54 Return of the Rival Dynasties (08/06)
« Reply #253 on: August 06, 2017, 05:26:45 AM »
I'm going to miss the particular combination of sims. And I never figured out why Serena shows so little enthusiasm for parenting!
As for Velannia's decision to become a ninja, I think the different decision branches only affect the child's character values. And by the way, the in-game ninja costume is so ugly!
The Sims 4 devs need to watch a good ninja anime (like Naruto or Basilisk) then redesign the ninja costumes!

Hello folks! Yes, we have returned to our regular programming.
Although I never experimented with teenage children in the side-story "Mossimo's Fatherhood," I've tired of playing four jobless (but gorgeous) adults with four children.
Moss and Massimo got their romantic date, too, so I'm returning to this Rival Dynasties Challenge. Let me know if you're interested in seeing the four children as teens. I'm happy to oblige by ageing them up.

To help both you and me remember just where we left this Rival Dynasties Challenge, here's a recap.

Final Week 5 Comparison

Mina: The Zanna vampire line has pulled slightly ahead of my Dinero Mansion Baron line, but we all know that their lead won't last!

   • Total Museum Value: Zanna/$69,997 > Dinero/$66,661 > Soma/$57,709     
   • Career Progress: #1 Dinero/Tech Guru (4), #2 Zanna/Culinary (3), #2 Soma/Politician (3)
   • Birth of Gen4 heirs: Sunday of Week 6 for all dynasties

Mina:  As you can see, all three Gen3 heirs moved out last week, so nine out of the fifteen Newcrest lots are currently occupied.
I really can't imagine one line moving far enough ahead to purchase a sixth lot!

And now that we are now more or less reoriented, let's begin!

6.54  Mina Dinero (1/4): Return of the Rival Dynasties!

Previously in Week 5:
   • Mina makes a last-minute decision to move out after midnight Sunday;
   • She moves to the 30x30 Tranquil Crescent lot, right across the street from the founder Daniela Dinero;
   • Her new household consists of her boyfriend Krishna Bheeda, his father Arun, and her twin brothers Jagger and Alfonso.
   • Busy, busy, busy! While Mina and Krishna retire to the master bedroom, the twin toddlers get their birthday notices.
   • Arun bakes a birthday cake to age Jagger and Alfonso to children so Mina and Krishna can get started on bringing in the next Dinero heir.

Week 6/Sunday

Mina: I have been waiting so long to hold our newborn nooboo!
You may remember I moved out in a frantic rush last week, so I never had time to eat my carrots.
And so we have a daughter instead of the son we'd planned on. I can't decide what to do.

Lately, I've been wondering if the mother's skintone has the strongest influence. Or is just random?
My green grandmother had a single greenboo, but my non-green mother had one greenboo (me) and the non-green twins.
And I've had a single greenboo. If our child remains female, though, we'll have to completely overhaul our plans for the next two generations.  Hmmmm….

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce her! Everyone, meet Mint!

Arun: I understand why Mina wants to start out with a barely furnished but complete shell, but this is absurd!
We have less than $3,000 in household funds!

Krishna: No problem, Papa! Mina can sell off the rest of her fish and harvests!
Plus you and me can start writing and publishing books. But Papa….

Arun: Yes, son?
Krishna: I know your pride's hurt about Mama flirting with that vampire Caleb but you need to forgive her!
Arun: Why is that?
Krishna: Well, for one thing, we need her to paint portraits! And remember her Snaggleflusters!

Alfonso (redhead): So explain to me again why you were a Top-Notch Toddler but I was only a Happy Toddler?
Jagger (brunette): You don't remember? Grandpa Moss was raising me to marry the Gen5 vampire heir.

Alfonso: Oh, so I was raised by Grandma Aaradhya? And who am I gonna marry?
Jagger: I haven't heard the adults gossiping about that, but I hear the Gen4 Soma heir will be a boy.
Alfonso: So if I play my cards right, I have a chance to marry a female Gen5 Soma heir?
Jagger: Yep, and don't forget to kiss up to Watchette!

Jessminder: Well, well, well! Look who Mina just invited back into the Dinero dynasty club!
I knew Mina would choose my awesomeness over Arun's pride.

And what's with the double standard, anyway? Caleb is allowed to run around chatting up all the women with impunity!
And as much as I love Moss Dinero, he gets away with murder as well.
Moss remains married yet he's been having a very public fling with that Massimo Zanna!

And me? I'm exiled to an unplayed household after only flirting and embracing Caleb! Sheesh!

Krishna: Thanks for coming over, Mama. So, will you move in with us?
Jessminder: Hmmph, I knew y'all couldn't forget about my painting and Snaggleflusters!

Krishna: Mama, you really need to get over yourself! First of all, I want you and Papa to stay together and I want my child to spend time with you both.
Second, don't you dare ever take Papa for granted again! His love and devotion for you are vaster than the skies above!

Jessminder: You're so right, Krishna. A woman couldn't wish for a better husband. I need to apologize…
Krishna: You can do that later. Now, we need to finish planting the garden.

Mina: Oh c'mon, Watchette! Just let me go downstairs and work on the garden with everyone else!
Ugh, you dropped your queue four times to head for the garden, but you must NOT garden!

Mina: And why not? Gardening is awesome!
Right, but we're saving Gardening for a future heir. And anyway, you've joined the Tech Guru career! You need to learn to program, girl!
You need to get to Level 4 for your next promotion so you can't use the Wishing Well before then.

Mina (sighs): Okay then. By the time I reach Level 4 Programming, we might even be able to afford a Wishing Well!

Jagger (brunette): So, what's the deal with all these ugly pink dinosaur paintings, bro?
Alfonso (redhead): Oh those? I bet sis is working on her Mansion Baron aspiration.

Jagger: Oh yeah, that would explain it! They seem so out of place in this Focused Room, yo!
Alfonso: You know she's going to replace them with the expensive stuff once the coin starts rolling in!

Jung: Hey, Father-in-Law, I hear you took a little vacay from this challenge with Moss Dinero!
Massimo: Wow, news really travels fast! But yeah, it was heavenly, Son-in-Law! You should see our kids!

Jung: Wut!? You and Moss even had kids? But what about Vitoria?
Massimo: Well, of course, she remains the Zanna heir in this challenge. Nothing changes that. But Jung?

Jung: Yes?
Massimo: You know what will happen to you and your family jewels if I ever hear you're stepping out on Vitoria, right?
Jung: You can rest assured that I only have eyes for your daughter, sir!

Jessminder: What a miracle to be holding my grandchild in my arms like this!
Weeks ago, Watchette, you promised to let me hold Krishna's child if my family moved in with Moss.
You still remember that promise?

Jessminder: Of course! What mother could forget a promise like that!?
But never had I imagined that my grandchild would become the next Dinero heir!

Caleb, you dawg! Heck you doing!? You just happen to be fishing behind Jessminder's new home? *glares

Caleb: Don't think I enjoy this life I lead as a honey trap! It's been forced on me!
It's been my wife Serena's idea that I go around and weaken the marital foundations of our rival households.
If it hadn't been Serena's idea, don't you think she would have thrown me out by now for what appears to be my constant infidelity?

I give up! You're too cute to stay mad at for long! *throws up hands
Caleb (internally): Uh huh, I get that a lot…

Jagger (brunette): Dude, I'm the Top-Notch Toddler and we're both being mentored.
So why are you boosting Mental faster than I am?
Alfonso: I may be "only" a Happy Toddler, but I'm a Genius and you're Cheerful, remember?

Jagger: Oh yeah, it's all coming back to me now! But why am I doing Whiz Kid with you?
Alfonso: Think about it! If we could mentor Logic AND Painting, folks be throwing their daughters at us!

Mina: It's so great having Jessminder in the house, lemme tell ya!
After drinking the Snagglefluster she mixed me, I quickly reach Level 4 Programming.
But after buying the Wishing Well, there's no cash left for my offering.

However, just before leaving for work, Jessminder paints a masterpiece which I sell immediately.
Double thanks to Jessminder! After my $5k offering, the Well grants me a full promotion!

Krishna: After night falls, Mina and I throw a wedding party at San Myshuno's Center Park.
I exchange simple vows with my ravishing bride in front of a small group of guests.

Mina: Our watcher is so predictable!
Krishna: What do you mean?
Mina: She struggles to capture the perfect moment as you and I stand before the wedding arch.

Krishna: Yes, she apparently snapped then rejected close to a dozen screenshots of us.
Mina: And yet she is able to perfectly time the shot of the twins' arrival at our wedding!
Moss: Who could argue that my boys are looking fly?

Mina: While inviting our wedding guests, I was struck at how few sims I know.
Besides my parents and grandparents, I could only invite nanny Daichi and a few former high-school classmates.

Moss: I'm happy to notice my little protégé Jagger introducing himself to Vitoria Zanna.
They seem to be getting along well.

Moss: Need I remind you, son, that your objective is to marry the Gen5 Zanna heir?
Set your sights on Vitoria Zanna's future grand-daughter, not on Vitoria!
Jagger: But she's so pretty!

Daniela: Well, I see you've completed all the requirements to make this a gold-medal wedding party!
Mina: Yes, now that the gold medal's in the bag, I can sit and chat with you.
Thank you so much for coming to our wedding, Grandma Daniela.

Daniela: Of course, your grandfather and I are here for you, dearest.
And by the way, I see your dynasty club has only six members now. Add me?

Mina: As soon as I get home, I change my clothes and head straight for the well.
Oh dear, my offering results in an orange glow. That can't be good! What shall I do now?

I opt to make a second $5,000 offering and this time the Well glows green! Phew!
The Well guarantees me a promotion at the end of tomorrow's work shift.

Pretty sweet, right? I'll be ending my first day of work with a promotion to Level 6 Development Captain!

Krishna: My father, on the other hand, goes directly downstairs to the garden.
I'm surprised that our garden is already ready for grafting!

Arun: I'm all for spacious living quarters, but I still find underground gardens to be depressingly dreary.
I much prefer gardening outdoors! Even a rooftop garden beats a basement garden!

Krishna: We bring this very long first day to a close by flexing our yet untested parenting muscles!
Mina: What's with your pained facial expressions? We're just teaching you to say please and thank you!

Jagger: I see what you two are doing here! Alfonso and I are your guinea pigs until Mint ages up!

Krishna: That's not true, Jagger! Like me, you and Alfonso won't ever be aged up early!
So you both have the time to earn some extra character traits!
Mina (whispers): But Krishna, how did these two figure out that we'll be experimenting on them?

Current Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
   Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
   Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party (need 2 more)
   Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier III of IV
   Career: Tech Guru (Level 5)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: None
  Toddler skills: (Level ? Potty, Level ? Thinking and Imagination) *Incomplete Move-Out Requirements:
  Childhood Aspiration: (Artistic Prodigy)
  Teen Job: not yet
   "A" in high school: n/a
   Portrait: not yet
  Unique Skills: none
  Unique Aspiration: n/a
  Collection: none
   Good Friends: (Daniela Dinero; 3 more)
   Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.54 Return of the Rival Dynasties (08/06)
« Reply #254 on: August 06, 2017, 10:28:49 AM »
Hahaha, the guinea pig children and the whole bit with the boys grooming themselves to be wife-bait!  Good heavens!  Such good stuff.
Jagger has excellent taste in women, by the way.  Vitoria is amazing!  And Massimo's threat to Jung.  Oh heavens!  Such beautiful hypocrisy!
All in all, another lovely update  :=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.54 Return of the Rival Dynasties (08/06)
« Reply #255 on: August 06, 2017, 11:19:53 AM »
Yay, welcome back, everyone! *psst, don't tell the boys but the challenge ends when all of the lots are filled, aka, probably when each Gen 5 moves out* Anywho, welcome, Mint! Can't wait to see who they take after. Congrats to Mina on getting to level 6 so quickly, man, the Dineros are racing along. Everyone else better step up their game.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.55 Krishna's Secret Mission (08/09)
« Reply #256 on: August 09, 2017, 03:38:38 PM »
I'm glad you enjoyed Massimo's warning to Jung. As a sim, Massimo can't help but be drawn to Moss Dinero. But as a father, he will not tolerate anyone hurting his little girl, Vitoria. And don't think I didn't notice your lack of commentary on Caleb's attempt to shift the blame for his philandering on Serena, haha. Serena awesomely transcends the petty blame-shifting of inferior beings…

Thanks for reading and commenting! How goes your Rival Dynasties Challenge these days?
As for the twins' spousal prospects, I mentioned about a month ago that only the Gen4 heirs would require spouses. I'm keeping the twins around, however, because they are too cute to leave behind. Also, it's entirely possible that one of my bloodlines might unexpectedly fail, in which case an extra spouse or so would be needed. Currently, I have the Dinero twins and Laura Zanna as backup.
Mostly, though, I like having the twins around as narrative diversion for the relentless grinding in the background, lol.

6.55  Mina Dinero (2/4): Krishna's Secret Mission

Previously in Week 6 (yesterday, actually):
   • Mina struggles to remember what her household's plans for the Dinero dynasty before her father Moss's selfish detour with his paramour Massimo Zanna;
   • Left behind for having dilly-dallied with Caleb right in front of hubby Arun, Jessminder finally joins the Gen3 household, thanks to Krishna who convinces his father to forgive her;
   • Mina and Krishna officially tie the knot at Center Park in San Myshuno.and everyone else works on the garden;
   • While Mina prepares for her first day at work and the twins get ready to start school, Arun and Jessminder consider quitting their jobs.

Week 6/Monday

Mina: Since I spent yesterday learning to program and planning my wedding party, my Parenting is only Level 1.

I've noticed that whenever Jagger or Alfonso asks me for advice, therefore, I don't have multiple choices.
That must be due to my low skill level, darn it!

Krishna: I've decided to join the Painter career so that our household can have nicer easels.
Right before my first day at work, I try my luck with the Well.

Though the Well glows white, my new boss drops my job performance to zero, saying he's noticed a downward trend in my attitude.
Oh well, maybe I'm just deflecting the Well's bad mojo from Mina?

Arun: I know we can just visit the homes of the founder Daniela or Moss, but having our own cloning machine is so convenient!
But the dig sites in our neighborhood hate me this morning.

Can you believe 4 time capsules and 4 fossils, but only one crystal and no meetals? Sheesh!
Maybe a Superior Being is suggesting that we go visit Daniela?

Jagger: Dude, we're both so awesome! I don't understand why there's no one left for us to marry, yo!
Alfonso: I know, right? So what's going on with all the Gen4 heirs?

Jagger: Well, they're all just nooboos yet, like our little Mint.
Akira Soma's son Satoshi will marry Erina Haas, who already lives in the same house.
And Vitoria Zanna's son Ayato will marry Bella Goth.

Alfonso: Wow, those vampires are really going all out! I hear Bella was lured away from her husband, even!
Jagger: Gotta love their thirst for the win! Maybe I could just live there as a helper?
Alfonso: Bro, your desperation is showing!

Mina: Since I had a guaranteed promotion today, I socialized with my co-workers all day, meeting Akira Kibo and Sergio Romeo.

While trying to knock out my daily work task as soon as I get home, Sergio phones to invite me out to celebrate.
Sergio? Hmmmm. No, no, not Sergio! The Bros are just moderately wealthy.
I'm looking more for a  filthy rich Gen4 spouse for my Mint, and I have one or two candidates in mind…

Daniela: As much as I appreciate being invited to join your club, dearest Mina, why is your house so ugly?
Mina: Well, Krishna couldn't bear leaving his parents behind and I wanted to bring my brothers with me.

Daniela: Whatever, I'm super excited to be helping to raise my great-grand-daughter.
In the meantime, I can start building my Parenting skill on the twins!
Jagger and Alfonso: *roll their eyes in unison

Alfonso: We've been doing everything at the same and we're both usually being mentored.
Why are you skilling faster than me, bro?

Jagger: You think it's my Top-Notch Toddler trait?
Alfonso: Hmmmph!
Daniela: Boys, boys! You do realize that your skilling speed only really matters if you're an heir, right?

Jagger: Skills, shmills. Check out who I just introduced myself to in back of our house, yo! It's the high-schooler Erina Haas!
Alfonso: Yowza!

Jagger: So, I'm thinking that I don't wanna be a helper in the Zanna house no more. I'm moving into the Soma house instead!
Alfonso: Oh no you don't! She's a redhead, bro! Erina is miiiine!

Daniela: Erm, a little technicality, boys. Erina's been pledged to Satoshi Soma ever since Maaike Haas adopted her.
Jagger and Alfonso: Boooooo!

Daniela: I see you need me to put things into perspective for you, Mina!
It's great that you're trying to learn how to be a good parent and all, but you  need to focus!

Your household needs to make bank faster and you better earn your two remaining gold medals tomorrow evening.
The only child who needs to be mentored is the Gen4 heir, Mint.
Jagger and Alfono (in unison): Gee, thanks!

Daniela: And no offense, Krishna, but you should have left your romantic hothead of a mother with my son Moss.
Do you even bother to check Jessminder's whims?

Not only does she want Caleb to turn her into a vampire but she also wants to "Woohoo with Someone."
Not with Arun, but with "Someone." *rolls eyes
And, besides your father, did you realize Jessminder has pink bars with not only Caleb but also the nanny Imane Fassi?
Krishna: *shocked speechless

Mina: Maybe we could lock her up in a basement room with an easel, a cooler, and a toilet?


Arun: Mina and Krishna are off to work, the twins are at school, and I've taken the day off to try and boost our household funds.
Jessminder is off until Thursday, and Daniela is out front doing who-knows-what. *takes a look outside

Arun: Whoa, I guess this is my chance! What IS that man's secret?
(calls to Jessminder): If you're between paintings, Jessminder dearest, would you mind checking the mailbox?
(to himself): I hope that sight jolts her out of her infatuation with Caleb!
*jots down a reminder to ask Caleb about his cologne the next time

Moss: Nice work helping your mother earn a gold medal for this Dinner Party, big guy!
Jagger: Don't you "big guy" me, Papa! I've just been skilling for nothing!
I worked so hard to earn that Top-Notch Toddler trait and now it doesn't even matter! I'm just a forever-spare!

Moss: Awww, don't get discouraged, Jagger! Stay awesome and maybe you'll be the founder of Watchette's next challenge.
Jagger: Shucks, I guess nothing's for sure until our teen birthdays…


Mina: It's 1 am and I briefly consider throwing a House Party right away, but I decide to do my father a favor.

Massimo: Seriously? You come all the way over here in the middle of the night to introduce yourself to me?
That is terribly sweet and, considering how much my brother Lio hates you, also terrifically brave of you.

Mina: Well, it's a bit of a belated Father's Day Gift. So, when I throw my House Party, you'll attend, right?

Mina: Guess who ages up all by herself as soon as Papa and I walk in the door? It's Mint, people!

Krishna: Since there are so many people over, we have Mint walk around and Watch everyone.
Since she's never interacted with Moss and Massimo, it's not surprising that she can't interact with them at all.
She gets a "Talk with stranger" interaction with the founder Daniela.
Oddly enough, she cannot interact at all with my mother, despite Mama having babysat her yesterday.

Mina: While visiting Massimo Zanna, I invite him over since Papa is visiting and the whole household is still awake.

I get a glimpse of Massimo kissing Papa. So odd to see Papa blushing like a shy, high school girl.
It's hard to believe that, at one time, Papa was the one pursuing Massimo.

I just hope the two of them tone it down in front of the kids!  Sheesh!
Moss: Is that you snooping on us from behind the column, Mina dear?

Mina: Before Mint gets overly sleepy, I read to her while she eats.
When I teach her to say please and thank you, she gains the Communication skill.

Moss: Try teaching her to talk first, Mina. She'll learn to say please, thank you, and sorry more easily after that.
Mina: Oh right, I hear you maxed your Parenting skill elsewhere.

Alfonso: Ugh, what an annoying day at school. And now I'm going through a phase!
Jagger: Yelling at everyone is not cool, bro, but wanting to play a musical instrument is a plus, right?

Alfonso: Hey, how is your Responsibility already in a range to earn an extra trait?
Jagger: No worries, dude. You'll be there as soon as you do your homework.
Alfonso: Hehe, you were right. Now I need to sort out this phase.

Moss: So thoughtful of Mina to meet Massimo so she can invite him to this party tonight!
Jagger (brunette): What's wrong with your friend's neck, Grandpa Moss?

Moss: Well, most of the adults here are feeling flirty because this is House Party, Jagger.
Alfonso (redhead): Pssst, Jagger! Check out sis with Krishna over there!

Jagger: Speaking of flirty reminds me, Great-Gramp Salim.
Yesterday, I saw Great-Gran Daniela with a vampire in  front of our house. They looked really friendly.
Salim: Grrrr, that must have been Caleb Vatore. He's the father of Massimo. He was here, eh?

Salim: So, now that Daniela's joined Mina's dynasty club, Caleb sneaks over here to meet her!
Arrrrgggh!!!! *takes out his anger on the nanny

Elizabeth Scruggs: Sir, you don't like me throwing out the trash?!

Jagger: Dude, you are so cool! I wish I were green like you! What's your name?
Kengo: Hey, kid! Yeah, I'm looking pretty fly. My name's Kengo Hayashi. And you are?

Jagger: I'm Jagger Dinero. Wooooo, and you're a Master Vampire, too! Would you adopt me? Please?


Krishna: At last, my precious daughter, you've reached Level 2 Communication.
I can finally impart this oh-so-important message and mission to you.

I hereby entrust you with this anti-vampire stake, forged from colloidal silver.
And here is a photograph of your target, Caleb Vatore.
Should you ever spy this vampire anywhere in the proximity of your mother, report to me immediately for further instructions.
That is all I can say to you for now.

Mint: Huh?!

Current Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
Completed Bloodline Requirements
   Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
   Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
Incomplete Bloodline Requirements
   Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV (needs Home Worth of $350,000)
   Career: Tech Guru (Level 7)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
Incomplete Move-Out Requirements: All
  Toddler skills: L2 Potty/Thinking/Imagination/Communication; Level 1 Movement

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.55 Krishna's Secret Mission (08/09)
« Reply #257 on: August 10, 2017, 12:12:56 PM »
How wonderfully ironic is it that I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer as I was reading the update where Krishna tries to turn Mint into a vampire slayer?  Mint the Vampire Slayer, the new series by Joss Wheaton (who is brilliant, by the way).
Erina Haas is lovely!  The twins have excellent taste.  They continue to make me laugh and I was actually wondering if you might use one of them in a future challenge right before I got to the line where you mentioned it.  Great minds think alike, eh?
I'm reasonably afraid to get the Parenting pack.  I tend to be really bad at actually having my Sims do a whole lot with toddlers.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.55 Krishna's Secret Mission (08/09)
« Reply #258 on: August 10, 2017, 01:28:54 PM »

I guess you and I must be in a zone! And Mint isn't being brainwashed to slay all vampires, just a particular vampire whom Krishna would like to keep away from his wife.
Yes, Erina Haas has been lovely at every stage of her life! Akira Soma seemed to get the worst of his parent's genes, so I'm hoping that Erina will save the day (or, the Gen4 heir, at least)!

I have two future founder candidates, in fact. One if Jagger and the other is pointy-eared Tyelis. Maybe I could reconfigure the TS3 Perfect Genetics Legacy Challenge so that each generation's heir must have pointy ears and violet eyes? But I must not count my chickens before they hatch though, so I'll be playing this Rival Dynasties until I finish or fail.

As for the Parenthood GP, it's not bad with fewer children.  With four children, I felt like the adults were constantly getting the advice chance cards and all the micro-managing quite overwhelmed (because I love to min/max). This time, the adults didn't even bother reading Parenting skill books and, of course, I don't worry so much about my spare twins.
Also, now is a good time to get the Parenthood GP, because the IDC rules don't have any rules regarding Character Values at the moment.  ;D
Plus, I think it'd be cool to have an immortal or two who have completed the Super Parent aspiration, just to see how that affects the young heirs' upbringing.
My RDC heirs won't have much time to work on Character Values--they'll be too busy ageing up early (I hope)!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.56 We're So Mint to Be!
« Reply #259 on: August 13, 2017, 05:25:38 PM »
6.56  Mina Dinero (3/4): We're So Mint to Be

Week 6/Thursday

Mina: I cherish these hours in the morning, before work, when I can spend time with my precious Mint.
What a bundle of joy!

Krishna's been working as a painter temporarily and Mina hates when we're both gone.

I've somehow managed to reach Level 6 Parenting without reading the skill book.
Mina, on the other hand, seems to be leveling extremely slowly.

Krishna: Not really, she's only been a toddler for about a day.

Mint: Who's that stranger standing on the porch for the last four hours, Nanny Liz?
Elizabeth: That's your great-grandma Daniela Dinero, dear.
She's being punished by the game for hogging the easel when your father was trying to finish his daily task.

Mint: Why doesn't she go home?
Elizabeth: Watcher usually unfreezes a stuck sim by traveling with them or entering Manage Worlds.
Since your mother's left for work already, both methods are too risky.

Mint: So she's just going to stand there and glare at me until 7 p.m.?
Jessminder: Nice to see that you're being so useful, Daniela! *snorts

Jessminder:  I've been taking all my vacation days before quitting my Mixologist job.

You can tell you're in the doghouse when Watchette makes you spray bugs.
It's not my fault that Mint won't interact with me, though, that little brat!

Arun did hire a gardener before leaving for work this morning, bless his heart.
But the prissy gardener minces into our garden, declares the garden doesn't need tending, then leaves!
Hmmph! I wouldn't have minded so much if he were that hawt gardener.
What's his name? Wyatt something?

Krishna: I get a raise today so I'm only one more promotion away from that Deluxe Easel!
I return home to find Alfonso playing with the doctor kit.

Because he involuntary yells due to his Loud phase, his Emotion Control is dropping.
I'm glad to see that he's working on his Empathy instead.

Krishna: My other brother-in-law Jagger often cleans up on his own, so we're focusing on raising his Manners.

Alfonso: Well, I'm happy to see that Jagger doesn't have the Morning Sim reward trait.
Sometimes I feel like everyone treats me like the spare spare!
Krishna: Great observation, Alfonso! Let's buy that trait for both of you!

Jagger: Yeah, let's do that. Especially since I have no chance whatsoever of becoming the vampire groom!

Jagger: Alfonso, let's join the League of Adventurers Club and finish up Social Butterfly.
Alfonso: Noice! But why did you add Alex Goth and that other dude to the club.

Jagger: Dude, you need to read Carl's Guides! We need three child-age friends!
Alfonso: Okay then, but why are you trying so hard to become good friends with Alex, bro?

Jagger: Duuhhhh, so I can age Alex up early!

Krishna: Whoa, whoa, whoa, is that you, Alex Goth? You wanna be part of our household that bad, eh?
Alex: And if I do?

Krishna: If you do, then you're doing it wrong. First of all, those sneakers are all wrong.
And furthermore, your ears and that hairstyle…'nuff said!

Alex: Oh yeah, I see what you mean now, Mr., uh, may I call you Father?
Krishna: Hey, stop counting your chickens, dude! By the way, what's your second trait now?

Alex: I'm a Bookworm who's Cheerful. You like?
Krishna: And it's just you, your father and your sister now, right? Yeah, I like very much!


Mina: I'm feeling really lucky tonight and chance an offering to the hooded Well.
The fickle Well removes his hood to receive my offering but dons it again to grant my wish.
A full promotion to Level 9!

I've been so fortunate with the Well this week that I'm going to earn my final promotion the old-fashioned way.
But tonight, I'm pulling an all-nighter to try and max Programming.

Krishna: While painting, I notice a horrid vision passing by our home.
An enraged vampire, stomping down the straight.

Well, of course, you're angry, silly vampire! You're wearing the "Angry Bear" animal hat.

Krishna: Today, Mama and I are off work and Papa took the day off.
If we can just earn another $50k or so, Mina can be done with Mansion Baron by tonight!

So, Alfonso, you know I got a phone call today from school about that unsent love letter, right?
Alfonso: Why am I in trouble? I didn't even send it! And, Papa, you should see my teacher!

Krishna (sighs): Sorry I had to throw you under the bus, son, but that teacher is the one who gives your grades.
Can't you look for love among your classmates? Too bad that Laura Zanna will grow up to be a vampire…

And as for our tragic heroine, she has some ways to go before completing her early age-up and Happy Toddler requirements.
Hopefully, we'll be celebrating her birthday very late Friday or very early Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Current Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
   Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
   Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
   Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier IV (needs Home Worth of $350,000)
   Career: Tech Guru (Level  9)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements: All
  Toddler skills: Level 3 Potty, Imagination, Communication & Thinking; Level 2.5 Movement

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.56 We're So Mint to Be! (08/13)
« Reply #260 on: August 13, 2017, 06:02:00 PM »
Wait, there's a little redhaired girl in the League of Adventurers!  Maybe she could be a romantic interest for one of the poor, neglected boys?
Looks like Jagger is knocking it out of the park with the childhood skilling stuff!  No red anywhere!  Not that I entirely understand what all that means, but it sure does seem like a good thing  :=)
The angry vampire was quite the fashion icon!  You know, she'll still be just a young adult when the boys grow up.  Surely she's the ideal romantic interest  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.56 We're So Mint to Be! (08/13)
« Reply #261 on: August 13, 2017, 06:33:31 PM »

That "little redheaded girl" is Laura Zanna, the twin sister of the Gen3 vampire heir, Vitoria Zanna.  On her teen birthday, Laura becomes a vampire, too. No doubt she will be a knockout, too.
With all three Gen4 spouses decided, Jagger and Alfonso are really just "vanity spares," lol. I guess it depends on whether or not Laura takes the vampire cure and becomes the Gen4 painter...

About the red and green Character Value bars, a full green bar like Responsibility gives an associated positive trait at the next birthday (I think it's the next birthday not the YA birthday).
A full red bar  results in the Uncontrolled Emotions trait, whereas a full green one turns into the Emotional Control trait. All the info can be found in Carl's Guide.  ;D
I still haven't tried the teenager aspect of the Parenthood GP but, really, the heir's the only child whose upbringing matters, so I can just experiment with the twins.

Funny thing is, I worked (my sims) really hard at Parenting in my other story with negligible results. It's much easier this second time with fewer children.
I think you would enjoy the various Advice chance cards.
An IDC is a better vehicle for playing the Parenthood GP, imho. In my RDC, everything moves too quickly to really observe how the new mechanics influence child development.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.57 Bruh, You Need a Mint!
« Reply #262 on: August 15, 2017, 12:25:08 AM »
6.57  Mina Dinero (4/4): Bruh, You Need a Mint!

Week 6/Friday

Mina: I love the short but daily shifts of my Start-up Entrepreneur career!
Feels great to max Programming at last! I'm almost done skilling for my final promotion!

Looking back at my teen years, I should have chosen Programming as one of my unique skills instead of Video Gaming.
But gaming is definitely more fun, amirite?

Arun: Everyone's very focused on bringing in the Benjamins today.
I took a quick trip to Granite Falls several days ago and have been crafting camping mascots ever since.

Alfonso: Meanwhile, I'm waiting for sis to be done with Mansion Baron so Papa Arun or Krishna can mentor me in Logic.

Krishna: In the Inspired Room, Mama and I are painting away.
Jagger: I've almost maxed Violin, then I either want to learn Piano or Logic. Or maybe I should do Rambunctious Scamp?

Mina: We should probably devote time to Mint instead of Mansion Baron, but she's doing fine for now.
I'll go play with her as soon as I've completed my daily task.

Mina: I've been renovating our home whenever we have cash to spare.
Yesterday, I asked Watchette to build us an underground pool.

Alfonso: What!? There's a pool downstairs? How did we never know that, Jagger?
Jagger: Because we're so busy skilling that we never wander around the house. This lifestyle has to end soon! I'm talking Quality of Life, yo!

Arun: To honor our Buddhist faith, I build a small tranquility nook in the courtyard.

The Buddhist statue? Watchette found it after scouring the web for hours!
She was planning to build an ashram so we could visit for a meditation retreat. Sadly, that never happened. :(
Dude, just go to Korma Chameleon!

Mina: After buying a few more essentials for the house, I buy a few violins to prep for our final push to Mansion Baron.
I'm thinking we won't reach $350,000 home worth until tonight but, whaddya know, I did it!

Knight: Hold on a sec, Watchette! What exactly is going on here.
Pretty obvious, innit? You and your brother downstairs have served your purpose.

Knight: So after we've bravely defended your household at the risk of our lives, you're getting rid of us?
Well, yeah. You'd just inflate the household's bills. Maybe you could seek work at the Soma family's restaurant?

Jessminder: Bugs, bugs, bugs! Ugh! Guess I'm still in the doghouse.


Mint: Wheee! Flying with mommy is the best!
Mina: Don't get sleepy, don't get sleepy! You only need one more level in Imagination! *gives Second Wind

Arun: You've been doing a terrific job learning Logic, Alfonso. Wanna take a break and tell me about your Loud phase?
Alfonso: It's about time someone asked me about it! Did you know you could influence me to be quiet?

Arun: How long does your Loud phase last?
Alfonso (saddens): I wish I knew but I don't.

Jagger: Who needs Logic anyway? Alfonso's already Level 7.
I've maxed Violin already and now I'm almost done with Rambunctious Scamp.

Dat Top-Notch Todder, though! I reached Level 7 Motor before I even Practiced Typing for 4 hours.
I'm gonna breeze through Fitness and get appropriately buff. Just you wait, all you ladies in da club!

Mina: The sun's already risen by the time Mint is ready to age up.
Good thing, too! We were both getting really bored with the dollhouse and books!

Krishna: And just in time! Even with the adults taking turn using "Give a Second Wind" on Mina, her fatigue had made her sad.
Yay, happy birthday, my precious little girl!

Krishna: Here's a pic of Mina and I as children with Mint the birthday girl.
Mint: Oooh, I get the Hatsune Miku hair? Can I keep it forever, huh? Huh, huh?

Hey, Mint! I only have two green hairstyles for female children and didn't want to use your mother's hair again. You wanna keep it?
Mint: Yes, forever and ever! Even when I'm old and grey!

Well, anyway, I'm overjoyed that you inherited your mother's sculpted cheekbones!

Mint: Hi folks! I'm now a Music Lover and Artistic Prodigy, with the Happy Toddler trait.

Mint: Great-Gran, come look and see my drawing!
Daniela: You're a smart cookie, Mint! Invited me back into the club, did you?

Mint: Well, I could have just asked Papa or Grandma Jessminder to encourage me….
Daniela: Right, but you'd like to become good friends with me. Your proactiveness is commendable!

Mint: Um, would you mind if I draw instead of chat? The Big Switch happens tonight!

Mina: Ugh, leveling Charisma is so boring! Can't Jessminder just make me a Snagglefluster?
Krishna: Don’t act spoiled, dear! My parents and I earned most of the coin for Mansion Baron, so you could focus on your career and avoid maxing the wrong skills.
And, anyway, you don't need to max Charisma. You just need to gain 1.5 more levels! Sheesh!
Mina: Hmmmph!

Krishna: What happened to Rambunctious Scamp, son?
Jagger: Eh, I finished that a while ago. Now I'm trying to max Piano. That way, I can maybe mentor Mint whenever the nanny's gone.

Krishna: Why would you want to do this instead of working on your own Character Values.
Jagger: I'm just a spare, so I don't want to upstage the heir, gnomesayin'?

Mint: I notice a new option for toys called "Play with emotion." I wonder what that does?
Well, that didn’t make any difference at all!

Speaking of emotion, poor Uncle Jagger entered the Loud phase this morning. What decides which phase a kid enters and when?

Huh. I thought I was doing so well with becoming good friends with the founder.
But I checked my relations, and she's only my acquaintance even though our friendship is almost maxed. Boo!

Alfonso: That Top-Notch Toddler is some powerful mojo!
With my Genius trait, I took forever to max the Logic skill, even with Papa Arun mentoring me the last five levels!
Meanwhile, Jagger has maxed Violin, completed Rambunctious Scamp, and almost reached Level 7 Piano!

Well, if Jagger's gonna get buff as a teen, so am I! Shiver me timbers, I'm a Rambunctious Scamp, too!

Mina: You fabulous man, you! Have I told you recently how much I love you, darling?
Krishna: Awww, shucks! Are you just saying that because I completed Painter Extraordinaire this morning?
Or do you like me when I bring home the All-Season Deluxe Easel as part of my promotion?

Jessminder: You and me, son! Get ready for Mint's portrait marathon next week!
Krishna: Mama, do you mind? I was having a romantic moment with my gorgeous wife.

Krishna: My little girl is ready to age up a little before midnight!
Mint: Why isn't everyone around to celebrate my birthday, Papa? And why are you posing?

Mina: We're all preparing to help you with your teen move-out requirements, dear Mint.
And your father? He happens to be feeling invincible today. Please humor him, k?

Mint: And I'm now a Cheerful Music Lover with the Musical Genius aspiration.
No extra traits from Character Values because I've spent all day on completing Artistic Prodigy.

This is the look the game gave me. I'm kinda digging the threads but need mah green hair!

Mint: I've decided to keep the hairstyle I aged up with, but in green.
Krishna: Oh dear, our daughter's so gorgeous! No boy will ever be good enough for her!

Mint: What are you going on about, Papa! I thought you already had someone in mind for me?

Mint: The first thing I do after my make-over is look for a job.
I decide to become a Fast Food Employee despite the fact that I'm a vegetarian.

I start work on Sunday, but then I'm off on Monday and Tuesday. What a great schedule!

Mint: Watchette, what's going on? I only learn the Piano skill tonight!
Don’t your charges usually complete Artistic Prodigy with four levels in a musical instrument?

Usually, yes. But we forgot to buy you the Morning Sim or Night Owl reward trait. *coughs
Mina: Who exactly do you mean by "we," kimo sabe?
Mint: Whatever, I see that I have the Night Owl trait now. Mentor me up, Nanny!

And since the Dineros have actually gone an hour past The Big Switch, it's time to bid farewell to the Dineros until Week 7.

Final Week 6 Status of the Dineros

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
   Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
   Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
   Mansion Baron aspiration: done
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
   Career: Tech Guru (Level  9)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements:
  Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
  Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
  Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 1)
  A grade in high school: "C"
  Unique skills:
  Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier I)
  Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; (3 more)
  Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.58. Getting Busy in da Jungle (08/19)
« Reply #263 on: August 19, 2017, 03:53:28 PM »
6.58. Akira Soma (1/4): Getting Busy in da Jungle

Previously in Week 5:
The Soma founder Yukio remarks to the Gen4 heir Akira that his own handsome genes have been replaced with those of Akira's less attractive father, Bradly;
Akira seeks to heal his wounded pride by reminding himself that he completed the Serial Romantic aspiration;
Last Saturday at 10 pm, Akira moves out to the 20x15 Oak Alcove lot then moves in Ulrike Faust and Maaike Haas with their adopted daughters Jun and Erina, respectively;
Jun is thrilled to finally become Akira's girlfriend and we leave the Gen3 Soma household after Jun learns she's eating for two.

Week 6/Sunday

Akira: Unbelievably, Watchette only realized a few days ago that each bloodline's fifth lot is a throwaway lot.
Jun: Because this challenge ends when the Gen5 heirs move out?

Akira: Yeah, the Gen5 heirs never actually build or reside on their lots unless one of the bloodlines fail.
Jun: So, you mean we could have been living on one of those two 30x20 lots, instead of squeezed into this 20x15?

Akira: Tragic, isn't it? Oh well, that at least gives us more cash for my restaurant.

Jun: I can't remember now if I'd had time to eat carrots last week.
But we have a baby son, just like we wanted!
We will be renaming him Satoshi as soon as he ages up.

Ulrike: What did my grand-son get named while we were away, Jun?
Jun: Mack, ugh.

Akira: I briefly invite Luna Villareal over because she's still my girlfriend from my teen years.
Luna: So you were just doing the Serial Romantic aspiration? You never really cared for me?

Akira: Let's just be friends, okay? I want to make sure I can propose to the mother of my child.
You're the big dynasty spouse favorite for challenges these days, Luna. Your future is golden, girl!

Erina: Thanks so much for tutoring me in painting, Auntie Ulrike.
Ulrike: You're welcome, Erina. I'm grooming you to marry the Gen4 heir who is now just a nooboo.

Erina: Well, I was a Top-Notch Todder, so painting should be a walk in the park!
Ulrike: Great! Max painting asap so you can continue learning to garden! You'll need to max writing, too!

Akira: I'm going to add Grandpa Yukio to our club, Ulrike, so he can mentor and you can paint!
Ulrike: Good idea! We can really use more income!

Maaike: I want to buy that Open Book hanging for this room, then remember that I'm only a Level 4 Writer.
Really, only Level 4?

I blame it entirely on Megumi's Tex-Mex restaurant, Nacho Mama!
Being a helper for the Mansion Barons is such an easier gig! *sighs

Akira: Although I ended Week 5 as a Level 3 Charity Organizer, I've somehow autonomously earned two promotions since then.
Hey, I'm not complaining!

Before I hit up the Wishing Well, I invite over the Soma founder Yukio (my gramps) and his daughter Megumi (my mother).
I prefer to complete my daily task before making wishes.
Incidentally, I can't ask household members for political donations, but non-household relatives are fair game.

And noice! I only need Grandpa Yukio's donation to complete my daily task!

Akira: I give the Well two $5,000 offerings only for my boss to tell me he'll see to me "next time."
Megumi: Why two offerings? Your household is so poor now!

Akira: The Well glowed orange after the first offering, so I made another offering for the white glow before making a wish.
Mama, since you're here, may I inspire you about my political cause?

Megumi: You've only raised $100 so far? Here's my $25 donation. You should host a fund-raising event at your grandfather's lot.

Jun: Just a little post-natal pudge that I'm going to jog off in the evening air.
I wanna look nice for Akira, even though Watchette doesn't like him that much.

Hey, what do you mean by that?
Jun: So obvious! You've been planning for months to build a fantastic, romantic Italian trattoria.
But does Akira get to run it? No! He's going to be the only Soma heir with a retail shop!

Oh puhleeze! Don't tell me you've already forgotten how buggy Megumi's Nacho Mama got?
Jun: So no more restaurants for the rest of this challenge?
Well, it depends on whether the store's requirements can be completed without glitching.

Jun (whispers): I bet Satoshi will get that Italian trattoria if he's cute enough. *crosses fingers

Akira: How typical! The heir is locked into a windowless, basement room to craft camping mascots!
Isn't it bad enough that I'm stuck with a store instead of restaurant?!
Get over yourself, bro! Let's make as much progress as possible with your shop before Satoshi ages up.!

Akira: Yeah, yeah, we just need the start-up funds!
I've picked the site, the theme, and the shop name already! The Somas are in this to WIN!!!

Jun: So I saw Mina Dinero, her hubby Krishna, and father-in-law Aruna are fishing nearby. Don't they have better things to do?

Akira: Nah, she's probably just fishing here instead of near her house to flaunt her progress.
Mina only needs her final job promotion to complete all her requirements and her daughter's already a teen.
Jun: Ahhh, no wonder the three of them are looking all relaxed!

Ulrike: Maaike and I have taken vacation days from work and Erina's home with the nooboo.
Why are we here at Potter Splay in Willow Creek?
Akira: Well, I have a little surprise for all of you.

Ulrike: Akira, please don't tell me that outdoor abomination is…
Akira: Remember I'm named after the Spice Prince, Akira Hayama, from the "Food Wars" manga?
Well, that's my new store, Spice Jungle! I know it doesn't look like much yet….

Akira: Even though the shop looks awful at this point, opening it the first day of our week is a good idea!
Jun: Right, let's work around the clock until Satoshi's birthday!

Ulrike: I'm on board now, too! We can renovate the store as we go.
Maaike: The hardest part will be earning 8,600 total perk points!

Akira: With our 5% markup, the four of us are constantly ringing up customers!
Hey, Jun! Why are you restocking now when several customers need attending!
Let's restock all together after closing the store!

Jun: You're right! We earn way more perk points for talking with and ringing up customers!

Ulrike: Oh wow, look who's here! It's that hawt vampire bro, Masato Yamaguchi! He's sooooo cute!
*squees and abandons a customer to run off toward Masato

Masato: Oh, I didn't realize you live with the Somas, girl.
Ulrike: You could live with me---I mean, us--too, you know! *bats eyelashes
Masato: No can do, sweetheart. I've made a bro pact with Jung! You looking for a baby daddy?

Ulrike (whispers): Pssst, Watchette. Please?
Well, there is one spot left in your club besides the founder….but not today.
Ulrike: *totally ignores the "not today" and proceeds to audaciously flirt with Masato

Masato: Well, if Ulrike's going to be this forward with me, I might as well buy this V.I.P. Bucket.
I'm not just seeking a baby mama. What I want is a love slave!

Akira: Excuse me, sir, but swimwear is not appropriate dress for this establishment.
Masato: Hey, talk to Ulrike! She's the one who asked me to change!
Ulrike: I'm doing my job, boss! Only one flirty social for every two retail socials and he's buying, right?

Akira: A little past 11 pm, we have enough perk points to buy our first reward: Faster Checkouts (Large)!
Thank you so much, Nancy Landgraab!
Maaike: But no thanks to Ulrike, who's been flirting up a storm with vampire boi all this time.

Akira: Time to close the shop and restock, people!
Ulrike: Wait, wait! I need to ask Masato to hang out first!

Ulrike: Come here, you gorgeous creature, you!
Masato: Usually, I like controlling the pace of a relationship, but I'm gonna let you have your way with me this time.
Hold on a sec! I do believe this is my very first kiss!

Akira: Carry on, you two. Don't mind us in the background, restocking practically the entire store!
On a positive note, we sold 33 items by midnight. Not bad for a first day in a sparsely decorated store!


Masato: Where has the time gone? It's already past midnight!
Wait till my bro Jung hears that you're my girl now, Ulrike! He'll be so jelly!
Ulrike: It's too good to be true, right?

Masato: So, may I turn you?
Ulrike: Sadly, no. I already have several reward traits as the Soma portrait painter.
Because of those traits, I'm pretty sure the rules prevent me from being turned.

Masato: You know, I never noticed this party bush when I first walked by, but in you go!
Ulrike (whispers): Thanks for the party bush, Watchette!
Yeah, I'm supportive like dat!

Akira (sighs): Watchette is so unfair! That Masato is just a helper in a rival bloodline!
I'm the Gen3 Soma heir but just look at how many nice shots of Masato this update includes! *pouts

Oh well! I can't wait until Jungle Spice takes on more of a jungle theme! How would that be possible? Hmmmm....

Masato: Dang, dat girl works fast!
Ulrike: Yep, eating for two!

Current Week 6 Status: Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements:  None
  Retail perks: Faster Checkouts (Large)
  Career: Politican/Charity Organizer (L5)
*Incomplete requirements: 
  Store: Jungle Spice, resale value = $42,707
  Retail perks: Serious Shopper, Faster Restocking (Large), Sure Sale, and Cheaper Restocking

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
   Age: Nooboo

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.58. Getting Busy in da Jungle (08/19)
« Reply #264 on: August 19, 2017, 05:14:13 PM »
Wow, Ulrike and Masato were hot and heavy in a hurry!!  Poor Akira, not getting all of his face time.  He did get that cool hedged in store!  I thought it was a pretty cool and unique design and can't wait to see what more you do with it!!
Also, Akira letting Luna down gently with the whole she's-the-darling-of-dynasty-players-everywhere bit was great!  It's also the same sort of logic that had poor Candy stuck as our gluttonous houseguest instead of Gaivan's wife  ;=)

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.59. Smooth Sailing, Mostly (08/21)
« Reply #265 on: August 21, 2017, 09:21:52 AM »
I think the Gen4 Dinero heir, Mint, aged up into a knock-out teen, but you are not into greenies, perhaps?
Ulrike having a needless nooboo only increases the amount of micro-managing this challenge would require, but when he showed up at the shop and Ulrike gravitated toward him, I couldn't resist.  Erm, I mean, Ulrike couldn't resist.
Thanks for your anticipation about Jungle Spice, but they may complete all the store requirements before I muster the energy to renovate. Restaurants are so much fun to plan and build---stores not so much. I wonder why.
When I checked Akira's relationships, I was surprised to see that he'd never broken up with Luna. He must have been in too big a rush to catch up with Dinero and Zanna heirs by moving out.

6.59. Akira Soma (2/4): Smooth Sailing, Mostly

Previously in Week 6 (yesterday):
   · Akira fights his bitterness upon realizing that he could have moved to one of the two remaining 30x20 lots instead of his 20x15 Oak Alcove;
   · Akira and Jun are overjoyed, though, that the Gen4 Soma heir--their child--is a boy;
   · As the first Soma to run a retail shop instead of a restaurant, Akira ponders whether this switch a blessing or a demotion;
   · With little fanfare, his new shop Jungle Spice stays open for 15 hours on Sunday, closing with the purchase of its first retail perk;
   · Meanwhile, Ulrike slacks on her customer service to make time with a certain vampire bro.

Week 6/Monday

Ulrike: Before we start with Monday morning, allow me to indulge myself by sharing this screenshot taken at Jungle Spice.
This captures the very moment when my honey Masatao Yamaguchi heard "The Big News."
Adorable or what?

Jun: Satoshi has been such an easy nooboo to care for.
He hardly ever fusses and always smiles when I hold him. Where did he get those big eyes?

Ulrike: I've been painting some math diagrams for Akira's woodworking studio.
But space prints are what we really need for the gardening area!
I foreesee a trip to Desert Bloom Park in the near future!

Ulrike: Awwww, ain't he sweet phoning me for a morning date? He must be a daywalker!
I don't think anyone's visiting the Solar Lounge recently.
Maaike: Yeah, didn't visiting the Solar Lounge used to spawn a bunch of elders in the simverse?

Jun: I mostly look after Satoshi, play the violin, or garden. The garden area is so dreary now. *sighs
Akira: Listen, hun. Our first priority is the store. Once we've sold it, we'll be swimming in coin.
And you need to hurry with the watering and the grafting, dear!

Jun: What difference does it make?
Akira: My woodworking studio is only 2 tiles wide now to make room for growing the trees you plan to graft.
I deserve a more spacious studio, Jun! It's positively claustrophobic in there!

Akira: I'm working from home today, so I head out to Uptown to complete my assignments.
I invite my mother and Grandpa Yukio along to "discuss neighborhood changes."
And getting to know potential donors is always a positive! Easy-peasy!

Jun: We're not allowed to leave our nooboo home alone and a hired nanny won't stay if we work a store or restaurant.
That's why we need to wait for Erina to get home from high school to babysit Satoshi.

Akira: We arrive at Jungle Spice after 3 pm and enjoy a brisk business, just like yesterday.
And yes, that's Ulrike carrying on with her vampire paramour who came to buy a stove.
Jun: A stove?

Ulrike: I have to say that I'm loving the retail industry! It attracts a different crowd of sims.
Thanks to Jungle Spice, I've become Masato's baby mama AND also get to meet these two guys.
Wyatt Patrick is the host at Chez Llama and Wyatt Owen is Bedrock Strait's community gardener.
Very handsome, both of them! But, sorry, guys! Masato is moah bettah!


Akira: It's 12:30 am when we finally have enough perk points to buy another retail perk.
I'm torn between "Serious Shopper" and "Faster Restocking (Large)," but finally buy Serious Shopper.
Ulrike: Good choice! Nothing worse than a shop full of window shoppers!

Akira: Okay, folks. Jungle Spice is closed! Let's restock all the merchandize asap!
Jun: Wait a sec, Akira! We just got Satoshi's birthday notice!

Akira: I take a quick trip home to age up my boy and give him a make-over, then return to the shop with Satoshi and Erina.
While we're restocking, Satoshi can just repeatedly walk around the shop to "Watch" us.
Check out Satoshi's irresistible smile!

Satoshi Soma aged up to a toddler nearly 24 hours earlier than Mint Dinero. Why?
Because I missed Mint's birthday notice so she aged up naturally, but I saw Satoshi's notice as soon as it appeared.

Maaike: Erina, what in heaven's name are you doing!?
Erina: Working on my school project?

Maaike: I see that. But you're Level 7 in painting and writing now. Why are you doing a project that builds Programming?
Erina: This wasn't my choice, believe me! It's just what I brought home.

Maaike (whispers): Would replacing it with a Painting-related project damage your Responsibility?

Satoshi: I "watch" the rest of the household, but not Erina.
With Erina, I gaze upon her with the rapt adoration deserving of my future wifey.

Erina (interally): Satoshi is kinda adorable in a totally age-inappropriate way.
As you rush to learn skills and age up, Satoshi, remember that my young adult birthday is on Friday, Week 7!

Ulrike: Hey guys, could we make a quick stop at San Myshuno on the way home? I need to buy some produce.
Akira: Sure, I'll come with you to meet potential donors. Jun, you need to go home in case of a vampire break-in.

Jun: Hey, guys! You sent me home but I came back to San Myshuno, anyway.
Akira: Aaaaaannnnd, we get trapped by a vampire break-in, thanks to Lio Zanna.

Akira: Why couldn't you just stay home like I asked you to, Jun?
Jun: I didn't like staying home by myself. Anyway, didn't the vampire break-ins at community venues get fixed in the last patch?

Akira: Apparently not, since we're all forced to stay in San Myshuno until 7 a.m.
Jun: Sowwy…

Akira: An hour before my work shift, I get promoted to Level 6 Charity Organizer.
Then, the Well generously arranges another full promotion to Level 7.
On the plus side, I'm off for the next three days until Friday.
On the minus side, I need to collect $1,350 more in donations.

Now that I can collect $250 donations instead of $100 or $25, though, it will go quickly, I hope!

Akira: Looking across the street, I notice the pond behind Grandpa Yukio's home swarms with dynasty folks.
What luck! Besides Caleb (who is now my good friend), I'd never met any of them before.

I work my way through that crowd, introducing myself, promoting my cause after some small talk, then asking for a $250 donation.
Thanks to them, I'm able to raise $1,500 in donations in a very short time.
Of course, my Level 10 Charisma makes schmoozing even easier.

Akira: Speaking of maxed Charisma, I remember that I can "Negotiate Bonus" to boost my job performance.
Drats, my job performance drops instead of rising.

Oh well, the Well just gave me a full promotion this morning and every single one of those sims fishing across the street donated to my cause.
Seems asking for another job performance boost was pushing my luck!

Jun: Erina's still at school, so we take Satoshi along with us to Jungle Spice. The store's packed as usual.

Ulrike: I'm so touched that you drop by the shop every day, Masato. It's a busy time for our household.
Hey, you wanna feel the baby? He's starting to kick!
Masato: Did you just call our unborn baby "he"?
Ulrike: Well, I'm hoping for a little boy who looks just like his handsome papa.

Satoshi: I wake up feeling sad but also have a whim to talk to a stranger.
I waddle over to the shop to talk to the sim with the red beard.

But Auntie Maaike won't stop yakking and just ignores me.
She makes me wait so long to talk to the stranger that now I have go potty!

Maaike: Hmmph! Ulrike gets to have a boyfriend, but I don't?

Satoshi: Is it just me or do you also thinking asking your future wife for potty help is awkward?

Akira: Serious Shopper + Faster Checkouts (Large) = WIN!

For some reason, the same customers keep getting recycled.
I wonder what criteria decides which sims will visit my store. They're all random townies, except for Katrina Caliente and the Landgraabs.

Maaike: By 11 pm, we've earned another 1,400 perks points so Akira closes the store.

Akira: As our third perk, I buy Faster Restocking (Large). Only two more to go!
It's going to take us at least three days to earn our remaining 4,500 perk points.

Jun: Something tells me that Jungle Spice will be extensively remodeled.
Why bother? It might be ready to sell by the end of this week!

Current Week 6 Status: Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Career: Politican/Charity Organizer (L7)
  Retail perks: Serious Shopper, Faster Checkouts (Large), Faster Restocking (Large)
*Incomplete requirements:
  Store: Jungle Spice, resale value = $63,933
  Retail perks: Sure Sale and Cheaper Restocking

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Trait: Inquisitive
Toddler skills: Level 2 Communication/Imagination/Potty/Thinking; Level 1 Movement

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.59 Smooth Sailing, Mostly (08/21)
« Reply #266 on: August 21, 2017, 09:53:42 PM »
Poor Maaike!!  Ulrike gets to do her thang with vampbro, but Maaike can't have an adorable (and possibly redheaded) daughter.
Oh heavens, Satoshi's odd life!  Being a toddler and knowing that the teen potty training him is his future wife.  Future therapy bills right there.
You're doing an awesome job on the rewards!!  I imagine the remodel might be the needed step to get it up to par on resale value.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.60 Dem Darn VIP Buckets (08/23)
« Reply #267 on: August 23, 2017, 03:52:59 PM »
Yes, poor Maaike, but two toddlers per generation are quite enough to handle.
Plus, Masato the vampire bro and his secret outfit are just amazing! The redbearded Patrick Wyatt and the cutie garden Wyatt Owen can't hold a candle to Masato.
The early age-ups for heirs really really adds hilarity to the timing for their relationships, don't they?
Happily, their teen stages will overlap for a day or two.
Meh, I did try to remodel but ran out of steam, hehe. Saving my energy for the trattoria!

6.60. Akira Soma (3/4): Dem Darn VIP Buckets

Previously in Week 5:
*The Gen4 heir, Satoshi Soma, is now an inquisitive toddler, but Erina still needs to stay home to babysit him;
*After a romp in the party bush with her new boyfriend, the vampire bro Masato Yamaguchi, the pregnant Ulrike's tummy continues to grow;
*Akira can now ask for $250 donations which makes charty fund-raising much easier;
*The household's main goals now are to help Satoshi learn and to meet Jungle Spice's requirements;
*Presently, Jungle Spice needs two more retail perks and about $50,000 more in resale value..

Week 6/Wednesday

Akira: Satoshi is an inquisitive toddler.

He actually gets a Sad moodlet when he hasn't learned anything new in a while.

Erina: I'm so lucky! I have Mama as my writing mentor and Auntie Ulrike as a my painting mentor.
Maaike: And yay! Our Writing Room finally got furnished!

Satoshi: At last, we come outside for some fresh air! I hate having to stay indoors all the time!
When I grow up and start working on my Freelance Botanist aspiration, I'm doing all my gardening on this rooftop deck!
Akira: You still have two more birthdays to go, but yeah.

Jun: I guess I'm the least useful member of the household, since I generate no income.
Now that we have a microscope, though, I've been getting prints for our garden room.
Their Focused boost isn't as high as that of space prints, but it'll do for now.

Satoshi: Shoot, I forgot that I need to garden downstairs for the Focused boost!

Erina: I'm just trying to get 2-3 levels of Wellness, enough to level it whenever I'm left at home.
I wonder what Satoshi wants to do when he gets older. Will our traits be compatible?

Akira: I swear the vegetarian caterer we hired the other day looks just like our gardener!

Akira: After helping Satoshi with his skills until he gets sleepy, we leave for Jungle Spice.
I see you've made a show of effort, Watchette. But, seriously, is this the best you can do?
An enlarged Chef Gino MySims as our store mascot?

Well, I considered converting the store into a jungle treehouse, but the current first story has no floor, so that's too much trouble.
I found some cool elephant cc, but it was removed by the creator so I'm looking for something else.
You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what little I found.

Maaike: Well, thanks for not forcing us to wear animal-print uniforms, Watchette.
I considered that briefly as well, hehe.

Wyatt Patrick (red beard): Where are you going all on your little one? Are you lost?
Satoshi: Nah. As sleepy as I am, I'm being made to WALK to my bed in the backroom for my Movement skill.
Hey, no complaining! The sooner you can age up, the better!

Erina: It's just Satoshi and me in the shop's backroom. Whenever he naps, I paint.
And when he wakes up, I help him with his skills.
Only a teenager but a model spouse already, that's me! Yep!

Satoshi: Who needs an airplane shot with Papa when I can be with my lovely Erina!

Ulrike: What are you doing way over there, daughter dear? You need to come help with the customers!
Jun: But I want to go check on Satoshi.

Ulrike (sighs): The backroom's door is locked to everyone except Satoshi and Erina.
Anyway,  I'm pretty sure Satoshi is being well cared for by Erina.
Jun: *trudges back to the shop

Akira: Unlike Erina, I wouldn't exactly call you a model spouse.
You constantly drop queues and why do you keep flirting with the customers tonight?
Jun: You can't even call me a "model spouse," dude, because you've never proposed.

Akira: After tonight, I'm not sure I want to.


Jun: Just past midnight, we're ready to close up.
Three of us start restocking while Maaike handles any stragglers who need ringing up.

Akira: I'm getting rid of these VIP buckets. Every time one sells, half the sims on the lot get flirty.
Jun: I blame the VIP buckets!

Akira: After restocking, we have exactly 2,000 perk points so I buy our fourth perk, Sure Sales.

Ulrike: I go into labor while restocking, so I rush off to the hospital alone.
Sadly, Watchette decides against joining me at the hospital, so I couldn't invite Masato along.

I have a boy, just as I'd hoped, and I name him Makoto (which means "sincerity").
Will he grow up to be a vampire, like his father Masato?

Ulrike: Hey, Akira! You gotta get over your Sad +3 Drifting Love moodlet, boy!
Akira: I can't help the way I feel, Ulrike! And the moodlet still lasts for 13 hours!

Ulrike: Well, you're the heir, dude! You're supposed to inspire and motivate the rest of us!
Akira: You're so right, Ulrike! Thanks! I'll go to my Focused Workshop and make camping mascots.
Ulrike: If I were you, I'd pay a visit to the Well first…

Akira: After the Well arranges for my boss to guarantee me a promotion, I decide to redecorate my studio to lift my spirits.

That's when I realize a vampire break-in has started.
I immediately go around and lock all entrances to our home to Household only and Vitoria's threat dissipates almost as quickly as it began. Whew!

Akira: Okay, folks! I have work tomorrow so Ulrike and Erina have taken days off to do this.
Let's make this count! The last 2,500 perk points for Cheaper Restocking in two days!

Ulrike: Watchette, the white tigers are pretty cool, but couldn't you find any elephants or giraffes?
Sadly, no. But what do you guys care? This store will soon be a thing of the past!

Maaike: Why do all the customers make a beeline to this corner of the shop.
Ulrike: Do you think it's because of the new vases that have replaced the VIP buckets?

Akira: Satoshi only needs one more level each in Imagination and Thinking, then he can age up!
Erina has to stay home with Ulrike's nooboo, so Satoshi is watching the household adults at work.

Ulrike: All things considered, having a nooboo wasn't the greatest idea but I just couldn't resist!
Me, neither!

Masato: I hope you realize, my beloved Ulrike, what efforts I'm expending to see you each and every day.
I can't even eat human food yet I stop by faithfully and buy kitchen appliances I'll never use!
Ulrike: It won't be long until we're done with this store, darling. Then I can invite you over to spend time with your son.

Masato: Are you serious? Jungle Spice sure doesn't appear to have a resale value of $100,000.
Ulrike: Eh, we've been making bank lately. We can just throw a few knight statues in the basement.

Akira: We close the store once Satoshi seems close to completing his age-up requirements.
Jun goes to play dolls with him to help him learn Imagination a little faster.

Jun: Just before midnight, Akira is ready to age-up to a child while the other three are at the shop, busily restocking.


Ulrike: So, how'd we do today, Akira?
Akira: Great! By the time we're done with all the restocking, we'll have 1,590 perk points.

Maaike: Noice! We only need 910 more points for the last perk, right? And the resale value?
Akira: Presently, with all our merchandise restocked, it's $139,217! And I didn't have to use a single knight statue, lol.
We'll be done by Friday night!

Current Week 6 Status: Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Store: Jungle Spice, resale value = $139,217
*Incomplete requirements:
  Retail perks: Cheaper Restocking (almost there!)
  Career: Politician/Charity Organizer (Level 7)

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Trait: Inquisitive
Toddler skills: Happy Toddler trait (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (Tier I of IV)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.61. Farewell, Jungle Spice! (08/26)
« Reply #268 on: August 26, 2017, 11:19:21 AM »
6.60. Akira Soma (4/4): Farewell, Jungle Spice!

Previously in Week 5:
   • When Akira tries the Negotiate Bonus interaction without preparing his mood, his job performance plunges to "ok" (the second tick);
   • The Gen4 heir, Satoshi Soma, is now a Cheerful child with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration and Happy Toddler trait;
   • Presently, Jungle Spice needs only the Cheaper Restocking retail perk, because it already has a resale value over $100,000;
   • After returning from the shop, Akira asks the Wish for a promotion and his boss phones to guarantee him one after his next shift.

Week 6/Friday

Satoshi: I got pop-ups from Grandma Megumi and Grandpa Braddon! They've sent me gifts in the mail.
I'm not going to get two of those creepy Imaginary Friends, am I?
Ulrike: Pretty sure that's only a Sims 3 thing, Satoshi.  Let's just focus on drawing for now, ok?

Akira: In case you're wondering, here's a collage of Satoshi with the childhood portraits of Jun and I.
Jun: Looks like he got your double-lidded eyes but my mouth and jawline.
Akira: Only his teen birthday will tell!

Maaike: So you mentioned having entered a Picky phase last night. Can you tell me more about it?
Erina: I guess I'll have more foods I dislike, even if you call me to eat or encourage me to try new foods.
Maaike: *discusses better eating habits

Erina: Eh, it hardly matters anyway. Whenever I'm hungry, someone always rallies the troops.
The only ones who actually eat around here are nooboos and toddlers!

Akira: Today, everyone's going to work and school.
Everyone, that is, except Jun (who's unemployed) and Satoshi (who doesn't start school until Monday).

I spend my hour before work trying to meet potential donors.
Look at Bjorn Bjergsen! I love the way he listens so seriously while I promote my cause.

Akira: It's time for me to go to work. Thanks for the donation, Bjorn!
Bjorn: Anytime! I'm a huge supporter of your cause (whatever it was)!

Jun: We've hired a nanny for Ulrike's nooboo so that I can stay focused on mentoring Satoshi.
Finally, I get to mentor Satoshi in the sun, instead of being confined in the Garden Room.

Satoshi: Is that why I hardly ever saw you when we weren't at the shop?
Jun: Yeah, I was either gardening or using the microscope! But only five more hours and you'll be a teen!
Satoshi: Cool, so around 4:30 p.m.? Papa will be so surprised when he gets home!

Nanny Liz: I keep hearing barking in the background? Did you folks get a dog?
Jun: No, but I've been hearing it, too, ever since Wednesday's patch!

Satoshi: Oh Mama, can we get a dog? Please, can we? I promise to take care of it and walk it and stuff.
Lol, I used to always make that promise to my mother, but she was always the one who ended up taking care of the parakeet, the cat, the dog…y'all know how that goes!

Satoshi: Why do I need to switch to a piano? I prefer that purple electric keyboard, Mama.
Jun: You maxed Creativity but you haven't acquired the Piano skill yet, so I thought maybe with a piano…

Satoshi: Nope, I still don't have the Piano skill. But whatever, it's not one of my unique skills anyway.

Satoshi: And I'm done! Where's the birthday cake, Mama?

Satoshi: I appreciate your enthusiastic birthday bugling, but do you mind stepping back a bit?
Anyway, I'm now a cheerful Freelance Botanist who loves the outdoors.

Jun: Wow, Satoshi, you're prematurely grey!
Satoshi: No, I'm not! The game wants me to have lavender hair, that's all. When's my makeover?
Jun: We'll need to wait until Papa comes home.

Jun: Satoshi immediately goes outdoors to learn gardening. I think my son's pretty cute even pre-makeover.
Apparently, our flirty nanny seems to agree.

Jun: Nanny Liz, don't MAKE me run over like an enraged mama bear to protect my son!
How dare you try to chat up my teen-age son! How dare you!
Nanny: But I was just…

Jun: Did you even notice that Makoto is upstairs crying his heart out with a dirty diaper? You're fired!

Akira: Now that I'm back from work, Satoshi finally gets his make-over.
I'm not sure exactly who Satoshi resembles. Jun, dear, are you sure he's mine?

Ulrike: We open the store rather late since it will be a short shift.
It's hard to concentrate on sales when a certain vampire gazes longingly at me from nearby.

Satoshi: After changing the backroom into a mini-kitchen, I start learning to cook.
You see, I'll be joining the Food Critic career after I move out.
Though I'm neither a foodie (yet) nor a witty writer, running a store will be easier with a Critic career.

And, yes, you heard me right: I said "store," not restaurant."

Akira: Jun's been a total pain tonight! Whenever I check, she's either chatting or playing the violin.
She has the worse sales quota of the four of us. Maybe she should just ring up customers?

Despite our weak pillar, we manage to earn a total of 2,215 perk points.

Ulrike: Guess who aged up? Makoto is now a toddler.
I need to invite Masato over to spend time with our son.

Since wee Makoto is a born vampire, I wonder if he'd be happier living with his father?


Akira: I have a guaranteed promotion after my next shift, but I don't work again until Monday.
That buys me some time to seek more donations for my cause.  Thank you, Nancy Landgraab!

Can teenagers also make charity donations?
Well, if any teen can afford a $250 donation, that would be my ex-girlfriend Luna Villareal.
And, yes, friends, teens CAN make donations. Good to know!

Akira: I see two of our watcher's fave sims across the street and run over to ask for donations, um, I mean to say hello.

Caleb: Hey, buddy. I'm glad my tips helped you with your Serial Romantic aspiration. I hear you finished it in no time.
By the way, Akira, have you met my son Massimo?

Massimo: Why have you and I not met yet, Akira?
Akira: Well, when I needed to make an enemy from the Zanna line, I chose your brother Lio instead of you.

Masato: I come outside to watch Uncle Akira, and talk to these two strangers (because I'm inquisitive).

Caleb: You must be Makoto, Masato's little boy! Looks as if you're a born vampire, too.
Massimo: Masato will be so happy to hear that!

Caleb: Be sure to come see us when you're older so we can help train you, little one!
Masato: Huh?

Satoshi: The Well arranges my promotion to Level 2 Manual Laborer this morning before work.
At the end of my first day, I'm so close to maxing my teen job that I can almost taste it.

Good thing, too, since it's only a weekend gig. But you know I'll be done with it tomorrow!

Erina (whining): Auntie Jun, I texted my classmate but she hasn't texted back in, like, a whole hour!
Jun: Look around, Erina. We're all hard at work, trying to earn the last 400+ perk points for Jungle Spice.
Maybe your friend is actually working, like you should be?
Just give her time. I'm sure she'll reply as soon as she's free. *rolls eyes

Satoshi's out harvesting plants for his gardening skill, but you need to help out with the customers!

Akira: A little past 3 pm, we've earned enough points to buy our final perk: Cheaper Restocking.
With this, Jungle Spice has officially satisfied all of its requirements for retail perks.
Time to close Jungle Spice's doors for business!

Akira: Jungle Spice sells for the pretty price of $150,148 and I'm free at last!
The customers look a little surprised to be standing on an empty lot.

Now I'll have time to go around collecting donations for my career.
And Satoshi can work on his aspiration and skills without having to come here.

Satoshi: We still have nine more hours until The Big Switch and I intend to keep gardening and cooking until then.
But this is a good moment to conclude our update. See you again in Week 7.

Postscript: The gifts that Grandma Megumi and Grandpa Braddon allegedly mailed to me never arrived!

Final Week 6 Status: The Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Store: Jungle Spice, resale value: $150,048
  Retail perks: done
*Incomplete requirements
  Career: Politician/Charity Organization (Level 8 )

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
  Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 2)
  A in High School: B
  Freelance Botanist: Tier II out of IV
  Skills: L6 Gardening, L7 Gourmet Cooking
  Collection: not yet
  Museum Portrait: not yet
  Good Friends: (Yukio Soma; 3 more)
  Enemies: (Dinero, Zanna)
  Spouse: (Erina Haas)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.61. Farewell, Jungle Spice! (08/26)
« Reply #269 on: August 26, 2017, 01:28:53 PM »
I can't decide whether Satoshi or Mint was the cuter toddler. You're really moving fast with this!

About birthday presents -- depending on what they are (Vlad liked giving decorative plates), they'll show up either in household inventory or the personal inventory of the person who checked the mailbox.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.61. Farewell, Jungle Spice! (08/26)
« Reply #270 on: August 26, 2017, 05:03:24 PM »
Thanks so much for the tip about birthday presents. Satoshi kept checking the mailbox but as a child but the "Get mail" option was always greyed out.
I'll be sure to check the family inventory next time. And, yes, I remember Vlad's decorative plates! Too funny!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.62. Vitoria the Victorious (08/30)
« Reply #271 on: August 30, 2017, 07:20:16 PM »
6.62  Vittoria Zanna (1/4): Vitoria the Victorious

Previously in Week 5:
   • Massimo (Gen2 heir) completes his Master Vampire aspiration, the last of his bloodline requirements;
   •  Because founder Serena wants Bella Goth for the Zanna dynasty, Massimo is tasked to convince Bella to leave Mortimer then Massimo turns her;
   • Now a teen, Vitoria (the Gen3 heir) works diligently on her move-out requirements;
   • Vitoria's twin sister Laura ponders her place in the Zanna dynasty and considers the vampire cure;
   • Very early Saturday morning, Vitoria moves out to Cookout Look, the lot right next door;
   • Her new household includes her spouse Jung Storey, twin Laura, and three helpers: painter Paola Pizzaz, Bella Goth, and Grand Master Vampire Masato Yamaguchi;
   • Jung and Masato are both Bros, so Vitoria builds them their own Bro Room as a tactic to keep her Jung away from her future daughter-in-law, the romantic Bella Goth.

Week 6/Sunday

Vitoria: Yes, Jung and I had a little boy while y'all were off reading about our rivals.
I've named him Ayato, which isn't an Italian name at all, but the name of a hawt pink-haired vampire in that manga Diabolik Lovers.

With Jung and I as his parents, Ayata will no doubt grow up into a most gorgeous vampire!

Masato: I don't know, man. I still think this Bro Room of ours lacks oomph.
Is sports TV on occasion totally unacceptable to Watchette?
Jung: You know very well that we'll be wanting to watch TV all the time yo.

Masato: So, did you hear that I have son with Ulrike now? She named him Makoto.
Here's some photos that Ulrike took of Makoto and me.
Jung: Wow, Masato, why do you look so serious?

Masato I don't know, bro. Being a father feels like such a big responsibility, you know?
Jung: Yeah, I feel the same but we're both gonna be great dads, friend.

Masato: I really hope so, Jung. Look at the way Makoto looks at me, like I'm some kind of hero!
Jung: I heard from Caleb that Makoto's a born vampire. What you gonna do about that?
Masato: I'm still thinking about that, Jung.

Masato: You know I need to "Defeat 3 vampires in combat," right? Would you spar with me?
Jung: I don't mind, but I'm a Master of Darkness so you'll probably lose…

Masato: Gah, I lost 2 out 2. I need to find a weaker opponent to advance my aspiration!

I totally freaked when I notice Masato's Romance bar with Jung. Is their Bro Room to blame?
I select Jung and he has no pink bar with Masato; and when I reselect Masato, that pink bar's gone.
Just a temporary glitch, I guess, but how shocking!

Masato: So we're both pretty evenly matched, Vitoria, so how about we spar?
Vitoria: Great idea, Masato, since I also need to complete the "Defeat 3 vampires in combat" goal.
But I'm the Gen3 heir, so you know what that means?
Masato: Enlighten me, gorgeous.

Vitoria: As much as I adore you as a friend, Masato, I don't have the time to be losing to you.
I'm on the clock to finish my aspiration asap, or I'll lose to my rivals.

Masato: Well, I may just be a "vanity helper," but I'd still like to complete my aspiration, darn it!

Green vampire: Good evening, fellow vampire! My name's Kengo Hayashi! How might you be?
Masato: Oh dear, Kengo! Your look is just not fly!
I like you, so please stop by the house next week and I'll introduce you to the closet we will no doubt own by then.

Kengo: Wow, you're already a Grand Master, Masato! Would you please spar with me?
Masato: What perfect timing and you are a Master Vampire!
Yes, of course, I'll spar with you, Kengo!

Masato: I defeat Kengo three times in a row. Now I definitely owe him a make-over!
Vitoria: Hey, Masato, I hear your popularity has been suffering cuz of your Undead Aura.

Masato: How did you know? You're right! I have little red friendship bars with every non-vampire I've met.
Vitoria: Well, I made you a Draught of Reconfiguration, honey. Go regain all the adoration you deserve!
Masato: I'm touched, Vitoria! How very thoughtful of you!

Bella: I don't mind sparring with you, Vitoria, but can we do it indoors? It's getting light out!
Vitoria: Gah, we're both burning! My Sunlight Resistance is only at 67% still.

Vitoria: Thanks for helping me reach the last tier of my Master Vampire aspiration. You're a real sport!
Bella: I'm pretty sure I couldn't have defeated if I tried. Does my life with you Zannas get better?

Vitoria: Well, once you move out with Ayato, you become the Lady of the House so you can pretty much call the shots.
You could even wear that tacky, tight, red dress again if you wish, but I'd advise against it.
Bella: I can do this! I'll transform myself into the perfect spouse you Zannas are hoping I'll be!

Vitoria: That's the spirit, girl! I know you can do it! Just keep away from my papa Massimo, you hear?

Vitoria: And look, Bella, you have your very own personal trainer! Come, Masato!
Bella: Hmmph, how can Masato be "my very own" when he's already Ulrike's baby daddy?

Jung: Once Ayato grows up, Bella, you won't have eyes for anyone else's baby daddy except your own.
Masato: Do you mind? Could we start training? I have other things I'd like to be doing…

Jung: So, Vitoria didn't like that Bella and I were both feeling Very Flirty by the end of the double training session.
Sheesh, I can't help it! I'm a Romantic sim, like Bella. And, anyway, I was feeling flirty toward Vitoria, not Bella.
I'm a vampire of discernment, I'll have you know.

And that's why I'm in Granite Falls picking herbs. Vitoria banished me from the house until I'm not feeling flirty. *sighs

Vitoria: I'm pretty sure today is my first day of work, because I would remember wearing this lame career outfit.
Why do I have to dress like a convenience store clerk!?

I'm only Level 3 Culinary right now, but I have a guaranteed promotion.
I'll really have to rely on the Wishing Well if I want to get promoted at the same rate as my rivals with their reward traits.

Last night, I was taking a midnight stroll when I ran into Akira Soma.
You gotta respect that guy! He was so far behind in Week 4 but he's managed to catch up and even overtake Mint, the Gen4 Dinero heir,

However, I'm not in the least concerned about him staying ahead of my son Ayato.
So when Akira asked me for a donation, I generously donated $1,000 to his cause.

Jung: I'm mentoring you in Handiness, bro, because I want you to move out with Ayato. You with me?
Masato: Well, you can't leave this house but I can, so I figured that was the plan.
Jung: Yeah, since you're a Grand Master, you could continue training Ayato after he moves, too.

Masato: You think Ayato would be down with me inviting my son Makoto to live with us?
Jung: I know Makoto would be happier living with you, but what about the rules?
Masato: Yeah, I'm pretty sure that once the Soma heir moves out, Makoto reverts to a regular townie.

Jung: What a beautiful smile, Ayato! I'm sorry your papa hasn't been around much.
I've been busy making money so that you'll have an easier time completing your move-out requirements.

Life is so unpredictable, my precious son! Let me tell you about my life.
Serena, the Zanna founder, turned me into a vampire weeks ago but I burned to death.
Then she took me in my ghostly form into her home and gave me life again.

I never imagined that I would one day become the father of Serena Zanna's grandson.
The Zanna founder granted me with immortality not once, but twice.
I will repay my debt to the Zanna dynasty by doing all I can to ensure that your mama and you succeed!


Jung: Hey, that looks like a new work uniform, sweetheart!
Vitoria: Yep! After bringing home my Level 4 promotion tonight, the Well arranges for my full promotion to Level 5!
How was everyone's day?

Jung: Well, Laura's been using the Observatory most of the day, so her Logic has soared, even without mentoring.
Vitoria: Nice! And you?

Jung: I've been alternating between grafting the garden and mentoring Masato in handiness.
Even though I haven't been mentoring Masato the whole time, he already has Level 5 Handiness.
Vitoria Excellent news! He'll be ready for a trip to Granite Falls soon!

Vitoria: And Bella? What's she been up to today?
Jung (sighs): Bella's gardening skill is still Level 1.

Vitoria: Get outta here! Bella's been mostly gardening for the last 24 hours.
That Gen4 Soma heir reached Level 6 Gardening and Level 7 Gourmet Cooking during the final 24+ hours of their week.
That means he also has Level 5 Homestyle Cooking at least, all while spending time at the store, too.

Jung: I'm not sure what Bella's problem is, but she seems to be spending more time mopping up after herself.
Vitoria: Unbelievable! Do you think she'll reach Level 5 gardening by the time Ayato is ready to move out?
She needs to be in charge of his household's garden. *rolls eyes

Bella: Vitoria's got me so conditioned that I'm actually grateful to be sitting around in a baggy sweater reading a gardening skill book.
Earlier, I overheard Jung and Masato chatting about Vitoria going on a vampire dueling spree once she got home.

To be honest, I've been a little worried that I would have to be her opponent again.
Thankfully, she has found another punching bag, it seems.

Ayaka: How can you treat me like this, Vitoria? At one point, the Zanna founder even considered me as a spouse candidate.
Vitoria: Oh puhleeze, everyone's talking about the idiot vampire who goes out to dine every night but spends half her time throwing up in the restroom.
It's uncouth vampires like you that give the rest of us a bad name!

Spectator: That Vitoria must really be proud of her mixologist uniform! She wears it even for vampire duels!
Weird that. I'm not sure why she didn't change clothes when she assumed her dark form.

Vitoria: Surprisingly, I reach the Master Vampire rank after only three duels.
I remember Papa saying he spent hours and hours dueling to become a Master Vampire.
Whatever, I'm glad that I have no more duels in my future!

Ayako: Feels really weird to be dueling with someone dressed like a cook, though.

Vitoria: Ignoring Ayako's remark, I rush inside and mix another Draught of Reconfiguration.
This one's for me!

Vitoria: For my Tier 5 vampire powers, I choose Mist Form and--on Watchette's urging--Tamed Thirst.
I'm still a Child of the Moon with full Sunlight Resistance, too!

Vitoria: My darling Ayato, I can't wait for you to age up tomorrow night!
Your mother has really good news for you, too.

Except for my career, I only need to wait on my garden and my Master Vampire to complete.
So whenever I'm not at work, my beloved son, I'll have all the time in the world for you!

Current Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
  Garden (6 plants): not yet
  Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 5)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
  Age: Still a nooboo

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.62. Vitoria the Victorious (08/30)
« Reply #272 on: September 01, 2017, 08:16:26 PM »
Looking forward to seeing Ayato as a toddler! Poor Bella -- gardening just isn't her thing.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.62. Vitoria the Victorious (08/30)
« Reply #273 on: September 02, 2017, 12:50:36 AM »
Finally caught back up!  You're making such excellent progress. Akira had some really impressive catch-up time and Satoshi's childhood was almost non-existent!
Vitoria is so lovely.  She definitely takes after Serena  :=)  I'll be interested to see how the genetic addition of Bella adds/enhances to the genetics.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.63. Ayato the Adorable
« Reply #274 on: September 03, 2017, 12:19:51 AM »
Just when I think toddlers can't get any cuter, Ayato comes along!
I'm wondering if Bella's gardening skill was bugged now. Even at Level 6 gardening, she continues to spill water but she can graft!

I'm glad you're back and hope I'll be reading another wonderful Took update soon!
Yes, the Somas have worked really hard to catch up but, let's be honest here--we all know who my favorite family is. *grins sheepishly
I've never actually played Bella and her family as an active household, so her gardening ineptitude makes me laugh. I truly require gardening of all my sims, haha.
Regardless, "pollinating" Bella has produced outstanding results in the past. So, I intend to have Bella give birth to boy/girl twins, albeit that would be a totally time-wasting and unnecessary move in terms of the challenge.

6.63  Vittoria Zanna (2/4): Ayato the Adorable

Previously this week (Week 6):
   • Vitoria's spouse Jung and Masato Yamaguchi have so much in common! They're both Grand Master vampires, bros, and the fathers to sons;
   • Masato imbibes a Draught of Reconfiguration to get rid of his Undead Aura;
   • Bella Goth, future spouse of Ayato (Gen4 Zanna heir) has absolutely no knack for gardening, staying at Level 1 after hours of gardening;
   • After reaching Grand Master rank, Vitoria also drinks a Draught of Reconfiguration to gain two Tier-5 vampire powers;
   • Vitoria's garden is coming along and she only needs to "Survive 19 more days as a vampire to compete her aspiration;
   • The entire household is ready and committed to helping Vitoria and Ayato succeed.
Week 6/Monday

Masato: Just as Vitoria predicted, I ding Level 7 Handiness and take a quick trip to Granite Falls.
It's good to know that I'll be able to add to household income!
Helping Bella with the garden would probably be a good idea, too.

I can't say yet whether I prefer my Vampiricity Run to Travel in Bat Form.
Maybe I'll work on earning more points then buy Travel in Mist Form! Yeah, that's what I'll do!

Paola: Well, finally, someone remembers that I live in this household, too!
Vitoria: Let's see if you can bring home the All-Season Deluxe Easel before Ayato's teen birthday.
Go ahead, Paola! Make a wish!

Paola: Woooo, the Well grants me a guaranteed promotion.
Vitoria: Sadly, the Well gives me a "better luck next time" outcome.

Masato: Sorry to hear about Paola stealing your Well mojo, Vitoria.
What about an aromatherapy massage before you leave for work?

Vitoria: Masato, how did I never know until now what a great masseur you are, Masato?
Masato: Well, you've been relying pretty heavily on the Well so far this week, but I can be useful, too.

Vitoria: Everyone's noticed that you are currently Watchette's new favorite sim, you know!
If Watchette had discovered you several weeks ago, I'm sure you'd be my baby daddy instead of Ulrike's.

Masato: Hey, don't give me any ideas while Jung's at work! And, anyway, Jung's my bro!
Vitoria: Yeah, I know. I was just talking about timing and what if's.

Laura: Thanks for all the encouragement and for helping me with my school project!
Even though I realize that you're just practicing your parenting skills with me…
Bella: Oh c'mon, honey. Don't be like that! We neglected sims need to stick together!

Laura: Look at my character values, Auntie Bella! My upbringing has been totally ignored!
Would you help me to become either Responsible or Good-Mannered? I'd be happy with just one!
Bella: I'm sorry, Laura, but I won't have much free time once Ayato ages up to a toddler.

Laura: I knew you'd say that! Oh well, I'll just try to build responsibility by myself.
Bella: I'll ask the others so that all four of us will help you out once a day, okay?

Vitoria: Hey, Bella! Nice to hear that you've made it to Level 5 Gardening!
Bella: Thanks for noticing, Vitoria! Reading the skill book really helped, since reading doesn't require mopping.

Vitoria: I still can't figure out why you initially took so long. We even have the Homey lot trait!
Bella: Now that I can graft, though, it won't be a problem, right?
And don't forget that I have the Family Oriented trait! I can look after Ayato while you're working!


Vitoria: It's almost 2 am, Jung! Why haven't we received Ayato's birthday notice yet?
Jung: You're right, darling. Quite frankly, I'd expected to receive Ayato's notice 24 hours ago.

Vitoria: I know, right? I conceived about 20 hours earlier than Akira Soma's spouse and their nooboo aged up Tuesday at 1 a.m.
Jung: Because of rotational gameplay, it seems the nooboo stage isn't calculated from time of conception.
Since all three nooboos were born during their inactive weeks, the clock only starts ticking after we switch households.

Vitoria: That's hardly fair! Ayato was already almost a day old before The Big Switch!
Mina Dinero and Akira Soma's spouse, on the other hand, conceived at the very last minute before switching households!

Jung: Look, Serena! Ayato's birthday notice actually arrived 15 minutes ago! Let's age him up!
Well, I must say that isn't a very vampire-esque outfit for our son!

Vitoria: So kill me! I just couldn't resist dressing him in one of the new toddler outfits.
And look closely, Jung. Ayato has your green eyes!

Jung: Of course, it's hard to tell this early, but I'm willing to bet that Ayato's going to be the most attractive sim in this entire challenge!
Vitoria: Don't flatter yourself, dear. If Ayato grows up gorgeous, he will have his Zanna genes to thank for that.
More specifically, Ayato would thank the founder Serena's genes if he ages up gorgeous. Am I right, Pippin?

Vitoria: Superbly done, Ayato! Now that you've learned the basics with flashcards, I'll teach you to talk.
My dear sweet Ayato, you could not be more adorable!

Ayato: Door?

Vitoria: I've been wracking my brains lately over what Ayato could submit as his museum items.
I'm thinking he could learn Writing as one of his unique skills then use books for the museum.

Jung: I can ask my co-worker Arun Bheeda at the Science Lab if he could mentor Ayato…
Hey, look who showed up, darling, when you phoned in for a vegetarian caterer!

Arun: Hey, Jung! Please don't tell my wife that I filled in for her tonight.

Vitoria: Grrrr! I don't need another guaranteed promotion cuz I already have one of those!

Bella: Hey, spliced snapdragon plant! Would you just give bloom to an orchid already?
Vitoria just received undesirable news from her boss, courtesy of the Well.
Vitoria would feel oh-so-much-happier if she had an orchid to plant and then graft!

Serena: Thanks for inviting me to the family club again, Vitoria! So this is my great-grandson!
He certainly is a charmer!
Vitoria: Well, yes, he is, Grandma Serena. He has the charmer trait, in fact.

Ayato (talks to stranger): Hello! Help me read this book, please?

Vitoria: I'm so proud of Ayato, getting a head start on becoming good friends with the founder!
Serena: Indeed, when you were a toddler, Vitoria, you wouldn't even "watch" me!

Vitoria: Not because I didn't want to! I was an inquisitive toddler, not a charmer!
Serena: Well, cross your fingers that Ayato grows up a looker because then our extremely biased watcher will help the Zannas win.
No comment.

Vitoria: Good morning, Arun. Allow me to introduce myself. My name's Vitoria Zanna.
I've heard such good things about you from my husband Jung and my grandmother Serena Zanna.
Arun: It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Vitoria.

Vitoria: Why do you look so handsome at our house, Arun, but so plain at the Dinero homes?
Arun: I don't know. I probably just get upstaged by Moss and my son Krishna.
Do you really think I'm handsome, Vitoria? Or are you just flattering me because you'd like me to mentor your son?

Vitoria: So handsome, family oriented just like me, and you read minds, too! *bats eyelashes
Arun (enthralled): How can I serve the future Zanna heir, Vitoria? Logic, Handiness, or Writing?

Bella: Two cowplants, each with a dangling piece of cake! How did I not see this coming?
Vitoria: Awww, c'mon, Bella, be a sport! The discomfort only lasts for a few days and you're unemployed!

Vitoria: See, Bella? I'm joining you in a show of solidarity!
(Actually, I need Essences of both Inspiration and Happiness, but don't have time to wait.)

Masato: I suddenly get the urge to host a toddler play date. Why me? Because Vitoria hasn't met my son yet.
There's a new Park and Play community venue in Countryside Windenberg so we all head over there.
This lot downloaded from the Gallery is a creation of MaxisCreator_01.
So far, I've added two toddler potties, a stereo, and a trashcan.

Vitoria: Ayato kicks off the play date by giving Masato's son Makoto a "Share the Love" hug.

Oddly, Akira Soma's wife Jun tags along instead of Makoto's mother Ulrike.
Too bad! I was looking forward to meeting Ulrike! The stodgy Jun, not so much.

Jung: I whip out my smartphone to snap a quick shot of Wyatt Owen demolishing some toddler toy.
Ladies everywhere are always going on about how hawt this child-hating dude is.

I immediately post this shot of Wyatt on Simbook to nip all of his undeserved attention in the bud. Hah!

Masato: The toddler play date offers a great opportunity for me to spend time with Makoto!
Most of the goals require adults to interact with toddlers, like "Play with a toddler."

Jung: There are playground-related goals, too, like "Help a child climb a slide."

Masato: And "Help a child to slide," but not a single goal that requires the toddlers to interact with each other.

Vitoria: The "Eat Food 0/4" goal doesn't have vampires with withered stomachs in mind at all!
Jung: Well, if we do this again, we can always bring our own plasma fruit salad!
Vitoria: Yeah, that's what's up, cuz these tofu dogs taste really gross. No offense, Masato!

Vitoria: Ayato's energy has dropped dangerously low, so we end the play date early.
Masato: Sadly, Ayato and Makoto remain just "acquaintances," so let's go to that park again!

Vitoria: Great idea, Masato! Although Bella will need to stay home since she has no sunlight resistance.
Bella: Hmmph. Build an underground room at that park, so I can read down there?

Vitoria: So, folks, did you notice that the gold-medal toddler play date earned us a Bamco's All-Inclusive Toddler Jungle Gym?
Masato: No kidding! I just spent the last hour renovating the basement to make room for it, but I couldn't place it.

Current Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst

*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
  Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower
  Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 5)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
  Traits: Charmer; 
  Toddler Skills: L2 Communication, Imagination, and Thinking; L1 Potty and Movement