Author Topic: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Whistle While You Twerk [Completed 03/05/2018)]  (Read 47419 times)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi, da Real MVP (03/13)
« Reply #75 on: March 14, 2017, 12:26:08 AM »
My eyes and brain thank you for the warning regarding bat mating videos. Will steer clear!
So happy I could (gently) knock you off that fence! The world needs more Caleb-Serena nooboos!
I love Salim and his bros with the hookah (and love even more that he's given up trying to call it a bubble-blower! ;) Spades are spades, man, and hookahs are definitely not fooling anyone with those bubbles.)
I love that Daichi is both neat and squeamish. The internal struggle there must be unreal. "It's so revolting . . . but I must! I must mop!" He seems like a treasure overall, though, so good find! And those pants!
Simultaneous potty-training for the win! So adorable!
Love the museum, too! I'm getting an enchanted castle vibe. Very nice.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi, da Real MVP (03/13)
« Reply #76 on: March 14, 2017, 07:18:34 AM »
If you can't wear your pink flowered pants at the parties, then where can you wear those things?  Let him keep them!

So Daichi is neat, and squeamish.  I see a fish bowl in the background too.  Is there actually a fish in it?  Was he uncomfortable?  You probably couldn't tell.

Moss and Krishna are way too cute.  I just want them to hurry and grow up and have their bromance :)  I don' t know, oshizu.  I don't know if I can handle the bromance between these two, and what's going on with Don and Bradley, and on top of that the Mossimo that I'm totally expecting will happen.  This is going to be awesome.

I really like your museum!
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No!
« Reply #77 on: March 14, 2017, 06:58:42 PM »
Your understatedly hilarious comments are always appreciated!
As for when shipping Mossimo stops being creepy, maybe after their teen birthdays? I'm hoping they'll both become teens this week (that is, Week 2 in game).
I'm glad you're enjoying Penny. In this second RDC attempt, I'm trying out sims that I haven't played before. Well, except for Salim and Caleb because...Mossimo, lol.
Sorry for the weird bat-woohoo dialogue. I got a little carried away, hehe.

Productive helpers make all the difference in the world, as you know.
Also, since I've been complaining so bitterly about bad nannies in previous updates, I wanted to share our cherished Daichi.
In an ideal simverse, each household would have its own super nanny…
Moss will age up soon, but I have a feeling he'll look very different from his predecessor. Daichi thanks you for your vote of support regarding his party outfit!

I'm really dying to learn the Zanna nooboo's gender but I've been focused on Moss and hope he can cake up a day early.
That sunken lounge has turned out to be a real hit with the household!
I haven't even noticed Daichi acting squeamish, but that's perhaps because I don't control him.
Thanks for the compliment! The museum in every bloodline will simply be a smaller version of the house (like in my first RDC).

Looks like the flowery pants are staying. Daichi thanks you, too!
He might have to lose the hat, though. I need to take him to a closet soon.
You noticed that fishbowl, lol. It's empty. I only use it for the Angling Ace's "Mount or bowl 5 fish" goal. *coughs
I did have another sim click on Daichi, but he was Happy (because the fishbowl was empty?). I haven't noticed him feeling uncomfortable yet and the toddlers are constantly clicking on him.
I'm glad you're enjoying the different relationships. I'm especially impatient to see what Braddon looks like, lol. I've considered moving Don in with Megumi and Braddon later, but he doesn't bring any $$$ or furnishings, sadly. Still thinking…
   Actually, I want to wait until all the current kids are teens before making any decisions. And I need a pollinator, darn it!

2.13  Daniela Dinero (2/4): No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No!

Note: My apologies for a pretty mundane update, because maxing toddler skills takes priority over everything else, well almost everything.

Week 2/Tuesday

Krishna: Today's a great day because both our mommies don't work!
Moss: The way your mama gets all excited when she reads to us is so cool!

Daniela: Our nanny Daichi occasionally paints with us.
This morning, he crafted a painting showing women going about their daily lives.
I like this painting so much it now hangs in the boys' room.

Jessminder: I have Daniela pose while I start several portraits of her.
Among the five portraits of Daniela I paint today, the highest-priced painting is $8,448.
That's double every one of my previous attempts, but I believe I can still do better.
I'll wait until Daniela brings home that higher-quality easel.


Daniela: Because both boys are awake and Daichi is teaching Moss, I hire a nanny for Krishna.
It's no surprise anymore that Nanny Scruggs arrives feeling flirty. *rolls eyes
Luckily, Salim and Arun are at work until the evening.

This morning, I expand the house's footprint, build a basement, then move a few rooms around.
Now the sunken lounge can hold a few sofas, too.

Daniela: Oh, Jesminder! Next time, just rally the troops, girl!

Arun: That 1x1 room behind Jesminder is driving the neat Daichi crazy, hehe.
I'm trying to grow a trash plant, but Daichi threw away my last trash pile.

That's why Watchette built that temporary room until the trash plant sprouts.
Poor Daichi and that dirty itch he can't scratch!

Daniela: The sunken lounge has become the new favorite spot for reading to children!
Around 3 pm, our little Moss earns the Happy Toddler trait! Go, Moss, go!

Salim: Don't ever ask me to do this again!

Jesminder: Of course, Nanny Scruggs is all over my Arun as soon as he's home from work.
How can she spend all day with Krishna and still feel flirty?

Arun: Don't you dare work my nerves with your coy small talk. I'm already tense from a hard day's work.
Why do you return here even after we've fired you? *fires Nanny Scruggs (again)

Salim: Luckily for us, Daichi stays on point with helping Moss to learn.
Daniela and I are doing our best to earn the funds to complete Mansion Baron, so we're grateful for Daichi's diligence.

Moss: Play, play, play!
Daichi: Yes, let's get you energized! At this rate, you may be able to age up tomorrow night!

Jesminder: You might recall that Independent Krishna became a toddler right after Inquisitive Moss.
Arun: Krishna is further along with his skills, but I don't think it's only their traits.
In fact, Moss slept through a couple of times when parents were available for teaching.

Ice Cube: It's a pleasure to meet you, Arun Bheeda! Thank you for building me a room, even though it’s a windowless basement room!
Arun: Well, it's not decided yet whether I should try to max the Scientist career. If I do try, I promise you…actually, I can't really promise you anything…
Ice Cube: Hmmph!

Arun: You named yourself after that rapper? Why? Wait, don't tell me...because Invention Constructor = I.C. = Ice Cube?
I.C.: Ain't nothing to it. Gangsta rap made me do it! And why can't I have a nickname, too, yo?

I.C.: Cool, so we're making a cloning machine?
Arun: Yep, Watchette even added wallpaper and flooring to this room in your honor! She usually takes at least a week to do that!

Arun: Watch out, Ice Cube! Don't forget that component over there!

I.C.: Listen, Arun. I appreciate your suggestion, but I'm the Invention Constructor here. And I don't need any backseat drivers. Who do you think you are, anyway?
Arun: The Invention Supervisor?

Arun: Superb job, I.C.! The Dineros now have their very own cloning machine!
I.C.: The pleasure's all mine, I.S. What a shame we can't high five!

Daniela: We've been trying not to spend simoleons, except for building and renovating. But now that we have a basement, I finally cave and buy a Whispering Wishing Well.

The well looks happy so I make an offering and receive a guaranteed promotion tomorrow. Nice!
Wishing Well: But not nice enough that I get my own room with wall and floor coverings, apparently…

Daniela: Upstairs, I get a phone call from Summer Holiday, so I check my relationship with her.
For some reason, Summer is my only non-household friend. Go figure!

Summer: So, since we're friends, can I come over?
Daniela: I don't think so…

This time around, we're avoiding that entire household. But if I had a pollinator...

Arun: We spend the rest of the evening as usual: Daniela and Jesminder paint while Salim and I write.

I've written one of the 3 bestsellers for Bestselling Author, but I've lost interest in writing since becoming a scientist.
Hmmm…Salim can write Books of Life so maybe I should switch to Nerd Brain?

Moss: Here I am, posing for you in front of our beloved Baker's Cousin Display Case.
Daichi: Dear me! Looks like the parents have been dipping into the toddler's food supply! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Moss: You're probably getting tired of seeing shots of me and Krishna as toddlers.
But I'm hoping to age up tomorrow on Thursday!
And Krishna's birthday is Friday night, so we won't be toddlers much longer!

Daniela: Moss and Daichi, we're counting on both of you!
And maybe I can throw you a gold-medal birthday party, little Moss.

Status of Dinero Bloodline

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed requirements:
  Reward traits: done

*Incomplete requirements:
  Parties: need one more
  Portrait (1): not yet
  Mansion Baron aspiration: Need only house worth of $350,000
  Career: Painter (Level 7)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Toddler skills: L3 Potty, L5 Thinking, L4.5 Comm/Move, L4 Imagination

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No! (03/14)
« Reply #78 on: March 14, 2017, 09:12:42 PM »
Daichi is so rocking his party wear!!
Oh man, the refusal to interact with Summer.  That poor, poor, neglected stalker.  She was so hilarious in your last dynasty!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No! (03/14)
« Reply #79 on: March 14, 2017, 10:26:20 PM »
Ack!  Poor Daichi!  That is so funny about the walled off trash plant.  I adore that picture of him standing there, trying to figure out how to get to it.
It interests me that Krishna is actually ahead of Moss in his skilling.

So.... I really adore that you named that robot Ice Cube.  I happen to be a closet Ice Cube fan.  Gangsta Rap made me do it! 
Today was a good day!  I'm thinking Burger King!
And so... I'm now a gangster for the rest of the night.  Thanks oshizu, for getting me in that mood!  lol

Before I go watch Straight Outta Compton (again), I'll just say how excited I am that Moss is about to have his birthday!
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: No, Nanny Scruggs! Just No! (03/14)
« Reply #80 on: March 15, 2017, 01:45:44 AM »
Wow. Watchette really is smitten with Daichi! Even his stick figures get pride of place in the household. :D Or perhaps she's just feeling guilty for torturing him with inaccessible trash piles. :)

Ice Cube's introduction was priceless! Of course, it makes perfect sense. IC naturally equals Ice Cube. I especially love IC giving Arun the death stare. Such personality (and sass!) from a machine!

The sunken lounge really is lovely! I don't blame everyone for wanting to hang out and read books there.

Nanny Scruggs showing up not only flirty, but in tiny, tiny pink shorts instead of the regulation nanny cat sweater ensemble. Really, Nanny Scruggs? Have some self-respect, girl. Same goes for you, Summer!

Thank heaven for Daichi! So excited for child birthdays!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi's Floral Pants
« Reply #81 on: March 15, 2017, 08:52:08 AM »
The secret underlying Daichi's floral-pattern pants is revealed in this update, lol.
I know! Summer is dying to worm her way into another household this time around!
I'm not sure I want anything to do with the BFF household this time!
Liberty, Travis, Summer: they're all nothing but troublemakers! (I'm sure it was all my fault)

I'm glad you commented on the trash plant--I'd forgotten about it and it had already grown. It's now safely transplanted to a garden pot!
So Krishna got ahead while Moss had been sleeping. Then, Krishna went to bed and Moss maxed his last three skills first.

Hahaha, I giggle every time I recall  that you know the lyrics to all of Ice Cube's songs!  (You want lobster? Huh!) When you feel gangsta, do you change your clothes to heighten the mood or something?
I hope you like child Moss. Not exactly the same, but still really lovely, I think…

I wouldn't exactly say "smitten with Daichi," but he's exerted a tremendous influence on household productivity, as you'll discover in this update.
So maybe more like "profoundly grateful." Yeah, that describes the feeling!

I.C. appreciates the kind words. Frankly, the Mansion Baron bloodline is the hardest to write. The Somas have the restaurants themselves as well as restaurant management and the Zannas are still cloaked in novelty and mystery as vampires.
But the Dineros don't offer much new so the gameplay is already very familiar to readers. But there's still a surprise project forthcoming if I can pull it off.

Thank you for pointing out that Nanny Scruggs was out of uniform. I was so focused on her flirty mood that I didn't even find it strange that she was in hot pants, lol. I wonder if my sims firing one nanny after another have caused the nannies to glitch. 

2.14  Daniela Dinero (3/4): Daichi's Floral Pants

Week 2/Thursday

Daniela: I'm so glad that you also need the Logic skill for your career!
Otherwise, you're always holed up in that locked writing room and we rarely spend time together!
Salim: It's only for a little while longer, isn't it?

Daniela: So true! Readers may laugh at our appreciation for Daichi, but he so deserves it!
Ever since Daichi's come into our lives, we've been able to really focus on our jobs and household income.
Salim: I agree. We can trust him completely with Moss and he also helps around the house in little ways.

Daniela: Yes, plus he doesn't wear little hot pants and hit on the husbands…

Jesminder: So I take Daichi to the closet to remove that hat from his party outfit. But guess what? Those clothes aren't part of any of his outfits.
Do you think they're his new nanny threads? We can roll with that.

Daniela: Since he likes to paint with us, Jesminder mentors him for a few hours.
Jesminder: It's a waste of time, Daniela. I mentored him while he finished two paintings, but they were each worth less than $250.
Daniela: Good to know. We'll just leave him to be  casual painter.

Salim: I ask Jesminder to make a cake and Moss is ready to age up just before noon.

Well: Oho, you must be new around here!
Moss: Not really. I've been around but I was a toddler until, like, five minutes ago. Who are you?
Well: What, you don't recognize me? My name's Westside Well. Surely, you've heard about my crew, W.W.A.?
Moss: Can't say that I have. What do the initials mean?
Westside: Oh c'mon. Do I have to spell out everything? Wells with Attitude, duh!

Westside Well: So, what can I do for you, boy?
Moss: I'm hoping to boost my C grade to a B grade. *makes an offering and a wish

WW: Sorry, kiddo. But you'll automatically get a B when school's out tomorrow.
Don't be greedy, son! Go do your homework, get some skillz, and come see again after school tomorrow, k?

Moss: Wow, Watchette told me the well dude would be nice to me cuz she moved him out of the basement.
Look at him, sitting out there all surrounded by trees and flowers and stuff!

It's Thursday and I really want an A before my next birthday, but I don't want to wait till Week 3…

Daichi: Don't let it get to you, Moss! You'll do great whether you get an A or not.
Moss: You're right, Uncle Daichi! I'm just gonna chill and enjoy my two or three days of being a kid!

Daichi: By the way, Moss, your mom has green hair and your dad has brown hair. So why are you a redhead?
Moss: Papa says it's a game mechanics thing. My red hair means I was really 'sposed to have green hair…

Salim: During the recent renovations, Watchette moved the dollhouse over by the easels.
After watching the hotheaded Jesminder smash the dollhouse three times, I make her repair it one last time then sell it.
Good thing for her that Krishna's already maxed Imagination.   Sheesh!

Jesminder: I'm sorry, okay? Look at me now! I'm being so productive! I'm playing chess with Moss, even though he cheats.
Moss: Look at my face, Auntie Jesminder! Do I look like someone who would cheat?
Jesminder: Your angelic smile ain't fooling nobody!

Moss: As soon as Mama returns from work, Watchette immediately plans my outfits.
Apparently, my hair and my everyday outfit are recycled from the other, less-cute Moss.

Moss: I know, I know. You're wondering how much we resemble each other, right?
Here's a collage with me, my parents, and him (on the very right).
What do you think? Looks like I got Papa's eyes with Mama's nose and lips.

Arun: Poor Jesminder! She was just half a tick from reaching Level 8 Mixologist.
After her promotion, she'd complete the Master Chef aspiration so she was planning to quit her job.

Daniela: Yeah, when Watchette took Moss to the dresser,she forced Jesminder to come home from work.
Watchette: *hangs head in shame (Luckily, Jesminder works tomorrow!)

Krishna has found a new place to dance. No dancing in front of the stereo for him!
No, the kid demands some elevation! Maybe there's a future for him in dancing? And just maybe he needs the Active trait?


Moss: Just me, on the way to my first--and, hopefully, my last--day of grade school.

Salim: I was surprised to hear that Yukio Soma phoned Jesminder.
But, come to think of it, Yukio and Jesminder both work at Cut a Dish Restaurant.

Jesminder: I’m finishing up a painting, Salim. Would you mind letting Yukio in?

Salim: Hi, I'm Salim Benali, the husband of your rival Daniela Dinero.
Yukio: Hey, Salim. It's nice to finally meet you.

Salim: So, what brings you here? You come to discuss work with Jesminder while her husband's out? *arches an eyebrow suspiciously

Yukio: Nothing like that! I actually was hoping to meet you, Salim. You know, I designed my restaurant Korma Chameleon with your household in mind.
Why don't you ever come to dine?

Jesminder: These new easels that Daniela earned yesterday are fantastic!
The painting on my right's the priciest painting I've ever made  at $9,362.
And this one on my left is the third priciest at $7,832.

Salim: So yeah, Yukio, we've been dying to go to Korma Chameleon but it's impossible with small children.
Yukio: I know exactly what you mean! We have a toddler and a nooboo at our home, too!
Jesminder: As soon as our son Krishna has his birthday, we'll go, promise!

Yukio: Daichi, stop that! It's not cool to be so obvious about holding your breath, dude!
Seriously, don't they teach you anything around here?!

Salim: Depending on Daniela's work schedule, we're planning a visit to Korma Chameleon on Saturday.

Yukio: That's great news, Salim! We have a full-on vegetarian menu--you'll love it!
Still, Jesminder, I'm rather shocked that y'all would just steal my nanny like this! I mean, he acts like he lives here!

Jesminder: *ignores Yukio's remark and tokes innocently

Daniela: Thanks to all the paintings, novels, and Daichi's hard work, I complete the Mansion Baron aspiration this afternoon.

Also, I choose one of the paintings Jesminder did earlier for my museum portrait.

Salim: So…I understand that those lime-colored chess pieces symbolize the "get back on the horse" motif.
But what's the meaning of that Guardian of the Gnomelaxy?

Daniela: That green gnome? It's completely meaningless, but Watchette likes how it fits into the color scheme…

Status of Dinero Bloodline

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed requirements:
  Portrait: Yes ($9,362)
  Reward traits: done
  Mansion Baron aspiration: done

*Incomplete requirements:
  Parties: need one more
  Career: Master of the Real (Level 8 )

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Toddler skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
*Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (on last tier)

Coming next: Week 2 with Daniela Dinero (4/4): More Birthdays (note the plural form!)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi's Floral Pants (03/15)
« Reply #82 on: March 15, 2017, 09:26:40 AM »
no no, I just put on a hat and turn it sideways and then give everyone sullen, dangerous glares while I listen to NWA.  That is all. 

Congrats on completing the aspiration!  I'm really glad you changed Moss's hair to black.  I can't tell which version of him is cuter.  I think they're both adorable in different ways.  I guess I probably do lean slightly towards 2.0 though.  Now I'm crazy curious to see how Massimo turns out.  (And Krisha too, for that matter.  Oh and Braddon.  You have so many exciting children coming up!)

I'm very amused about Daicha's outfit.  I dunno about saying his doesn't wear hot pants.  I mean look at those.  And also Yukio coming to visit and calling the Dinero's out on stealing his nanny is great. 
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi's Floral Pants (03/15)
« Reply #83 on: March 15, 2017, 12:01:32 PM »
I think the gnome looks awesome there!  Your museum is much more oriented towards being a showcase of gloriousness.  I think mine will end up being glorified shacks...whenever I actually get far enough to build such things...
Daichi and the phantom outfit.  This needs to be a children's book!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi's Floral Pants (03/15)
« Reply #84 on: March 15, 2017, 05:36:26 PM »
Aww, Krishna dancing! Not sure it's terribly safe there, but he's such a cutie :D

Daichi sounds great - I much prefer his take on the nanny outfit to the usual variety.

I love how smug Daniela looks in her portrait. But she has good reason - looks like she and Moss are making great progress on their requirements.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Daichi's Floral Pants (03/15)
« Reply #85 on: March 15, 2017, 06:49:12 PM »
Surprise project!?!? *pricks up ears*

So Daichi has secret, unchangeable outfits, huh? I wonder if it's related to festivals. Maybe Daichi and Nanny Scruggs have been sipping Sakura tea together at the romance festival. Scandalous!

Moss 2.0 is very cute, and he looks less concerned than Original Moss, so that's nice. His eyebrows are still cute, they just don't seem to have the weight of the world resting on them. :)

Nice of Yukio to stop by! A friendly rivalry is still a good rivalry.

Congrats to Daniela on finishing Mansion Baron! So many portraits of her! It's a wonder her ego doesn't get out of control. I agree about the gnome in the museum. It definitely seems to belong there. :)

Excited for plural birthdays!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss on Fire
« Reply #86 on: March 16, 2017, 05:36:24 AM »
Does your family steer clear of you when you're in gangsta mood? (Hey, look how Mom's wearing her hat tonight! Let's go hide in our room!)
In this challenge, the Mansion Baron aspiration is all about how quickly the household can raise $350K to invest in the house.
The two Mosses look even more different as teens, as you'll soon see. New Moss sez he'd like to be appreciated on his own merits.
More Yukio and the sunken lounge this chapter, haha.

The Dinero Museum is blinged out because the Dineros need for their house, including the museum, to be worth $350K. 'Nuff said. The other two museums will be way more modest and use the cheapest materials.
I like that--Daichi's Phantom Outfit.  So far, he's only changed into it after bathing.

I'm not sure what's going on with my nannies anymore. But Week 2 is toddler week at every household, so we'll get to the bottom of this! I wish that a fired nanny would be deleted from my sims' world, lol.
Oddly, the most attractive portraits are never the highest-value paintings

My project--Daniela and Moss are working so quickly that I need to act fast or Moss will move out!
No, no, no! I love Daichi and detest Nanny Scruggs--I don't want to believe that Daichi could have such poor taste! As I mentioned above, Daichi changes after a shower/bath. When we traveled with him, he changed to the everyday outfit I gave him.
Yeah, Jesminder painted about 8 portraits at least. If she painted more, I'm sure we'd eventually get one that's worth over $10k, but we're bored of trying.
Lol, Daniela doesn't let it go to her head--she knows it's all about museum value and Jesminder's luck.

2.15  Daniela Dinero (4/4): Moss on Fire

Week 2/Friday

Yukio: The Dineros are really progressing fabulously, you guys!
And congrats on Moss for becoming a Top-Notch Toddler. Of course, our Megumi will be one, too!

Jesminder: I'd wanted to throw Krishna his birthday party at your restaurant, Yukio, but I hear it's not toddler-friendly.
Yukio: Well, we try but you're right. Your son's better off having this party elsewhere.

Salim: Speaking of sons, I hear one of your helpers had a nooboo recently.
Yukio: Why yes, our helper Bradly's son is named Braddon.

Daichi: So the Dineros and Somas each have two children, but the Zannas have three.
Salim: Right, I keep forgetting to check on that. Later tonight, Daichi, would you mind going along with Moss to see if the Zanna nooboo is a boy or girl?
Daichi: Of course, Salim. But why me?
Jesminder: Obviously, because you belong to the Zanna Club, Daichi.

Yukio: *coughs
Daichi: Are you okay, Yukio? The Dineros have some pretty potent bubbles.
Yukio: We fired three nannies to finally find you and you worked for us first, Daichi, yet you joined the Zanna and Dinero dynasty clubs first?
But why? I'm feeling deeply betrayed right now…

Daichi: In my defense, Yukio, you never even invited me to your club and I couldn't ask…

Jesminder (changes the subject): Well, obviously our bubbles are the best! You think we'd stoop to that trash making the rounds in Spice Market?
Salim: Word.

Jesminder: By the way, Yukio, didn't your work shift start 10 minutes ago?
Yukio: Yeah, I need to run. Thanks for having me over, Jesminder. Nice meeting you, Salim.
And, Daichi, my wife and I really hope to see you on Sunday! As you know, Megumi is quite attached to you. No other nanny will do!

Okay, gotta run, people! Ciao!

Moss: I'm such a filial son! When I get home from school, I see that Westside looks happy and let Mama go first.
Daniela: Too bad I only receive a bonus because of budgetary restrictions!

Moss: Gimme an A, Wellside! You know you want to!
WW: Sorry again, kid. You'll get an automatic A on Monday.
Moss: Thing is, Wellside, I won't be in grade school anymore come Monday.
I wonder if your grade boost will carry over to high school. Probably not.

Papa, I'm ready to leave for the Spice Festival now!

Jesminder: Such bad luck at the Spice Festival today!
Not only is there no U.F.O. plant to harvest, but none of the food samples are labelled. How will I know which ones are vegetarian-safe?

Jesminder: I hope the dish I picked out for Krishna is Sweet and Sour Eggplant!

Krishna: Ever since I maxed all my skills, I hardly get any attention anymore!

Daniela: This evening, I learn that I have no spicy tolerance and that my favorite drink is Cream Cola.

Moss: Everyone in our house has failed the Spicy Curry Challenge so far!
Will I be the one to emerge unscathed from this cruel, demanding challenge?

Apparently not…

Moss: I'd like to buy the Morning Sim and Night Owl traits before my teen birthday, so I do a little socializing.
Can you believe that blonde in the pink track suit, blowing me off like that?
When she sees how unbelievably gorgeous I age up later, she'll regret this day until all eternity!
That's a long time to regret!

Daniela: Moss completes Artistic Prodigy right after we receive Krishna's birthday message.
Let's start the party, people!

Salim: I don’t mind cooking the easy stuff until Jesminder gets home.

Arun: Blow out your candles, Krishna!

Krishna (hot dog): What are you dressed as, Moss?
Moss: I'm not sure, but I like the mint shade of my shirt!
Daichi (astronaut): It doesn't seem like a real costume to me, Moss!


Jesminder: At midnight, I bring home my Level 8 Mixologist promotion, which also completes my Master Chef aspiration.

Daniela: Finally, we compliment costumes x10 and Jesminder bakes an excellent cake, but the goal counter seems stuck.
We get gold, regardless, and I'll take it cuz that's my third gold medal!

Salim: And here's our second-generation Dinero heir, Moss!
He's such a handsome devil! He must get that from me!
Daniela: *laughs

Krishna: Now that I'm a child, I can join the Dinero Club and rally the troops.
While Mama mentors Moss in painting, Nanny Daichi encourages me to draw.

Moss: Hey, Daichi! It's me, Moss! So I'm over at the Zanna place but just realized that I don't know anyone here.
Would you come over so we can visit together? Thanks!

Moss: Mama sent me here to check out the Zanna nooboo. Based on the yellow onesie, it's probably a girl. Mission accomplished.

Moss: *introduces himself to Massimo and Paola
Massimo: Up!
Moss: Why am I feeling embarrassed?
Massimo: Hehehe….

Daichi: What are you looking at? I really don't know what to say about this shot.
Except I'd have to agree that those two are making weird faces. What's up with them, anyway?
Hey, I didn't pose them, okaaay? Moss and Massimo made those creepy faces all by themselves! Lol

Moss: Yep, I'm just taking a selfie of my Level 3 Food Service Cashier self! Who says I don't have Papa's eyebrows!?
You're probably wondering how I maxed my teen career already.
Well, I started my job at Level 2 because I'm a Top-Notch Toddler with a B in grade school.
Also, Westwide Well gave me a job performance boost!

Awwww, just when Moss gets interesting, we have to switch household!

Week 2 Status: Dinero Line

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed Requirements
   Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
   Portrait: Yes ($9,362)
   Mansion Baron: done
  Gold-medal parties: Dinner party, House party, and Incognito Party

*Incomplete Requirements
  Career: Patron of Arts (Level 9)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements
  Toddler skills: Top-Notch Toddler
  Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
  Teen Job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)

*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
  Unique Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire (on Tier III)
  A in High School:
  Unique Skills (2)
  Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Daichi Yoshida plus two more
  Enemies: (Yukio Soma and Serena Zanna or Zanna toddler)

Coming next: Week 2 with Yukio Soma (1/4)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss on Fire (03/16)
« Reply #87 on: March 16, 2017, 07:57:30 AM »
Oh boy, is the Moss/Massimo bromance going to happen again?  Well, not for a while at least.
Was that blonde who blew him off Summer or just a random Sim who looked a lot like her?  The way she showed up your first time around, I have no doubt she'll get over blowing him off once he hits young adult  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss on Fire (03/16)
« Reply #88 on: March 16, 2017, 12:51:26 PM »
Happy birthday, Moss and Krishna! Is Moss' costume a recolour of the retail career outfit? Otherwise, I don't think it's a real costume either.

I love Krishna's face in the picture of him at the activity table. So happy it's faintly terrifying :D

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss on Fire (03/16)
« Reply #89 on: March 16, 2017, 03:57:41 PM »
Important Public Service Announcement!!!

Are you troubled by male teen sims who grow up with an effeminate Sweet voice?
@Ricalynn suggested yesterday that I try taking the teen to a mirror to "Change Sim" and it worked!!!
So Moss now has an appropriately bass voice. Just wanted to share this.

Sorry for tagging you both @Alex and @PeregrineTook but I just wanted to make sure you see this since you've already commented on my update.
The post-child male voices have really bugged me. Thanks Ricalynn!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss on Fire (03/16)
« Reply #90 on: March 16, 2017, 06:35:58 PM »
Haha.  Mom's wearing the hat again!  Look, I'm not the only gangsta around here.
Actually I don't even own any hats :)
I have the best picture of my son though.  I mean, he's wearing an Adventure Time hat but he still looks tuff.

How horrified were you when you realized Yukio was late for work.  LOL kinda awkward, eh, Yukio?
Poor Krishna doesn't look happy with his plate.  Was it not eggplant?

This version of Moss is definitely more handsome than the first.  I LOVED Moss going to pick up Massimo!  Starting that relationship early!  And look at Massimo!!!  He looks like he totally knows something!  GAH I'm excited!

It's okay.  Maybe we're switching households but its Braddon time.

Thanks for spreading the good news about the guy voices.  I'm guessing it probably doesn't work in the closet.  At least I can fix Cliff, and the future guys.
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim without Conviction
« Reply #91 on: March 17, 2017, 09:21:37 AM »
I don't want to force or stage Mossimo, but I might provide an opportunity for autonomous flirting to see what happens. And who knows? They both might prefer Braddon. (kidding)
Yes, that's Summer Holiday in the pink track suit. In my last game, Summer obsessed over Caleb but who knows what she'll do this time?

That's the outfit that Moss aged up in at the Incognito Party, so I think you're right about it being a color variation of the Retail outfit. It can't be cc because I don't own any costume cc (except for The Dancers *cough).
Yeah, Krishna's overjoyed expression at the activity table was the polar opposite of Moss's. Of course now that I've named him Krishna, I discover a new sim named Krishna in my game, lol.

I'm getting the image of you and your son in his Adventure Time hat, doing the two step.
About Krishna's lonely face, my toddler spares/helpers are showered with attention until the instant they max all their skills. Since they can't age up early, the household returns to their usual activities and such toddlers have to entertain themselves.

I'm glad you like new Moss. Checking the gender of Serena's nooboo was the pretext for Moss visiting. (I wanted a girl, so yay!) But Moss had to leave soon for (the only day of) his part-time job, so it was a rushed first meeting. Moss looks a bit sheepish, which cracked me up.

Lol, poor Megumi! Born in the same house as Bradly and overshadowed by Braddon, haha.
I don't blame you, though. I'm even willing to do a little conniving so that all the spare kids won't fall too far behind in age.

2.16  Yukio Soma (1/4): I'm a Sim without Conviction

Week 2/Sunday

Candy: Watchette returns to our house to find we only have $1,595 in household funds.
Yuki: That's because we'd transferred most of our funds to the restaurant before switching households.
Watchette's not sure what happens to the restaurant while we're not the active household, so we transferred funds just in case.

Yukio: Bradly, when did you reach Level 7 Handiness?  You need to go to Granite Falls NOW!

Bradly: I realize everyone's rushing to build up our funds, but surely they will forgive me if I indulge myself and scoff at this ugly statue?
As long as you learn the woodworking schematic right after that then fly home.

Bradly: Even though I didn't select her, Megumi keeps showing up when I'm about to travel to Granite Falls.
After canceling my trip three times because of Megumi, I give up and take her along.

Sadly, I don't get to scoff to my heart's content because Megumi's hungry and tired.

In the morning...
Megumi: Okay! I'm ready for a hard day of skilling. Well, at least until I get sleepy again.

Yukio: When Megumi wakes, I phone to request a nanny. We all hold our breaths, waiting to see who arrives.

Megumi: It's Nanny Daichi!

Yukio: It's so good to have you back, Daichi! I was a little worried you might be unavailable.
Daichi: Not if I can help it, Yukio! And thank you for inviting me to your club. I feel the most comfortable here at your house, you know.
The vampires are a little scary for obvious reasons. And don't get me started on all that secondary smoke at the Dineros!

Bradly: With Daichi, we never worry about the children being left unattended.

Yukio: Also, Megumi is crazy about him and responds very well to his lessons.

Yuki: Wow, Daichi is feeling flirty for no reason at all.
I'm wondering if the devs added the Flirty mood to nannies as some kind of joke.

Candy: You only prefer Daichi, sis, because he doesn't hit on your hubby like Nanny Scruggs and Nanny Houda do!

Yukio: Hey, I have some time before work so I thought I'd come to the grilling area and socialize.
Daniela: Hi, Yukio. You're looking well. Have you met Caleb Vatore?
Yukio: Nice to see you again, Daniela. Nice to finally meet you, Caleb!

Daniela: That Lilith is unbelievable! She is constantly following her brother around!

Yukio: Doesn't Lilith live with her brother and Serena Zanna? Why follow Caleb all the way here to take a photo together?
Daniela: That's what I mean! I think Lilith's affection for her brother is--how can I say it?--"unnatural"…

Yukio: Whatever, it's not really any of my business. And Daniela, don't let them spoil your afternoon, either!

Summer: Oh look, there's Caleb and Yukio! I wonder if they'll notice me?
Miko: I'm having a terrible day!

Miko: But my day just got a lot better…Hi there! I'm Miko Ojo from the Fashion District! And you are?
Yukio: Hello Miko! I'm married…

Yukio: Speaking of married, what are Daniela and Caleb doing over there?
They seem to be getting really friendly… Oh, I better get ready for work or I'll be late!

Megumi: Mama really could use some tips from Daichi about reading children's stories!


Yuki: As one of the Avant Gardes' original members of the Avant Gardes, I call a club gathering to meet its leader Maaike Haas.
After I befriend her, I'm all ready to ask her to step down but Watchette keeps wanting us to pose for a "better shot."
When it's finally time to ask Maaike for real, Maaike suddenly rushes off to work. Grrrrr.
Oh well, I'll invite her over again later today.

Yukio: Megumi's natural birthday is Friday night but we're hoping she'll max all her skills by Thursday night.

Yukio: We open Korma Chameleon for a lunch session.
With the money we made from painting, publishing, and camping mascots, we're able to boost the restaurant's value to $108,214.
I remodeled the interior, added landscaping outdoors, and renovated two rooms for household use.
Now to get to work on the restaurant's ratings!

Do you recognize a familiar face dining with Mortimer Goth? Man, he sure gets around!

Yuki: We close the restaurant for two hours to go home, check on Megumi, and give our staff a rest.
When we reopen for dinner, I invite Maiike to the lot and take over Avant Gardes.

Yukio: After seeing Candy singing on the sidewalk, I add Singing to the banned club activities while the restaurant's open.

Candy: Wow, both Mortimer Goth and Lily Feng have dined here for both lunch and dinner today!

Yuki: Yukio leaves for work so he leaves me in charge of the restaurant tonight.
I have to send my sister Candy home because all she wants to do is chat with Bradly and me.

Bradly: Good evening, Mr. Landgraab. What, you dined here for lunch today, too?
That's fantastic! I hope you will be continue to be our regular patron!

(I wonder how the game decides which sims will visit the restaurant.)

Bradly: Around 11:30 pm, I get Braddon's birthday notice but we can't close the restaurant yet.
We're waiting on a pair who arrived at 7 pm but have yet to leave.

C'mon, Daichi! Continue your discussion of grilled cheese sammies somewhere else, please!


Bradly: I finally get home two hours later, heading straight to Braddon's bassinet to age him up.
Wouldn't you agree that my little boy is perfect?
Off he waddles to grab himself something to eat!

Bradly: I'm so thrilled to be a father!
Braddon: (Whoa, this onion bagel is seriously delish!)

Yukio: I bet Don's going to be super excited to see that Braddon has his green eyes!
Maybe it's time for the three founders to convene. Maybe we can help each other to age up our helpers…

Current Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $108,214
*Incomplete requirements:
  Portrait: none
  Career: Chef (Level 9)
  Star rating: 3.5 stars
Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler skills: Potty Level 3, Level 4 Comm/Imagin/Thinking, and Level 3 Movement

Coming next: More Braddon spam…

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim without Conviction (03/17)
« Reply #92 on: March 17, 2017, 09:42:40 AM »
Megumi is so adorable!!
Daichi is everywhere, isn't he?  Maybe he's replacing Summer as this dynasty's resident stalker?
Congrats on getting the restaurant's value up over the $100K mark!  I also wondered about how the game chooses who comes to the restaurant as it seemed to be primarily the same 10 or so Sims showing up most of the time. 
Looking forward to the next update!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim without Conviction (03/17)
« Reply #93 on: March 17, 2017, 02:19:54 PM »
Oh, my! Moss 2.0 has definitely added some important and valuable new features! I'm glad Massimo Due has already noticed. :) They're a cute little duo despite the age difference.

I love that Bradley can scoff at the camping mascot. That's hilarious! I was really excited when mean Cressida could yell at it, but I didn't realize other traits had their own interactions. I wonder if there are more!

I love Megumi chowing down on that giant flower!

Bradly is the cutest father, and Braddon is such a sweet little chubby-cheeked angel boy! Love the green eyes.

I was wondering what you had up your sleeve about aging up helpers to keep them in sync with the heirs. So they're going to become good friends with the other families?  That's genius! I never would have thought of that.

So excited for more Braddon spam (and more Karma Chameleon chapter titles :) ) Hooray!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim without Conviction (03/17)
« Reply #94 on: March 18, 2017, 07:11:53 AM »
I really want to know whether toddlers being able to eat flowers was intentional :D

Your restaurant is looking really pretty, as well as having a high resale value.

Love that Bradly can scoff at the statue. Now I want to play with all the other traits!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim without Conviction (03/17)
« Reply #95 on: March 18, 2017, 07:41:32 PM »
Isn't the two step like... some sort of country dance?  Thought we were talking about being gangstas!
Is she really eating the flower?
I'm glad Daichi returned as nanny.  I enjoyed his comment about all the smoking at the Dinero's place.
Lots of irritation for Lilith going around, eh?  I'm glad Summer made her appearance, she always makes me laugh.
This restaurant of yours is amazing.  I know I said it before but every time I see it again, I have a new appreciation and find something else to look at.  Of course, Candy will start singing :)
Whats up with Daichi's 4 star rating!  And you!  You didn't even call him on it cause you like him so much!  lol
Braddon!  I'm excited.  Okay, he's a cute toddler but I'm really just waiting for teen at this point.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim Who Doesn't Know (03/18)
« Reply #96 on: March 18, 2017, 10:08:17 PM »
For some reason, I don't consider Daichi to be a stalker because he takes good care of the kids plus he never follows the other adults around. When he has free time, he cooks/cleans, paints, or reads.
I wonder if the more sims my restaurant owner knows, the more sims will come to the restaurant.
I'm going to try to get him out socializing more.

I was dying to know if Serena had a girl or boy, then just couldn't resist to see how they interact.
Toddlers usually can't interact much with strangers, so I was surprised Moss could pick Massimo up.
My good-friends plan might be more time-consuming than I can manage, but I've figured out a devious strategy for Braddon, lol. You can probably guess!
Haha, this chapter is my last title from Karma Chameleon, but it's part of an intricate two-part titling.

About toddlers eating flowers, I wonder if the devs imagined we'd be feeding them veggies and fruit instead?
Well, now your legacy residence has a Camping Mascot statue on its front lawn, so you can try out all the interactions with your household. We're expecting a full report!

Noooo, not a country dance!!! The two-step is also a hip hop move, rofl. Snoop Dogg always be rapping about doing the two step. :-)
You know how we get toddlers to eat plants to get them in a happy mood? Megumi had a stack of Chamomile plants in her inventory.
To be fair to Summer, she was the founder's spouse in my first (failed) attempt at the Apocalypse Challenge. The kids were cute, she was okay. But I used Jade Rosa in my second attempt and she was awesome.
Lol, Daichi can almost do no wrong! Plus, every time he comes, he brings a new customer!
As for Braddon's teen birthday, he's still got quite a ways to go before that. I'm feeling impatient, too!

2.17  Yukio Soma (2/4): I'm a Sim Who Doesn't Know

Week 2/Tuesday

Braddon: I love to watch Megumi because she's so pretty! 
*raps: You can do it! Put your back into it!

Megumi: (I like to pretend that I don't notice Braddon watching me…)

Bradly: With the help of Yukio and Daichi, I finish building the rocket ship right before leaving for work.

Yukio: Of course, the first day Korma Chameleon ever has five tables filled, everyone at our house is at work except me!
Don Lothario shows up wearing a striped tank top. That's his party outfit?
We need to invite him over to meet our closet--Don is a handsome guy but he needs to lose that tank top!

Yukio: While I'm busy greeting everyone, I see diners from three tables get up and leave. Too bad!

Oh, I should have known! Don's just out for a jog before his meal arrives.

When he sits down to eat, I hurry over and offer him a complimentary drink.
He actually leaves for another jog after his meal but before his complimentary drink arrives. Sheesh.
Get your five-star self back here, Don!

Just when I think he'll never stop chatting with the Fyres, he gives a 5-star review that boosts Korma to 4 stars!
I know just how to show my appreciation! *Summons Braddon to the restaurant

Don: Thank you for wanting to thank me, Yukio, but I have to confess! I'm still not that comfortable with being a father yet.
Braddon: (This Papa looks kinda scary…)

Yukio: All our diners have paid and we're closing the restaurant, so why don't you go home with us, Don?

Don: Well, aren't you a handsome little devil with your green eyes! He looks just like me, don't you think?

Braddon: (No comment…)

Daichi: Braddon, why are you out here by yourself? I thought you were with your father. Where'd he go?
Braddon: *points thatta way
Daichi: Are you kidding me? Your father leaves you outside alone to go jogging?
Braddon: (I might like my other papa better…)

Yuki: Because Megumi isn't tired but Braddon is very sleepy, we take along their beds to the restaurant.
When Watchette comes out of Build mode after placing their beds upstairs, Yukio freezes.

Bradley: No worries, Yuki. You, Candy, and I can handle the diners ourselves, if it's just for tonight.
Daichi's here, too, and he can look after the toddlers.

Bringing the toddlers to Korma is a huge pain because the adults constantly check on the toddlers.
Why don't you do that at home, people!?

Candy: I realize that the Fengs are very wealthy townies, but I just can't imagine living with them!
Lily Feng is always making the most unpleasant faces!

Yukio: I can actually turn my head but I can't move otherwise. When Watchette returns Megumi's bed to family storage, Yuki freezes.
When Braddon awakes and Watchette returns his bed to family storage, both Daichi and Megumi freeze.

Now, only Bradly and Braddon remain unfrozen. What a night!

Bradly: At the host station, Victor Feng and Nancy Landgraab decide to meld.
Okay, I'm calling it before I freeze, too. I'm closing Korma and taking everyone home!
Next time, let's just buy new kiddie beds for Korma!

Bradly: By the way, I earned the Level 5 promotion earlier today, so now we have a cloning machine like our rivals.


I'm about to leave for my fifth space mission for Nerd Brain, even without any rocket ship upgrades.
If I want to take this ship to Sixam, though, I really need to work on my Rocket Science.
And where there's a will, there's always a way! Mwahaha.

Yukio: This morning, I decide to throw a bogus social event to complete the Master Chef aspiration (which everyone shares).
I call it "bogus" because I'm ignoring the party goals but I realize too late that I could have simply thrown a non-prestige party.

Bradly looks very dapper in his suit! Now that's a party outfit!

Bradly: I realize you want Braddon to befriend someone in either the Dinero or Zanna household.
And I agree with your inviting Jessminder Bheeda, since she's the mother of Krishna.
But why invite Caleb Vatore instead of Penny Pizzazz who is Paola's mother?

Yukio: Because I know Caleb but I don't know Penny Pizzazz.
But Penny's a co-worker of Yuki's, so let's have Yuki invite her over someday soon.

Based on their clothing, you can tell that Daichi is an invited guest, but Nanny Scruggs is just slacking on the job.
I can't believe she's sitting with the guests as if, "Oh yeah, I was invited to this party, too!"

Yukio: Just before noon, Megumi is very, very close to maxing all her skills.
She's very sleepy now and is going to bed, but I'm thinking she might be able to age up tonight!

Braddon: Just me, looking adorable. What did you just ask? Of course that's enough of a reason to include this shot!

Yukio: I wait until Megumi and Braddon go to bed, which means I don't open Korma today until almost 2 pm.
I'm rewarded, though, by the Dineros who finally come to dine!

Is it just my imagination, or does this new Moss seem less…innocent?

Daniela: Don't look my way! He certainly doesn't get that from me! *adjusts halo

Candy: While we teach Megumi and Braddon to dance, Victor Feng comes to join us.
Sadly, we can't lock the upstairs to household only because of Daichi, but we can't lock it to club only because of the toddlers!

Yukio: I'm closing this restaurant! The Dineros have left and we don't want Victor's lousy 3 stars, anyway.

Yukio: I don't open the restaurant for dinner so we'll be ready for Megumi's birthday.

Megumi: Nanny Scruggs leaves me dancing by myself to go make moony eyes at Nanny Daichi, but I max Movement anyway!
Hmmph! It's too late now, Nanny Scruggs!  Papa, I'm ready for my birthday!

Yukio: After four adults unsuccessfully try to help Megumi blow out the candles, Watchette finds that repairing our world doesn't help either.
Finally, I open Korma and we all travel there instead. I request a table, order a cake, and Megumi can finally age up!

Megumi: Yep, and I aged up 25 hours earlier than Moss did, too!


Megumi: I'm hoping to finish my aspiration, get a B grade, and earn 2,000 satisfaction points by early Friday evening.
As soon as I get those three things done, it'll be time for my teen birthday!

Current Status of the Restaurant Bloodline

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $108,214
  Portrait: $9,044
*Incomplete requirements:
  Career: Chef (Level 9)
  Star rating: 4.5 stars
Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler skills: Maxed all 5 skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood aspiration: (Artistic Prodigy)

Coming next: Megumi's Teen Birthday

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim Who Doesn't Know (03/18)
« Reply #97 on: March 19, 2017, 12:57:39 AM »
Oh my gosh!  Look at cute little child Megumi and her messy hair!  She's a doll!
That freezing issue must be maddening!  I appreciate that you present it to us in a humorous way.  That means you must be dealing with it alright?
I've decided that Moss should marry Candy.  Poor Candy.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim Who Doesn't Know (03/18)
« Reply #98 on: March 19, 2017, 02:24:25 AM »

After the awful dinner experience, I found that if I just go to Manage Worlds (not traveling), the family is unfrozen when I return to the restaurant. That evening, sadly, is followed by another horrible evening, lol. The freezing seems to happen when I do anything with toddler-related objects and Build/Buy mode.

Why "Poor Candy"? You're going to give her a fabulous life in your challenge, right?  ;D
In my current file, she's constantly going around to everyone working in the restaurant to use the "Praise vampire lifestyle" social.
I'm thinking she might want to become one?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I'm a Sim Who Doesn't Know (03/18)
« Reply #99 on: March 19, 2017, 01:11:42 PM »
Are you a Snoop fan??  You know, I don't actually listen to much of him.  He's too... mellow lol.  I'm not up to snuff on my dance moves, either.
BUT I really enjoy that one clip of him narrating the wildlife in that "Planet Earth" video.  It cracks me up.
Regulators!  Mount up.  Okay, that's not Snoop OR Ice Cube but I like it.

Wow, Megumi is adorable in her new hair!  I love Braddon watching her dance.  I also liked his hesitance towards Don.  You know, I realized that Braddon and Rocco are half brothers!  Woot!  I might not have a Salem child, but I did have my Don kid and I'm satisfied with that.  And I actually like Don's striped tank top!  But I'm not known for my fashion sense.  Well, unless it comes to socks.  I love the little picture of Braddon standing abandoned as Don goes for another jog.

It was cool to see Moss, too.  He's definitely looking like a bit of a troublemaker.
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