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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Them There Eyes (03/26)
« Reply #125 on: March 27, 2017, 03:20:30 PM »
Oh, dear! We finally get Mossimo back up to flirting age and you're deserting us for another challenge? If I weren't so excited, I'd be depressed. :)

I have to admit I think I preferred Massimo Uno's sinister squint, but Massimo Due has a lovely, doe-eyed innocence about him that I think I will come to appreciate just as much. Especially if he keeps playing basketball in his Daisy Dukes. ;) Plus his shirt reminds me of my favorite Mori.

Serena is such saucy fun, luring Jung into the household with promises of spanking, and she absolutely kills in her dark form.

I love Jung in the household. His glowing ghost form is really neat, and he's so funny, startling and then comforting toddler Lia. Awwww. I'll almost be a little sad when he's brought back to life.

Massimo has excellent taste in his chess opponents. First Bradley, then our beloved Moss. Way to go, little genius!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Portraits Are a Pain!
« Reply #126 on: April 02, 2017, 03:56:46 AM »
I hope you'll skim through a few chapters of my Murkland challenge as well. It's absurdly fun! The first chapter is very slow but it gets weirder and weirder.
Jung is my first ever ghostly household member. But I like that I can cancel Jung's Possess action in advance, hehe.
I love Serena but I'm thinking her hubby needs a wake-up call of some sorts.

It's weird that Jung seemed to be burning up since he's already dead, but he does get an Uncomfortable moodlet so there's that.
About the wishing well, I thought what matters most is the mood of the wishing well?
I'm going to experiment on my dynasty challenge file, though, LOL.
It's hard to say yet about Massimo, since he hasn't really had much of a chance to hang out on his own. Massimo 1 used to do this adorable look where he'd tilt his head back a little. I hope Massimo 2 starts doing it, too.

Thanks for the compliment about my collages.
I really went overboard for that last update--close to half of the screenshots were collages because I couldn't bear to leave out any images.
Thank you for patiently waiting to ship Moss and Massimo, haha. I wonder how they'll react to each other this time around.

Yes, I've finally crawled back from Murkland to this Rival Dynasties Challenge, lol.
After Massimo's teen birthday, I micro-managed him intensely to get the most out of Friday and Saturday, so I'm looking forward to seeing how he acts and looks when left to his own devices.

My founders get so busy with their requirements that they don't put aside enough time for their marriages, I've concluded. I need to fix that in the days to come.
As for reviving Jung, he needs to be alive to procreate! I need to expedite his rise through the Vampire Ranks, though, because he loves staying outdoors. Grrrr.

I like to think that Bradly and Moss both came to the park seeking Massimo out.
Why else would Moss come to the park so late at night…and alone?

3.24 Daniela Dinero (Part I): Portraits Are a Pain!

Week 3/Sunday

Moss: As soon as Watchette returns to our home, the whole houshold leaps into action.
I start posing for Mama and Auntie Jessminder for my museum portrait.
Also, I paint toward my Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Papa writes and gardens, Uncle Arun builds and upgrades a rocket ship, and Krishna does what he does.

Daniela: Jessminder and I are both Level 10 painters using the best easel there is.
Still, it takes us forever to produce one acceptable portrait of Moss.

Moss: By Sunday morning, they've painted 22 portraits.
Auntie Jessminder's portraits are hanging on the left, with Mama's on the right.
The arrow points to Mama's portrait with the highest value.

Moss: I've been painting all morning for my museum collection. Only one more painting to go!

I take a break to do a little gardening and a little digging.
When I eventually move, I don't want to arrive on my new lot empty-handed!

Daniela: As for Daichi, he doesn't even pretend to be helpful anymore.
He's been sitting there in the hookah lounge since early morning.

Hold on Daichi! Moss will be needing your mentoring shortly!


My first day of high school! I wonder who I'll meet today! Hopefully, it will be my last school day!

Daniela: Salim, Jessminder, and I have the day off so we plan a trip to Desert Bloom Park.
On the way, we pay a visit to the Soma residence.
I've been wanting to chat with Yukio and meet Braddon Storey.

Daniela: I take little Braddon with us to the park, so I can get to know him better.
If I only I knew what his skill levels were! He's so adorable!

To my surprise, Don Lothario suddenly shows up and scoops Braddon into his arms.
Before I could even protest, Don crosses the street and leaves the park, taking Braddon with him.
What was that about?

Daniela: Moss hasn't mentioned anything about a love interest, so I keep my eyes open.
I meet this attractive young adult today, Kyra Anand.
All I can find out about her is that she's a foodie. I can't help but wonder if she's an alien…
Moss later also learns that she's unemployed.

Daniela: I like this young lady, Aaradhyna Kumar, even more.
I learn that she's good, loves the outdoors, and is unemployed. Is she too good to be true?

Moss: I bring home an A grade today, which means I'll be taking the next 3 days off!
When I arrive at Desert Bloom Park, I spot one of the other founders, Yukio Soma.

I start out with a Rude Introduction and it just gets worse from there!

Yukio: Grrrr, I can't believe I comped this jerk's lunch last week!
Next time, I might not let you into my restaurant, you rude, ignorant excuse for a sim!

Moss: Yeah, that's why I'm picking a fight with you instead of your daughter. Nya nya nya!
And by the way, your sister-in-law can't dance!
Yukio: I'd say that was a low blow but, to be honest, I don't really care!

Moss: Oh, just shut up already! I'm declaring you my enemy!

Moss: I was super angry for a while after fighting with Yukio, but then I meet Aaradhya.
She's good, clumsy, and loves the outdoors.

Our whole household gets stuck at the park because of a vampire break-in.
I take advantage of that time to become good friends with Aaradhya.
Hey, I wonder if Mama bothered to ask Aaradhya if she's single…


Daniela: I'm really hoping that today will be my last day of work.
These boots that come with my career uniform are so incredibly ugly!
And does this top have shoulder pads or something?

You can probably figure out by my new career uniform that I maxed Master of the Real.
After all my hard work, this uniform's rather a letdown.
But I guess it's still better than other versions I've seen!

And, I've completed all my requirements as the founder of my bloodline!

Oh look, there's Caleb!

Hey, girl!
Hey, Caleb!
Arrggh, no! Why did you have to get up and go talk to him! Go talk to that kid by the pirate gym!

(You may recall, dear readers, that Yukio saw Caleb and Daniela chatting alone together during Week 2 in his neighborhood)

I After Daniela leaves to go talk to the child, I notice a black blur as Caleb vampiricly-runs after her.
I don't know when or how these became friends, but Caleb likes her company, I guess.
And Daniela? She doesn't seem to mind at all. *facepalms

Hey, you two, what the heck do you think you're up to?
The upcoming drama involves Moss and Massimo, NOT Moss's mom and Massimo's dad! Sheesh!

Moss: Looks like I need to move out asap, before things get too weird around here!  *rolls eyes
After school, I submit my portrait and my collection of seven paintings to the Dinero Museum.
To move out, I need two unique skills maxed, one more good friend, and another enemy.

I really want to be done with my good friend and enemy requirements!
But Papa's taking the day off today to mentor me in writing, so that's how I'm spending the day.

I'm definitely going to move out this week, though!
When I do, who shall I ask to move in with me? Krishna, for sure!

Current Status: Dinero Line

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed Requirements
   Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree, Frugal
   Portrait: Yes ($9,362)
   Mansion Baron: done
   Gold-medal parties: Dinner party, House party, and Incognito Party
   Career: Master of the Real (Level 10)

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements
  Toddler skills: Top-Notch Toddler
  Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
  Teen Job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
  Portrait: yes ($9,514)
  Unique Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire (done)
  A in High School: yes
  Collection: 7 paintings ($38,928)

*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
  Unique Skills: Writing (Level 4) and Violin (Level 2)
  Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Daichi Yoshida, Aaradhya Kumar, and (need one more)
  Enemies: Yukio Soma and (need 1 more)

Thank you for reading!

Coming next: Mostly Moss skilling…

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Portraits Are a Pain! (04/02)
« Reply #127 on: April 02, 2017, 10:26:14 AM »
Nice, I really like all the paintings of Ross, especially Jesminder's latest one (I assume the latest, it's the one showing in the photo above all the portraits put together).

Okay, it really makes me laugh about Don coming to scoop up Braddon, and then leaving with him.  He's a good dad after all!  At least Daniela got to enjoy Braddon for a little while.  I love her looking out for a love interest for Moss!  Typical mom :)

Moss's fight with Yukio was pretty entertaining.  I enjoyed Yukio's regret about comping the meal, and of course, Moss's response about his daughter.  Poor Candy though!

Oh, Daichi.  How the mighty have fallen.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Portraits Are a Pain! (04/02)
« Reply #128 on: April 02, 2017, 11:05:15 AM »
Caleb had better not be cheating on my dear, sweet Serena!!
Of course, Daniella also commits borderline child abduction with poor little Braddon. 
Aarandhyna (I may not have spelled that correctly) is quite lovely!  I think she and Moss will have lovely nooboos!
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Gathers Momentum
« Reply #129 on: April 03, 2017, 02:39:21 AM »
The portrait that Moss chose to place in the  museum was painted by his mother, though Daniela and Jessminder were both painting portraits.
What a surprise that Don suddenly appeared out of nowhere then immediately ran off and out of the park. So strange, considering he never visits Braddon at home!
Lol, you know me by now! Candy is my Soma House scapegoat…and I'm still mad about her and Liberty Lee!
I complain about Daichi but, really, he is the weirdest, most entertaining sim!
Too bad he stopped cleaning autonomously, though. That's sad!

(About Caleb and Daniela) I know, right? I'm still wondering about giving him a Draught of Reconfiguration and removing his Vampiric Allure powers, even though Massimo will be moving soon.
And he can't just hit on a random townie--it has to be one of the founders! Sheesh.
Nooo, not borderline abduction! Daniela asked Yukio who approved her taking Braddon with him.
Braddon needs to be good friends with someone in another bloodline!
I'm glad you like Aaradhya! I like the way she look and her traits as well!
And we don't care if she won't bring a fortune with her!

3.25 Daniela Dinero (Part II): Moss Gathers Momentum

Week 3/Wednesday

Krishna: Really, not much ever happens at our house, you know?
I mean, we don't run a fancy restaurant like the Somas.
And don't have all those cool teeth or supernatural powers like the Zannas.

These days, I've been worrying about what will become of me.
I've done all the aspirations except Social Butterfly and have Level 8 Logic.
But my birthday isn't for another nine days!  Nine whole days!

Krishna: Today is almost over! We've spent the day as we usually do.
After work this evening, Papa maxes Rocket Science. He's started installing a wormhole generator on the rocket ship.
Moss says he's going to be the first Dinero in outer space. Why can't my papa be first?

Arun: I'm dying to invent a wormhole generator, but I lack the materials. Watchette, would you please follow me to work tomorrow?
Sure! And you are certainly one fantastic helper, Mr. Versatility!
Both Candy Behr and Lilith Vatore could learn a lot from you and your positive 'tude!

Krishna: As you already know, Uncle Salim is helping Moss with his writing.

Moss: How long does it take to write one novel, anyway? I'm already L6 Writing but haven't finished a single book!

Salim: Patience, son, patience! *tries to offer an insightful axiom, but can't think of any

Krishna: Papa, why is Auntie Daniela learning Wellness now?
Arun: Well, certain skills have to be saved for her descendants to claim as unique.

Krishna: So, that means none of the Dinero heirs will be claiming Wellness?
Arun: Yes, that's right. And Wellness is a very useful skill, too!

Wellness also nails Daniela to the yoga mat, which saves time for her watcher.

Krishna: But why is Nanny Daichi mentoring Mama in guitar? Isn't Mama a mixologist?
Arun: Well, your mother will be a Level 9 Mixologist very soon.
Watchette is hoping that she'll learn the Snagglefluster recipe.
That's why she doesn't want Mama to earn any Charisma points.

Krishna: So learning guitar is like killing two birds with one stone?
Arun: Exactly, it keeps Mama in one place and prevents her from socializing with Daichi.
Krishna: Devious!


Moss: Why am I learning Violin from you all of a sudden? What about Writing?
Daichi: Salim says you're already Level 9 Writing, so I thought you might want to get a head start on your 2nd skill.
Plus you'll earn more satisfaction points!

Moss: Wow, you're right! I have enough to buy my 4th reward trait now.
*buys the Frugal trait

You've done such a great job, Jessminder!
You paint, you cook, you mix drinks, and now you're a Level 5 Gardener!

Jessminder: Well, thanks, Watchette! I try my best, you know.

When Moss moves, he and I had planned to invite the Jangs to move in.
But he recently asked me if he could invite your family instead.

Jessminder: Isn't that just more dynasty slaving? Be honest, what's in it for me?

What if I told you that you'd be able to hold your grandchild in your arms?
There wouldn't be enough room in the house to move in your daughter-in-law.
Still, Krishna could have a child with a nice young lady from a good family. What do you think?

Jessminder: Sign us up! When are we moving?

Arun: How lucky is this? Today's Collection Day at the Lab!
All I'm missing to invent a Wormhole Generator is two uncommon crystals!

Bradly: Hey, Arun! Where have you been today?
Arun: Outside, digging for materials for the past five hours.

Hey, Arun! Now that you've got what you need, I'm going back to the house to see how Moss is doing.
Arun: Cool. See you in four more hours! *waves

Arun: Oh, you're back? Why did you return to the Lab?
While I was at the Dinero house, your work icon turned red and I was afraid you'd lose your promotion.
So I checked on everyone really quickly then came right back.

Don: Hello, gorgeous! What are you up to?

Bradly: I was just thinking about you, me, and this reception desk! *gives Don his best come-hither look

Bradly: Shouldn't you be working since this is our, you know, workplace?
Don: Well, I want to ask you about something that happened yesterday.
Bradly: So?

Don: While jogging at Desert Bloom Park, I saw Braddon alone there.
He was with a strange green lady who was showing him flashcards.
Bradly: So that's why you skipped work yesterday? To go jogging?

Don: That's beside the point! Why aren't you worried about Braddon alone at the park?
I thought he'd been kidnapped, so I immediately picked him up and took him home!

Bradly: Calm down, Don. That's the Dinero founder, Daniela.
She offered to take Braddon to the park while I was at work, and Yukio okayed it.

Don: Oh…Okay, well, back to work I go, sweetheart! Mwah!
Bradly: Why don't you ever come by to visit Braddon? Are you waiting for an invite?
Don: Um, yes…

Moss: As soon as Arun gets home, I head for the Arts Quarter. I also invite along Cassandra Goth and Paola Pizzazz.

I'm not sure when it happened, but Cassandra and I are already friends.

Krishna: I'm so happy to have someone my age to chat with.

Paola: So my mama, Penny Pizzazz, tells me you and I should become good friends.
Krishna: Really? Cuz my parents say the same thing to me!

Daniela: Meanwhile, I spy a familiar sim on the second floor--it's the sim with a thousand outfits!
Daichi: Hey, Daniela!
Daniela: Nice pink pumps! WCIF them?

Moss: Since you and I are friends, Cass, I was hoping we could take our relationship to the next level.
Cassandra: Oh Moss, I never knew you felt that way about me!

Moss: Honestly? I don't! But I'd really appreciate your becoming my good friend. Whaddya say?
Cassandra: Hmmmph! You dynasty people are all alike! But…okay!

Moss: Thanks so much, Cass. You're the best. Well, not the best but def one of my fave peeps!

Moss: Now I can finally focus on what I came to the Casbah Gallery to do!


Moss: By the time I max Violin and get home, I can see the moon setting from my window.
I'm using my last vacation day but I'm this close to being able to move out!

No doubt in my mind whatsoever that I'll be living in my own place later today!

Current Status of the Dinero Household

Founder: Daniela Dinero
*Completed founder requirements: Everything's done

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
 Skills: Violin (Level 10) and Writing (Level 9)
 Enemies: Yukio Soma and (one more enemy)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Gathers Momentum (04/03)
« Reply #130 on: April 03, 2017, 06:16:33 AM »
Aw, poor Krishna.  Between wondering about his own future, and his dismay that his dad doesn't get to be the first in space!  It seems like he is feeling the sting of being a spare.
I'm excited that you have plans to let him have a child one day.  I mean... He's so young still.  Does that mean Jessminder and Arun will age?  Anyway I'm pretty excited about how Krishna will grow up to look.
Him and Penny?  Him and Penny???

Enlighten me on this snagglefluster thing and the no charisma thing.  I have no idea what you're talking about there but as Tessa is a mixologist who maxed charisma I'm definitely curious about what I'm missing.  Is it just a RDC rule or is there actually a thing in game relating these two things?

I enjoyed getting to see Don and Bradly.  I giggled that Don IS, in fact, just waiting for an invite.  Well, yeah!  I remember he showed up to visit Luke daily all on his own though. 
Daichi is really rocking the pumps!  He has an interesting collection of clothing.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Gathers Momentum (04/03)
« Reply #131 on: April 03, 2017, 08:03:02 AM »
Wow, things are really moving along nicely for Moss!  Like they say, a rolling Moss gathers no stones.  Well, something like that.
I'd have to double check to be sure, but I think you'll have to move the household helpers out on their own and then move out Moss and have him invite them in.  If I recall correctly, moving them directly into a new lot with him is a no-no.  I think.  Like I said, I'd have to double check (which I don't have time to do at the moment).
Loving how you're using skills to simply keep some of your Sims occupied.  Funny and clever!
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Gathers Momentum (04/03)
« Reply #132 on: April 03, 2017, 04:39:26 PM »
Awww. The Don and Bradly office flirt session made me grin! Those guys! I'm glad Don swooped in over the weekend to claim his parental rights. He's a good Daddy at heart. :)

Poor, bored Krishna. He's just about maxed his potential with nine days left! Where can he go from here?

Handsome Moss is such a scalawag, getting poor Cassandra's hopes up like that.

Loved that you lured Jessminder into another round as dynasty helper with the promise of grandchildren! She and Arun have certainly been valuable, and it seems as though Krishna will carry on the tradition quite nicely!

Glad Daniela is getting to level wellness. I think it's my favorite skill!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Moves (04/03b new)
« Reply #133 on: April 04, 2017, 01:31:22 AM »
I believe Krishna overcomes his initial disappointment about his papa and Sixam in this update! We iz conniving to ensure that Jessminder can hold her grandchild--gotta keep our promise, right?
And I'm not sure about Krishna and Penny yet. It really depends on what Massimo thinks. Kyra Gupta, Morgan Fyres, or Penny Pizzazz…
     Jessminder is trying to get the Snagglefluster recipe which is only nabbed via a work opportunity that randomly occurs only during a Level 9 Mixologist's work shift.
So I'm keeping her at Level 9 until she gets that opp. To prevent her last promotion, I'm not letting her level Charisma (she needs L8) or do her daily tasks. Of course, she'll probably get her promotion anyway. Maybe try for a negative wish? Anyway, Snagglefluster boosts the rate of leveling any skill exponentially.
     Don is so weird! He never visits but he skips work to nab Braddon away from Daniela. Now she'll never be good friends with Braddon or be able to age him up. Thanks, Don!

You're right about Moss having to ask former household members to move in  with him. In my failed RDC, two Gen2 heirs did just that (Moss moved in his sister Fern, and the Mori heir moved in her brother Tamari). You'll see me do it again in this chapter, too, lol.
   Whatever skill I don't want my sims to be learning, that's all they want to do! Haha.

    Don actually robbed Braddon of his chance to befriend Daniela and Jessminder. Braddon needs a good friend in another house to age him up, but he'll never age up at this rate. If we wait for him to age up naturally…well, let's just say, Megumi doesn't need a child husband so he'll get passed over. Don's action was entirely counter-productive! I'm not a fan…
    Where will Krishna go next? My friend, you will soon find out!
    Speaking of handsome Moss, I'm really like this Moss--he makes the best faces though they're not tragic.
    Daniela keeps trying to level skills that I don't want her to max. No, stay out of the observatory! No, you don't need to help with gardening! Stop playing the violin, yo! I was just trying to keep her busy until Moss moves out…
    The Bheedas have really been fantastic helpers. Salim's life in the Dinero household would have been very different without them.

3.26  Moss Dinero (Part III): Moss Moves

Week 3/Friday

Arun: Early this morning, I try my luck at the wishing well.
I'm floored to be granted a full promotion to Level 10 Scientist!
After phoning to take a vacation day, I begin planning what to invent first!

Moss: I stop writing at the thought that I still need an enemy!
It's 6 am so I still have time to catch the Zanna founder before she leaves for work!
She's pretty intimidating, though. I'm not sure I'm feeling up to this!

Moss: No time to feel demoralized! I pull myself together and start with a rude introduction.

Serena: Oh no, you di'int!
Moss: Oh yes, I did!

Moss: And, please, enjoy this this drink to match your red skirt! Bwahahaha! (Hehe, I thought I would feel bad but this is actually pretty fun!)

Moss: You and your lame insults! I'd like to fight you but I never get the option.
Serena: Oh don't you know, little boy? Stupid sims with dirty hands don't get the Fight option!
Moss: *checks his hands

Serena: You totally fell for it! What a little fool! My Massimo will clean the floor with your sorry green hair!
Moss: Well, I'll just have to keep dissing you til we hate each other!

Before leaving, I look around the house for the toddler I read to last week.

Massimo: Is it really you, Moss? It's me, Massimo! I'm a teen now, too!
Moss: Nice to see you again, Massimo! I'm glad to see you're looking so gorgeous, I mean, well! *coughs

Massimo: Did you say or do something to make Mama angry, Moss?
Moss: Maybe. Why do you ask?
Massimo: No time to explain! You must travel out of here immediately! She looks about to mesmerize you for a sip or ten.

Moss: Thanks to Massimo's timely tip, I escape Serena's blood-thirsty clutches!
I have so much to do today and can't be feeling sleepy and drained!

Meanwhile, Uncle Arun has finished inventing and upgrading a Wormhole Generator.
Mama and I discussed this beforehand. We decided leaving it on this lot would be best.

Moss: At 1 pm, I max Writing (thanks to Papa) and complete all of my requirements for moving out!

That's a fancy shot, Watchette. You gonna do that for every heir?
Nah. Just you, cuz you're the first heir to move out.

Moss: I actually still have two more things to do before I move out…

Moss: So, Krishna, how's this for firsts? I'm the first sim to ever step foot on Sixam…
But Uncle Arun is the first adult and you're the first child to ever come here!
Krishna: Awww, gee, Moss! Papa deserves to be here but I'm glad you brought me, too!

Krishna: I still can't believe I'm really here? What shall we do next?
Arun: Well, Moss asked us to let him do all the collecting. Why don't we cloudgaze?

Moss: I find rare crystals and metals and also harvest eerie alien flora.
Watchette spots some alien females wearing her cc, but neglects to take screenshots of them on purpose.

Moss: Hey, you two! Stop being such tourists! It's not like we'll never come back here!
Krishna: My friends will never believe I'm visiting Sixam! Gonna upload this to my plumbook!
Arun: I never imagined my first trip to Sixam would be with my son! Thanks, Moss!

As I wander around, seeking more rarities to gather, I wonder if I am, in fact, descended from aliens.

Moss: Do you know Mama's friend, Bradly Storey? He's also a scientist.
He says one of the best parts of visiting Sixam is the Return Home menu.

It tells you who, among the sims you know currently on Sixam, are actually aliens in disguise.
Oh, Aaradhya? You, too? Well, we can talk about that later!
Oh, I knew it, I knew it!

Moss: Good evening, ma'm. We'd like a table for eight, please.
Arun: Hey, Moss. Your parents are wondering why you invited the vampire along to Korma Chameleon.

Moss: Look at that gorgeous creature then ask yourself again why I invited him…

Moss: Okay, I admit that Massimo's bat form thing rather freaks everyone out…
By the way, Massimo, don't forget that I maxed the Violin skill!

Arun: Pssst, Moss! You invited the vampire AND the alien? Isn't that a conflict of interest?
Moss: Um, no? I treasure them both for different reasons altogether!

Arun: Huh, so you need two, eh? Oh, Jessminder, do you think I could also…
Jessminder (glares): Don't you dare even think about it, sweet thing! *clenches her fork...

As soon as everyone's seated, I order a cake and blow out the candles.
Daniela: I'm so proud of you, Moss.  Oh, it's you, Massimo! How are you? Where's your father?

Then I stand and get ready to leave the restaurant. It's time for me to move out!

No, that "Thief!" tag doesn't refer to me! I'm just nicking my own birthday cake!
See, the arrow points to the alien waitress who swiped Watchette's cc hair.
Time for another batch fix!

Moss: I buy the Asphalt Adobe lot in the northwest corner of our neighborhood.
When I arrive, I invite four people over right away: the Bheedas and Aaradhya.

Happy birthday, Krishna!

Moss: After I ask all four of my guests to move in (they accept, natch), I learn that Krishna gained the Geek trait.
So perfect!

Jessminder: What do you think, ladies? Doesn't the pre-makeover Krishna look like a Bollywood heartthrob?
Or is that just my maternal bias showing?
Arun: I think he has my eyes with your lips and jawline.

Jessminder: Watchette, would you consider looking for some beard stubble cc for Krishna?
You know, like that gorgeous Shahid Kapoor has?
Jessminder, when did you become a mindreader? Lol!

By 11 pm, the entire garden has been planted and watered, thanks to everyone's collective efforts!
Everyone, that is, except Daichi the Slacker!
Daichi: Hey! Gimme a break, okay? Everyone else has two weeks off every three weeks!
But me, I work every single week, so cut me some slack, all right?

Current Status

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero

*Completed requirements
  Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
*Incomplete requirements
  Gold-medal Parties:
  Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier II)
  Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 4)
  Spouse: None
  Children: None

The five-sim household now consists of Moss Dinero, his good friend Aaradhya Kumar, and the Bheeda family.
The tale of Moss and Aaradhya will commence after a primitive house has been built. Stay tuned!

Coming next: Saturday at Moss's New Crib

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Moves (04/03, Part II)
« Reply #134 on: April 04, 2017, 08:06:14 AM »
I'm looking forward to getting to know Aaradhya as a character.  She's lovely, and I think she and Moss will have a lovely child (or children), but I'm definitely curious as to how you'll write her  :=)
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Moves (04/03, Part II)
« Reply #135 on: April 04, 2017, 05:22:19 PM »
Wow, what level was Arun before that promotion?
Serena is so pretty, but... I have to admit I definitely enjoyed Moss dumping his drink on her.
Massimo will clear the floor with him?  Oh Serena.  You poor lady.  Love the shot of her standing behind him when he talks to Massimo.

Very clever with the return home menu on Sixam.  I'd have never thought of that.  Then again I don't really go to Sixam.
I'm really pleased that, this time around, things seem to be going a lot more smoothly for Mossimo!

Krishna is very handsome, but I'm surprised his head is so wide.  Neither of his parents seem to have that issue.  Maybe it's just his eyes that make it look wider than it really is.  He wears them so narrowed!

Haha, I adore Daichi standing off to the side and doing nothing.  He started out so great too!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Moss Moves (04/03, Part II)
« Reply #136 on: April 04, 2017, 06:36:56 PM »
CC thieves! Shameless! I'm glad you didn't give those alien cc-nappers any screen time. tsk tsk. :)

My heart is definitely throbbing for Krishna. What a looker! I love you and Jessminder conspiring on the stubble. Teehee. But what is this pre-makeover nonsense? What of the post-makeover, hmm? Where is that? Am I just supposed to let that one slide?

Congratulations to Moss on completing his preparations for moveout! Confetti! I also admire his bravery in taking on Serena as his enemy. I mean, of course she was the only choice, since he couldn't very well become enemies with his DESTINY, but even so. Nice job. :)

Thank you so much for the alien-identification trick! So useful! I hope Aaradya's lineage will help increase the chances of continuing green Dinero heirs.

Moss does make some amazing faces. I'm really looking forward to his time in the sun!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Aaradhya Articulates
« Reply #137 on: April 04, 2017, 11:52:35 PM »
Thank you for your interest in Aaradhya's character development. Because of you, I'm having her narrate this update…She still has more to say but ran out of space!

Lol, Arun went from Level 9 to Level 10.
I was so shocked to notice Serena standing behind Moss--she switched to her dark form and lifted her hands with curled fingers, so I had Moss leave immediately.
Close call! And you know, she even has the Guilty Drinker trait! She must  also be mad about Caleb and Moss's mom, lol.
   I couldn't believe Daichi just stood there the whole time everyone else was working on the garden. I don't want Moss getting his Gardening skill any higher and Daichi wouldn't mop, so I had to have Moss mopping up the spilled water, haha.

I only had room for a pre-makeover shot of Krishna cuz I'd reached the image limit and their house was mostly non-existent at the time.
Krishna reached level 7 handiness in one day! I'm starting to consider him for the Gen3 heir, who will be female (either by birth or by gender customization, booyah!)

Well, that alien identification thing only helps if your sim can already get to Sixam, right? Will your upcoming RDC have an alien founder or will you keep us in suspense?
As for Aaradhya's alien form (and skintone), she's being as secretive about that as Lucas and his swimwear! *winks

3.27 Moss Dinero (Part IV): Aaradhya Articulates

Week 3/Saturday

Hail Earthlings! My name is Aaradhya Kumar. It is time you got to know me better, yes?
As you already know, I first met Moss and his mother at Desert Bloom Park several days ago.
I'm good and clumsy, love the outdoors, and aspire to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

Thanks to a vampire break-in, I managed to become his good friend, which is why--I suppose--he asks me to move in.
Moss has an unseen fashion consultant/supervisor who gives me a new wardrobe.
So this is the kind of look Moss prefers? I understand why my hair is green, but must I wear these little shorts?
It's the Murkland influence. *shrugs

I like the Bheeda family very much! Such hard workers!
The teenager, Krishna, also gets a makeover. His mother, for some reason, is especially pleased with his new look.
Jessminder is talented in many creative skills. I hope to follow in her footsteps!

Now, they are fishing for angelfish.

Apparently, vampire break-ins pose a threat even to residential lots.
Frankly, I'm quite surprised how friendly Moss seems to be with the next Zanna heir!

Tonight, Arun aka Mr. Versatility adds "Crafting garlic objects" to his ever-increasing list of accomplishments.

And, by the way, you may not know this but ethnic diversity also exists on Sixam. My name, Aaradhya, is a Hindi name.
So I'm more than pleased to be living with the Bheedas in a vegetarian household!
More on that later.

After ensuring that the rest of the household is occupied, Moss begins flirting with me.
I'd secretly been hoping he'd be romantically interested in me.
But no one could have prepared me for how fast he moves. First date, first kiss!

Although I'm a full alien, I've long hoped for a hybrid child! Why?
That's because as much as I love this human disguise, I dislike my alien appearance.
I don't know, maybe I've just watched too much simTV.

But a hybrid child with this irresistibly handsome green devil?
Our child could have an alien skintone but with sim-like features. I can only dream!

And don't tell anyone, but I don't feel attracted to fellow aliens.

Hmmm, I'm sensing a creepy stalker nearby. Who could that be?

And this is why we lock doors to avoid mid-date interruptions.
No, Daichi! They don't need to be welcomed to the club!

I should feel guilty about making use of Moss to conceive. But honestly?
Doesn't he need an heir in order to continue his bloodline?

And what's his deal with that teen vampire who kept glancing at him at the restaurant?

When I learn that I'm pregnant, I run over to Moss and share the big news.
How heart-warming and reassuring that he seems just as thrilled!

I'm confident that our child will grow up feeling cherished and respected.
And vegetarian!

Now that it's daylight, here's a better look at the post-makeover Krishna.

Earlier, Jessminder mentioned something about not needing cc stubble.
I think he's a most dashing teenager!
His father Arun's been bragging that Krishna is a geeky genius.

I think Krishna gets his large eyes from his mother and his droopy eyebrows from his father.

Jessminder prepared Ambrosia for the first time in her life this morning.
While living with the founder, Arun had grafted a deathflower plant which he went back to harvest this morning.

Initially, I'd believed that Ambrosia granted eternal life, but Jessminder informs me that it only resets a sim's current life stage.
I wonder who the Ambrosia's for?

Daniela is ecstatic to hear that Moss and I will have a child and invites us all over.
I benefit from the quality easels by asking her to mentor me.

The founder's lot has a downstairs laboratory which was especially built for Arun.

He clones some Ambrosia and repairs a cloning machine.
But he runs out of time to invent another cloning machine for our house.

On the other hand, our resident geeky genius has discovered woodworking.

Do what you love or love what you  do, I always say!

While Moss and I are flirting, our relationship hits its first bump.
He discovers that I'm already lovebirds with the Granite Falls forest ranger.

With supreme confidence, Moss proposes to me anyway and I, of course, accept!
Why would I pass up the chance for our child to carry both the Dinero genes and name?

In my defense, my fling with the forest ranger happened before I'd even met Moss.
And when I first met Moss, he was just a teen! I'll deal with Nature Boi later.

Do we not make a stunning couple in our green and black?
Oh my, but he's gorgeous! And to think that I might have settled for the forest ranger! *shudders

The Bheedas are the first guests to arrive. I love seeing them in their formal wear!
Jessminder looks fabulous in her sari-esque gown.

There's some chick in a black dress and glasses, bending Daniela's ear about "failed expectations."
Hey, girl! This is a celebration of our marriage so take your negativity elsewhere!

Well, I don't actually say that to her since I'm at the wedding arch getting married, lol.
And Daniela is too excited about the wedding and baby to listen to her anyway.

I really have no idea what I should be doing at a wedding, since I've never attended a sim wedding.
Moss seems to sense that I'm lost and Moss whispers whatever we'll be doing next.

Huh, feeding each other! How nice! I could so get used to Moss feeding me.
Oops, did I just say that?

When we're sure of earning a gold medal, I invite the forest ranger to Center Park so we can have "the talk."
While I'm waiting for him, I spot Ms. Negativity coming my way as if she wants to chat.

Do I have any choice? I don't want her there eavesdropping while I talk to the forest ranger!
So I immediately end our wedding party…

As soon as we all get home, I invite the forest ranger over and ask to be just friends.
Well, that was quick and harmless!  Wait, where do you think you're going, buster?

Moss is big-hearted enough to overlook my previous thing with the forest ranger.
But that doesn't mean Moss wants Forest Ranger dancing in the living room!
Not sure why Forest Ranger bothers looking so shocked! He actually believed he'd be welcome here on our wedding day, after I just blew him off?

Jessminder gets back from work at midnight, which is the time for the Big Switch.
But we decide to squeeze in a quick trip to Granite Falls.
Krishna is a former Top-Notch Toddler, Whiz Kid, and Rambunctious Scamp.
No wonder he learns to make those camping mascots so quickly!

Our garden is six plants short of complete, so Moss takes the time to harvest some Fireleaf, too.
By lucky coincidence, he also catches a Dust Sprite which is an ingredient for the hermit's secret recipe: Fungal Infusion Fertilizer.
Hmmm, I'd like to come back again to meet that hermit!

Arun ate a serving of Ambrosia back at the house while Jessminder was still working.
And Jessminder eats her portion at the National Park.

I ask Jessminder why she and Arun are eating Ambrosia on their last day of being young adults.
She shares that it's part of the deal she made for her family to move in with Moss.
Jessminder is one sharp negotiator!
And then there's me with no prenuptial agreement, darn it!

When we get back, Moss places one bassinet in the living room.
It's so we can determine the firstborn, he says, in case of multiple births.

I imagine our nooboo will be born early Monday morning.
For now, I do what I can to ensure that I have a daughter: eating strawberries and listening to Kpop!

By the way, Arun took me aside before our wedding to say that he knows I'm an alien.
I wonder how he found out? I wonder if Moss knows?
If Moss doesn't know yet, will our relationship change when he finds out?
So many questions!
Come to think of it, it's rather handy that Moss has a "thing" for that vampire!
He'll probably come visit to Moss during "Vampire Week," and we'll all learn what color our baby is!

Current Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero

*Completed requirements
  Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
*Incomplete requirements
  Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party (needs 2 more)
  Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier III)
  Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 3)
  Spouse: Aaradhya Kumar
  Children: coming soon

Gen3 Heir: ?Mina Dinero
Age: Will be a Day 1 nooboo on Sunday of Week 4

Coming next: Week 3 with Yukio Soma (Megumi might move out…)  ...*runs off to Murkland

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Aaradhya Articulates (04/04)
« Reply #138 on: April 05, 2017, 08:05:48 AM »
It was nice to hear things from Aarhandya's perspective!  Quite the interesting twist that she's got her own motivation in wanting a hybrid baby and seems to be "using" Moss for that, but accidentally falling for him.
Krishna did turn out to be quite a handsome fellow!
Poor Cassandra.  She just feels so neglected.  She and Candy should form a support group  ;=)
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Aaradhya Articulates (04/04)
« Reply #139 on: April 05, 2017, 01:22:17 PM »
I like Aaradhya's attitude. She's very matter of fact. She knows what's what with Mossimo, but she's doing her thing and getting what she wants, anyway. Go, girl!  Plus, she's gorgeous. *crosses fingers very hard for a greenboo*

The previous fling with the forest ranger was pretty great. Sorry, Nature Boy. You cannot compete with a gorgeous green dynasty heir! And then he hung around after being dumped! Too funny!

Jessminder is a shrewd negotiator, and I'm glad she and Arun will be sticking around and not growing old together. :)

Krishna's stubble is A plus. Very nice, young man. Here's hoping he hits it off with Gen 3! Whom I cannot wait to meet!

(So true about Murkland and the short shorts! No one is immune! :))

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Aaradhya Articulates (04/04)
« Reply #140 on: April 05, 2017, 02:23:54 PM »
Oh okay then, about the well promotions.  The way you worded it made it sound like he'd manage to skip levels or... maybe that's just the way I read it.  I was going to be really excited if that was actually possible.  I've never used the wishing well for anything yet except bringing those ghosts back to life.

Krishna looks really good with his new makeover!

I love Daichi trying to welcome Aaradhya to the club.  Very sweet... also annoying but he looks so cute standing there at the locked door.

Looks like a really nice wedding!  The Bheeda's are stunning in their formalwear.  My favorite part was definitely the hasty wedding ending when Cassandra was about to come over for a chat.  Stone cold!

Clever about the bassinets.
I'm really surprised Moss didn't figure out the alien thing when he woohoo'd with her.
Of course we know the brilliant way Arun figured it out.

LOL, have fun in Murkland.  You run off like you've been dying to get back to it or something!  :D
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Aaradhya Articulates (04/04)
« Reply #141 on: April 08, 2017, 04:42:05 PM »
Grats on the move, marriage and impending nooboo, Moss. I'm really pleased that the Bheedas are all sticking around - I really like them (and their formal wear), especially Krishna. Love his new look.

Good luck with getting a female greenboo. The 'Children: coming soon' line in the summary cracked me up :) And good luck, Megumi.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Braddon's Blues
« Reply #142 on: April 08, 2017, 07:07:09 PM »
@PeregrineTook    I'm happy you liked hearing Aaradhya's side of things.
Yes, I rather love Krishna, too. I want something special for him, but what? Or, should I say, who?
Ahhh, Cassandra. Always a lot of collateral damage in my stories as I clumsily seek to be witty at the expense of my less favored sims. :-)    A support group, rofl…
But I'm noticing that you also share my preference for random townies over premade sims.

I'm getting so careless. I didn't even realize that Aaradhya had a thing with the Forest Ranger until right before Moss proposed.
The Forest Ranger was too funny! After Aaradhya broke up with him, I locked the front door for "Household only," but he actually ran all the way around to the back door to enter so he could dance in the living room. Talk about clueless!
When I started thinking about moving Moss out, I realized I'm not finished with the Bheedas' story yet. I'm glad you're enjoying them, too.
I've hit a wall with Braddon but wait to you see what Sergio's gone and done!

Sorry for the wishing-well letdown. But I was super excited because a Level 10 Scientist can upgrade the wormhole generator (= group travel to Sixam) and make Age-Away serums.
Lately, Daichi seems to live to annoy me. He'll be useful again when the toddlers become children!
Placing a single bassinet is a tip I learned from the RDC thread. I'm pretty sure MarianT posted it. The alternative would be to let the toddlers age up naturally then check who gets their birthday notice first.
You're right! Although we know about Aaradhya due to Sixam's Return Home menu, no one's discovered her yet. When she and Moss woohoo'd, I kept expecting her to start glowing pink and Moss to discover her. But…nothing.
Maybe I should try harder to get to glow different colors.
About Murkland, I'm trying to alternate in-game weeks between my RDC and Murkland. :-)

Yep, things are moving right along with Moss Dinero. And thank you for reminding me to send an emissary to check on the Gen4 heir nooboo! I don't even know what color Aaaradhya's alien skintone is!

3.28 Yukio Soma (Part I): Braddon's Blues

Week 3/Sunday

Yukio: Watchette returns to our home to realize that two toilets aren't enough for 4 adult sims.
Daichi immediately comes over when we start a club gathering.
For now, I remove him from our club because, frankly, he's become superfluous. Don't call us, we'll call you!

Megumi: Since my teen birthday on Week 2/Friday, I've been writing day in and day out.
The Bestselling Author aspiration is a killer, but Books of Life will come in handy.

Yukio: We wait for Braddon to wake up, then open Korma Chameleon for the late lunch crowd.
Upstairs, Megumi continues writing while Bradly dances with Braddon.

Not long after Korma Chameleon opens, our first critic ever arrives!
The hostess station is a bit backlogged, and Candy going over to chat with everyone doesn't help at all!
*sends Candy to the bathroom

This could be the big break for our 4.5-star restaurant!
I remain by his side, catering his every whim and need.

My wife Yuki is looking this way but I pretend not to notice.
I can tell she's dying to welcome me to the club…again.
Watchette, would please have her "Check Up On" all our staff or something?

Yes! The critic's favorable review kicks our rating up to 5 stars for the first time.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After closing for several hours, we open again for dinner.
Mortimer has become a regular customer. And so many new faces!

By 9:30 pm, Braddon is well on his way to becoming a Top-Notch Toddler!
Good thing, too, because his birthday's in one-and-a-half days!

All in all, things are going well for Korma Chameleon.

I'm not happy about Anaya Jang and this other lady treating the fountain like a pool.
But our hostess, Maki Nakamura, swiftly informs that their table is ready. Maki, you're such a gem!

Yuki: You must be slipping, sis. How have you not introduced yourself to that hunk yet?
Candy: I'm on it!

Yukio:  I introduce myself to the gentleman and learn his name's Wyatt Owen.
He's a gardener as well as an ambitious slob who hates children.

Apparently, Serena Zanna's already talking to him about marrying the Gen5 heir.
Talk about planning ahead! But if Serena's planning ahead, so should we!
I mean, I'm not above stealing him away for Megumi, but his traits…

Wyatt: Dude, do you pluck your eyebrows?

Yukio: At midnight, I disallow new customers because Korma's full enough.
But diners at 4 tables get up and leave in mid-meal, without paying.

"Disallow new customers" didn't used to work this way, darn it!

We close Sunday night with a five-star rating. We need two more days at this rating!
Our Finances Report is off; we definitely served more than four tables tonight!

Also, I have enough points to buy the Ingredients Discount perk, but I'm still deciding.


Bradly: Around noon, Braddon maxes his last skill while running around the backyard.
What a relief!
Juggling work, Korma, and helping Braddon with his skilling has not been easy!

I confess that I'll miss his little ladybug socks, though!

Yukio: Yuki and I spend the afternoon painting Megumi's portraits.
When we open Korma for dinner, we leave Braddon home with a nanny.
Megumi, of course, continues writing. Yuki brings along half-painted portraits to finish.

Megumi (mutters): They don't even bother asking me to pose!


Megumi: When I hear the Dinero founder's arrived a little past midnight, I rudely introduce myself.
Then I proceed to pick a fight with her.

When I click the Mean social "Trash talk…," I'm surprised to see that Megumi dislikes Sergio Romeo.
He must have been really annoying. Too bad, Sergio! I'd been thinking since we can't age up Braddon in time…

Yukio: Daniela stands up and continues arguing with Megumi.
Wow, look who "just happens" to walk by as the hostess shows him to his table.

Caleb: What? I've simply come here to enjoy the wonderful cuisine. I'm a foodie, remember?
Yukio: Don't you think the timing's a bit suspicious? You arrive a half hour after Daniela…

Caleb: Pffft, mere coincidence! Why would I be stalking Daniela when I have Serena?
Yukio: That's exactly what I wanna know! You don't worry about leaving Serena on her own?

Yukio: Suddenly, Braddon's birthday notice pops up, so we immediately close Korma and head home.
Two five-star days in a row!

Megumi: This is where everything starts getting complicated!

I bring Daniela Dinero home with us, so I can finish what I started.

Bradly: Meanwhile, I light birthday candles on a cake for Braddon and help him age up.
He's a Whiz Kid genius with the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Braddon will be invincible! And his childhood looks also show promise. No surprise, there!

Megumi: After Uncle Bradly is done planning Braddon's outfits, I declare Daniela my enemy!

And what are you saying, Watchette? I'm not going to be able to marry Braddon? Why not? Can't you fix it?

Well, are you willing to wait until Week 4 to meet him as a young adult? Think about it!

(I'd really had my heart set on a Megumi/Braddon pairing, but it's too much trouble now!
I guess I'll wait and see how long Megumi takes to finish her requirements…)

Megumi: Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see Papa running out of the house…
Papa, if you have a nooboo before I do, I will absolutely never forgive you!

Current Status: Soma Line

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Museum Portrait: yes ($9,044)
  Career: Culinary/Chef (Level 10)
  Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = $127k

*Incomplete requirements:
  Star Rating: 5.0 stars (2 days, need one more day!)

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler Skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements
 Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
  Museum Portrait: yes ($7,887)
  A in High School: yes

*Incomplete move-out requirements
  Aspiration: Bestselling Author (on Tier III)
  Enemies: Daniela Dinero and (one more)
  Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Elizabeth Scruggs, (xx, and xx)
  Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 4)
  Collection: working on it

Coming Next: Week 2 with Yukio Soma (Part II)/Megumi's Spouse Hunt?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Braddon's Blues (04/08)
« Reply #143 on: April 08, 2017, 11:36:43 PM »
Oh man!  Papa had better not have a baby before poor Megumi!
Congrats on two days' worth of 5 star ratings!  Things are going so well!
I can't believe how Caleb keeps stalking Daniela when he has the amazing Serena at home!  I'm glad my dear Shana did not pick that horrible Caleb and his wandering eyes.  For shame, Caleb.  For shame!
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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Houston, We Haz Problems (04/09)
« Reply #144 on: April 09, 2017, 10:46:55 PM »
Thanks for always reading and commenting! <3
I've been checking Yukio frequently and no green sparkles yet, fortunately.
I'm not sure if it's just the timing or what, but as soon as I placed the Knight Statue, Korma Chameleon soared to five stars, lol. It might just be the placebo effect, but I'll take it!

I wonder if the game has scripted Caleb to always be on the prowl. His relationship with Daniela Dinero might just well be friendly, but I don't like how he's always out at night without her. Of course, Caleb is now a superhero to little Braddon!

3.29  Yukio Soma (Part II): Houston, We Haz Problems

In the last update, Megumi continues trudging along with her Bestselling Author aspiration, Yukio Soma's Korma Chameleon achieves a 5-star rating two days in a row; hawt gardener Wyatt Owen dines at Korma Chameleon; Braddon cakes up to a child; Megumi makes one enemy; and Yukio gets abducted by aliens.

Week 3/Tuesday

Megumi: Another day of being glued to the computer, writing!
At least I can take three vacation days starting today, thanks to the well!

I don't recall ever having exchanged phone numbers with Lily Feng.
But her text message this morning cracked me up!
She's quite the troublemaker, isn't she?

Yukio: Yuki and I are officially done with painting portraits.
I've hung up my portrait by Yuki in the museum.
I also paint a portrait of Yuki for our living room.

Bradly: I manage to finish inventing a wormhole generator before work!
Arun upgraded the Dinero wormhole generator before moving in with the heir, I hear.
I'm pretty sure I'll also be able to achieve that by this Saturday!

Braddon: I stop working on Whiz Kid to see what I can do about my "Megumi problem."
So, Watchette, you're saying I need to be good friends with someone in Serena Zanna's or Moss Dinero's household?

That's right. You need to age up twice to a young adult before moving in with Megumi.
Well, Moss's wife didn't conceive until Saturday so Megumi would only be a day behind.

Braddon: A day behind what?
Um, maybe you could ask your dads for more details about that part?

Braddon: Lilith with her clawing and hissing freaks me out!
When Caleb shows up, I'd much rather be friends with him instead.

Caleb: So, there's someone you like who's going to become a young adult this week?
Braddon: Yeah. I've always loved her, ever since I can remember!

Caleb: Wouldn't it be easier to choose someone closer to your own age, Braddon?
Braddon: Absolutely not! It has to be Megumi, Caleb! No one else even comes close!
Caleb: Well, I don't mind helping out if I can…

Braddon: Nailed it!

Braddon: Now don't forget, Caleb! You need to invite me over on Sunday to cake up!
Caleb: Will do, little man! I most certainly will not forget!

Braddon (internally): A little insurance never hurts, right?

Yukio: I open Korma Chameleon for dinner after Bradly gets home from work.
We have a good crowd and my staff are great!

We stay open a little later than necessary so I can buy the Well-Managed perk.
Apparently, this perk helps prevent bad things happening at the restaurant in my absence.
It costs a hefty 4,500 perk points, so I hope it's worthwhile!

I'm starting to like Daichi less and less.
I removed him from our club Sunday, because Braddon doesn't need help now.
So tonight he comes to Korma and sits there with his 4-star review, even with free drinks.

He basically strong-arms me into comping his meal. Ugh!

Yukio: Tonight is our third consecutive day ending with a 5-star rating.
I have now officially completed all my requirements as the Soma founder!

You can now move out whenever you complete your own requirements, Megumi.
Megumi: Believe me, I'm trying!


Now that my parents are no longer painting portraits, they're churning out one masterpiece after another.
Of course, you are. Great timing, you two!

Braddon: When I bring home an A grade tomorrow, Whiz Kid will be history.
And once I max Mental, I'm going for Artistic Prodigy.
If I'm lucky, Megumi and I will be making music at the same time, hehe.

Yuki: You know, Watchette, I really don't mind painting and gardening.
But a little gaming now and then would be sweet!

Who was constantly playing video games on their phone at the restaurant?

Megumi: I've only written one bestseller today, but I haven't spoken to anyone else since morning!
I invite Hugo Villareal over since we're friends, though I don't remember why.

Anyway, I'm hoping we can be good friends!

Hugo: Wow, I never imagined I'd be good friends with the prettiest girl at school!
Does that mean that our next step will be…

Megumi: Thanks so much, Hugo! By the way, do you know Wolfgang's number?
He's my other friend who I'd like to become my good friend!
Hugo: …Oh.

Bradly: Do my eyes deceive me or do I see Daichi actually working?
Just kidding! He's been a great help with Braddon's Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
This leaves me free to finish upgrading the rocket ship!

Braddon: But look at his facial expression, Papa!
Don't you think Nanny Daichi is working ironically?

Megumi: Don't laugh but I've thought up a new way to track my novels' values!
I simply rename them based on their sales price!

It looks crass but I only have to check each book once and will never publish the wrong book!
$178? That's one book that will never see the inside of the museum! *sighs

And yes, I tried just leaving my best novels in a locked room.
Everyone stands outside the locked door for hours, wanting to put away my books.

Megumi: For my aspiration, I need another bestseller and more publishing income.

But I can't resist taking Uncle Bradly's fully-upgraded rocket ship for a spin!

Sixam's exotic allure exceeds my wildest imagination.
Overflowing with joy and excitement, I begin digging away.

It's when I encounter a tentacle tree that my first problem confronts me.

Not a single one of the alien plants can be harvested!
Moss Dinero seems to have picked every last one clean!

Did he do this on purpose? Or was he just not thinking? Grrrr.

All I can do is keep digging away while I wait for the alien flora to regrow.
That's when the second problem catches my eye.

I catch two CC banditas in flagrante delicto, flaunting their stolen hair and apparel without any remorse whatsoever!

The left alien is our gardener and the right alien is a newcomer, Betsy Warner.
If you ever wanted a hybrid alien who could pass for a sim, Betsy would be your choice!
Betsy, we've been saving that hair for my grand-daughter!

I wait around and finally harvest one of each alien flora species.
How much longer will I need to wait until one more of each appears?

Then it hits me! Oh course! I hurry home via the wormhole generator…

Megumi: Yep, that's what these babies are for! Thanks, Dad! I only need 2 each!
And don't forget to clone some for your own garden!

Well, yeah! Of course, our underground lab has 3 cloning machines!
Papa's house is, like, the mother ship of the Some dynasty!

Current Status: Soma Line

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Museum Portrait: yes ($9,044)
  Career: Culinary/Chef (Level 10)
  Restaurant: Korma Chameleon, resale value = approx. $125k
  Star Rating: 5.0 stars (Week 3: Sun/Mon/Tue)

*Incomplete requirements: None (yay!)

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
Toddler Skills: Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements
 Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
  Museum Portrait: yes ($7,887)
  A in High School: yes

*Incomplete move-out requirements
  Aspiration: Bestselling Author (on Tier IV)
  Enemies: Daniela Dinero and (1 more)
  Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Daichi Yoshida, Hugo Villareal, and (1 more)
  Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 4)
  Collection: (almost done)

Coming next: Soma (Part III)/Will Megumi ever finish her aspiration?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Houston, We Haz Problems (04/09)
« Reply #145 on: April 10, 2017, 12:11:46 AM »
Oh, Braddon! Looking good, my man! I have to confess I just spent an embarrassing amount of time comparing his features to those of his Daddies, trying to figure out who he resembles most. Don's eyes, obviously, but he seems to have Bradly's little slightly-upturned smirk and warm skintone. Can't say about the nose, yet. We'll have to wait for his teen birthday, which will be soon, thanks to his new bestie! Hooray! If ever anyone wanted to say, "I told you so," to me, though, this would be the time. :)

Those alien couture thieves! So shameless! And they're quick, too! I swear they generate the second they sense me downloading something without doing a batch fix. *shakes fist*

Daichi's ironic cleaning cracked me up! *squirt, squirt* "See? I'm dusting. Look at me dusting. Happy now?" Oh well. At least it was autonomous.

Also hilarious are your book titles. I'm sure scholars will be trying to figure out the symbolism there for ages to come. :)

Poor Hugo. Always the bridesmaid. Must be his breath.

Go, Megumi, go! You can do it!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Houston, We Haz Problems (04/09)
« Reply #146 on: April 10, 2017, 06:30:52 AM »
Braddon is gorgeous!  Those eyes with those lashes!  Seeing the picture of him with his two dads suddenly allows me to see much more of a difference between Bradly and Don.  They really don't look anything alike outside of hair color and the goatee.

Congrats on the 5 star review!  And I had to laugh at Yukio going after the future Zanna prospect.

Really cute to watch Braddon take matters into his own hands!  I liked watching him interact, cause he's beautiful and his expressions!  Very clever to have Caleb invite him over so he can age up.  I kind of love the thought Caleb being so easy going about befriending a little kid from the rival household, too.

Ha, Daichi hears you talking about him, oshizu!

The aliens don't quite pull off the cc so well, do they.  Actually I am pretty sure my nanny is using the CC beard that I had to download to get Wendell looking right :)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Houston, We Haz Problems (04/09)
« Reply #147 on: April 10, 2017, 08:17:51 AM »
More like, "Houston, we had problems!"  Excellent workaround there!
I was actually going to suggest having the other households age up Braddon for you, but then read this and saw you'd gotten there way before I thought of it.  Well done!
No current active Dynasties, but starting a Power of 10 soon!!


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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Where's the Novelty? (04/10)
« Reply #148 on: April 10, 2017, 08:27:27 PM »
If ever anyone wanted to say, "I told you so," to me, though, this would be the time.
I don't know what you are referring to. I told you so about what?
Lol, Daichi cleaning! At first, I was so happy then I thought, "Wait…is he giving me "the look"?!
Megumi plans to rename her books again before they go into the museum. This monetary titles let me avoid having to place all her books on the lawn every time she wants to publish so I won't accidentally publish the wrong one. Is there an easier way to do this that I'm missing? I supposed a could build a second-floor basement room and leave the books there, but I'd still have to keep clicking on the books in Build mode to check their value.
  As for Hugo, I'm avoiding all the 4-sim households in this challenge, if possible.

How funny that Braddon's picture as a child suddenly brings out the differences in his daddies' facial features!
I also can't wait to see what Braddon looks like as a teen. He became good friends with Caleb rather easily, so I'm appreciating Caleb's--how shall I say it?--"accessibility."

Daichi is such a crack-up! I complain about him constantly, but he's been fun to have round. He's living proof that sims have minds of their own! Weird that he only pulls out those floral pants at the Dinero household, yes?
Oh, Masato's wearing Wendell's cc beard? I really like Masato's nerdy look!

Thank you for brainstorming with me! Getting Braddon to the YA stage seemed overly bothersome.
Once I resigned myself to the fact that Braddon and Bradly would wait until Week 4 to move in, things fell into place. Caleb is now a hero at the Soma house, though Yukio might be taking it to extremes…
I think I learned my lesson! No more raising future spouses from the bassinet!

3.30  Yukio Soma (Part III): Where's the Novelty?

In our previous chapter: Yukio Soma completes all of his requirements as the Soma founder; Braddon becomes Caleb Vatore's good friend; Megumi becomes Hugo Villareal's good friend; Bradly fully upgrades the rocket ship; and Megumi is the first Soma to visit Sixam.


Braddon: The wishing well guarantees that I'll bring home an A grade this afternoon.
That means today's my last day of grade school! (I hope)

Bradly: I'm dashing off to work from the Observatory this morning.
If I weren't in such a hurry, I'd stop and thank Caleb for helping my boy out!

Megumi: Finally, I write my third bestseller, though I still lack publishing income.
Along with my portrait, I place my collection of renamed novels in the museum:
   1. Thoroughly Modern Mallory (screenplay/$1,513)
   2. Waiting for Whiff (screenplay/$1,418)
   3. Prince Pippin of Charlemagne (screenplay/$1,174)
   4. Lorna Doom & The Oreo (biography/$1,040)
   5. Ellie's Errant Elephants (fantasy/$1,008)
   6. Magic Mori (short stories/$867)
   7. Murky Madness (short stories/$836)
Yeah, my portrait is not the greatest, but turns out to have the highest value. *shrugs
I feel like the white kitty should have her back turned, too!

Bradly: Oh c'mon! What do you mean you can't tell that I'm a Level 10 Scientist now!
The eye piece, my dear, the eye piece!

Megumi: I'm certain of completing my aspiration tomorrow morning.
Besides that, I need one good friend, one enemy, and Level 10 Guitar to move out.

Since the Zanna founder works until 7 pm tomorrow, I'll visit her first.
I'm not thrilled to find Serena Zanna in her dark form, but let's do this.

Megumi: I bring some moral support along, too. Braddon's outside practicing violin.
Dad's indoors with me, helping to keep the other vampires away from me.

Megumi: Serena Zanna, stop trying to be friendly with me whenever Watchette turns her back!

Um, Papa, why is Caleb looking at you like that?

Massimo: Whoa, I didn't realize that Papa and the Soma founder were so friendly.
Um, aren't they standing a little too close together?

Lilith: Why does my brother Caleb get all the action? Cut a sistah a little slack!

Serena: Gah, not the drink again! I just got this outfit back from the dry cleaner's!

Megumi: Hush, Vampire Queen! Enough of your yammering! Talk to the hand!

Megumi: Braddon, put away your violin. You and Papa need to prepare to jet outta here with me.
I'm about to declare Mme. Zanna my enemy and don't want her trying to mesmerize me!

Uh, Papa? When the heck did you and Caleb become friends!?
Yukio: Oh c'mon, Megumi! I'm just grateful that he's helping Braddon out, you know!

Megumi: Not only do I officially declare you my enemy, but also inform you those bat-pattern red tights are tacky!
Serena: Noooo, not the tights!

Megumi: I get home exhausted, only to find Mama leaving the museum with one of my novels!
You are not helping, Mama! Sheesh!
I make her put it down and even find another of my novels in the bookcase inside.

After returning my novels to the museum, I lock the museum so only I can enter!

Meanwhile, Auntie Candy succumbs to the allure of the cowplant!
That thing needs to be put away!

Megumi: After the dust from all the drama at home settles, we head for Casbah Gallery.

Poor Braddon! He pays $100 to hire Daichi as an entertainer, but Daichi decides to paint a mural with Papa instead.

Yukio: After Daichi leaves, I hire another entertainer but he hasn't maxed the violin so can't mentor.
We're both shocked to recognize him as one of Korma Chameleon's two cooks!

Yuki unsuccessfully tries to make him leave. Too bad it doesn't work that way.
Is it just me or is daughter Megumi much prettier when she's being mean?

Yukio: Of course, we primarily came here so Megumi could practice her 2nd skill, Guitar.
And she's doing great!

Getting someone to mentor Braddon in violin was like frosting on the cake.

Yukio: Tonight's been full of odd surprises!
When I see a raccoon rummaging in the trash, I'm surprised to find we're acquainted.

It's my senior chef at Korma Chameleon! Why are my chefs both moonlighting?


Yukio: No night at the Casbah is complete without a vampire break-in these days.
Around 1 am, Lilith slinks through the front door and heads straight for Megumi and the nanny.

Yukio: I arrive just in time to distract Lilith with some small talk.

Lilith: So this is what I need to do to get a little attention around here? *bats eyelashes

Yukio: To lure Lilith away from Megumi, I ask her to sit and chat at the bar.
Do you really have to walk like that, Lilith?

Lilith: Yeah, I'm forced to do this whenever I walk. It's part of the whole break-in thing, I guess.

Yukio: Hey, Yuki! Look who I met over by Megumi just now!
(blink twice if you understand why I brought Lilith over here)
Yuki (blinks twice): Hey, Lilith! Wassup? Whatchu been up to lately, girl?

Yukio: Lilith finally leaves at 5:30 and her break-in ends.
Yuki: Would she have left at 4 am, dear, if you'd stopped engaging her?

Yukio: I tried that, but she wouldn't leave and we remained stuck here.

Megumi: My Bestselling Author aspiration completes while I'm at school!
After getting home, I visit several spots to check for any new local talent.

I don't have time to introduce myself to the handsome yoga instructor at Perfect Balance Spa.
His name tag says he's Masato Yamaguchi and one glance tells me he's a vampire.

Would he make a plausible spouse candidate if we cured him?

Next, I introduce myself to Patrick Wyatt at Chez Llama.
Unlike Masato, Patrick is not Japanese but he's very handsome all the same.

Braddon: I don't like him at all, Megumi!
He meets you for the first time and starts talking about rocket-ship woohoo?! Boo!!

Megumi: Yeah, but I still need to keep an eye out for the Gen4 heir's spouse, you know?
How have the vampires managed to meet all the good-looking guys first?

Megumi (sighs): Well, I've pretty much decided who will be my roomies.
*phones: Hey Wolfgang! You wanna come over to my place and hang out?

All I need now is one more guitar level and I'll be ready to move this evening!

Current Status: Soma Line

Founder: Yukio Soma
*Incomplete requirements: None

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Completed move-out requirements
 Teen Job: Fast Food (Level 3)
 Museum Portrait: yes ($7,887)
 A in High School: yes
 Collection: Novels/$7,856
 Enemies: Daniela Dinero and Serena Zanna
 Aspiration: Bestselling Author (done)
 Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Daichi Yoshida, Hugo Villareal, and Wolfgang Munch

*Incomplete move-out requirements
  Skills: Writing (Level 10) and Guitar (Level 9)

Coming next: Soma (Part IV)/Megumi's new roomies

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Where's the Novelty? (04/10)
« Reply #149 on: April 10, 2017, 08:45:12 PM »
Nice, nice.  I love the renamed written works.  The Waiting for Whiff one sounds especially interesting.
LOL, Megumi's portrait.  You're ruthless about your museum value!!!

I love the picture of Megumi's Talk to the Hand.
Caleb and Yukio???   I think I could handle that.  Look at Mossimo, clenching his fists hopefully as he watches them :)

Yuki looks so innocent walking out of that museum with one of the novels!!!  I love her!

Good old Daichi.  Always coming through :) 

Loved Lilith's break in, her realization on how to get attention now, and the "walk".  Also the blinking.  Amazing!
Wolfgang will be interesting, I don't think I've ever actually seen him in a story except the occasional appearance (not that I read a ton of them).
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