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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Where's the Novelty? (04/10)
« Reply #150 on: April 10, 2017, 10:07:32 PM »
Megumi.  You can't dis my girl like that and expect me to still cheer for you!  Of course, you did write a screenplay with my name in it, so I forgive you  ;=)
Another lovely update!  I always feel like hopping right into the game and playing through a week each time I read an update, but then reality slaps me in the face and reminds me that I have responsibilities to things other than dynasties and to people who aren't Sims.  Darn it.  Ah well, at least I can Sim vicariously through your stories  :=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Where's the Novelty? (04/10)
« Reply #151 on: April 12, 2017, 01:29:12 AM »
LOL. I just meant that maybe, perhaps, at some point I might have implied that Bradly and Don looked a bit similar, and now that Braddon is growing up I'm obsessed with sussing out the subtle differences and mapping them out on his sweet young face. :P

Megumi's portrait is actually very nice. Kind of mysterious and enigmatic. I like it!

Love the book titles. :) Brilliant!

I guess I never had too much trouble with books as museum items because they were in the teleportation-only basement room. I did have to steal them back out of people's inventories a couple of times when they finished eating and wanted to do a little after-ambrosia reading, but I haven't had nearly the problems you have. Oh, dear.

Look at Caleb and Yukio gazing deeply into each other's eyes like that! *gasp* Have I been aboard the wrong ship all this time?

Eh. I say leave the cowplant out. Seems to be doing its job admirably. *glares at Candy*

Funny about your chefs, though I'm not sure being a trash panda counts as moonlighting. Lol.

So anxious for Braddon to age up! Stop scoping out other options, Megumi! There is only one Braddon! Accept no substitutions!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Fruitcake Fraud
« Reply #152 on: April 12, 2017, 04:08:01 AM »
   Megumi's facing-backward portrait: after about 12 unworthy portraits, Yukio and Yukio started their portraits while Megumi continued writing for her aspiration.
Megumi went from 0 to heir in 20 days (her father's still a young adult). Ain't no one got time for posing! Lol
   No idea what's going on with Yukio and Caleb. They met at the grilling area over by Yukio's house just recently. I checked--they don't have pink bars.  Wait, Massimo's clenching his fists hoping for..what?
   Lilith is actually a difficult sim to play because her traits are Creative, Genius, and Active. When I have her paint, she gets focused; when I have her play chess, she gets inspired, etc. Plus she's constantly obsessing over her brother…
    No Wolfgang-as-roomie! My paragraph was misleading, I realized when you said that. The base household is 3 sims (Megumi, Braddon, and Bradly). Adding 4-sim household would be too much!

   I must admit that I never saw the musical Pippin, Megumi was thinking of you!
Your comment about playing through a week made me curious. Whenever you play, do you play through an entire in-game week? That makes me wonder about splitting my weeks into two chapters each. B-b-b-b-but so much always happens on Sunday when I return to a family. Lol, maybe I'm finding my households more interesting than they really are. *gulps

    Haha, I'd always assumed your comments about those looking alike were just to yank my chain. I'm glad you can tell them apart now!
    Teleportation: Things have been moving so fast (or, that is, I've been pushing my sims so hard) that no one's even learned Teleportation yet. Getting each heir up to Level 7 Wellness would just take too long for a non-immortal challenge. I'm going to lock the museum to everyone but the current heir and make sure the next heir does the same.
     I'd been outside the vampire house taking a shot of Braddon playing the violin. When I came back inside, Yukio's all up in Caleb's face. When I clicked on Yukio, he'd initiated a "Deep Conversation" with Caleb. I wonder if Caleb has some hidden "everyone loves me" trait.
    You're right! Trash panda-ing is more of a hobby than a paying job!
    Speaking of hidden traits, I read today that there's hidden "Gender preference trait." Each sim has sliders for Male and Female (0.0 to 100 each), which vary over time. But a script mod is required to see it, so I guess I'll never know.

3.31 Megumi Soma (Part IV): Fruitcake Fraud

In the last chapter, Bradly maxes the Scientist career; Megumi places her portrait and collection in the museum; Braddon completes his fourth childhood aspiration; Megumi makes another enemy (Serena Zanna) and a fourth good friend (Wolfgang Munch); Yukio becomes friends with Caleb Vatore; and Megumi works on her remaining move-out requirement.


Megumi: In spite of various distractions, I continue to practice guitar.

Megumi: While I'm practicing, Papa and Watchette are busy preparing this house for my move.
They throw out all the meals, plants, and trees in family storage.
Papa goes around and unlocks all the doors, but I'm keeping the museum closed!

Incredibly, now that I'll be leaving, a hot tub room has been added to the back of the house.
You know I'll be coming back to relax in that hot tub!


Megumi: I max the guitar skill just past 1 a.m. 
It takes a while to gather everyone in the living room, now that all the doors are unlocked!

Thanks, Papa! Tonight's my last birthday ever under your roof.
But you'd rather go play Sims Forever than celebrate my young adult birthday!

I move to my new (empty) home on the 20x15 Comfy Cubby lot.
I'd befriended Maaike Haas earlier in the evening because I want her as a roomie.
It only seems fair, since Mama took over Maaike's Avant Gardes club!

Braddon: *stares blankly at the lot where, if all goes well, he'll be living in Week 4

Ulrike (groans): Maaike, you got talked into joining yet another dynasty household?
When will you ever learn?

Braddon: What if things go wrong, Megumi? 
Since Papa and I are now not-in-the-world household, could we get culled during the next two weeks?
Megumi: Watchette took a simverse population census and removed a few excess sims.
You should be fine!
Braddon: I'm still so worried! Will you be my BFF, Megumi?

Ulrike: He's rather young for her, don't you think, Maaike?
Maaike: They've been together since they were toddlers and he'll be a young adult next week.
And, anyway, I'm surprised at you! Aren't you watching the anime "First Love Monster"?

Megumi: That's the romantic comedy about a 15-year-old high-school girl who's rescued by a handsome guy who turns out to be…
Maaike: Ssshhh, Megumi, don't spoil it! Ulrike, you must watch it!

Megumi: At first, I was just thinking about growing spliced cash crops.
Just to make sure, I check "The Soma Master Plan."
My grand-daughter (the Gen4 heir) will have the Freelance Botanist aspiration, so we're gardening.

Well, they are gardening in our B2 garden because I mustn't max Gardening.

While everyone else plants and waters, Mama stands around complaining about the spilled water.
Mama, have you begun studying under Nanny Daichi?

Megumi: Since I join the Writer career, daylight finds me writing more novels.

Ulrike: I'm already in the Painter career (Level 2).
Now's a great time to begin the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration.

Maaike: I join the Writer career, same as Megumi, but at Level 1.
My daily task is to read but, for some reason, but I'm having difficulty focusing.

It's not you so much as this house. I tried prioritizing form over function this time.
We ended up with a two-story house plus two basement floors.
But we've run out of money and I can't remodel…ugh!

Ulrike: Why am I looking at the Adoption Menu, Watchette?
I thought you were done with the "Grown Ur Own Spouse" thing.

Actually, I said that I didn't want to start from the bassinet anymore.
Child-age future spouses are still feasible. My choice is Norma!

Megumi: While Ulrike skips off to the adoption agency, I give my eyes a rest.
To stretch my legs, I visit all the neighborhood dig sites.

Lately, it seems our simverse is being overrun by aliens! I wonder why?

Ulrike: I welcome my daughter to her new home just as the Welcome Wagon arrives.
Adoptee: Thanks for choosing me! May I call you Mama?

Ulrike: I've named my daughter Jun. She's an outgoing Social Butterfly!
Did you guess her namesake?
It's Jun Shiomi from the manga "Food Wars" (Shokugeki no Soma).

Jun: The next heir will be named Akira, after Akira Hayama, also from "Food Wars."
In the manga, Jun is Akira's adoptive mother. Gah, that's not romantic at all.
Let's see…what else? He's her research assistant and also 18 years younger than her.
Grrr, that's even worse.  Meh! *Runs off to watch First Love Monster…

Jun: Thanks for encouraging me, Auntie Candy! I'm learning so fast!
Candy: That's my girl!

Oddly, now that Megumi has moved, Candy has suddenly become very diligent.
Candy was the first to start planting seeds and the first to reach Jun.
Since Yuki's maxed painting, Jun asked Yuki first but she never came.

Yuki: Hope you like the fruitcake, Jun! It's a family heirloom!

Jun: Oh, is that why you left it on the ground out near our back gate? Gee, thanks!

Maaike: I go to rescue the abandoned fruitcake, but arrive too late!

Oh, my new look? While Watchette was giving Jun her makeover, I got one as well!

I plan to start exercising, too! I don't need to be super thin.
But a little weight loss would be good for my health.

Ulrike: Maaike and I joined this household with Level 5 Writing and Painting, respectively.
Still, getting mentored by the Soma founder makes me feel so pampered!
It's great! And Yukio's easy on the eyes, too!

Maaike: I also appreciate Candy mentoring me!

Candy's doing so well that I added Yukio and Candy to Megumi's club but removed Yuki.

Megumi: We started out with $47k, but I spent almost all  of it on the house!
(Okay, the wishing well alone costs over $7k…)
I buy the 20x20 lot in Magnolia Promenade and transfer $5 to business funds.

With only $570 left, I can't buy the required equipment so I can't hire staff, either!
I know it's going to be an Italian restaurant, but remain stuck on a name.

Megumi: I've been writing novels most of the day.
Ulrike, Maaike, and Jun have spent the day working on their aspirations.

We all accompany Ulrike to Willow Creek when she needs to view some paintings.
While Maaike embarks on her new fitness regimen, Papa and I get to know Jun better.

Maaike: The two basement floors will be the death of us all!
Here we are, trekking single file from the first floor to the B1 floor.
On this floor, you'll find the kitchen/dining area, our bedrooms, and restrooms.

Megumi: When Bradly and Braddon move in, their work room will be on this floor, too.

Ulrike: The B2 floor only holds the garden at this point.
A half dozen plants are ready for grafting but Maaike and I aren't skilled enough yet.
Maaike: Well, Bradley can handle all the grafting on Sunday of Week 4, so it's not really an issue.

Megumi: Look at that! It's already time for The Big Switch!
Keep your fingers crossed for me and Braddon! And see you again in Week 4!

Week 2 Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Incomplete requirements
  Career: Writer/Author (Level 4)
  Restaurant: Unnamed (resale value: $2,505)
  Star rating: Never opened
  Spouse:  not yet.

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Next week, for sure!

Coming next: Zanna (Part I)/Massimo's working it

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Fruitcake Fraud (04/12)
« Reply #153 on: April 12, 2017, 06:58:57 AM »
Looks like one of your photos is missing that first code bracket thing.

Heh, I don't know what Massimo should be hoping for.  That somebody besides him is interested in a dude from a rival family?
He looks mildly pleased to me!

I enjoyed Megumi striking out on her own.  Good to see Candy stepping up!
Jun looks adorable. 

I'm not really understanding your house though.  Form over function?  How come everything's in the basement?
Can we see a picture of the place?  I think the painting area looks very nice.
Add "maice" on Origin.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Fruitcake Fraud (04/12)
« Reply #154 on: April 12, 2017, 06:53:32 PM »
Ooh! We're back to the tiny house! I hope it won't be too long before we see a bassinet or two on the roof. ;)
Good choice of roommates. I like the Free Spirits a lot. I really like your makeover of Maaike. That hair is very cute on her.
Had to look up First Love Monster. *giggle*
Jun is a real cutie! I haven't gotten far enough to meet her namesake in Food Wars *rushes off to order the next volume*. Since you're continuing to use names from that manga, does that mean we might get an Isshiki Senpai at some point? Hoping hard! :)

I am astonished that Candy and Yuki have so abruptly switched roles! I guess unwatched sims really do develop minds of their own. Probably not too great a loss on the fruitcake, though.

My fingers are crossed very hard for Megumi and Braddon, and will remain so for the next two sim weeks!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Fruitcake Fraud (04/12)
« Reply #155 on: April 15, 2017, 12:25:17 AM »
I play through a Sim week eventually.  Not all at once.  I take way too many pictures and then oversimplify my updates.  I used to overdo updating and I probably underdo it now, but the main thing is that it's enjoyable.  If you're enjoying how you update and your readers are enjoying it (which we are, by the way), then you've obviously got it right  ;=)
I'm glad that Candy was shown in such a positive light this time around.  She hasn't exactly been a rock star thus far in your dynasty, but it looks like the move got her fired up to be little miss awesome sauce!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Fruitcake Fraud (04/12)
« Reply #156 on: April 15, 2017, 08:28:27 PM »
Belated grats on your move, Megumi. I really want to read some of those books.

I agree with Francesca about your makeover of Maaike - she looks great with that hair. As does Jun in her new hair - she's adorable :)

I don't think I've ever seen that 'family heirloom' fruitcake pop-up before. Yuck!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Serena and Reddit (04/17)
« Reply #157 on: April 18, 2017, 12:43:27 AM »
Thanks so much for letting me know about the missing code bracket. Fixed it as soon as I read your comment!
Massimo is always giving Caleb looks that seem to say, "I'm not going to grow up to be like my father!"
Haha, I'm just confused about the new 20x15 house as you seem to be.
I tried something different but it didn't really work out. Basically, my sims will spend most of their time on the second floor, painting and writing.
There's a pond in front, which I'm going to make a lot smaller, so Bradly and Braddon can possibly have their skill room on the second floor, too. More pictures when it's their week again!

I'm happy that the First Love Monster synopsis you read made you giggle.
Please watch the first episode. Please!? *imitates a sim begging for a magic bean
  I'm trying to use different helpers this time around, but the Free Spirits are the best two-person household. I had a hard time choosing between them and the Rasoyas (joking, obviously).
The Soma's 5th heir will be a boy, so I've typed in "Satoshi" for his name. I'll need to look for his signature apron, rofl.
   See my comment about Candy in my response to Pippin. <3  Hope you like Braddon as a teen.

I agree with you about keeping both the playing and storytelling fun!
Candy Behr broke my heart during my failed attempt because of her thing with Liberty Lee.
This time around, she'd been the annoying sim in Yukio's household. Now that Megumi's moved out, though, Candy's really been a great helper. I'm thinking of getting her a baby daddy from one of the three lines eventually, but who?

About Megumi's novels, she apologies for exploiting your legacy founder's name in such a blatantly obvious manner. She really wanted to create a book cover to go with it!
I'm glad you and FrancescaFiori like Maiike's new hair! Her everyday outfit looks a little awkward now but will look nice (I hope) when she slims down a little bit.

Those two unknown townies pounded on the fruitcake like it was scrumptious.
My sims usually get a negative moodlet from eating it, so missing out on it was fine.
But Yuki leaving it on the ground then claiming it's a family heirloom was pretty strange.

3.32  Serena Zanna (Part I): Serena and Reddit

At the end of Week 2…

   • Massimo (the Gen2 heir) ages up to a teen after school on Friday.
   • Serena (the founder) ends the week as a Level 9 Scientist.
   • On Saturday night, with a single space mission, Caleb wins two UFO fruit and maxes Rocket Science. Now that's what I call a  fabulous helper.
   • Preparations are complete to resurrect Jung Storey, the ghostly vampire.

Week 3/Sunday

Massimo: When our household goes active again, my vampire energy is extremely low.
Watchette has me wait while she does some quick remodeling on the new second basement floor.
All the vampire bedrooms are there now, with new coffins replacing beds.

This is my very first time to sleep in a coffin!

Penny: I prepared a total of 14 portraits of Massimo to paint last week.
I also add six new portrait starts of Massimo in his dark form. Wish me luck!

Lia: Auntie Lilith has not been the greatest of aunties. She never wants to teach me.
Did she not get the memo? My birthday's on Tuesday!

It takes an in-game hour to finally get Lilith to sit down and read to Lia. *sighs

Jung: Penny has prepared a plate of ambrosia for me. It's finally time!

Jung: You won't hear me complaining that ambrosia tastes fishy!
I can't wait to eat this and get back my life…

Wait, Jung! You can't eat that yet! I forgot there's something you need to do first…

Jung: Good idea! Insurance, in case I burn up again during an off week.

Serena: While I'm out detecting personalities to boost my vampire rank, I spot our very first Plantsim.

She's not "in the mood," she says. No time to get you in the mood today, dear.

Thank you very much, Jasmine Holiday!
You help me become a Grand Master AND give me a magic tree stump!

Sergio, why are you always hanging around our hood, yo?

Caleb: What are you up to, darling?
Serena: I only have 11 vampire points but need 12 to buy two 5-tier vampire powers.
So, I'm making a Draught of Reconfiguration.

Serena: Eventually, I want to buy Command and to rebuy Detect Personality!

My only remaining requirements are the garden and maxing the Scientist career!

The red arrow points to a small, empty third-floor room without a door or stair access.
That's where the extra ambrosia is hidden.

Massimo: It's not that hidden if you tell us, though.
I'm afraid that, in case of an emergency, I'll forget where I put it.

Jung: Okay, I'm ready to try again!
The last time I was so close to eating ambrosia, I could taste it!
*whoosh, spin, sparkly swirls
Jung: I'm back!

Were you this handsome before, Jung?
Oh right, I gave you a quick makeover on Massimo's teen birthday last Friday…

Jung: Weird, I don't remember my hips being this slim before…

Serena: While Watchette gushes over the resurrected Jung, my death flower plant has matured!
Here's all six plants plus one extra plant.

That snapdragon-grafted-with-dragonfruit plant produces cowberries.
Just a little insurance in case my cowplant didn't survive, but it did!

Caleb: So, I finish upgrading our rocket ship with a wormhole generator. What's with all the space rocks?
The space rocks? Huh, I don't know…who could have placed them there?

Caleb: Very funny! You're hoping I'll get abducted and impregnated, right?

Caleb: I get my first magic bean from a confident plantsim.
Why are we even collecting magic beans? You know that vampires can't become plantsims, right?

Plant sims won't be around forever, so we're just doing this for the sake of completion, okay?
Sergio totally photobombs this shot, by the way, forcing me to shoot it from a weird angle!


A little after 1 am, I finally maximize my body potential.
It took me four hours and three Energy Protein Plates!

Caleb: Hey, girl! I'm like your basic Geraldine!
Playful Plantsim: Huh?

Caleb: Oh, you're unfamiliar with Flip Wilson's drag persona, Geraldine?
Let's see, something more contemporary….How about this? I'm like your basic document editor!
Playful Plantsim: Huh?

Caleb: Oh c'mon! What you see is what you get! Check met out!
Now-Flirty Plantsim: I'm seeing, I'm seeing!
Caleb: I have a playful bean already, so thanks for the flirty bean!
Now-Flirty Plantsim: Wait, wait! What about the "what I get" part?

Comedian Flip Wilson popularized the catchphrase in the 1980s, inspiring the WYSIWYG acroynym.

Caleb: I rush back to my gorgeous wife and realize, to our mutual surprise, that we're not even engaged yet!
Serena: I know, right? We've been so busy with my requirements, raising the kids, and building a home!

Massimo: How could you two forget something so important as getting married?
Hey, that means I was born out of wedlock? Sheesh!

Massimo: Papa makes good on his promise to Braddon Storey and invites him over.
Then he promptly runs off to the rocket ship with Mama, leaving me to help Braddon out.

Seriously, we are so poor compared to the Dineros and the Somas, why are we the ones buying a closet?
Braddon: It's so nice of you to give me a makeover, Caleb! I def owe you one!

Massimo: I find Braddon later sitting on Lia's bed, doing his homework.
Here's his new look! I might have a future in fashion styling!

Why do sims insist on reading and eating while sitting on the toddler beds?

Serena: Here's a rare shot of Caleb and I sitting with Lia!


Massimo: I wait until Lia's last skill is almost done before leaving for Sixam around 1 a.m.
First bat on Sixam, amirite? In this challenge for sure but also for my watcher.

Sadly, the only alien flora I can harvest is one glow orb!
Grrr, why don't people use their cloning machines! I'll have to return again.

By the way, I'm shocked at my Return Home menu. Ayaka Mori is a vampire, right?
I look all over her while making a final check for alien flora, but she's nowhere to be found.

To make sure, I invite her home with me and, yep, she's definitely a vampire!
But how can she even travel to Sixam, since she's a homeless sim?!

I could swear that, previously, only aliens and disguised aliens showed up on the Return Home menu.
If the vampire Ayaka can travel to Sixam, Moss's wife Aaradhya might not be an alien, either.

Serena: We get Lia's birthday notice while Massimo is still on Sixam.
As soon as he returns, Lia cakes up into a chubby little girl.

Sorry, Lia! No makeover for you until Mama comes home from work tonight!
Of course, with your parents' genes, you're a beautiful child!

Is it just my game? So many of my toddlers become chubby, even with maxed Movement.
On their birthday, they then age up into chubby children.

Penny: Whew, I'm feeling so relaxed now!

You should be, considering you're done painting portraits now.
Out of your 26 portraits of Massimo, two are hanging in the museum since last night. Great job!

Penny: I'd like to paint one more portrait…a portrait of Caleb for the living room!

Serena and Massimo really got a lot done so far this week!

Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
  Vampire Family aspiration
  Portraits (2): yes/$14,546 total
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Mist Form
  Garden: complete

*Incomplete requirements:
  Career: Scientist (Level 9)

Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements
  Toddler skills:  Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
  Childhood aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
  Teen career: Manual Labor (Level 3)
  Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Daichi Yoshida, Paolo Rocca, Imane Al Fassi
  Aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
  "A" in high school: yes
  Portraits (2): yes/$16,959 total (normal: $7,692/dark: $9,307)

*Incomplete move-out requirements
   Skills (2): Fitness (Level 10) and ?? (Level 0)
   Enemies: (Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma)
   Collection (7): coming?

NOTE: I've finally created family trees with photos for each line on Family Echo. You can find the links in Meet the Contenders.
Some of the relationships are contrived to fit all the helpers into the family tree. Salim and Arun aren't brothers, whereas Lilith and Penny aren't in a relationship.
Jung will not appear on the Zanna Family after Massimo moves out.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Serena and Reddit (04/17)
« Reply #158 on: April 18, 2017, 08:01:47 AM »
Maybe Lilith will take a page from Candy's book and become a super-helper if she moves in with Massimo?
Awww, Lia's a cutie pie!  In terms of "chubby child syndrome," Seven, Belle, and Gavin definitely didn't come out chubby.  I don't think it's a universal thing.  Of course, who knows how they'll turn out as teens...
Anyway, another lovely update!  Go Serena!!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Serena and Reddit (04/17)
« Reply #159 on: April 19, 2017, 01:23:32 AM »
Jung! You're back! And your front! And every part of your handsome, handsome self! He's even cuter than I remembered. I love that hair on him, and I've never liked that hair on anyone before. Way to go, mister!

I love that you imprisoned your ambrosia in a tower. :) Hope no handsome princes come by and try to rescue it.

Caleb,  . . .Caleb, Caleb, Caleb. You reference an eighties comedian and follow it up with, of all things, a document editor joke? All I can say is, it's a good thing you wore your athletic outfit. Congrats on the bean, although I think it would have been more appropriate if she'd given you corn, to match your corny jokes. Oh! *rim shot* (Congrats on the engagement, too!)

Braddon! Oh, sweet Braddon! You've arrived! He's adorable and looks nothing like either of his fathers. Look out, Megumi! Our boy is coming for you!

Love the bat shot on Sixam! It's stunning! Definitely the first and only bat I've ever seen in space. :)

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A Grotto Unforgettable (04/20)
« Reply #160 on: April 20, 2017, 06:58:48 PM »
Serena thanks you for your unflagging support! As for Lilith, Massimo isn't planning to take her along because she's not very skilled. (Candy doesn't live with Megumi, either.)
I confess I'm disappointed that Lia isn't a mini-Serena lookalike so far, but she is very cute all the same. :-) 
I'm really going to miss playing Serena and Caleb!  I feel like I hardly got to play them at all!

I'm glad we're in agreement about Jung's cuteness! I think he'll make a great spouse to the yet-to-be-conceived Gen3 heir, lol. As you no doubt remember, that's Jung's default hair.
After removing his side beard (what's that called? chops?), I was pleasantly surprised at his rugged good looks.
   Ambrosia in the tower because if another vampire dies and I forget where I hid the the ambrosia, I can go back and read this chapter because I'm forgetful and because Massimo and crew can't take the ambrosia with them.
   Oh right, they got engaged! I've completely forgotten to have them elope! Thanks for the reminder!
   Braddon <3. I think he'd look a lot like Bradly if he sported the same hair and facial hair. If I remember, I'll take a shot of Braddon like that in CAS during his week.
   Except for Massimo's bat image, Sixam was a bust for him! Lesson learned: Since every bloodline has cloning machines, they should only take one of each alien flora.
 Poor Massimo! He'll need to return to Sixam and wait for them to regrow. Maybe right after he moves.

3.33  Serena Zanna (Part II): A Grotto Unforgettable

Previously: (by the way, is this recap helpful?)

   • Jung Storey successfully resurrects and wants sunlight resistance asap;
   • Founder Serena completes all her requirements except maxing the Scientist career;
   • Caleb installs a wormhole generator onto the rocket ship
   • G2 Heir Massimo gets an A in school, completes the Bodybuilder aspiration, and becomes the first interstellar vampire only to find Sixam's been picked clean;
   • After many attempts, Penny Pizzazz paints two museum-worthy portraits of Massimo; and
   • Massimo's sister Lia ages up to a child with the Top-Notch Toddler trait.

Week 3/Tuesday

Massimo: Why am I reading a Fishing skill book instead of actually fishing, Papa?
Caleb: For one thing, you have no sunlight resistance.
But more importantly, we're staying home to ensure your mother gets her final promotion.

M: I still need another maxed skill, two enemies, and a collection.
I can't wait to be done with my requirements so I can move out!
C: Your rival heirs moved out on Friday and Saturday, so you're still waaaay ahead of them.
M: Okay, but we're going fishing as soon as Mama comes home!

Jung: Penny, I want to thank you for preparing the ambrosia for me.
Penny: Hey, no worries. Just keep an eye out for my Paola, you hear?
After Massimo moves, I'm sure he'll be asking you and Paola to move in with him.

Jung: I can do that, Penny. And you'll always be welcome to visit.
Penny: Hey, how come I'm not in this screenshot?

Lia: I'm an Artistic Prodigy and Music Lover.

I'm still not sure what I want to "be" when I grow up?
Papa says I need to choose an activity that doesn't require reward traits. Maybe music?

Frankly, I'm a little worried about having to live on the sidelines like Auntie Lilith.
And what if I don't want to be a vampire?

Caleb: Don’t breathe a word to Massimo but that Moss has been lurking around all day.
Lilith: I know! I saw him walking around behind our house this morning.

Caleb: This afternoon, he's been playing sappy Italian love songs in that grill area closest to our home.
Lilith: Wasn't Massimo supposed to max Violin as his second skill?
Caleb: It was a thought but Fitness and Violin don't produce museum items, so...

Serena: At last, I earn my final promotion to Level 10 Scientist!
But I'm not quitting until I make the last three breakthroughs!

Serena: You're looking pretty proud of yourself, darling.
Caleb: Of course, dear. I just procured my fifth magic bean! Only the uncomfortable bean left!

Massimo: We arrive at Desert Bloom Park a little after 8 p.m.
Papa starts breaking open the closed off cave entrance then goes inside.

Caleb: Hmmmph, and people say I'm just a pretty face!

Lia: This is the first time I get to talk with Mama since my birthday this morning.
Mama agrees that I look a lot like Papa.

Unfortunately, yes. I was hoping for more of a mini-Serena.
Since Massimo looks more like Serena, maybe the siblings should swap genders…

Massimo: I would be hard pressed to choose which place I prefer, here or Sixam.
For me, the appeal of Sixam would be the alien flora and other rare collectibles.

In terms of sheer beauty, however, I'd rather be here at the Forgotten Grotto.
I mean, look, they have bats! I wonder if I could fish here even during daytime…


Serena: Lia is quite the Daddy's girl and Caleb is always happy to make time for her.
Whenever I look at Lia, I think she looks like Caleb.
But when I actually see the two of them together, her resemblance to him isn't that strong.
Is it? I do believe she has his eyes.

Penny: After a short break from painting portraits, I finally finish Caleb's.
He has such a great smile, but I couldn't quite capture it!

Serena: I'm done upgrading our wormhole generator!
Massimo hasn't found all the alien flora yet, so he can use this for his next visit.


Jung: I've been asking Serena, Caleb, or Lilith for vampiric training whenever I can.
With three Grand Masters in the house, Massimo and I have been progressing quickly.
I more than Massimo, however, since he has many more duties as the heir.

Jung: Becoming a Master Vampire enables me to buy two tiers of Sunlight Resistance.
Just two more points until I become a full daywalker! Sweet!


Massimo: Very early this morning, I go fishing at the Forgotten Grotto with Papa and Jung.
I max Fishing and, though I know I could do better, my museum items are ready.
As you can see, I've submitted 3 sturgeons and 4 anglerfish for a total of $10,270.

Since I've run out of vacation days, I'm off to school today.
Only need two enemies now. You think I'll be able to move out tonight?

Serena: Why are you making me pick up then drop bags of trash?
Uh, Caleb needs some trash piles.
Serena: You know this isn't your Murkland save, right?

Caleb: Curses! I successfully lure her to a locked room and make her uncomfortable.
But she changes out of her Plantsim form before I can ask for a bean!

Caleb: Fine! I stand by the sidewalk with my trash piles, waiting for a plantsim to come along.

You'll notice Daichi walking away in the background.
These days, Daichi never cleans anymore unless I use my vampiric Command power.
But, of course, he makes a beeline to my trash piles, so I dismissed him for the day.

I do meet an uncomfortable plantsim.
Was he already uncomfortable or do we have the trash piles to thank?

Serena: Once Caleb obtains his sixth magic bean, he and the plantsim seem to reverse roles!?
Doesn't it look as if the plantsim is begging Caleb? But for what, exactly?

Anything Caleb's got to share belongs exclusively to me, you legume lackey!

Caleb: Not sure what that plantsim was asking me for, but I now have six magic beans!
And soon, we will have our very own totes-useless-to-vampires magical tree!

Quite frankly, I'm so impressed at how useful Caleb turned out to be!
He fully upgraded the rocketship, broke the entrance to the Forbidden Grotto, and gathered all the magic beans.
All without the help of reward traits or aspiration-based bonus traits. You rock, Caleb!

Current Status of the Zanna Household

Founder: Serena Zanna
*Completed requirements:
  Vampire Family aspiration
  Portraits (2): yes/$14,546 total
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Mist Form
  Garden: complete
  Careeer: Scientist (Level 10)
*Incomplete requirements: None.
Gen2 Heir: Massimo Zanna
*Completed move-out requirements
  Toddler skills:  Maxed all skills (Top-Notch Toddler)
  Childhood aspiration: Rambunctious Scamp
  Teen career: Manual Labor (Level 3)
  Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Daichi Yoshida, Paolo Rocca, Imane Al Fassi
  Aspiration: Bodybuilder (done)
  "A" in high school: yes
  Portraits (2): yes/$16,959 total (normal: $7,692/dark: $9,307)
  Skills (2): Fitness and Fishing (both Level 10)
  Collection: $10, 270 (Sturgeon: $2544, $2177, $1680; Anglerfish: $1496, $1189, $681, $503)

*Incomplete move-out requirements
   Enemies: (Daniela Dinero and Yukio Soma)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A Grotto Unforgettable (04/20)
« Reply #161 on: April 20, 2017, 07:08:57 PM »
Perhaps Caleb's trying to make up for his sister's lack of being helpful?
Caleb and Lia together are just adorable!!  Daddy and his little princess.  I certainly hope she can find a helpful role...perhaps as a bride for another dynasty line?  Could this be Serena's evil plan to ensure her bloodline's victory by crossing into every other lineage?
Probably not.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Yukio's Swimwear
« Reply #162 on: April 21, 2017, 02:56:31 AM »
I think Caleb got a head-start with being useful because he was already a daywalker whereas Lilith had to wait and earn her points for sunlight resistance.
Also I was ignorant and didn't realize how convenient that Draught of Reconfiguration is. With rotational gameplay, sunlight resistance is so important! As you, Shana, Vlad, and my Jung have learned.
   You're right. I am considering curing Lia. Since she has the Serena/Caleb genes, I definitely don't want her to end up a mentoring spinster. As for evil plans, I'm just worried about keeping my vampires from frying these days. :-)

3.34  Serena Zanna (Part III): Yukio's Swimwear

* Serena completes her requirements by maxing the Scientist career;
* Caleb breaks open the entrance to the Forbidden Grotto for his son Massimo;
* All three founders now have upgraded wormhole generators on their lots;
* Jung becomes a Master Vampire and a 2/3 Daywalker;
* Massimo maxes Fishing then submits both his museum portraits and collection;
* Caleb acquires his sixth and last magic bean.


Caleb: Since Massimo will be busy making enemies, I go ahead and water the stump.
After moving out, Massimo can come back to explore the tree.

And don't worry, you won't need to watch the whole magical tree process at every lot.
Just here. *smiles reassuringly

Lilith: I mix a Draught of Reconfiguration for myself then invite Daniela Dinero over.

I lose the Vampire Creation power but I guess unwatched vampires don't need it.

Because I'm chicken-hearted, I give Tamed Thirst to Lilith so she'll be less likely to prey on my other heirs' households.

Massimo: I'm surprised at how worn and haggard Daniela looks. No time for pity!

Daniela: So you're the one my boy Moss talks about in his sleep!

Massimo: You sorry excuse for a Plantsim! I bet sims be asking you for beans all the time!
Bwahahaha! *pretends to bite
Daniela: *steps back, protecting her neck

Daniela: Gah, don't you know that red isn't my color?
I wonder if the Gen3 Soma and Zanna heirs will fight with Moss instead of me?
Or will I forever be the Dinero scapegoat?

Massimo: By the time I finally declare the Dinero founder my enemy it's already 8 pm.

Caleb: As soon as Massimo stops yelling at her, I invite my buddy Yukio Soma over.

Serena: While Massimo waits for him to arrive, let me show you around the house.

You've already seen lots of shots of the first basement floor.
Besides the garden/yoga room, there's my science lab and a small woodworking room.

Below that is our new sleeping quarters.
The double-coffin room is for Caleb and me, and Massimo's room is across the hall.

Just to be safe, I put Lilith and Jung in separate rooms.
I've earmarked him for Massimo's son-in-law, not my brother-in law. *rolls eyes
This floor will be downsized before Massimo moves out.

On the first floor, the living/dining/kitchen area never felt quite spacious enough.
Of course, now that we can afford to expand the house, our household will decrease by half.

The bar's usually in family storage because all the adults will obsessively mix drinks.

All us vampires have moved to the B2 floor, so only Penny and Paola spend time on the 2nd floor.
Their bedroom is on the lower left, while Penny's painting studio is on the upper right.

Massimo: As soon as Yukio arrives, I lead him to the living room after a rude introduction.
I must confess I don't enjoy being mean to such a nice guy. And he's so pretty!

Massimo: Mama invites Morgan over for vampiric training but Morgan wants to chat with me.
Her timing's the worst!  Mama, can you please call Morgan downstairs?

Yukio exploits the distraction to slip in some friendly socials, that weasel!

Morgan: I was just trying to get to know him like you'd said I should!

Serena: Well, you see, Morgan, now is not a good time to get to know him.
It's nothing personal, honey. He's just a little busy at the moment.

Massimo: I'm not sure why he doesn't get angry with me like Daniela Dinero did.
Whenever I pause to breathe, Yukio just starts in with the friendly chat.

Massimo: Oh man, this is really tough! It'd be so much easier to be mean if he wasn't so cute!
Maybe I need some motivation!

Uh, hello, Massimo!? What's going on here? You asked Yukio to show you his swimwear?
Massimo: Yeah, I figured he'd look all bony and skinny, then I could hate him easier.

It says "Yukio Soma is too embarrassed to show you this outfit right now." I get that.
But why are you both happy and smiling?

You're right! I need to step my game up or this is gonna take all night.
Yukio Soma, you are a Class-A jerk for being so charming and cute when I'm trying to make you my enemy!

Massimo: Watchette, could you please make Yukio go away?
If I'm around him any longer, I might end up begging his forgiveness…

But why is he so friendly with me? Do you think that he…I… *gulps

Bah, no rest for the wicked, especially since I'm the next Zanna heir.
I secure the affections of my fourth roomie and now I'm ready to start moving out!

Morgan: But why is there only this one romantic image of us, Massimo?
There are at least a half dozen screenshots of you and Yukio!!! It's so unfair!

Serena: Get real, Morgan! What you and Massimo did, everyone's already seen before!
But Yukio Soma resisting Massimo's insults? That dude's a complete freak!

I mean why was he smiling when Massimo asked to see his swimwear?
For that matter, Massimo, why were you smiling?
Massimo: *pretends not to hear

Status of the Zanna Household

All move-out requirements have are now complete.

Coming next: Massimo moves out!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Yukio's Swimwear (04/21)
« Reply #163 on: April 21, 2017, 10:57:27 AM »
Great update!  Massimo is a cutie.  He is very photogenic.  My favorite shot is the one where he is sitting at the dining room table.

Congrats on completing the move-out requirements.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Yukio's Swimwear (04/21)
« Reply #164 on: April 21, 2017, 05:28:35 PM »
I'm back!  Sorry I missed your updates.
I'm glad Jung's returned!  I forgot what he looked like.  Yep, still looks good.

Your chubby toddlers to chubby children are interesting... I have only played with 2 toddlers so far but neither of them had that issue...
Well one of them practically starved with me as a Watcher.  The other ate much better with the display case.  He didn't gain any weight though :)

Braddon is really interesting!  I agree I'm finding it kind of hard to pinpoint who he looks like.  How surprising that two similar looking guys can get together and have a child that looks like neither of them.  I guess I'm leaning a little towards Don, maybe.

I love the picture of Jung looking so proud after he's become a master vampire.
Also, I'm terrified at your idea of switching genders between Massimo and Lia.  I was so excited about Moss sneaking around and playing his violin out there and then you go and take it all away by talking about a gender swap!  No!

Bad luck about the plant sim changing out of form at the last minute!  And Daichi is too funny!
Also, I had never even connected Daniela's look to those of the plant sims.  D'oh!  I bet she's been having a great time all week :)

LOL, poor Massimo trying to become enemies with Yukio.  And Yukio keeps turning friendly on him.  Sheesh.
Add "maice" on Origin.
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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Yukio's Swimwear (04/21)
« Reply #165 on: April 21, 2017, 05:44:37 PM »
Can't help but wonder if poor Morgan is going to be a neglected spouse while Massimo follows Moss and Yukio around like a lost puppy during the off weeks.
It's nice to see that they have such a nice house so we'll know exactly how much Massimo downgrades his living space/style after the move.  Poor rivalry heirs.  They don't get the pre-glorified houses like immortal heirs do.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Yukio's Swimwear (04/21)
« Reply #166 on: April 22, 2017, 02:09:59 AM »
Gracious! The forbidden love duo has morphed into a forbidden triangle! The angles! So many surprising and titillating angles! The only trouble is I can't figure out the ship name now. There's no way to shove Yukio in the middle of Mossimo. I have tried!

I had to laugh that Yukio is so good-natured that even with the relationship that deep in the red, he was still happy and trying to make pleasant conversation. :)

The "pretend to bite" shot is really terrifying! Them fangs!

Oh, Caleb. So alluring the plant sims beg him! *shakes head*

Moss talks about Massimo in his sleep, eh? Awwww.

Gen two is taking over! So exciting!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
« Reply #167 on: April 22, 2017, 12:21:32 PM »
Thank you for reading! His big eyes give him an unusual look, but he's got an expressive face and he's great fun to play! I'm trying hard not to favor him…

Welcome back! Hope you've been well! The Behrens must really miss you!
Yep, Jung's back and he's a full Daywalker now, so no worries about him burning up again.

I recently participated in the forum's Baby Boomer Challenge and at 25-30% of my nooboos aged up into chubby toddlers.  Not getting enough exercise in the bassinet?

Yeah, Braddon's a mystery so far. And he doesn't look anything like Rocco! *pouts
I'm looking forward to moving him and Bradly back into the active household.
Lol, about the gender swap, I was just thinking out loud since Lia looks so much Caleb.
Next time I go into CAS, I'm going to see what she looks like as a guy…
Massimo, however, will stay Massimo.

Massimo and Yukio are both crazy. They're in an "abhorrent conversation" and despise each other, yet they're all smiling and happy.

I've been thinking hard on how I can make Morgan indispensable--her traits aren't that good for generating income.
Maybe learn Wellness and support everyone by boosting their moods?
   The hard part of this challenge is that the new heir always starts out with zero mood-boosting items. They can stock up on space prints, frogs, and whatever they produce (lol, Massimo only has fish and stuff from dig sites but Moss had paintings and Megumi had novels).
   I did discover a way to decrease my time spent on building houses for future heirs, hehe.

Massimo and Yukio's "fight" was hilarious. And I'd never had a sim too embarrassed to show their swimwear before, haha.

I was surprised to see Caleb and the Plantsim switch roles. My game must be glitched. You know, I had Serena and Lilith drink Draughts of Reconfiguration, but I don't remember if I had Caleb drink one, too. Lol.

Yay, all the Gen2 heirs moved out!

3.35  Massimo Zanna (Part IV): Couplin' in da Coffin

   • Caleb grows the Forbidden Fruit tree (or whatever it's called);
   • Massimo quickly makes an enemy of Daniela Dinero but takes forever with Yukio Soma;
   • Massismo becomes good friends with Morgan and shares a first kiss.
   • Serena's house is downsized in preparation for half of the household moving out.


Massimo: Ladies first! I've lit the candles on this birthday cake for you, Morgan!
Hmmm…I wonder what trait she gained.

I'm a little disappointed at the lack of fanfare for young adult birthday!
My third trait, by the way, is Family-Oriented.

It's 5 am when I finally move to Sandy Run, which is a 40x20 lot.
It's on the opposite end of east Newcrest from my parent's home.

From now on, each Zanna heir will move successively closer to the Zanna Museum.

The first thing I do is invite Morgan over and ask her to move in.
Just Morgan and not her family, despite the cash and furnishings they would have brought.

I already have three other sims in mind as my roomies.

Before moving out, I moved out Jung, my sis Lia, and Paola as a separate household.
I call a club gathering to summon the three of them here.

Paola and Lia are both children so I'll age them up.  You first, Lia!

Penny's adopted daughter Paola grows up into a very beautiful teenager.

As expected, Lia grows up a little chubby but nothing some jogging or yoga won't fix.

Now that everyone's moved in, let's check all the birthday girls' new traits.
Morgan Fyres: Outgoing, Good, plus Jealous. Boo!
Paola Pizzazz: Creative plus Cheerful. Nice!
Lia Zanna: Music Lover plus Vegetarian.  That works!

By the way, east Newcrest's four empty lots consist of Massimo's 40x20 lot and three 30x20 lots.
So I spent this afternoon building a 30x20 lot for my vampire heirs, which can be placed on all four lots.
Like a housing development for vampires.

To "legitimize" my recycling of this build, I've uploaded it to the Gallery (#carlsguiderdc).
The house is nothing fancy but it works with my gameplay style, it's spacious, and it's affordable.

The version with basic furnishings costs $28,728. Unfurnished, it's only $16,142.

Massimo: Jung and the girls bring $24,000 with them, boosting our household funs to $41,265.
We can easily afford the furnished version and have enough left for the wishing well. *pumps fist

The rooms of Paola and the future Gen3 heir are on the first floor.
Paola's room will be expanded into her painting studio.

The vampires all have coffins in the basement, where the garden is.
I'll be planting my own garden in the lower right corner.

As you can see, there' still space to add a Focused room or maybe a den.

And speaking of the garden, Jung and the girls start right in planting the main garden.

Once we complete the plant collection, though, we'll be focusing on the cash crops, carrots, and strawberries.

Morgan may not be a Plantsim, but I'd still like her to be "in the mood."

Decisions, decisions! If we try as bats, our heir will inherit the Bat Form Power.
But then, I've never tried for baby in a coffin before…
Heck, I've never even woohoo'd before, so let's try the bat one.

Arggh, they both disappeared! Where did they go?

Massimo: Come here, sweet thing!
Morgan: Gah, that coffin is so old and rickety! Where's the plush, satin lining?

Massimo: In a little while, you won't even notice, promise!

Morgan: A little before 8 am, I learn that I'm eating for two!

By the way, can you believe our watcher?
She actually moved a toilet into our bedroom so I wouldn't leave the basement floor! *rolls eyes

Massimo: Sorry, you guys! We got no time for your Welcome Wagon.
You know how busy life is on Saturdays!

Glad to see you found some sims to enjoy that fruitcake!

I join the Athlete career at Level 3, thanks to my A grade in highs school.
Thanks to the wishing well, I get an instantaneous promotion to Level 4.

Morgan: I'll be giving birth during Moss Dinero's Week 4.
We'd really like a girl, so I'm spending the day eating strawberries.

I'd listen to pop music, too, but we don't have a radio or stereo.

Jung: Because I'm Ambitious, Watchette urges me to join a career.
First, I join the Scientist career but then I switch to Painter.

Once I get Paolo an Inspired object and the better easel at Level 4, I'll go back to Scientist.

Hey, young ladies! It's only your first day in Massimo's new home.
Way too early to start dropping queues already!

You, Morgan! Why's that strawberry on the floor? Pick it up and eat it!

Massimo: I'd been saving this shot of Mama's museum portraits to share this week.
But I got so busy trying to move out in time, that I forgot!

Here's a map of what Newcrest looks like now.

Massimo: And here's how we three Gen2 heirs are doing at the end of Week 3.
Due to my good luck with the Wishing Well, I'm now slightly ahead.
Moss is only a L3 Art Critic and his wife is pregnant.
Megumi's a L4 Writer but she's still single.
She's waiting to age up teen Braddon and move him in next week.

The Dineros have the highest museum value, though the Zannas (especially, me) put up a great fight!
Total museum value:  Dinero/$57,804   -   Soma/$24,787  -   Zanna/$41,775

Coming next: Week 4 with Moss (parties), Megumi (Italian osteria), and Massimo

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
« Reply #168 on: April 22, 2017, 07:19:38 PM »
Bonus Collage

A bonus collage to celebrate the end of Week 3 for all three Gen2 heirs!

During makeovers and updates to the Zanna Family Tree, guess who ends up looking better as a boy?
So, the teenage Lia is now officially teenage Lio.
Weird how my wish for a mini-Serena turned up a mini-Caleb instead...

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
« Reply #169 on: April 22, 2017, 10:38:16 PM »
(Sigh) The curse of wishing for a clone of the mama but getting a dad-gene-heavy clone instead.
I definitely still have my doubts and questions about Massimo and Morgan's relationship, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.  Of course, not moving in Morgan's whole family means you have the opportunity to have Siobhan as a spouse for another generation (and can move in the folks too for the whole bankroll).

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
« Reply #170 on: April 23, 2017, 09:25:55 AM »
Congrats on moving everyone out! That's amazing! And lol, I know what you mean about Caleb's genes. My boy Kieran is almost, but not quite, a clone of him too while his half-brother Donovan totally takes after the founder (like, so much it's almost as though there was no other parent). Still, Gen 3 is an adorable little girl with the best of both her parents so I can't complain too much.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
« Reply #171 on: April 23, 2017, 03:07:31 PM »
Where do I sign up to be a member of your "Where's Izumi's Genes"? club? But wait, why are you sighing? You have the adorable Ishikawa, though he can't be the heir.
I'm hoping to find a useful role for Morgan in the family--maybe dedicated caregiver and gardener. Maybe Jung could pollinate...for the sake of the community, of course.
As for the Fyres, yes, now that they're down to a 8-sim household, they've become a plausible (wealthy) household for moving in, esp. since Moira is L9 Gardening.

Thank you! In my first attempt, I quit during the Restaurant household's Week 4, so I'll be catching up soon.
Lol, I see Caleb has been engaging in some hanky-panky in your game...half-brother? May I ask who the half-brother's lucky mother is?
I hope you don't mind if I ask you a few more questions about your challenge, cuz here goes?
1. What bloodline options are you playing? From your questions on the RDC thread, I can guess the Vampire and Vampire Hunger bloodlines. What's the third?
2. Which bloodline did you stick up north with the 20x15 lots? Part of me wishes I'd moved the vampires there since they can travel so quickly between floors.
    My restauranteurs are there on the theory that they'd spend a lot of time at their restaurant.
    But it turns out they spend most of their time at home, trying to earn $$ to build/remodel the restaurant.
3. So...which bloodline is living where? And are you playing in Newcrest or a different neighborhood?
4. Have you tried Good Vampire with an heir yet? Caleb almost completed Good Vampire my second attempt (didn't my first attempt).
    If Massimo had stayed home Saturday until 8 am, Caleb would've finished it, not that it really matters.
And I want to thank you again for your suggestion that lead to our early ageing-up rules. It makes this challenge more of a race (with less slogging)!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
« Reply #172 on: April 23, 2017, 11:31:11 PM »
@oshizu I don't mind talking about my stuff so ask away.

So, the vampire founder is male. I switched Caleb's nooboo-making gear when I moved him into the household. Hey, he's got the vampire creation power so, you know ;) Lilith's genes just didn't mesh well with founder Donal in testing while Caleb did. I don't need super pretty sims, I just need non-freaky sims. Donal is also a red sim, which his heir sadly did not inherit so we had to try again. Honestly Caleb was so attentive and sweet with Kieran, the man literally taught Kieran all of his toddler skills, and contributed so much else to the household that I didn't want to distract him from it. Dina Caliente is Donovan's mother, being the first sim Donal turned. Caleb was totally cool with the Dina one and done situation (obviously Dina had to continue living in the house) and was a great third parent to Donovan. It was a weird situation for a while but Caleb has always been Donal's number one.

1. I'm playing the Vampire, Vampire Hunter, and Alien bloodlines.

2&3. I'm just keeping each bloodline to their own neighborhood as it is easier to track down the road (ie if a Hunter house pops up in another neighborhood, it'll be easy to tell they won). The north does belong to the vampires but it was mostly because Alien rocket ships take up so much room and that the lots are close enough together for easy intra-neighborhood get togethers, ie meeting up at the park (with those tasty human snacks) doesn't require a ton of time and effort. The Hunters have the southern neighborhood because I just wanted them physically as far away from the vampires as possible and because they were the ones who I knew would afford the bigger lots and actually use them. For reference, the Aliens have yet to build a house because they don't need or want them at all due to their setup.

4. No, I haven't tried any other Vampire Aspiration yet. The early age-up after completed move-out requirements (basically, working on some adult requirements while waiting for your predecessor to finish) wasn't in effect when I played the last vampire heir, sadly, otherwise I might have considered it. Honestly, the timing thing is just too much in my opinion. One of the earlier Good Vampire tiers requires, I think, five days of not doing something. Twenty days total is just cutting it really close, especially if your vampire already has a head start in their career and garden. This could also just be a product of my situation. The Vampire Hunters are pulling pretty far ahead of their competitors- Gen Three will be born Week 4, Friday, and Gen 2 will have probably mastered Bodybuilder and reached Level 6 of her career by the end of that week. Gen 2 could well be finished by Week 5 (vampire lore is easy, curing vamps is easy with maxed fitness), with Gen 3 finishing in week six or seven. The Vampires, by contrast- at the end of Week 4 had level 4 Career, Tier 2 Vampire Family, Gen 3 born Monday after I left, and the base plants of the garden planted. Still better than the founder was but still a long, long way to go, much further than the Hunters. The Aliens...I've given up predicting what that bunch will do. I'm not saying that the Hunters are going to get that one extra house but the other lines should be worried. So, not a ton of room for experimenting.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Couplin' in Da Coffin [04/22)
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It's interesting that two out of three our of bloodlines don't overlap. You must enjoy playing aliens. Like you, I really like Caleb as a founder's spouse.
I was so surprised how good he was at learning skills, even without reward traits. He must have some hidden "supersim" trait!

I strongly considered intermingling the bloodline at one point and even mapped out which heir would live where. The deal-breaker? The heir's garden won't grow when he leaves the neighborhood (like when they visit the founder).
Why don't the aliens need houses? Are they camping?

4. I've only selected Master Vampire and Family Vampire so far. Watching Caleb not finishing that aspiration in my two attempts just turns me off from that aspiration.
For me, the vampire bloodline's most time-consuming task is reaching Grand Master. I would love to see my vampires win, only because speed is their only chance of winning.

Haha, sounds like your aliens are being a handful? What is it about "that bunch" that makes them unpredictable?
Even if you don't have the time/interest for telling a story, I hope you're taking a screenshot of each heir's household.
When you finish, you could start a thread that is like a photoalbum of each bloodline. I would enjoy that!   :D
Of course, if that idea doesn't appeal to you, I'll just occasionally bug you with questions about what's going on with your families.  ;)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: I Need a Bad Girl
« Reply #174 on: April 24, 2017, 05:11:01 PM »
4.36  Moss Dinero (Part I): I Need a Bad Girl

Previously at the end of Week 3:
   • Moss moved into the 30x20 Asphalt Adobe lot with Aaradhya Kumar.
   • Krishna Bheeda, who ages up into a stubbled teen Ballywood heartthrob, and his parents move in with Moss.
   • Moss and Aaradyha get married, throwing a gold-medal wedding party.
   • Aaradhya gives birth to a girl, whom the game has named Kendra Kumar but she will soon be renamed.


Caleb: Serena, my beloved, have you noticed that Massimo has started singing?
Serena: Yes, my darling. But why does he sing with a cigar in his mouth?

Caleb: You know that Morgan Fyres has the Good trait, right?
Serena: Yes, so what?
Caleb: Morgan shut our son down for coffin woohoo last night.
Haven't you ever seen Usher's live performance of "Bad Girl" featuring Beyonce? It's on Youtube.

Moss: Since the Zannas and Somas get new houses, we get a new one, too!
Aaradhya: We get a bit of a scare when our nooboo goes invisible!
I could still interact with her because I rolled the whim, but she was getting really hungry and I couldn't choose to feed her!

Moss: Yeah, none of us could click on the bassinet, either.
I totally panicked! After saving, exiting, then repairing the game, however, the nooboo reappeared.

Arun: In case you forgot, I'm a Level 10 Scientist now.
I'd like to make a few serums and maybe a single cloning machine before I quit for good.

Jessminder: I'm trying to avoid another promotion until I learn the Snagglefluster recipe.

And, yes, our garden's been moved downstairs so we can have a larger house!

Krishna: I contribute to household funds by crafting camping mascots.

You see how the woodworking table is enclosed by an ugly, indoor fence?
It keeps out everyone but me. Our watcher is such a control freak!

Aaradhya: I continue with the Painter Extraordinaire.
Moss and Jessminder have been taking turns mentoring me. It's been great!

Moss: I just checked your Painting level and see you've reached Level 7 Handiness! How did that happen!?
Aaradhya: Yes, I know, but I have no idea, especially since only Krishna can use the woodworking table.

Moss: We're getting ready to go out until quite late tonight, so we hire a nanny.
When Daichi arrives, he pauses at the top of the stairs into the courtyard.

I can almost hear Daichi thinking: "Hookah or nooboo?"
Aaaannnndddd he heads for the nooboo. Smart choice, Daichi!

Jessminder: I'm going to casually collect the magic beans.
Casually, in the sense that I won't be trying to change the Plantsims' moods.

Moss: Hey, Sergio! Are you selling stuff today at the Flea Market?
Sergio: Nah, I'm just here with Joaquim who's selling fossils over there.

Moss: I thought you'd be the spouse of Megumi, the Gen2 heir.
Sergio: Hmmmph, so did I!

Moss: Well, when our Gen5 heir is born, we might ask you to marry her, if you're still a bachelor!
Sergio: That's ages from now!
Moss: Not really. Our Gen3 heir will be a toddler on Wednesday. Anyway, think about it.

Jessminder: I can't remember if we've learned how to prepare all the Indian dishes or not.
So I eat one again along with Arun and Aaradhya.
Watchette, does this mean you're buying us a Chef's Station?

Arun: So, Aaradhya, when did you become a Spice Hound?
Aaradhya: That and my Level 7 Handiness are both mysteries.

Aaradhya: I think this seat's swatches will go better with our little Hookah Lounge!
Moss: Hey, I hear that you're not an alien after all.

Aaradhya: Yes, how embarrassing for me, right?
I mean I was forced to write that "I want a human/alien hybrid child" update!

Moss: Nah, you're fine! It's not our fault that the Return Home Menu mechanics have changed!

Aaradhya: After dining at the Spice Market, everyone but Jessminder leaves for Granite Falls.
I want to learn that woodworking schematic!

Krishna: We also find our three missing herb plants and enjoy some fishing.
Jessminder: I'll never get that Snagglefluster opp if you're never home while I'm working!


Jessminder: Arun, why is Daichi standing like that?
Arun: The reason, I guess, would be that he's stuck.

Jessminder (eyes him doubtfully): Do you think Daichi's really stuck?
Or could he just be pretending he's stuck, so he can do nothing yet still get paid?

Moss: I bring home a promotion on my first day of work and branch to Art Critic.

I can understand why Diego Lobo's in that image, but why Lily Feng?

Jessminder: We already have 3 out 6 beans and this dude is Aaradhya's old flame.

What? How dare he give me that ole "I’m not in the mood" spiel?!

I've vowed not to waste time changing moods. But what can I say? I'm hotheaded!
And oh look! I never knew I had a mean "Rile up!" social. How cool is that?

Jessminder: After I beat him up, the dazed Plantsim still won't give me a bean!

Oh well, not a productive use of my time, but still fun!

Moss: What a luxury to have three painters!
Aaradhya: I've joined the Painter career to try and get the Level 4 easels. It's the thing to do!

Moss: Since you love the outdoors, darling, you'll have your own outdoor space soon.

Arun: I'd completely forgotten that I still need 2 bestsellers to complete Bestselling Author!

It would be nice for Moss and all to have Books of Life, so I'm writing novels again.

Moss: It's great that you're enjoying some night fishing, Krishna.

What we really need you to do right now, though, is pump out those camping mascots!
Krishna: I was actually farming for satisfaction, but you're right! Our top priority is house value!

Moss: I've been thinking that it would be nice to have a son.
Aaradhya: I would love to see what our son would look like!

Aaradhya: That same evening, I learn that I'm eating for two!
Darn it, why did I take my pregnancy test in the only bathroom without wall coverings?

Moss: That's great news, honey! So, our nooboo arrives a day after our daughter becomes a toddler?

Moss: We add a fountain to our courtyard.
Maybe a pond would be better…but what happens to the basement if I add a pond?


Aaradhya: We get our daughter's birthday notice around 6 am.
We've named her Mina which means (according to Google) fish in Sanskrit.

While I wait for Moss to age her up, I again appreciate this fabulous rug of swirling ramen.
What? You want to know how I know that it depicts bowls of ramen?

That's easy--look at the slices of green onion,  naruto (whirlpool-patterned fishcake), and charsiu pork!
Not a vegetarian dish, but still a great-looking rug!

Moss: While I play with our now-toddler Mina, Aaradhya goes to plan her outfits.
Look how cute my wife is with her first-trimester baby bump!

Aaradhya: And here is our little verdant girl wonder!
She aged up with black hair which I, of course, dyed a dark green!

Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements
  Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal

*Incomplete requirements
  Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party (needs 2 more)
  Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier III)
  Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 4)
  Spouse: Aaradhya Kumar
  Children: Mina and another on the way

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed requirements: None (Hey, gimme a break! I'm only a Day 1 toddler!)