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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A House Full of Win (04/25)
« Reply #175 on: April 25, 2017, 05:22:40 AM »
4.37  Moss Dinero (Part II): A House Full of Win

   • Moss replaces his house at Asphalt Adobe from the previous week with a new one.
   • Everyone focuses on making money to help upgrade the house.
   • Moss gets his first promotion and branches to the Art Critic career.
   • Mina, the Gen3 heir, ages up to a toddler Tuesday morning.

Aaradhya: Our little Mina ages up to a slightly chubby toddler.
Jessminder, would you mind preparing only tofu tacos from now on?
Jessminder: Yes, of course. Still, Mina is such a gorgeous child. Would you consider Krishna as…

Aaradhya: Actually, Moss and I have been wanting to talk to you about that.
We'd really like for our families to join together through marriage.

Arun: Would you mind not chatting with me while I'm trying to produce a bestseller?
Don't you have any work to do, Daichi? Once upon a time, you used to clean…

Moss: I choose to work from home today, but I go out with Jessminder first.

Jessminder: To complete our plant collection, we need a rose, a tulip, and a UFO plant.
Fortunately, I'm able to harvest the first two right away.

Moss: We'll need to visit Mama to try for the UFO plant. Maybe tonight.

Moss: When we return home, Mina is very tired, so I put her to bed.
Then I start on my work-at-home assignments, which are both very easy.

First, I spray graffiti for two hours.

Jessminder: Daichi does nothing most of the time he's at our home.
He got removed from all the Dinero clubs while we were still living with the founder.

This morning, he even prepared a non-vegetarian meal! I threw it out right away. Sheesh!

Moss: As my second work-at-home assignment, I write for two hours.
I end up with a bestseller which I submit to the literary digest. What luck!

Krishna: Mina wakes up from a nightmare so I go to comfort her.
But…she rejects me!

Jessminder: She hardly knows you, Krishna!
Next time, chat a little before going in for the hug!

Moss: Jessminder's off tonight so I decide to try for my remaining gold-medal parties.

My dinner party gets stuck on the "3 playful sims" goal.

Daniela: So why throw your parties here? I was hoping to get invited to your new place!
Arun: Krishna wants to be a Nerd Brain so he's using your rocket ship as we speak.

After a little more socializing, we earn a gold medal, anyway.

Moss: My house party is a great success!
Even though Mama grabs a slice before I can reach the cake, I'm still able to "Call to Meal" on the seven-slice cake.

Then, right when the party ends, Krishna returns with prizes from the Green Man!
A U.F.O. fruit!

Aaradhya: Despite my nausea, we visit San Myshuno after the parties to buy my carrots.
Jessminder: You are really looking unwell, dear.

Aaradhya: Here we are in our party outfits!
Moss reads to Mina while I eat carrots and listen to music.
I'm still deciding whether I want to try for twins or not.

Moss: Twins? What would we do with so many spare children?
Aaradhya: Forge political marriages with our rivals like in sixteenth-century Japan?


Arun: So, has Mom already spoken to you yet about your future, son?
Moss is hoping you'll marry his daughter Mina.

Krishna: But she's a toddler and I'll be a young adult in a week!
Arun: Don't underestimate the power of early age-ups, Krishna!
I bet you she'll be a teen before your young adult birthday!

Mina: Papa, I think you just completed your "Read to a child for 2 hours" goal.
Can we do something else now, please?

Moss: I see that Jung Story has been resurrected!
Looks like he's become a Daywalker, too.  Good for him!

Jessminder: So that's the Gen3 Zanna heir's future spouse!
Our Krishna needs to work out!

Mina: Wheee!!!
Among all the toddler animations, this pose has to be one of my favorites.

Daniela: You say you're interested in marrying into our family? What about the Zannas?
Wyatt: It's true that Serena has asked me to marry the Gen5 Zanna heir.
But that would require me to become a vampire, too. I don't know…

Daniela: With your looks and your L10 gardening, any family would be lucky to have you.
I'll talk to my son Moss and have him contact you soon.
And don't forget that our Gen5 heir will live on the biggest plot in all of Newcrest, Wyatt.

Moss: Ugh, my promotion comes with a new outfit which is sooooo not me!
I'm thinking the Art Critic outfits get progressively worse!

Arun completes Bestselling Author and writes his first Book of Life tonight.
Why do you insist on writing Moss's epic saga in the toddler's room?
Why don’t you like the living room sofa with its Comfort +8 rating?

I check on the others and return to find Arun here. I give up!
Arun: Actually, I don't understand the draw of the toddler's bed, either!
It's only Comfort +1!

Moss: I've called the three of you here to try out our new hookah set-up!
And to congratulate you for each completing an aspiration today.

Aaradhya: Thanks, darling! Painter Extraordinaire was a breeze with two mentors!
But I'll pass on the hoookah!

Arun: You're still new to this household, so I'll explain how things are, Aaradhya.
Every Dinero heir receives Vegetarian as their third trait.
Every Dinero home has a hookah lounge.
Hookahs are part of the Dinero tradition. You can't just "pass."

Aaradhya: Oh Arun, I only meant I want to pass tonight. For our baby's sake, you know?

Aaradhya: By the way, Krishna, Moss and I wish to officially ask you to marry into our family.
Moss: What do you say, Krishna?

Krishna: Considering the beauty of your mother and your wife, Moss, I say I'm a lucky man!
Arun (whispers): Why is the nanny leering at me?!

Arun: This is your first time with a hookah, son, so watch me carefully!

Krishna: Look, Dad! The nanny's applauding your hookah prowess!

Moss: Hahaha, our little Mina is also watching you very carefully, Arun!

Aaradhya: Indeed, Mina is certainly watching Arun with wide-eyed wonder!

Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements
  Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
  Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, and House Party

*Incomplete requirements
  Mansion Baron Aspiration: (Tier IV, $272,330/$350,000)
  Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 6)
  Spouse: Aaradhya Kumar
  Children: Mina and another due Wednesday night

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Incomplete requirements:
  Skills: L3 Imagination and Thinking; L2 Communication, Movement, and Potty

A big thank you for reading!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A House Full of Win (04/25)
« Reply #176 on: April 25, 2017, 08:23:40 PM »
I was a couple of updates behind!  Glad I'm caught back up with the action.
Krishna and Mina, eh?  Krishina?  Minshna?  Either way, that hug refusal shot will rather beautifully go alongside a wedding shot  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Mythical Guide (04/26)
« Reply #177 on: April 26, 2017, 05:06:43 AM »
Thanks for catching up!  Lol, I rather like Minshna. Does that mean you approve of the match?
Krishna is such a skilled sim and such a great helper with his woodworking. It would be a shame to just leave him idling with Moss when Mina moves out.

In case you're still intereted, I included the info and shots regarding the Snagglefluster just for you.

4.38  Moss Dinero (Part III): The Mythical Guide

   • Moss completes his requirement for three gold-medal parties.
   • Arun (Bestselling Author), Aaradhya (Painter Extraordinaire), and Krishna) complete their aspirations.
   • The gardener Wyatt Owen approaches Daniela about marrying into the Dinero family.
   • Moss and Aaradyha officially offer Mina's hand in marriage to Krishna who agrees. Yes, prearranged marriages with child brides is still a thing in some countries.
   • Everyone's working hard toward becoming Mansion Barons.


Jessminder: I know, I know. I said I wouldn't try to change the Plantsims' moods.
But I'd like to get the magic bean hunt over with, you know?

Feels weird flirting with our nanny, but she does give me a flirty bean!

Moss: After a potty accident, Mina throws a fit so I give her a lecture.

Moss: Then I feel bad about lecturing her on her misbehavior and comfort her.

You could have comforted her right after her potty accident, instead of…dancing.

Jessminder: Hah! I only need to use my Rile Up! social twice.
This formerly uncomfortable PlantSim is now Very Angry.

Thanks for my sixth and last bean, lady!

Jessminder: This must be my lucky day!
Tonight I finally receive the Mythical Guide opportunity at work!

Naturally, I hand over $200 to the shady old man.

Moss: Around 6 pm, our house value exceeds $302,000.
After buying 4 Virtuoso Violins, I complete the Mansion Baron aspiration.

Thanks to everyone for pitching in with painting, woodworking, and gardening!

Krishna: Wow, Auntie Aaradhya, you're getting a massage in our front yard?

Aaradhya: Well, I guess we could build a room downstairs for massage and yoga.
But I'm too huge to waddle downstairs right now.
I'm not even sure why I'm getting a fertility massage…

Mina: Why does everyone want to read to me?
Krishna: Seems like you're supposed to max Imagination.

Mina: Why can't I just have a dollhouse?

Aaradhya: I go into labor in the courtyard, because that's where the bassinets are.
Thanks for optimistically placing two, Watchette!
No problem!

Krishna: No wonder I couldn't give you a bath, little girl! It's the nooboos!

The bath's been moved upstairs temporarily, so we're good now.

Aaradhya: I give birth to two healthy not-green boys.
I'm holding the firstborn Alfonso. I chose the first random name starting with A.

Moss: And I'm holding Jagger. Cool name, yeah?
I clicked the randomizer a few times and liked this name best.

Krishna: No, no, Mina! Don't splash me! I'm wearing a leather jacket.

Mina: (How is it fair that I'm in the bath but he's fully clothed!?)

Aaradhya: So, are you sad that the boys aren't green?
Moss: Our heir is green so it's fine if the boys aren't.

Aaradhya: I'm a little worried that we had them so late! Look what happened to Megumi!
Moss: Yeah, she will just barely have a toddler by Friday! Our Mina's way ahead!

Jessminder: What a great day! First the magic beans, then the Mythical Guide!
Am I awesome or what?

Mina: Are you taking my picture again because I just maxed Potty?
Do you mind? May I have a little privacy, please?

Arun: Are you serious about learning Vampire Lore, son?
If yes, I suggest you read that book instead of pointing your finger to the music.

Moss: Is my little princess ready for bed? Do you want a bedtime story?

Jessminder: After the nanny arrives, we head for Desert Bloom Park.
I make Snaggleflusters for everyone, at $50 a drink.

Moss: For the drink's 3-hour duration, I practiced yoga with Aaradhya and Krishna.
We all went from Level 2 to Level 6. That drink is amazing!

Jessminder: I need two more Charisma levels for my last Mixologist promotion.

Dude, there are four toilets! Why do you have to come use this one? Ugh!?


Moss: In the morning, we hire a maid for the first time.
She doesn't seem too happy to be here.

Aaradhya: She does a lot of simply standing around, so she's not very useful.
I guess it's nice that she cleans up after our slacker nanny.

I'm not amused that the adults autonomously "Watch" ever since the toddler patch.
It's not like you've never seen a hookah before, Moss!

Moss: We will not be aiming for Top-Notch Toddler with Mina.
Currently, she has L4 Imagination and Thinking, with L3 everything else.
That is, she's already earned the Happy Toddler trait.

We plan to age her up as soon as she maxes Imagination and Thinking.

Moss: My only remaining requirement is to max my career now.
I'm a creative type so I'll mostly leave Mina's mentoring to the others.

Jagger, I'm going to personally groom you to appeal to the vampires!
Maybe they'll choose you for the Gen5 spouse, then we can snatch Wyatt Owen!
We'll have to remember not to let you buy any reward traits, just in case.

Status of the Dinero Line

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Completed requirements
  Rewards: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree , Frugal
  Gold-medal Parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, and House Party
  Mansion Baron Aspiration: done

*Incomplete requirements
  Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 6)

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Incomplete requirements:
  Skills: L3 Potty; L4 Imagination/Thinking; L3 Communication/Movement

Coming next: Mina ages up to a Happy Toddler (Dinero, Part IV)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Mythical Guide (04/26)
« Reply #178 on: April 26, 2017, 08:06:06 AM »
Plotting to marry young Jagger into a rival bloodline for your own benefit.  Very Chinese Dynasty/Medieval Ages/much of history of you  ;=)
I notice Krishna is doing lots of the child care for Mina.  Quite the clever way to ensure they have a high relationship for when she ages up  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Mythical Guide (04/26)
« Reply #179 on: April 26, 2017, 05:49:01 PM »
Oh, my goodness! Strategic spare breeding! Marvelous!

I'm so impressed with how rapidly Moss completed Mansion Baron! He's really in this race to win it!

Mina is so precious I can hardly stand it. She's very spunky and I love her throwing shade at the Watcher for taking potty pics and throwing water on Krishna's leather jacket! Too cute!

It really makes me smile that the hookah lounge is an official Dinero family tradition. :)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Birthday Bonanza
« Reply #180 on: April 26, 2017, 08:55:53 PM »
Thank you for reading! Krishna Bheeda was born the same day as Gen2 Moss. Considering he'll be a young adult just in time for Gen3 Mina, Moss's sons (and other Gen3 spares) will be the last spares that will be young adults by the fifth-generation. In the case of Braddon Storey, Megumi's had to wait to get pregnant and she's now behind her rivals by four days.
   Lol, Krishna taking care of Mina did zilch for their relationship! Can you believe they're just acquaintances!? Just another of my misconceptions.

Yep, Moss was super fast about completing Mansion Baron but his house has 3 painters, Krishna with his camping mascots, the "great" plants Moss harvested from Mama's garden, and his own alien flora. The Mansion Barons are the easiest bloodline to play and the hardest to write about, lol.
   As for the hookah lounge, since this challenge involves so much building, deciding on themes makes it easier. So every Mansion Baron house must have a sunken courtyard for a hookah lounge, lol.

4.39  Moss Dinero (Part IV): Birthday Bonanza

   • Moss completes the Mansion Baron aspiration on Thursday afternoon;
   • Jessminder completes the magic bean collection, then acquires the secret Snagglefluster recipe while at work;
   • Krishna has so far completed four aspirations and is on the last tier of Freelance Botanist;
   • Our little heiress Mina earns the Happy Toddler trait but needs to max Thinking and Imagination to age up early.

Week 4/ Friday

Mina: Can you help me learn numbers with flash cards, Papa?

Moss: The inquisitive Mina is very serious about learning.

But she also has her zany side.

Moss: And, of course, she is always adorable. You're papa's little girl, aren't you?

Alfonso (left) and Jagger (right) have been very happy babies.
They rarely fuss, because we four adults take turns looking after them.

Mina: Mama, why do you hardly ever spend time with me?
Aaradhya: For some reason, I never feel drawn to you.
I always want to either paint or dance. I don't even have whims to play with you.

She only does things for her children when instructed.
I notice that Mina doesn't build skills as quickly with her mother as with a nanny.
Is skilling speed influenced by the relationship level?

Moss: I'm almost capable of teleportation!
As much as I enjoy meditating, I'm sure this is part of some evil plan.
Aaradhya: How can meditation ever be evil, dear?

Moss: "Someone" is trying to keep me from maxing a future heir's unique skills.

Arun: I'm very close to maxing Logic.
Having another Logic mentor in the house besides Krishna will be useful, yes?


Krishna: Yes, that's correct! I wish to quit my Manual Labor job.
Now, Papa, would you please continue mentoring me in Writing?

Arun: Yes, of course. Best wishes with the Bestselling Author aspiration, son!

Aaradhya: The twins are usually very quiet and rarely kick up a fuss.
That's because we all take care of them, except when we've hired a nanny.
The problem is our nanny.

Arun: Daichi's been standing there ignoring the nooboos for at least a half hour.
What kind of nanny does that?

By the way, Mina wakes up in the afternoon feeling sad about her low hunger.
Is that why her Thinking and Movement skills fell to Levels 4 and 2, respectively?

Mina: Around 4 pm, I max Imagination and ask for help with the birthday candles!

Mina: Hey, you missed me blowing out the candles!
It's time for my birthday leap!

Mina: I can't believe you're taking a pre-makeover picture of me!
Aaaradha: Sorry, dear, but Jessminder doesn't come home from work for 6 more hours.

Mina: I'm a cheerful Whiz Kid, so Uncle Arun mentors me while I play chess.
Mama, I heard from Papa already that you cheat at chess!

Krishna: Thanks for mentoring me in writing, Uncle Moss!
Moss: Well, I mentor you while your father mentors my daughter. It's a sweet deal!
By the way, how are you and Mina getting along?

Krishna: Sadly, we're just acquaintances, because I was only looking after her.
To build a relationship, I think I need to be talking with her.
Moss: Oh well, now we know. Too bad, really!

Mina: So I already have Level 5 Mental but I can only do my homework once while Focused until Monday.
Why do I have to keep playing chess, Uncle Arun?

Arun: Because you need an A grade, you probably can't complete Whiz Kid until Tuesday.
But once you max Mental, you can start leveling Fishing and Video Gaming.

Mina: Oh right! Because those will be my unique skills. Thanks, Uncle Arun!

Moss: I phone Jessminder to ask her to leave work early tonight.
The boys have aged up and I want her to mix a Snagglefluster for Mina.

Jessminder: Why go to so much trouble to learn the recipe, if I'm not going to mix Snaggleflusters, right?

Mina: Now that Auntie Jessminder's home, I get a makeover at last!
I lose the silver glass frames and get my green hair back!

Moss: Here are my boys, Alfonso (left) and Jagger (right).
They're both little charmers already, don' t agree?

Moss: Like Mina, both boys aged up to chubby toddlers.
I'm not sure why, since I was very thin as a toddler, child, and teen.

If anyone knows how nooboos can exercise in their bassinets, please let me know!
Chubby toddlers seem to be a very recent but common occurrence in my games.

Alfonso (right): Who's that?
Jagger (left): That's Mama, silly.
Alfonso: How did you know that?
Jagger: Well, first we had to pose with Papa, so I assume she must be our Mama.

This shot initially got photobombed by Nanny Imane and had to be set up again.
She "had to" sit on the sofa and read, preventing both boys from sitting with Aaradhya.
If you want to read, Nanny Imane go sit on the other sofa! Or why not the toddler's bed? *rolls eyes

Mina: I see how it is. Now that the boys are toddlers, nobody's gonna care about me!

Arun: That's not a very nice thing to say, Mina!
You're the Gen3 heir but your brothers are spares.
Be a kind and generous older sister by sharing the spotlight with them, okay?

Mina: By the way, I can't drink the Snagglefluster. I guess I'll have to wait until my teen birthday.
Arun: Awww, too bad! We'll have Krishna drink it instead.

Aaradhya: When everyone else clicks on the hookah, they get an "Unwind" interaction.
But when I click on the hookah, I get a "Try" interaction. Why is that, Jessminder?

Jessminder: Hmmm, it obviously depends on one's "hookah history."
You say you're familiar with hookahs.
But, as Jimi Hendrix would say: "So, er, are you experienced"?

Aaradhya: I guess I'm not as experienced as I'd thought I was, Big Grasshopper!
Oh look at the boys! Pretend we don't notice them watching us!

Week 4 Status of the Dineros

Gen2 Heir: Moss Dinero
*Incomplete requirements
  Career: Critic/Art Critic (Level 7)

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements
  Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Thinking and Imagination)

*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
  Childhood Aspiration: Whiz Kid (Tier II)
  Teen Job:
  Unique Aspiration: (Angling Ace)
  A in High School:
  Unique Skills: (Fishing & Video Gaming)
  Good Friends: (Daniela Dinero; 3 more)
  Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)
  Collection: fish

Author's Notes

Megumi and Braddon: Megumi will finally be moving Braddon in right after this Big Switch.
As a result, Megumi will not give birth for at least another five or six days.
On the other hand, her rivals start Week 4 with a Day 1 nooboo, putting Megumi almost a whole week behind. Will she ever catch up?

Why the rush?: You might be wondering (or not) why I've raced through the Dinero Mansion Barons' Week 4.
I've come up with a(nother) silly idea for Megumi Soma's restaurant and now I'm dying to build that restaurant!
I'm not as worried about the magic bean collection. In the worst case scenario, the Somas can just visit the Forbidden Fruit Tree on Serena Zanna's lot.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Birthday Bonanza (04/26, double update)
« Reply #181 on: April 26, 2017, 11:16:59 PM »
Wow, Mina's cute. Her brothers are normal colored, aww, man. No green pollinating, that's too bad. I honestly have no idea where chubby toddlers come from. Do you stop the parent teaching them to walk right when they age up? I'm at a loss- my kids are rail thin because their parents are twigs who can't gain weight if they tried. Well, muscle, sure, but not weight. A Lean Potion should fix up their problems when they age up, though.

I am curious why you think Megumi is going to be that far behind. If she gets pregnant on Sunday, she'll have a toddler on Week 4, Day 7. If she moves fast and the kid chooses a single day aspiration, they'll hit teen on/before Week 5, Day 7. Mina there has another ~two-four days as a kid, depending on when she gets to the two days of focused homework and when she gets an A, which puts her as a teen in the middle of Week 5. Sure, baby Soma's going to be a couple of days (which can easily fixed depending on teen aspirations) behind but not a whole week. Maybe the Zanna heir winds up being almost a week ahead and/or Moss is done by next week but so long as the Soma are close enough that another family can't move an extra heir out, they'll be fine.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Birthday Bonanza (04/26, double update)
« Reply #182 on: April 27, 2017, 12:32:47 PM »
Awww! Look at those cute little toddler bellies! You're making me hope my toddlers all get the same glitch. They're so squishy and adorable! Love the green hair, too. I'm glad Mina got the family skintone, though. She's reminding me a lot of your pretty green spare from the first attempt, although it might just be the hair. I'm always fooled by hair. Super cute, though!

I'm playing an inquisitive toddler right now, too, and I'm starting to think "inquisitive" is just a euphemism for "short attention span." Mine gets mad after five minutes of doing anything and wants to move on! I loved Mina's playful face doing the flashcards, though. :)

I'm so anxious to find out what your new restaurant will be! I can hardly wait! Plus, Megumi and Braddon, together at last! I'm sure the fires of true love will rocket them through their week and they'll catch up in no time!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A New Nosherie
« Reply #183 on: April 27, 2017, 06:26:58 PM »
I love your detailed comments! Hah, if I decide later that one of the bros is pollinatory-worthy, I can always use Change Sim to change his skintone. Maaike Haas loves your Lean Potion suggestion and now she wants one, too!
I've picked all the heirs' aspirations, skills, and careers in advance. I'm worried that if I start switching them around I might accidentally end up overlapping. Whiz Kid won't hold Mina back since she can work on one of her two skills while waiting for her A on Mon or Tue.
And yes, their teen aspirations will also affect their speed.

 I love building the Mansion Barons' residences. I might enjoy the Somas most because researching and building the restaurants provide endless entertainment. The vampire aspirations are the most time-consuming and the frying-in-the-sun is scary.
I'm just trying to play each family as speedily as possible.
But if all three lines are neck-and-neck, won't the Dineros automatically win because I play them first each week so they could move a sixth heir first? Oh well, a little early to be counting my chickens, I guess.

     Really, I have no idea why all my toddlers are chubby lately. It's just odd but okay.
Lol, you called my chubby toddlers a glitch--so you think it's a glitch? I thought maybe the game might be punishing me for making all my sims slender fitness aficionados.
    I love the Inquisitive trait! All the heir toddlers have that trait. Any spare/helper of the same age gets Independent. The Dinero twin boys both got Independent since their spares.
Wait, you have a toddler? How and where and with who?
    You're going to be disappointed in the restaurant, lol. I realize now that my excitement over the restaurant's silly naming far surpasses my building abilities, hahaha.
But it's still fun and that's what matters the most!   

4.40  Megumi Soma (Part I): A New Nosherie

Previously at the end of Week 3:
*On Saturday, Megumi moves to the 20x15 Comfy Cubby lot, the northernmost lot in Newcrest.
*She invites her co-worker Maaike Haas to move in along her roomie Ulrike Faust.
*Megumi and Maaike join the Writer career; Ulrike's already a Level 2 painter.
*Ulrike adopts a girl whom she names Jun Shiomi. Jun's in grade school.
*Megumi buys the 20x20 lot in Magnolia Promenade where J&S Clothiers used to be.

Week 4/Sunday

Megumi: As soon as Watchette arrives, she replaces our house with a Gallery download (#carlsguiderdc).
Thankfully, we now have a single basement floor instead of two.
And the new, cheaper house frees up a little over $20,000 in cash. Score!

Ulrike: Once that's done, I start baking a birthday cake for you-know-who.

Megumi: I invite Braddon and his father Bradly over.
We're both so excited that Braddon will be a young adult!
I mean, we're literally walking on air…

Braddon: I've waited so long for this day, Megumi!
Ulrike: Happy birthday, Braddon! You're a young adult at last!

Megumi: *thinks about playing a video game on her computer upstairs

Megumi: Let's go stand in this corner where it's impossible to take a screenshot!
Braddon: I'll bite. Why are we standing here?
Megumi: Well, since you are a young adult now, I can finally ask you to move in!

Thanks, you guys!

Ulrike: I'm painting upstairs while my daughter Jun works on Artistic Prodigy.
Jun is outgoing and hasn't decided yet whether she wants to go the creative or logical route.

Braddon: Even though we've been apart, our friendship is still maxed!
Megumi: I'm so glad that you and I are finally the same age!
More to the point, I'm glad that we are both young adults now.

Braddon: Oh Megumi, no one is gladder about that than I am!

Maaike: While the lovebirds reunite in their underground love nest, I'm on the second floor.
It seems to be taking forever to finish writing my second novel!

Braddon: I've always dreamed that my very first kiss would be with you, baby girl!

Bradly: Meanwhile, I get busy with the garden, grafting and fertilizing.
When I'm done, this garden's footprint will be half its current size!

Braddon: Papa is not the only one getting busy!
Megumi: How can you be narrating at a moment like this!?

Megumi: Thanks for sparing me the "Eating for Two" potty shot, Watchette!
I got the notice around 6 a.m.

I wonder if these slender sims will also produce a chubby toddler…

Bradly: No rest for the wicked, son! Come learn how to garden.
Braddon: How can creating new life with my future wife be wicked? But okay.

Braddon: I was a Top-Notch Toddler and completed all 4 childhood aspirations.
Since I skipped my teen years, though, I have no adult skills yet.

Ulrike: It takes me forever to read to Jun for two hours.
After four or five Read to Child actions I'm finally done!

Nanny Elizabeth is sitting there being useless and annoying.

Ulrike: I take that back. She's not entirely useless.
I stop reading momentarily to open a time capsule in my inventory.
During the second it takes to open it, she snatches my book and puts it away.

Bradly: Nannies are persona non grata in all our downstairs rooms.
When they are in slacker mode (which is most of the time), they try engaging us in needless chatter.

Nanny Elizabeth: Why do I feel like I'm in a Kafka novel? What did I do wrong?

Megumi: Lately, I've decided against running an Italian restaurant.
So, I sell my 20x20 Magnolia Promenade lot and buy this 30x20 lot in Oasis Springs.

Megumi: Watchette and I did a practice build recently, so we've got a plan.

Everyone: Woooo, it's starting to look like a restaurant!

Megumi: Folks, welcome to the last word in fine Mexican cuisine!

Jun: It looks kind of like Taco Bell with a pergola…
Braddon: Hush, Jun. You'll hurt Watchette's feelings.

Megumi: Look, y'all, this is a Rival Dynasties Challenge not a building contest.
And we're not finish building yet but we've run out funds.

Anyway, the best part of this restaurant is its name: Nacho Mama!
Except for you, Braddon, I can be yo' mama! *bats eyelashes coyly

Megumi: For the first hour, guests throng the entrance but the hostess doesn't seat anyone.
That's when I realized that I'd reversed the host station and the waiter's stations.

Bradly: You'd think the host station would be bigger than the waiter's stations, but no!

Megumi: That Daniela Dinero is such a good sport! I'm quite impressed!
Even though we're enemies, she shows up for my restaurant's opening day!

That's why I comp her table's meals.

Megumi: That's our hostess, Kyra Storey.
She's a former roomie of our own Bradly Storey and the vampire Jung Storey.
But they are all unrelated.

Ulrike's not a good match for the service industry, I find.
She keeps trying to prank my staff, so I'm going to have her paint instead.
And I'm tightening up the club's banned activities.

Tonight, we serve six diners at three tables and end up with a 1.5-star rating.
If we hadn't incorrectly placed the host station, we could have seated our diners faster.
Still, I was able to offer training to my staff and earn 465 perk points.

Now, we need to earn enough moolah to finish building Nacho Mama!

Braddon: Now that we're back home, Megumi, there's something I've been dying to ask you.
Megumi: Oh Braddon, yes, darling! Of course, a thousand times yes!
Everyone knows we've always meant to be together!

Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Incomplete requirements
  Career: Writer/Author (Level 6)
  Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $51,918 (halfway there!)
  Star rating: 1.5 stars (haha)
  Spouse:  Braddon Storey

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Birth: around 6 am, Wednesday?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A New Nosherie (04/27)
« Reply #184 on: April 27, 2017, 10:01:06 PM »
Mina is growing up so lovely!  Can't wait to see how the teen version looks.
Meantime, so happy that Braddon and Megumi finally get to be together.  So sweet.
Nacho Mama.  Nice!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A New Nosherie (04/27)
« Reply #185 on: April 28, 2017, 12:01:30 AM »
Everything really hinges on adult careers + teen aspirations + skills = heir combinations as not all are created equal. Technically the Whiz Kid could hold Mina back a bit because while she can work on her skills, her teen aspiration has a number of hours required as part of its completion which, at least in my game, don't count before the teen age up (example, I had an Immortal heir learning fishing as a kid but none of the time or locations counted towards the aspiration). If, say, Megumi's child chooses Social Butterfly or Artistic Prodigy (potentially done in one day) and then chooses an easy/fast aspiration (say Leader of the Pack) and easy skills, they can catch up with Mina.

Let's break this down, counting pregnancy days and using a probably super-compressed timeline.

Week 4: Zanna and Dinero have already experienced 3 days of pregnancy, 1 day with a baby. This week has two days with baby (Sun+Mon), four to five days with toddler. They can have kid or teen by the end of the week, depending on how stringent you are with toddler requirements and child aspirations. IE if lvl 3 toddlers are good enough and they complete a 1 day child aspiration, you could see a teen by the end of the week.

Week 4: Soma ends with Day 1 toddler.

Week 5: Dinero 3 and Zanna 3 complete child aspiration and work on teen requirements. Two weeks since birth, 2 weeks, three days since conception.

Week 5: Soma begins with Day 2 toddler. Four days with toddler brings child stage in on Wednesday. Soma 3 becomes a teen Thursday or Friday, assuming 1 day aspiration. 1.5 weeks since birth, just under two weeks since conception.

Week 6: Dinero 3 and Zanna 3 complete move out requirements. While there's a chance Dinero 3 could move out at the end of Week 5 considering how quickly her father's moving, I'm leaving it an outside chance. They move out sometime in the early-mid week range and begin the pregnancy process. You have 8 houses occupied, Dineros and Zannas end the week with pregnancy or birth.

Week 6: Soma 3 hits the two week mark and has an outside chance of completing their requirements this week. At any rate, they should be able to move out on Sunday or Monday of Week 7.

Week 7: Basically a repeat of Week 4 for the Dineros and Zannas.

Week 7: Soma 3 moves out, basically Week 4 for them as well. 9 houses are now occupied, 6 remain.

If this pattern keeps up, ie the Somas don't fall much more behind, they will be able to move out their Gen 5 before Dinero 6 or Zanna 6 can do so. The problem is if the Dineros start pulling ahead- if they do manage to squeeze out another day or two, they have a very real chance of snaking that last house. That's why I was a little surprised Mina is doing the Whiz Kid aspiration.

So yeah, that's my math on how the Somas aren't as far behind as they look. Things could certainly change but they still have a good, if a little threatened, shot at forcing museum value.

Now, after that word vomit (TLDR: Don't give up on the Somas yet), onto the chapter itself! Megumi is rocking it and man are she and Braddon going to make seriously good-looking babies. I love the Mexican theme for the restaurant and I'm just amazed by how easy you make those requirements look. Like, seriously, I tried the retail store line and got burned out so dang quickly, it felt that hard. Kudos to you. Jun is so cute, can't wait to see how she ages up and what she contributes to the line. It's nice that I don't have to say goodbye to Bradley yet, he is a fun helper.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: A New Nosherie (04/27)
« Reply #186 on: April 28, 2017, 12:03:28 AM »
Nacho Mama! I love it! The build is super charming, too! I would totally eat there. I love your clever use of the room divider/tapestry/hanging plants to make a backdrop for the hostess station, and all the Day of the Dead decorations are perfect!

But of course the best part of this chapter is Megumi and Braddon together at long last! Such a sweet couple. And a nooboo on the way, too! Hooray!

I swear Jun gets prettier every time I see her!

I do think the chubby toddler thing is a glitch of some sort. Cressida was chubby, too, despite having thin parents. Maybe the game developers are just big fans of baby fat. :) Oh, and as for the toddler I'm currently playing . . . *shifty eyes* . . . I may have begun my next big project a little early. It's all in service of the Spiffelogue, I swear! It all ties together! But yeah, inquisitive toddlers for the win!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Rise of Nacho Mama
« Reply #187 on: April 28, 2017, 08:14:57 PM »
Thanks for doing all that math and for harboring so much hope for the Somas! The moving out of the G3 heirs will mark this challenge's halfway point, I guess, so it will be interesting to revisit your post again then. :-)
I spend the most time on the Somas with their restaurants, so I'm glad you think they have a chance! Running a restaurant with toddlers is near-impossible, though.
Speaking of the retail bloodline, I will not be doing stores, just restaurants. I've done a store for my legacy challenge and it wasn't that fun, but I also wasn't doing themed stores, lol. Restaurants aren't hard. My sims spam the staff and customers with perk-related socials to buy perks. I'm not trying to run a profitable restaurant as much as boost its star rating. Scientists with handiness and gardening, like Bradly and Arun, make super helpers.

Thanks for the compliments on Nacho Mama! I've become a MOO fanatic and recently figured out how to raise/lower objects using MOO as well.
I have a collage for you. Braddon with facial hair makes all the difference!
    I remember now Cressida being a little chubby then getting super buff as a young adult!
I'm a bit relieved to hear that your toddler is part of your next big project rather than Murkland, rofl. Did you know that Brennachan is planning her first murky contest, which will be unveiled next week? She's even announced the judge already, haha.
   I'm really missing Murkland, so I'll post this update and then dash back to oshizu's misadventures.

4.41  Megumi Soma: The Rise of Nacho Mama

Previously at the end of Week 3:
   • Megumi ages up her beloved Braddon then asks him and father Bradly to move in;
   • Bradly works his magic in the garden and downsizes its footprint 50%;
   • Megumi sells her Magnolia Promenade lot to buy the 30x20 Pebble Burrow lot in Oasis Springs;
   • Megumi builds her new restaurant, Nacho Mama;
   • Nacho Mama's opening day ends with a 1.5-star rating.

Week 4/Monday

Maaike: Bradly generously used his points to buy me an Insta-Lean potion.

Ulrike: Wow, Maaike! You're way cuter than I am now!
Maaike: I don’t know about that, but I'm feeling pretty cute!

Megumi: I'm not feeling too great this morning, but we open for lunch anyway.

Braddon: Today, it's just Megumi and I here.

Megumi: I pay for the Gold advertising package and we have a good crowd.
Just as good as Papa ever had and he had the Platinum package.

There's Nanny Imane seated at the table behind me.

Megumi: Braddon is perfection!
He autonomously cleans dirty toilets and clears the tables.

In fact, I spend more time keeping those two apart than directing them to serve the clientele.
They're constantly attempting friendly or romantic socials.

Yay! We hire a second waiter! His name is Arjun Srinivasan.
He has orange hair which he wears like Caleb Vatore.

I also add a fifth table which seats three.

We have solved the mystery of the constantly filthy toilets!
That vampire, Ayaka Mori, ate then vomited three times in a row!
Why does she bother coming here?

We're so excited to notice that a Food Critic has arrived!
Hopefully, we can impress him and receive a favorable review!

I'm surprised to see the Zanna founder here with Caleb this afternoon.
Today's too busy but I might try apologizing the next time we meet.

What a gorgeous couple they make!
Uh, don't they have withered stomachs, too?

Sadly, we lose the Food Critic before he even ordered.
We really need a second waitperson!

Braddon: Tada! I hire Gill Hammond based on his portrait, not a body shot!

Also, I reprimand our first waitress, Ananya, for jogging on the job.
No wonder the Food Critic never got to order!

At 9 pm, I'm ready to close Nacho Mama's "lunch shift."
I finally give up on Nanny Imane ever leaving.
She stayed for 10 whole hours, then left without paying when I closed.

And notice that our primo tables are both occupied by nannies! Sheesh!

After serving 8 paying tables in 10 hours, we close with a 2.5-star rating.


Megumi: And this is why wealth is essential to each rival family!
The wishing well grants me a full promotion to Level 7!

Wow, I wonder why everyone left for work and school without doing their daily tasks/homework first?

Apparently, I forgot to pause the game for 12 sim-hours.
I hope my sims enjoyed sleeping instead of rallying the troops for a change.

Megumi: I'm off again today so we open Nacho Mama for lunch.
What a thrill to see my parents here!

Braddon: How cool that all three founders have dined here already!

Yesterday, Ananya stomped around angrily her entire shift.
She even went jogging then worked the rest of her shift out of uniform.

I'm glad we didn't fire her yesterday, though.
She seems much happier since we hired a second waiter.

Don't think nobody notices you, Geoffrey Landgraab!
You and your 2-star review have been annoying my other customers.

Why don't you go ask our hostess for a table?

At Nacho Mama, we've been comping meals instead of offering free drinks.
When they order another round of drinks, they end up staying longer.

By 6 pm, these two have been here for 7 hours so I cave and offer them drinks.

I hear Moss's wife Aaradhya used to date the dark-haired dude with a beard.
She's gone from forest ranger to mansion baron! Talk about social mobility!

I spend a little more time decorating Nacho Mama.
All the wall and floor coverings are replaced with THE most expensive ones.
Paintings and more landscaping are also added.

By 7:30 pm, those two still haven't left and Geoffrey is still standing.
So, I close the restaurant to a three-star rating and a resale value of $91,464.

What did Aaradhya ever see in that loser anyway? You call that a party outfit?

Braddon: Thanks for mentoring me, Papa.
Bradly: Don't mention it! Nacho Mama's very close to $100k already.
But this house is still mostly unfurnished and our funds are very low.

Braddon: Yeah, it'd really help if I could craft those mascots, too!

Braddon: I hear folks have been wondering who I resemble.
Here are shots of me wearing hair like my fathers.

Personally, I think I look most like Papa Bradly.

You know, Braddon, that hair and bowling shirt were okay while you were a teen.
But you're a husband and soon-to-be father now. You need a new look.

Megumi: Well, hello there, handsome stranger!
Don't tell my husband but I've fallen in love with you!

Bradly: We all visit the founder's lot while I use its science lab.

Jun: I ask Auntie Candy to be my BFF, because everyone needs to be loved.

Oh, and I might be working on Social Butterfly, too.


Megumi: Early in the morning, I give birth to a baby boy we name Akira.
Did I say this already? His namesake's Akira Hayama from the manga "Food Wars."

Braddon and I are wearing our new Nacho Mama uniforms.

Akira Soma, Prince of Spices!
And he will definitely be spicing things up as he gets older.

Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Incomplete requirements
  Career: Writer/Author (Level 7)
  Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $91,464
  Star rating: 3.0 stars
  Spouse:  Braddon Storey

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Age: Day 1 nooboo

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: The Rise of Nacho Mama (04/28)
« Reply #188 on: April 29, 2017, 02:36:06 PM »
That final shot with baby Akira was adorable...until I realized it could be seen as cannibalistic...
So glad to see that things are going well with Nacho Mama.  Although, I saw Serena (and her husband) sitting in the sunlight at the restaurant and instantly got scared for them.  Guess the loss of Vlad is still pretty strong in my memory.
Yuki looked awesome all done up in her Asisan attire, by the way!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #189 on: April 29, 2017, 05:21:37 PM »
Thank you for reading! The character Akira in "Food Wars" has a super olfactory sense and specialises in cooking the spices. He's not on the menu, lol!
It took me a while to figure out that "Comp Meal" costs more but gets the diners out faster than "Offer free drinks," lol.
Nacho Mama has managed so far without a knight…I mean, a conquistador…but I might buy one to boost the resale price before selling, hehe.
Ever since Jung fried, I'm prioritizing full Sunlight Resistance for my favorite vampires (even Lilith, hah!).
But those two have Withered Stomachs, if I remember correctly, so I hope they only order the Plasmafruit Salad. Will they still throw up?

4.42  Megumi Soma: Erina and Akira

Previously :
   • Nacho Mama acquires a second chef and a second waiter;
   • It’s a 3-star restaurant now with a resale value of $91,464;
   • Nannies seem to be performing worse than ever;
   • Bradly and Braddon have been seeking an alien crystal;
   • Akira Soma, the Gen3 heir is born early Wednesday morning.


Maaike: Megumi gives me the go-ahead to adopt a child of my own.
I have just enough time to give her a hug before I must run off to work.

Megumi has named her "Erina," after Erina Nakiri in "Food Wars."

Braddon: For some reason, Erina considers the nanny a stranger.
She has trouble getting the nanny to help her with anything.

Megumi: When I return from work, we all head out in search of a tulip.
Bradly insists that we be the generation to complete the plant collection.

While visiting the Calientes, I spot an angry PlantSim and plead for her bean.

Braddon: You don't need to plead on your knees, sweetheart.

Bradly: Let's go to Acquisition Butte! The tulips here are taking forever to bloom.

Bradly: You know, Caleb opened the park entrance to the Forgotten Grotto.
And he single-handedly did most of the rocket ship upgrades at Desert Bloom Park, too.

I don't want him thinking that we're letting him do all the work.
So, I open this other entrance to the Forgotten Grotto.
And there's our tulip!

Bradly: While waiting for the tulip to bloom, I mentor Braddon in logic.

Braddon: I think this living room has a larger footprint than our entire lot.

Megumi: The rest of us settle in on the third floor.
There's something for everyone to do here!

Ulrike: Stop dropping your queue, Maaike!
Reading to your child for two hours is part of the parental mandate!

Maaike: But I keep wanting to go "See what's happening" with Geoffrey.

Bradly: And we've got our tulip! All we need now is a UFO plant.
C'mon folks! Let's go home.

Geoffrey Landgraab: Um, it was fun being in your club for a few hours.
Who are you people again?

Bradly: My son and I make a quick trip to Sixam, leaving as soon as we find an alien crystal.
I've gathered all the ingredients I need now.

Bradly: My age bar's been bubbling all day.
But I finish blending an Age-Away Serum in time.


Jun: Early in the morning, I come here to play.
I love being a Rambunctious Scamp!
After playing on the monkey bars, I'll just be playing video games.

This time tomorrow, Akira will be a toddler!
I wonder if I'll be his first friend…after his parents, I mean.

Who me? My teen birthday's next week on Friday.

Braddon: Not sure why Nanny Imane is looking all bummed out.

Erina asked for her help with potty twice, but Nanny Imane just walks off.
Never fear, little Erina, your Uncle Braddon is here!

Megumi: I finally remember to give Erina a makeover.
Besides her wardrobe, I changed her hair color and skintone, too.
She's so cute!

Braddon: We don't know what's going on with the nannies anymore.
Nanny Imane is just standing there making faces while Akira cries.

I finally go upstairs and change his dirty diaper myself.

Braddon: Why is Nanny Imane at Nacho Mama for lunch with Nanny Daichi?
We expressly hired her to stay home with Akira.  *sighs

Megumi: Today, the lunch crowd all pays and leaves by 2:30 pm.
The perfect length of a lunch session! Yay!

I close the restaurant so everyone can rest before the dinner shift.

Braddon: Erina wakes up from her nap so we bring her here as well.
She's in her party outfit to match Nacho Mama's dress code.

Megumi: I spot the gardener that the Dineros and Zannas are fighting over.

Gardener: Nice to meet you, ma'am. My name's Wyatt Owen.

Megumi: I check on Braddon to see if I'm clear to ask about Wyatt's "other outfit." *clears throat

Braddon: Erina, you look so serious while you're learning numbers!

Megumi: Ack, Wyatt's wearing a speedo which I dare not show you. *blushes

Megumi (internally): Really? He's an ambitious slob who hates children?
I don't really understand what all the fuss is about.

Wyatt: Well, I better get back to work, Megumi. It was nice meeting you!
Allow me to give you a good-bye hug.

Megumi: Erm, that feels nice, Wyatt. I see why you're so popular now. Bye!

Megumi (internally): Oh my! Unlike, my Braddon, Wyatt is super buff!
Still, I want a man with better traits for the Gen4 heir.

Maybe cure a vampire? Or snatch a waiter from Korma Chameleon?
What about Daichi?!? Is that why he's been acting out recently?

Megumi: We decide to spend the rest of our break at home because of the chef.
Poor Arjun has been standing there like that for two hours.

Megumi: I've been incredibly lucky with the wishing well lately.
When I get home, the well grants me a full promotion and I max my career!

Since a Level 10 Author only works twice a week, I'm not quitting my job yet.
Now I have time to devote to both the family and Nacho Mama.

Sorry for the walls-down shot. I didn't expect Megumi to receive a full promotion (again).


Megumi: We reopen Nacho Mama at 7 pm.
All our diners have been paying and leaving in a timely manner.
Do I have the "Fast Eaters" perk to thank for that?

The Landgraabs have been a pain tonight.
After ordering, they've been chatting with other diners all evening.
And they dare complain about friendly service!?

Braddon: Do you think this might be Geoffrey's revenge for our "Operation Tulip"?

To cancel their lousy reviews, I close as soon as the last paying dinners leave.
We're at 4 stars now!
Even with the toddlers, we'll definitely nail the 5-star requirement next week!

Megumi: Several hours later, we receive Akira's birthday notice.
He ages up with reddish hair.

Look at his adorable expression! And he has my violet eyes. <3

Megumi: After his makeover, Akira has the lavender hair of all Soma heirs.

Best of luck, little Akira! You have lots of catching up to do!

Current Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Career: Writer/Author (Level 10)

*Incomplete requirements
  Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $99,221
  Star rating: 4.0 stars

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Age: Day 1 Toddler

Author's Notes

Future Soma spouses: I'm not a huge fan of playing premade sims and would probably not play them much at all for this challenge, if not for all the cash and furnishings they bring with them.
*Ulrike's adoptive daughter Jun will marry the Gen3 heir Akira;
*No spouse decided yet for the female Gen4 heir (Give Sergio Romeo another chance?); and
*Maaike's adoptive daughter Erina will marry the Gen5 Soma heir Satoshi (Isshiki senpai's first name).

Gameplay variety: Depending on which bloodline options one choses, this challenge offers so much variety. I'm really enjoying building the grand homes of the Mansion Baron Line, planning and building the Retail Line's restaurants, and figuring out how to keep the Vampire line competitive.

1st Ever Murkland Contest: The Somas are my only rival dynasty that doesn't have all the magic beans; they're still missing two.
But I'm leaving the Somas before their Week 4 ends, because Murkland beckons me.
I hope some of you will be taking part in the contest, whatever it is.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #190 on: April 30, 2017, 11:07:45 AM »
Erina is adorable!  Is the intention to groom her to be Akira's bride?  Or is she perhaps just being developed as a super support Sim for the next household?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #191 on: May 01, 2017, 02:18:03 AM »
Erina is the most beautiful toddler ever!  I'm glad that she will be a spouse and have a nooboo.

Akira is an adorable toddler too!

Wyatt is a very handsome gardener.  Maybe he and Megumi could be best friends.  That way she could keep receiving his buff hugs.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #192 on: May 01, 2017, 01:26:48 PM »
Oooh! We've got an Erina now! I'm afraid I have to dislike her on principle based on her namesake, but she is a really cute child. Does she critique her chicken nuggets? I can just see her shouting, "Disgusting!" and smashing them to the ground. :)

Megumi must have really wanted that angry bean! I've never seen a sim plead on her knees before!

I giggled about Geoffrey's temporary club member status so the crew could use his house while they waited for tulips to bloom. Poor guy! The cool kids only like you when you've got something they want!

Distracting Braddon with a toddler so you can ask about Wyatt's swimwear! Megumi, for shame! Wyatt does look like an excellent hugger, though. ;)

I'm so jealous of your good luck with the wishing well. I've been experimenting with it and it's been a disaster! Congrats to Megumi, though! That is some seriously speedy career-maxing!

Akira is almost painfully adorable! That face! And his hair is to die for!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #193 on: May 01, 2017, 03:26:47 PM »
I'll be playing the Murkland Challenge for a bit, so I thought I'd respond to your comments while you still remember what you wrote.  ;D

I'm glad you like Erina. She might be my favorite toddlerette so far!
You're almost right in both senses. Yes, she'll be groomed into a super-helper sim and, because she can't be auto-aged, will be just in time (I hope) to marry the Gen5 heir. Lol!
Akira's bride will be Jun, who becomes a teen in a week. When toddler Akira's ready to age up to YA and move out, Jun should be good to go, too.

Oooh, another Erina fan! Yes, I'm happy that she'll be around for a while. Hah, I miss toddlers when there aren't any around, but then groan when they do appear because all three households have been raising them around the same week. I finally met Diesel Engine in my Murkland game and now I want a toddler in that game, too, haha.
Yes, Wyatt is a very attractive sim with terrible traits.

Megumi has two options as I see it: (1) Do as you suggest and get BFF buff hugs from Wyatt, or (2) urge her hubbie Braddon to start working out. He inherited his father Bradley's caved-in chest so I'm very curious how boosting his fitness will change him. But he's already L5 and no significant change yet.

Nooo, you can't dislike Erina Nakir! You say that only because you haven't read far enough into Food Wars yet, my friend! I won't spoil it for you any more than that.  ;)
I've collected those dumb magic beans with four households now, and Megumi's the only one who pleaded on her knees. Not sure why, but it's funny.

Geoffrey could never have become a permanent member, hehe. As soon as toddlers Akira and Erina become children, the Soma household and club will be maxed out.
Lol, if they'd asked Malcolm to join their club instead, would you have felt better about their prolonged visit?

Hey, Megumi and I have only the best interests of the Soma line's future in mind!
About the wishing well, as you know we can ask for wishes every 8 hours. This in-game week, the well has been constantly smiling so only the heir has been using it.
When it's hooded, I don't give offerings or make wishes with any of the heirs.
Carl's Guide lists all the possible outcomes here, but I'm sure you've seen that already.
I'm just as happy with a maxed job performance bar, since full promotions are extremely rare.
The Somas are a bit behind and Nacho Mama still needs its 5-star rating, so I'm happy for Megumi's fantastic luck.

I'm being completely shallow and hoping Akira looks more like his maternal grandpa Yukio than Braddon/Bradly, lol.

Thanks for reading and commenting! Silent reading is also very much appreciated, so thank you, silent readers!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #194 on: May 01, 2017, 04:52:29 PM »
If the Behrens miss me it's probably only cause they're grumpy over their lack of attention right now :)  Not only are they not being played but they're also missing out on hearing from you.

It's really refreshing to look at Massimo standing their outside his new empty lot!  He never got that far in your last attempt.  That I remember, anyway.
I like the house you built and enjoyed your layout screenshots with the creepy font labeling them! 

I had no idea that woohooing as bats would automatically give the bat power to the offspring.  I haven't done much playing with my own vampires yet.  The things I learn from you!  Good sims don't want to coffin woohoo!  Well golly.

LOL that strawberry on the floor.  Look at her, I think she might hurl.  You are relentless! 

I don't mind Lia becoming Lio at all.

Look at Daichi!  LOL.  That's such a good shot of his decision making.
I guess Aaradhya not being an alien explains why Moss didn't figure it out when they woohoo'd.  I vaguely remember being amused that he didn't notice.

I love Jessminder beating up the plant sim!

Mina is really cute, but I can't wait to see the future boy.

I still have more to catch up on, I know, but here's this for now!
Add "maice" on Origin.
Behren Blog

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Erina and Akira (04/29)
« Reply #195 on: May 04, 2017, 01:21:06 AM »
You're exactly right about Massimo! He was all ready to move out in Week 3, but was waiting for the founder (his mom) to max her career on Tuesday so he could move out.
That first attempt failed on the day before he would have moved out!

But you remind me that I've been so caught up in "power-skilling" the toddlers in Houses 1 and 2, that no one even visited Massimo/Morgan's nooboo.
In fact, after a week of Murkland, I can barely remember who are in my Rival Dynasty households.

My whole alien fiasco was so ridiculous! I didn't even notice when the game changed--the Return Home Menu used to show only aliens & disguised aliens.

Hotheaded Jessminder has been really fun to play. In fact, I've really liked playing the whole Bheeda family.
I mean, Arun is a L10 Scientist who can write Books of Life! Jessminder has the Fresh Chef trait and can also mix Snaggleflusters. They're outrageously useful, lol.

Mina is really cute, but I can't wait to see the future boy.
Which future boy do you mean? Mina and Krishna's son (the Gen4 heir)? Or Mina's two younger brothers Alfonso and Jagger?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Nacho Mama Goes South (05/06)
« Reply #196 on: May 06, 2017, 03:57:05 PM »
4.43  Megumi Soma: Nacho Mama Goes South

Previously :
   • Maaike adopts a daughter, a toddler named Erina;
   • The household works on its plant collection;
   • Bradly invents an Age-Away Serum for the first time;
   • Gen2 heir Megumi meets the gardener Wyatt Owen and continues her search for the best Gen4 spouse (yes, we like to plan ahead);
   • Megumi maxes her Writer/Author career on Friday afternoon;
   • Nacho Mama is now a 4-star restaurant with a resale value of $91,464;
   • Akira Soma, the Gen3 heir, ages up to a toddler early Friday morning.


Maaike: It's taking me forever to write five good novels.
Then I realize that I'd previously lived with the Dinero Mansion Barons.

All I did in that house was write novels--no childcare and no restaurant.

Erina: I only just moved here on Wednesday. I'm so happy to have left the orphanage!
Here, there are only two toddlers but five adults to look after us.

So different from the orphanage run by a single caregiver! There's even a nanny!

Erina: The other toddler's name is Akira.
I only have a mama, but Akira has a mama AND a papa. What a lucky boy!

Ulrike: I continue to paint and work as a painter.
Thankfully, I was allowed to adopt a child-stage daughter, instead of a toddler.

It's so exciting to think that my daughter will become the next heir's wife!

Ulrike: I'm sure Akira will come to adore my daughter Jun.
She's not only very pretty but also diligent and sweet.
Jun's working hard to become what she imagines would be an ideal spouse.

Megumi: By the way, Ulrike, did you hear the news about Massimo's wife Morgan?
Bradly visited them very briefly this morning, and guess what?

She had twins. The Gen3 Zanna heir has a twin sister!

Maaike: The Gen3 Zanna spouse, Jung Storey, is one of the Zanna founder's offspring, I hear.
Serena favors him so much that she even revived him after he fried to death.

Ulrike: And look how he spends his days now that he's a Daywalker!
He hangs out at parks, surrounded by ladies.  Tsk, tsk!
Lilith follows him around with puppy-dog eyes. She's just asking to have her heart broken!

Megumi: We're having a really bad at Nacho Mama!
Nanny Imane stands around our entire lunch shift, keeping other diners from eating and leaving.

During our dinner shift, I'm forced to criticize our waitress Ananya Banarjee.
She arrives late to work and out of uniform.

Ananya, however, insists that I'm being too hard on her.

You claim that you're doing your best, Ananya, then you leave for a jog?
I immediately hire a third waitress.

With Ananya gone, our other waiter must handle all the orders himself.
One couple tires of waiting and walks out, leaving us 2-star reviews. Ouch!
As soon as our new waitress has mid-level skills, I'm firing Ananya.

And notice that Nanny Imane is back for dinner, but actually sits and eats this time.

Whenever we prepare to travel to the restaurant, we get a popup notifying us that we can hire a nanny to stay with our toddlers.
A few tests show, though, that a hired nanny won't stay while we're at the restaurant.

We probably need to make the restaurant's backroom bigger.


It's a little past midnight and we're waiting on one last table to pay and leave.
That's when I notice the vampire break-in.

I look around and find this unsavory fellow near the hostess station.

I try distracting this vampire (named Vladislaus Straud IV, it seems) so he'll leave.
Desperately, I even share photos of our last trip to Granite Falls.

He seems…unimpressed.

He finally leaves around 2 am, long after our last diners have gone.

Just as I prepare to close the restaurant, gather the household, and head home, it happens again.
Tonight's second vampire break-in is courtesy of Ayaka Mori.

She's the vampire who always vomits several times during every meal.
Is she unhappy that Braddon upgraded our toilets to be self-cleaning?

We can close the restaurant, thankfully, but our household remains stuck here.

Since Akira is awake, Bradly reads his grand-son a story.

Braddon has stopped chatting with Ayaka, thinking it might prolong the break-in.
How many hours have they been standing there on their phones?

Unaware of the vampire break-in, Akira rejoices over a successful potty session.

I feel bad for the Zanna family, but we're going to have to put up garlic wards.

Erina is exhausted, but Maaike keeps waking her up to scold her about "inappropriate behavior."

Maiike stops waking Erina up once Bradly locks the bedroom door. Sheesh.

Maaike: At 6 am, I complete my fifth Good Novel but we're still stuck at Nacho Mama.
I go outdoors to publish the 10 novels I've been hoarding for my Bestselling Author aspiration.

Everyone's sick and tired of being stuck at the restaurant for 11 hours!

The break-in ends at 6:30 am (!) and everyone finally gets to go home.

Megumi: We open for dinner around 8 pm tonight.
It's a good thing I hired a third waitress yesterday.
That slacker Ananya doesn't even bother to show up this evening!

Though the Big Switch occurs at midnight, we stay open.
We're waiting for Nanny Imane and her loser companion to pay up.

At 3 a.m., we finally give up and close the restaurant.
The next time our simverse gets overpopulated, I'm requesting that Nanny Imane be deleted!

Alas, our fourth week started out so promising but our last two days were the worst ever!

Week 4 Status: Soma Line

Gen2 Heir: Megumi Soma
*Completed requirements:
  Career: Writer/Author (Level 10)
  Restaurant: Nacho Mama, Resale value: $112,303

*Incomplete requirements
  Star rating: 4.0 stars

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
Skills: L3 Comm/Imagin; L2 Potty/Thinking; L1 Movement

Author's Notes

Vampire Break-ins:
I blame them on those horrid diners who stay for 5+ hours without paying/leaving. Does anyone know who to "persuade" them to leave?
Nanny Imane's meal was already comped and even offering free drinks later didn't get her to leave. She sat there for 7 hours!
Ideally, I'd like to open the restaurant from 11:00am to 2 pm, then 6pm to midnight.  Oh well.

Toddler Skilling:
It's official! I'm going to age up my toddler heirs as soon as they become a Happy Toddler with two maxed 5-level skills. No more Top-Notch Toddlers in this challenge.

Speed Run:
The end to Top-Notch Toddlers is part of my general desire to move through this challenge more quickly.
I'm switching to a "Speed Run" style for this challenge in the hope of completing it before the various requirements wear me down.  ;D

Thank you for reading!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Nacho Mama Goes South (05/06)
« Reply #197 on: May 06, 2017, 05:21:04 PM »
What a rotten string of bad luck at Nacho Mama! Lousy waitresses, errant nannies, and back-to-back vampire break-ins! What next! Still, Megumi & Co. seem to be doing very well despite all this. I'm personally very excited about this family because I just got to Jun and Akira in Food Wars over the last couple of days and I like them so much! Erina's still a total snot, though, but I'll take your word for it and keep reading. :)

I'm excited to see how things progress in a speed run! I applaud you for you decision to aim for Happy Toddlers instead of Top-Notch, but that might just be because even the thought of raising Top-Notch toddlers makes me tired.

Congrats to the vampires on the twins! I can't wait to meet them!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Nacho Mama Goes South (05/06)
« Reply #198 on: May 06, 2017, 06:02:40 PM »
Has the restaurant hit 5 stars yet?  If so, couldn't you just open it and immediately close?  That would maintain the 5 star rating without risk, and follows the rules (unless someone has amended that on the thread).
It was nice hearing a bit from Erina about how delighted she is with her new life and role.  And Jun, dear sweet Jun, working hard to be the ideal dynasty spouse.  Of course, Lilith is also working to be an ideal spouse, but that mean old Jung just seems unreceptive.  Poor Lilith  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Nacho Mama Goes South (05/06)
« Reply #199 on: May 06, 2017, 06:27:19 PM »
I've never ever had back-to-back vampire break ins before! I was totally shipping Jun & Akira until I realized how much their ages differ, but Jun looks very young for her age. Hurray for spring/winter pairings, lol!
Possibly, the more you dislike Erina at the start, the better the experience when you find you've started to like her? Her sister's very cool, too! Their father, ugh!
After the Murkland Challenge, playing the Rival Dynasties was starting to feel like a chore, to be honest. So I'm somewhat abandoning super-skilling for the sake of speed. I'll just be meeting the minimum requirements for ageing-up toddlers early.
I think my enthusiasm for toddlers has flagged considerably since playing the Baby Boomers Challenge, even though I enjoyed it to pieces.

No, the restaurant only started this week and stayed at 4 stars on Friday and Saturday. But I've placed conquistadore statues (um, knights) so maybe the rating will improve.
What you mentioned about opening/closing sounds fine to me. For my first restaurant, I hit 5 stars then did 2 additional lunch shifts.
I love Erina so much, haha. And yes, Jun will be fabulous! As for Jung, Lilith has been told that Jung will marry the Gen3 Zanna heir so she's just being not-smart.

Btw, when I asked in the RDC thread about ambrosia as a museum item, I was told Potions of Youth must be purchased by a non-vampire. That gave me a big scare.
But I checked how ambrosia was prepared to revive Jung Storey and found that he gained one from the Wishing Well. Phew!