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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.63. Ayato the Adorable (09/02)
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Whoa, toddler playdate is a thing?  I wonder if they'll be adding that to the party requirements for the immortal dynasties (or already have and I just haven't checked recently).
Vitoria enthralling Arun was outstanding!!  Of course, she does resemble Serena, so it's understandable  ;=)  And yes, if Ayato turns out to be eye candy, it's Serena he has to thank for that!
Another lovely update.  Looking forward to seeing the Zanna bloodline dominate the competition seeing more adorable toddlers and delightful updates soon  :=)

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.64. Bella Steps Up Her Game
« Reply #276 on: September 05, 2017, 06:08:47 PM »
About toddler playdates and gold-medal party requirements, I received the go-ahead for the Rival Dynasties Challenge but haven't asked about the Immortal Dynasties Challenge. For me, it's the easiest gold-medal social event so far, with dates and Spooky Parties not far behind.
Yes, Vitoria has really been blessed with the best genes in the Zanna genetic pool. Jung is no slouch either, so I harbor high hopes for Ayato as well.

6.64  Vittoria Zanna (3/4): Bella Steps Up Her Game

Week 6/Tuesday

Bella: I guess I should be flattered that the Zannas have made such an effort to make me a part of their dynasty.

It's hard to imagine that, by the end of Week 7, I will have conceived a nooboo with this little boy, Ayato.

Bella: Life with the Zannas had been really tough at first.
As a secret agent trained to seduce and sabotage, I'd had little exposure to such mundane activities as gardening and housecleaning.

Now, my parenting skill is second only to Ayato's mother, Vitoria, with whom I share the Family-Oriented trait.
Here's Ayato learning to say please and thank you.

Bella: Look at this adorable little boy!
Giving Ayato the charmer trait might have been redundant.

Vitoria: Finally, the Well pulls through and arranges for my full promotion to Level 6.
As you've already guessed, I choose the Mixologist branch.

Vitoria: My day just keeps getting better.
My orchid plant is now mature enough, so I graft a pomegranate cutting onto it.

My garden requirement is as good as done!

Vitoria: Ayato is inconsolable after Jung leaves for work, but he is also very tired.

Poor thing! I indulge his request for a bedtime story. Who can ignore a sad little face like that?

Bella: Everyone agrees that I need to acquire Sunlight Resistance, so Masato's been training as often as possible.
It's been great to have Masato here to not only train me but also share garden duties.

Masato: What I wouldn't give to have Makoto living here with me, so I could watch him as he grows.
Sometimes, I wonder if Jung and Vitoria realize just how lucky they are.

Hey, little fella, shall we go to the park after your bath so you can play with Makoto?

Bella: There's now a new underground room at the park!
I'm safely ensconced there, reading the second Parenting skill book.

Vitoria: There's no benefit to leaving a vampire at home, since they can't be directed to develop skills anyway.
Bella: Couldn't you just have said that it's nice to have me along?

Masato: Oh boy, wait till Jung hears that the child-hating gardener Wyatt has been prancing around the children's park in a speedo!

I decide not to indulge his pursuit of another, more favorable shutter opportunity.
But I can't resist capturing Akira Soma's wife Jun as she slyly checks him out as she walks by.

Vitoria: Apparently, this new jungle gym can serve as both a pirate ship and a space ship.
When Ayato chooses to play pirates, I suddenly gain an imaginary pirate hat!

Masato: Although I'm hosting this outing as a toddler play date without party goals, my son Makoto spends all his time with me.
I guess that Jun always tags along instead of Ulrike because Jun's the only unemployed adult in that household.

Masato: I find little Makoto in tears after something Jun said to him.
No worries, little fella. Papa is here to make everything all right.

Vitoria: I'm really going to miss Ayato as a toddler, but the show must go on!

Ayato: Papa's here!
Vitoria: Look at those two gorgeous boys of mine with their emerald eyes!

Vitoria: Jung is so lovable!
He's known me since I wore diapers yet he still blushes when I ask him to show me his coffin.

Vitoria: But never too shy, I'm happy to report.

By the way, do you think there's a market for double coffins?


Bella: I have been trying to boost my vampire rank while Ayato sleeps.
Not that I have a burning desire to complete the Master Vampire aspiration or anything.

And with the many Grand Master vampires in the Zanna households, I needn't aim to reach the highest rank, either.
I'd just like to have full Sunlight Resistance.

On that note, Ayaka Mori is truly the scapegoat for the Zanna dynasty's vampire sparring and dueling.
Darn it! I only win 2 out of 4 spars before the sunlight forces me back indoors.

Masato: You're looking very sleepy, little guy. Allow me to use supernatural speed to put you to bed.
Ayato: Whoa, Uncle Masato's super speed is da shizzle!

Vitoria: Masato's the only one in the house with Supernatural Speed.
Because of my bloodline requirements, I choose Mist Form instead.

Masato: In case you're wondering, I finally manage to place the reward for that first toddler playdate!
Bamco's All-Inclusive Toddler Jungle Gym has a footprint of 7x9 tiles and needs a minimum area of 8x10 tiles.

Vitoria: Little Ayato is on the fast track for aging up late tonight!
But we're closing here for today before I leave for work.

Coming next: Ayato will hopefully celebrate two birthdays by the end of this week.

Current Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst

*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
  Garden (5/6 plants): needs a separate Deathflower plant
  Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 6)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
  Traits: Charmer;
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
  Toddler Skills: L4 Communication, L3 Imagination/Movement/Potty/Thinking
  Childhood aspiration: (Social Butterfly)
  Portraits (2): $ (normal: $, dark: $)
  Teen career:
  "A" in high school:
  Collection (7):
  Good Friends: (Serena Zanna; 3 more)
  Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.65. What Happened to the Zanna Genes?
« Reply #277 on: September 07, 2017, 03:44:58 AM »
6.65.  Vittoria Zanna (4/4): What Happened to the Zanna Genes?

Week 6/Thursday

Bella: In a former life, I mingled with the beautiful people at various venues of plush luxury.
These days, I socialize mostly with vampiric lowlifes in a seedy section of eastern Newcrest.

Ayato, I hope you will someday acknowledge the sacrifices I'm making for you!

Bella: I defeat this pear-shaped vampire with despicable fashion taste, thus advancing ever closer to Sunlight Resistance.

Vitoria: What's going on here, Masato!?
I come home with my Level 8 promotion to find you shirtless and surrounded by small children.
Is there something you want to tell me?

Masato: No, no, nothing like that! I was meditating when Laura decided to convene the League of Adventurers here.
Bella: I'm taking advantage of the situation by using Detect Personality on every kid on our lot.


Vitoria: Beloved Ayato maxes his Communication skill while chatting with his homie Bear-cula.

Vitoria: Sadly, I must get ready for work and can't help Ayato blow out his candles.
Bella, would you be a dear and help Ayato out?

Laura: Oh gosh, I'm the same age as my nephew!

Bella: Ayato earns the Happy Toddler trait, ageing up to a Self-Assured child with the Social Butterfly aspiration.

Vitoria: As his mother, I might be a tad biased, but I vote Ayato the most beautiful child in this challenge.
Ayato gets my vote, too!

Jung: Since I'm home from work early, Ayato must have aged up and got a makeover.
Masato: Bro, you're already a Level 10 Scientist, no one's worried about your career advancement!

Jung: Vitoria darling, do you have to sit out front in that towel?
Vitoria: Sorry, sweetheart, but I just got a pre-work aromatherapy massage. Cowplant essences ftw!

Ayato: Papa's been busy with work and camping mascots, so I have to take some time to build our friendship.
But we're BFFs at last.
Papa, why were you Great-Grandma Serena's BFF and not Mama's?

Jung: Hush, son! No one ever needs to know. Here's $1,000 so buy yourself The Slablet!
Ayato: My lips are sealed, Papa! (For today at least. I wonder how I could work this?)

Ayato: Since I'm the Gen4 Zanna heir, Auntie Laura turns over The League of Adventurers' leadership to me.
I start a club gathering to make a few friends my own age.

Jagger: Hey, Ayato! When you move out, you oughta take me with you, bruski!
You could have a second non-vampire painterly type in your household yo!

Ayato: Oh yeah, I could roll with that. But you'll need to change your haircolor.
We're good friends already, Jagger. You ready to be aged up to a teen, like, now?
Jagger: Oh yeah!

Ayato: What about your twin brother, Alfonso?
Jagger: Eh, what about him?

Ayato: Never mind, Laura and Alfonso just became BFFs. I'm sure she'll take care of him.
Laura's had her eye on Alfonso for a while now.

Laura: Ayato ages up Jagger, then I age up Alfonso.
Jagger gains the Kleptomaniac trait, so I ask him to leave right away.

Laura: Look how handsome Alfonso is, Jung! (Jung is my brother-in-law, so I refuse to call him Uncle Jung!)
I know he's a Genius but I can't learn his second trait. Would you help me?

Bella: After Jung also fails, I successfully learn that his second trait is Geek.
What do you think of Jagger and Alfonso, Jung?

Jung: Your future daughter will need to learn Mischief so you don't need a klepto like Jagger in the house who also needs to level Mischief.
Bella: I have to agree. Let's run this by Ayato after his teen birthday.

Laura: I wanted Alfonso to age me up early during the Dineros' Week 7, but now I'm afraid what trait I'll earn.
Oh, my birthday's in three days anyway. I'll just wait.
Makes me wonder when the Dinero twins' birthdays would have been…

Ayato: Talking to myself in the mirror gets old fast so I invite Great-Grandma Serena over.

Great-Grandma, I wanted you to be my BFF but you were at work earlier.
Serena: No worries, dear boy. I am a little worried about your father Jung and Bella.

Ayato: Why? What did they do?
Serena: They just wasted hours trying to learn Alfonso's second trait, when they could have just used "Detect Personality"!


Ayato: Around 2:30 am, I complete Social Butterfly and celebrate another birthday!
I'm Outgoing and Cheerful with the Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Bella: Ayato grows up into a most handsome teen!
All those hours mopping up water in the basement garden seem so worthwhile to me now!

Jung: I get abducted but nothing comes of it.
Masato: How can you be so sure, bro?

Jung: Our household has one empty slot, right?
Well, I clicked my coffin and got the "Try for baby" option, which means I'm not pregnant, okay?
Masato: I bet you would have looked real cute, waddling around all pregnant and stuff yo.
Jung: I bet you'd look real cute with a black eye yo.

Vitoria: Ayato takes after his father so much that it's uncanny.
In fact, has Jung's genes completely replaced three generations of Zanna genes?

Ayato: Excuse me? I don't know whose genes are whose, but I happen to think I'm better-looking than Papa.
Jung: Dream on, boi.

Bella: Thanks so much for training me, Vitoria! I'm just three points away from full Sunlight Resistance now!
Hello, Vitoria? Did you hear what I said?

Vitoria: Oh, excuse me. I was just wondering if your, erm, pecs were natural or if you underwent plastic surgery.
Bella: Pffft, they're all mine!

Paola: I'm still one promotion shy of earning that Deluxe All-Season Easel.
I've started eight portraits each of Ayato in normal form and dark form anyway.
These are the dark-form portraits. It never hurts to practice, right?

Ayato: Papa, I appreciate your wanting to give me vampiric training, but can it wait?
Even with my Socially Gifted trait, leveling Charisma has been moving at a snail's pace.

Jung: I was thinking you could skill faster if you had the Child of the Moon powers.
Now that I check, though, that's a Prime Vampire skill

Ayato: You think it would be worth it to power-level my vampire rank for Child of the Moon?

Jung: We've never tested it, so I can't say for sure.
All we know is that Bella took 4-5 days to reach Level 5 gardening but Masato, with his Child of the Moon powers, reached Level 5 in several hours one night.

Ayato: I can't wait that long, Papa. I need to max Charisma for my aspiration.

Jung: Why are you about to max Gourmet Cooking when most of us here have Withered Stomachs?
Vitoria: I thought I'd try to cook Ambrosia for Paola to thank her for her tremendous contribution to our household.

Masato: I heartily agree! She generates the most income but lives a spinster's  life with almost zero social life and….
Vitoria: Sssshh, that's enough from you, Masato. I'm hoping to give it to her before her adult birthday.

Jung: We'll need to visit southern Newcrest to fish up an angelfish!

Jung: We all appreciate how hard you've been working on your Parenting skill, Bella.
Since our son is still a teen, however, wouldn't your everyday outfit be more appropriate for helping him with his homework?

Bella: That baggy turtleneck? You think I plan to risk Ayato having his head turned by some younger high-school girl?  I don't think so!

Ayato: Um, Papa, I think everything's just fine! The view's pretty nice from where I'm sitting.

Ayato: And I'm off to my first day of work as a Level 2 Shelf Stocker (Retail Employee).
Jung: Lookin' good, son, lookin' good!

Final Week 6 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
  Garden (6/6 plants): done
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Aspiration: Master Vampire (Tier IV)
  Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 9)

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
  Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
*Completed move-out requirements
  Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Communication)
  Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly
  Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, Billie Jang
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
  Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (Tier III of IV)
  Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 2)
  Portraits (2): $ (normal: $, dark: $)
  "A" in high school: "B"
  Skills: Charisma (Level 3) and ?
  Collection (7):
  Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

Final Week 6 Comparison

Total Museum Value: Zanna/$69,997 > Dinero/$66,661 > Soma/$57,709     
Career Progress: Dinero/Startup Ent. (9), Zanna/Mixologist (9), Soma/Charity Org. (8 )
Gen4 heirs: all 3 heirs are teens

Vitoria: Despite Ayato's superior looks, his inability to buy reward traits will severely decrease both his skilling speed and the value of his museum items.

Since pulling far enough head to buy a sixth lot will be impossible, I've resigned myself to the fact that we will lose this challenge.
We vampires cannot compete in terms of museum value, though we will ultimately emerge victorious in terms of sheer style and flair. *sighs

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.65. What Happened to the Zanna Genes? (09/07)
« Reply #278 on: September 10, 2017, 10:36:48 AM »
Go team Zanna!!!
Loved that we got more Serena time in this update.  Not that I have favorites, but I totally do and they're her.
It's so funny having poor Bella slaving away as a garden slave while she waits for the baby/toddler/child she helped raise to grow up and become her husband.  Dynasties create such crazy realities!!
And Laura's adorable.  Just sayin'.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 6.65. What Happened to the Zanna Genes? (09/07)
« Reply #279 on: September 11, 2017, 07:01:23 PM »
Whew! You are whipping through this at blinding speed! I've just finally caught up and I know I'm horrifically late to the party, but had to tell you how much I enjoyed Mossimo's date. Sigh. And their little stolen kisses at the party later on. Those two just melt my heart.

Your toddlers are so cute that I'm really sad to see them age up so quickly, but I think Ayato is probably the dreamiest heir yet, so it was worth it!

I'm bummed this trattoria you keep teasing us with seems like it will never come to pass, but I am furiously taking notes on your retail success.

Can't wait for the next one!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.66. Whatchu Mina by That? (09/17)
« Reply #280 on: September 17, 2017, 07:19:04 PM »
Bella has turned out to be a great gardener after her initial failings. As you know, vampires have to rely heavily on The Well to compensate for their lack of career-related reward traits, so generating income is all important!
Ayato and Bella's kid is going to be amazing, I hope.
And yes, Laura's dedication will be rewarded soon! You'll get hints of this perhaps in this update.

I really appreciate your catching up on this story!
Regretfully, I feel compelled to honor the competitive race-against-time aspect of this challenge so never get to spend as long as I'd like with each household. Nevertheless, I've fallen in love with many of the sims that have been born as a result of this challenge. .
Yeah, Moss and Massimo are so adorable together. I love how, even as uncontrolled sims, they remain so attracted to each other.
As much as I've loved building and running this challenge's first two restaurants, the second one was extremely buggy: diners staying for 6+ hours and never paying, employees not showing up, not only diners but also waitresses leaving the restaurant to jog, and so forth. I spent weeks researching my trattoria build, though, so I'm thinking I might partially use that build as the setting/backdrop for my final shop. We'll see.

7.66  Mina Dinero (1/3): Whatchu Mina By That?

Previously in Week 6:
*Mina's new household consists of her spouse Krishna, Krishna's father Arun Bheeda, and her two twin brothers, Alfonso and Jagger;
*Initially left behind for her romantic infelicities, Jessminder is later invited to join the household later (to founder Daniela's chagrin);
*Krishna offers a fashion makeover to the sim he's considering for the role of his future son-in-law;
*The twins, Jagger and Alfonso, become good friends with Ayato Zanna (Gen4 heir) and Laura (Vitoria's sister), respectively, who proceed to age them up to teens;
*Mina completes all of her bloodline requirements and ends the week at Level 9 of her Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur career;
*Mint (the Gen4 Dinero) ends the week by celebrating her teen birthday. She's a Cheerful Music Lover and a Musical Genius to boot.

Week 7/Sunday

Jagger (brunette): *boasts about messing around
Alfonso (redhead): Hey, you don't need to pretend with me, Jagger. I know you're gutted about getting the Kleptomaniac trait.

Jagger (dejected): So now the Zannas don't want me to move in with the Gen4 Zanna heir, Ayato.
Heck, they don't even want me coming around anymore.
Did you see how quickly that Laura asked me to leave after she learned my second trait?

Alfonso: I'm sorry about your undesirable Klepto trait, Jagger, but I can't have you flaming my future girlfriend!
Jagger: You mean Laura?
Alfonso: Heck yeah! She's the twin sister of the current Zanna heir, Vitoria, who is inarguably a fox!

Jagger: You've been planning this for a while, right? Is that why you didn't color your hair back to green?
Alfonso: Bingo! After I aged up with red hair, I saw Vitoria and her twin sister at Mina and Krishna's wedding.
I don't need green hair since I'm a spare. Plus, the red hair gives me an edge with Laura.
Did you see how that little girl was all over me?

Jagger: Lol. Oh and don’t think I didn't notice that Watchette gave you one of her fave cc tops!

Krishna: Nobody's been able to hire Nanny Daichi for weeks, it feels like, but when our Week 7 begins, he's already at our house.

Mint: I'm so happy to see you, Nanny Daichi! Can you mentor me in piano, please?
Daichi: My pleasure, young lady.

Jessminder: The show must go on, Krishna! The piano's been moved to allow us to place our easels.
Let's start some portraits of Mint that we can complete later. Are you with me?

Krishna (grumbles): Hello? I'm a cheerful, genius, geek! I only started painting to earn promotions toward the deluxe easel.
Jessminder: Whatever, son. Just see what you can do, okay?

Jagger: Do I look like a gardening grunt to you? Our watcher is simply unbelievable!
I aged up with the Serial Romantic aspiration which, I believe, is a perfect fit for me.

But what happens? It gets switched to Freelance Botanist and I must seclude myself in this hideous basement. *sighs tragically

Alfonso: I've got the Nerd Brain aspiration, so I start reading three skill books in the Focused Room.
Watchette, now that I finished reading the Vol. 1 Logic book, may I ask you a question?
Sure, ask me whatever you want, Alfonso.

Alfonso: Did you forget that I maxed Logic last week?

Mint: Good evening, The Well! It's me, the Gen4 Dinero heir.
I know you're hooded right now but I'll just be throwing $5k offerings at you until you unhood and glow white, okay?

Nice! I get a promotion at the end of my first work day!

Jagger: Hello? This is Jagger Dinero on the Tranquil Crescent lot and I'd like to hire a maid to mop up the garden.

What's that you say? You believe that garden spills are customarily wiped up by the sim who makes the mess?
No, you would be wrong there. That may be the custom chez Zanna because of their financial circumstances.

We Dineros, on the other hand, can afford to hire others to do our menial work. So are you sending over a maid or what?
Thank you very much. In 30 minutes time will be fine.

Jessminder: We've each got 10 portrait canvases now, dear son. Let's get going.

Krishna: But I'm not painting any more than ten, you hear?
If these first 20 don't produce a winner, you're on your own, Mama!

Alfonso: Papa Arun, why are you still making camping mascots? Mina is done with her Mansion Baron aspiration.
Arun: I'm helping you finish the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, Alfonso, so you'll get that weekly investment income after you move in with the Zannas.

Alfonso: Um, aren't you Team Dineros?
Arun: I've been with the Dineros since the founder's generation, Alfonso.
But last week the Zannas hired me as a vegetarian caterer so I spent the evening there.
Vitoria managed to enthrall me so now I can't help but want to support her heir.

Alfonso: Wow, just wow, Papa Arun!
Arun: Ssshhh, not so loud! I'm only sharing this secret with you because Laura's going to invite you to move in with the Gen4 heir, Ayato.

Mina: Remember me, the current Dinero heir? Ever since my daughter Mint's birthday, I've been bored stiff.
I'm not allowed to do anything because everyone's afraid I'll max another heir's unique skill.
So all I do is alternate between mediating and practicing yoga.

Whoa, a popup appears to say I've leveled my Handiness while meditating!
So much for meditation being a "safe" way to keep me from maxing other skills! Gaming rig, please?
I have no idea when this change occurred, but this change means that none of my heirs will be allowed to meditate!

Arun: Thanks for letting us defer the adult stage yet one more time, Watchette!
Well, you two have supported three Dinero households up to now, so you certainly deserve acknowledgement for all your hard work!

Arun: Does this mean we'll be allowed to stay in this house with our son, Krishna?
Yes, it does. Jagger's the only one from this household who will move in with Mint.

Jagger: Hearing that I'll be moving with Mint really picks up my spirits!
I crawl out of my Pit of Sadness to begin to learn painting, even though I can't be mentored now.

Cheeky boy that I am, I even attempt to paint a portrait of my niece Mint!
I think you'll enjoy living with Mint, Jagger!  I can't say more than that right now.

Arun: You will be a perfect roomie for Ayato, the Gen4 Zanna heir! More than that I cannot say at the moment.

Alfonso: What do you think about my ageing up to a young adult, Papa Arun?
I know Laura will age me up early if I ask her, but I'm afraid of getting a negative trait.

Mina: Hey, where did our roof just go?!
Alfonso needs to "Own a rocket" as part of his Nerd Brain aspiration, but there's no space on the ground.
Don't worry. I'll be selling that rocket and re-roofing that room right away.

Arun: Great job, Alfonso! Your handiness is already Level 7!
As soon as Mint gets home, let's take a quick trip to Granite Falls then we can all head to Desert Bloom Park.

Mint: I return home from work with that guaranteed promotion!
Mama tells me that we're all off to Desert Bloom Park tonight so I better get changed.

Hmmmm….should I bring a violin for skilling or ask Papa to introduce me that Alex boy?

Jagger: I don't know, Papa Arun! Ever since I got the Kleptomaniac trait, people seem to give me such a wide berth.
Arun: That's not true, Jagger! You know very well that all the people who matter still deeply care about you.

Jagger: But the Zannas dropped me like a hot potato!
Arun: Who cares? You're going to have so much fun living with Mint. You just wait!
Be sure to max your painting and learn gardening, too!

Alfonso: When we arrive at Desert Bloom Park, I immediately spy my BFF over by the monkey bars.
Hey, how you doin', Laura? I've come to use the rocket ship so I can't chat long.

Laura: Awww, c'mon, Alfonso. You at least have time to take a picture with me, don't you?

Alfonso: I bid a fond farewell to my adorable under-aged buddy then depart for parts unknown.

I think I prefer to stay at the teen stage. I'll ask Laura to see if she agrees…

Mint: Thanks for mentoring me, Uncle Jagger, but why are we here instead of at the Casbah Gallery?
Jagger: Well, Alfonso needs to go on five rocket missions for his aspiration.

Mint: And that's why I have to learn to play violin outdoors at the park? Why does Alfonso get so much attention?
You'd think our watcher were Team Zanna or something.

Jagger: Don't worry, sugar! Once Alfonso's done with the rocket ship and you have your museum portrait, we can take you wherever you need or want.

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements
   Reward traits: Pro Slacker, Connections, Carefree, Frugal
   Three gold-medal parties: Wedding party, Dinner Party, House Party
   Mansion Baron aspiration: done
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
   Career: Tech Guru (Level  9)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements:
  Toddler skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Communication and Imagination)
  Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
  Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 2)
  A grade in high school: "C"
  Unique skills: Piano (Level 7) and Violin (Level 2)
  Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier III of IV)
  Portrait: not yet
  Collection: not yet
  Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; (3 more)
  Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.66. Whatchu Mina by That? (09/17)
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Oh, poor Jagger! Nobody loves a klepto. :( And he's so handsome, too! Oh, well. At least he gets to move in with Mint. And Alfonso is so pleased with himself. I love that you can identify Watchette's Favorite by the choice cc. He is looking awfully cute in his extra-long-sleeved shirt.

Glad Nanny Daichi is making a comeback. He's been such a great character. Inching his way back into Watchette's good graces.

I don't think gaining skills while meditating is new, just very rare. I'm pretty sure my IDC elders, who used to meditate a lot, gained random skills every now and then. They never maxed any, thank goodness, although it wouldn't have been as big a deal in that challenge since skills didn't have to be unique. In an RDC meditating is really playing with fire, I guess!

Mint is working hard and doing great! High five, girl!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.66. Whatchu Mina by That? (09/17)
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Alfonso should just age up Laura and let the romance blossom!
I enjoy how prominent the twins have become in the Dinero household.  They've kind of upstaged poor Mint who is stuck shackled to the piano.  Poor girl.
It's nice that they're making such good progress and everything, but Team Serena is still going to win  ;=)

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.67. Closet Needs
« Reply #283 on: September 19, 2017, 03:34:23 PM »
Jagger getting that Feeling Forlorn advice card was such a perfect coincidence! I raised him into a Top-Notch Toddler so I'm going to find some use for him, dagnabbbit! Lol.
I'm not sure why, but Daichi was unavailable for a few weeks whenever a family hired a nanny. Like you, I'm also glad he's back. For an uncontrolled sim, he's been such a colorful character.

And thanks for sharing the info about meditating and skills. It's been many moons since I played a challenge where I've had to herd elders, so that was a first for me.

Laura's birthday is in three days, so she'll be waiting until then to age up. Why toy with perfection?
My real question is whether I should age them both up to young adults when the Gen4 heirs move. If I leave them as teens, I won't be tempted to see what their toddler looks like, haha.

I tried to get more shots of Mint in this update, but you're right. She's always in the background, wordlessly grinding skills, at this point. The whole scenario reminds me of your Izumi household. Ishikawa and his antics remain a vivid memory but I can't remember the heir's name for the life of me.
And yes, I adore the Serena dynasty, too. Did you notice that, although Gen4 Ayato closely resembles his father Jung, he also does that disdainful eyebrow-lift like Serena?

7.67  Mina Dinero (2/3): Closet Needs

Week 7/Monday

Arun: Alfonso's space missions are taking much longer than expected!
After having Mina and Krishna dig for the materials, I start building a Cloning Machine.

I'm thinking to bring this one home until the end of this week, then bringing it back here.
Having a cloning machine in this park's subterranean Science Lab will be handy for Mint's household after she moves out!
Alfonso (internally): And for Ayato Zanna's…

Mint: After Papa Arun's done with the cloning machine, we move our "party" to the founder's house.
I ask The Well for better grades but all I get is a grade boost after my first school day. *bares teeth

Krishna: Oh Mint, honey, you have no idea! You just got one of the best boosts The Well offers.
The Well: Yeah, a small show of gratitude would be appreciated, little girl!

Krishna (whispers to Mint): Tread veeeerrrrry carefully here. This Well knows our Well.
Mint: O Wondrous Well, I am eternally grateful for your boundless generosity. *curtseys deeply

Well: That's more like it!

Mina: Great idea, Papa Arun! This is a much better place for us to chill while Alfonso completes his space missions.
Arun (sighs): This is such a great recreation room!

Mina: Why did you never tell me that Grandma Daniela had a room like this downstairs?
Arun: Well, she had it built for her heirs to use, so we can come here whenever, but it holds back our garden's growth.

Mina: I've done everything I can possibly do to prepare for work today, except for yoga.

Krishna: No need to feel so impatient, sweetheart.
If you don't max your career today, you'll definitely earn that last promotion tomorrow!


Arun: You know that we're all extremely glad to see you, right? Where have you been?
Daichi: Since I'm a nanny, I love to dine out in my free time to enjoy being pampered by other people.
Nacho Mama was my oasis! After it closed, I went through a period of depression but I'm feeling better these days.

Arun: Well, know that you are always welcome here, Daichi. No one forgets how well you cared for Moss Dinero and my son Krishna.
Gotta run off to work now. Make yourself at home!

Mina: All the kids come home with improved grades and school projects.
My darling brother Alfonso, however, is experiencing an "I'm Not Okay" mood swing (Enraged, +50 Angry).
He goes for a jog then takes a cold shower, but remains enraged.
I try talking him through it but only manage to make him cry.

Krishna: Alfonso, you need to redirect your anger, boy! Go pummel that punching bag outside!

Much to my relief, Alfonso's +50 Angry moodlet quickly vanishes like a summer shower.
I'd never experienced an unintentional Enraged moodlet before. *coughs
So, I was terrified out of my mid that I'd lose my beloved pixelated boi!

Mint: After 10 portraits by Papa Krishna and 18 portraits by Grandma Jessminder, I choose the most valuable portrait.
It's the one in the upper center, worth $7,531. *shrugs

I'd hoped my museum portrait would be one of the last eight by Grandma, where I'm not sitting at the piano.
But those eight are all worth under $3,000 apiece.

Jessminder: Hey, you didn't have to share that particular information! *glares

Mortimer: It's very courteous of you to pay us a visit, Mina. I've been hoping to meet you.
Alex has told me a little about your challenging rivalry, but I still have a few questions.

Mina: Basically, the three of you would be moving in with my daughter and younger brother here, Jagger.
Mortimer: So, you're expecting us to abandon this fabulous Gothic residence for some unfurnished hovel in the boondocks?

Mina: Hardly! You would be living at Oracle Twin Point. You know of it, don't you?
That spacious 50x40 waterfront property in southern Newcrest?
Mortimer: Oh my! I'm looking forward to meeting your daughter. Of course, it's ultimately Alex's decision.

Jessminder: I can't believe I fell for that ole cake thing again!
Alfonso: Hehehe… oh snap! Nobody needs an Essence of Dazed!

Mint: Could today get any better? This afternoon, I earn my first A in high school.
And tonight, I receive my final promotion in the Fast Food career. Time to kiss this unflattering uniform good-bye!

Mina: I throw a non-prestige dinner party so we needn't hassle with party goals. All the Dineros are here!
Well, everyone except my mother for obvious reasons.  It's just like old times!

Jagger: I'm glad your family all came here tonight, Cassandra.
Cassandra: Our pleasure, really.

Jagger: Hey, Cass, would you mind meeting me out front? There's something we need to do in the closet.
Cassandra: Excuse me, Jagger? Are you trying to take advantage of my flirty mood, mister?
Jagger: Never!

Mint (internally): Alex is in a flirty mood but is acting all nervous. It's rather adorable!
Alex (internally): Pull yourself together and make small talk, dude! Don't let her gorgeous everything overwhelm you!

Mortimer: How do you do? My name's Mortimer Goth.
Massimo: A pleasure to meet you, sir. My name's Massimo Zanna.

Mortimer (internally): Massimo Zanna, Massimo Zanna…why does his name sound so familiar!?

Cassandra: So I've come out here to your closet, just like you asked, Jagger. Why not just ask me for a kiss?
Jagger: Heavens no, Cassandra! We've only just met but there's something I need to do to you in the closet.

Cass: A makeover! You don't think I look like I'm trying too hard to seem grown-up, do you?

Jagger: You're a knock-out, Cass. And I'm hoping we'll both be young adults by the end of this week.

Arun: Hallelujah! Daichi has started cleaning autonomously again!

Daichi (internally): After Mortimer finishes that bite, I'm snatching his plate.

Massimo: Why did I even bother to attend this party? Where's Moss?

Mina: My father arrives in the most terrible mood, making ugly faces and arguing with everyone.

Mina: It takes four of us to finally calm Papa down, but he hasn't spoken a word yet to Massimo.

Massimo: Have you lost interest in me already?
Moss: Not on your life, my heart. I'm just so upset now and don't want to say anything regrettable to you.

Mint: Once Alex relaxes, we get along famously!

Alex (sighs): I take Mint out front to introduce her to my father.
Can you believe he plays a pity card and she ends up comforting him? *rolls eyes

Mortimer: That vampire Massimo Zanna! He's the monster who stole Bella away from me.
How could she leave me for him? What does he have that I don't!? *sobs

Alfonso: You've got that wrong, Mr. Goth! Your ex-wife isn't with Massimo Zanna at all.
She's going to marr…..ouch! Why did you step on my foot, Mint?
Mint: Just hush, okay?


Mina: Aaahhhh, this is the life! Feels so great to be done with all my bloodline requirements!
Jessminder: I’m done with Mint's portraits so I'm basically free all day every day, just like you.

Mina: I've been trying to invite Daichi to join us here but I can't.
Jessminder: Do you think it's because he's in Nanny mode?

Mint: Alfonso, Jagger, and I all take the day off from school today.
Technically, they're my uncles but they treat me like a younger sister, which is nice.

Song-writing is an excruciatingly slow process, even for a music loving, musical genius like me!
I license my first song, hoping that its artistic quality reflects the 12 hours I devoted to composing it.

Jessminder: Mina, do you realize that Nanny Liz was the nanny at our house at the end of last week?
Mina: Yes, I noticed that. When this week started, though, I discovered Daichi in the twins' bedroom, spraying under their beds.

Jessminder: Another weird thing is that he hasn't left once since Sunday. He's always here, bless his heart.
Mina: I love having Daichi back so I don't mind at all that he's transformed into The-Nanny-Who-Never Leaves. Only one question, though.

Jessminder: What's that?
Mina: How do we get Daichi to change back into his floral pants!?

Mint: One song down and three more to go!
If any of you have any secret strategies for speeding up the song-writing process, be sure to let me know!

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements: All
   Career: Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur (Level  10)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements:
  Portrait: $7,513
  A grade in high school: yes
  Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
*Incomplete Move-Out Requirements
  Unique skills: Piano (Level 9) and Guitar (Level 2)
  Aspiration: Musical Genius (Tier III of IV)
  Collection: not yet
  Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Hugo Villareal (2 more)
  Enemies: (Soma and Zanna)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.67. Closet Needs (09/19)
« Reply #284 on: September 19, 2017, 07:37:39 PM »
Mint got some spotlight time!!  What a lucky girl  :=)  Her budding romantic scenes were adorable, by the way!!  And the interaction with the well...quite excellent!
Thank goodness Alfonso was okay!!  If he'd died of anger and caused Laura trauma and heartbreak I'd never forgive him!
Another lovely update  :=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.67. Closet Needs (09/19)
« Reply #285 on: September 20, 2017, 12:49:19 PM »
Woo! Cassandra's makeover is stunning! Loved her eagerness to dispense with the formalities and get down to smooching. And Jagger's coyness! Oh, heavens! We just met! :)

Also loved Mortimer stealing the spotlight from his son with his gloomy sim-done-wrong act. The Goths seem like they're going to be a great family to play with.

Yes! The floral pants! Daichi's adoring fans want them back! Maybe take him to a festival or something?

I'm curious about the moods teens get since Parenthood came out. I've had them come home from school enraged and mortified at times. I wonder if they've modified things to give teens extreme emotions without killing them. I think there would be an uproar if teenage sims were suddenly dropping like flies due to mood swings. Hmm. Anyway, so glad our beloved Alfonso could work through his issues!

I truly wish I had some advice to give on songwriting, but if there's a way to speed up the process, I sure haven't found it. Go, Mint, go! You can do it!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.68. The Misfortunes of Mint
« Reply #286 on: September 22, 2017, 01:01:40 AM »
Poor Mint! Due to several "meta-mistakes" (on my part), Mint is causing the Dineros to fall behind. It began when I missed her child birthday notice and she aged up an entire day later than her rivals.
And yes I was so horrified by Alfonso's enraged mood, especially since he's being groomed to support the Zannas! I can't wait for Laura's teen birthday.

There's just something I really adore about the Cassandra/Jagger pairing. Poor Jagger ended up with such worthless traits, too!
I've never played the Goths as an active household before. Now that I've wrenched Bella away from Mortimer to marry my beloved Ayato (lol), I will need to find Mortimer some noble purpose in life. Maybe he needs to be reborn with floral pants or something.
The Dinero teens were my first experience with the impact of the Parenthood expac on teens, so thank you for sharing that extreme teen moods are not that rare. Still, a two-hour +50 angry mood is too much, imho. Well, maybe it would be tolerable if we knew the teens would NEVER die from such excessive emotions.

7.68  Mina Dinero (3/3):  The Misfortunes of Mint

Week 7/Thursday

Daichi: Well, I guess now you just wait for Mint to finish her last three songs?
Can't you go somewhere else to wait? Her violin and keyboard are both portable!

Mint: That's a great idea, Daichi, but let's wait until she licenses her second song.
Jessminder (mutters): Whenever that is….

Mint: I finish my second song, on the violin this time, in about six hours, if I'm not mistaken.
Unbelievably, though, I'm not allowed to license it!

The message I get is: "Mint has already licensed a piano song. She must wait one week to license another song."
A week? A whole seven days? But I'm trying to license a new violin song, not a second piano song. Bah!

Mint: I'm so embarrassed but I have solved the problem! I haven't reached Level 9 Violin yet.
Once I play for 5 more minutes, I hit Level 9 and can license my second song!

Writing the violin song went so much faster, which is why I was still Level 8, I guess.
But now that I'm Level 9, I'm never touching another violin in my life!

Mint: I've invited Mortimer Goth to join our club. You'd think I'd ask Alex instead, right?
I'd hoped Mortimer would listen to me play so we could build a relationship, but he'd rather paint a mural.

Mint: I'm so glad Daichi's back to mentor me! Level 10 Guitar, here I come!

Mint: I take a break when I notice an opportunity to nab both a snow globe and a poster outdoors.

The "rare limited-edition" snow globe is worth $20 and the poster, $65. So back to Plan A for my museum collection, darn it!


Mina: With Jessminder at home to summon us if needed, Vitoria's break-in doesn't bother us one bit.

Mina: I wonder who Vitoria's unlucky victim will be tonight?

Krishna: Wow, I never even knew we could have had a mural like that in our home all this time!
I must show this to Jagger!

Alfonso: You don't want to drink from me, Madam Zanna! You definitely do not!
Vitoria: And why shouldn't I?

Alfonso: I'm your sister Laura's BFF and, as soon as we're both the same age, I'm going to make her my girl, you see.
When she hears that you drank from me of all people, she will be heart-broken and feel you betrayed her.

Vitoria: Well, it seems Laura has chosen her future partner wisely, Alfonso!
You are calm, collected, reasonable, and seem to care deeply about my sister. *ends the break-in

Alfonso: I have another favor to ask of you, Madam Zanna!
Vitoria: Yeah, yeah, so please remove your hand from my shoulder. If Laura wants the vampire cure, I'll make one for her.
Alfonso: *prays that Laura grows up to look like Vitoria…

Mint: Dressed like a street artiste, Mortimer stops by to throw some coins at my feet.
Daichi: Not to be a busybody, dear Mint, but I'm thinking Mortimer is badly in need of a makeover, too!

Mint: You may be right, Daichi! Perhaps Mortimer secretly desires a zany, new look!
He'll have to wait, though, until after we all move.

Mint: After completing Musical Genius, I wonder who I should choose as my second Good Friend.
Just then, Alfonso (bless his heart!) brings Sofia Bjergsen home with him from school.

She's the perfect choice, a Cheerful Music Lover, just like me! I spam her with all my Music Lover socials.
Erm, I mean, I show her my best side so that she'll want to become my good friend!

Mina: Now that I've completed my bloodline requirements, even I cannot escape the misery of becoming cowplant fodder!

Alfonso: Thanks, sis. I owe you one!

Mint: Obviously, I'd much rather be making friendly with Alex Goth.
But I need to be friends with the adult Mortimer in order to ask the Goths to move in.

I'm trying so hard to efficiently wrap up my move-out requirements as quickly as possible.
But somehow I managed to forget all about drinking Snagglefluster while learning Piano and Guitar.

Next stop, the residence of Akira Soma.


Mint: Arriving at the Somas, I hear that weird alien music and worry that Akira Soma might be getting abducted.
But, no worries! It's just Ulrike Faust.

Ulrike: Gee, thanks!

Mint: Once Akira returns with me to my place, I start doing my best to pick a fight with Akira.
To my surprise, he gets angry really fast!

Mint: Gah, I just hate this part of my move-out requirements! I didn't really want to hate you, Mr. Soma.

Akira: I understand. I did the exact same thing to your grandfather Moss.
And, you know, my grandchild will come after you in not too long as well.

Mint: Here I am at the Dinero Museum.  I know, I know, but 7 Whirlyflower frogs was the best I could do!

I lay the blame squarely on Grandpa Moss, the Gen2 Dinero heir!
He submitted paintings as his museum collection while snatching Writing as a unique skill!
So I couldn't write books for my museum items, even if Musical Genius hadn't been so time-consuming!

Oh, this portrait? Yeah, I accidentally deleted the first one so Jessminder had to paint a few more.

Anyway, the total value of my museum submissions is only $7,571.
In comparison, Grandpa Moss's total museum value was $48,442. *sobs quietly

Mint: In an attempt to keep him out of our home, I meet with Lio Zanna at Desert Bloom Park.
When I see the "Fight Vampire" option, I leap at it.
Not such a great idea, you may be thinking, since my fitness is Level 0.

But the upshot is that I can immediately declare Lio my enemy.
Hey, folks, let's all go home. I'm ready to move out!

Jagger: I throw a non-prestige birthday party since Mint and Cassandra don't know each other.
When I age Alex and Cassandra up to young adults, Cassandra is luckier than Alex.

The creative but gloomy Cassandra is a vegetarian.
Alex, the cheerful bookworm, is now also insane. We still love you, Alex!

Mint: I age up and, after moving out Jagger and Alfonso, move to the Oracle Twin Point.
It's vastness quite intimidates me so I invite Mortimer Goth and Uncle Jagger right away.

Mint: Nooooo, Cassandra! That cake is for ageing Jagger up!
Cassandra: Huh?

Mint: Luckily, I baked two cakes before moving out.
Jagger: Awww, shucks! I get the Clumsy trait! C'mon, Mint, ask me to move in!

Mint: I invite Papa and his parents over to help the others with starting up the garden.
Meanwhile, Alex and I seclude ourselves to enjoy our very first date.

We are really into each other but seem to have a problem with focus.
After our first try for a baby failed, Alex begins talking to himself so I snack on Cassandra's leftover piece of cake.

After our second try, I am eating for two at last!

Cassandra: Jagger may be a cheerful, clumsy klepto, but I just adore him to pieces!

Jagger and Cassandra are turning out to be a great couple. They have chemisty AND focus!
Even after all the hours these two spent planting and watering the garden, Cassandra still managed to conceive before Mint did.

Jagger: You want to bet that our child's going to be cuter, too?

It's time to leave the new home of the fourth-generation Dinero heir.
Mint has joined the Entertainer career and reads a Comedy skill book.
Jagger has joined the Painter career and mentors Cassandra in painting.
Mortimer has found a new passion in yoga and meditation in addition to his writing.

And Alex? No doubt he will become the resident gardener and parenting expert.

Final Week 7 Status: Dinero Line

Gen3 Heir: Mina Dinero
*Completed Bloodline Requirements: All
  Career: Tech Guru/Start-up Entrepreneur (Level  10)

Gen4 Heir: Mint Dinero
*Completed Move-Out Requirements: ALL
  Portrait: $6,451
  A grade in high school: yes
  Teen job: Fast Food Employee (Level 3)
  Collection: $1,120 (Whirlyflower frog x7)
  Unique skills: Piano and Guitar (both Level 10)
  Aspiration: Musical Genius (done)
  Good Friends: Daniela Dinero; Hugo Villareal, Sofia Bjergsen, and Mortimer Goth
  Enemies: Akira Soma and Lio Zanna
*Incomplete Bloodline Requirements:
   Reward traits: Connections, Pro Slacker, Carefree (needs Frugal)
   Three gold-medal parties: not yet
   Mansion Baron aspiration: Tier II of IV
   Career: Entertainer/Musician (Level 4)

Gen5 Heir: ?? Dinero
Date of birth: Sunday, Week 8

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.68. The Misfortunes of Mint (09/21)
« Reply #287 on: September 22, 2017, 10:06:33 AM »
This may reassure you regarding the teen mood swings. I got curious and found this on the official forum, curtesy of Hadron1776.  Note how Teen is not listed  :)

It doesn't. But right after I downloaded Parenthood, I pulled the tuning files out again and found this in the global test sets of all 3 emotional deaths:

    <V t="sim_info">
      <U n="sim_info">
        <V t="specified" n="ages">
          <L n="specified">
        <V t="specified" n="species">
          <L n="specified">
            <E />
        <E n="who">Actor</E>

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.68. The Misfortunes of Mint (09/21)
« Reply #288 on: September 22, 2017, 01:15:57 PM »
@HelenP That's awesome! Oh, I'm so relieved! That makes a lot of sense, but I'm so glad to have it officially code-confirmed. Phew!

Now for the chapter: Congrats to Mint on moving out, and to both sweet dreamy-eyed couples on the impending new arrivals! Woohoo!

The house looks great and very cozy. Ah, good old Twin Oracle Point. I have spent a good many hours, weeks, and months on that lot and I hope it treats you well. :)

Very smooth, Alfonso, talking your way out of a neck bite! Bravo!

Mint's portrait is lovely and makes a great centerpiece for the museum collection, even if the value was a little disappointing.

1,000 votes yes on the floral pants for Mortimer! Maybe Daichi will be inspired?

Great chapter! Looking forward to the nooboos!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.68. The Misfortunes of Mint (09/21)
« Reply #289 on: September 22, 2017, 06:58:34 PM »
I don't know whether to tell Mint congratulations on the successful completion and move out or condolences for all the struggles.
The siblings marrying siblings thing is kind of adorable and I think those Goths turned out really cute with their respective makeovers.  Of course, Alfonso and Laura are more adorable (even though they're still age-ineligible).  Alfonso hoping that Laura grows up to look just like Vitoria was both amusing and a wonderfully appropriate thought :=)  Vitoria's no Serena (but then again, who is?), but she's still quite lovely!
Another amusing, enjoyable, and well-written update!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.69. The Somas Get Serious
« Reply #290 on: September 22, 2017, 09:58:34 PM »
You, my friend, are a bonafide angel! Thank you so much for looking that up and sharing the good news with us!

     Thank you for reading. That house is actually a larger version of the Mansion Baron founder's house in my first, failed RDC attempt. It's fantastic to have so much space for a change!
     Poor Mint and her myriad fiascos! At least, Alfonso succeeded in charming the current Zanna heir out of drinking from him.
     One of the reasons I've never played the Goths, despite Bella's great genes, is that Mortimer bores me. Hopefully, I'll be able to help Mortimer come out to become the man he's always wanted to be. Lol!

    Poor Mint suffered one setback after another. I must confess that this was the first time I've ever accidentally deleted a portrait. In my defense, it was in a stack of large paintings and I just forgot. Usually, I hang the chosen portrait on a wall somewhere prominent. *sighs
    Actually, Mint and Jagger aren't siblings. Jagger and Alfonso are younger brothers of Mint's mother so they are Mint's uncles. They ended up being the same age because I can't age up spares early. It's confusing, I know.
    And I heartily agree that Laura and Alfonso are even more adorable. Laura's teen birthday is several days into the Zanna's Week 7, so I'm looking forward to her ageing up and entering into an age-appropriate relationship with Alfonso at last!
    When Mint moved out, I moved Alfonso and Jagger into households of their own. I'm insanely worried about Alfonso getting culled before the Gen4 vampire heir moves out….

7.69. Akira Soma (1/2): The Somas Get Serious

Week 7/Sunday

Satoshi: Here I am, Satoshi Soma, the fourth-generation Soma heir!
Though I may not be devastatingly handsome like Ayato Zanna, c'mon admit it! I have a whimsical charm all my own!

Akira: Now that I'm done with my store, I can focus on my last bloodline requirement: my career!
Today's goals are to collect more donations and seek favor from The Well.

Oh and I finally remember what my cause is: No Sim Left Behind.

Satoshi: My gardening is already Level 7, but I can't advance with my Freelance Botanist aspiration without plants to evolve.
Only an hour before my Manual Labor job starts, so I spend it fishing across the street.

Akira: After Satoshi leaves for work, I try my luck at The Well who grants me a full promotion.
Now that I'm a Level 9 Leader of the Cause (Charity Organizer), I need to really get working on fund-raising.

Jun: You want to know why I always show up at the park with Makoto instead of his mother, Ulrike?
Ulrike's been busy painting portraits and working, while I'm unemployed.

I don't mind. I love spending time with Makoto, since Satoshi seemed to grow up in a flash.

Akira: Have I already told you how much I love this fishing pond?
I mean, we're looking at $6,250  in donations right here, right now!

Akira: Nancy Landgraab, I am very grateful for your donations!
And Mina Dinero, I'm flattered that you favor my cause with a second round of donations!

Okay, I better dash home now because this Romantic sim has succumbed to a flirty mood.
And no, feeling flirty had nothing to do with my last two donations which, by the way, pushed me over the $20k milestone!

Satoshi: You think I should look happier for having maxed my Manual Labor job?
Believe me, I am! It's just that I'm thinking hard on what I have left to do before moving out!

Oh right, this is the only move-out requirement I've finished so far!

Masato: I'm crazy about my little boy, Makoto, and visit him as often as I can.
I'm still trying to figure out how to move him in with me when I move with the Gen4 Zanna heir.

Makoto: My papa's is super special. He suddenly shows up inside the house without even having to knock!

Masato: Of course, Makoto is not the only reason I visit this household whenever I'm free.
Obviously, not having to buy kitchen appliances just to see my lady is a plus!

Satoshi: Night falls and I still can't move forward with Freelance Botanist, so I invite my great-grandpa Yukio over.
He doesn't seem that interested in me, though. I have to chase him all over the house until he finally stargazes with me.

Naturally, as soon as we start stargazing, a plant in need of evolving starts sparkling.
I still chill with the founder until we're Friends. Off to start gardening hardcore!


Satoshi: I complete my aspiration with an hour to spare before my first day of school.

Jun: Your partner Masato is a vampire with a withered stomach. Why is he cooking?

Ulrike: Because he's a wonderful father, that's why!
When our little Makoto is hungry, Masato cooks. After Makoto goes potty, Masato cleans the potty.
As a father, he is ever attentive to our son's needs! It's quite surprising, really.

To my surprise, Masato takes much better care of little Makoto than the queue-dropping Jun does.
Does that mean sim-blood is thicker than micro-managing?

Masato: Mama, would you please explain again why I just used the potty five times in a row?
I only had to go the first time, you know!

Ulrike: Congrats, son. With Level 3 Potty, you're now in line to earn the Happy Toddler trait.
Now you can do pretty much whatever you want.
Masato: Cool. And my birthday's this Friday, right?

Erina: Satoshi, I can't believe you let Luna Villareal and Sofia Bjergsen become your friends already!
Satoshi: Hey, I didn't have anything to do with it, Erina! Don't you remember that today was my first day of high school?
But since they're my friends, I want them to become two of the three good friends I need to move out.

Erina (internally): Hmmm, I see I need to step my game up or those hussies might try to step into my turf! Grrrrr!
Satoshi: *ignores the drama and thinks about his museum collection

Akira: I wasn't planning to rely on The Well anymore but realized I only have two more shifts this week.
I don't want to hold my son back from moving out, so I ask The Well for a promotion.

Yes, I get a favorable reply, but I'm so grungy that green fumes are swirling around me. Blech!

Satoshi: I’m pretty sure I don't need to complete this project because I brought home an "A" today.
But I ask Great-Grandpa Yukio to help me with project and hope it boosts our friendship. (it doesn't)

And whaddya know! I'm now within range to earn the Responsible trait on my birthday!

Satoshi: Good friends with the founder, at last!
But why do I resemble him so little?

Satoshi: It's only Monday night but I've gotten so much done so far!

All that remains are one skill, my museum collection, and my good friends and enemies.
I'm going to take my time with my museum items and leave the Dineros choking in my dust!


Masato: I'm happy that Satoshi brings me along with him to Desert Bloom Park!
I meet a nice girl who plays dolls with me. She says her name is Luna.

Erina: Good job, Masato! Now keep Luna nailed to the dollhouse and don't you dare let her go chat with "my" Satoshi!

Erina: Unbeknownst to Satoshia, I am also learning to fish!
When he traipses off to the Forgotten Grotto to work on his museum collection, I want to go with him.
I can fish up his bait and read his Book of Life!  Top that, Luna! *glares in Luna's direction

Jun: Oh look, Akira! Isn't that Alex Goth over there on the bench, looking as if he's homeless?
Akira: That's really strange! I hear his household recently moved to Twin Oracle Point, the hugest lot in Newcrest!

Jun: People say his partner Mint Dinero is gorgeous. Why's he sleeping here instead of at home with her?
Akira: [insert outrageous reason here]?

Maaike: Thank you for having Ulrike stay home tonight instead of me, but I'm still calling unfair!

Look how cute I am! And I've even learned how to do bar flair!
But do I have a partner? No! Do I get to have a biological child and a baby daddy? No!
Write, write, write, that's all I ever do!

Akira: But your daughter is going to marry Satoshi, Maaike! She'll be the mother of the last Soma heir.
Maaike: Well, there's that, I guess.

Yukio: You want to give birth to your biological child, Maaike? I think I can help wi…..
Akira: Hush, Grandpa Yukio! Nobody asked for your help. Sheesh! *kicks Yukio from the family club

Akira: Hey, there's Mint Dinero strolling by our house! When's her due date, Jun?
Jun: I imagine she'll give birth later tonight, just like her sister-in-law Cassandra Goth.

Akira: She looks really happy, considering her husband sleeps at the park nights.
Jun: If you tried that, hun, I'd definitely hunt you down and bring you back home!

Satoshi: Thanks for helping me fish for bait, Mama. I'll need lots when I get serious about my museum collection!
Jun: My pleasure, Satoshi. I'm always glad to help you out.

Maaike: You know, when I say I want to be in more screenshots, I didn't mean fishing!
Jun: Sorry, Maaike! Satoshi's museum collection is top-priority this week, so you can fish or go home.

Maaike: *mumbles and grumbles but continues fishing

Author's Notes

Satoshi Soma made huge strides toward moving out during his first 2.5 days!
*Freelance Botanist is one of my fave aspirations, so his quick completion of it isn't surprising.
*He's been as lucky as Mint was unlucky. Last Sunday, Ulrike already painted a portrait of him worth almost $10k, so he's done posing as well.
*If Satoshi manages to fish up some pricey catch, he has a chance to move the Somas ahead of the Dineros in terms of total museum worth. And he has several days to try.

Current Week 7 Status: The Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Store: Jungle Spice, resale value: $150,048
  Retail perks: done
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Career: Politician/Charity Organization (Level 9)

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements:
  Museum Portrait: $9,773
  Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 3)
  Freelance Botanist: done
  A in High School: A
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
  Skills: L10 Gardening, L5 Fishing
  Collection: not yet
  Good Friends: Yukio Soma; (3 more)
  Enemies: (Dinero, Zanna)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.69. The Somas Get Serious (09/22)
« Reply #291 on: September 22, 2017, 10:42:04 PM »
Oh, dear Erina, Luna's got nothing on you!
Another lovely update.  The Somas are making some real progress!  I mean, Serena's still going to win, but it's nice that she'll have even greater bragging rights since she'll have beaten such solid competition  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.69. The Somas Get Serious (09/22)
« Reply #292 on: September 22, 2017, 11:03:36 PM »
Nice job. I can't believe how quickly you're moving, good luck, Somas.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.69. The Somas Get Serious (09/22)
« Reply #293 on: September 25, 2017, 02:26:51 PM »
Awww, Satoshi! I am definitely a fan of your whimsical charm! I think he's adorable. Nice about the Responsible trait, too! I'm finding it really helps with advancing at work because of all the new chance cards. So much accomplished this week, too! High five!

Masato is just a straight-up hunk, though, and I'm glad he got some facetime in this chapter. Love that his vampiric entrance ability makes him a better father. He just walks right in! :)

Poor Alex Goth on the bench. I think the insane trait makes sims more likely to show up in the park at night to sleep. I seem to recall Jacques Villarreal showing similar behavior despite having a giant mansion waiting for him on his home lot.

Lol at Yukio getting kicked from the club for putting the moves on Maaike. Hands to yourself, old man! :D

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 7.70. Over-Fishing, Under-Woohoo
« Reply #294 on: September 25, 2017, 11:25:21 PM »
Poor Erina and her cute little jealousy. I have no idea, though, how Satoshi came home from his first day of school with Luna and Sofia as friends. My life would be so much easier if he'd just make a third friend at school! I love how you are so unreservedly a fan of Serena. She sends you kisses! <3

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate the compliment but I don't feel like this challenge is going quickly at all. I began this challenge in early March, so roughly seven months have already passed! During the Gen2 Soma heir's time, you predicted that the Somas could still catch up and you were right!

Thanks for the tip about the Responsible trait! These are my first teens in range to earn extra traits based on character values, so I have no idea how the extra traits influence their adult life. Sadly, only the spares and helpers have the time to earn them.
I'm glad you found a few little tidbits to amuse you this chapter. Due to the way I'm playing this challenge as a race against time, I am forced to seize narrative opportunities as they arise rather than create them.
I love Masato, too. He's so serious around his son in his fatherly role, but becomes a total crack-up at home in his beret with his vampire bro Jung. I’m dying to play him in a new challenge (but one where he needn't have mint-colored hair, lol).

7.70. Akira Soma (2/2): Over-Fishing, Under-Woohoo

Week 7/Tuesday

Makoto: We've all come to Desert Bloom Park again! Wheee!
The pressure on me to become a Top-Notch Toddler becomes borderline ridiculous!

To boost Movement and Thinking, I go all the way to the back of Desert Bloom Park to "watch" Satoshi and Erina fishing.
But then, I have to go potty and have to run back to the front of the park for that!

You remember why I want to live with my papa, don't you? I'm a born vampire!

Satoshi: Since I can't fish up Anglerfish until Level 7 Fishing, I'm not bothering to go to the Forgotten Grotto until then.

Erina: Don't you think a museum collection of fish is rather risky, Satoshi?
Massimo Zanna's was worth $10,720, but Mina Dinero's was worth a mere $1,353!

Satoshi: Eh, I think the Dineros felt over-confident about winning at that point. That made Mina lazy.

Makoto: Talk about being insensitive to the atmosphere! Sheesh!!!

I am in the middle of playing house with my girlfriend Luna, when Mama barges in to teach me to say please and thank you.

I am dying of embarrassment here!


Satoshi: A little past midnight, I send everyone home except Mama and Erina.
My fishing is only Level 6, but I can't wait to visit the Forgotten Grotto.

Papa works on Wednesday so we'll be home in time for him to get ready for work.

This is a mystical place! I can see how sims could fish here for hours, forgetting all about the time!

Satoshi: Mama is fishing like a boss, reeling in lots of potential bait for me!

Erina's been less helpful in the bait department, but when you look as good as she does, who cares?
And how amazing that she wants to keep me company while I'm fishing!

Makoto: I love my sister, Jun! She spends all of her time with me, when my mama Ulrike is busy or working.
In fact, we are having so much fun today that I don't even notice mama leaving for work!

Jun: Let's try and max your last two skills today, big guy! You're almost there!

Akira: At 5 pm, I bring home my final promotion as Charity Icon.
As much as I love my job (and this suit and tie), I quit it immediately so we can all focus on my son's needs.

Ulrike: Around the same time, my adorable little Makoto maxes his last skill, Movement.
That's fantastic, Makoto! You'll earn the Top-Notch Toddler trait!

Makoto: Does this mean I can do whatever I want now until my birthday, Mama?

Satoshi: I ask Auntie Ulrike to keep Erina occupied while I become good friends with Luna and Sofia.
Erina has nothing to worry about. It's just a little harmless chatting and cloudgazing.

Well, I have to confess that Sofia is a little more demanding and requires a hug.
Just a friendly hug, though, mind you.

Satoshi: Then back again to Forgotten Grotto with Mama and Erina.

On a hunch, I abandon the bait I usually use to lure sturgeon and anglerfish, switching to vampire squid instead.
What a chance discovery! I start reeling in the choice fish!


Satoshi: Thursday and Friday whizz by as I try to squeeze the most out of my museum collection.
Both Erina and Makoto even received birthday notices on Friday but, hey, I'm a sim on a mission!

Unwisely, I fish until 6 pm, ending with seven fish worth $9,854. So there, Dineros!!!
So much left to do before The Big Switch tonight!
But first, I go to the Soma Museum to hang up my portrait and mounted fish.

From the founder's museum, I travel home with Masato Yamaguchi who I've chosen as my potential third good friend.
Why, you ask? That's easy…to earn brownie points with our watcher.

Seriously, he seems like a cool guy and I like the way he looks after Ulrike and their son.
Now, if only he would like me as quickly as I like him!

Meanwhile, birthdays are being celebrated with minimal fanfare indoors.

Makoto ages up and gets the Cheerful trait, while Erina is now a cheerful goofball who is family-oriented.

Ulrike: Erina, of course, looks exactly the same as a young adult as when she was a teenager.
Makoto is a lovely blend of his father and myself. Time will tell who he resembles the most.

Maaike: Makoto definitely has your eyes and lips, though, Ulrike. What a looker!

Masato: Hey, that's an old photo of me with my default hair!

Satoshi: Once Masato's my good friend, I ask Papa to invite Mina Dinero over.
While I try to argue with her, though, Papa comes out to socialize with her.

I beseech Watchette for help and she sends Papa off to the woodworking table to craft camping mascots.

Just as Mina Dinero and I are getting really angry, I suffer a mood swing which makes me enraged.
I'll have to be really careful about my mood when I age up but, for now, I declare Mina my enemy.

Satoshi: I almost feel bad about picking Lio Zanna as my potential enemy.
The other Zannas are so gorgeous that Lio's turned into the family scapegoat.

On the plus side, since we're both teens, I can pick "Fight vampire" which exponentially speeds up the process to becoming enemies.
I'm almost ready to move out!

And in case you're wondering, drinking a moodlet solver snapped me right out of that horrid Enraged mood!

Satoshi: Gah, couldn't you have tried to take a more complimentary birthday shot of me?
You are cutting it so close, boy, you are lucky I'm not leaving you here until next week!

Erina: Wait, why is SHE ageing up?
Satoshi: I never told you that the Bjergsens will be  moving in with us?

Satoshi: I move Makoto and Ulrike out to live with Alfonso.
This way, Ayato can later invite Alfonso to move in along with Makoto. Sorry, Ulrike, but you'll be living alone once they move out!
I move the young adult Erina out, too.

Then, I move out to occupy the 30x20 Beech Byway lot, across the street from the founder Yukio.

After Erina moves in, I invite Sofia and her family to move in as well. Gah, I'd completely forgotten that Sofia had a younger sister!

Erina: Eh, whatever!

I've downloaded this lovely house for you from the gallery, dear Satoshi.
It's "Crème Villa (Unfurnished)" by a Carl's Forum member named @naemayo. 

For now, I've furnished the house extremely hastily with some of the furnishings that the Bjergsens brought along.
Too bad you spent so much time fishing, Satoshi! No time to try for baby nor start your garden!

Satoshi: It's totally worth it! I'm enjoying that fact that the Somas' total museum worth is higher than the Dineros'!

Coming next: Week 7 with the Zanna vampires

Final Week 7 Status: The Soma Line

Gen3 Heir: Akira Soma
*Completed requirements: ALL
  Store: Jungle Spice, resale value: $150,048
  Retail perks: done
  Career: Politician/Charity Organization (Level 10)

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (Level 5 Imagination and Thinking)
Childhood Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy
*Completed move-out requirements: ALL
  Museum Portrait: $9,773
  Teen Job: Manual Labor (Level 3)
  Freelance Botanist: done
  A in High School: A
  Skills: Gardening and Fishing (both Level 10)
  Collection: $9,854 (Sturgeon: $2182, 1712, 1399, 1127, 876; Anglerfish: $1513, 1045)
  Good Friends: Yukio Soma; Luna Villareal, Sofia Bjergsen, and Masato Yamaguchi
  Enemies: Mina Dinero, Lio Zanna

Gen5 Heir: ?? Soma
Projected date of birth: Day 4, Week 8 (not conceived yet)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Over-Fishing, Under-Woohoo (09/25)
« Reply #295 on: September 27, 2017, 08:02:39 AM »
Poor Erina!!!  That man-stealing Sofia moving in with them is going to cause all sorts of stress!!  On the plus side, if Erina has a son, the lovely Elsa will already be there as a older "lady friend" for him.  Elsa is, after all, the mother of my darling Robyn. 
Another lovely and amusing update.  You're really flying through this dynasty!!!  Of course, that means I have that much less time left to enjoy them  :=(

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Over-Fishing, Under-Woohoo (09/25)
« Reply #296 on: September 27, 2017, 08:40:43 AM »
@oshizu What can I say? Math and my faith in your ability to beautifully micromanage things made it super easy to believe the Somas could catch up. Even the Zannas aren't out of it yet, if their museum value doesn't contain anything from Gen 4. The paintings alone ought to be worth that 8k given their track record and you still have the highly valuable writing and handiness skills to add to the collections. This is going to be such a close race, I can feel it. And considering I've been sitting on my dynasty for while not playing at all, yes, you are moving quickly from my lazy perspective.

Onto the chapter: Way to go, Satoshi! Single-handedly proved just why it ain't over until it's over. Good job. I would say you should've moved out earlier but there's only one generation to go in each family so that's kind of a moot point. You made a great choice. Erina is so tiny but she's also cute. I do love your strategy of building up helpers to use across multiple generations, they've really pulled their weight. Too bad about moving in all the Bjergsens, I don't think there's room anymore for the original plan. The end is near and I will honestly be a little sad to see it go.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Over-Fishing, Under-Woohoo (09/25)
« Reply #297 on: September 27, 2017, 02:06:51 PM »
Lol. I am curious about how the relationships will look next week. With no time to try for baby before the switch maybe Sofia will make a last-ditch attempt to woo Satoshi while Watchette is away. Stranger things have happened. ;)

Nice choice on the house! It's very cool-looking.

Makoto is shaping up to be a very fine-looking young man, indeed. Loved his toddler embarrassment at being taught manners in front of the lovely Luna. Moms are the worst! :D But don't worry, little guy. The ladies love a man who knows how to say please and thank you. Super high-fives to Watchette on getting him to top notch! I'm only ever able to do it when the toddler in question is the sole focus of my entire life for a week, so getting there in the midst of a fast-paced challenge is very impressive!

Anyway, I'm excited for the next round of Somas, mostly because I want to know who you'll name the baby after! :D

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Real Vs are Silent Like...
« Reply #298 on: October 04, 2017, 03:30:11 PM »
Since Gen5 is the last generation, part of me wants to start fresh with the Somas but hadn't planned on Sofia's reactions to Satoshi, haha.
Actually, this challenge ends as soon as all three Gen5 heirs age up to young adult and move out, so I won't be needing to scout for spousal prospects anymore. I have to say, though, that I love me a good spouse hunt!

Your foresight and ability to interpret my bloodline stats are uncanny. Writing and Handiness are exactly what collection-oriented skills I've planned for the vampire line. Sadly, though, the collection worth will be cut drastically due to the lack of reward traits. For example, a camping mascot can be worth up to $4,500 but, without the Marketable trait, never more than $1,500. *cries
I regret now letting Satoshi fish for so many hours into the Zanna household's time. Now, I can see no way for the vampires to win, which makes me very sad since I favor their households so, hehe.
The current Soma household consists only of 6 members so there's still room for one more helper. Satoshi just ran out of time to invite.

Your "Stranger things have happened" remark reminds me of my first RDC attempt where my restauranteur family, headed by Shota Mori (King of Smirk), got all messed up, with Candy Behr woohooing with Liberty Lee in the sauna at the Perfect Balance Spa, while Shota/Travis had tiny pink bars. Gah!
Erina has worked so hard to transform herself into Satoshi's perfect wife---she deserves him!

Important: Do you have any requests, Francesca, for the name of their daughter?
Names I have in mind: Momo (Akanegakubo), Nene (Kinokuni), and Rindo Kobayashi

Then again, part of me wants a son so I can name him Takumi (Aldini) and…oh, Gen5 doesn't have to run a restaurant! :(   Okay, daughter, it is.

7.71  Vittoria Zanna (1/4): Real Vs are Silent Like…

Previously in Week 6:
   • The Gen3 Zanna household consists of Vitoria (Gen3 heir), her spouse Jung Storey, their son Ayato, Vitoria's twin sister Laura, Paola Pizzazz (human painter), Masato Yamaguchi (vampire bro), and the now-single Bella Goth;
   • Transformed into Vitoria's thrall, Arun Bheeda vehemently pledges his support to the success of Ayato;
   • Masato hosts the first Toddler Play Date in the history of this challenge, earning a gold medal for his efforts. The play date is between Ayato and Masato's own son Makoto;
   • The children Ayato and Laura befriend Jagger and Alfonso Dinero then age them up to teens, only to discover that Jagger has gained the Kleptomaniac trait;
   • Despite initial doubts about her competence, Bella is now an accomplished gardener with full Sunlight Resistance;
   • Irresistible as a charmer toddler, adorable as an Outgoing Social Butterfly child, and a debonair Leader of the Pack teen since early last Saturday morning, the Gen4 heir Ayato prepares to tackle his move-out requirements with his customary panache;
   • Vitoria ends the week as a Level 9 Mixologist with one remaining goal for her Master Vampire aspiration and a very-near-complete Bloodline Garden.

Week 7/Sunday

Ayato: I can't believe that Satoshi Soma delayed The Big Switch until 5:30 am!
Doesn't he realize that we vampires are nocturnal creatures? Now I have to stay indoors until this evening!

Daichi: I'm pretty sure Satoshi just lacks good time management skills, Ayato.
He doesn't seem like the malicious type to me!

Masato: I don't know, Daichi! Satoshi was pretty fired up about leaving the Dineros and Zannas behind.

Vitoria: Don't mind me! I only completed my Master Vampire aspiration just now…

Vitoria: It just figures, Jung, that you finally invite me out to Pan Europa but we end up fishing.
Jung: Don't you remember? You're cooking Ambrosia for Paola but we have no angelfish yet.

Masato: Still, it's nice to get out of the house now and then, even if Vitoria and I have never fished before.

Ayato: Honestly, I can think of a gazillion better ways to level my charisma, besides practicing a speech in Pan Europa's bathroom!

Ayato: Now this is what I'm talking about! I reach Level 5 Charisma while chatting with Mr. Landgraab.
As soon as I add Alfonso Dinero to our family club, I complete my Leader of the Pack aspiration!

Laura: Thank you for keeping me company, Nanny Imane. I have no idea why I'm stuck.
Imane: Can't your watcher fix this?

Laura: Not until Vitoria comes home or she'll be forced to leave work early.

Ayato: Thanks for coming over to help me with my writing, Arun!
Arun: I'm off on weekends so I can mentor you all you want today, Ayato.

Ayato: I'm afraid I'm not going to have a high-value collection of novels without any reward traits.
Arun: I have to agree, Ayato, but you'll still be able to surpass Mina's fish collection and Mint's frog collection.

Ayato: Are the Dineros even trying?!

Elizabeth: What happened to you two?
Imane: First Laura was stuck so I was keeping her company, then I froze, too.

Elizabeth: Well, Vitoria won't be earning her last promotion tonight anyway and Bella's also frozen.
I'll tell Jung to travel with Laura and Bella to the lot next door then back home again.

Laura: Thank you, Nanny Elizabeth! I really don't want to stand here until Vitoria finishes work at midnight. That's 7 more hours!

Ayato: Ahhhh, night has finally fallen! A short break from writing for some vampiric training.

Masato:  You're doing really well, Ayato! Try to reach Prime Vampire rank by Monday night!


Vitoria: I didn’t make much progress at work today because we forgot to start a club gathering before I left home.

That's why I'm hoping for a guaranteed promotion my next shift. A full promotion?
You know I'm not complaining! It's time for me to join the ranks of the unemployed!

Vitoria: By happy coincidence, my Deathflower plant has also matured so I present to you my completed garden!

My bloodline requirements are all done! All that's left now is to support Ayato.

Ayato: Our week started Sunday morning with Nannies Imane and Elizabeth at our home, but no Nanny Daichi.

The two nannies have been as useless as the "g" in lasagna, so I decide I can at least detect their personalities.

Imane: Oh you di'int try to pull off that stale line and pass it off as an Italian joke!
Next, you're gonna imitate Lil Wayne and his notorious line "Real Gs are silent like…"

Ayato: Nah, that's going too far, Nanny Imane! I have taste and discernment, remember?

Ayato: Paola's been working hard on my portraits but I'd wish she could do more!
Her portrait of my normal form alone is worth more than Mint Dinero's portrait and collection combined.
I'm pretty sure I'll be able to beat Satoshi Soma's collection worth to keep the Zannas in first place.

What worries me is the collection worth of the Gen5 heirs.
The Somas last collection will no doubt be paintings. How the heck can my future child's collection beat that?

Now that there's no threat of any bloodline buying a sixth lot, maybe the Zannas will take their time to….
It's hopeless for us, isn't it? The cards are stacked against vampires! We can never win without reward traits!

Laura: Yes, that's right. I'd like to take a vacation day from school today.

It's my birthday today, you see, but I don't remember exactly what time.
Also, there's something really important that I need to do before 3 pm today.
No, I can't tell you now, because it's still a secret.

Arun: Praise the Light that Ayato has to attend high school this morning!
Otherwise, we'd still be holed up in his cramped little bedroom!

I have to give him credit, though! Ayato has accomplished so much in the past 26 hours!

Laura: Not long after Ayato leaves for school, I get my birthday notice.
I'm so eager to age up, I just light and blow out the birthday candles all by myself.

It doesn't even bother me that Uncle Masato is too engrossed in his Parenting book to celebrate.

Laura: I'm now a cheerful perfectionist! My makeover must wait until Ayato returns from school.
So, for now, I join Uncle Masato on the sofa and start on my homework.

Uncle Masato is being thoughtful and doesn’t mention my awful hairstyle.
What's up with this hair anyway? And this cheerleader's skirt!?

Vitoria: I don't know why Laura didn't tell me she was going to age up!
As soon as I receive her text message, I buy some garlic packets and fly upstairs.

This is a matter that Laura and I have talked over many, many times. She's such a stubborn girl!

Vitoria: Laura, you didn't want to wait until the founder Serena got off work.
You couldn't even wait for Ayato to come from school in a few more hours!
At least, you could sit down and sip your drink instead of, ugh, chugging it as you stand!

Laura: Cut me some slack, sis! Take a good look at me!
I resemble a redheaded Paolo Rocca lookalike with acne! Could it get any worse?

Laura: Thank you so much, sis! The drink you made me has cured me of vampirism.
Sadly, however, the angry zits remain!

Laura: With just a couple of hours to go before my makeover, Paola offers to mentor me in painting.
Yes!!! I'm planning to become the next Zanna portrait painter!

Paola: As for me, I'm opting not to move out with Ayato when he's ready to go.
And I still have 15 sim-days until my Adult birthday, so an Ambrosia serving really isn't necessary.
The thought, Vitoria, is absolutely appreciated! <3 (as well as the rare shot of my face!)

Alex: Hello, mother? It's me, Alex. Do you have time to chat? I've really missed you!
Bella: Dear Alex, how have you been?

Alex: You really have no idea what we've been up to, mother?
Cassie and I live at Twin Oracle Point now. I'm with Mint Dinero and we plan to get married.
Bella: And what about Cassie? How has she been doing?

Alex: Cassie is living with us. Like me, she's a young adult now. In fact, she's having a baby with Mint's uncle, Jagger Dinero.
I'm going to be a father, too. Will you visit your grand-children, mother?

Laura: As soon as Ayato gets home, I make a dash for the dresser. Ahhhh, much better!

Alfonso: Sure, Laura, I'd love to go visit you. Why weren't you in school today?
Laura: Well, it's kind of a surprise. Also, I have a question…would you still like me if I had pimples?

Alfonso: What kind of question is that, silly? We are BFFs, remember?
And you know that I'd "more than like" you if you weren't in grade school!

Ayato: Wow, Uncle Masato, I can't believe I got an A grade already! Life is good!
Masato: Yes, give thanks to The Well who gave you the "B" yesterday and our Good Schools lot trait!

Ayato: It's a great day to be a Zanna!

Alfonso: Hey, we're both teens now! Is that why you missed school today!
And I'm deeply flattered that you'd give up being a vampire for me! So what does this mean for us?

Laura: Well, of course, you're going to join Ayato's household once he moves out, right?
I'm thinking that if I take over Paola's role as portrait painter, you and me could… *blushes

Laura: I couldn't agree with you more, my lovely nephew Ayato.
Today is a great day to be a Zanna!

Current Week 7 Status: Zanna Line

Gen3 Heir: Vitoria Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements: ALL
  Two tier-5 vampire powers: Mist Form and Tamed Thirst
  Aspiration: Master Vampire (done)
  Career: Culinary/Mixologist (Level 10)
  Garden (6/6 plants): done

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
  Traits: Charmer; Outgoing, Cheerful
*Completed move-out requirements:
  Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Communication)
  Childhood aspiration: Social Butterfly
  Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Jagger Dinero, Alfonso Dinero, Arun Bheeda
  Aspiration: Leader of the Pack (done)
  "A" in high school: yes
*Incomplete move-out requirements:
  Teen career: Retail Employee (Level 2)
  Portraits (2): $0 (normal: $, dark: $)
  Skills: Charisma (Level 5) and Writing (Level 6)
  Collection (7):
  Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: Real Vs are Silent Like... (10/04)
« Reply #299 on: October 04, 2017, 09:15:46 PM »
Laura's so lovely!!! 
She and Alfonso are adorable together!!!  I want them to have their own dynasty together!!!  Not that that's actually a thing, but I still want it!
Oh, the "g in lasagna" line.  So glorious!  I don't care what the sassy nanny thinks.  After all, she's no Daichi!
I'm still team Serena!  Vampires for the win!!!
And Laura's lovely, in case I didn't mention it.  Loved the "redheaded Paolo Rocca lookalike with acne" line!  Laura's so awesome!