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Rival Cowfolks/Kendall's Tale: I Am the Air (10/14 new)
« Reply #325 on: October 14, 2017, 04:15:12 AM »
Although I seem to be constantly moaning and groaning about finishing this challenge (which I've been playing for seven months since March), I've also become very attached to these sims.
Especially dismaying was the recent closet makeover fiasco which forced me to replay four hours of gameplay, reversing a decision I'd made about the spousal candidacy of a certain townie sim.
I'm talking, of course, about Kendall Brothers. Kendall has actually appeared A LOT in my game, but I've always cropped her out while photo-editing.
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at her life and her relationship with Ayato.
If you find this short episode too dreary, never fear! We will return shortly to our regular programming with aprons to spare!

8.80. Kendall's Tale: I Am the Air

Since the beginning of this challenge, I have always been everywhere although you didn't recognize me.
Just like the air, I am everywhere yet forever unseen, unnoticed.
Unlike the air, however, my presence is not essential to life.

My name is Kendall Brothers and I am the sim that nobody wants.
After my humiliating rejection by the Zannas, I thought you might be interested in knowing more about me, starting with my childhood.

I live with my parents in the small 2-bedroom Raffia Quinta house in Oasis Springs.
Right now, you're probably thinking how lucky I am to be living in such a nice neighborhood.

Personally, I'd rather live in a larger house, even if it means moving to a slightly lower-income neighborhood.
In fact, my parents must constantly work to afford to stay in this neighborhood. I hardly think it's worth the trade-off.

That's me, sitting with my "parents" at home.
The green-eyed, redheaded man on your left is my father, Alonzo Brothers.
The grey-eyed, blond lady on the right is my mother, Aaliyah Brothers.
Their clothing really shouts out "service NPCs," wouldn't you agree?

I assume you're already wondering why I look nothing like either of them.
Yeah, it's a mystery to me, too, but they won't say.

You might have seen my father before in San Myshuno, working at the Indian food stall.

Initially, I thought I might be Dad's love child with another woman, but I know now that's highly unlikely.
C'mon, he's a self-assured, unflirty art lover with the Soulmate aspiration!

Land prices in our neighborhood have skyrocketed since Yukio Soma built Korma Chameleon next door.
That's when Mom and Dad started thinking that their full-time jobs weren't enough.

After the vampire Jung Storey died, Dad took over Jung's produce stall and started working nights, too.
Yep, my dad's the one supplying all the dynasty women with carrots and strawberries.

As you've already guessed, Mom is a bartender.
She prefers working at Pan Europa because, she says, she makes the best tips there.

Like Dad, she also works a second job as a part-timer at the Shrieking Llama Bar.

Mom is a self-assured, materialistic sim who hates children.
Incredibly, her aspiration is (wait for it…) Vampire Family.
No, she's not a vampire but her "Hates children" trait makes me think Dad talked her into adopting me.

Due to their heavy workloads, they are hardly ever home. I might as well be living alone, for all they care!

Speaking of Korma Chameleon, remember when the Soma founder Yukio fired his waiter in Week 2?
Apparently, the waiter arrived late and out of uniform, which ticked off the usually calm Yukio to no end!

After being fired, the waiter went for an enraged jog that night, trying to work off his anger.
Do you remember seeing me behind him? Of course, you don't!

What's that you say? You're wondering why I'm out alone so late?
Have you forgotten that my parents are rarely home nights?

One day, I'm roaming around alone as usual and end up at the new Park and Play community lot.
I'm intrigued by a vampire who travels in bat form with a toddler who I assume is his son.

Oh, that's Jung Storey! I recognize him from when he used to work at a produce stall, like my father.

As I watch, the father encourages his son who confidently climbs up the slide.

I watch the toddler with longing and envy. No doubt, he has never wanted for attention, not even for a second!

Then, the father transforms into a bat and flies to catch the little boy just as he reaches the bottom of the slide.
A sense of overwhelming sadness floods me at the sight of the loving father and his happy, trusting son.

What is wrong with me? Why have such love and affection always eluded me?

I should know crying won't change anything, so I pull myself back together.
Then, when I start doing my homework, I get the sense that someone is watching me.

It's that little boy! But why is he here by me?
He hasn't learned to talk yet, so I listen while he babbles away.

That look on his face says he has a very important  message to tell me.

Next, he shows me his toy butterfly. Unlike me, he has never known what it feels like to be unloved.
But his pure joy brings a smile to my face. I'm feeling better now.

I want to show my thanks to the little boy but only have three social options.
I can talk to him about another sim, hug him, or…uh, I forget the third option.

I don't even remember how long it's been since I hugged someone or been hugged.
It's a nice feeling. It's almost as if this little boy is healing me.

Later, I learn from my classmates that his name is Ayato and that he's practically royalty!
He's the great-grandson of Serena Zanna, founder of the Zanna dynasty of vampires.

A few weeks later, I get a text message out of the blue from someone who claims to be Ayato Zanna.
Yeah, fat chance! Says he wants to meet me during lunch hour today.

I arrive at grade school a half hour early as usual and, whoa, who's that total dreamboat walking my way?

Ayato: Hey, Kendall! Don't you remember me? I'm Ayato--we met at the park!
Kendall: You look pretty different from the last time we met. Um, happy birthday?

Ayato: You never answered my text. Can we meet during your lunch hour later?
Kendall: No problem. (I'm trying to pretend I don't care. Is it working?)

Fast-forward to lunch hour...
Ayato: So this rooftop is your secret hideout, Kendall? Cool!
Kendall: Yeah, nobody ever comes up here except me.
Hey, how'd you know my phone number? I never even told you my name! Haha, you couldn't even talk when I last saw you!

Ayato: Oh, I've got my ways. By the way, I'm not in school, you know. I came just to see you!
Did you make this plasma fruit salad yourself?
Kendall: I did. Don't you like it? I really tried to cook something you'd like.

Ayato: It smells great, Kendall! Thanks for packing me a lunch!

After school, Ayato texts again to invite me over so I do my best to look nice.
Imagine my embarrassment when I learn it's just a gathering of the League of Adventurers!

Ayato: Now that the club's over, you wanna sit behind the house and chat, Kendall?
Kendall: Sure.

Ayato: I've been wanting to talk to you. *explains about his responsibilities as Zanna heir and his Vampire family aspiration
Kendall: That all sounds crazy difficult, Ayato, but why are you telling me?

Ayato: When we're both older, I want to turn you into a vampire like me. Would you like that? Would you become my offspring?
Kendall: Honestly? I'm not gonna try to hide how I feel, Ayato. I'd do anything to spend more time around you.
Ayato: That's exactly how I feel about you! But I'm going to become a teen tomorrow. We'll be the same age again soon, Kendall. I promise!

Over the next week, Ayato occasionally texts me to say he's making progress with his requirements.
Then, one day, he invites me over again but, this time, I know I won't be the only one.
Ayato explains that he's a teen now and that he's going to be turning four sims, including me.

After he ages us all up to teens, he turns the other three girls then sends them on their way.
And now that it's just the two of us, he offers to turn me.

Once I agree, he pounces on me with an ardor that I've never known.
His touch burns me. His fangs ignite my blood. I am his.
I drink hungrily from his vampiric essence. He is  mine.

You already know what happens next.
Two days later, Ayato ages me up to a young adult and I gain a third trait: Foodie.
But when I get a makeover, our simverse runs haywire and I gain the Mean trait instead.

Bella gloats while Jung informs me that I'm no longer a suitable match for Ayato.

To add insult to injury, Bella kicks me out of the house in a most unceremonious manner!

I rush home and head for bed, wanting only to curl up and forget.
The poster I had made of a younger Ayato smiles down at me as I cry myself to sleep.

Like the air, I am everywhere yet forever unseen, unnoticed.
Unlike the air, my presence is not essential to life. In fact, at times like this, my very life seems unnecessary.

What need have I now for immortality?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks/Kendall's Tale: I Am the Air (10/14 new)
« Reply #326 on: October 14, 2017, 10:26:53 AM »
Poor Kendall!!!  This did absolutely nothing to curb my desire to see the mistress storyline play out.  Kendall's story is so sad and tragic, it would be nice if she and Ayato could secretly have their happiness together even though he has to do dynasty things.
The air metaphor throughout was glorious!  It helped depict Kendall even more as a beautifully tragic heroine by giving the telling a poetic flair.  So good, yet so sad.
Kudos (wipes tears)

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Rival Cowfolks/Ayato's Tale: I Am the Heir (Two-Part Update; 10/14 new)
« Reply #327 on: October 14, 2017, 05:22:52 PM »

This is the second part of a two-part update.
If you have yet to read the first part, you can jump back to "Kendall's Tale: I Am the Air" by clicking here.

You have always supported Kendall as the spousal choice for Ayato. After the replay when Kendall gained the Mean trait, some knee-jerk reflex made me send her away.
Well, alright, to be honest, Bella is by now a highly skilled helper and having both women living in the same house would be awkward to say the least.
Thank you for your fervent shipping of Ayato/Kendall. Your enthusiasm is what inspired me to write their back stories, though the poor writing is entirely my own fault. Hah!

8.81. Ayato's Tale: I Am the Heir

The unknowing look at me and assume that I have it all: lineage, wealth, and looks.
Admittedly, I was raised in the lap of luxury.
Everyone believes the Dineros are loaded, but the Zannas are no slouches.
By the time I moved out, my parents had amassed over $600,000 in household funds.

Right after moving out, each Zanna heir is forced to live in dire poverty.
Nevertheless, we Zannas descend  from a venerable aristocratic line of Italian vampires.

Claiming that I'm irresistible, females of all ages throng to my side.
The vampire wannabe, the groupie, the I-want-whatever-my-BFF-wants, the gold-digger, the social climber, you name it.

None of them ever bother to look past my exterior, my pocketbook, my social status.

I am the heir, prized for my looks and talents while my emotional needs go disregarded.

As you know, the Zannas are the fiercest competitors in this Rival Dynasties Challenge.
Our founder, Serena, is particularly intent on winning. She hates to lose at anything.

I didn't really mind that Mama spent all her time on her bloodline requirements.
I didn't really mind that Papa worked hard as a scientist then locked himself away to craft camping mascots.
Uncle Masato, a vampire named Bella, and nannies were always around to see to my needs, both biological and dynastic.

Then, one day, Mama shattered my hope for happiness with an announcement.
The founder had chosen my future wife before I'd even been born.

What about Romance? What about True Love? What about my One True Pairing?!

If you've been reading this story, you'll remember why Bella Goth initially agreed to leave her husband.
Grandpa Massimo led her to believe that she would be with him.
I hear she only resigned herself to marrying me due to Mama's persuasiveness.

Does Bella think I don't know how she waits until just after I leave for school or work?
Then, she immediately invites Massimo out under the thinly veiled pretext of discussing "family matters." Right!

Does she not realize I always hear about the times she's lured Grandpa to secluded spots under false pretenses?

Bella: Oh Massimo, you are such a dear, coming way out here to help me look for my contact lens.
Massimo: Are you sure your lens fell out around here, Bella? What were you doing out here anyway?

Bella: You are a sweetheart, dear Massimo. Let me show you my appreciation with a hug.
Massimo (to himself): Darn, fooled again! When will she realize I'll never care about her?

Ayato: But I'm not really here to complain about Bella, a woman who only stays for the prestige of becoming the Gen4 Zanna spouse.

No, I wish to tell you about someone who has stolen my heart with kindness and affection.
I wish to tell you about Kendall Roberts.

Soon after my toddler birthday, Uncle Masato throws a toddler play date at the Play and Park community lot.
I'm the hosting toddler and Uncle Masato's son Makoto is the guest.

After playing on the slides with our fathers, Makoto and I play together in the sand pit.
That's when I hear the muffled noises of a kitten crying. Did it lose its mommy?

Walking in the direction of the crying, I find a young girl in tears.
My heart aches at the sight of this stranger who seems so sad and alone.

I want to tell her that the flowers on her pigtails are very pretty.
I want to tell her that they're even prettier than my own beloved toy butterfly.
But I haven't learned to talk yet. I can only babble.

Suddenly she smiles and opens her arms wide. She plans to hug me!
I have the charmer trait so I'm always Sharing the Love with my family.

But this is the first time anyone, a stranger at that, has wanted to hug me first.
Bring it on, little girl!

She holds me tightly as if she were afraid I might run off and vanish.
She holds me gently as if I were precious.

What is this feeling coming over me? Oh, this is what it feels like to be needed.
She needs to hug me and I needed to be needed. Our timing is perfect.

When she goes to release me, I embarrass myself by clinging to her a wee bit longer.

She's taken to me because I saw her pain and tried vainly to make her smile.
That she finds my presence to be healing frees me, if only for a moment, from my reality as a dynastic pawn.

Masato: What's the big rush after blowing out your candles? Why so hush-hush about meeting here?
Ayato: Do you remember that little girl in pigtails at the Play and Park community lot?
We're both the same age now, but I don't know anything about her. Can you help me?

Masato: Sure thing. Just tell me what kind of info you want, Ayato!
Ayato: Thanks! And remember, my parents must NOT know.

Ayato: Wow, you have all this info already, Uncle Masato? Even her phone number! You stalk like a boss!
Masato: Once I identified her father as the produce vendor, the rest came very easily.

Ayato: I'm going to text her right now to see if she wants to meet at lunchtime tomorrow.
Masato: Kendall. Her name is Kendall Brothers.

Kendall never replies to my text message, so I head for her school the next morning.
Here she comes! She looks exactly as I remember her!

Hey, Kendall! It's me, Ayato--we met at the park! *waves

Kendall: What do you mean you'll come back here for my lunch hour? You don't go to school?
Ayato: Nope. I just came here to see you! Why didn't you answer my text yesterday?
Kendall: I didn't think it was really you who sent it.

Ayato: You're so cute, Kendall! You say you didn't believe that text was from me.
But you brought sack lunches for both of us today, anyway.
Kendall: *blushes

Ayato: This plasma fruit salad is delicious! How did you know it's the only food I can eat?
Kendall: I just tried really hard to cook something that you'd enjoy. *smiles

Ayato: You know, nobody has ever packed me a lunch before, Kendall. Thank you!
Kendall: No problem. *feels secretly very, very pleased

Ayato: Hey, remember when I was a toddler and you hugged me?
Kendall: Yeah. So?

Ayato: Is it okay if I hug you back now?
Kendall: Ummmm…. *squees silently
Ayato: Will you be my BFF, Kendall?

Kendall misunderstands when I invite her over for a League of Adventurers gathering.
She's all dressed up as if she thinks it's just gonna be the two of us. I'm flattered.

Ayato: I have so much to tell you about what it means to be a Zanna heir, Kendall!
Kendall: Why tell me all that? I'm not even a vampire!

Ayato: Because I'm hoping that, when we grow up, you'll want to share this life with me.
Kendall: Oh, Ayato!

During a break between skilling and other move-out requirements, I take the time to age up and turn four girls.
Kendall is not, by any means, just one of the girls. She is my heart.

She grows up into a breathtakingly beautiful teenager. I fall ever deeper in love.

Two days later, Kendall transforms into a vampire in front of our house.
I lure her out of the sunlight and into our home by ageing her up to a young adult.

Ayato: Happy birthday, Kendall! You are now an unflirty insider who's a foodie!
Kendall: Ayato, does this mean that...?

Ayato: Yes, love. You are perfect. Sadly, though, I'm still a teen though we remain  best friends!
I must wait until Saturday night to finally kiss you!

However, I cannot wait a moment longer to see Kendall attired as my vampire queen.
At my request, she goes to my mother who helps give her a makeover.

And as you already know, my impatience would cost the two of us very dearly.

When she emerges from the closet, our simverse glitches and we're forced to relive the past day.
After ageing her up to young adult again, I use "Detect personality" on my beloved.

Kendall's Foodie trait has been replaced by the Mean trait. How could that happen?

Kendall laments her rejection by my family, while Bella looks on with mocking amusement.
She flees the house while I'm preoccupied with completing the rest of my move-out requirements.

Many hours later, I've moved out and ensured that Bella is eating for two.
On a hunch, I visit South Square Coffee because Kendall once said she loves the scones there.

And there she sits, looking sad and lonely, just like the first time I saw her at the park.

Do not blame me, gentle readers, for dashing inside and whisking Kendall away to the Ancient Ruins.

I am the heir, prized for my looks and talents while my emotional needs go disregarded.

Kendall is my life, my soul. She is like the very air I breathe: I cannot live without her.

I really needed a break from all my recent micro-managing, so I quite enjoyed letting the story take priority over the gameplay (for a change) in this two-part update.
The storytelling got very maudlin and shmarmy at times, but now I feel fully justified in granting Kendall and Ayato all the happiness they rightly deserve.

My apologies to you if Bella is one of your favorite sims. I usually like her quite a lot myself, but I needed to make her evil so that Kendall could garner more sympathy, hehe.

Coming next (eventually): Back to the trials and tribulations of Satoshi's Comeback

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Re: Rival Cowfolks/Ayato's Tale: I Am the Heir (Two-Part Update; 10/14 new)
« Reply #328 on: October 14, 2017, 08:38:44 PM »
Yes!  True love wins the day!!
Kendall is so glorious and I've so enjoyed you humoring me (and hopefully others enjoyed it as much as I did) by fleshing out the sweet and glorious love between the heir and the air  :=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks/Ayato's Tale: I Am the Heir (Two-Part Update; 10/14 new)
« Reply #329 on: October 14, 2017, 11:24:22 PM »
@oshizu It's not that I think the Zannas are stupid for sabotaging the competition, it's just that I feel like they don't need to. Momo Soma's going to have to book it as if she's not fast enough, a faster family could sneak into her house. I know that the value of paintings could put her near the Zannas but I seriously don't think that it'll be enough considering the Zannas get a fifth collection and two portraits. So, like, basically, if the Dineros had done it, I'd have been about it. But as you pointed out, the Zannas and Dineros are related so...the Zannas want their cadet branch on top, I can get behind that.

Nah, my love for the Somas started with the purple hair. Purple's my favorite color. That and I thought they'd had the hardest requirements to meet (which you make look so easy). Your story telling is and always has been on point- entertaining and informative. It's a great cross between a log and zomg drama! that a lot of Sims stories become (with good reason, of course). This little interlude with Kendall and Ayato is really sweet and sad. I sure hope they get to live happily ever after in another file somewhere. Or that once Bella does her thing and the competition is over, Ayato and Kendall can live happily ever after as vampire royalty, I am not picky. Your writing style here is different but still poignant and precise. It takes a lot of skill to write stuff to fit with screen shots (and take screenshots worthy of inclusion).

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Re: Rival Cowfolks/Ayato's Tale: I Am the Heir (Two-Part Update; 10/14 new)
« Reply #330 on: October 17, 2017, 01:49:59 PM »
I'm really happy that you enjoyed Kendall and Ayato's tales. I was rather tempted to turn their story into one of those Korean drama plots with the chaebol (wealthy, spoiled male) and impoverished, spunky, yet gorgeous female, haha. I see you are really like the word "glorious" these days. :D

The reason that the Zannas turned out to be the most aggressive saboteurs, rather than the Dineros, is because of their tool kit. Vampires can pull a double-whammy: vampirism and pregnancy. As for the Dineros and Zannas buying a sixth lot, is that a real possibility? Since Momo will be born just 3 days later than the Gen5 Dinero and Zanna heirs, the Gen5 Dinero and Zanna heirs won't have time to raise and move out a Gen6 heir before Momo is ready to move out. Well, I won't know for sure until Week 9.

Purple is my favorite color, too! Well, lavender, to be precise. The retail line only faces the hardest requirements if their restaurant/store suffers glitching. Otherwise, the household needs to make lots of money to afford renovating the restaurant/store and paying for a restaurant's advertising and employees. Buying the perks just requires clicking on a customer then queuing up retail/restaurant socials to spam, hahaha. The restaurant's actually harder because we need to frequently adjust the cooking difficulty and, accordingly, the menu. I'd rather play restaurants but they are too buggy.

Thank you for your complimentary feedback on my writing. What really fascinates the most is, as you already know, the gameplay mechanics. I love discovering faster, easier ways to get things done in the Sims 4. Photo-editing is another new thing that I've grown to love this year. But I'm too excited about moving forward in a challenge to spend a lot of time staging storytelling "moments." Yes, I am guilty of very game-driven storytelling. :)
By the way, I hope you find the motivation/inspiration to pick up where you left off on your own Rival Dynasties Challenge. It would be great if, when you reach its end, you create a thread with details about each household, including their traits, aspirations, and careers. <3

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.82. Retail, So Tedious!
« Reply #331 on: October 18, 2017, 11:13:20 PM »
8.82. Satoshi Soma (2/3): Retail, So Tedious!

   • Sofia gives birth to a son who is named Dexter by default then she begins studying Vampire Lore;
   • With one household vacancy, Satoshi and Erina have "make-up try for baby" of sorts;
   • After joining the Critic career, Satoshi buys the 30x20 Bargain Bend lot in Willow Creek, and names his new shop "Satoshi's Comeback";
   • By Monday morning, he has purchased his first of five required retail perks: Faster Checkouts (Large);
   • With a Gen5 Soma heir forthcoming, Satoshi is officially back in the running.

Week 8/Monday

Erina: Why are we all standing outside and why is this new house here?
Satoshi: Watchette decided that, since she doesn't feel like going all out on my store, she'd build us a house instead!

Sofia: Where's my nooboo, Dexter?
Satoshi: I was worried about that but, after I bulldozed the other house, he showed up in the family inventory.

Sofia: Good to know, but OWWWWWWW. I'm still a vampire with zero sunlight resistance, remember?

Author's note: I'm not a good builder but all of the Gallery houses with the #carlsguiderdc hashtag are one-bedroom starter homes and too small for my heirs' households.
It's completely unfurnished but I've uploaded it to the Gallery for now. Feel free to download, place, and drastically remodel. :D
Edited to Add: I need to take it down, make some revisions, and re-upload… darn it!

Erina: Wow, people strolling by can look right into our living room. Talk about no privacy!
Satoshi: Be a sport, Erina! Did you forget that I have the Love the Outdoors trait?

Bjorn: What are you drinking, dear?
Sofia: I maxed Vampire Lore and mixed a Vampire Cure for myself.

Clara: Nice work, Sofia! We really need you to help out at the store!
Sofia: Huh! And here I thought my parents would be worried about my frying in the sunlight!

Anyway, people, my vampire days are over!

Satoshi: Sadly, I'm forced to switch careers and pursue the Bodybuilder career.
Remember how I had to reach Level 3 Writing for my first work-from-home assignment?

Well, this morning I did another work-from-home assignment: "Finish writing a book."
My Writing skill hit Level 5 by the time I finished that stupid book.

Megumi Soma already claimed Writing as her unique career and I'm only a Level 3 Critic.
No way I'll be able to max my career without unwillingly maxing the Writing skill, too!

Satoshi: Clara's at work, but I take everyone else with me to Skye Fitness in San Myshuno.
I'm not at all concerned about leveling Fitness. That should be a piece of cake.

The skill that takes forever to level is Charisma! *sighs

Don: Caleb, Jung, Akira, Yukio, you--so many of you dynasty fellas are here this evening!
Satoshi:  That's odd. I never knew they were all fitness buffs!

Don: So why aren't you dressed like them, dude? What do you have to hide?
Satoshi: I ain't got nothing to hide, Don!  I, my friend, am blessed with whimsical charm.
That's why I don't need to do the shirtless-with-skimpy-shorts look.

Satoshi: By the time I open the store, it's already 6 pm!
Egads, the aprons are irresistible!

Satoshi: For some reason, our lady customers aren't as enthusiastic about the mannequins' fashion options.
We'll need to think about changing their outfits. Or maybe provide dressing rooms?

Clara: Is that gentleman really a cook or does he just want to cos-play? The outfit suits him!


Satoshi: We close shop at 1:30 am and finish restocking at 4 am.
We end up 90 points short for buying Serious Shopper.
Erina: Don't worry about it, Satoshi! We opened the store very late this time!

Bjorn: Can you believe Erina's in her second trimester and they're just now having their First Kiss?
Sofia: Oh Dad, don't be so old-fashioned! Anyway, things have been crazy in our household lately!

Sofia: I get my son's birthday notice at 3 am but need to wait until everyone gets home.
I give him a makeover then we switch the upstairs Kids' Room for the downstairs Focused Room.

When I phone to hire a vegetarian caterer, look who arrives: Moss Dinero!?

Sofia: Since we Bjergsens are of Danish descent, I've renamed my son Nikolaj.
Nikolaj aged up with this hair and everyday outfit. I only changed his shoes and socks.

Isn't he lovely?

Sofia: Nik has blue eyes, like Dad, Elsa, and me.
What do you call the color of his hair? Ash blonde? Or is he prematurely grey? Already!?

Sofia: Why is Olivia walking around in broad daylight when she lives in that spacious house in Willow Creek?!?
Doesn't she care if she fries? Or did she not get the memo?

Satoshi: I get promoted to Level 5 Athlete and branch to the Bodybuilder career.
Life is mocking me, I'm sure of it!

Of all the sims to wear this career outfit, it just had to be me and my whimsical charm!

Yukio: Too bad about your Food Critic career, but why pick the Bodybuilder career?

Satoshi: It has short hours, Fitness is quick to max, and Great Kisser trait is helping with Charisma.
But I'd forgotten how time-consuming mentoring fitness is! Focus, Sofia, focus!

Sofia: *pops a flirty introduction on Satoshi's great-grandfather, Yukio
Satoshi: Great, just great!


Satoshi: We open the store after midnight, closing soon after buying the Serious Shopper perk.

Erina: I give birth to our daughter, Momo, around 5 am. Look how cute she is, Satoshi!
Satoshi: Are you sure she's mine?

Erina: I'm not even going to dignify your question with a response! Hmmph!

Clara: Now that you've finally reached Level 5 Gardening, Bjorn, get to grafting!
Bjorn: You don't have to tell me! I can't wait to see what happens to our backyard.

Clara: I'm hoping for a small pool!
Erina: I'm hoping for a little playground for Nikolaj and Momo!
Bjorn: I'm hoping for a manly BBQ area!

Sofia: I'm leaving you to it, Erina!
I've already had my cake, showered, and milked my cowplant!  Ugh.

Erina: Thanks, Sofia! Satoshi really needs all the help he can get with his promotions!

Satoshi: Let's make a quick stop at Sky Fitness, folks, so I can work out for an hour.

Bjorn: When we arrive, my grandson Nikolaj is starving so we all head over to a cupcake stall.
Erina: Oh, I didn't realize you could buy cupcakes for a toddler to eat!
Sofia: Why can't I be at Skye Fitness with Satoshi?

Erina: Don't look now, but the cupcake vendor looks like the father of Ayato's lady love.

Satoshi: We open shop after 6 pm, so we won't have time to buy another perk tonight.
Still I want to open the store as often as possible!

Sofia: That gardener with the Evil trait comes to the shop then picks fights with us.
I'm about to ask her to leave when I get a text message from that vampire cutie-pie.

When I last saw him, he was such a charming teen that I couldn't refuse his offer to turn me.
What could he want this time?


Sofia: View three paintings at a museum? Okay, I'll go with you but why should I bother?
Clara: Don't be that way, Sofia! You have the Creative trait so you should paint some portraits, too!

Sofia: Unless our house gets remodeled, there's not enough room for you, Erina, and me in that cramped Inspired Studio.
Clara: Stop being so negative, Sofia. And whatever you do, don't go meeting that Ayato!

Ayaka: Dude, you followed me into the restroom. Can't it wait?
Satoshi: No! *endorses product then enthuses about store

Bjorn: The four of us are spamming those retail socials as fast and often as we can! Clickity-click!


Satoshi: Fourteen hours and 37 individual sales transactions after we open, we close shop at 1 am.
I guess we could rally the troops and keep going, but we all really need showers.

We'll definitely be able to buy our fourth perk next time! Let's head home, folks!

Satoshi: My little angel becomes a toddler!
You probably haven't noticed but I'm the first Soma with brown eyes.

Here's a collage so you can see where Momo got her violet eyes.

Satoshi: In my journey as the Soma heir, I've faced one setback after another.
My future wife turned then seduced, my future portraitist Sofia also turned then impregnated, changing houses, my hasty career switch, all adults not working at the store (because of nooboo-sitting)…
May I also complain that Erina, who is a goofball, often ignores the customers to "dance with mannequin"?

Nevertheless, when I gaze at my darling Momo, I feel energized to carry on.
Momo's appearance makes all my recent trials and tribulations worth shouldering.

Sit back and watch the Somas NOT come in third place!

Current Week 8 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Store: Satoshi's Comeback, resale value: $103,396
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Retail perks (3/5): Faster Checkouts (Large), Serious Shopper, Faster Restocking (Large)
                                [needs Sure Sale and Cheaper Restocking]
  Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder (Level 6)

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Status: Day 1 toddler
Toddler skills: None

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.82. Retail, So Tedious! (10/18 new)
« Reply #332 on: October 19, 2017, 08:23:19 AM »
Still Retroactive Team Sofia!!  It's nice to see that she's become such a good, if understandably moody, helper for the household.  Also, Nikolaj is adorable!!  And yes, I know there's some hypocrisy in my criticism of Erina, but I'm sticking with it  ;=)
Reading through your RDC has simply reminded me of how much I had enjoyed my retail store back when I failed at an RDC.  No real use for a store in an IDC, unfortunately, but I might have the Tooks buy one just for fun.  Maybe it would help fill the time for the immortals.
Anyway, I'm loving how all of the dynasty families are still feeling like they have a chance to compete even though we know Serena's going to win it all  ;=)

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.83. Momo the Speed Princess
« Reply #333 on: October 22, 2017, 03:42:05 PM »
Sofia appreciates your support. This household took a beating from their rivals, but they are recovering and pulling through!
I'm glad you enjoy running a store. As for me, I'm just wanting to be done with it. Perhaps, I'm just too close to the end of the tunnel and have become unnecessarily impatient.
A store to entertain the elders would be a fun idea, as long as the elders stay home while the heir is at school or working. XD
Hahaha, I love how you are an unabashed member of Team Serena! <3

8.83. Satoshi Soma (3/3): Momo the Speed Princess

Week 8/Friday

Erina: Satoshi and Clara have already left for work. Elsa's at school.
I'll read to the children, Sofia, so you can catch up with your painting.

Sofia: Thank you, Erina. And thanks, too, for helping me with Nikolaj.
Once he maxes Potty, he'll be Level 3 in all his toddler skills!

Erina: I hope I can count on you to help me raise Momo, Sofia. She's so behind!
Sofia: Of course, I'll help out. Good thing that you and I both can "Give Second Wind," too!

Erina: Poor little Momo! You'll be the first and only heir who doesn't earn the Happy Toddler trait!

Daichi: I'd half expected at some point that one of the families would ask me to move in.
I guess I'm just too good at what I do. *sighs heavily

Satoshi: Today's been a great day for me so far.
After I bring home my guaranteed Level 7 promotion, The Well grants me another guaranteed promotion.

And I like how the "Mentor fitness" daily task has changed.
Previously, one had to do that daily task before every work shift.
Now, I only need to complete it once for each promotion.

Satoshi: I take my pulled  muscle and the rest of the household to the store.
Wow! Victor Feng really loves those mannequin outfits!

Victor: Would these make a good choice for Lily and me when I host my next fund-raising gala?


Satoshi: After all the drama surrounding Sofia, the Bjergsens bring a blessing in disguise.
I had no idea that Clara Bjergsen had max Fitness.

Clara: Hey, you would have maxed Fitness last night, if you'd remembered to buy me the Mentor trait!
Satoshi: *sighs

Elsa: By now, you've no doubt noticed that this household's ugly stepsister is me!
I've finished Whiz Kid and Artistic Prodigy, but get no encouragement to finish the other two.

Sofia: Ugly stepsister? Don’t make me laugh! As if my life's been a Cinderella story… *rolls eyes

Satoshi: My promotion today grants me a work uniform more suitable for my whimsical charm.

And then The Well boosts me to Level 9 Celebrity Bodybuilder!
Not a bad way to end the week!

Bjorn: Why me? I was busy tending our garden!
Satoshi: Clara's at work, Sofia is painting, and Erina's mentoring her. Need I say more?

Besides, Bjorn, don't you feel honored that you're the last sim I'll ever mentor in Fitness?
Bjorn: Eh, I was already at Level 8…

Satoshi: As much as I'd love to go to the store tonight, we're going to stay home.
I want to focus on Momo now, since she only needs two more levels to age up.

Of course, we've had to completely ignore two of her toddler skills.

Momo: Are you sure that was an apricot, Papa? It looked like a peach to me!

Satoshi: That's it, Momo! Keep yakking at your plushies! You can do this!

Elsa: Oh look! My shoe actually made it into the screenshot! Whoopee-doo!

Satoshi: Her last needed skill is Thinking, so I take her to the kitchen to Watch me bake her birthday cake.
By the time she's ready to age up, she's about to crash and burn.

Erina: Quick! Add her to the club and rally the troops!

Momo: I can't believe Watchette only gave me a makeover for my everyday outfit.
Satoshi: Well, if things go right, Momo, you won't have a chance as a child to wear any other outfit, anyway!

Momo: Yes, sir! I plan to be a teen by Sunday evening.
Does that make me only one day behind, Papa?

Final Week 8 Status: The Soma Line

Gen4 Heir: Satoshi Soma
*Completed bloodline requirements:
  Store: Satoshi's Comeback, resale value: $103,396
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
  Retail perks (4/5): needs Cheaper Restocking
  Career: Athlete/Bodybuilder (Level 9)

Gen5 Heir: Momo Soma
Toddler skills: L5 Communication and Thinking; L3 Potty
Child aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (just started)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.83. Momo the Speed Princess (10/22 new)
« Reply #334 on: October 22, 2017, 04:59:11 PM »
Oh my gosh!  Momo's an adorable child!
Poor Elsa.  And poor Sofia who totally deserves her chance to be Cinderella.  Of course, this would generally be the point that I say I'll make sure she gets that roll in my next story, but that didn't exactly work out for Candy when I'd made that bold statement earlier in this dynasty  :=)  Anyway, Retroactive Team Sofia!!
Now that he mentions it, I am kind of surprised that no household picked up Nanny Daichi.  I mean, bare minimum, it would have been a great way to prevent the other households from benefitting form the only good nanny in town.  Hooray for sabotage!
The Somas are really making an impressive comeback.  Of course, the Serena family will still win, but it's nice that the Somas will feel good about themselves as the fight it out for second place  ;=)
Another lovely update!  I wonder how many more we'll have before you make it into the HoF...

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.83. Momo the Speed Princess (10/22 new)
« Reply #335 on: October 22, 2017, 08:14:26 PM »
OMG!! I love her name, MOMO, which show is it from?

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.84. Ayato's Advances
« Reply #336 on: October 23, 2017, 09:02:27 PM »
   I totally cracked up regarding your self-reflection on how promising Candy Behr a better life in your own story turned out for her, lol. She and Summer did get lots of screen time, considering they weren't even part of the household, though, so there's that!
   The reason I never let the Somas (who first discovered Nanny Daichi) move him in was that I feared another equally wonderful nanny wouldn’t appear. If I were to put one nanny out of population, would the game then generate a new third nanny? Would you know? I was too scared to try it!
   Yes, Momo is really cute! Now I'm wondering why I tortured myself these past months by insisting that the toddlers be either Top-Notch or Happy Toddlers!

Thank you for liking her name. It means "peach."
In the Soma line, all the heirs and many of their spouses are named after characters in the manga/anime "Food Wars" (Shokugeki no Soma). Momo is named after Momo Akanegakubo.
If you click here to jump to my "Meet the Contenders: Restauranteurs" post for the Somas, you'll see an image of Momo Akanegakubo at the very bottom of the post.

8.84. Ayato Zanna (1/4): Ayato's Advances

Previously in Week 7:
   • The Gen3 Zanna household consists of Vitoria (Gen3 heir), her spouse Jung Storey, their teen son Ayato, Vitoria's twin Laura, Paola Pizzazz (portrait painter), Masato Yamaguchi (vampire bro), and Bella Goth.
   • Vitoria easily completes her remaining bloodline requirements;
   • Ayato is mentored in Writing by Arun Bheeda but vetoes novels to opt for a Handiness-based museum collection instead;
   •  Laura discovers a new strategy for painting portraits that requires minimal posing by the subject;
   • While turning offspring for his Vampire Family aspiration, Ayato succeeds to "Offer to Turn" Erina, even after his father Jung failed;
   • Laura celebrates her teen birthday then asks Alfonso Dinero to be her boyfriend;
   • While raising his vampire rank, Ayato completes all his move-out requirements by Saturday evening;
   • Ayato leaves behind his parents and Paola and forms a new household at Hillside Highlands, consisting of Masato, Bella, Laura Zanna and Alfonso Dinero, and Masato's son Makoto.

Week 8/Sunday

Ayato: We are most happy to be able to begin our Week 8 not long after midnight, for a change!
First of all, allow me to introduce our household's new additions.

That's my son Ruki on your left and Auntie Laura's daughter Poppy on your right.

Ayato: You may recall I turned six offspring last week and trained Kendall on that fateful Saturday.
Since it's dark out, I invite and train two other offspring, easily completing my Vampire Family aspiration.

Turning humans who are already your good friends saves so much time!
Also, Vampire Family only requires the Master Vampire rank.
Nevertheless, I still need to reach the Grand Master rank to buy my two Tier-Five powers.

But tonight, I exult in my newly-acquired 100% Sunlight Resistance!

Ayato: As you've already heard, Watchette's made a few missteps with assigning careers.
The career switching has resulted in changes in teen aspirations due to overlapping skills.

But we recently learn that Ruki will be doing Nerd Brain, which has nothing to do with his museum items.
On the bright side, both Masato and Alfonso have maxed Logic and can mentor Ruki.

Masato: Let's leave the garden to Bella and get started on the rocket ship for Ruki, Alfonso.
Bella: Gee, thanks!

Ayato: When I spot Bella go out the front door, I follow her outside for "the talk."

Bella: I don't understand, Ayato. You seriously think you could do better than me?
Ayato: It's not about "better" or "worse," Bella. I will never love you.

Bella: But what about our son? What will people think?
Ayato: For all intents and purposes, you are publicly my wife but we will never marry.
Anyway, you're too busy chasing after Grandpa Massimo to care about me, aren't you?

Ayato: I still need to earn another vampire rank. Would you be so kind as to spar with me?

Bella: It's your childhood sweetheart, isn't it? You think I'm going to let you off so easily?

Masato: Ayato, Ayato, Ayato. Were you sleeping during your English lit classes?
Do you not remember the famous words of William Congreve (1670-1729)?
"Heav'n has no rage like love to hatred turn'd / Nor Hell a fury, like a woman scorn'd."

Ayato: Good evening, miss. My name's Ayato Zanna and you are?
Leticia: My name's Leticia Mixon. You must be the great-grandson of my master Serena.

Ayato (internally): Very nice! She's "only" a fledgling vampire whereas I'm a Master Vampire!

Ayato: You must be thinking that I look quite ferocious here.
Truth to be told, I lost three spars to Bella and lost the first spar to Leticia. That's 4/5!!!

Just when I think I'm in the zone, though, the sun comes out and Leticia runs off.
Admittedly, I'm more of a lover and schmoozer than a sparrer and dueler!

Ayato: The Well granted me a full promotion soon after the Big Switch.
This time, it grants me a guaranteed promotion, though my performance bar doesn't budge.

Anyway, I choose to work from home so my garden plants have some time to grow.
I'll write that letter first.

Ayato: I check in on Bella because I'd asked her to prepare food for when our son ages up to a toddler.
She is driving me batty, Ayato! She has to stop and eat everything she cooks, even though she's not hungry.!
I have to watch her constantly to make sure she's actually cooking!

Masato: Let's just go ahead and hire a caterer. We can afford it now!

Ayato: After writing that letter, I check the progress of my cause: World United.
Things are looking very bleak but that's only because I've never actually worked yet.

Protest at a bar, protest at a bar….where shall I go? I know just the place!

Caleb: It's always such a pleasure to see my favorite great-grandson…
Ayato: Your one and only great-grandson, I might add!

Caleb: Details, details! What I want to know is why have you invited me to a bar at 8:30 am?

Ayato: I 'm here today to protest the Shrieking Llama Bar's discriminatory practices!
There's a night for aliens and ghosts, even for knights and bears.
Why no Vampire Night?  Why!?

As the promoter of the World United cause, I demand equal treatment for vampires!
Vampires deserve a bar night of their own, too!

Laura: Are we supposed to join in Ayato's protest or just watch?
Alfonso: I'm not sure, but he is family, you know!

Ayato: Thanks for helping out, people!
Alfonso: You'd do the same for us, Ayato.

Ayato: Laura, please try to look angrier! We are protesters here, not cheerleaders!

Ayato: After the protest, I spend a little time introducing myself to potential voters and promoting my cause.
Good morning, ma'am. My name is Ayato Zanna. May I interest you in supporting my cause?

Clara: Oh, so you're the young man who, as just a teen, managed to turn Erina and Sofia!
My name is Clara Bjergsen and I'm…
Ayato: Don't tell  me! How did I never know that Sofia had an elder sister?

Clara (internally): I can certainly see his appeal…

Clara (enthralled): So what can I do for you, Ayato? Would you like to turn me?
Or may I offer you my social security number and bank account password?

Ayato: Uh, no, Clara. I would just like you to support my cause and give me your vote when the time comes.

On a whim, Ayato decides to play Kendall a quick visit, leaving the rest of the household behind.

Ayato: What's wrong, Kendall? Why are you doubled over in pain like that?
Kendall: It's nothing, Ayato. My stomach is unhappy with the spicy food I ate at Korma Chameleon for lunch today.

Ayato: I stopped by to see how you were and to offer you vampiric training.
Kendall: I'd like that! I want to be able to daywalk someday, just like you!

Ayato (internally): I briefly consider proposing to Kendall, but her father walks in.
When I propose, it must be a special moment! Now is neither the time nor place!

Father: You must be the young man my daughter's been talking about. It's nice to finally meet you, Ayato.
Ayato: Mr. Kendall, I…

Father: Let me speak first, Ayato. My wife and I never gave Kendall the loving home environment she craved.

I don't care that you're a vampire and that you turned Kendall.
I don't care whether you're rich or poor.
All I ask is that you cherish her and give her the family life she's always wanted.

Ayato: I promise to do everything in my power to make Kendall happy, sir.
My hands are tied for the next two weeks. But when I'm free, Kendall will want for nothing.

Ayato: I spend the rest of day implementing my new system for boosting not only my vampire rank but also my charisma and political support.

Typically, I start out with "Detect Personality" followed by a self-introduction.

 I choose the "Promote Cause" social next, then end with "Share Vampire Knowledge."

Fortunately, there's a lot of sims strolling in our neighborhood throughout the day.


It's just past midnight when I detect the personality of Malcolm Landgraab.
And that's what finally boosts me to the rank to Grand Master!

Of course, Masato trained me whenever he could but I didn't need anymore sparring or even a single duel.

I rush home to buy a bar and mix a Draught of Reconfiguration for myself.

No, dear readers, it's not repetitive to watch me mix and drink a Draught of Reconfiguration!

Just think! This is the last time anyone in this particular Rival Dynasties Challenge will drink one!
It's a milestone moment, folks!

I purchase Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures as my two required tier-five vampire powers.

Note that I've given up Vampire Creation but added Garlic Immunity.
I mean, who knows which garlic-warded homes I'll need to visit in pursuit of support for my cause?

Current Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
   Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
   Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
   Career: Politician/Politician (Level 3)
   Garden (2/6 plants): needs Dragonfruit, Cowplant, Sixam Mosquito Trap, and Deathflower

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna
  Status: Bassinet burrito

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.84. Ayato's Advances (10/23 new)
« Reply #337 on: October 23, 2017, 09:54:09 PM »
I think you accidentally posted the same image twice when you introduced Leticia.
Ayato's "I'm a schmoozer, not a fighter" line was quite wonderful.
When Bella makes all the food and eats it, does she instantly run off to throw it back up?  That's what Izumi used to do and was why the Took toilets always needed to be cleaned (sigh).
Silly Ayato, Laura's skill is in looking lovely, not angry!  The protest about no Vampire Night was glorious!
Is it wrong that as soon as I saw that Kendall was having tummy issues I started fangirling internally thinking that an Ayato/Kendall boo was on the way?

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.84. Ayato's Advances (10/23 new)
« Reply #338 on: October 23, 2017, 10:11:25 PM »
@oshizu I figured it had to do with a food manga. Momo from Bleach came to my mind lol

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.84. Ayato's Advances (10/23 new)
« Reply #339 on: October 23, 2017, 10:38:33 PM »
Go, Zannas, go! Hmm...well, I think there are some high valued microscope prints but now I am pretty curious as to what the collection items will be. The Zannas have to secure their victory, after all. Also, I might be working on posting stats and strats for my RD. Good luck with the big finish, everyone.

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.85. I'm a Political Man
« Reply #340 on: October 25, 2017, 09:25:32 PM »
Thanks so much for pointing out that I'd posted the same image twice! I fixed it as soon as I read your comment.
Poor Ayato! I couldn't believe how poorly he fared with the vampire sparring. Luckily, it's possible to reach Grand Master without any dueling at all, provided one starts training early and often.
Bella doesn't have a withered stomach so, no, she doesn't throw up what she eats. I'm sure she does it just to annoy me, including eating food in the Baker's Display Case intended for the toddlers when she's not even hungry.  Masato is a glutton with a withered stomach, on the other hand, so he constantly wants to cook, eat, and vomit. The gluttony drives Masato; I'm not sure what Bella's problem is.

You and your son might enjoy the Food Wars anime. My friend and his wife both watch it along with their junior high-school son. Thanks to the anime, the son has developed an interest in cooking already! I love that show!

The Zannas come up third in the rotation so they'll have the advantage of knowing the final museum worth of the Dineros and Somas.
I'm excited to hear that you'll be sharing your stats and strats. The more, the merrier!

8.85. Ayato Zanna (2/4): I'm a Political Man (Get into My Big, Black Car)


Ayato: There's not really much I can do in the middle of the night in my neighborhood.

After working from home on Sunday, I didn't get my guaranteed promotion after all.
And since I can't secure votes yet, all I can do is promote my World United cause.

So I promote my cause to every vampire roaming our hood, making new acquaintances along the way.

Alfonso: I'm trying to raise my parenting skill, Makoto. Will you work with me?

Makoto: Of course, Uncle Alfonso. I love the attention!

Ayato: Just think, Ruki!
By the time you're a toddler, you might have four adults who can give you a second wind!

I won't be one of them, though, because I need to focus on my career first, little fella.

At 7 a.m., I choose to work from home then finally receive that guaranteed promotion.
Talk about luck! The Well grants me a full promotion to Level 5 so I branch, of course, to Politician.

I'm waiting until Masato gets home from school, though, before we all head out.

Finally, Watchette decides to build me my own office.
When I go to check the progress of my cause, however, the option is unavailable.

I wonder if my progress resets now that I've chosen the Politician branch. Or is that only for the Charity Organizer branch?

Ayato: And this is the conversation during which Alfonso and I reach Level 5 Parenting.

Alfonso: Once Laura's Parenting dings Level 5, Ruki will have five adults who can give him a second wind.

Masato: Instead of using the computer or skill books, the three of us spammed the "Give Parenting Tips" social on each other.

Makoto: Cool! I've been wanting to start the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration!
But aren't the Magnolia Blossom and Desert Bloom Parks much bigger? Why here, Papa?

Masato: I'll explain to you when you get older, son.

Laura: I've been wanting you to start The Curator aspiration, Alfonso.
Alfonso: Yeah, so have I. But is this the best place to start?

Laura: I've never visited this area.
Alfonso: Me neither, but there's a surprisingly large number of dig sites!

Laura: You think we'll ever get to go to Korma Chameleon to dine?
Alfonso: Eh, why bother? The menu's changed so we're better off learning to cook Indian food ourselves!

Ayato: For a father who's supposed to never be home, why is he always here when I visit?
Eh, I seize the opportunity to promote my policies and secure his vote!

Ayato: I've stopped by today because Kendall's stomach pains yesterday have me worried.
I click on her parents' double bed, secretly hoping that the "Try for baby" option will be greyed out. It isn't. *disappointed

Oh well, my father taught me never to start what I can't finish.

Father: This is so awkward! Maybe if I turn up the volume on the TV?

Ayato: I have a work-from-home assignment to protest at the gym so here we are in Windenberg.
Laura: What are we protesting in the name of World United this time?

Alfonso: What about vampire-friendly blinds on all this gym's windows?
Masato: What about complimentary Plasma Janes to attract vampire clientele to the gym?

Ayato: I'm thinking a daily water aerobics class for the pregnant, both female and male.
Masato:  Oh dude, you've got it baaaad!

Ayato: Just as our protest is winding down, we get our nooboos' birthday notices.
We rush home as fast as we can to age them up.

Obviously, that's my son Ruki on your right and my cousin Poppy on your left.

Ayato: Father will be happy to see that Ruki inherited our eye shape and color!

Bella: Where's my toddler portrait?
I'm sorry but that would have involved reloading a new game and using an age-down cheat.
For a non-heir, Bella, you're one of the luckiest sims in this challenge!

Bella: How so?
You've ended up with three children and two grand-children, two of whom are Gen5 heirs.

Laura: Our little Poppy is so adorable, though she doesn't really resemble either of us at this point.

Alfonso: But don't you think she has my lips and eyes?
Laura: And with my skintone and chin, perhaps.


Ayato: Around 2 am, I finally max my Charisma skill so no more skilling for this vampire!
On a hunch, I slip away to make another visit to Kendall, this one very brief.

Uh huh, it wasn't the spicy Indian food after all!

Makoto: Doesn't Nanny Daichi ever come to this house, Papa?
I need to work on this project, but Nanny Imane and her dramatic stories are super annoying!

Masato: Sadly, we can't control which nanny comes when we hire one, son.

Bella: Will Ruki only be maxing three toddler skills like the Soma toddler?
Ayato: Of course not! We aren't so desperately behind that we need to take shortcuts.
Ruki will only age up once he's earned the Happy Toddler trait.

Bella: But the challenge rules only require Ruki to max Potty and two other skills. Why the extra time and effort?

Ayato: Because we vampires can't buy reward traits, Ruki will benefit from the skilling boost that Happy Toddler grants.
His rivals will no doubt be buying the Morning Sim and Night Owl traits.

Ruki: I love doing things with Papa! He can move at super speed, which is totally cool!

But sometimes Papa seems really sad when he looks at me. I don't know why.

Bella: What a cheeky little girl! Poppy becomes sad due to her potty accident.
But when I go to "Soothe" her, she has the nerve to reject my hug!

Poppy (internally): I blame Auntie Bella for her poor potty guidance!

Ruki: Before leaving for work, Papa phones the Founder and invites her over.

I can't really interact with her yet except for "Show toy" and "Talk to Stranger."

Makoto: I know nobody really cares since I'm only the son of two helpers, unrelated to the Zannas.
Still, I wanna share that I completed the Whiz Kid aspiration today by bringing home an A!

Ayato: Today is the very first day that I actually worked at the office!
My work-from-home assignment had included "Promote Cause," which I couldn't complete.

Thanks to Masato's aromatherapy massage, however, I manage to max my performance bar and get promoted, anyway.
Note that my daily task is already complete, because my boss counts all votes I secured before the promotion!

And when I visit The Well next, I receive a full promotion to Level 7 Councilperson. Thanks!

Ayato: While I'm outside securing votes for my next promotion, I spot a co-worker in front of my parents' home.

So, Victor, you've been a politician much longer than I have. May I ask you a professional question?
Victor: Sure, go ahead, Ayato. I'm always glad to help out a colleague.

Ayato: Will I also have to wear those weird medical-intern slippers someday? Oh, and thanks for the vote!

The day is not yet over, but I'm closing this update with a shot of Poppy in her pjs.
She's been awoken by a nightmare and is inconsolable.

Still, she refuses to be comforted, neither by Masato nor even by her mother or father. Is this typical behavior for an Independent toddler? So not kawaii!

Current Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
   Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
   Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
   Career: Politician/Politician (Level 7)
   Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna
  Traits: Inquisitive
  Toddler Skills: L2 Communication, Imagination, Potty, and Thinking; L1 Movement

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.85. I'm a Political Man (10/25 update)
« Reply #341 on: October 25, 2017, 10:08:09 PM »
Hooray!!  The Ayato-Kendall boo is on the way!  I'm so excited!
Poor little Ruki.  He can see how sad his daddy is. 
Serena made a guest appearance!  I was so happy  :=)  Of course, I was doubly happy since we also got in some Laura time.
Your dynasty is getting so close to finished!!  Have you already planned the celebratory party Serena's line will throw when they win?  ;=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.86. Ruki Rocks On
« Reply #342 on: October 27, 2017, 08:00:26 PM »
I'm also super excited about the Ayato/Kendall nooboo, but also feel a little sad for Ruki. Maybe he'll want to move out with Ayato and Kendall later?
I knew you'd enjoy seeing the shots of Serena and Laura, so I ended up taking quite a few to select the best two, lol.
Not to count my chickens before they hatch, but…I thought up the title for the final update this morning, hahaha.

8.86. Ayato Zanna (3/4): Ruki Rocks On


Ayato: After I secure Geoffrey Landgraab's vote, I spot my very favorite vampire in the neighborhood!

Glad to see she's a Minor Vampire already, I offer her more vampiric training.

Kendall: Why did you invite me here, love? This place is deserted!

Ayato: Exactly! And why can't I ask about your due date or ask to feel our nooboo?

Ayato: Kendall, I lost my heart to you that day I found you crying in the park.
My life as the Zanna heir is quite complicated at the moment, but would you marry me?

Kendall: I was wondering when you'd get around to asking me, baby boy! YES!


Ayato: What a surprise when Kendall jumps into my arms! She is sooooo heavy!
But I think I hide my shock and dismay quite well, wouldn't you agree?

Kendall: I know you're crazy busy these days, but I'd been feeling insecure about the future.
Ayato: Once we Zannas have won this challenge, I'll be all yours, Kendall. Where do you want to live?

Masato: Dude, get out of bed. What are you sulking about?
Alfonso: I just saw Geoffrey Landgraab kissing Laura's hands in the hallway!

Masato: Oh, so that's why you have the Drifting Love moodlet. You've got it all wrong!
Alfonso: How so?

Masato: Didn't you see Laura got angry at Geoffrey? You should have kicked Geoffrey's butt!
Instead, you slink away and sulk like a three-year-old. Get it together, man!

Ayato: The Well has been so incredibly accommodating lately that it almost scares me.

It grants me yet another full promotion to Level 8 Representative. This career is a breeze!

Ayato: Ruki asks me to feed him in the high chair, which we have just in case.

Grab a plate for yourself instead, Ruki boy, so I can read you a story!

Bella: You're probably wondering why you don't see much of me these days.
Watchette is angry that I'm constantly eating the food prepared for the toddlers.

That's why I'm locked up in my room whenever I'm not being the dynasty drone.
Eating is even a banned club activity, Bella! Why do you keep doing it?

Bella: I don't know. Hey, did I tell you my Gaming skill is Level 4, just from playing on my phone?

I couldn't stand it any longer. Bella constantly takes food out of the Baker's Cousin Display Case.
She's not even hungry! And she has dozens of plasma packs and 99+ plasma fruit in her inventory.

Ayato: You've been so helpful with your maxed Wellness skill, Masato!
You're always there for my pre-work massage and Wellness socials!
Masato: Hey, that's what I'm here for, Ayato!

Makoto: What about me? I've come to set the club vibe to Very Confident!
Ayato: I'm glad you live with us, too, Makoto!

Alfonso: Hey, you know how an adult with the right skill maxed can mentor children in Mental or a musical instrument?
Masato: Right! And a child seems to learn Creativity faster when encouraged by an adult with maxed Painting, too.

Alfonso: Since you and I have max Logic, do you think Ruki learns Thinking faster from us?
Masato: I don't know. Do you think your Mentor trait works with toddlers?

Bella: Ugh, this life!
People think I lead such an exotic life but I spend most of my time either gardening or playing games on my phone!

I'm starting to think that life with Mortimer wasn't half bad.
What has Mortimer been up to lately? Hmmm, should I give him a call to chat?

Ayato: I need to remember to top off my thirst before leaving for work!
I was this close to another promotion but I got so thirsty that I had to stop working hard.

Laura: Poppy is the last of 23 toddlers raised during this Rival Dynasties Challenge!

Maaike Haas' daughter counts because Erina was adopted as a toddler.
Ulrike's daughter doesn't count because Jun was already a child when she was adopted!

Bella: Oh, burn! Wait till Ayato finds out that Kendall's taken up with Masato!

Check them out sneaking through those bushes together.

Ayato: Finally, an orchid has blossomed! You probably think I'm making a big deal out of nothing!
But "someone" put this plant in the family inventory for a whole day, thinking it was wolfbane.

I wonder who would have done a dumb thing like that? *coughs innocently

Ayato: I really appreciate your giving Kendall a Fertility Massage, Masato!
Kendall: How I would love to give birth to twins or triplets! But isn't this spot a little too public?

Masato: Too bad we don't know your approximate due date so we could time this better.
Ayato: Oddly, I still can't ask about her due date or to feel her tummy!


Ayato: You still need a little over four levels, Ruki. I'm thinking you'll age up early Friday.
Ruki: Four! Friday!

Ayato: Now, let me show you a magic play trick before you go to bed.
Ruki: Papa, it feels like my legs are attached backwards!

Ayato: I told you it's magic, didn't I?

Bella: In an attempt to escape being locked up, I volunteer with Masato who's off from school today.
What about a beach clean up? I'm not sure vampires would be welcome at a soup kitchen.

Masato: This cute girl sees me drop a load of trash but I decide to pick it up and continue clean up.
And she actually comes over to help me out! How cool is that?

Ayato: Hello, young lady. What are you doing in my neighborhood? I'm Ayato Zanna.
Momo Soma: So you are the vampire my household is always going on about!!! I'm Momo Soma.

Ayato: Well, I guess I'm flattered they still care about me. So what do you think, Momo?
Momo: Eh, you're not all that, dude!

Ayato: Oh don't be like that, Momo. I'm quite a likable fellow. And you should meet my son Ruki when he's older.
Momo: Why am I even letting him hug me? Why am I smiling? And why do I suddenly want to meet his son?

Kendall: Masato invited me over for another massage while you were at work. He said you'd asked him, too, so thanks!
Ayato: Oh, I can finally ask you your due date. And…may I feel our nooboo?

Kendall: I can't stay long but would you give me vampiric training before I go?
Ayato: Sure, sweetheart. And thank you for giving me my 20th (and last) vote!

Don't you like your new outfit, Bella?
Bella: It's all right.

So you don't like it? Is that why you've dropped your action queue 4 times in a row?
Bella: Why am I always downstairs? I even volunteered with Masato three times today.

Because when you're on the first floor, you scarf up all of the toddlers' food for no reason.
Bella: Have you ever considered that I might be stress eating? *sighs and rolls eyes


Masato: There's not much for me to do anymore.
I don't know any children I haven't already befriended, so I can't complete Social Butterfly.
There's no fishing in this neighborhood, so that's out, too.

Since my birthday's not for another 6 days, I've been trying to raise my Empathy.
Not bad for the helper kid of helper parents, right?

Ayato: It's 3:30 am and you only need one more level in Thinking to age up!
You rock, little Ruki!

Ayato: What do you say, fellas? Shall we max out Ruki's Thinking now, without letting him sleep?
Masato: I'm game, Ayato. Let's do it.
Alfonso: I'll help, too, just in case the Mentor trait makes any difference.

Ayato: All right, let's call this update a wrap and meet back for Ayato's birthday!

Poppy: I’m not at all jealous Ruki gets two mentors! And that's because I'm…
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, do you know what that means? (Thanks to Webbie!)

Current Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
   Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
   Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
   Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower
   Career: Politician/Politician (Level 9)

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna
  Traits: Inquisitive
*Incomplete age-up requirements:
  Toddler Skills: L5 Imagination; L4 Thinking; Level 3 Potty, Communication, Movement

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.86. Ruki Rocks On (10/27 update)
« Reply #343 on: October 27, 2017, 08:14:54 PM »
Oh goodness!  Poppy is so sassy!  It's rather adorable.
Bella's new outfit is super-nice!  Is she getting all dolled up to try to rekindle the fire with Mortimer?  I mean, we all know she can't compete with Kendall, and she's certainly not on par with Serena and Laura, but she looks lovely enough to win over Mortimer (for a second time).  Seems like Geoffrey Landgraab shares my opinion.  Laura just might need to put some hurting on the old man if he doesn't watch himself!
It's so exciting to see that you're getting so close to the successful end of the dynasty!!  You're doing a great job!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.87. A Prolonged Pregnancy
« Reply #344 on: October 29, 2017, 02:23:15 AM »
I admit that I made a mistake in judgment with Bella. She doesn't really fit in with the Zannas and she dislikes the role of dynasty drone, lol. She needs to be The Queen. So, I'm trying to think of what her happy ending would be.
Yes, poor Poppy shares the fate of her mother Laura. No toddler gets as much attention as an heir does.

Haha, Geoffrey Landgraab! I was just checking all the sims and noticed that Laura was throwing out red plus signs at Geoffrey who'd tried to kiss her hands just as Alfonso walked into the room.

8.87. Ayato Zanna (4/4): A Prolonged Pregnancy

Week 8/Friday

Ayato: I'd planned to work from home today but accidentally choose to go to work.
Ruki is so close to being ready for his birthday and I wanted to be home for that.

Masato: *recommends self-esteem exercises, offers mental relaxation tips, and gives heartfelt compliment

Ayato: I feel terrible about missing Ruki's birthday!
Masato: You've only got two more ticks until your last promotion, Ayato.
Focus on your job, man. The rest of us will look after Ruki!

Masato: Hey! Why do you sit down to read there when Ruki's about to age up!? Get that book out of the way!

Bella: Huh?

Masato: Happy birthday, Ruki! Congrats on earning the Happy Toddler trait!
Bella: Ruki ages up with the Cheerful trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Masato: What are you looking so grumpy about, Bella?
Bella: Pfft, I know I'm only in this shot because Ayato's left for work!

Ruki: Well, this hair is not bad but what's with this loud, uncouth shirt?
Masato: Haha, that shirt is probably for bowling, Ruki.

Bella: Ruki's eyes may be green like Ayato's but they're shaped like mine!
He also has my bigger lips.

Bella: Makoto's teacher phones to say he made an inappropriate drawing and caused an uproar in class.
Masato: Why did they call you? I'm his father and my Parenting skill is maxed!

Bella: Maybe because I volunteered three times with Makoto yesterday?
Anyway, I told his teacher that we encourage creativity here, so Makoto wouldn't get punished.
Masato: Thanks, Bella.

Bella: Masato, you seem more in the loop than I am. May I ask you something?
Masato: Sure, go right ahead, Bella.

Bella: I can see why Ruki learned Thinking for his teen aspiration of Nerd Brain.
But what's the point of his learning Imagination and choosing Artistic Prodigy?

Masato: Oh, you noticed that? That, my dear, will be unveiled next week!

Bella: Hello, Mortimer? It's me, Bella. How have you been?

And the children? And how are the grand-children?

I'd love to meet them, but you'll have to invite me during your week. I'm kinda busy right now.

Who me? Oh, I'm doing okay. I've just been thinking of you lately, that's all.

Ruki: Papa finally gets home so I can get a makeover. I hated that yellow shirt!

Laura: You are slaying this aspiration, Ruki! You'll be done by late tonight!

Ruki: Thank you for taking a day off to help me, Auntie Laura!

Masato: What are you doing out here, Ayato?
Ayato: I just thought I'd try to get in better shape.
It was embarrassing to lose to Bella and that Leticia when I sparred with them.

Masato: I know what you mean, bro. I've started jogging everyday myself.

Kendall: Thanks for offering me a fertility massage, Masato.
Masato: No problem. I told Ayato that if he invited you over, I'd give you another massage.

Ayato (whispers): Whoa, she's huge, Masato! Why hasn't she gone into labor yet?
Masato (whispers): You're asking me? Haven't you been counting the days?

Ayato: Apparently, I don't know to calculate the due date for a townie sim.
I'd thought she'd conceived soon after The Big Switch when our week started.

I guess she really did have indigestion from the Indian food after all!

Alfonso: Nice! Ayato's treating us to a midnight meal at Korma Chameleon!

Ayato: Actually, no. Kendall lives here right next door.
I wanted to see her home before we all head out.


Ayato: By the time we arrive at Desert Bloom Park, it's exactly midnight.
Laura: Why are we here? Why not the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno?

Ayato: Because Ruki only needs to play for five hours and max Creativity; he doesn't need to max Violin.
Laura: Well, he started playing around 11 pm so he should finish Artistic Prodigy around 4.

Ruki: Did you see this violin, Papa? Uncle Alfonso crafted it just for me!

Poppy: Sheesh, what does it take to get a little attention around here?
Finally, Uncle Ayato remembers I exist and comes to teach me Numbers.

Ayato: Your mother's mentoring my son Ruki and your father's cooking you something to eat.
You don't mind learning from your Uncle Ayato, do you?

Ruki: I complete Artistic Prodigy around 5 am. I'm ready to age up!
But instead, Makoto and I invite all the children he doesn't know already to the park.
He finishes Social Butterfly and I've made a bunch of good friends, including the founder!

Uncle Masato lights the candles on the cake he baked and brought from home.
It's time for me to become a teenager!

Ruki: I'm hurt that everyone starts walking off before I do my birthday leap.
But then I realize that someone has died!

Bella: That's Lio Zanna, the founder's son and Massimo's twin brother.

Ruki: After I finish ageing up, I immediately fly in bat form to the covered room.
I'm now a Cheerful Music Lover with the Nerd Brain aspiration.

Papa, can you tell when I'll be having a makeover?
Aren't these denim shorts and cowboy boots from one of Watchette's dance extravaganzas?
Arrggh, and this hair!

Ayato: We can't do anything until the Grim Reaper is done reaping Lio, son.
At least, you're safe from the sun here, Ruki.

Masato: And you two can avoid the 12-hr Sad +2 "In the Presence of Death" moodlet.

Ruki: We finally get home around 8 am. You know I'm dying for a makeover, but first things first!

I join the Fast Food career then consult The Well who guarantees me a promotion next shift!

Serena: Congrats, Ayato! Your position as this challenge's best-looking male sim goes unchallenged!

Bella: That's odd! Ruki has Ayato's eyes and my thickish nose but whose lips are those?
He actually aged up with your lips which looked beyond awful.
So, I used "Change Sim" to quickly replace his huge mouth with a thinner mouth.

Serena: Sorry, Ayato. I guess she wasn't such a great genetic donor after all!
Ayato: Eh, kinda too late now, don't you think?

Ruki: Hey, hey, people! I'm standing right here!

Laura: Do you have a moment to pose for me, Ruki? I just need two poses.
Ruki: Only two?

Laura: Yeah, one in your normal form and one in your dark form.
With my recently patented method, I'll be using the two portraits as reference to paint higher-value portraits.

Ruki: Patented, eh?
Laura: You know it! Our rivals can't use this method or I'll sue!

Ruki: Reading three books for Nerd Brain feels like it's taking such a long time!
I'm a Music Lover, so I should listen to music on my earbuds while reading.

Alfonso: How'd you get those earbuds!? I want a pair, too!
Thanks, Watcher. These are way cooler than listening to the speaker right in front of me!

Ruki: Papa, I'm getting bored just sitting and reading.
Ayato: You don't need to complete a vampire aspiration, but would you like training?

Ruki: Yes, please. The sooner I get full sunlight resistance the better!
Ayato: I doubt if you'll have time to achieve that by the end of Week 9.

Ayato: Leaving Ruki to finish his third book, I head back to the yoga mat.
And that's when I notice my heart strolling by.

My darling Kendall, you look positively stunning tonight and so…not pregnant!
Kendall: I'm pretty sure I'm glitched. If your watcher hadn't repaired her game, I'd probably still be pregnant.

Ayato: So how are you? I can't believe you gave birth to twins!
Kendall: When are you going to come meet them, Ayato?

Ayato: Ruki just had his birthday this morning and tonight's The Big Switch.
So sorry, but not this week. But I'll definitely visit with Ruki in Week 9.
I'd like you two to get to know each other.

Laura: No museum-worthy portrait yet today but I'm just getting started!

Ruki: Well, I'm about ready to make The Big Switch, Papa!
Thanks to Alfonso's excellent mentoring, I'm going to whizz through Nerd Brain!

Alfonso: Darn Skippy, I'm an excellent mentor!

Final Week 8 Status: Zanna Line

Gen4 Heir: Ayato Zanna
*Completed bloodline requirements:
   Aspiration: Family Vampire (done)
   Two tier-5 vampire powers: Tamed Thirst and Immortal Pleasures
*Incomplete bloodline requirements:
   Garden (5/6 plants): needs Deathflower
   Career: Politician/Politician (Level 5)

Gen5 Heir: Ruki Zanna
  Traits: Inquisitive;
*Completed move-out requirements:
  Toddler Skills: Happy Toddler (L5 Imagination and Thinking)
  Childhood aspiration: Artistic Prodigy (done)
  Good Friends: Serena Zanna; Nobuya Yamaguchi, Ritvik, Srivastava, Shaurya Nair
  *Incomplete move-out requirements:
  Teen career: Fast Food (Level 1)
  "A" in high school: "C"
  Aspiration: Nerd Brain (Tier II of IV)
  Skills: Logic (Level 4) and ? (Level ?)
  Portraits (2): $0 (normal: $, dark: $)
  Collection (7):
  Enemies: (Dinero and Soma)

Coming Next: A recap of Gen4 and Gen5 accomplishments plus what's to come.

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.87. A Prolonged Pregnancy (10/29 update)
« Reply #345 on: October 29, 2017, 10:52:50 AM »
Laura and her patented portrait method.  Priceless!  She and Poppy are the glorious, unsung heroes of the Serena bloodline. 
It seemed like Makato's childhood lasted about half a day!  Super-quick work there, Watcher!
I noticed you didn't spend much time mourning Lio.  I'm not sure if you have a favorite Zanna, but I'm fairly positive he was your least favorite  ;=)
Bella and Mortimer are finding their way back to each other.  That's sweet.  Not as sweet as the Kendall/Ayato love story, but still sweet.
I can't wait to see the Kendall/Ayato boos!
Another lovely update  :=)

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 8.87. A Prolonged Pregnancy (10/29 update)
« Reply #346 on: October 29, 2017, 04:41:30 PM »
Laura with her innovative, time-saving portrait strategy, definitely. Poppy hasn't really done anything heroic yet, though she is a courageous complainer.

The Gen5 heir Ruki (Makoto is the vampire bro Masato's son) spent roughly 22 hours being a teen, from 9 am Friday until 7 am Saturday.
He would have been done 2 hours earlier but he set aside the time to make all his good friends.

Considering Lio was Serena's son and Massimo's younger brother, I should have liked Lio more. But he was constantly causing break-ins in community venues.
And I know it was my fault for having Dinero and Soma heirs pick him for their enemy requirement, but he always tried to compel deep drinking when enraged. He was not a gentleman.
My favorite Zanna would be--since I conceal my favoritism so well--Ayato. lol.

As for Kendall's twins (squee!!!!!), you will meet them in Week 9 for sure. I worry endlessly about Kendall not having sunlight resistance so I'm constantly on the alert for her outdoors, hehe.
Thank you always for your comments. They motivate me to continue this challenge!

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Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 9.88. The Home Stretch
« Reply #347 on: October 30, 2017, 07:20:51 AM »
9.88. The Home Stretch

Now that the Zannas have completed their eighth week, the Rivals will proceed to play what will become their ninth week.
I'm intending Week 9 to be the final week of my Rival Dynasties Challenge, so I thought I would do a short recap here so that we all have a better idea of what each household brings to the table.

Also, due to the nature of rotational gameplay, I imagine it's difficult for readers to keep track of who's who. My proclivity to encourage non-heirs to produce offspring to satisfy my sims-genetics curiosity doesn't make remembering all this story's sims any easier, I'm sure.

This update is not essential to the advancement of my Rival Dynasties Challenge.
It functions more like an comma-like commentary before we proceed to the final week.
The recap is as much for me as it is for the readers, since it won't make much narrative sense to look back at these last three households once the challenge ends.

The Dinero Line of Mansion Barons

Mint Dinero (Gen4 heir) moved out to the 50x40 Twin Oracles Point lot with her maternal Uncle Jagger, then invited the Goths to move in.

From left to right: Mint Dinero (Gen4 heir), Sage (Gen5 heir), and Alex Goth

Mint will go down in Dinero history as the heir who submitted frogs for her museum collection.
Among the Gen4 heirs, Mint has been blessed with the happiest and least troubled family life.
Except that her mother-in-law gave birth to the Gen5 Zanna heir…

While Mint focuses on her career and bloodline requirements, Alex has adeptly cultivated his gardening and parenting skills. He is the perfect husband.
Alex also restored balance to the rivalry by curing Erina Haas of vampirism so that Satoshi and Erina could start their Week 8 without having to deal with that themselves.

Apart from his green hair, Sage Dinero resembles his father a lot, don't you think?

From left to right: Jagger Dinero, Natasha Goth, Cassandra Goth

The favorite son of Moss Dinero (Gen2 heir), Jagger was initially groomed to be a Zanna helper but got rejected when he aged up with the Klepto trait. He could care less now, as he's deeply in love with Cassandra and their daughter Natasha.
Both Jagger and Cassandra are painters.

Since his wife Bella left him, Mortimer Goth (left) has not been with anyone else except Senior Pollination Technician #3 (right).

Mortimer: Very funny, Watchette. And, by the way, that's a complete lie!
Really? You mean you've been with someone else since Senior..
Mortimer: You know very well that's NOT what I mean!

The Soma Line of Restauranteurs/Retailers

Ever since Megumi Soma (Gen2 heir) decided to wait for Braddon Storey to age up, thereby delaying conception and birth of the next heir by 3 days, the Soma line has seemed constantly behind its rivals.
Although the Soma households appear to be the most sociable, restaurant and retail interactions are not true socials. So, even though they spend so much time interacting with their clientele, they aren't any more popular than the Dineros or Zannas.
The glitching of restaurant management robbed much of the fun out of satisfying the bloodline requirements, but not of the Soma households themselves.

From left to right: Satoshi Soma, Moma Soma, Erina Haas

In retrospect, Satoshi could have avoided a lot of grief by moving out earlier and getting Erina pregnant by the end of Week 7. As it was, he left open a window of opportunity that his rivals quickly moved to exploit.
Lucky for Satoshi and Erina, Alex Goth is a big-hearted fella!
Neverthless, Satoshi has been quite resilient!

The choice of the Bjergsens was a fortunate one for Satoshi Soma…well, except for the part where Sofia got turned and pregnant.
Not only have the Bjergsens been great help at Satoshi's shop, but they've also learned to garden (Bjorn) and paint (Clara and Sofia).
Since Erina moved in with maxed painting, three portrait painters aren't really needed but the shop can always find a use for the extra income generated by more paintings.

Sofia's son Nikolaj shares her deep blue eyes but has silver hair.  Sofia refuses to disclose the father's identity.
By the way, Nikolaj's father is constantly at the house. Constantly!
You never see him, though, because I always crop him out of the screenshots, hehe.

The Zanna Line of Vampires

From left to right: Ayato Zanna, Ruki Zanna, Bella Goth

Bella was moved into the home of the Gen2 Zanna heir (Massimo Zanna) before Ayato was even born.
Despite the Zanna founder's desire to combine Bella's genes with the Zannas', no real affection ever grew between Ayato and Bella.
One thing they share, however, is their commitment to the Zannas' success.
No one can say that Bella hasn't been doing her best to fulfill the role the Zannas assigned her.

From left to right: Laura Zanna, Poppy Zanna, Alfonso Dinero

This is a cadet branch of helpers. Laura is the younger twin of Vitoria (Gen3 Zanna heir), while Alfonso is the younger brother of Mina Dinero (Gen3 heir).
Even if Alfonso's twin Jagger hadn't aged up with the Klepto trait, Laura would have persuaded Ayato to instead move in Alfonso.
Laura is the resident painter, while Alfonso with his maxed Logic/Handiness and Mentor trait is ideally suited to help Ruki complete his Nerd Brain aspiration.
Their daughter Poppy actually gets a lot more attention than she lets on.

Masato Yamaguchi, Makoto Yamaguchi, and Ulrike Faust

When Masato first moved in with Ayato's mother Vitoria and Jung Storey he was a yoga instructor with level 9 Wellness and a Grand Master Vampire.
Since then he's maxed Vampire Lore, Logic, Handiness, and Parenting. An all-around essential member of Ayato's household.
Makoto is his son with Ulrike Faust, with whom Masato also has a daughter.
Ulrike doesn't live with Masato and Makoto, so I wanted to at least include her picture here.

Status Going into the "Home Stretch"

   • Total museum worth: The Zannas have a substantial lead which will be hard to beat. I committed a fatal error in having Moss Dinero claim writing as a unique skill but submit paintings for his museum collection. If I hadn't made this mistake, the Dineros would be in a much more competitive place.
   • Gen 4 career: All three young adults only need one more promotion, so no problem here.
   • Other bloodline requirements: Mint Dinero is done and Ayato Zanna only awaits the blossoming of his Deathflowers, but Satoshi Soma will probably need two more full days of shop operation to buy his fifth and last retail perk. They can't hire a nanny to babysit at home while they're at the store, so too bad they can't hire a nanny to babysit AT the store.
   • Momo Soma made up for being born 3 days later than her rivals by skimping on her toddler skilling. She's the only toddler heir in my entire challenge that didn't earn at least the Happy Toddler trait.
   • Ruki Zanna is slightly farther ahead than Sage Dinero for move-out requirements. It only means he'll have that much more time to spend on his museum collection.

Coming next: Week 9 with the Dineros

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 9.88. The Home Stretch (10/30 update)
« Reply #348 on: October 30, 2017, 08:08:06 AM »
Thanks for the recap!  Given that I totally mixed up Makato and Riko...Rodney...Robby...kidding!  I know it's Ruki.  But considering I so easily swapped names is simply testament to how many wonderfully interesting characters you have in this dynasty!
So...are you going to eventually reveal the father of Sofia's baby?  Her pregnancy started during a Zanna week, so I have to imagine it was one of their household.  I think.
Not looking forward to having no more updates of this lovely dynasty to read, but very excited to see you ascend to HoF status!

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Re: Rival Cowfolks in Newcrest: 9.88. The Home Stretch (10/30 update)
« Reply #349 on: October 30, 2017, 11:53:58 AM »
Just finished going over the recap, which is very helpful. I can't help feeling sorry for Bella, though. Consigned to the basement because she keeps eating toddler food, lol. If you had left her in Ophelia Villa, she wouldn't have done that. I don't think she ever touched the toddler food there.
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