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Swap Shop Instructions & Guidelines - READ THIS FIRST!
« on: February 24, 2011, 12:48:22 AM »
Sharing Content

Please Note:  Only patterns or re-colored game items created by our members are allowed to be uploaded. *If any content is uploaded that is found to be custom content, it will be deleted without warning.

3rd part custom content is content created by anyone other than EA.

For example, you cannot download something from the Sims 3 Exchange and then upload it here. That's not cool!! It has to be your original pattern that you yourself have created in Create A Pattern or something that you personally have re-colored. Do not copy someone else's work and re-brand it as your own.

Works derived from others with no significant changes are not original content. Third party custom content is NOT allowed, with the exception of patterns downloaded from the Sims 3 Exchange.  Do not upload a Sim, a lot, or any item that contains third party custom content other than patterns. 

This board is for sharing things built by our members.  It is NOT a place to give constructive criticism, especially if the poster doesn't specifically ask for it.  Please refrain from giving criticism on this board.

By Uploading Your Content, Realize that it is subject to modification. Once it is released, there is little we can do to control it.  If you have any connection to your Sims 3 creations and do not want them modified, don't upload them to the Swap Shop.  However, people must ask for your permission before using one of your Sims in a story. Failure to do so can result in the story being moved to the Graveyard or deleted. 

If you love to create custom content, please do so and upload it to your own blog or website and then share the link with us!!

Posting Guidelines

To make things easier to find, we want to set a standard in this board for topic titles. Start your topic with what type of item will be there. If you have a Sim named Liz Lemon for example, name the topic:

- Liz Lemon, Adult Female

Number of Items
Things will be much cleaner if you keep your miscellaneous in one post.

That way we don't have dozens of topics about walls. Show an image of each wall you are sharing, and be sure to label them. At the bottom of the post will be a list of the files attached to that post. If we keep names descriptive, people will have no trouble discerning which item they want to download.

Houses deserve their own topic. They will be popular. Recolors are great, but we will be overrun with topics if they all get their own section. If you're big on using unique patterns on objects try to keep your own thread and update the first post there. The system is set up to allow up to 30 attachments per post. If you need more, don't hesitate to make a second topic.

That will make things easier to browse. Later, when these topics are indexed by google searching for house will show many posts where folks have shared houses if we adhere to this rule.

For readability, try not to go overboard and make your posts too noisy with alternating font sizes and colorful text.  Listen to mods if they tell you that you're going overboard.  The guideline is that all font should be black and no larger than 12pt for the body of the post and 14pt for any headings.  Use of bold, underline and italics are fine, but please do not use anything else. 

Also, be sure to use only the default font type.  We're trying to keep the Forum tidy and consistent.

Describe your Items
It's up to you just how much information you share about the item, but people will be more likely to find and download your creations if you provide information about them. These are "forms" to fill if you want it to be perfect.

Object name:
Requires expansions?:
Short Description: Only a sentence or two, to go with the first image as a preview.
Long Description:  Maybe up to a paragraph. I understand if you can't think of a lot to say about patterned socks.

The following formats are the best for various object types:

Lot Size:
Cost when placed on X lot:
Cost when placed on X lot unfurnished:
Requires expansion/Sims 3 store content:

Lifetime Wish:

Requires Expansion/Store content:

Anything like walls, objects, those are all going to be very short in information. It's all about the look. If you want to be specific, you can tell us which couch or bed you've redecorated. Otherwise, "Bed" is fine or some generic term.

Uploading Content

To Share an item on this board, follow these steps: Zipped files will not work

1. For Lots: Go to Edit Town, click on the lot you want to send, and click on "Share" at the bottom of the window that pops up.  Fill out the name and description and save.
2. For Items: After either creating the style and/or saving it, click on the Share button located in the window in the upper left corner. Fill out the name and description and save.
4. Make your post using images you uploaded to the gallery or other image hosting service, and link them in your post. Posts with houses and lots are limited to 10 images per post.
5. Click Additional Options at the bottom of the post and click attach.

Browse to Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Exports and attach the .Sims3Pack file you're sharing. It may take some time to upload. Again, please do not to upload custom content items to the forum. Share links to it instead.

If you would like to share Zip files of your Sim family, individual Sims and/or Lots upload them to your own blog, website or to an online storage site, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Mediafire, Dropbox or with SimFileShare and then share the link provided.

Mediafire - - Free - no account needed.
Dropbox - - does have a free plan.
SimFileShare - - Free, but need to request for account access.

If you've got a Google or Microsoft account, you can use it to get to your GoogleDrive or OneDrive.

Thank you!!

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