Author Topic: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story  (Read 11669 times)

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Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« on: September 20, 2017, 12:41:00 PM »
Hi guys! I'm not abandoning my RDC, I just got interested in this challenge and thought it might make a nice palate-cleansing break from the sometimes hectic pace of a dynasty. I'm planning to alternate posting chapters here and on my RDC thread. I haven't done two stories at the same time before, so we'll have to see how it all works out. I've been having loads of fun with it, and I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

To My Darling Daughter on her Young Adult Birthday,

Hey sweetie. Howís it going? You overwhelmed yet? Itís okay. I was, too. Hopefully your Dad and I are still around to help you out a bit by the time you get here, but just in case, and to give you a bit of extra support, I thought Iíd write you a letter; a little instruction manual if you want to call it that. Youíve probably noticed I havenít been the most present and attentive mother. My career is really demanding and I know things get hectic, but I want to make sure you know how much I love you, how proud I am of you, and how prepared I am to help you succeed. I havenít lived the most perfect life, but I will say Iíve learned a few things along the way that might be useful for you to know. Some things you have to learn the hard way, but hopefully not everything, so hereís a few tips, life lessons, and pieces of advice to help smooth the way. If I can save you from making even one of the mistakes I did in my youth, Iíll call this a success.

Rule #1:  First things first:  Redecorate!

Your home needs to feel like home. It should suit you. This is me in my first place in the fashion district. It was cramped and everything broke constantly. Any food placed in the fridge immediately tasted like ice chips and mold, and my neighbor, Penny, had a more audibly active romantic life than any one person has a right to have. However, I slapped some minty fresh paint on the walls and a slipcover on the sofa and it suddenly became mine.  Thereís something really special about your very first apartment, and Iíll always remember mine fondly.

Rule #2:  Donít eat the fruitcake!

Itís a family heirloom (The recipe or the fruitcake itself? You be the judge!). It was very thoughtful of them to bring it. You donít want to offend the neighbors. No matter how many compelling reasons you can come up with to bring that fork to your mouth, I guarantee you that you will regret it! Instantly. Make them a salad. Theyíll be grateful and think you're a good hostess and you can put something in your mouth that doesnít taste like a stale, breaded, gummy bear.

Rule #3:  If you have to ask, itís probably complicated.

You may recognize your Uncle Akira there. In another universe that would have been your father. He almost was. But see the pink-haired lady in the beret? Thatís Miko. You could have cut the sexual tension between those two with a knife, and they lived together. But of course I had to ask, and they quickly and fervently denied that they were a couple. And thus began weeks upon weeks of awkwardness. Those two were meant for each other and I just got in the way. I almost got in my own way, too, as youíll soon find out, but the point is:  donít go there.

I realize that oneís a little nebulous, so maybe we should just make the rule: Donít date the neighbors. I think thatís pretty solid advice, too.

Rule #4:  Grinding happens.

Skills. You need Ďem. Get yourself a fancy mood lamp and get started. Not every moment of your life is going to be worthy of a livestream, and thatís okay. It helps to have a nice view.

Rule #5:  Mischief is a solid life skill

I know you may not necessarily see the benefit of all those pranks your Mom pulled on you, but check this out: If your neighbor refuses to leave, dare them to streak! Voila! Peace and Quiet! Your beloved is trying to get up the courage to ask for a promotion? Instill them with false confidence! False or not, he (or she, Mommy loves you either way) will be feeling fantastic regardless. Low on cash? E-mail marketing schemes may or may not have gotten your Mommy through some tough times. Just saying.

Rule #6:  A Nemesis is a good and useful thing.

That particular musclehead has a name youíve heard spoken in our house on more than one occasion, always in a tone dripping with venom and loathing:  Marcus Flex. Youíre old enough now to know the reason behind my deep hatred of this individual, and Iím finally ready to tell you. Heís eating a delicious meal of sweet and sour eggplant in this picture. A meal he neither ordered nor paid for. While I was distracted telling Geoffrey Landgraab a highly interesting and credible conspiracy theory, Mr. Flex swooped in and scooped it up and began shoveling it into his stupid face.

You know your Mommy is a vegetarian, and also a less-than-awesome cook. Finding proper sustenance at food carts is a challenge, and that Sweet and Sour was my only option that particular evening. He took it from me. And without a shred of remorse.

Nevertheless, my instant loathing of Marcus came in handy. In order to complete my life goals I needed people to dislike me, and after what I said to him that night he definitely did (and does! Enemies for life!). Later on, Iíd need somebody to bind a voodoo doll to, and I already had a perfect candidate. See? Handy! You donít have to like everybody, honey, and the ones you donít can still serve a very valuable purpose in your life, Iím telling you.

Rule #7:  Embrace the mystery.

I will never know what happened here. It just happened. And Iím okay with that. Sometimes itís just nice to wonder.

Rule #8:  History Repeats Itself

What you see here is Marcus Flex sitting down to enjoy the SECOND plate of Sweet and Sour Eggplant he stole from me that evening. THE SECOND!

Naturally, I was not going to stand for this.

Which brings me to Rule #9:  Violence has its place . . . .

 . . . but work out a little first.

Rule #9:  Feeding Yourself Is Harder Than You Think

Stupid Marcus. Oh, man. But look how flat my stomach is in that picture! It does not look like that anymore. Rule #9.5:  When you've got it, appreciate it! It does not last!

Rule #10:  Try to Love Your Job

While I donít wish you the particular joy of a workplace staffed entirely by members of the same family, I hope you can find a career as fulfilling for you as mine has been for me. I know the hours are long and we have a lot of weird lamps in our house because of it, but science has really been my passion and Iím so grateful to have discovered it. You can put up with a whole lot of struggle in your life if you get to go to work in the morning and order a robot around and make your co-workers drink tainted serums. Just saying.

Rule #11:  You are Your Own Best Test Subject

Speaking of tainted serums, sometimes you canít find a willing co-worker and you have to just take darn thing yourself. Iím speaking metaphorically here. I know youíre not going into science like I did and Iím fine with that. (Really! Itís fine!) Iím just saying, IN GENERAL experimenting on yourself is the best research. No matter what happens, youíll have learned something new, and you should never stop learning. Maybe thatís the rule. Rule #11, revised:  Never stop learning. That sounds better anyway, and less sinister.

Rule #12:  The B in BLT is for Bacon

Something useful to know before you go chowing down on snacks from the work vending machine. I know youíre not a vegetarian (which is fine!), but you should know what youíre getting into. The sandwiches are the only thing in there that wonít put you in a bad mood, and theyíre chock full of dead, cured, pig meat. I realize you donít share my eating values, dear, (and Iím fine with that!) but think of the nitrites! The microwave pastries are always cold in the middle. Always. Ditto on the microwave meals. Soda will make you jittery. Just say no.

Rule #13:  Take Time to Celebrate Your Victories

Your coworkers will want to invite you out every time you get promoted. Say yes. Itís okay to pat yourself on the back sometimes, and heaven knows you won't have time once you have kids. Take the time while you can.

Rule #14:  Personal Hygiene

Enough said.

Rule #2 (re:  fruitcake) Goes double for leftovers.

Probably also a good place to reiterate Rule #9. Iím telling you. Feeding yourself is a complicated issue. It will take some figuring out.

No rule on this one. Just demonstrating how awesome it is to be a scientist. Freeze ray! He wasnít even mad once he thawed out! Eric Lewis is still one of my best friends, and a darn fine Ufologist, even if he does spend half the workday smooching his wife.

Rule #15:  Some Things Take Time

This was my first element. First of many. I cannot even begin to count the hours I spend on the phone with the Geo Council or hunched over my chemical analyzer, attempting to complete this collection. It was hard work, baby girl, and some days my mailbox was full of nothing but a lot of Goobleck, but if you just keep plugging away, eventually youíll get where youíre going. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Just put in the work and youíll get there. I promise.

Rule #16:  Donít Feed The Trolls

As a dedicated and accomplished internet troll, I can tell you without hesitation that attention and you getting upset is exactly what we want. Iím not particularly proud of this part of my personal history, but it was a tough time in my life. I was lonely, hungry, and poor. I had nothing else going for me and making people angry on the internet made me feel powerful. Also, it was fun. Donít hate me.

Look at that face. You canít hate your poor Mom with that sad face, can you? Nobody even stole my eggplant that day and I was still miserable. Donít worry, though. This story has a happy ending and you already know what it is.

I've got loads more to say, but I'll cut it off here for now because your Dad just called me in for dinner.

Love you to bits!

Your Mom,

Creme D. Menthe

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2017, 08:18:06 PM »
This is just adorable! Creme is just adorable.
I have a sneaky feeling that you might end up enjoying this challenge more than your RDC, but time will tell.

To be honest, I found this story while searching this forum in pursuit of an appropriate place to send you this:

A Very, Very, Berry Happy Birthday, Girl!

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #3 on: September 20, 2017, 09:56:28 PM »
Happy birthday!  I probably can't top oshizu's image.  I'll not try.

Your founder is adorable.  I really love her hair color.  Why didn't I choose this color?  I don't remember even seeing it, so... is it CC?
I also love her outfit.  That cool jacket/dress/shirt? thing!  And her apartment.  Everything is so very minty!

Marcus Flex is on a roll!  A worthy reason to make him an enemy.

I giggled at the BLT situation.  I (or Benson) experienced the exact same thing, is why.  But the best picture is definitely the toilet/hygiene one. 
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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2017, 12:15:02 AM »
@oshizu Oh, my word! What attractive birthday packages! Oh, Taeyang. I knew you'd remember! :)

@wfgodot Thanks to you as well! Yeah, there's no topping a K-Pop idol bearing gifts! Hehe

I'll respond to your comments with the next update, but wanted to say thanks to you both for reading, and even more for the marvelous birthday wishes. It has, indeed, been a great day!

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #5 on: September 22, 2017, 01:05:53 PM »
@oshizu Hehe. I suspect you might be right. I'm really enjoying this and the lack of points to acquire makes for a more leisurely pace. The random silliness of the requirements keeps things interesting, though. Plus, I'm fond of Creme. She's a cutie.

@wfgodot Yup. It's cc. There's a person on tumblr called wildlyminiaturesandwich who does a lot of really nice recolors of EA hair as well as making her own really nice Maxis Match-style hairstyles. She's also doing a Not So Berry challenge on her tumblr, and it's very entertaining. So that's where I got Creme's hair. I really like the color, and it really said "mint" to me. :)
I was kind of mad about the sandwich. I really thought I had my workplace lunch game down, having tested all the options and found the sandwiches to be the tastiest, but I totally forgot about the Vegetarian trait. D'oh! Poor Creme spent a lot of time being hungry or uncomfortable or both.

Chapter 2

Okay, then. Where were we?

Rule #17:  Always Pack Yourself a Lunch

Weíve already been over the dismal selection of vending machine food, and a nice hummus and veggie sandwich just when you need it is the best feeling in the world. You know somebody loves you, even if itís only yourself.

Rule #18:  The Friendly Food Vendor Does Not Have a Crush On You. Being Nice Is His Job.

Ask me how I know. Okay, you donít have to ask, Iíll just tell you. Later. Weíll get there.

Rule #19:  When You Get Caught Slacking at Work, Write Something Down in a Notebook

Makes you look busy and important. Oooh! Better write down this . . . science, so I donít forget! So many work-related thoughts in my head! Canít contain them all!

How you enjoying that freezer-burned pig sandwich, there, Vivian? Mine's homemade!

Rule #20:  Inspiration Can Find You When You Least Expect It

Donít judge, and donít dismiss your toilet epiphanies! This one was a particularly amazing idea for a replicator. It made millions! (For the lab, of course, not me.)

Iím telling you, Rule #7. Never fails. Why did it happen? And then, why did it happen . . . again?

Hehehe. Stupid Marcus.

Rule #21:  Vampires Are Real

They are real and they will knock on your door in the middle of the night, enter without waiting for an answer, and take what they want.

You will be so tired the next morning.

Honestly, I think your best bet is to have roommates. If someoneís awake the vamp wonít come in, and if they do come in thereís at least a chance the pointy-toothed jerk will pick someone else.

Although, I mean . . . truth be told . . . It's a little sexy. And more than a little flattering. I vaguely remember through my hypnotized haze hearing him say how delicious I was and that heíd definitely be back for more. He never did come back, and I canít lie, part of me is a little sad about that. Itís nice to know your blood is delicious. Puts a little extra spring in your step.

Work, work, work.

Good old Geo Council. Incidentally, the nice-sounding guy at the Geo Council doesnít have a crush on you, either. And youíre not friends even though you talk to him on the phone more than anyone else in your life. Trying to cross that line will only earn you a world of embarrassment and awkward phone calls going forward.

Addendum to rule #18:  You will have the option to feed that Friendly Food Vendor a bite of your dinner. He will have the option to accept. Just because he accepts your very, very last bite of sweet and sour eggplant does not mean he wants to father your children. Maybe heís being polite. Maybe heís really hungry. Probably heís just got woohoo on the brain.

Even if he stares into your eyes . . .

And admires your flirtatious posing . . .

He still might reject your attempts to embrace him and make him your very own. He is, after all, just a friendly food vendor. This is not what he signed up for.

Rule #22:  Karaoke Always Makes You Feel Better. Always.

I mean, itís not like you can get more embarrassed than you already are. And wailing ďWeekenderĒ into a scratchy microphone is the best therapy Iíve ever come across.

Rule #23:  Festivals Bring Out the Weird in People

Recognize that mug? Heís still gorgeous under those extremely numerous layers of accessories. Good Old Uncle Akira. Always around to be devastating and kooky when you need him.

And to completely destroy your self-esteem when you try to get your flirt on. But honey, when the time comes for you, remember Rule #3. Itís not you, itís him. Him and his unacknowledged feelings for his pretty roommate. (Iím speaking metaphorically again, of course. Do NOT actually flirt with your Uncle Akira. That would be weird.)

Rule #24:  Your Real Friends are the Ones who Call at Just the Right Moment to Invite You to A Crazy Dance Party at the Ruins

Jaleesa, from work. Not a Spencer nor a Kim nor a Lewis, but still managed to score a gig as a scientist somehow, just like me. You never knew her well because she was older and died when you were still a kid. But, man, did she know how to party. And her timing was impeccable. I hightailed it away from Akira and the Spice Festival and had, if not a great night, at least a relatively anonymous one. Strobe lights hide shame really well.

Plus, this was hilarious. Donít judge. Iíd had a hard night, and I needed a good laugh.

And a little bit of a cuddle. Heís still just being nice, but a little no-strings-attached fireside snuggling when the DJ plays a slow song isnít the worst thing in the world.

Rule #25:  Put a Plant On It

Boom! Decorating!

Don't feel too bad for your old Mom and her bumbling attempts at romance, okay? Your Dad comes along right when I need him, and that should happen in the next installment of this letter. Hang in there.



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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #6 on: September 22, 2017, 01:39:59 PM »
Awwww, I just loved Creme's Rule #18 and her failed attempts to woo the Friendly Food Vendor.
I'm also really enjoying her self-critical commentary, though I think she's selling herself a little short!
Creme, girl, you are a serious catch! Friendly Food Vendor must be nearsighted or already be in a relationship or have bad traits or something.

Oooh, I'm so looking forward to meeting Mr. Right!
Hurry up and pull us off of this cliffhanger, Francesca! My clenching fingers are starting to cramp and ache!

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #7 on: September 24, 2017, 09:06:57 AM »
Happy belated birthday! I hope it was amazing.

I am enjoying this just as much as I have and did your other stories. You have a way with words.

Next installment of the letter, please :-)
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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #8 on: September 25, 2017, 07:06:21 AM »
I love the part about packing a lunch and knowing somebody loves you :)  Even if its only yourself. 

What is with that scared man in his towel!

My sims have had a lot of epiphanies on the toilet, too.  I love the way you point out the SKL's and their scientist gigs.  They're always working there in my games too.  x)  They are always my victims when I get the work tasks to do somebody wrong, either with serums or with the freeze ray.

I like the pic of Creme's flirtatious posing!  I'm looking forward to meeting the husband next.  Today.
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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #9 on: September 25, 2017, 01:51:21 PM »
@oshizu Oh, goodness! Unclench those hands! All will be revealed in just a few short lines. I do think Creme sells herself a bit short, but it was pretty amusing to try and figure out who would make a good partner for a person so obsessed with stink bombs and describing the apocalypse. That's what I like about this challenge. You end up with some pretty unusual characters. :)

@Magpie2012 I'm so glad you're enjoying it! And I really appreciate the compliment. *blushes* Next installment, coming up!

@wfgodot I love the lunch thing, too. I think it's really cute that they still get a happy moodlet even if they're the one who packed their own lunch. Sims are so cute sometimes.
I don't know what is up with towel man, but I love it! I'm assuming it's just one of the quirky things they added with City Living along with the "weirdos" who roam the streets at night, but the expansion has been out for almost a year and I've never seen it before! And I play a lot! And then it happened twice! Cracks me up.

Chapter 3

Rule #26: Sometimes Singles Night Starts Slow

Jaleesa invited me out again and Manpony and Nina Caliente were the only ones there at first. But THEN! Wait for it. Wait for it . . .

Tada! Itís your Daddy! Yes, we met at the bar on Singles Night. I was exhausted, tense, and still smarting from the walloping my ego had received from Uncle Akira and Friendly Food Vendor, but even then I knew the value of Rule #24, so when Jaleesa called, I answered.

And the rest is history.

Thereís Jaleesa, bless her sweet, matchmaking heart, and thereís your Dad trying to impress me with the only push-ups I would ever see him do over the course of our entire marriage. I know when he tells this story he claims that I played hard to get, but the simple truth is I was all set to plant our first kiss on his sweet, goofy face when I literally passed out from exhaustion.

Rule #27:  Timing is Everything

Akira called me up the very next morning and asked me out. His choice of venue was a little odd for 9 a.m. on a Saturday, but I figured maybe the dance club secretly had a great brunch menu and he had the inside scoop.

It doesnít, and he didnít. Heís just a weird guy. It was a fine date. We both had a good time, and I managed to up my mischief skill pretty significantly, but whatever sparks there may have been between us were snuffed out. Weíre solidly friends. Just friends.

Which brings me to Rule #28:  Youíll Know

Iím grateful to Akira for asking me on that awkward date because it just confirmed what I already knew, deep down:  your Dad is the only guy for me.

I asked him out to the flea market that very day, and it was magic.

Heís as bad at karaoke as I am, but somehow every second with him felt right. Everything he said was funny and interesting, and every move I made on him was a solid success.

I invited him back to my place afterward, and he never left.

Penny had a good night that night, too. Then again, Penny seemed to have a lot of good nights. This time I didnít mind at all.

So we became an official couple, I completely redid his wardrobe, and life started to really feel like it was on track.

Even Uncle Akira was cool about it. Like I was saying, when you know, you know . . . and everybody else knows, too.

You know Iím a touch possessive, and being in a relationship opened up a whole new world of tension and worry for me. Sure I knew Travis was my one and only, but how would everyone else know if I wasn't constantly glued to his side or he had some physical manifestation of our love permanently affixed to his finger? I immediately started thinking about that next step.

But first I wanted to make sure he was cool with all of me. Not just the cutely jealous, bumbling scientist part. Also, the prankster internet troll with a hand buzzer part. He was, and is, and Iím so grateful.

Which brings me to Rule #29:  You Are the Total Package, and Your Partner Will Accept All of It

Even if you spend the entire humor and hijinks festival convincing everyone the tea is poisonous and blaming your farts on Geoffrey Landgraab, if youíve found the One, he (or she! Mommy loves you!) will be entranced and think you are a comedic genius. Your Dad loves me because of my flaws, not in spite of them, and I love him because heís a total dork with zero fashion sense whose hair is the color of processed cheese. He is my ideal, and I wouldnít have him any other way.

Of course, I did help him with his hair a little bit. And the clothes. But I loved him first!

Rule #30 Kids are Adorable, But Make Sure Youíre Ready

Eric invited us to dinner the night after Humor and Hijinks, and the sight of the truly adorable Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis clearing the table and doing the dishes sent me into a tailspin of baby fever. And mixed metaphors!

I told your Dad we needed to get pregnant immediately, and he was understandably shocked. It was our first fight.

And our first make-up. Heís the best. He was right, of course, and you were worth waiting for.

Rule #31:  People May Get Over You Faster Than Youíd Like

Here I am explaining to Friendly Food Vendor that we have to just be friends because Iím in a committed, long-term, monogamous relationship. He took it extremely well, which frankly offended me. As did the fact that he was out on a date with Katrina Caliente just days after heíd been snuggling me at a late-night bonfire. Iíd moved on, and heíd moved on, but it still smarted a little bit.

Which made the fact that Travis proposed a few minutes later right in front of him all the more satisfying. Your Dad really is perfect, and a master of Rule 27:  Timing is Everything.

Penny did not have as good a night that night. Poor Penny.
Love you, sweetie! Until next time,

Your Mom

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #10 on: September 25, 2017, 02:26:41 PM »
Creme is adorably nerdy and endearingly quirky. Travis seems like the perfect choice, especially with his new coif.
And how can one not love a man who proposes in front of the ex!?!?!?!
I really appreciate that, even though Don Lothario and Johnny Zest seem to be stalking Creme wherever she goes, Creme had the great sense to choose sweet Travis.

By the way, I've never seen Katrina Caliente looking so young and hot as in that shot of her date with Friendly Food Vendor. What's up with that?
Loving all of Creme's fashion choices as well.

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #11 on: September 27, 2017, 04:03:44 PM »
@oshizu I'm glad you approve of Travis! After all, it was your first RDC attempt that convinced me ol' base game Travis was worth a second look. :) He's been fun to play, and he's a real sweetie with Creme.
I didn't notice Don and Johnny's stalking until I was editing photos, but yeah! They do seem to be everywhere! What's up with that?
I haven't done a thing to Katrina Caliente, so I'm not sure what's up with her youthful bloom, but I suppose the attentions of a Friendly Food Vendor will make anyone feel a little more peppy. :)

Chapter 4

Just reiterating Rule #13 about celebrating your victories. Itís worth mentioning again.

Rule #32:  Let Them Have their Little Victories

Your Dad displays a natural talent for bowling. And he knows it.

Heís cute when he gloats. For the first few hours.

After that it gets a little tough to swallow, but youíve got to do it! Heís worth it.

Rule #33:  Jealousy is Not Always Rational

I have to feel for Uncle Akira, because Iím the same way myself. When he and Miko finally got married years later I may have been making that face myself. People have their stuff. Sometimes you just have to let it go.

Even if it ruins some of the wedding photos.

Rule #34:  Caterers and Mixologists are Worthless

Just DIY, dear. Save yourself the money and the headaches. We hired both for our wedding and spared no expense. I ended up pouring the drinks, and your darling father baked our cake. The actual staff didnít show up until the wedding was almost over. UGH!

Iím still a little mad about that, to be honest.

Even though I got my revenge on the venue itself.

Rule #35:  Make Sure You Eat at Your Own Wedding

Itís a hard one to follow, but Iím telling you, youíll need the energy. Plus, finding a quiet moment to share some cake with your new hubby (or wifey!) is pretty priceless.

It was a good day.

Rule #36:  Evil People Have Their Uses

You may not recognize him, but thatís your Uncle Max. This is the day we met. I beat him at chess (even though he cheated) and he asked me to join the Renegades.

That group was unbelievably valuable to me. I learned so much, and my membership was instrumental in helping me accomplish my goals.

Plus, I got a super-cool outfit.

Which reminds me:  Rule #37: Club Outfits are Hit or Miss.

Try to get control as soon as you can or you may end up looking like Uncle Akira at a festival.

Rule #38:  A Round of Applause is Not the Correct Response to a Pregnancy Announcement.

Just FYI. Maybe pass that one along to your future partner.

Rule #39:  Chopsticks Take Practice

Related to good old Rule #9 (Feeding yourself is complicated) and also #15 (Some things take time), but it bears repeating. Youíll get it. Donít worry.

Rule #40:  Men are Utterly Useless in the Delivery Room

Completely, utterly useless.

I donít know how women are, but I think itís safe to say theyíll respond the same way. Point being, when the time comes for you to have a child (and make me a grandmother! Gasp!) youíre going to be on your own. But don't worry. Youíll survive. Your body knows what itís doing, and so does that wacky machine they put you in, regardless of the incompetence of the doctor operating it.

Youíll be all right, and your baby will be worth it. This I know.

Rule #41 Thereís No Shame in Getting Back to Business

Yes, babies are cute, but they sleep a lot and not wanting to stare at them for the ENTIRE time theyíre doing that doesnít make you a bad mother.

Nor does hitting the club when youíre thiiiiiiis close to completing your lifeís aspiration.

I not only became Chief of Mischief that day, I also beat Marcus Flex in a dance-off. (Despite having no shoes on! See rule #37) And did I rub it in with a maniacal laugh? Yes, yes I did.

And did I add further insult to injury by testing out my airhorn on him? Maybe.

So what if I did?

Sorry for the lack of baby pictures, sweet pea, but here's the thing: you were cute, but looked exactly like every other baby ever. Seriously, have a baby and look at it. That's what you looked like. I loved you (and still love you) to itty-bitty bits and pieces, but I preserve that warm, gooey feeling of love for your infant self in my heart, not on film.

Or maybe I was just really, really tired when you were a newborn and didn't think to pick up a camera. You'll understand when you have your own.

Lots of love,


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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #12 on: September 27, 2017, 04:58:39 PM »
Haha, Creme, you were so dog tired after the delivery that you couldn't take any nooboo photos, but managed to squeeze out that last bit of energy in you to haul yourself over to your chemical analyzer and then the club to terrorize Marcus Flex....LOL!
What can I say? Creme's got her priorities straight!!!
I have to agree, though, about the nooboo shot. We are all only waiting to meet the baby when she becomes a toddler!

Travis looks absolutely adorable--Creme and her watcher really bring out his good side. They make a fantastic couple and she knows exactly how to bolster his fragile male ego, haha.

I must not be reading carefully. I can't figure out how Akira is Creme's uncle nor how Max Villareal becomes the uncle of Creme's daughter.
In Max's case, would it be because Max is informally Creme's "cuz" (in a homie kind of way). Nah, that can't be it.
Hah, if i'm delving in future narrative reveals, then shut my mouth. I'll just sit back and wait for the fun to unfold.

Great update!

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #13 on: September 27, 2017, 06:28:28 PM »
Travis!  I'm really surprised!  I think he makes cute kids, though, so now I'm excited :)  I like his makeover a lot.  How thoughtful of him to propose like that!

I love that you took them bowling!  I've liked the bowling pack a lot... but all my sims are pretty bad at it x)  Travis's gloating is adorable.  I'm assuming he's doing a little dance but I wouldn't know because again... my sims fail so badly that I haven't actually SEEN this pose before.

Nice that the nooboo is born (we don't even see her!)
I'm especially fond of the club scene.  I like the outfit, love that she beat Marcus in the dance off, and her final act with the airhorn is perfect.  Congrats on the aspiration already! 

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Re: Buried in Berries: A Not So Berry Legacy Challenge Story
« Reply #14 on: September 28, 2017, 01:03:56 PM »
This is BRILLIANT!! I'm so sorry I didn't get to read from the beginning, but have been giggling and enjoying it completely! Thank you and I look forward to the next update.  ;D ;D