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Rules: The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Vampire Lineage
« on: September 10, 2017, 03:50:17 PM »
The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Vampire Lineage - [Modification to Pinstar's Rules]

Hello Sim Lovers!

For those of you who love the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge by Pinstar and want it barely modified, but with a set of rules specifically for Vampires, I think I've got something seductive for those dark desires....

Of course you must live in Forgotten Hollow, but there is no lot size there that is large enough. Keep Vlad and his lot in the world - it cannot be your legacy lot, because although we have no idea, he actually is our eldest ancestor (he is our great great great great great uncle), and his castle is part of the dark charm in our world. Purchase the empty 30x30 lot in Forgotten Hollow, and instead of just 1 Knight of the Octagon, you must purchase 2. (Study all of Pinstar's Sims 4 Legacy Challenge rules so you understand what I'm referring to - see the link at the very bottom of this post.) Purchasing 2 Knights of the Octagon will leave you with $1600. That's your starting funds. Do not cheat it up to $1800, life is not always fair.

Your founding sim will be a gloomy human male. If you super insist it be a female, that's okay too, but I strongly recommend a male. For reference, think of Bill Compton in 'True Blood' - think of that aura.  Think of that dark and gloomy, yet seductive charm. That's your character's aura. So one of his traits must be Gloomy. The other I recommend be Flirty, but it doesn't have to be. And the last trait can be anything you'd like, except Good. He tries to be good, but don't go as far as making this his trait because let's just say he falls a bit short... His aspiration must be either Big Happy Family or Successful Lineage, because how else is he to keep this family going for 10 generations?! So no exceptions to his starting aspiration.

Name this human founder anything you like, but I recommend something Slavic, because he unknowingly is related to Vlad, and Vlad obviously is Slavic, as most vampires are... Of course there may have been quite a bit of racial mixtures in the family, so there's a ton of freedom to make him be whoever you'd like... It's the seductive gloomy part that is essential.

Here's the back story:

Your family used to live in this town, and this 30x30 lot used to be your family's land. It means everything to you. This is where your mother grew up, and many generations before her. They have shed blood to protect this land, and in the end they lost it all to some unfortunate events, the last being a great fire that burnt everything down to the ground. You don't quite know what happened, but you understand the value of this little lot, there is great emotion that ties you to this land, an emotion that your mother passed onto you, and now that she has passed away, this soil is the closest thing you have to her. (Your father died when you were very young... you don't remember him, nor do you know his family.) After your mother's death, you decided to return to her roots, and although it cost you everything you have, you bought this lot and now you live here in a tent.

(Recommended items to buy with your $1600 are a tent, a bush to pee in, a cooler, a trash can, and some trees so that you're less exposed to your neighbors.)

Your founder (and only your founder) is not allowed to get a job until he gets married. But do not rush. You want your founding mate to be perfect, to be 'the one', as she might live almost eternity with you, so you better truly desire her.  But she first must be human. In the meantime, go harvest some wild plants and fish in your neighborhood. Your secondary neighborhood is Windenburg, as it is the closest. Go to Windenburg to hang out, fish, exercise, shower, etc. And of course you are allowed to make money by writing books, or crafting items, or writing songs, or whatever, just no job for now. And you can visit all neighborhoods, but to keep the theme going, Winderburg seems to be the closest to the theme of Forgotten Hollow.

Your founder (and only your founder) is not allowed to conceive a child before he becomes a vampire. If he does, you lose 1 point for each such child, and they cannot live with you. They cannot be heir. Their mother doesn't love you, and she never tells you she is pregnant. You cannot marry her. She cannot be a primary spouse. Ever. Unless she already lives with you then she is, but that doesn't end well either... If your primary spouse gets pregnant before your founder becomes a vampire, she and the child will leave him out of fear for their lives when he turns, and you will lose 1 point for her and 1 point for each such child... And you lose them all forever. (Again, this only applies to the founder, as your other heirs' primary spouses will know this is a vampire family, so why run away and lose points...)

Vlad must be the one to turn you (the founder) into a vampire before you can have a legitimate heir. And although your founder will technically need to ask Vlad to be turned, just make believe the following story line: Vlad knows who you are, he knows your lineage, he knows all the secrets of this town, and all that transpired. He invites you to his house, hypnotizes you, and turns you against your will. When you leave his mansion, you have no recollection of what happened. You just feel weird and woozy, and have a bad feeling about whatever may have occurred, you just can't remember much. A couple of days later you transform into a vampire, and now you have a pretty good theory of who is responsible.

You are not allowed to have an actual house until you are fully turned into a vampire. Until then you live in a tent. There is a little tall house in a lot adjacent to yours. That's where you will seek refuge from the sun until you can buy a prefabricated home (a container home). (Eventually you will build a mansion, but currently you are still quite poor...).

I forgot to mention, you are allowed, and in fact are very strongly encouraged to use the MC Command Center (MCCC) mod in your game. If you don't have it, you can find it here: ... Use it only to control town population and other things that are unrelated to your legacy household. To balance the great fun that this mod will add to your game, you are required to set risky woohoo to 3 (that's 3%). Accidents can happen, it's part of life's drama, so be careful who you woohoo with!

But back to being turned into a vampire. By now MCCC mod may have moved someone into that little tall house next door. You can move them out and move in a new sim, or if it's just a single sim woman, you can just modify her in CAS by using the cheat command testingcheats on, and then cas.fulleditmode. (Make sure to enter these cheat codes before going to CAS.) It's a sweet old lady that lives in that house and saves your founder's life, and will be his dear sweet old friend. (Think of Sookie's grandma in 'True Blood' - that kind of vibe). Make one of her traits be Good. When you turn, knock on her door to be saved from the burning sun. At the time you knock on her door, have her be at the very beginning of the elder life stage to give you some time to get to know her and bond, after all she saved you when you were a monster! No points are gained or lost here, it's just part of a story line for you to gain a deeper like for your founding sim. He will be torn to pieces when she dies! You will be heartbroken for him!

A major difference between this challenge and a regular legacy challenge is that vampires can live forever... That's a very huge advantage that vampires have, so a few rules are needed to offset the inequality.

First, let's start with the heir rules. Here you have less freedom than a regular legacy challenge in order to set the proper mood:

The heir must be born human and they lock in their heir status when they get turned into a vampire by a direct ancestor. (More on that direct ancestor a bit later). [The reason they must be born human is not only to emulate the founder's experience, but to also have a sense of what it means to be human. Vampires are cold blooded creatures with a certain lack of empathy and animalistic drive. Vampires who have been raised human carry that human experience with them even after they have been turned, which preserves a part of their humanity. In that sense they generally value human life more, have a decent level of empathy, and their frontal lobe is more developed, which gives them more self control and planning ability. Vampire children, on the other hand, do not ever reach full adulthood, their frontal lobes are underdeveloped, and they often are infertile. This makes them very poor candidates.]

The heir must be strictly related by blood. No exceptions. [Your founder has lost his family. This land and his blood are the only things that tie him back. Sure, spirit is thicker than blood, but he's not that sophisticated. Blood means everything to him...]

Gender law is open, pick any and stick with it... [but I personally like alternating gender because not only do I like the alternating experience, but also it fits very well with the story line. His culture is patriarchal where males inherit the land from their fathers. Yet your founder is an exception to that rule because he inherits the land from his mother, so there is that special bond between mother and son here. To honor his mother he gives the land to his daughter, who in turn has great respect for her father for choosing her over the males, so she will put in place the alternating gender law to honor him for the respect he has shown to the feminine sex.]

Must be the eldest child. [This is part of the culture, and remains unchallenged.]

As a bonus, although in this modified legacy challenge traits are not part of the heir selection process, for every heir that has a gloomy trait you earn 1 point. So for example, if three of your heirs were gloomy, then you get 3 points. However, you do not get a point for your founder's gloomy trait. His gloomy trait is simply required. Those heirs that are gloomy are your founder's kindred spirits. They have the true essence of this Slavic family. ... ... [For inspiration, I suggest you listen to some melancholy Slavic music on youtube, or listen to the music in the game 'The Witcher.' That Slavic music is the essence of your character's soul. It is beautiful, sad, and powerful. It carries a sense of courage, fire, and a deep respect for nature. ... Sure, his world view is a bit off to say the least, as that sadness is technically a state of illness, and Nature although "respected", is quite misunderstood. But remember, he is a pretty dark character (although with mostly good intentions), and so he can only work with what he's got.]

But to summarize the heir rules, as soon as you have a legitimate child that is human, if it is related to you by blood and it is of the correct gender, then that is your heir, provided you don't move it out or that it doesn't die. You lock in an heir when that child reaches young adulthood and gets turned into a vampire.

There are strict rules on who turns your next heir into a vampire. It is always the eldest direct ancestor (i.e. the founder, or if the founder is dead, then the oldest living heir) that turns the new heir. (Vlad does not count, although he is the eldest, it is against your founders wishes to have Vlad ever involved.) The reason it must be the eldest one to turn you is because the longer a vampire has lived, the greater is his/her potential of wielding power. Even if a younger vampire has surpassed him/her in rank, it's only due to training. A much older vampire can catch up and surpass their skills in no time, because while their skills might be lacking, the true power lies within, even if dormant. That power lies as potential, and it is that potential that passes on in vampire creation. So it's not rank but age that matter in creating new vampire life!

Ideally, your founder will live through all of the generations to the very end, and he will be the one to turn all his heirs. But if the founder dies, you lose 20 points... Yeah, that's a lot of points lost.

As long as the founder lives, if any and all the previous heirs die, you do not lose any points because the founder is still able to turn new heirs.

But if the founder dies (he was #1), then the first heir (he/she was #2) is to be the one who turns new heirs. But if he/she is dead, then you lose an additional 9 points. Which means that the next eldest heir (#3) is to be the one who turns new heirs. But if he/she is dead, then you lose an additional 8 points. On and on it goes, but say heir #4 lives, then even if heir #5 is dead, you don't lose any points for #5 being dead because there is still an elder one (in this case #4) still able to turn new heirs. Here's the breakdown of points lost:

Founder (#1) - lose 20 points
First heir (#2) - lose 9 points
Heir #3 - lose 8 points
Heir #4 - lose 7 points
Heir #5  - lose 6 points
Heir #6 - lose 5 points
Heir #7 - lose 4 points
Heir #8 - lose 3 points
Heir #9 - lose 2 point

So while it's great and advantageous to live forever, think twice about it. It can cost you quite a bit of points that can never be gained back!

Previous heirs are free to move out of the household, and can never move back in, nor can you ever control them again once moved out. But they are still eligible to turn new heirs, and in fact are required to. Therefore, you must still keep track of who the eldest heir is, and even if they are outside of the household, if they die or disappear from the world, you will lose those points if there is no other older living heir anywhere in the world. Furthermore, there is a price for having to seek them out to turn new heirs - because they are not in the household, for each new heir they turn, you lose 1 point.

In addition, in a rare instance where there are no heirs nor founder left, an exception can be made so that instead of a game over, a potential heir can be turned by Vlad, or any other eldest indirect vampire blood relative (such as an uncle or a great great aunt). This is very unorthodox, but desperate times call for desperate measures. This will cost you 20 points. It is an unlikely scenario, but you never know... and is only reserved for such rate situations. It is only game over if there is no living heir and no living child qualified to become heir. Well, except another exception. If there is no living heir nor any qualified child, then a human child of unqualified gender whose parent was an heir, or secondarily a vampire child of any gender whose parent was an heir, can become heir, but because it is very unorthodox, that will be an additional 10 points lost. And, of course, they must immediately restore the order of the heir rules.

But now lets go back a bit and discuss primary spouses. Since the heir is a vampire, the primary spouse is required to be human in order to produce a human child. If your heir's human lover becomes pregnant and your heir doesn't have a primary spouse yet, that human lover automatically becomes the primary spouse and you must move them in at some point. And you don't gain any points for them until they move in. Furthermore, you have limited time to make a human baby with your primary spouse because they are aging, so be wise... If they do not conceive a human child before they no longer can, then any oldest human child (of appropriate gender) that is not an elder that you have conceived outside of your primary relationship will be the next qualifying heir, even if they live outside of your household. But this will cost you 5 points.

Vampires are not qualified to be a primary spouse. No exceptions. No matter how heartbroken your sim is over their 'love' for that vampire. But human primary spouses are allowed to eventually be turned.

Vampire cure can be used, but never to make a vampire become a qualified primary spouse, nor to make a vampire child become a qualified heir. Also, vampire cure cannot be used on any heirs nor founder for the entire duration of the challenge.

That I believe covers everything.

As per Pinstar's rules, the challenge ends the moment the 10th generation child is born. Over the course of your challenge slowly develop an idea for your ending. If the founder still lives in the end, what will become of him? Will he choose to be cured and live the rest of his life as a human? Or will he choose to kill himself by sunlight? How will he feel about his legacy and what he has done? Will he find peace and redemption, or will he be tormented?

Hope you guys like this story line!

Oh, and here is a link to the original Pinstar's Sims 4 Legacy Challenge:

Thanks so much!

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Re: Rules: The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge Vampire Lineage
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Just found this thread and this challenge looks so fun!!! Is anyone else here doing this?

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