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Playing on Long
« on: January 18, 2021, 02:08:15 PM »
With all of the content we've received, it seems like players have to choose between doing a dynasty and playing in a way that allows them to use some of the packs they've accumulated. Have no fear -- your Challenge Team has come up with a way to do both -- the Playing on Long option for the dynasty challenges.

You will need Discover University, Eco Living, Snowy Escapes, Seasons or Get Famous, and Parenthood for this.

The rules below are in addition to the ones for each dynasty challenge. The only rule change is that instead of waiting for the natural age-up date, players may age up babies, toddlers, children and teens when the requirements below and the requirements for the dynasty are met.

Before trying for baby, the founder and heirs should get married at a wedding party (need not be gold) and go on a 3-day honeymoon.

Babies may be aged up when they are good friends with all adult members in the household.
As toddlers, heirs should become topnotch toddlers.
As children, heirs should max all skills and win 5 games of voidcritters, chess, or don't wake the llama.
As teens, heirs should become A students, reach the top of Scouts or Drama Club, reach level 3 of a part-time job, and take a 3-day vacation on their own. (Teens are allowed to take vacation days for this -- the 3-day vacation is considered to be summer camp, class trip, or term abroad.) They need to win 5 times at bowling, foosball, darts, horseshoes, pingpong, or basketball. Finally, they should be ready to have 3 character traits when they age up (need not be positive unless in the 7 Heroes Challenge).

As a whole, the household should endure 2 full weeks of each NAP (Green Initiatives and Modern Development excluded unless your household is in Evergreen Harbor).

The household should obtain a degree in each subject.

The household should max all skills available to it.

The household should achieve each of the 16 lifestyles.

Note: We have not play-tested this with any of the 7 challenges available. We would not recommend playing on long for the SimTech Dynasty Challenge. As we develop guidelines for specific challenges, we'll post them here. At the moment, there is no spreadsheet available.