Author Topic: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway 10.70: Faina Lee, Finished! (Completed 19/06/2018)  (Read 55758 times)

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Oh, Puh-Lees (02/11)
« Reply #200 on: February 12, 2018, 05:08:30 PM »
I laughed a bit too hard at Gent in the cat-nip stupor XD I had a cat that looked just like that when he had cat-nip kekekekekeke.  The girls are too cute!  Glad some of the bugs seem to have calmed down a bit.  Also... Gent is a cat.  They all believe themselves to be above mortal laws hehehehe

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Oh, Puh-Lees (02/11)
« Reply #201 on: February 12, 2018, 07:41:47 PM »
Unru defies the odds by being the good one.  It's so funny how stuff like that happens in defiance of the traits the Sim toddlers have!  If you'll recall, my darling Alyssa (the witch) had the angelic trait and never behaved like an angel!
Gent is such a star.  And Saanvi.  She's such a train wreck of a mommy that she ends up becoming comic least, for the readers she's comic relief.  She's probably the source of much facepalming on the playing end  ;=)
Another lovely update  :=)

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Oh, Puh-Lees (02/11)
« Reply #202 on: February 12, 2018, 08:36:16 PM »
I was a bit worried but your vote of confidence motivated me! :D

Scamp and Gent get to ooze personality and flavor because there are no expectations of them not being a deadweight, lol.
Both Ralph and his mother are gorgeous.  Ralph is out the running for a spouse spot, though, as he's a not-in-the-world sim.
He just looked so beautifully tragic--strolling by in shades of lavender and Iconica looked so adorable, shyly peering through her fingers at him.
Thank you! The toddlers' needs are fine since Jet no longer leaves home. Now it's only the constant unlocking, locking, and relocking of the doors. Ugh!

Haha, I love Gent. And, for this challenge, cats are definitely easier to care for than dogs. I had so many unused shots of toddler spam, hahaha.
Perhaps I love them even more because they started out with such problems.

Unru the Wild has surprised me. Jet's had to scold Iconica for being defiant and making a mess, but never Unru. Perhaps Unru realizes that #2 has to try harder.
Is it wrong of me to love Gent to pieces while feeling tempted to build a dungeon cell in the basement for Saanvi?

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: It's a P Thang
« Reply #203 on: February 12, 2018, 08:47:29 PM »
4.30: It's a P Thang

Week 20/Friday

Earlier this evening, I thought we were having another vampire break-in.
(I just foiled another vampire break-in Thursday night.)
But it was only Papa Garrison ageing up to an elder.

I'm happy that Iconica's finally getting to spend time with him.
After her toddler birthday, one of the first whims she rolled was "Babble to Garrison."

By the way, Papa, how is your skin still looking so youthful? Botox?

Jet: Locked doors keep unlocking, and unlocked doors keep locking.
It's driving me nuts!
Gent: Silly Jet, trying to lock me out of the toddlers' bedroom.

Doesn't he know? *channels Mick Jagger
I'm free to do what I want any old time
I'm free to do what I want any old time
So love me, hold me, love me, hold me
I'm free any old time to get what I want

Saanvi: When Watchette gave me a makeover with makeup recently, I felt so hopeful.
I'd thought it was a sign that I might win Jet's heart back, but nothing's changed.

Advaith: Sorry to break it to you, sis, but Aarohi gave birth to Jet's second son today.
Saanvi: What can I do, Advaith? Jet is married to me, not to Aarohi.

Advaith: Honestly? If I were you, I'd work on being a better mother.
Saanvi: But I'm childish, not family-oriented!

Jet: At this point, each twin has earned the Happy Toddler trait.

I'd like them to max another skill or two toward our next free day, too.
Playing too many of my "Maxed skill" cards this early isn't a smart move!

Before heading to bed, Iconica maxes Communication (3 points)


Jet: Due to her childish trait, Saanvi can usually be found sitting in this area.
She's typically playing with the dollhouse or toys from the toybox.

That soiled potty nearby will remain dirty unless I clean it myself.

Jet: Meanwhile, Aarohi has been earning more love from our watcher lately.
Aarohi shares Saanvi's childish trait, but I've only seen her use the toybox to clean up toys.

She paints autonomously, even though I've not selected painting as a club activity.
Aarohi's no Magritte, mind you, but her heart's in the right place.

Gent: I never realized how underhanded Jet is!
He strings me out on catnip, smothers me in smooches, then asks me not to eat people food.
How can I refuse?
Jet: I "give the love" to Gent, earning another 1,000 satisfaction points (4 points)

I'm so excited about Lone's promotion to Artist in Residence this afternoon. (5 points)
But when I go out to congratulate him, he passes out in the street. (4 points)

Since our house sits right on the street, I can't figure out why Lone doesn't just go to bed.
Checking his bedroom, I find Saanvi is napping there. She is too much!

As soon as I wake Saanvi up and get her out of Lone's bedroom, he makes a beeline for his bed and crashes.

I'm not sure what to do about Saanvi. It's bad enough that she never cooks, cleans, or helps with the children.
She's become an actual detriment to my progress.  *heaves exasperated sigh

I've noticed that Scamp and Gent sleep in random spots around the house.
Since the twins and Lone are asleep, I tell Scamp and Gent to lie in their beds.

Do they not realize that these are their beds unless I tell them?

While everyone naps, I make some camping mascots for Advaith's aspiration.
I stop at Handiness 9, so I can call the shots on exactly when to start the next free day.

Once the girls are rested, I phone in a toddler play date.
Our toddler guest is my son Finn so, naturally, his mother Aarohi comes along, too.

Unru and my son Finn get to know each other over gumbo.
Yes, I realize that it looks like Frank & Beans, but I'm not a slob like Mama Merri, okay?

I help Finn climb up the slide to complete one party goal.
He later climbs up the slide on his own to complete another party goal.
Everyone seems to be having a blast, except loner Lone who's off playing chess, alone.

Finn is a handsome little boy, if I do say so myself.
I wish I could change his hairstyle, but he'll be a child before we know it.

My beautiful Iconica. How I'll miss my toddler girls after their birthdays!

We've completed enough party goals for a gold medal, but we're not ready yet!
Unru has just a little ways to go. There! She's maxed movement. (6 points)

Soon after, our party times out and we receive a gold medal! (7 points)
The first gold-medal toddler play date for the Lees so far!

Week 21/Sunday

I'm just a sliver from maxing Handiness, but I really want the twins to help with the next free day.
Is my desperation showing yet?

Scamp: Well, whoopee-do. Iconica maxed Movement. (9 points)
Gent: Jealousy doesn't become you, Scamp. You gotta believe in your own superiority.

Jet: Do y'all still remember Mizuki Hayashi #2?
She'd been Grandpa Cirius' grade school sweetheart but he later married another Mizuki.

Anyway, Evan Hayashi is Mizuki #2's son with Grandpa Masaya (the Gen2 pollinator).
Evan's not only a snobby, gluttonous bookworm but also a Chief of Staff (Level 10 doctor)!!!

Evan is my uncle but I want my girls to meet Evan to learn how they're related.

Dhruv (glaring): Why's Jet so interested in Evan, but not me?
Garrison: Um, Dhruv, Evan lives in Ye Olde Salt House in the Spice Market, San Myshuno. Where do you live?

Gent: Bless Jet's heart for worrying about my safety but I can't stay cooped up all the time!
I'm a prowler. I gotta roam!  It's a P thang!

Jet: While I'm busy reading to Unru, I notice Iconica's feeling blue.
In addition to having a full bladder, Iconica's really hungry.

But I see she's talking to Saanvi, so Saanvi will surely tend to her needs.

Iconica (glares at her mother): Papa, why did Mama give me this green thing then get some real food for herself?
Jet (side-eyes Saanvi): Don't expect anything from her, Iconica. That only leads to disappointment.

Scamp: Well, well. Someone is winning the unpopularity contest without even trying.
Saanvi: Et tu, Scamp?!

Around 7 pm, Unru maxes her Imagination. (11 points)
In the background, dear Evan is mopping up after Iconica's potty accident.
Iconica's hunger is now critically low. In fact, she's Ravenous.

When I spotted her talking with Saanvi about her needs, I placed some food for her in the Baker's case.
I'm glad to see Iconica go and grab a serving for herself now.

Well, time to let the rest of the household know that Free Day #3 has begun.

Free Day #3 (11 points)
1 point carried over
Promotions (1): Lone/Painter 7
Satisfaction (2): +2,000 points
Social events (1): Gold-medal toddler play date
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (8 ):
   Skills (8 ): Iconica/Communication, Movement; Unru: Movement, Imagination
Passed out (-2): Advaith x1, Lone x1

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: It's a P Thang (02/12)
« Reply #204 on: February 12, 2018, 10:21:10 PM »
Ugh, Saanvi!!  You are shaming that glorious name!!
Aarohi has managed to prove herself to be quite the glorious secondary spouse. 
The toddler twins have been super enjoyable, but I must admit, I'm quite excited to see them as children and then teens!!  Can't wait to see how the genetics play out!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: It's a P Thang (02/12)
« Reply #205 on: February 13, 2018, 08:03:36 AM »
Am i the only one feeling bad fro Saanvi?
Its not easy beign the spouse to a heir in this kind of dynasty.
I hope that there will be a happy ending for her too.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: It's a P Thang (02/12)
« Reply #206 on: February 14, 2018, 02:08:26 AM »
Iconica is such a stunner! I love that playdate shot of her. She's almost cuter than Gent! Almost. :) Finn's quite a sweetie, too.

What a bummer that Saanvi's Childish trait isn't more help. I know it makes sims autonomously play with toys quite often, so it would stand to reason that they might play with toys with actual children, but I guess that's not to be. Only solo dollhouse adventures for Saanvi. *sigh*

Jet is owning things, though. Congrats on the gold playdate, and so many maxed toddler skills! I'm so impressed that your kiddos are still skilling machines, even when you can't control them.

Had to laugh at poor Dhruv's jealousy. Where do you live, indeed? In this challenge, it's all about that house. :)

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: It's a P Thang (02/12)
« Reply #207 on: February 14, 2018, 03:02:15 AM »
Ten gen housemates can be nightmarish, but your Saanvi is definitively one of the worst I've seen.

But be brave Jet, you'll earn your points in no time.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: It's a P Thang (02/12)
« Reply #208 on: February 14, 2018, 12:11:55 PM »
--winces-- I am torn about Saanvi.  I had a similar issue with Brock and his household.  They either tried to help or did nothing.  Trying to help made things so much worse.  It made me so angry, I had to stop playing for a while XD  Hehehe, love Scamp!  And Gent, especially Gent.  Still can't get over how cute the twins are!

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: An Annoying Alien
« Reply #209 on: February 19, 2018, 09:04:41 PM »
Haha, they're just become toddlers and you're already talking about teens. My updates never cover as much ground (time) as yours do.
Lol, enjoy their birthday as children yo!

I've some variation so far in terms of how helpful the spouse is with the children. Considering she's unemployed, Saanvi has been one of the least helpful.
But you'll be glad to hear that she's improving. :D

I wouldn't actually call the kids skilling machines, haha. But it really helps that Jet maxed his Parenting skill.
In retrospect, I should have had Saanvi read a Parenting skill book that first free day instead of making vet calming medications. Live and learn, right?
Saanvi has broken the fourth wall to respond to everyone's criticisms. This update, I started to like her a little. Still not a big fan, though, not yet anyway.

Jet thanks you for the encouragement. I've had two spouses in this challenge who were constantly looking after the kids, so I'm not sure what Saanvi's deal is.
I'm thinking that the spouse's traits actually make little difference (Akira Kibo was a great father to the triplets).

I never had trouble with Saanvi trying to help because she never tried, lol. Oddly, her brother Advaith was the one who would rush to help out crying nooboos.

4.31: An Annoying Alien

Week 21/Sunday

Jet: Our third free day starts at 7 pm today.
I have Iconica ask Saanvi to teach her numbers and then shapes.
Not because we're necessarily gunning for Top-Notch Todder; Saanvi needs to boost her parenting skill.

Advaith: Don't forget that she has the lowest cooking skill in the house, besides the toddlers and pets.
Saanvi: Did you just throw me under the bus!?

Jet: Brother Lone's just one level away from bringing home the Deluxe All-Seasons Easel!
Lone: Why are you so hyped about that? You did fine with Auntie Theresa's Easy-Breezy Easel, or whatever it's called.
Jet: I don't work anymore, so I sort of live vicariously through your career promotions…

Lone: By the way, why does Aarohi paint so much? She's an internet celebrity, not a painter.
Jet: Maybe she's trying to help out? Who know? *shrugs

Advaith: Thanks, Jet, for stockpiling items for me to sell today.
Jet: No problem, Advaith.
Advaith: Harvesting the garden earns me the last $5,000 needed to finish Fabulously Wealthy.

Jet: What next, Advaith? I suggest Mansion Baron instead of The Curator.
Advaith: Why? I thought The Curator was easier.
Jet: We don't have a complete collection yet. It'll take you forever!

Advaith: Lucky for me that Lone is a loner! It means I get my own room.
My bedroom's in the basement. No windows but I get natural light via the pool. It's sweet.

Jet: I love having more time to myself on free days. Let everyone else take care of the housework!
Here, Scamp ponders the metaphysical significance of a pig with wings, another painting by Aarohi.

It's great being able to give Gent and Scamp more attention!
You wanna brushing, Gent?

By the way, Gent runs away quite frequently. I've no idea how to prevent it.
Despite my hectic schedule, I make sure to give him a daily hour of attention.
What am I doing wrong?


Jet: We get the twins' birthday notices around 10 am, but I'm busy bathing Scamp at the time.
Saanvi is off playing with the dollhouse or something, so I age them both up myself.
Surprisingly, Iconica earns Top-Notch Toddler, while Unru earns Happy Toddler.

Iconica: Nooooo, don't take a photo of me with this hair!
Jet: Just say hello to Evan Hayashi. I want to see what your relationship with him is.

Iconica: Fine. We're acquaintances but why are we strangers? I'm not strangers with the rest of your clubmates.
By the way, readers, the inset shows Evan Hayashi before Jet gave him a makeover.
He had the coif with the bald spot. He likes the new hairdo but refuses to change his shirt.

Here's a collage of the twins with me (as a child) and Saanvi.
Iconica is an art lover and Unru is self-assured.
Both girls have Saanvi's big eyes. Who do you think they resemble at this point?

Iconica's lips look so much like mine, don't you agree?
On the other hand, Unru generally looks more like Saanvi.
Of course, only time (and their teen birthdays) will tell.


Jet: Sadly, we've returned to our normal lives since yesterday evening.

Clubmate Kari Alonzo recently aged up to young adult. She's a creative, materialistic vegetarian.
Kari and I share the Lees' first pollinator (Masaya) as our grandfather, making us (half-)cousins.

Even so, I consider both Uncle Evan and cousin Kari as keepers (aka prime vampire material).
They live in nice homes, making them viable spouse options who may or may not bear fruit.

Gent: Yes, I have to wear a stupid cone of shame for a few days after a squirrel bite.
Apparently, I've been cured of my "excess cuteness."
Hah, as if that particular excess of mine could ever be cured!

Jet: Due to Advaith's low energy, I offer him a Need Fixer an hour before his shift starts.
But he refuses!
He accepts after a few friendly overtures, though, and I gain a level in Mischief.

These cloned serums are untested but they definitely work! I tried them myself first!

Gent: Jet stored the toybox and dollhouse this morning, so Saanvi has no recourse but socializing with the plushies or chess.
She breaks that up with naps on the sofa. I mean, at least, I prowl for feathers!

Jet: THIS is how you get serious about Logic!
When Uncle Nimb phones to ask me out, I'm in the observatory at Logic 8.

I decline then turn around and invite him to come over. Thanks for mentoring, Uncle Nimb!

Jet: Congrats, Advaith, on your promotion to Junior Tinkerer. (12 points)
Advaith: Thanks. Feels like it took forever!

Jet: I'd just reached Logic 9 when I get the summons.  Thank Carl for Gent and Scamp!
I politely ask Senior Pollination Technician #3 to abduct one of the uncontrolled sims next time.
They don't look after the entire household like I do.

Jet When our heir, Iconica, hits Mental 8, I check how Unru is doing. She's only Mental 6?

On second thought, Iconica's lead is partly due to her Top-Notch Toddler trait.
Also, Unru's self-assured and often gets confident despite all the room's focusing boosts.


Do you remember my telling you that Saanvi and I share the dog-lover trait?
Last night, I saw her playing with Scamp for the first time ever.
This morning, I see her playing with Scamp again.

If Saanvi would simply play with Gent once a day, I would consider her immensely helpful.

Just before the twins get home from school, I max Logic. (14 points)
This will probably come back to bite me in the plumbob, though.

"Someone" has totally forgotten that the twins will be earning points for their grades this week.
Darn, I've gotten too used to Jet being a one-man show!

Jet: Asking Saanvi to read that parenting book on the last free day seems to be paying off.
Today, she autonomously helps Unru with her homework. *chalks up another point for Saanvi

Jet: I refuse to give up on my quixotic pursuit of the elusive UFO fruit!

My brother Lone might look like one of the park's crazy sims.
In fact, he's a tired and hungry Level 8 Professional Painter now. Congrats on the promotion! (15 points)


Jet: Around 3 am, Scamp ages up to an elder in a whirl of pink sparkles.
But you can't keep a good dawg down. He immediately leaps into the pool for more aquatic fun.
I gotta say that nobody in this household  loves the pool like Scamp does!

After Scamp, I light some birthday candles for Advaith who cakes up to an adult.

By the way, I'm facing a huge dilemma here. Do I feed Scamp an Age-Down Treat?
Or should each heir be able to choose whether they want pets and, if yes, to adopt their own?

Iconica and Unru bring home a B this afternoon. No surprise there! (17 points)

Jet: After encouraging the twins for their good grades, I influence them to do their homework.
After I'm done helping them with their homework, I influence them to experiment on the science table.
Look at me go in sparkly full-on Super Parent mode!

This is absolutely outrageous, you hear? Stop being such a sore loser, SPT #3!
I got abducted last night, too, but didn't bother to mention it.
So, tonight makes my third abduction in three days.

Scamp and I were walking quite far from the house and I was just about to ask Scamp what's wrong.
What if he's hungry? What if he's tired? What if he's not feeling well?
This goes way beyond infuriating.


Jet: It's already early Friday by the time I get back.
Scamp loyally (and hungrily) has waited for me the whole time at that same spot.

When we return home, we find that Lone has painted yet another masterpiece.
This one is worth an incredible amount: $17,630!
I don't know about y'all, but I've never had a sim paint such a valuable painting.


Good boy, Scamp! You've just learned how to shake!

I've 95% decided to give Scamp an Age-Down Treat. What do you think?
I realize he's a glutton and a troublemaker, but he's my Scamp.
While I was abducted last night, he didn't budge from our spot though I was gone for hours!

I'm not sure what to do about Gent. He runs away every several days then returns a day later.
If he's that unhappy living with us, maybe Iconica should get her own pet?

By the way, Iconica maxed her Mental skill yesterday afternoon. (19 points)
Unru is still at Mental 8, but that's fine. She's the spare, not the heir.

And this afternoon, I become good friends with my clubmate Kari Alonzo. (20 points)

It's time for our fourth free day already!
And just think, the twins will celebrate their teen birthday in eight more days!

Free Day #4 (10 points)
1 point carried over
Promotions (4):
  Career (2): Lone/Painter 8; Advaith/Scientist 3
  School (2) : Iconica/B, Unru/B
Good friends (1): Kari Alonzo
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (4):
   Skills (4): Jet/Logic; Iconica/Mental

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: An Annoying Alien (02/19)
« Reply #210 on: February 20, 2018, 02:03:17 AM »
Oh my!  The aliens sure love Jet XD Can't blame them, either... <.< Aww, poor Scamp, just standing there, waiting for his master to return!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: An Annoying Alien (02/19)
« Reply #211 on: February 21, 2018, 07:21:42 PM »
Two completely unheard-of things! An insanely valuable (and super cool-looking!) painting and three abductions in a row! I can't blame the aliens for taking a shine to Jet, but how annoying to have the only sim you can control stuck on a spaceship for hours! Sheesh!

I'm also a little cross with Gent for running away so much (though I still love him dearly). The sad moodlets must be terrible to deal with!

The girls are both lovely, and seem to be a good mix of their parents.

I'm so glad Saanvi took the hint with the parenting book. I'll definitely remember that next time I need to coax a sim in the right direction.

Super excited for teen birthdays!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: An Annoying Alien (02/19)
« Reply #212 on: February 22, 2018, 03:57:04 PM »
Ahhhh, another Oshizu story! -heart eyes- I'm so happy to have more of your stuff to read! You're so awesome, keep doing what you're doing!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: An Annoying Alien (02/19)
« Reply #213 on: February 22, 2018, 09:27:35 PM »
Dang, the consecutive abductions were so obnoxious! As if Jet didn't have enough to do. Yeah, Scamp waiting was really sweet!

I believe Gent has been peeking at the forums. Since I complained in my previous update, he hasn't run away for a whole week.
I wonder what triggers his running away. Perhaps serving him the homestyle cooking pet food appeases him. As for Saanvi, I'm convinced that she's got a screw loose.
As for the teen birthdays....we apologize for disappointing you but humbly request your patience.

Thank you for following my ridiculous stories! It's so motivating to hear that you enjoy the silliness. :D

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Doncha?
« Reply #214 on: February 22, 2018, 09:41:20 PM »
4.32: Doncha?

Week 21/Saturday

Jet: As you might recall, Free Day #4 starts this afternoon.
I begin by encouraging Iconica to draw, then start feeling a bit peckish.

When I reach the kitchen, my body chooses that very moment to transform.
Yes, that's me inside that hideous dark form!

That has to be the ugliest dark form I've ever seen, Jet.
Jet: Thanks, Watchette. That makes me feel really happy.

Allow me to backtrack a bit. Do you remember I got abducted Thursday while walking Jet?
After three hours, I got beamed back down to find Scamp hungry, tired, and filthy.

We headed for home right away so I could feed and bathe Scamp.
Gent, of course, chooses that moment to run away. *rolls eyes

After that, I pay a quick visit to my good friend, Caleb.
I explain that I want him to turn me in time for the next free day.

Caleb is happy to help out, considering he finds my blood divinely delish.
Anyway that all happened early Friday morning.

Fast-forward to now: Saturday evening after I've transformed.
I need to raise my vampire rank to be able to buy the Vampire Creation power.

My clubmate Dhruv lets me drink from him, boosting me to Minor Vampire rank.
Thanks so much, Dhruv! After this free day, you get that makeover you've wanted.

I buy the Vampire Creation power and get straight to work.
Since Evan and Kari are my good friends, they readily accept my offer to turn them.

That's right, you see me letting Kari Alonzo drink my essence, heedless of my little darlings in front of us.
Anyway, I'm glad to spare Iconica the need to ever transform into a vampire.

Next, I head to the Skyward Palms district of Oasis Springs.
In Mehdi Mandir's bedroom, I whip out my portable bar to mix us both vampire cures.

The cure will revert Mehdi to a Day 1 adult with 24 days until his elder birthday.
Meanwhile, Iconica Lee will be a young adult in 20 days.
Hopefully, their timing will work out perfectly.

Oh what? Nobody told you that Mehdi Mandir will become the Gen5 spouse?

First, Mehdi and I drink up and cease being vampries.
Then, I make a quick stop to cure Lilith's daughter, the insane Arielle Vatore.
Arielle is no longer a spouse option; we don't need to keep her immortal.

Week 22/Sunday

When I get home, it's past 3 am already. First thing, I give Scamp an Age-Down Treat.
If Iconica wants two children, she'll only be able to take Unru and one pet with her when she moves out.

Because he's loyal, Scamp will be moving with Iconica and Gent will have to wait.
Of course, I'll be giving both Scamp and Gent an Age-Down Treat at the end of my last free day.

Jet: What is an update without a glitch, right?
For the past four sim-hours, I've been unable to resume writing a novel.
Absolutely nothing works: replacing the computer, moving upstairs, using a different chair, or using a new desk.

Maybe I should repair the game for the second time today?
Jet: What if I simply start a new novel? Oh, that works!

This is not a good omen for Iconica, our future Bestelling-Author…

Jet: A little before our free day ends, I max Writing for zero points.
Then I send Saanvi off with Scamp for a long walk.

Our free day's over by the time Lone brings home his Level 9 promotion. (1 point)


Jet: It's 3:44 am when I notice that Saanvi and Scamp aren't home yet.
Brother Lone came home from work at 4 pm yesterday, so they've been out over 12 hours.
I'm trying to cut Saanvi some slack, I really am.
But who takes a dog out for a 12-hour walk?

Jet: Because Scamp is starving and Saanvi is about to wet herself, I travel with Scamp to Dresden House.
Did I mention that Mama Merri passed away last Friday?
Uncle Nimb must have passed away around the same time.
I gather their urns along with that of Papa Garrison's sister, Auntie Theresa.

When I check Saanvi again, her bladder is empty but now she's about to pass out.
If you're wondering why I'm at the gym at 4:30 am, it's because I traveled here with her, Scamp, and my club.

I guess Saanvi hadn't moved from the spot where she'd ended her walk with Scamp.
And, no, that's not Saanvi you seen here. That's the younger (and very pretty) sister of Evan Hayashi.

Thanks to Scamp, I correct my fourth of six pet misbehaviors and reach the last tier of Friend to the Animals.
I can safely say that I will never complete this aspiration.

Just when I'm about to say that Gent is incorrigible, he learns not to beg for food.
Don't worry, Gent! You'll be living with Iconica as soon as there's room.

Meanwhile, Saanvi sleeps all day because of her "long walk."
I'm glad we managed to avoid losing points due to bladder failure or passing out.

Unru earns an A this afternoon (2 points) and completes Whiz Kid. (4 points)
Soon after, Iconica enters a Rebellious phase and Unru, a Bear phase.
There's only one of me, girls, so good luck with your phases!

Jet: An urgent question for our readers:
Is there any way to make "Talking to plants" a banned club activity?


Jet: My second call to request a repair in eight hours!
The first time, Dhruv repairs the toilet himself before Luigi arrives. (3 points)
The second time, I don't want my clubmates to risk it. (2 points)
And I don't want to do it myself because it's too early to max my handiness yet.

When she fails to repair the dishwasher at all, I worry she'll croak on our lot.
I fire her but she charges me $108 for doing nothing. Thanks loads, Luigi!
*replaces the dishwasher

Jet: Okay, but just for tonight, Baby Bear!
Unru: Yay!

Jet: Congrats to Iconica for getting an A (3 points) and finishing Whiz Kid (5 points).
Way to go, Advaith, for earning a promotion to Serum Sequencer. (6 points)


Jet: Saanvi enjoys a grilled cheese sammie Dhruv prepared, while watching him clean the stove.

Dhruv: Hey Jet! I bet you wish you'd married me instead, right?
*sings: Doncha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Doncha?
Jet: Um, no?

Jet: This morning, I write excuse notes for the girls since they've been working so hard.
We travel to Desert Bloom Park along with Papa Garrison.

He prepares Franks & Beans--a habit he picked up from Mama Merri (who was a slob).

Since my second son with Aarohi recently became a child, I invite both my sons along, too.
Finn is the oldest.
I think Papa Garrison will be thrilled to meet them.

Fred walks up to Papa Garrison and hugs him.
Next, Iconica stands up and gives Fred a hug.
Then, Finn walks over and Unru gives Finn a hug.
Ain't gonna lie! Watching them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Garrison: What a wonderful day this has been!
I've spent the afternoon surrounded by my grandchildren.
And now, Lone joins us for dinner!

I'd always regretted that my mother, Morgan Fyres, never got to meet Jet and Lone.
I only wish that Merri could be here with me.

Jet: I go to pay my compliments to the chef but can't chat with him at all.
What a shame!
I'm dying to know why he has a tree in his kitchen.

Jet: On returning home, I bid my sons farewell and put the girls to bed.
Then, my clubmates and I get down to the real work of running the household.

Dhruv: Hey, check out my new hair!
Amaya: Thanks for escorting my brother Evan home after he transformed into a vampire at the park.

Author's Notes

*We really tried to end this update on the last free day by stretching it out to Friday.
*The next update will begin the day before Free Day #5 starts on Friday (hopefully), with the twins ageing up to teens on Saturday.
*As you know, the Gen5 heir Iconica takes over as the controlled sim as soon as that last free day ends.
*Jet Lee's current score: 6/10 points

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Doncha? (02/22 new)
« Reply #215 on: February 23, 2018, 12:53:39 AM »
I love all the vampire shuffling! Turning someone that's older and then curing them to reset their age bar is brilliant! I'll be stealing that strategy for something for sure.

I feel you on trying not to get points. The struggle is all too real.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Doncha? (02/22 new)
« Reply #216 on: February 23, 2018, 01:36:36 PM »
Whoa! Jet! That's quite a dark form! He looks more Depressing Writer of Tragic Novels than Scary Vampire, but hey . . . it kinda works.

Hooray for the dramatic spouse reveal! Mehdi looks like a total cutie, with a very nice abode. Way to go, Iconica!

Omg with Saanvi and the long walk. Very nice travel-work on the Watcher's part, though. That seemed like a recipe for both a bladder failure and a passing out, but you avoided both deftly! Bravo!

The talking to plants shot is hilarious! I don't know how you'd ban it without banning gardening altogether, but my word, guys . . .WHY?

Another hilarious update! Can't wait for the next!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Doncha? (02/22 new)
« Reply #217 on: February 23, 2018, 10:20:37 PM »
I saw the "Doncha" title and had the song right.  However, I thought maybe Saanvi was going to really (finally) step up and look like the dynasty spouse that we all wish she would have been and maybe look like some legitimate competition for Aarohi. 
The twins are so adorable!!  I love the shots where they're each in the same (or at least similar) poses!  So cute!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Doncha? (02/22 new)
« Reply #218 on: February 24, 2018, 11:47:11 PM »
I was really lucky to catch Mehdi Mandir while he was still an adult, since his older sister had already become an elder. :D
Oddly, having two pets replace sims in the house has helped a bit, since the pets can't earn any points and require a fair bit of attention.

Sadly for Iconica, she does not get to choose her spouse. But she is still thinking very hard about her options.
I'm getting better with avoiding bladder failures and passing out. I'm not used to hitting the M key to travel but it's so much faster than waiting for my sim to go sit down somewhere and phone.
You're right about needing to ban gardening to stop clubmates from talking to plants. I'm sure it's a sign that their Fun meter is low. I need to remember to have them swim or dance first.
Lol, the update wasn't meant to be hilarious--I just couldn't get any of the sims to behave.

I'm happy you recognized the Doncha song title right away. (I had to go listen to the song on Youtube then regretted it, haha. I'd never seen the music vid before.)
Sorry to betray your expectations about Saanvi. Now she's got Dhruv muscling in on her turf! The twins are even cuter now!

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Fifty Shades of Spay
« Reply #219 on: February 25, 2018, 12:00:21 AM »
4.33: Fifty Shades of Spay

Week 22/Thursday

Saanvi: Thanks for not teasing me about my swimsuit malfunction, Scamp.
Scamp: No problem. I figure you have enough to worry about these days.
Saanvi: You're right. Can you believe that Dhruv considering himself my rival?

Scamp: By the way, I see you've rolled a whim to take a dog for a walk.
No offense, but I happen to be really busy today. *swims away at the speed of light

Jet: This is last night's news but I want to share an update on our neighborhood.
We have a new neighbor in the one-bedroom Rustic Residence.
Sadly, that brings our total number of occupied households to nine. *weeps

New neighbor: Hey, you visit and take a photo of me without even introducing yourself?
You could at least give me some points for symmetry!
Jet: True dat! You look like a pear both from the front and the side…

Ugh, the game hates me! We'll never get to move any households into Newcrest or Brindleton Bay!
Our sole consolation is that Mr. Pear Number Two is an adult.

Jet: I see you're quite smitten with Amaya Hayashi, Lone, but don't get any ideas!
Lone: Not even on the free day? Why not? You want Amaya for yourself?

Jet: Hardly! She lives with two older brothers: Evan the vampire and Theo.
We need to keep the size of that Hayashi household down, you hear?

Scamp: Can't Amaya be a Lee heir instead of her brother Evan? She plays with me all the time!
Jet: No can do, Scamp. She's a goofball and goofball sims are bad news!
Do you realize I hadn't even learned Comedy until Amaya joined my club? And now I have Level 2 Comedy.
Scamp: *mopes

Jet: Why did that handsome chef from La Bovine look so familiar? I'm inviting him over to find out.

Rico: Thanks for the invite. I'm Rico Kidd. I've heard about you from my younger brother Ralph.
You remember that kid with red hair? He's a teen now.
Jet: I knew your father, Masato Ikeda, too. We lived in the same house down the road for a while.

Rico: I'm sure you're dying to know, Jet. Even though my mom's a vampire, I'm not.
Jet: Your traits are okay, too: Geek, Music Lover, and Hotheaded.
And you're unrelated to me and my daughter Iconica. Too bad you don't live in a house.


Lone: My "Celebrate birthday" notice arrived this morning around 6 am. How old are you?
Jet: With all my vamping around, I still have 19 days until adulthood.

Lone: We're still going to celebrate our adult birthdays together, right?
Jet: Of course, we are! Let's wait until later tonight when we're both free.

Amaya: Jet's so gorgeous that, wherever he goes, a thousand sighs trail after him!
I'd bet my life that many female hearts will break when Jet ages up to an adult!

Saanvi: Excuse me, but do you mind not discussing my husband as if he were communal property?
Amaya (internally): I guess she hasn't heard that Aarohi gave birth to twin sons last night.

Jet: After Lone leaves for work, I cave and hire a butler. (5 points)
I can't be bothered watching my clubmates talk to plants while wishing they would spray for bugs.
Rania Al Habib is a squeamish, vegetarian bookworm. Squeamish isn't the greatest trait for a butler.
If I fire her, will the butler agency send her back to me or will I get a new butler?

Lone: Even Unru's terrible mood can't faze me today!
I earn my final promotion and max the Master of the Real career! (8 points)

Jet: It's breaking my heart, but I sell my clinic for $31,448.
As much as I enjoyed working at the vet clinic, I just couldn't make it work with my household responsibilities.
I'm saving this clinic name, though, to try again in a different challenge!

Jet: Just when we're all getting hungry, we get a notice about the Spice Festival.
I'm not even shocked anymore about not finding a UFO plant. *shrugs

Lone: Jet and I win the Spice Curry Championship this time!
Good thing we're all getting makeovers tomorrow morning.
I don't wanna wear this tee-shirt for the rest of my life.

I invite a variety of sims for the twins to meet.
Here's my sister Pris and Iconica's toddler crush, the redhaired Ralph Kidd.
He's a music lover, a cat-lover, and a high school student.

What a surprise to see his mother working the Indian food stall!
She's one beautiful sim and a Grand Master vampire to boot, though neither of her sons are vampires.

Unru: Hey, Iconica! There's Mehdi Mandir, you're future husband.
Iconica (plays with toy): I know.

Unru: Why are you avoiding him? I think he's pretty handsome!
Iconica: I'm still in grade school and he's already an adult. Don't you think that's creepy?


A little past midnight, Lone and I blow out our birthday candles.
We are  officially adults!
I've kept our squeamish butler. I'm pretty sure Iconica will want to keep her around, too. (7 points)

It's a lucky thing I kept the butler because I unintentionally max Rocket Science this afternoon. (9 points)
But all those Spice Festivals and all my space missions failed to produce a single UFO plant.

We head home quite late and I quickly max Handiness for my 51st point. (11 points)
Time for our fifth and last free day!
I've timed it to start 12 hours before the twin's teen birthdays.

Week 23/Sunday

Jet: While checking to see if the fridge is sufficiently stocked, I discover caterers are back!
There are some really bizarre sims available to hire as our caterer.
I specify Rico Kidd to come cater for us because we know he cooks at La Bovine, right?

Jet: It's around 1 pm when the girls are ready to blow out their birthday candles.
It seems Top-Notch Toddler Iconica made more progress than Happy Toddler Unru.

But dig this: I finished 3 aspirations as a Happy Toddler child, while Iconica only finished two.
You never see me suffering because I'm not Top Notch, do you!

Jet: My girls are stunners!
Iconica: We're identical twins. Unru only wears glasses so you can tell us apart.
Unru: I don't mind. We all know who the brainy one's going to be!

Jet: Saanvi doesn't have anything particular to do (as usual), so she takes Scamp for a walk.
A short walk this time.
Scamp: Yeah, yeah. Tempting fate on my time! *mumble, grumble

Iconica: I'm a lazy art lover who aspires to be a Best-Selling Author.
Can you say "Book of Life"?

Iconica: I'm so jealous of Unru. She can choose and complete any aspirations she wants!
Since our birthdays, she's already done Fabulously Wealthy and Mansion Baron.

Unru: I have over 10,000 satisfaction points and consider buying the new Never Weary trait.
But nah, I go old school with Steel Bladder, Entrepreneurial, Carefree, and Connections.

Iconica: And me? I'll be lucky to finish Best-Selling Author before my young adult birthday.
But I've got Papa to mentor me in writing. I should be okay.

Incidentally, did you notice that I have Papa's nose? Or should I say "Liberty Lee's nose"?

Iconica: Papa's in denial and doesn't like to talk about it, but Scamp ran away a few days ago.
Do you think he's protesting against that 12-hour walk with Mama?

We need to send Mama off for training so she can learn the Art of Dog Walking.

Iconica: And speaking of pets, our caterer Rico and his younger brother Ralph are both so attractive!
Not that I want them to be my pets. That's not what I meant at all!

Instead of owning a second pet, wouldn't I be better off asking Rico or Ralph to move in with me?
A pet takes a lot of time to care for but, for example, Rico could cook for me "and stuff."

Iconica: I just don't know.  Wouldn't Gent prefer to stay in this house with Papa?
But he's so handsome and he's been so very good lately! He hasn't run away since two Thursdays ago.

Hmmph, I really need to check the ages of Mehdi Mandir's niece and nephew!
I don't want to let Scamp or Gent go, but I don't want to become a lonely spinster, either!

We still have about 8 hours left on our free day, then I become the controlled sim.
I'm both excited and scared! Wish me luck!

Free Day #5 (11 points)

Promotions (5):
   Career (3): Lone/Painter 9-10; Advaith/Scientist 4
   School (2): Iconica/A; Unru/A
Maxed skill/job/aspiration (10)
   Skills (4): Jet/Rocket Science & Handiness
   Career (2): Lone/Master of the Real
   Aspiration (4): Iconica/Whiz Kid; Unru/Whiz Kid
NPC hires (-4): Repair x2, Butler x2

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Fifty Shades of Spay (02/24)
« Reply #220 on: February 25, 2018, 12:34:06 AM »
And Saanvi gets dissed by the dog. Ouch!
I like your butler. I want to say Salma, my favorite butler ever, was squeamish, and I loved it. Maybe that was just me being sadistic. *whistles*
So happy the caterers are back! Hooray! Ralph Kidd is welcome to come and make me some grilled cheese any time.
The girls are such stunners! I love their distinctive styling. I never would have guessed they're identical! They're both glowing with personality.
Farewell to Fifty Shades. I'm so glad the name will live on!
Oh, and Team Gent. Gent 4eva! Look at that sweetie sleeping with his belly exposed! D'aaaww!

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: I'm Not in Love
« Reply #221 on: February 27, 2018, 11:23:09 AM »
Scamp's been out for several walks with Saanvi since the first 12-hour walk. For some reason, she never takes him home.
The butler is wonderful--she cleans sometimes, does everything in the garden except harvest, and occasionally cooks. And she doesn't sing!
You might need to fight Iconica for Ralph, hahaha. He has an impossibly thin waist--I haven't given him a makeover yet but soon.
It's all about Iconica until she's ready to move out but Unru will have ample time in the limelight later. :)

5.34: I'm Not in Love

Week 23/Sunday

Iconica: Papa's last free day is over now. Now I'm the controlled sim and active heir.
Thanks to his mentoring, I max writing before I even finish my second book!

Does my profile resemble Papa's or what?

Naturally, my twin Unru's profile also resembles Papa's.
She even does that thing with her mouth that Papa does when he concentrates.

Unru already read the Logic and Handiness skill books that Papa wrote for us.
She's reading a purchased Logic skill book now. Nerd Brain fits her so well!

Papa told everyone to queue up actions before the free day ends.
That's why Uncle Advaith is dazed but continues to rebuild the rocket ship.

Since he's a scientist, we thought he might have better luck getting a UFO plant.
But no, he crashed the rocket ship twice today.
I hope it retains its upgrades after being rebuilt…twice.

Scamp (depressed): Why do I have to be the one teaching her the Art of Dog Walking?
Where's Joaquin Le Chien when we need him?
Iconica: Don't worry, Scamp! This is your very last walk with Mama.

Iconica: I've had a crush on Ralph Kidd for as long as I can remember.
Why couldn't he have moved into a house instead of those two consecutive Mr. Pear's?
Life is so unfair! *sighs tragically


Early this morning, I have to rescue Scamp from his "short walk" with Mama.
After traveling to Desert Bloom Park with my clubmates and me, he immediately crashes.
He looks exhausted, doesn't he?

Before school, I kick Amaya Hayashi from my club.
That goofball was constantly telling jokes to everyone else. It was too much!

Ralph joined my club last night.
It's moments like these that I'm glad we have a pool. Ahem.

Right after Unru and I leave for our first day of high school, Gent ages up to an elder.
He looks so distinguished with his silver whiskers!

Papa's left his vet stash in the crafting machine out back.
Don't let me forget to give Gent an Age-Down Treat when I get home!

I come home from school Very Tense and need to take a shower and a bath before I feel better.
It's nightfall by the time I give Gent his Age-Down Treat.
He seems really excited about it.

If you're wondering why I've lured Ralph into a room with Romantic Sandalwood incense, you haven't been paying attention!
I'm a teenager who is as good as betrothed to a man the same age as my father.

I get it, I do! I'm a dynasty heir and need to make sacrifices for the dynasty.
I'll bite the bullet on my young adult birthday, okay?
For now, let me enjoy some time with a boy my own age.

Then I remember that he was in grade school during my toddler days.
Won't he be a young adult soon? Time to pick up the pace!

Well, yes, I asked to see his sleepwear before our first kiss.
He was wearing amethyst studs with bright-pink swim trunks.
You would have asked, too, I'm sure.


So, he's a cat lover. No wonder he's always chatting with Gent.
And, no, I'm not messing around with my new boyfriend in my parents' bedroom!
That would be tacky!
In fact, I've taken over the master bedroom!

I've had the downstairs floor partially renovated.
That's Uncle Advaith's bedroom in the upper right corner.
Below the stairs, you can see the shared water closets and showers.

I've moved my parents into the former butler suite to the left of the staircase.
And I've added another small bedroom on the far left for the butler.

Scamp: Saanvi may not be that adept in the Art of Dog Walking.
But she's the resident sage when it comes to pampering on the couch!
Saanvi: Finally! Something I do better than everyone else!

Iconica: Scamp looks so happy!

Unru and I bring home A's from high school today. Go us!
The first thing I do after arriving home is take a photo of Mama.

Her elder birthday's tomorrow and I want to paint a portrait of Mama as an adult.

Iconica: I have a gazillion things to do but I accept Ralph's invitation for a date anyway.
And we end up at the Shrieking Llama Bar, a five-minute walk from my house. *rolls eyes
I order my favorite drink to find out what it is.
Imagine my disappointment to learn that it's Water. Yes, you heard right.

Redheaded guy behind her: Nothing beats a cheap date, eh?


I'm finally done taking everyone's photo so I can start painting portraits.
It's great that household members will pose for photos on their own.

And though I can't "Take photo of…" my pets, I can "Simstagram" them.
Gent and Scamp don't pose, but at least I can get an eye-level shot.

Papa aged up to an adult four days ago, and Mama ages up to an elder this morning.
Wow, she looks so much older than Papa now and they're just one life stage apart.

Also, it occurs to me that I need to be mindful of publishing income.
So I defer portrait painting until later and return to writing.
My birthday isn't for another 10 days but I take today off anyway.


After school, I take most everyone with me to the park to do homework.
My half-brother Finn is a teen now so I invite him along, too.
He's a vegetarian and a music-lover. Nice traits!

I add him to my club and kick the adult Dhruv Nair, who's been acting quite odd lately.
Dhruv's become very possessive about Papa for no reason at all.
(I checked but he and Papa don't have pink bars.)

When Aarohi kissed Papa a few days ago, Dhruv threw a feet-stomping fit then walked over to Aarohi and slapped her around.
So much drama, right? Watchette was so shocked, she didn't snap a single screenshot!


My first two portraits are worth less than $600 each, even with max painting.
What a mystery!

Do you remember my saying that that my sis Unru had earned over 10,000 satisfaction points?
After she bought all those reward traits, I'd somehow assumed that I'd bought one or two traits, too.
Nope! So I spend half the day farming points, then buy Marketable and Creative Visionary. Durrr.


It's been so hard to write, paint, and look after Gent and Scamp, too.

Why do they complain about being hungry when I make sure their bowls are always filled?
I wish the rest of the family would help out with Gent and Scamp.

Iconica: Earlier this week, I cooked homestyle pet food for them both.
But right after eating, they both ran away. Can you believe that?

Scamp: I'm rather worried about leaving Jet behind to live with Iconica.
She hasn't walked me even once yet! We're not even friends!

Just when I'm starting to feel overwhelmed, Ralph walks over and kisses me.
Yes, please!
Gent and Scamp aren't the only ones who need pampering!

Next Saturday, exactly a week from now, Unru and I become young adults.
I don't feel ready to leave home. Honestly, I am dreading my new life.

If only I could hold on to these fleeting moments with Ralph and make them last forever.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: I'm Not in Love (02/27)
« Reply #222 on: February 27, 2018, 11:59:16 AM »
Aww. it's so hard when we can't make our Sims happy because of a challenge! I really love Iconica.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: I'm Not in Love (02/27)
« Reply #223 on: February 27, 2018, 12:34:43 PM »
Awww!  Poor Iconica :/ The Life of a Dynasty Heir is far from all glitz and glam.  Especially in the Townie Dynasty, I feel.  Also, can't believe I missed commenting on so many updates!  That's what I get for reading on my phone and forgetting to pop in once I get on my comp XD

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: I'm Not in Love (02/27)
« Reply #224 on: February 27, 2018, 12:45:18 PM »
Hmm... *spots pooping cat on painting* ::)
Hmm... *spots pear at the Shrieking Llama* ::)

You have endless stamina and determination, dear @oshizu
Congrats on getting so far. I'm reading and rooting for you. TS4 is not an easy game for challenges.
A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear
Time enjoyed is never time wasted