Author Topic: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway 10.70: Faina Lee, Finished! (Completed 19/06/2018)  (Read 29331 times)

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Liberty's Liberation
« Reply #50 on: December 27, 2017, 09:12:13 PM »
1.6: Liberty's Liberation

Week 4/Sunday

Cirius: We're all at Desert Bloom Park when our fourth Free Day ends.
Now that I'm more or less done with power-skilling, I look around to check out the girls.

What? I'll be a teenager in another week, so it's a healthy interest, right?
Still three more weeks before my young adult birthday, but maybe I'll luck into a high school sweetheart!

Earlier, I met Billy Jang and Krishna Bheeda. They're both nice enough, but...
NO WAY I'm living in another small apartment in San Myshuno.

I quite fancy the pale Mizuki Hayashi. She's a dog lover, she says, and lives with her father.
But when I ask where, she replies she's a not-in-the-world sim. How very unfortunate!

Liberty: To reward everyone for their hard work this past week, we go to La Bovine in Willow Creek for dinner.
I don't want our party to get seated separately, so I click "Request Table" on that table for eight.
It took me long enough to figure that out!

Mila Munch is also an invited guest.
She and I both belong to the Good Timers and Upper Crusts Clubs.
I spend more time with the Good Timers, but still want to thank her as club rep for the support.

By the way, doesn't Akira look dashing tonight?
Seeing him in that tux brings back fond memories of our first date at Shimuzu.


Liberty: I spend a few free hours before work writing my first children's book.
No big plans for achieving literary greatness or anything like that.

I'd just like to be able to write excuse notes for the family, especially for Akira and Cirius.
Perhaps Akira and I can go out on one more brunch date at Shimuzu before Cirius takes over.

While rereading the rules for this challenge, I note that vacation days and excuse notes are only permitted for use on Free Days.
Liberty: Thanks for making me write two novels for nothing, Watchette! This next book's for you!


Liberty: Akira and Miko have their birthdays today. They're aging up to adults.
After work, I plan to throw them a birthday party at the Shrieking Llama Bar.

Oh, and Nanny Ellen, you are dismissed.
We really just need you to show your face here for a few minutes for the minus point.

Today at The Lab, I invent my first Wormhole Generator.
Unfortunately, I'll never be able to upgrade it for group travel to Sixam.

Akira: Wow, you really cooked up a storm after work for my birthday, sweetheart!
Liberty: I only wish I could do more for you, my love. And congrats on your promotion today!

Cirius: Hey, you only invited a bunch of old people, Mama!

Liberty: Hosting a party with uncontrolled sims is much harder than I thought.
Maybe Akira and I can go out for a date instead!

Besides the party guests, the bar attracts a random assortment of visitors.
For some reason, our nanny shows up in her nanny uniform but I can't dismiss her.

Liberty: The party ends while I'm still trying to complete a party goal. Ugh, that was sheer torture!
Oh well, a silver medal is better than nothing, I guess.


Cirius: Isn't your adult birthday tomorrow, Mama?
Liberty: Yes, it is, Cirius. And the three of you celebrate your birthday late Saturday night!
Do you feel ready to become a teenager?

Cirius: I'm excited about becoming the controlled sim, Mama, and I have an idea for my brothers!
Liberty: What's that?
Cirius: Well, I can't influence them like you do, but we can go to the park and do homework together!


Liberty: For my birthday, I invite Akira out on a dinner date to Shimuzu, our fave restaurant.
As luck would have it, we can't reserve the table we had on our first date.

And that Don Lothario keeps chatting with Akira when I'm trying to enjoy our last romantic evening together!
Just stop it, Don! Sheesh!

Liberty: Akira, I could not love you any more than I already do!
Thank you for being such a wonderful husband, caring father, and the bestest of best friends!

Akira: I should be the one thanking you, Liberty! (Is "bestest" even a word?)
You've believed in me, despite my jealousy and my serial romantic roommate!
And we've been so blessed, darling, with our triplets!

 Liberty: I can only hope that Cirius takes after you, you devilishly handsome man!

Back home, I quickly and quietly age up to an adult.
Well, not quite quietly, since Miko's in the living room singing country music!
Arrggh, country music!


Liberty: Miko, it's morning! How can you still be singing country music?
Miko: *shrugs
Darling: *keeps dancing

Akira: I know one thing I'd like for us to do, Lib, before Cirius assumes the helm.
Liberty: Awww, Akira! This is why I'll always love you!

Liberty: Back home, I invite over Mizuki Hayashi, a teen who lives in Oasis Springs.
The Good Timers are ageing, and Mizuki appeared while I was looking for a younger member for the club.
Her make-up's a little excessive, but she's neat, a dog-lover, and very pretty!

Akira: How're you doing today, Mot?
Mot: Okay, I guess. Just waiting for our birthday tonight, you know.

Akira: I know you think you've got it made because the readers think you're cute.
But Watchette has decided to wait until later then choose between you and Dud to move out with Cirius.

Mot: That can't be true, Papa! When did that happen?
Akira: When Dud came in range to earn the Responsible trait while you were busy making messes.

Cirius (internally): Mizuki's so cute that I'm too nervous to concentrate on playing!
How will I ever impress her if I keep losing?

Akira (whispers): I wonder how much older she is than our son…
Liberty (whispers): I'm thinking about a week. She was a child when I first met her at Desert Bloom Park.

Mizuki (internally): Is this some kind of matchmaking thing with little Junior here?
His father is totally a looker, though, so I might consider if there's a family resemblance.

Akira: Dud drives Mizuki away with his atrocious karaoke, so Cirius works on his school project.

Liberty: Soon, Cirius becomes our second son within range to earn the Responsible trait.
I can influence Cirius to work on a project but, sadly, I can't influence his father to assist him.

Mot: Hmmmph, everyone's conspiring against me cuz I'm so adorable!
You want responsible, huh? Huh?! I can do responsible!

Eh, you know what people say: Haters gonna hate, potaters gonna potate…

Week 5/Sunday

Liberty: It's after midnight when the boys finally receive their birthday notices!
I rush down to place their cakes and light their candles, then wake them out of their sleep.

Here are portraits of the whole family so you can see who our sons resemble.
Honestly, I've been hoping and praying for three mini-Akiras, but it was not to be.

Akira: Dud and Mot look like identical twins, but Cirius--even with my lips--doesn't really resemble me.
Liberty: I'm sad that they all look so much like me when Akira is so handsome!
Still, our sons are a good-looking bunch and smart to boot!

Mot, that little rascal, still oozes charm and makes the best faces!

We're at 9 points now and my Logic is at 9.90. Maxing Logic will also complete Nerd Brain for me.

So now I'm going to take a short nap, after which I'll finish this math diagram.
That will kick off our fifth and final Free Day. Can you believe how quickly time's passed?

I've tried to do everything possible to ensure Cirius's success as the heir.
Hopefully, I haven't forgotten anything important. Just a sec, Akira, I'll be right there!

Fifth Free Day (12 points)

Skills (1): Liberty/Logic 10
Household Funds (2): +$30,000
Promotions (2): Akira/TechG 6, Liberty/Sci 8
School Grades (2): Cirius/A, Dud/A
Maxed (6): Cirius/Whiz Kid, Liberty/Logic & Nerd Brain
Gold-Medal Events (1): Date x1
NPC hires (-2): Nanny x2

Liberty Lee's Total Points

I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of points and unable to get my individual free day points to add up correctly.
The figures below more or less reflect how Liberty earned her 52 points.

Designated Skill (6): Liberty/Logic
Satisfaction Points (2): +2,000
Promotions & Grades (20): Liberty (7), Akira (5), Darling (1)
Good Friends (4): Darling Walsh, Cirius Lee, Dud Lee, Mot Lee
Maxed Skills/Aspirations (22)
Household Funds (2): +$30,000
Gold Medal Events (1): Date x1
Wishing Well (1): Wish for promotion x1
Bladder Failure (-1): Miko
NPC Hires (-4): Nanny x3, Pizza x1
Fire (-2): x2

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Liberty's Liberation (12/27 new)
« Reply #51 on: December 27, 2017, 09:40:32 PM »
Oh wow!  Congrats!  congrats on passing control onto Cirius ^^ Way to go Liberty and oshizu!  The boys are very handsome.  Mizuki is gorgeous!  I giggled during them playing the video game hehehe

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Liberty's Liberation (12/27 new)
« Reply #52 on: December 27, 2017, 09:47:54 PM »
Thanks! Technically, I still need to play through the last free day, but Liberty's role as the sole active sim is over.
When I first saw Mizuki as a teen, I worried that she might have become a vampire due to her hairstyle. But she's not.

I was sorely tempted to take her into the closet to see what she looked like under all that make-up, but managed to resist, lol.
She's at the top of the spousal prospects list!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Liberty's Liberation (12/27 new)
« Reply #53 on: December 27, 2017, 10:01:13 PM »
Oh my goodness!!  Mizuki is radiant!  If any competition appears, I'll still be Team Mizuki.  Of course, Mizuki was hoping for an Akira clone just like the Watcher  ;=)  Actaully, it's possible Don Lothario wanted an Akira clone too given how much he wanted Akira's attention at the restaurant.
You are really kicking this challenge in the teeth!  Good work!  I love how you slip in the little nuggets of wisdom you pick up like how Cirius can take advantage of being the controlled Sim to get his brothers to actually do their homework.  Good stuff!!
Thanks for another great update!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Liberty's Liberation (12/27 new)
« Reply #54 on: December 27, 2017, 10:28:52 PM »

Yeah, it seems like everyone wants a piece of Akira, haha. But Akira would turn his head whenever Don Lothario addressed him which, of course, would ruin my romantic-date screenshots.

You'll laugh at what happened while I was worrying about how Cirius would handle his heir duties. When I realized he could take his brothers to the park where everyone could work on homework as a group, I thought, "Darn why didn't I think of that sooner?" (because groups aren't important in an RDC).
I immediately hauled everyone to the park, only to remember that "Do homework together" can only be initiated by a school-aged sim, not by Liberty. Doh.
Really, though, that Parenting skill is powerful stuff!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Liberty's Liberation (12/27 new)
« Reply #55 on: December 27, 2017, 10:59:40 PM »
Congrats to Liberty for completing her requirements, congrats to Akira for not being a pain in the butt like certain other spouses, and congrats to Cirius for taking over. I wish the boy luck! Here's hoping Mizuki's receptive to his charms.

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Seriously Tedious Teendom
« Reply #56 on: December 29, 2017, 10:30:53 PM »
Haha, I'm not sure if Akira is just awesome or if I didn't bother checking him very often because I couldn't control him anyway. He did help out a lot with autonomous parenting, though.
Cirius thanks you for the moral support!

2.7: Seriously Tedious Teendom

Week 5/Sunday

Liberty: My last Free Day begins just before 7 am and will end Monday morning, exactly as I'd hoped!
This time tomorrow, the boys can down a moodlet solver or Need Fixer then head for their first day of high school.

Liberty: I know I've complained now and then about Miko over the past weeks.
Frankly, I've been a bit jealous of all her free time and the friendship between Akira and her.

She's never ever complained about having to stay at home, though, and our sons adore her.
This morning, she's on a cooking marathon to help Cirius during his first days as heir.

Miko's been a tremendous help and the reason I've been able to keep working.

Cirius: We're just staying home long enough for me to learn how to paint portraits.
You already know that I'm self-assured like Papa, and now I'm also a perfectionist.

You'd think, since I'm the heir, that I'd get to paint on the balcony like that lucky Ojo Zest!
But no, my parents turned the balcony into their Focused Space long ago.
It's where Papa works with his computer and Mama does woodworking and gardens.

I don't really mind. I'm not planning to stay home in this apartment all the time like Mama did.

Cirius: Besides being a bookworm, Dud is also outgoing. Seems like a conflict of interests, doesn't it?
He also aspires to become a Friend of the World, but seems to have poor taste in acquaintances.

Cirius: The outdoor-loving Mot is now a geek, and he's not faring much better than Dud.
He introduces himself politely to the prettiest girl he sees, but she lies about her career.

Akira: I'm glad to see he's gotten serious about his character values.
Cirius: Thanks for motivating him, Papa. I need a sidekick who'll support, not distract, me.

Cirius: The first place we go is a photography studio where I take a few shots of my parents together.
I've decided to start a new tradition for the Lee Dynasty.
Besides individual portraits, each heir will include a photo of their parents together in their museum space.
Such photos won't be added to the value of the portraits or museum collection, but they offer loads of sentimental value.

This isn't the photograph I've chosen for the museum, but it's still a great shot of the 'rents.

Cirius: At Magnolia Blossom Park, the household takes turn posing for their portraits.
Don't you think our middle brother, Dud Lee, looks the most like Mama?

As much as I'd like to ask both brothers to live with me, I've decided against it.
My future wife would be spending most of her time with my brothers while I handle dynasty duties.

I know Mama gets sad when Papa hangs out with Auntie Miko while Mama looks after all of us.

Cirius: Hey, remember me, Mizuki? The little guy you mercilessly slaughtered playing Party Frenzy?
Mizuki: Oh, you had a birthday! (He's kinda cute now but doesn't have his father's sizzle…)

Mizuki: *suddenly becomes very angry
Cirius: *gets confused and pulls out his slablet

Mizuki: You invite me all the way out here to watch you play video games?
Cirius: Not at all! I've only been a teen since this morning, remember?
I was googling to learn why you got mad so suddenly. Mood swing? *calms her down

Cirius: Once Mizuki's feeling better, we all head to Desert Bloom Park.
We're friends but I have high hopes she'll be my girlfriend before long.

Meanwhile, Mama (who maxed Handiness this morning) attacks the boarded-up cave entrance.


Mizuki: Why yes, Cirius! I'd love to be your girlfriend! *squees
Cirius: Watchette, would you mind looking after the rest of the household tonight?
True to my name, I take my duties as the heir very seriously.

Cirius: Very seriously, indeed!
Who knows when Mizuki will age up to a young adult, right?


After school, Cirius invites Mizuki and his friend Masaya over to the house.
Masaya is a childish geek who works as a short-order cook.

Masaya: Dude, your girlfriend just aged up to a young adult! Whatchu gonna do now?
Cirius: Well, Mizuki is still my best friend, girlfriend, and soulmate, but my birthday isn't for 11 days.
Masaya: Dang, 11 more days? Good luck with that!
Cirius: At least, her third trait is Outgoing. I can live with a neat, outgoing dog-lover!


Cirius: This is my third day as the new heir, but I'm still living at home. *sighs
I'm trying to speed ahead to my young adult birthday, I really am.
Then, something important happens that I need to share.

Like, when I get home from school today, Mizuki phones to invite me over.
Her house is incredibly spacious!


Cirius: I finished everyone's portraits earlier this week.
And today my collection of paintings is done, too. What do you think?

Cirius: Do you remember I took photos of my 'rents at the photography studio in Newcrest?
This one occupies pride of place at the very center of my wall. They sure look happy together!

Cirius: The Museum's third floor is reserved for portraits of the founder and heirs.
The Gen10 Lee heir will place their museum collection here as well.

Did you notice? I made a copy of Mama's portrait to hang with my other portraits on the first floor.
Papa's portrait didn't look right without Mama's portrait nearby.
Akira: Thanks, son!

Cirius: Besides my household, I've also invited Mizuki along to the Museum.
Before I propose, I want her to fully understand what it means that I'm a dynasty heir.

But my birthday isn't until next Saturday, so we still have to wait another week.
Lucky for me, Mizuki's been amazing and phones me each and every day.

Week 6/Sunday

Cirius: Today's our last trip as a household to the Flea Market.
Mizuki and Masaya meet up with us, too.

By the way, asking my group to "shoot around together" only results in chaos!

Cirius: Um, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to be kissing me like this since I'm still a teen.
Not that I mind, of course. Please be my guest and smooch away!

Just to be clear, I'm not using a mod that permits romance between a teen and a young adult.
Apparently, Mizuki's feelings toward our heir overwhelm the game's normal mechanics.


Cirius: Remember my other dog-loving friend from grade school, also named Mizuki Hayashi?
She invites me out to a café in Windenberg and I naively accept.

Oddly, she gained the Neat trait on her teen birthday, also just like my Mizuki.
Is the game playing tricks on me?
The major difference, though, is that this teen Mizuki remains a not-in-the-world sim.


Cirius: It's past midnight when my brothers and I head out to Windenberg with the two Mizuki's.
Mot: So the younger Mizuki's with me?
Cirius: Where's Dud?
Mot: In the closet, crying to himself. He really is a Dud! *shrugs

Cirius: We're all in dire need of some fun, so we enjoy the dancing, DJ'ing, and socializing.
I spy Cirius autonomously kissing his Mizuki here, but I miss the chance to document it! And I can't direct Cirius to kiss her, either.


Cirius: With only a day left to go, I'm trying to remember all I need to do before moving out.
I ask Mama to mentor me in Handiness for a while, because she can.

Liberty: Before transferring control to Cirius, I'd set up a mini-lab at the Future Past Museum.
For one thing, our apartment is just too small for a home science laboratory.
But, also, my descendants will have access to my inventions this way.

Cirius: We add Mama's second cloning machine and satellite dish to her mini-lab, since I can't take them with me.
Liberty: If only I could have fully upgraded that wormhole generator!

Cirius: Let's go home, Mama. I'm still not done remodeling the apartment for a 5-sim household.


Cirius: I've been waiting for hours, ready to leap out of the house as soon as our birthday notices arrive.
When they do, I grab the cakes and take everyone--including my Mizuki--to Myshuno Meadows.
Now, I'm a self-assured perfectionist who's a snob. Sounds like an Art Critic, yeah?

Cirius: My lovely Mizuki, thank you for waiting for me! And now, I can finally ask you…Will you be mine?
Mizuki: I was expecting a more passionately romantic proposal since I've been on ice for the past two weeks.
But….yes, of course!  Why else would I phone a high school student every evening if not for love?

Cirius and Mizuki get married right afterwards, with only the moon and stars as their witnesses.

Cirius: Oh, my beloved Mizuki! You are perfect just the way you are! (Well, except for those skimpy shorts. They must go!)
Mizuki: I feel exactly the same way about you, darling Cirius! I wouldn't change a hair on your head.
(That hat, however, is a buzzkill…)

Cirius: After eloping, I move into Mizuki's home at Yuma Heights.
At last, I can turn the first page of a new chapter as the second-generation Lee heir.
And so my new life with Mizuki commences at last!

Mizuki dearest, I hope you like strawberries!
Oh darn! We need a free day and fast!

Cirius Lee's Starting Stats

Satisfaction: 1,760 points
New Lot: Yuma Heights (Acquisition Butte, Oasis Springs)
Household funds:  $19,959
Designated Skill: Writing (currently Level 1)
Secondary Skills: Painting 10, Handiness 7, Logic 5, Cooking 4, Gardening 3
Aspiration:  Painter Extraordinaire (Tier III)
Job: Critic/Art Critic (Level 3)

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Seriously Tedious Teendom (12/29 new)
« Reply #57 on: December 29, 2017, 10:45:10 PM »
Wooo! Go Cirius!  Wow, his teenhood must have been rough.  I love that their love surpassed even the game's mechanics lol  That's one of those awesome glitches that just is perfect for story telling.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Seriously Tedious Teendom (12/29 new)
« Reply #58 on: December 30, 2017, 12:09:37 AM »
Oh goodness!  Mizuki and Cirius smooching even when they shouldn't be able to.  Ah, the powers of Sim-love!
So, is Mot going to move in and then have younger Mizuki be his sweetheart/girlfriend/wife/babymama?  Kind of shipping Motzuki!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Seriously Tedious Teendom (12/29 new)
« Reply #59 on: December 30, 2017, 12:28:14 AM »
Haha, you're right! I don't mind this type of glitching at all, though the PTA might object to Mizuki kissing a high-school student. But, but, but...he kissed her back!
I'm glad the two of them found a way to survive those 13 days of teenhood!

Those two totally took me by surprise! Yep, those two cook up some powerful love mojo!
As for Mot, I'll be introducing everyone in the household in the next update. I need to check everyone's relationship panels before deciding how I want to proceed.
Actually, my first priority would be a free day so I can get everyone set up...
If only I could change her name in the closet so she wouldn't share the name of the Cirius's wife...

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Seriously Tedious Teendom (12/29 new)
« Reply #60 on: December 30, 2017, 09:49:25 AM »
Yuma Heights is a great house -- I really enjoyed it when I had a family living there.
I think you can change names if you use the dresser instead of the closet.
I like the way Cirius looks, and I'd rather see Liberty's looks perpetuated than Akira's. But that's just my preference -- Liberty's been around longer.

Congratulations on moving out Gen 2!
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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Seriously Tedious Teendom (12/29 new)
« Reply #61 on: December 30, 2017, 11:46:57 AM »

I remember that one of your heirs lived there and I've never played on this lot before so I'm so excited about Yuma Heights.
Although part of me wanted to match Cirius with another premade townie, I just couldn't pass up Mizuki.

I'm very fond of Cirius already! I hadn't thought of looking at genetic transmission that way.
Usually, I tend to hope that sons resemble their father and daughters resemble their mother.
Sometimes the genes seem to even skip a generation, but it's probably only my imagination.

I absolutely loved playing Libery Lee, my very first mother to triplets!
In one of my failed immortal dynasty attempts, she also had triplets with a pollinator but didn't live in the dynasty house.
Do you think she might have some secret dev-given gene (code) that makes her more prone to triplets?

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
« Reply #62 on: December 31, 2017, 03:49:21 AM »
2.8: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Week 6/Saturday

Cirius: We're hoping for two kids so we travel somewhere that promotes multiple births.
That's when it hits me: I'd rather have Mizuki give two single births instead.
Mizuki: Easy for you to say, dear. You won't be the one going through pregnancy twice.

Cirius: Since you're 11 days older than me, I want to shorten that gap as much as possible, my love. So, no multiple births, please!
Admittedly, it will be a hardship having to try for baby on two different occasions. *winks
And so Cirius persuades Mizuki to head home...

Cirius: Being a male heir has its drawbacks. I wish I could take a pregnancy test on Mizuki's behalf!
I did see her cover her mouth once, though, as if she were nauseous.
Mizuki: I'd say finding me cleaning the toilet like this offers pretty solid evidence.

Cirius: Will our child arrive four days later without a pregnancy test?
Don't know. Pregnancy times seem different since the Parenthood's release.

Cirius: Allow me to introduce the rest of the household, starting with my father-in-law.
Tetsu Hayashi is a Pro Gamer (eSport Gamer 8 ) with zero video gaming skill. *stifles laugh

He'll be an elder in 10 more days, but I'm going to ask him to keep working since he's so unskilled.

Cirius: On your right sits Mot who, of course, needs no introduction.
Mot: When's our next free day? I'd like to get a job.

Cirius: On your left sits my buddy, Masaya Yamamoto.
To my delight, he's a serial romantic which jibes perfectly with my envisioned role for him.
Masaya: A cinnamon roll?
Cirius: Not that kind of role, silly. That's food for thought, but you've spelled it wrong!

Masay: A synonym roll?
Cirius: No, dingus! I'm talking about a pollinator.
Masaya: Is pollinating a real job or more like a side gig?

Mizuki: You do remember that I'm a dog-lover?
And did you know that the Japanese name for flowering dogwood is Hana mizuki?

That's why I absolutely refuse to let anyone change my name.
If anyone should change their name, it's that younger copydawg Mizuki!

Cirius: Our watcher loves flowering dogwood and even made one into a bonsai during her Tokyo years.
Mizuki: Wow, that's an amazing bonsai! Watchette actually grew that?

Cirius: Nah, it's just a photo from an online Japanese shop.
Watchette could never get hers to flower then it died of neglect and loneliness.
There's a reason why, in Japan, bonsai is a hobby preferred by the elderly!
It's still an fantastic photograph!

Cirius: We're all happy to hear about Mizuki's name but can we get back on topic, please?
Here's a shakedown of our household right now:
   • Mot in green: Loves the outdoors, geek, active (The Curator)
   • Wifey Mizuki: Dog-lover, neat, outgoing (Leader of the Pack)
   • Me: Self-assured, perfectionist snob (Painter Extraordinaire)
   • Masaya in red: Childish, geek, neat (Serial Romantic)
   • Tetsu: Goofball, jealous, neat (Master Vampire)

Tetsu: So when's our first free day again? I'd like to get started on my aspiration.
Cirius: Master Vampire? Sorry, but dat ain't nevah gonna happen!

Mot: Wow, look! Mizuki, Masaya, and Tetsu all have the neat trait!
Cirius: I sure hope they're the likes-to-clean neatniks, not the complains-about-filth neatniks!
And we all get make-overs! Well, I only switched from bermudas to slacks.

Cirius: Ever since I maxed painting at my parents' home, I've avoided viewing art at a museum until today.
At the art museum, I earn 2,000 satisfaction points and become good friends with Masaya.

Mizuki: So I had to lose my short shorts and crazy hair for a more subdued style.
Meanwhile, Cirius gets to keep his stupid hat look.

Cirius: Hey, you did NOT just call my hat stupid! Also, admit it, Mizuki!
With classier threads, a new hairdo, and less makeup, you're even lovelier than before.

Cirius: In an effort to socialize my household, I take everyone with me to Windenberg.

After wasting an hour trying to knock on the front hour, I discover that the front door is in back.
Odd, I've never played this household but have often visited it. Their front door has always been, well, in front.

Cirius: I’m the most selfless heir, don't you think?
Here I am, learning to write on a subpar computer so Masaya can meet people.

Do you think it would be rude of me to take a Thoughtful Shower here?

Leaving behind my new good friend Morgan, I visit The Wishing Well.
The Well arranges a guaranteed promotion after my next shift, which is great news.

I'm not sure what to think, though, because my job performance bar doesn't budge.
Hmmmm, we're at 9 points now. How can I earn my tenth point tonight?

Week 7/Sunday

Cirius: Well, no, we don't earn any points for woohoo in the closet.
In fact, I gained my 10th point by boosting my Writing skill to Level 4.

Would you have preferred to see a shot of my back hunched over a computer?
I didn't think so.
Anyway, my first free day begins at 2:43 a.m. Yippeee!

Mot: The first thing I do is join the Scientist career then try to get breakthroughs.
Masaya: I join the Business career then work on my charisma.

Mizuki: I dash to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. Yes!!!
I'd been wondering how Cirius would get me to eat strawberries.
Good job, Cirius! You earned the first 10 points all by yourself.

Cirius: I'd taken over Mama's garden as heir, so I moved here with many seeds.
Mot: Once it's light out, some of us join the Garden Gnomes Club to plant and water those seeds.

Mizuki: It's a huge garden, Cirius. How will you tend it alone after the free day?
Cirius: Only sparingly, love. Gardening isn't my jam but it might suit a future heir.

Cirius: I'm delighted to report that Masaya has gotten his cinnamon buns in gear.
Those flirty paintings are my contribution!
Masaya: Oh yeah! Cuz this is how I roll.

Morgan: What? You're taking me out for sushi?

Cirius: As afternoon turns to evening, some of us are developing our parenting skills.

Tetsu: I've acquired the video gaming skill for the first time in my life.
It's about time!
And while Cirius and Mot are feeling lucky they now live in such a luxurious abode…

Elsewhere, there's another sim who's getting lucky.

Morgan: Hey, wouldn't you rather come live with me in Windenberg?


Cirius: An hour before work, I thoughtlessly choose to work from home today. Darn it!
For one of my tasks, I have to talk to a vendor in the Spice Market while they're serving food.
Lady, I just want to introduce myself. No need to close shop for that!
How can I talk with a vendor without introducing myself first? Or could I have just ordered food?

Cirius: By the way, on my way to the Spice Market, I clicked on Ye Olde Salt House by mistake.
That's how I know that teen Mizuki Hayashi #2 lives there with her father now.

Hmmm, I wonder if she'll be a young adult during our next free day?

Cirius: Since I'm not at the office today, I figure I can take my Mizuki to the park.
We'll be getting out less once the little one arrives.

Check out my lovely wife with her second-trimester baby bump!

Cirius: I ask Masaya about Mizuki #2 and he replies he's never met her. We need to fix that!

When I run into Mizuki #2 there, I try talking up Masaya to her. She seems interested!
Oops, I notice my Mizuki is flagging, so we all hurry home.

Cirius: I watch after Mizuki to make sure she goes to our bedroom, then go out back to garden.
For some reason, Mizuki feels the need to come downstairs to talk to me.
Though I try to lure her back upstairs with woohoo, she of course doesn't make it. *sighs

Cirius: While cleaning up after everyone, I find Masaya in the kitchen.
He looks really sleepy, so why is he drinking coffee?
Oh good, he's gone to bed. I'm glad someone has some sense around here!

Cirius: Hey, congrats on your Level 4 promotion, Mot!
Mot: I actually got the promotion last night from The Wishing Well.
Cirius: Awww, too bad!
Mot: Why? A promotion's a good thing, right? Points or no points!

Cirius: Mizuki passed out after the free day, before we've earned any more points.
That means we need 20 points until our second free day.
Mot: Look on the bright side, bro! Mizuki #2 will probably be a young adult by then.
Cirius: But I'd worked so hard to earn our first free day within a day of moving in! *sniffle, sniffle

Cirius Lee's First 10 Points

Skills (3): Cirius/Writing 2-4
Satisfaction points (2): +1,000 x2
Household funds (2): +$30,000 x1
Good friends (2): Masaya Yamamoto, Morgan Fyres
Wishing Well: Promotion wish x1

…and Cirius started off so well, too! *stifles a sob (lol)

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back (12/31 new)
« Reply #63 on: December 31, 2017, 11:52:16 AM »
Well, I wonder where the next heir might live?  Is it possible you want to delay the next free day until Morgan gives birth?  I know this will shock you, but I'd be highly in favor of having your heir marry the child of the gorgeous redhead  ;=)
Masaya is delightful!  I loved the word play in his banter with Cirius!
Both Mizukis are lovely, but Cirius definitely got the best of the bunch.  I rather enjoyed her crazy hair look, but the more subdued look is also rather amazing.  I wonder if she's one of those Sims who simply makes every hairstyle look good and made the makeover process take way too long?

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back (12/31 new)
« Reply #64 on: December 31, 2017, 03:17:55 PM »
Mizuki is gorgeous!  Awww, I hate that, the whole "Oh, need to get up even though I'm exhausted" thing. A coffee maker can be dangerous XD

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: 1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back (12/31 new)
« Reply #65 on: January 01, 2018, 12:16:45 AM »
I know this will shock you, but I'd be highly in favor of having your heir marry the child of the gorgeous redhead  ;=)[/quote]
Wow, that really came out of left field! What a surprise! o.O
Lol, I wish the Gen3 heir could marry Masaya but he's living the wrong house and he'll be too old.
It's so weird that both Mizuki's share the same family name and the neat/dog-lover traits. My game is just being lazy?

It's so hard watching my sims walking around when their bladder's full or they're energy's in the red. I'm like, hurry and take care of your needs already!

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
« Reply #66 on: January 01, 2018, 12:27:40 AM »
2.9: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Week 7/Tuesday

Cirius: I understand that you love cleaning, my lovely neat Mizuki.
But would you mind terribly waiting until a time when I'm not trying to write?
Mizuki: I just feel so bad about passing out!

Cirius: Not your fault at all, darling.
"Someone" unintentionally clicked "Work from Home" instead of "Go to Work" for me yesterday.
Oh, I wonder who would have done something so foolish ? *coughs

Cirius: Cooking for the household helps me max cooking, so that's two points!
Hmmm, maybe I don't need to worry so much about those 20 points!
We have a nooboo on the way. Won't they earn points like crazy as a toddler?

Mot: Um, I think a single toddler won't be the same as triplets…

Cirius: This evening, my gardening advances enough to allow me to graft.
Surprisingly, I reach Gardening 9 while I'm merely attempting to downsize the garden!

At this rate, I'll max gardening by tomorrow!
Cirius has been leveling skills faster than any sim I've seen in a while.
Must be the combination of his bonus traits and reward traits.


Mizuki: I go into labor in the wee hours and immediately leave for the hospital.
My little one deserves a birth certificate!

The usually calm-and-collected Cirius goes into a full-fledged panic, waving his arms and what not.

I give birth to a precious little girl, whom we name Merri.
Merri Lee, not Merri Hayashi.

Cirius: Merri obliges by falling asleep as soon as she arrives home.
This frees her parents to devote themselves to crucial dynastic duties!

Cirius: When hunger awakes Merri, her Uncle Mot is there in a flash!
He has zero parenting skill but his natural instincts are spot on! Thanks, Mot!

Mizuki: Isn't there a more civilized way of proving that I'm pregnant?

Cirius: I'm going to pretend I never saw Mama blowing Mizuki #2 a kiss.
No wonder Papa's always feeling tense and insecure!

Cirius: Soon, you will be a toddler, Merri Lee! I just know you're going to be a little charmer!
You will wear dresses, you will have hair, you will have toys…but no boys yet. 
I think waiting until you're 20 to start dating would be the wisest.

Cirius: I haven't had many appliances breaking on me this first week.
I've been trying to gradually upgrade everything to minimize future repairs.

Mizuki: Tonight, a stranger appeared at our door and asked to be invited in.
Asking around, I find that nobody in the household knows her. Nobody!

Because we've concluded that she's a vampire, Cirius has started learning Vampire Lore.
Masaya: Hey, does she live in a house because…


Cirius: Today's my day off so I invite my parents over. It's always great to spend time with them.
They're as publicly affectionate to each other as always.

Cirius: My poor father-in-law Tetsu, however, is the jealous type.
He spends a lot of time envying my parents as well as Mizuki and me.
He's never shared with me what happened to Mizuki's mother, so I've politely never pried.

Today, I get the great idea to help him slim down for both his health and his love life.
By the way, he didn't get those tiger stripes from the Taste of Diet ice cream.

Cirius: I follow Tetsu around Desert Bloom Park, waiting for the ice cream's effect to kick in.
Erm, does he look any slimmer to you?
Apparently, our watcher can't distinguish an overweight sim from one with a "robust" body shape.
Sorry, Tetsu. We tried!
Foiled again!

Masaya: Morgan phones to say that she gave birth to a girl and named her Theresa. I'm a father!
Nice work, Masaya! It's ideal to have at least a girl-child there, but you'll need to go back.

Masaya: Until Morgan gives birth to a boy?
That's right. Brawn AND brains, huh? And let us know what happens with that other lady.


Cirius: Merri Lee's birthday notice arrives early in the morning and she becomes a toddler.
She is too lovely for words, my little charmer!

Cirius: She initially rebels against having a bath, but I win her over.
Then I calmly ask her to lose the emotional meltdowns.

Cirius: My sweet little angel, leaving for work today will break my heart!
How can I trust your mother and grandfather to look after you while I'm gone?
They've paid hardly any attention to you since your birth!

Mizuki: While Cirius is upstairs reading to Merri Lee, I'm downstairs.
I'm having breakfast, suffering from morning sickness, and watching a movie with Mot.
Why do I get the feeling that someone's talking trash about me?

Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream.
Merri Lee, Merri Lee, Merri Lee, Merri Lee,
Life is but a dream.

Cirius Lee's Free Day #2 (20 points required)
Currently at 10 points

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Merri Lee is so precious!!!  Loved the little musical number with her name in it.  Sweet and clever!
Ciruis is doing a great job as heir!  I mean, quite unfairly, it's Merri who has captured my attention, but I'm still aware that he's doing well  ;=)
Another lovely (and adorable) update!

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Wow, that girl is too cute. Where are that hairstyle and skin tone from? I can't wait to see Masaya's offspring, either. Poor Tetsu, cursed with the bad body. I can't imagine what it's like to play this dynasty and not being able to interfere in anything when the heir isn't home. It must be nerve-wracking. Also, um, how did you get -10 points to begin with? I only see one pass out, which should be -1.

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Merri Lee as a toddler is so cute. All I want to do now is snap shots of her every little deed and facial expression when Cirius needs to work on earning points.
I almost named her sibling Gent Lee to fit into the same song, but decided on something else.
Poor Cirius, he's a wonderful sim who is suffering multiple setbacks. Valiantly, I might add.

I'm pretty sure Merri Lee's hair came with the Cats & Dogs Game Pack. The skintone is custom content, similar to the cc @Ricalynn first used in her Sims 4 Immortal Dynasty story with Artie.
Thank you for reminding me that I want to save Masaya to my library bin.
I loved when playing Liberty in the Scientist career--I couldn't see what the rest of the household were doing but knew that their needs were being met.
When Cirius leaves for work, though, I helplessly watch the sims at home on fast-forward, hah!
As for the reason Cirius needs 20 points for his next free day, according to the rules:
If your Sim takes the free day at 10 points and then loses a point or two the next day, you'll have to wait till you get to 20 points before taking another free day.

It's a crazy challenge but I'm enjoying it a lot! Once you've finished your RDC (if you haven't already, you must be very close now), I hope you'll try this Ten-Gen Townie Challenge!

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Awww, Merri is a little doll!  Heh, it's definitely hard to have the controlled Sim leave for the day with a toddler.  I found that out with Ulrike.  It's why Jewel isn't getting a job until either the first free day (when her mother in law will retire and become a stay at home grandma) or until their little one is a child.

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad!
« Reply #71 on: January 01, 2018, 08:05:41 PM »
2.10: Step Nimbly, Young Lad!

Week 7/Friday

Cirius: It's not that I love my wife less lately. I still love Mizuki, I swear I do.
But I confess that my heart's been stolen by another. Please don't judge me, cherished readers.
How could I help but fall headlong in love with her?

Everything about my little Merri captivates me!
I can't bear to part from her, not even for a second.

If I'm not working, I rush to her side whenever she awakens.
Then, with two hearts beating as one, we explore her new world.

Cirius: Papa rushed home from work as soon as he could, Merri Lee.
Did you have a good time while I was gone?
Merri: No! *pouts

Cirius: You want to tell me why you're standing here at the top of the stairs, sugar?

Merri Lee can barely talk yet, so allow me to explain, Cirius.
As soon as you leave for work today at noon, Mizuki enters the room.
The two of them dance toether. So far, so good.

Although Merri isn't hungry yet, Mizuki sits her in the high chair downstairs.
Poor Merri sits forgotten in that high chair for 3 and 1/2 hours.
(The Baker's Cousin Display Case is upstairs for a reason!
Also, that high chair has since been moved to family inventory.)

Mizuki finally returns to take her out of the chair at 4:30 pm. Then, leaving Merri downstairs, Mizuki goes upstairs to play with the dollhouse.
Upstairs, where Merri's bed, potty, dollhouse, plushie animals, and all her other toys are.
Though Merri has never seen stairs before, she bravely climbs them for the very first time.
And when she reaches the top of the stairs at last, that's the moment you arrive home, Cirius.

Cirius: Just as I'm thinking the day can't get any worse, Mizuki #2 starts a fire in the kitchen (-2 points).
Who asked her to cook in the first place?
Masaya and I earned promotions today, but the fire drops us back to 10 points. *sighs

Before calling it a day, I play the violin for a while to prepare for my next promotion.

My parents show up and throw me tips then start making out right next to me.
I'm just grateful that I'm not an unflirty sim!


Cirius: For a charmer, Merri is quite the defiant little toddler.
If she's not playing or learning with me or asleep, she likes to make messes.

Look at my little cherub!
I discipline her firmly for her defiance, but she knows very well that my heart's not in it.

Cirius: Hey, Masaya! Have you heard from your other lady friend?
Masaya: Yes, she also had a daughter. Sofia named her Charity Bjergsen.

Cirius: What about Mizuki #2? You realize she's a young adult now, right?
Masaya: I haven't really gotten to know her, but what's her third trait, bro?

Cirius: Besides neat and dog-lover, she's also hotheaded.
Masay: Hmmmm.....
Cirius: I didn't hear you complaining that Morgan Fyres is hotheaded, but let me give Mizuki #2 a makeover.
She looked a bit jaundiced before, so I've chosen a warmer skintone.

Masaya: Admit it, Watchette! You dig me even more because I'm neat!
I confess that I do have a soft spot for sims who clean autonomously.
But I'd worship you if you would produce some spouse prospects for Merri!

Week 8/Sunday

Mizuki: It's a few hours past midnight when I  give birth to a little boy.
Because he seems so agile and active, we name him Nimb Lee.

Do you think he will grow up to share his father's skintone?

Cirius: Hello, little man! Sorry I couldn't welcome you to the family right away.
But your big sister Merri has finally gone to sleep after maxing her potty skill.

I'm so pleased to have a son, Nimb Lee, and you seem like such a happy fella!

While caring for Nimb Lee, I max parenting.
And now I can perform super efficient baby care for Nimb's remaining two days as a baby. *drips sarcasm

That evening, I bring home a promotion then become good friends with Nimb and Mizuki #2.
My second Free Day is just two points away now!

By the way, Papa aged up to an elder while he was visiting tonight.
Mama will follow in three more days, I guess.
All the more reason to hurry for a Free Day so our children can get to know their paternal grandparents.


I'd been somewhat rushing to help Merri max Imagination for our last two points.
But then, I decided having an extra point of insurance isn't a bad idea.
So I'm giving Merri a break from power-skilling (lol) and I'm writing a novel instead.

And, yes, I've taken over the previously-unused third-floor room as my personal studio!

I feel a little bad now for having monopolized Merri.
Looking out the window, I see her grandfather asking her for a hug.

Tetsu's elder birthday is tomorrow. He'll want to retire immediately, I bet.

Ding! I've gained another level in writing!

At 5:30 pm, not long after Masaya gets off work, I complete Painter Extraordinaire.
The two additional points boosts us to 21 points!

I simultaneously earn 1,250 satisfaction points for painting my fifth masterpiece.
But the rules only mention carrying over a single point, not two, so we'll be ignoring that third point.

I must let the others now that our Free Day has begun!

But before we go, please accept warm wishes from the Lees for a Happy New Year!
The year 2018 is the Year of the Dog, represented by the red character in the top right.

May 2018 bring you and yours an abundance of joy, laughter, prosperity, and success!

Note: The family name "Lee" can be Korean or Chinese, so Liberty wears a traditional Korean hanbok.
Akira Kibo is a Japanese name, so all the boys are wearing kimono.
Merri Lee has decided to go for the unsmiling, stick figure look.

Cirius Lee's Free Day #2 (21 points)

Designated skill (2): Writing 5-6
Maxed skills (8 ): Cirius/Cooking, Gardening, Parenting; Merri/Potty
Maxed aspiration (2): Cirius/Painter Extraordinaire
Good friends (4): Hugo Villareal, Merri Lee, Mizuki Hayashi #2, Nimb Lee
Promotions (6): Masaya/Business 2-3, Cirius/ArtC 4-6, Mot/Scientist 5
Satisfaction points (2): +1000 points x2
Passed out (-1): Mizuki #1 (wife) x1
Fire (-2): Mizuki #2 x1

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad! (01/01/2018 new)
« Reply #72 on: January 01, 2018, 08:15:32 PM »
Awww, Merri is a little doll!  Heh, it's definitely hard to have the controlled Sim leave for the day with a toddler.  I found that out with Ulrike.  It's why Jewel isn't getting a job until either the first free day (when her mother in law will retire and become a stay at home grandma) or until their little one is a child.

I don't mind leaving a toddler/toddlers at home as long as the controlled sim leaves them with full tummies.
Just thought it would be funny to portray Cirius as having separation anxiety. Cirius only works 5-hour work shifts, so it's not that bad!
But the skilling priority for Merri Lee's mother is definitely Parenting, lol.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad! (01/01/2018 new)
« Reply #73 on: January 01, 2018, 08:18:22 PM »
Oooo!  Way to go on the second free day!  And welcome little Nimb ^^ Merri is still so cute! 

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad! (01/01/2018 new)
« Reply #74 on: January 01, 2018, 08:29:56 PM »
My poor Cirius has been such a workhorse! He earned all but 5 of the 24 points earned this cycle.
I need to figure out how to get the other adults to pull their weight. The kiddos as well!

In @saltpastillen 's story, she mentioned something about being too panicked to make her controlled sim travel.
So I think that making Cirius travel would have caused his wife not to pass out but, after Cirius left, just take care of her needs on her own instead.
I need to practice that, because the 10-point penalty was rough!

Now we're off to enjoy a free day. Wheeee!