Author Topic: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway 10.70: Faina Lee, Finished! (Completed 19/06/2018)  (Read 29356 times)

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad! (01/01/2018 new)
« Reply #75 on: January 01, 2018, 09:47:09 PM »
Happy Year of the Dawg!!
What a love-lee update!  Merri is such a cutie pie!  Good heavens!
Mizuki looks stunning in her kimono.  The whole family looks nice, but she just steals that shot for me.
I am just loving this family and this dynasty!  Keep up the excellent work!!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad! (01/01/2018 new)
« Reply #76 on: January 01, 2018, 10:56:36 PM »

Thanks so much your many kindnesses, Pippin.
Now that you've gone and complimented Mizuki on her kimono style, she's INSISTED that I take a shot of her alone.

There's a number of odd things about this photo.
Only a woman of ill repute would wear her kimono with such a plunging neckline that reveals the base of her neck in back.
Also, a woman in a kimono would never stand with her feet apart like Mizuki is doing but I couldn't convince her otherwise.
I let her keep her dog pendant though because...Year of the Dawg yo.

Still, it's the nicest kimono cc for female sims around, created by Ela.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Step Nimbly,. Young Lad! (01/01/2018 new)
« Reply #77 on: January 01, 2018, 11:59:34 PM »
She's so pretty!!
I think she's simply changing the way that all Asian women should wear kimonos  ;=)   She's a trend setter!
Thanks for the stunning shot!

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine
« Reply #78 on: January 05, 2018, 04:17:36 AM »
2.11: He's Just a Love Machine

Week 8/Monday

Masaya: Our second free day finally arrives and I eagerly consider how to spend the next 24 hours.
Mizuki #2 phones immediately to invite me over but I ask her to visit me instead.

Lucas Munch enters my boudoir while my flirty paintings and I are waiting on Mizuki #2.
That's how he ended up as Kiss No. 3. I'm a serial romantic, remember?

Masaya: It would be so fabulous if you could have a son, Mizuki!
Mizuki #2 (suspiciously): I don't know if I want a son, frankly.
If I had a son and Merri Lee moved in with us, your watcher would probably change my name.
Masaya: *whistles innocently

Mot: Now that I'm a Technological Innovator, we can finally get some cloning machines at home!
I make Cirius a SimRay, too, which I hope to have time to upgrade later!
How I love a free day!


Cirius: Our little boy Nimb Lee becomes an independent toddler around 2 a.m.

Mizuki: Look at this old polaroid shot I found of Cirius! Nimb is a spitting image of his father.

Tetsu: I try having another bowl and a half of Taste of Diet, but it doesn't seem to work for me.
Oh well. I might retire soon so today's a good time to improve my parenting.

Sofia: Really, Masaya? A tent on the front lawn? Is this the best you can do?
Masaya: Awwww, c'mon, Sofia. Don't be like that!
Why should we waste time walking up and down the stairs when we could be…*waggles eyebrows

Masaya: When I first met Masami Hayashi last week, I wondered if she might be related to one of the Mizuki's.
But they're not related at all. I guess the game's just getting lazy with family names.

Normally, Masami is not the kind of woman who attracts me, as you might guess.
Hey, Watchette, I've tried for baby with Masami twice today, because you say she lives in a plush penthouse.
But she's aged up to an adult since I last saw her. Isn't she too old to raise a son for Merri?

Darn it, you're right, Masaya! Send her along, then. *puts on thinking cap
There presently aren't any boys Merri's age in the simverse. Who else is available? *checks everyone's relationship panels

Masaya: Why did you bring me here, Cirius?
Cirius: There's someone living here who I'd like you to meet. Her name's Alysha Alonzo.
Masaya: Sure thing. Let's cover all our bases, bro!

Tetsu: You'll be glad to hear that Taste of Diet had a delayed effect for me! Check me out!
From the front, I appear much slimmer!
From the side, I still haven't managed to lose my under-the-skin belly pudge.

I don't mind. I look and feel so much healthier now! Thanks reggikko!

Tetsu: And I'm blessed with a grandson who's like the son I never had.

Masaya: Thanks for coming over, Alysha. With two toddlers at home, we try to stay in as much as we can.
Alysha (internally): What a catch! Handsome, filthy rich, and even cares about children!

Alysha: Wait till the girls at Mobwives hear that I snagged myself a younger man!
Masaya: Um, I'm pretty sure I was the snagger and you were the snaggee, but okay.
Also, you've got only three more days to brag, girl! My adult birthday's on Friday.

Cirius: I take a photograph of Tetsu teaching flash cards to Nimb.
By the time Merri's a child, Tetsu will already be an elder.

With this photo, she can decide later whether she wants to paint her grandfather's portrait as an adult or elder.

Luna: So nice of you to invite me over. May I ask why you're standing out front in your boxers?
Masaya: These aren't my boxers, Luna dear! They're my, erm, recreational shorts!

Luna: And what kind of recreation do you mean, exactly?
Masaya (changes subject): Hey, what a coincidence! We both have the childish trait!

Masaya: After Luna leaves, I only need three more kisses for my aspiration.
I prey on two walk-bys whom I'd never seen before in my life. Whatevs.

I invite Cat Ears over, too. Because she's a young adult female, she gets a little extra attention.
Who knows? She might eventually move into a house like Mizuki #2 and her father did!

Cirius: I leave for work at 4 pm and our Free Day ends at 5:30 pm. It's so obvious our Free Day is over!
Grandpa Tetsu has gone indoors to eat, leaving behind the starving and exhausted Nimb. Poor little guy!


Tetsu: Around 4 am, my son-in-law has me come down to blow out my birthday candles.
I'm surprised but delighted that he remembered.
Compare Cirius to my daughter, who sleeps through my caking up. Hmmph!
I guess Cirius as well as Nimb are the sons I never had!

Cirius: I love seeing my children grow older and bigger.
On the other hand, it's so hard watching my parents age.

Cirius: Great job on maxing Potty, Nimb! You're doing great!
Mizuki: Why so eager to read to Nimb, darling?

Cirius: I've started Successful Lineage as my second aspiration. Just one more hour of reading left!
Mot: Lucky you with your fancy beret! We both got promotions recently, but I only got safety goggles!


Cirius: I can't believe my little angel will start grade school next week!

Merri: Papa, how can I be sure that's really a picture of a dog?
What's that on the back of the card, Papa? Lemme see!

Cirius: By the way, I've invited this teen fellow into my Good Timers Club.
(Yes, the original members have all passed away.)

Masato Ikeda is a perfectionist insider. He's too old for Merri but he's homeless anyway.
When she eventually moves out, perhaps he can become her "gardener."


Cirius: The house has been in chaos all morning.
While I've been busy cooking and repairing, the others have ignored the toddlers who are now hungry and tired.
Would it be too much to ask for them to help out now and then, especially Mizuki?

When it's time for Merri's birthday, her Hunger and Energy are both deep red. Poor thing!

Merri (after some food and sleep): Hey, I'm now an Artistic Prodigy who loves the outdoors.
I don't have school today but don't really know what I should be doing here at home.

When Papa gets home from work, I'm sure he'll help me figure out what to do.


Cirius: I've been working hard to earn another free day so my little girl can work on her aspirations.
Yesterday, I earned our eighth and ninth points by reaching Writing 7 (my designated skill) and making a wish at the Wishing Well.
I wished for a promotion but didn't receive the promised promotion. *shrugs

Then, after hours of woodworking and upgrading various objects around the house, I max handiness.
Our third Free Day begins this morning at 11:12 am! Huzzah!

Cirius Lee's Free Day #3 (11 points)
1 point carried over
Designated skill (1): Writing 7
Maxed skills (6): Cirius/Handiness; Merri/Communication; Nimb: Potty
Good friends (1): Masami Suzuki
Promotions (3): Mot/Scientist 6; Cirius/ArtCritic 7; Masaya/Business 4
Wishing Well (1): Promotion wish x1
NPCs hired (-2): Gardener x2

Author's Note

Humming on the potty
Is it just me? Whenever a toddler sits on the potty, I swear it sounds as if they're humming "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."
Listen carefully next time and tell me what you think.

Title of This Update
While putting Masaya through his paces, I suddenly had Love Machine by the Miracles stuck in my head (it's a disco tune from the 70s).
Made me go watch the music video on Youtube for the first time yesterday, lol. A classic!

Since this dynasty is only on its second active heir, I'm still trying to figure out how this challenge "works."
Pollination differs greatly in this challenge; it's restricted to five free days per generation.
Though Merri is our Gen3 heir, Masaya's pollinating on Free Day #1 produced only two daughters. 
I believed just having Masaya pollinate again on Free Day #2 would be fine.

I've since realized that any boy from that second batch would be around 8 days younger than Merri.
To marry and move in with him, therefore, she'd need to live at home at least that many days past her young adult birthday.
Oh, incidentally, Masaya's second batch includes two (housed) sons so far.
We'll be waiting to reconsider Merri's prospects when she and Masaya's boys are all teens. That is, we will if this story can continue...

Possibly Failed Challenge
Even more dire than my faulty pollination planning is my misinterpretation of the scoring rules.
I posted about it in the Ten-Gen Townie Dynasty Challenge thread, so I won't repeat my situation here.
Consequently, I'm putting this story on hold until I hear back from the Challenges Team on whether or not this is a failed challenge attempt. *sniffle, sniffle
In the meantime, I'll start planning for the first challenge in this forum's 2018 Building Tournament. 

As always, thank you very much for reading!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine (01/05/18)
« Reply #79 on: January 05, 2018, 07:59:56 AM »
Oh no!  I'm certainly hoping the challenge team brings you good news!!
I had intended to lead my feedback with comments on how lovely Merri is.  She is such a beauty!  And Nimb is such a Cirius mini-me!!
Masaya (the Love Machine) cracks me up!  You just write him with such delightful swagger.
I just can't believe how uncontrolled Sims can just ignore messes and needed repairs and hungry children!  I'm so not sure I could ever do this type of dynasty!  You know how I love my micro-managing!
Well, best of luck on the challenge team feedback, and hopefully, we'll be enjoying more updates soon (fingers crossed)!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine (01/05/18)
« Reply #80 on: January 05, 2018, 02:44:40 PM »
--hugs oshizu--

Hopefully, you'll get a favorable ruling. 

Merri is a little doll!  She's so cute ^^  And Masaya is hilarious!  I can't wait to see his kids.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Failed (Move to Graveyard, Please)
« Reply #81 on: January 05, 2018, 05:01:43 PM »
Dear Challenges Team,

I made a rather serious mistake with the scoring for this challenge and have decided to start over.
Would one of you please move this thread to the Graveyard? Thank you!

Edited to add:
Thanks to the generosity of the Challenges Team, the Lees are once again cooking with gas.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine (01/05/18)
« Reply #82 on: January 05, 2018, 09:43:15 PM »
Dear Challenges Team,

I made a rather serious mistake with the scoring for this challenge and have decided to start over.
Would one of you please move this thread to the Graveyard? Thank you!

Edited to add:
Thanks to the generosity of the Challenges Team, the Lees are once again cooking with gas.
Yes!!  (pumps fist)
Looking forward to more laughs with the Lees!!!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine (01/05/18)
« Reply #83 on: January 05, 2018, 10:20:06 PM »
@PeregrineTook and @Shewolf13

Thank you both for your constant enthusiasm and support!
I didn't start out with the intent to make the last update so much about Masato.
Personally, I find his antics more entertaining than screenshots of one sims after another working on their skills.
Haha, I'm also intensely invested in Merri's spouse hunt.
With 26 days until Merri's YA birthday and no fifth free day, timing the fourth free day will be tricky.
Let's just say Cirius will be hiring a lot of NPCs.

By the way, you two, be sure to listen carefully the next time you have a toddler on a potty, lol.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine (01/05/18)
« Reply #84 on: January 06, 2018, 10:26:38 AM »
Yay, congrats on continuing this story! Merri is so dang cute no boy will be worthy of her. Cirius is such a great sim, too, he works so hard. I've never really seen a dynasty need to get negative points so this will be interesting. Good luck!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: He's Just a Love Machine (01/05/18)
« Reply #85 on: January 07, 2018, 04:05:51 PM »
As you will see in the next update (another half or so), Merri has a good selection of options.
Poor Cirius, having to work extra hard then not get a free day because his ignorant watcher misunderstood the scoring! lol
Haha, yes, it's turned out harder than I thought to avoid earning points.  ;D

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Good Things Come in Threes
« Reply #86 on: January 07, 2018, 05:43:52 PM »
2.12: Good Things Come in Threes

Week 8/Saturday

Masaya: I just wanna give a shout out.
Here's to all the lovely women who don't wear skimpy clothes to get a man's attention! Stay classy!

The rest of you... come with me.

Masaya: In all seriousness, I have great news about my latest pollination efforts.
All the ladies and their babies are doing well.

I have 4 more daughters: Reagan (penthouse elder), Lila Alonzo (Alysha), and Diamond Villareal (Luna). Only Juliette Suzuki (Cat Ears) is homeless.
Plus three sons: Duncan Hayashi (Mizuki #2), Garrison Fyres (Morgan), and Herbert Bjergsen (Sofia).

Cirius: You got so much done in 24 hours, Masaya!
Masaya: It helped that 3 were my girlfriends and the rest were already friends.
Cirius: Let's hope that saying proves true: Good things come in threes.

Merri: This morning, I meet Papa's clubmate--Masato Ikeda.
We go to the same school, which is based on the Japanese escalator school system.

That is, it's a combined grade school + high school, which is a good thing. Why?
Cuz I won't need to take the usually required high school entrance exam!

Merri: It's our third Free Day, wheeeeee!
But Watchette's foolish mistake causes me all sorts of problems!
Like, instead of working on aspirations, I've started on my museum stuff!

I take everyone to the Point & Click Photo Studio but  I'm too short to use the camera there.
What a bummer! Lucky for me, Papa gave me a camera for my birthday!

Merrri: Wow, forget about Masato Ikeda, ladies! I found myself a real man!
Question: Do I absolutely have to call him Uncle Masaya?

Masaya: Don't fall too hard for me, baby girl! I'm probably your future father-in-law.

Merri: Point & Click gets so crowded that we relocate to the Lee Museum.
Surprise! I max Creativity and earn 2 points in Photography while taking these photos!

I'll need to wait on Nimb's portrait until he's a teenager.
And I plan to paint Papa's portrait later so it will be the same size as the painting of Grandma Liberty.

Merri: Uncle Mot promises to help me with Whiz Kid once he maxes Logic so next stop's Desert Bloom Park.
Don't let my nanny's facial expression fool you, folks. My playing is flawless!

Nimb: Hmmmm, that thing sounds like Mama, but…
Mizuki: It's me, Nimb! I joined Knights of the Hedge for my Leader of the Pack aspiration.
But tonight, I've realized that I'll never finish it. *sighs

Masaya: Hey girl, feel my sweater.
Yuki Behr: Sure. Okay, it's very soft. So what?

Masaya: Know what it's made of?
Yuki: I'll take a wild guess. Let me see….wool?
Masaya: Nope, boyfriend material!

Yuki: Aren't you that dude with a bunch of kids born out of wedlock?
Masaya: Hey, unfair! Pollinating was forced on me as a dynastic duty!
I only fulfilled my role under extreme duress and threat of harm to my family!
Yuki: Yeah, uh huh.

Masaya: Anyway, my pollinating days are over. I'm hoping you'll be my girl for real!
Yuki: What fool would ever believe your blatant lies?

Week 9/Sunday

Yuki : Erm, I'm a believer, apparently.

Masaya: You know I've always wanted to be with you and only you, Yuki!
But our watcher denied my feelings, saying your house was too small!

Yuki: On your next free day, I expect you to be breaking up with everyone else, you hear?


Tetsu: Yes, you've guessed correctly. I've joined the Scientist career.
Cirius hasn't been thrilled with my Goofball trait and silly jokes.

I'd actually retired soon after our free day started on Saturday.
But later that day, I made Merri feel very playful when she needed to be focused.
That's when I got strong-armed into rejoining the workforce.

Oh well, at least I'm on the same early schedule as everyone else now!

Mizuki: I can't believe you locked me out of the new area for the microscope and telescope!
Cirius: Darling, you and your father have yet to contribute a single point!
You don't even need Logic. Can't you help me run the household instead?
Try looking after the kids or cooking, for a change. You might like it!

Mizuki: Mot and Dad have access because they're scientists, but why you?
Cirius: I'm the only one who can do upgrades and repairs, remember?


Cirius: Nimb receives his birthday notice around an hour past midnight.
He's aged up to an outgoing Artistic Prodigy.
If he manages to complete even one childhood aspiration, it will be a miracle!


Cirius: The nanny we hired Monday morning has yet to go home.
I fire her, hoping that our next nanny will be younger and prettier.

During rotational gameplay with 3 households, there were 3 different nannies.
Do I need to play multiple households to get multiple nannies? We'll soon find out.

Cirius: The longer I'm married to Mizuki, the luckier Mama appears to me.
Our father Akira was a very proactive parent, always there when we needed him.

My "neat" wife neither cooks, cleans, nor looks after the children much.
Was Papa a better parent because our apartment was tiny?

As an experiment, I move all the neglected trash around the house near my wife.
Nope, she just continues to play video games on her phone.

Where am I right now? I'm at work but I can still "see" my household and move trash.
After 3 hours, she's still sitting there feeling uncomfortable because she's a "neat" sim. *rolls eyes

Cirius: Merri earns a "B" at school today!
Then, just as Masaya and I bring home promotions, Papa arrives for a visit.

For the past several days, I've been single-handedly taking care of the household.
I deserve to take a break for some gaming, don't you think? Bring it on, Papa!


Cirius: The next evening, I discover that Papa and Auntie Miko have passed away.
I dash over to the house for the first time since I've moved out.

Then, I click on Papa's urn to strengthen his connection to the physical world.

Cirius: How are you doing, Mama. It must be hard without Papa around.
Liberty: I'm only slightly younger, Cirius, so we'll be reunited by the weekend.

Cirius: I'm sure Papa's waiting for you with open arms. Wait, did you say reunited?
Liberty: There's a Buddhist belief that the bonds of marriage span two lifetimes.
Cirius: Really? Uh, what does that actually mean?

Liberty: It means Akira and I will be reborn then find each other and marry again in another lifetime.
Cirius: That's pretty cool for you and Papa, but do I have the option to pass on that?


Cirius: Something bizarre occurred in the early morning hours.
First, I overhear the elderly Nanny Ellen acting flirty toward the much younger and usually gentle-mannered Masato.
Next thing we know, they're having a knockdown drag-out brawl.

Mot: You're just a high-schooler, Masato! Don't let that cougar nanny objectify you!
Cirius: Um, Mot? You're not helping. How about we try to pull them apart?
And why is teen Masato feeling very happy?


Mizuki: Dad's outside doing his science stuff while we're all inside watching a movie.
That's when we hear that doom-and-gloom music that signals the Grim Reaper has arrived.

What can I say? Dad's humor wasn't appreciated in this house but he made friends with everyone.
He loved being part of a big family, adored his grandkids, and died a slimmer, happier man.

And then, things get worse!
I cake up to an adult a few hours later and don't merit a single birthday screenshot!

Week 10/Sunday

Masaya: Hey, Cirius! I want you to know that my sons are children now. Let's go meet them!
Cirius: Yeah, I want to invite them to my club. Merri, you coming?

Masaya: Duncan and his mom Mizuki Hayashi #2 live in Ye Olde Salt House.
Garrison's green eyes tell you he's Morgan's son. He has an older sister, too.
Herbert lives with his mom Sofia, his older sister, and Auntie Elsa.

Ciirus: I'm already partial to one, but we're waiting to learn all their traits.
Also, we want to see whose company Merri likes best.


Cirius: Around 2 am, I look outside and see my brother Mot getting beamed up to a spaceship.
We only have a six-sim household but Mot will surely return unharmed.

Mot: I better get paid overtime for this!

Cirius: I got a phone call from a ghostly Mama, Dud, then we rushed over as soon as we could.
Dud: Thanks for coming over tonight, guys. It means a lot to me.

Cirius: Wait, why can't I take her urn with me? Because it's in the foyer?


Mot: Thanks for waking me up when my birthday notice arrived!
Cirius: No worries, Mot. Mine arrived at the same time.

Mot: We should be blowing our candles out with our brother Dud, no?
Cirius: Normally, yes. But remember he invited us to his birthday party last week?

Mot: Yeah, I remember. But I forget why we couldn't go to his party.
Cirius: Whatever. Happy adult birthday, Mot!
Mot: Same to you but more of it, Cirius!


Merri: Yay! I age up early enough this morning that I don't start high school until tomorrow!
Besides loving the outdoors, I'm also a slob and a Mansion Baron.

I love how Merri shares features with not only her mother but also Liberty Lee.
She aged up with that short hair and it's perfect, so she's keeping it!

Cirius Lee's Current Score
We're trying to postpone our fourth and final Free Day at 50 points for 2-1/2 more weeks.
So, after starting at 41 points:

Designated skill (1): Writing 8
Good friends (2): Masato Ikeda, Aanya Srivastava
Promotions (6): Cirius/ArtC 8-9, Mot/Sci 7-8, Masaya/Bus 5, Tetsu/Sci 2
School grades (4): Merri/B & A, Nimb/B & A
Maxed skills (2): Merri/Mental
House funds (2): +$30,000
NPCs (-15): Nanny x6, Gardener x4, Massage x3, Maid x1, Pizza x1
Passed out (2): Tetsu, Masaya

We earn 17 points, lose 17 points, and end again at 41 points. (Cirius loves his Free Services trait.)

Cirius: We've hit the 25-image limit, but do you want to see more of my baby?
Then, click here to see a collage of her as toddler, child, and teen in the Stats post on page 1.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Good Things Come in Threes (01/07/18 new)
« Reply #87 on: January 07, 2018, 07:00:12 PM »
Oooo!  Merri is a gem!  Oh my... a nanny getting into a fight, huh?  I laughed way too hard at Masaya's pickup line with the sweater hehehe.  Also, love him and Yuki together.  Yuki is a lot of fun.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Good Things Come in Threes (01/07/18 new)
« Reply #88 on: January 08, 2018, 02:49:11 PM »
Did not see the short hair look coming!  She really pulls that off.  Not just anySim can do that!
Masaya's lines were hilarious!!  Can't wait to see the next free day to find out if he really dumps the other girlfriends or if Yuki's gonna have to kick him to the curb  ;=)
The piles of trash and Mizuki.  Oh goodness!!  The neat Sim who simply sits there and complains instead of actually tidying things up.  Craziness!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Good Things Come in Threes (01/07/18 new)
« Reply #89 on: January 08, 2018, 08:31:27 PM »
I've never had a sim fight with a nanny before, but of course I can't check their relationship panels.
Cirius did try the "Fix relationship" interaction with his teen clubmate Masato and Masato's relationship with the nanny was 100% red, lol.
Do you know if the children of elderly parents who die get put up for adoption? I think Yuki's daughter with Masaya will disappear soon. :(

Haha, Merri aged up with that short hair and I thought, "Why not?" Her skintone makes it harder to choose outfits, though.
Masaya and his ridiculously corny lines have been so fun to write.
Both the sweater line and "the rest of you....come with me" line are things I've read on the internet though I expanded the sweater joke, hehe.
The tragedy of the neat sim, always struggling with others' expectations that they'll actually clean...

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary
« Reply #90 on: January 08, 2018, 08:52:19 PM »
2.13: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary

Week 10/Thursday

Cirius: People believe the life of a dynasty heir is so glamorous, but what do they know?
Well, okay, there's the satisfaction of knowing that one's family will grow and prosper.

But the rewards aren't just handed to you, I'll have you know.
I might be doing it wrong, but I'm constantly occupied with little time for rest.

And to prepare for the transition to Merri, I've been gradually upgrading all the appliances to reduce their "breakability."
If she wants to learn handiness before moving out, I can mentor her at the woodworking table.

On weekday mornings, I help the kids get focused for school. If time permits, I pack them a lunch, too.
When they return, I praise them for their grades and encourage them to start their homework.
Merri can't wait to start high school until tomorrow.

Whenever Masaya or Mot get home from work, I often go the foyer to call them over.
If not, they'll stand for hours out front without taking care of themselves.

I'm not sure why they don't come inside to shower, eat, rest, relax, or whatever they should be doing.

Cirius: Now you can paint my portrait, Merri, just like you'd wanted.
Merri: Thanks for mentoring me, Papa. You know, I kinda didn't mind being locked in the bathroom this afternoon.
At least, you left me a violin and an easel, but why the bathroom?

Cirius: This is the only bathroom in the house with a sink and it's locked for everyone but you and me.
I can find you here, without fail, a few times a day. But I'll see about enlarging your bedroom to include a creative studio.
Merri: Could I have your ensuite bathroom, Papa? Pretty please?

Seiji the Gardener: Arrggh, I'm feeling so tense!
Cirius: That's no surprise! You've been here for 12+ hours now.
You won't leave even after I dismiss or fire you. What's your problem?


Mizuki: What do you think, readers? I feel like Cirius and I are drifting apart.
I never promised him that I was the domestic sort.
And let's face it, people. Who prefers housework to video gaming?

Still, I need to find some way back into my husband's heart.
I wish he could influence me like he does with our children…

Cirius: Ever since my parents' deaths and my adult birthday, I've been more aware of ageing.
Take, for example, my co-worker Akito Nakamura. Why does he remain a young adult?

I invite him over to see if I can discover his secret. Nope, he doesn't seem to be a vampire.
Is he one of those living statues?

With all the fuss over Masaya's sons on Sunday, I forgot to mention that my clubmate Masato is a young adult now.
As a birthday gift, I give him a makeover this morning and dyed his hair black.

Besides being a perfectionist insider, his new trait is cheerful. I wonder what his aspiration is.

The garden? Oh, I stashed all my plants in family inventory, hoping to drive the gardener away.
But, no, the gardener's still here.

Merri: Back from my first day of school!
Mama, you need to step your game up!
You just stand there, so I'm helping Nimb with his homework instead of doing my own.

Merri: When Papa gets home from work, he takes us all to the Spice Festival.
It's my first visit to San Myshuno!
Oh look, Masato colored his hair after graduating from high school!

Cirius: I find no UFO plant at the festival but invite everyone to try the Spicy Curry Challenge.
Hey, my daughter better NOT be checking out Masato!

Merri: Masaya, Nimb, and I all earn the title of Spice Curry Champion!
But guess who's the only one to receive the champion's t-shirt?

Masaya: Nice going, FDIL!
Merri: FDIL?
Masaya: Future-Daughter-in-Law, duh.

Masato: So, this is how old fogies spend Friday night these days?
Mot: Hey, back off! Last week, while you were a teen, the three of us were still young adults!
Cirius: Besides, how can we go out when Mizuki and Merri have gone to bed early?

Masaya: We should go clubbing tomorrow night! Show junior here how we senior citizens get down!
Cirius: Tomorrow would work! Everyone could go, including Nimb.


Cirius: My heart aches for Nimb who's just three days younger than Merri.
But he was a toddler during our last free day, so now he'll never complete an aspiration as a child.

He's been easy to raise. So far, he's been well-mannered, responsible, and good-natured.

Cirius: Surprisingly, I earn a promotion to Grand Steward of the Arts today.
This makes me this dynasty's first sim to max a career. Go me!

Week 11/Sunday

Masaya: I thought we were all going clubbing last night? What happened?
Cirius (sighs): You and Mot fell asleep early but I was also busy dealing with our gardener problem.

Masaya: Oh, you mean that blue gardener who wouldn't leave?
Cirius: Yeah, I got permission from The-Powers-Above to have him eliminated him from our simverse.
But right after he got eliminated last night, another gardener arrived in our yard.

Masaya: So, can't you just get the second gardener eliminated, too?
Cirius: I did, but that only resulted in the arrival of a third gardener.

Masaya: So, now what?
Cirius: Eh, I fenced in the garden a few days ago. Everyone's locked out except the household and my club.
I can unlock it whenever I actually want to hire a gardener. The-Powers-Above have approved.

Cirius: Arrrgggh, the gardener was looking so pathetic that I unlocked the garden for him.
But after a hour or so, he's come into the house and I can't ask him to leave.

Masaya: So….have your third gardener eliminated?
Cirius: Yep.
Masaya: Is that a fourth gardener standing out by the garden?
Cirius: Yep. *cries

Cirius: All the starting adult sims in our simverse passed away several weeks ago.
And even the starting young adults sims have all passed away, except the Active ones.
That's why I take household (and my club) to Skye Fitness this afternoon.

I make Nimb take a time-out, though, for making two messes right in a row.
And here I thought the boy was well-mannered!


Cirius: I work from home today and get two assignments at this evening's Humor & Hijinks Festival.
I take the whole household plus clubmate Masato.

But when I can't find any performers to watch, I do what any unscrupulous parent would do.
I influence my two teenage kids to "practice a comedy routine."

By the way, my review is rejected by my editor who insists my daughter's stale jokes hardly count as "a performance."

Cirius: Yes, you heard me right: two teenage kids. Nimb had a birthday late last night.
He's now an outgoing geek with The Curator aspiration.
Nimb didn't have a single free day as a child, so he deserves an easy aspiration as a teen.

After his comedy routine, Nimb (blue/white sweatshirt) spends most of the festival watching the fireworks.

Cirius: I'm absolutely floored to learn that Masaya has sampled over half of San Myshuno's recipes.
When did he ever have the time to do that?

And speaking of sampling, Morgan Fyres greets him at the festival with a passionate smooch.
With our last free day 13 days away, elderly Yuki won't live to check on Masaya's love life.


Cirius: I level my Vampire Lore to be able to grow some new plants.
Imagine my horror to see our fourth gardener, reaching through the fence to plant my wolfsbane.
Can you help a brother out, Watchette?

Sure thing, Cirius. *moves the garden pot out of the dang gardener's reach


Cirius: The moment I leave for work, my clubmate Masato runs outside with Aaradhya Anand.
Aaradhya's my newest club member. All I know about her so far is that she's a young adult cat-lover.

Looks like all those hours Masato has spent meditating and practicing yoga are paying off.
I've been giving him tips on cooking, repair, and parenting, too.
When Merri moves him in with her, she must tell me what his skills are!

How funny that Masato gives her yet another massage during Cirius's five-hour work shift.

Merri: Yes, I'm still wearing my Curry Champion t-shirt! I'm also seething mad from a mood swing.
Masato: I'm just gonna sit here quietly and eat this piece of shepherd's pie.
Nimb: Hmmmm, my homework is so interesting today…

Cirius: I return home to find my "neat" wife feeling upset about a dirty dish she'll never clean.
Papa warned me about making a pretty woman my wife…

Merri: Thanks to Papa who suggested I redirect my anger, I'm going on my first-ever jog!
I love the outdoors so I'm feeling so much better now!

And, just think! Masaya's sons will be teens in two days and I'll be a young adult in another week!
As you've probably guessed, I'm sooooo ready to become the active heir!

Points: I won't bore you with my scoring this time. Just know that we're holding steady at 41 points. :D

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary (01/08 new)
« Reply #91 on: January 08, 2018, 09:08:33 PM »
Those teen mood swings can be killers XD  And holy gardeners, Batman! That's insane...

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary (01/08 new)
« Reply #92 on: January 08, 2018, 09:19:15 PM »
Wow, I think the local gardeners' union is staging some weird sort of dynasty-centered protest!
Merri is lovely and delightful.  I'm looking forward to her taking over the active role  :=)
Poor Mizuki!  Cirius surely still loves her.  He just doesn't love her approach to tidiness.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary (01/08 new)
« Reply #93 on: January 08, 2018, 09:28:10 PM »
I'm trying to avoid looking at the gardener anymore because the bug is so maddening!
Of course, the wife Mizuki goes out and socializes with the gardener(s) while Cirius is at work, lol.

What I'm hoping is that this bug is associated with this Yuma Heights lot and won't follow Merri when she moves out...

I checked over at EA Answer HQ and the gardener glitch is a known bug.
Oh, I forgot to mention that Mizuki finally contributed a point! She maxed dancing...
At least the gardener glitch motivates me to get Merri moved out asap.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary (01/08 new)
« Reply #94 on: January 08, 2018, 09:59:44 PM »
Wow, quite an update. Ouch with all of the gardeners, though, jeez. That is Merri continues to be awesome and I kinda feel bad for Cirius, having to be stuck with Mizuki once Merri takes over and moves out. At least she finally did something that wasn't 'contribute (excellently) to the Lee gene pool'? Also, man you are great at pollinating on such short time spans. Here's hoping some of Masato's kids turn out decently.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Merri, Merri, Quite Contrary (01/08 new)
« Reply #95 on: January 08, 2018, 10:15:36 PM »
I'm really eager to start playing Merri. I can't tell yet if she'll be awesome or not.
Compared to Cirius who was the heir for two weeks before moving out, however, Merri will only live at home as heir for around four days.
Not sure how that will work out but I have my fingers crossed.
As for the pollinating, Masaya doesn't have the Fertile trait but every one of his trysts resulted in a pregnancy, which was more luck than skill.
My bad for wasting his time with two adults who don't live long enough to raise their children. But once his three sons are teens, they'll be safe.

I've really struggled with the scoring and timing of this challenge. Merri will hopefully benefit from my various past mistakes!

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A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: Romance Festival Goes South
« Reply #96 on: January 09, 2018, 10:06:40 PM »
2.14: The Romance Festival Goes South

Week 11/Wednesday

Cirius: How would I run this house without my clubmates?
Masato and Aaradhya keep our home clean and help out in the garden whenever needed.

I'm shocked to discover that Nimb can't earn an A because he only has Level 1 skills.
While helping Nimb with Video Gaming, my clubmates and I take a well-deserved break.


Cirius: Merri will only be the controlled sim at this house for roughly half a week before moving out.
To help out, I've been working on raising our home's worth for Merri's Mansion Baron aspiration.
It means I spend less time with the household, but I want Merri to have a strong start.

Nimb is such a trooper, though, and does his homework all on his own.
I wish there were two of me, so I could spend more time with my son.

The fourth gardener is still around. I'm not even bothering to have him eliminated. *sighs
His poor hygiene is his own fault. He's been standing there for four days now.


Cirius: Last night, I wrote an excuse note for Merri, thinking she might spend today learning skills.
Instead, she spent all night moping around the house in a bad mood.
As a result, she slept most of the day and got nothing done at all.

I don't remember my teen years being that rough…

Masaya informs me that his three sons are all teens now, so I invite them over.
They're all handsome lads and I give each one only the slightest makeover.
I can't have my daughter dating a boy with overplucked eyebrows, right?

In alphabetical order, this one is Duncan Hayashi. He's a cheerful kleptomaniac.
I'm thinking Kleptomaniac is not a great trait for a mostly-uncontrolled sim…

I agree. He'd need access to a computer to troll the forums and the Carefree trait.
Otherwise, he'll be constantly tense. And buying Carefree early on might be impossible.

Garrison Fyres is Watchette's current favorite. He's an active dance machine.
My outdoor-loving Merri would thrive in his Countryside Windenberg neighborhood.

Herbert Bjergsen is a materialistic genius.
The Lighthouse would also be a great place for a sim who loves the outdoors, like Merri.
Well, Herbert has a sister so maybe Merri could have a pollinator to....hmmmm hmmm hmmmm.

Cirius: I'm so looking forward to Merri becoming the heir.
This has been a difficult generation and I feel like I've shouldered the burden of two heirs!

Then there are moments when the ducks line up and all my efforts seem worthwhile.
Merri has already reached Painting 6 with my mentoring. *beams with pride

Cirius: By the way, Merri, congrats on preparing excellent-quality Mac and Cheese!
Merri: About that, Papa, don't you think a dynasty spouse is a sweeter gig than a dynasty heir?

Cirius: How can you say that, Merri?
Merri: Well, just look at you and Mama! You cook, do repairs and upgrades, garden, and generally look after everyone.
You also pull in more simoleons than everyone else in the household combined.
But Mama? She dances, plays video games, and watches TV all day.
And she's always waiting for someone else to cook. She even does that to me, her daughter!
When I prepared that Mac & Cheese she's eating now, she was 12 hours from ravenously hungry.

Cirius: That's not fair, Merri. Your mother has her good points!
Merri: Such as?
Cirius: Give me a couple of days, daughter dear, I'll think of something.

Garrison: Hey, pops! It's great to see you! What are you wearing? Is that your everyday outfit?
Masaya: Uh yeah, something like that.


Cirius: Anyway, I added the boys to my club last night so we can all get to know each other.
It's nice for Nimb to have boys his own age around, too.

Mot: Wait, where's Duncan Hayashi?
Cirius: I'm not that comfortable with having a klepto around the house, Mot.
I thought we could invite him along whenever we go on an outing. You know, away from the house?

Mot: I'll have to agree. Duncan's not as attractive a spouse prospect as the other two.
Cirius: Does that make us "traitists"?

Cirius: Merri needs to become friends with her spouse options before her next birthday.
Somehow, she hasn't even met any of them yet. I'll ask them to join me in a multi-player game!

Cirius: Gentle readers, please note this particular point in time.
This is the exact moment where Watchette abandons all pretense of even remotely considering Herbert as a spousal option.

Well, okay, Cirius. Video gaming is a good start but we need a bit more oomph!
I think you know what I mean…

Cirius: Then, you figure something out, Watchette. There's a limit to how much I can control those two!
Leave it me, bruh. You go influence Merri to play chess while I relocate the chess table.

Cirius: I'm really looking forward to playing a game of chess with you, young man!
Garrison (internally): A bit dodgy if you ask me but, hey, he's Merri's father.

So what do you think, Cirius?
Cirius: I knew you might use the flirty paintings I made for Masaya, but the incense is a nice touch!
Eh, it's probably not going to work. Look! Their friendship bar is practically non-existent. *sulks

A few hours later...
Cirius: Wow! They're not quite friends yet, but already lovebirds!

Merri seems to like Garrison. And, except for the occasional sit-up, he was quite flirty, too.
Anyway, I can't control the sims but I can interact with the room's objects. *winks

Merri: Rawwrr! Go limpo!
Garrison: Um, what does that even mean?!

Masaya: Cirius invites Mizuki, Merri, Garrison, Yuki Behr, and me to the Romance Festival.
She became an elder last week so I'm happy to spend some time with my girl!

Unfortunately, Yuki gets jealous when an ex walks up and flirts with me.
And I was just standing there, minding my own business! Way to ruin everything, Cat Ears!

Masaya: Meanwhile, Cirius declares his heat of the moment passion to Mizuki, trying to patch up their relationship.
That man is a saint!

Masaya: But then, not 10 minutes later, she goes and flirts with a random stranger.
And Cirius? He has the 24-hour Flirty Spouse (Angry +3) moodlet. Good move, Mizuki.

Week 12/Sunday

Cirius: In the morning, I add "Fix objects" to my club activities for the first time ever.
When a speaker breaks, Garrison is the first one there to repair it, surprisingly.

We enjoy a lazy Sunday. First, we (except Mizuki) visit the Flea Market where we have a late lunch.
Next, we spend a few hours at Skye Fitness to work out together.

Returning home, I discover I can influence Garrison to practice woodworking then mentor him.
What a satisfying end to a relaxing day.


Cirius: It takes Nimb an entire week to go from a B to an A grade, but he finally succeeds.
He enters a Loud phase as soon as he returns home, though, so I stash the speaker in family inventory.

Cirius: I'm so proud of you, Mot, for reaching the Extraterrestrial Explorer rank!
Mama must be feeling so proud of you now for maxing the Scientist career!

Mot: I hope so! Hey, don't let me forget to upgrade her wormhole generator on our free day!
Or maybe I should just make a new one to leave at Desert Bloom Park…


Cirius: As if that darn gardener was not annoying enough!
Since yesterday, he's started singing as he stands by our garden.

Yes, that's right. If he's not gazing longingly at my garden, he sings…all day and all night.


Merri: Today's my young adult birthday!
Papa wakes me up in the morning so I can go blow out my birthday candles.
I add the Snob trait to my previous Loves the Outdoors and Slob traits.

Checking my relationships, I see that I remain lovebirds with Garrison who's still in high school.
Ssssshhh, no one else must ever learn that I'm in love with a teenager!

Author's Notes
I'm elated to report that the next free day is planned for three days later on Saturday.
By then, Cirius will have been the controlled sim for seven sim-weeks (50 days).
As you can imagine, he's very eager to hand the reins to Merri and step down.

We are currently at 42 points. Not having the NPCs around so often will be a nice change.

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: The Romance Festival Goes South (01/09 new)
« Reply #97 on: January 10, 2018, 08:33:32 AM »
Oh, Mizuki.  I so want to love you, but you just make it so hard!!
Garrison is so lucky to be able to bask in the glory that is Merri.  Go limpo indeed.  I'm so looking forward to their relationship taking center stage  :=)
The title for the update was so spot on!  The Romance Festival was simply a tragedy for both couples you brought along.  Those darned jealousy moodlets!!!
Your video gaming shots were great!  You captured such wonderful expressions in them!
I'll be interested to see if the gardener keeps lingering by the garden after Merri moves out. 

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: The Romance Festival Goes South (01/09 new)
« Reply #98 on: January 10, 2018, 11:14:28 AM »
Oh-oh dear!  Ya know, I've never had an issue with a Sim flirting with someone not their spouse at the Romance Festival.  Though now you've made me paranoid lol.  Hehehe, I love the loud phase.  Jewel was always in the rebellious phase XD  Garrison is a serious cutie!  Oh my, those children are going to be so lovely.  I can't wait!

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Re: A Townie Dynasty with Leeway: The Romance Festival Goes South (01/09 new)
« Reply #99 on: January 10, 2018, 11:29:51 AM »
My main goal for bringing those particular couples to the Romance Festival was to to bring Mizuki back into the narrative fold, but now Cirius has a red romance bar with her.
And I'd also envisioned a lovely last date for Masaya and Yuki. :(
Oh well, I tried.
I see Merri mostly as an uncooperative uncontrolled sim at this point. I'm sure I'll appreciate her in all her glory once she becomes the controlled sim. :D
If the gardener follows Merri to her new home, I'm going to do a soft reset (or whatever it's called).

About Mizuki flirting, when the group arrived at the festival, Cirius used the "Pour sakura tea together" action then he threw sakura petals on Merri and Garrison.
Mizuki started hitting on the random stranger when Cirius went off to buy a festival t-shirt. Mizuki moves fast--we all know how little time it takes to buy festival swag!
Yes, the nooboos of Merri and Garrison!!! I'm hoping for twins! (Well, first, I need to get Merri moved out, hehe.)